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REVIEWS OF Pahl's Market IN Minnesota

Steve Ashley

Bought some items last weekend and on Monday they sent out a $10 coupon. I asked them if they would horror it, if I brought in my receipt and they said no. Other retails would horror the coupon after they buy something, but Pahl's will not. Not happy.

Carol Kappes

Like this place for high quality plants. They've grown tremendously and helpful customer service.

Michelle White

We love coming here for our pumpkins! Our daughter also loves the bouncy pumkpin, pallet maze and corn pit! The customer service is also always excellent!

Diane Smith

It was an awesome experience. Today is my birthday and I wanted to go to a great garden center and I did. Amazing selection of beautiful plants. I was looking for a beautiful shade of Orange coleus as seen at the MN. Arboretum and Pahl's had it.

Julian Trifel

Good people working there

Andrew Zuis

Great pumpkins haul...

Camille Hart

Do NOT come here for a real Christmas tree! Paid $90 after tax for a 7 1/2 foot tree.. over $10/foot is ridiculous I’ve found out from shopping around after the fact! We’ve bought Frazier furs in the past for their fragrance and great needle retention.. this Frazier we got from here is awful. It’s been bone dry since the day we got it, losing piles of needles a day and hardly takes up water plus you can’t smell a thing even with your nose right up against it! I am so disappointed... hoping someone will read this and not make the same mistake we did. What a way to ruin the Christmas spirit.

Karla Rasmussen

Dennis Lehmann

Always friendly. Free popcorn. Great place to walk around even if your not spending money.

Matthew Schaap

Love Pahl's Market. Great asset to Apple Valley.

Wayne Blasius

Excellent products and service.

terri S

I have been going there to buy my flowers, pots and sweet corn for over 30 years. I love the variety and quality of everything I purchased. I will continue to shop there for a long time to come. It's fun to just go looking around to see what's new in the spring.

Jack Bordner

Ding Dong

Very expensive and overpriced. Without doing any research I purchased my first ever Christmas tree, 8’ Douglass fir, from this place for $75 believing they would price their trees fairly. Unfortunately, later I found out that the same tree was being sold for $35 at Lowe’s. I don’t know why people buy their Christmas trees from this place. I wouldn’t come back to this place for Christmas tree again.

larry leibel

Wonderful place!

Steve Davis

Don't get me wrong, this is a nice nursery. However, it has been getting more and more expensive - if you want to empty your wallet, then this is the place to go. They have great selection and nice plants and accessories. We tried the CSA and were less than impressed. We will not be renewing it for a second season. Nice and helpful staff helps...

Chris Klinkhammer

Pahl’s Market is a fun, kid friendly experience but that’s where it ends. Pumpkins are cheaply priced but the employees seem irritated that you’re there spending money. Not overly friendly by any means.

Steve Willenbring

Great flowers

Chad Schaner

Great selection. Great customer service. Kids love the popcorn.

Andy DiMartino

Mary Sticha

I have been a CSA customer since Pahl's started the program. I love the variety and quality of the produce as well as the convenience. I also love the little extras we get each month from Von Hanson's and/or Great Harvest Bread

Emma Locke

If you are looking to purchase a CSA membership look elsewhere. Pahl's promises food that is locally grown, but according to Gary Pahl who I had a very unpleasant phone conversation with last year when they don't grow enough he buys from a wholesaler to prevent, "bitching," from his customers. Every single eggplant I received last year had sticker remnants on it and was less fresh than what I could purchase at my local cub foods. You will get so much rotten food that you may start wondering if they should be paying you for use of your dumpster. After months of this I finally contacted Pahl's where I had the conversation with Mr. Pahl. He swore at me, belittled me and finally just to get off the phone I asked for a pro rated refund of the remaining CSA baskets. That only covered the baskets I did not pick up, not the spoiled food I'd been receiving for months or the "store credit" I received for ordering early in the season. Buyer beware.

Christopher Peterson

Even on a crazy day the employees are always helpful.

Jeff Nahring

Jack Hunter

Kathy Swail

Phyllis Kleindl

Presleyson Lima

Reuben Lopez

Our go to place for plants & flowers

Brenda Alreck

Abby Wallick

Staff isn't always nice

Sarah McCauley

Corry Locke

Nate Hadro

Great options and decent prices. The corn pit in the fall is always a hit!

Brent Bohn

Alison Anderson

Awesome family fun for pumpkin hunting! Vignette for photos, corn pit, friendly staff.

