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REVIEWS OF Olshan Foundation Repair IN Mississippi

Krissi B

Great quality work and amazing team!!

Katharine Jones

Olshan in Jackson Mississippi has the worst customer service that we have ever experienced. After having their general manager come out and inspect or property & give us a quote, we attempted to contact them one month later to utilize their foundation repair services. We were given the general managers direct cell phone number which we called four times, we wrote an email to the general manager, and call the Jackson office twice. I also reached out to Olson corporate office via Facebook Messenger because there was no other way to call them . I was insured that I would receive a call back very soon , that was a week ago and I have heard nothing . We have yet to receive a phone call or email back from this company there has been zero acknowledgement from any of their staff especially the general manager who came out and did the estimate in the first place. I would highly suggest utilizing another company services due to this company's lack of communication skills. If you can't even communicate or bother to call the customer back what makes you think your customer can trust you to repair their home. Nonetheless we're willing to pay more money and we will be using ramjack to fix our foundation their customer service has been far superior to that of Olshan foundation repair.

Jacob Brantingham

Very professional. Would recommend

martin hooey

I contacted Olshan and the salesman (Michael) was clear on the repairs that would solve our situation. Once the contract was agreed, the Olshan team show up and they went to work (great group of workers) We are happy to say the french drain work rerouted unwanted water under and around our property.

Janet Brown

I normally do not write reviews, but, I was quit impressed with my experience with Olshan. They came out and repaired my foundation a couple of weeks ago. They left my property clean and you almost couldn 't tell that any work had been done. The crews worked really hard and we were very pleased with the results. I highly recommend them if you ever need foundation repair!

Mike Jones

Let this serve to a warning to anyone who chooses to do business with Olshan (Jackson, Mississippi.) You will be visited by a salesman - yes, a salesman. He's a guy who probably cares more about the amount of money you spend than upholding the promises he makes. You'll probably hear something like this: "Sure we cost a lot more, but you get a warranty." Do not buy that. I have found that warranty to be worthless and It's nothing more than part of his canned spiel. I imagine that that the more money he convinces you to spend, the more he earns. A good rule of thumb when dealing with any contractor is to trust a guy with a dirty shirt and rough hands - not a guy in khakis and a polo. Trust the guy who has a hand in doing the work. Not always, but it's a good rule of thumb. Backstory: Olshan (Jackson, Mississippi) performed foundation repair for the previous owners of our home. Shortly after purchase, we paid $100 directly to Olshan in Jackson, Mississippi to transfer the warranty to us from the previous owner. How it went: This was a five-month ordeal. The work we ATTEMPTED to get Olshan (Jackson, Mississippi) to perform was work we were expressly entitled to, at no cost, according to Olshan's warranty. The company's owner verbally acknowledged to me that we were entitled to the repairs under their warranty, saying "you have a warranty and we're going to take care of you." I believe they had no intention of honoring the warranty. I believe that was a tactic - one of many apparent tactics they employ(ed). Other tactics they use include: extended wait times for an appointment, un-returned voice mails, unanswered phone calls, sending a salesman (under the pretense of evaluating the job for warranty purposes) to try to sell us MORE work, Rather than adjust the original 13 pilings, which had re-settled over 3 inches. They told us we needed more. Five minutes after the Olshan salesman's arrival, I had figured out his scam. I said to him "let me guess - this is going to cost us more money." His response was "yeah, but not tens of thousands of dollars." Honest to goodness, he said that. At one point, Olshan sent a crew to uncover and adjust SIX of the THIRTEEN pilings they installed. The foreman of the crew was unaware that we had thirteen. He thought we only had six because his work order indicated that they were to uncover and adjust six pilings. He immediately told me that adjusting only six of the thirteen was impossible. He stated that he couldn't just jack up one corner. He knew that and I knew that. The only ones who apparently didn't know that were the owner and the production manager. The crew foreman called both on the phone as I listened. He was told by each to uncover and adjust only six pilings. I took off work that day to be there and that was a wasted day. We eventually gave up on Olshan (Jackson, Mississippi) and hired a reputable company to correct our sagging foundation. We paid them $4,400 to level our house by jacking it up and adjusting the 13 pilings that were originally installed by Olshan (Jackson, Mississippi.) I was informed while the repair was in process that some of the pilings were not even in contact with the foundation. There's more, but I ran out of space. Suffice to say that I strongly recommend that anyone in need of foundation repair, DO NOT CONTRACT OLSHAN in Jackson, Mississippi. Reputable foundation repair companies can be found and it'll cost you far less.