Emily Johnson

Kimber Anderson

Debilitatingly disappointing. I had driven by there several times and decided to finally stop in. Prices on the tags don't match the prices on the signs. While the flower selection is good, they are scattered all over the place in the center of a main greenhouse with terrible signage so you have no idea where to even start looking. Wondered around the trees and shrubs for literally an HOUR without seeing someone I could ask for help. Walked all the way back to the greenhouses to find someone, who told me 'trees and shrubs are outside'. Wow, you don't say. I left and went to Home Depot, where they were more than happy to help me find the trees I was looking for. I also noticed that lilacs that were $36 at Pahl's were $10 at HD. 4" geraniums - $5 at Pahl's and a buck fifty at HD. 4-pack annuals? 3$ vs 1.25 when break up an 8pack. You're obviously free to make your own choices, but may I suggest saving your time, your money, and most importantly, your sanity and just go to a place like HD or Menards. Needless to say, I will NEVER be back to Pahl's.

Alex Wunderlich

Jody Wendt

I wish I would have read the reviews about the Pahl's CSA program before participating in it. We've had issues with receiving rotten/spoiled produce each week. I understand that some times things go bad quickly (especially when dealing with produce), but it's quite disappointing to throw away items on the day we pick up our box. Last week there was a beautiful eggplant in our box with a produce sticker from Illinois on it. It's clear they tried removing the sticker as to make us believe we were receiving local produce. I find it quite comical that they couldn't be bothered to spend the extra 20 seconds to remove the entire sticker if that's how they chose to operate. The whole purpose for us to participate in this program was to help support community agriculture. I would have been better off just buying produce from the local farmers market each week.

Larry Hudlemeyer

Feeling depressed by Winter's tenacious grip, we stopped by Pahl's on Saturday for an emergency infusion of Spring-time ambiance! We were readily welcomed by their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Then, as we walked into their greenhouses, our senses were immediately shocked and delighted by the sight of green plants, tall plants, small plants, prickly plants to barely there plants! The blossoms bore the colors of the brightest rainbow you've ever seen! With lifted spirits, we left with many great ideas for the coming Summer garden! Stop by; you'll be glad you did! Don't have a "green thumb"? They'll help you "grow" one!

Deb Green

Great help finding what I wanted great plants

Brian McCulley

Great local garden center. I like how they have events like musicians, tractor shows, etc

Barbara Anderson

Always up to par. Very seasonal with what you want. Has specials for adults and kids. Helps with the neighborhood. Just on the corner. Easy to find.

Leanne Ziegeweid

Rami Saadeh

Very nice product, great variety but extremely expensive

Joe Loveless

Josh Rich

Very expensive and overpriced.

Shelley KJ

I have participated in Pahl's CSA profram for 3 years and am signed up for a 4th (2018). The variety of produce is wonderful! Starting in mid June and running to the end of October, I look forward to my weekly standard share. It has given me a chance to try produce and recipes I hadn't considered before, not to mention given me opportunities to preserve veggies to enjoy all winter long. It makes healthy eating easy! Good value and great variety - I encourage anyone to try it. They also offer a smaller teaser share and a larger family share along with the standard share (perfect for my small family).

Cathy Wallegalle

I have lived in this area forever and Paul's market is very close. I don't think I have ever looked for anything that they don't have. Staff is very helpful and nice.

Alaine Nelson

Patty Bartholomew

Large selection of wire ware to hold plants. Staff very helpful. I did notice prices have gone way up, though

Dave Huttner

Christin Congdon

They have a LOT of selection here but when I asked the staff about some plants in my yard they didn’t seem to know what they were. When I discussed tree planting the employee said you can plant a tree anytime- most of us know well enough a tree does best planted in the spring/fall. I spent a lot of time looking around before anyone asked if I needed help locating something. They had been open for an hour and I was the only customer walking the yard. I passed at least 5 employees before someone offered to help me locate something. They seemed busy prepping and pulling orders. I also feel their small plant and decorative pots/hangings are over priced for what they are. If you need selection and don’t mind higher prices, this is the place to find what you want (or didn’t know you could get). If you want local, small business customer service you might look elsewhere.

R Shamla

This'll be our third year enrolling in Pahl's CSA program. We had the Teaser size share the last two years (with two people we didn't have veggies going to waste) and went with the Standard size share this year. Our in-laws picked up and used the CSA when we were out of town and raved about the veggies; specifically Pahl's corn on the cob. The weekly email is a huge help because you'll receive it a day or two ahead of your pick-up and it contains a rough list of what'll be in the box that week. The veggies vary a bit from box to box but the email is pretty close. If it has been a rainy week then you need to prep the veggies to keep them fresh or use some ahead of others. This is surprise. We used the veggies from the Harvest Events (I froze corn and canned tomatoes) and hope they'll be available again this year. If you are looking at CSA then I'd recommend Pahl's because in addition to the excellent variety of fresh (mostly familiar) veggies, it is well coordinated and pick up is convenient. (The long pick up window at Von Hanson's has saved us more than once on busy workdays.)

Rod Oman

Pahl's flowers are the best flowers around. Great experience from their staff too.

jerri bertie

Love them

Toni Eibner

Jared Weniger

Dana Penkivech

Alexander Hummel

I went in simply to browse. I love the deals here already! The staff was extremely helpful. I asked about their CBD products which run ~ .1$/mg Not bad for a landscape mega store! They also had brochures for the information I am interested in! All in all, an excellent visit! -Alexander

Jenny Jennett

Great quality stuff here. Very affordable friendly people


Great local family business with lots of variety. The staff is really helpful.


Great hanging baskets :)

Debby Reisinger

J. César González Blanco

Thomas Mosher

Brandon Johnson

Joshua Nelson

Jeannie Hill

Over the last 15 years I have consistently fond that the service and products at Pahls Garden Center are exceptional. They really care for their plants and trees, so when I buy from them, I know that the root base is healthy and will sustain new growth once in one of my gardens. The staff is passionate and knowledgeable about what grows best in Minnesota and ideal garden pairings. I highly recommend them. Not only is there a wide selection of both annuals and perennials, they have a nice selection of landscaping items.

GeneSamsung Ish

Ryan P

Huge verity and selection. Good local place to get plants. Just so busy at times...

Dan Powers

Excellent place to walk around and find what you are looking for. Amazing quality and quantity. Recommended to everyone!

Kirk Partello

Great place to get your landscape needs and not have to pay the big Corp prices.

Mark Moret

Heather Sparrow

Karen Griffin

CSA program is SO not worth it, this is my first year with Pahl's and I definitely won't purchase again, My box values have been at the most $15 if we get bread or Von Hansen's that week and that is before I throw out the moldy and unusable produce. I have been a CSA member with a couple of different places and some of the produce has been unusable but there were plenty of other good produce to make up for it. I don't know how my box is suppose to feed 3-4 people for a week, I am a vegetarian, so I ordered a standard share just for one, this box would last me 2 days max, it is a complete rip-off

Hayden DeNardo

GREG Reiner


I love my new landscape design and installation by Pahls Market! Jason and his team were incredible to work with. They showed up when promised and completed the work as planned. I’d highly recommend them for remodel and new construction landscaping. Plus, they found me a great concrete contractor for my driveway! A+ for Pahls Market!

Karann Luckcuck

Great garden shop. Has everything you could possibly need for your yard.

Josh Hewuse

Steve Adams

Tim G

Nice local place to get plants and gardening supplies. Most of the plants look better than most nurseries and better selection than Home Depot. Some of the prices seem higher but they do quite a few sales. Highly recommend.

Mary Johnson

Nice selection.

Karen Milliren

Samuel Halverson

Frequent here often! Have yet to be disappointed with variety and virility of plants! Staff is always pleasant!

Emily Wagoner

Adam Katch

HOLY SELECTION. Sensory overload. Knowledge and helpful staff.

Briana Hockett

Joceekay Ramsey

ally kvam

I look forward to walking their entire market when picking out plants. They have such beatiful plants its hard for me to pick just a few! They staff are always helpful in answering my questions.


I purchased a Zestar Apple tree this spring and it never even budded out. I called and spoke to Bart and he told me to bring it back. He also stated he had to throw away 40 because of that same problem. I wanted the same tree replaced and he stated nobody had them because of the same problem. I called 3 other places and they all had Zestar trees in stock. I went and purchased a new tree and went home and planted it. Now the fun, just try and get a refund on Pahls warranty. I did not want a refund I just wanted my tree replaced with the same tree but being they could not supply a tree this year I would think there would be some kind of better service than just telling a customer that they don't care if I ever come back. To all I will never go back and receive that kind of verbal abuse again. Bachman's here I come.

Joe Demuth

Excellent place for plants , Xmas

Shawn Meyer

My cypress bush died within a year of purchase- so it’s under warranty. When returning it, they made me search for the exact same bush. I located it after 20 minutes of searching. When swapping out, they told me I would still need to pay $15 because of the price difference from when I purchased. This is not part of the language in the warranty. A terrible customer experience. They lost any future business from me. UPDATE: The manager at Pahl's called me while I was still on the way home and refunded the extra charge on my credit card. I appreciate the quick response to make this right.

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