Gayle Taylor

In the summer of 2006 I hired Oldham to come out and level my parents foundation. They sent a crew of Mexicans out that spoke very limited English. They spent a good bit of their time laying under the floor as if napping if they were not laying under the tree. They stacked metal plates about 4" x 4" on top of each other to fill a gap that a cement block was to be used. I called them out and was told it would be fixed and it was only fixed in the area I could see without physically crawling under the house myself. I was not pleased at all with the work that was done and will not use them again.

Nicholas Boen

Mike Mansmann in the Jackson, MS is awesome at what he does! Highly recommended!

Linda Turner

Mr. Mike Mansmann was very professional he explained every aspect about the repairs needed to fix my foundation problem , from what we needed to the cost!!

Juwan Ealey

Great experience

Lauri Collins

First, the workmen were very polite. Second, Olshan did a great job on fixing the shift in our foundation which was most important. BUT, I was sorely disappointed at how they left my yard. It was an extremely hot week this summer. They did nothing to help my plants they uprooted survive. We lost over $500 worth of plants that died within 2 days, despite our watering. They also left shirts and tools in our yard which have never been retrieved. I was also surprised no one followed up with a phone call since they finished when we were not at home.

Justin Powers

Lynda, April, and Beau were amazing. They went above and beyond for us. I highly recommend Olsan to anyone!!!

Leslie LaSalla

So far I'm happy with the foundation repair. The crew was very nice.

Mariam Carbajal

They were prompt, polite and very helpful throughout the whole process. The technician that came out to give us a free estimate was very knowledgeable. The crew was very clean and made sure I was happy before they left my home.

Amy Johnston

Great experience with Olshan. We were extremely worried about water getting under the house and shifting the foundation. It had happened once before. The representative that came out assured us that everything was fine and no work needed to be done at this time. Very happy about that.

Bobbie Martin

Great experience. Workers were on time and did good job. Sato Murray did great job supervising workers, overseeing job and and keeping me informed of their progress.

lapouchie brown

Very informative

Christina Smith

My experience with Olshan sounds eerily similar to Mike’s below.. except we can’t even get the guy to send a crew out to our house. We called Olshan in August. On Sept. 6, someone came to our house, agreed that the house needed work and we were entitled to it under our warranty from the previous owners. He stated he would need a few weeks until he could come and fix it. Well, we haven’t seen him since and it is now almost December. For months he didn’t answer calls, texts, or emails. After threatening legal action He decided to text us and said “we were at the top of his list.” Yet he has still not come to our home. His favorite delay tactic is saying he’s going to ask his “office manager” to make us an appointment or get with us next week to make an appointment or say he is “backed up from the rain.” The company is a joke. Would never ever recommend you use them and never ever buy a house that has a supposed “lifetime warranty” for the foundation work. Lesson learned.

Rob Salley

Kenny Bennett was very professional, thorough and friendly. He gave us an honest assessment and explained it was not in our best interest to have anything done at this time. He demonstrated genuine interest in our situation.

tonya davis

Great experience! Everyone at Olshan Jackson was very polite, and knowledgeable. Made the whole process quick and easy.

Meco Pittman

Tara Ealy is my friend

Javii TM

Great people very nice

tara ealey

I called Olshan to have an estimate done on my property. The staff was amazing! The office staff was very pleasant. The technician who came out was very knowledgeable and helpful in discussing the different payment options and financing options. I was very pleased with crew and supervisor who performed my foundation repair. I highly reccommend Olshan Foundation Jackson to fix your foundation and drainage.

Adam Marshall

John Mitchel was a blessing. He explained everything well, was very professional, and nice.

Lake Trace

Olshan provided quality work on our foundation in 1999. I experienced a slight sinking problem at one repair location which Olshan responded to and repaired quickly. They are a quality company with an outstanding transferable warranty. We are pleased with the company we chose for our foundation work and would choose Olshan again should we ever need foundation work.

Donald Hasson

We had a concern about movement a couple years after work was done and we had some urgency to making a determination. Michael went out after hours on his personal time to make an assessment. Turns out the movement was tiny but if we wanted an adjustment, with our warranty, the fee would have been acceptable. We also had a good experience with them during the first round of work. From quoting to cleanup. I would recommend them to others.

Nicole Martin

Good place one of the supervisor at the Jackson ms location is excellent

Mike Mansmann

It's great working with people who actually care about fixing your house.

Benson Warnock

Excellent service from the Jackson Olshan Company. I am very satisfied and amazed at the quality of work these guys performed at my house. From the time they drove in my yard until the time they left, the workers were very polite and professional. Its just amazing the work they did and then cleaned up around my house when finished. My house is in working order again thanks to Olshan. I will recommend this company to anyone with foundation problems GREAT WORK EMPLOYEES OF OLSHAN, YOU ARE THE BEST

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