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REVIEWS OF Grow Green MI IN Michigan

Bryan Golab

Excellent staff. Outstandingly knowledgeable. Never will I go anywhere else

Jeremy Thompson

Best place to learn how to grow!!


Great place, wonderful staff.

Mark Mazur

Best grow shop in Michigan!

Matt Panfil

Love this place lots of stuff for the garden. Good service ,plenty of selection

Delaney Heathman

The employee left to check a price for like 10 minutes and all the products are much more expensive then our local hydro store and amazon. The stores other employees were goofing off and the atmosphere seemed much different then my first visit.

Russell Payne

Person was very knowable got what I needed and worked how they said

Hayden Brown

Good place for growing products


Sucks nuts does not take American Express card when competition does.. people were nice and knowledgeable but other then that nothing.. not even samples

Tom VanAmburg

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

John Seigle

The employees only seem to know about one kind of plant and are kinda confused when you try to gets stuff for other kinds of plans and its expensive. But they will have some really good sales from time to time and they have a better variety of organic stuff than a lot of other places. Organic is always the way to go.

matt burke

The worst experience with any grow store ever. No one has any follow up skills. Took days to here back from there online contact, multiple errors with little follow through. Tried to pre-order 4 bails of soil over the phone to only be told to use stealth pick-up, took 2 days to get the order pulled. Did a of my decent size order . After pick-up I discovered 4-12 bulbs broken or not useable. Returned them promptly and was assured after the managers lunch break I would be contacted. Never happened.... Had to leave multiple message's and emails before I was even contacted by Tony who was completely clueless on my situation not what the sales person told me. I was able to get a refund. Complete clowns who do this industry a disservice. Thanks but I'll take my business elsewhere.

Jennifer Reid

Good prices, wide selection

james medallis

Call to see if they have stock of something on there web site lady said owner would have to call me back I guess just to check stock so took my name number and said will call me back 2 hrs went by I called back same lady answer the phone said o yea he was just looking for your number and had misplaced it but she would get him put me back on hold than came back and asked for my name and number, will take my 600 some where else guess u guys to busy to sell me a product let lone even tell me if u have stock DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

Matt Imig

I went to Grow Green hoping to find educated staff and good prices and I was able to find both. Eric spent a lot of time walking me through the latest techniques and the products to be successful. Thanks Eric and Grow Green

Nana Jo

I was expecting more vendor's. But still nice, welcoming and fun time


Great Store! Ask for Jesse, Very helpful & great customer service. Will def Be doing more business with them both in store & online.

steven gibbs

Dont waste your time and money here. The bigger the store ,the higher the price as a fact, they have to pay too many employees and service is really bad there. Go to this place 2200 South Cedar st lansing MI 48910 they will beat any price by a lot of money

Asin saud

Yesss ! very knowledgeable staff but prices are not so good, the store in Cedar St , is killing the league they have a good selection of products. Cuban people i guess.

DEHD Energy

Told the sales associate I can get online a lot cheaper and delivered to the warehouse. He said ok, so ok. He saved me a lot of money and time..

scott trevorrow

Great place,best deals

I'm not CRAZY!!

Everything you need to grow for what everyou are growing. Staff was very helpful

Canna-Irrigation LLC

This store is by far the best grow store in Michigan. They have a massive selection of products and if they don’t have it they will order it. For some locations they even have their own delivery service. Before I started my company I was a Manager at a grow shop in northern Michigan. The prices they sell to the public are just above wholesale. I know this on account I did the ordering at my old store. The staff have a wealth of knowledge and are all incredibly pleasant to talk to. This place always exceeds my expectations.


Grow green... Get it together. Have had dozens of poor experiences n time to leave a review bc we all know u got those fake 5stars roping ppl in. Disorganized inventory. Unhelpful staff (one time i watched, made eye contact with 3 employees all staffing the cash registers n all taking a smoke break at the same time. Had to wait 10min at the cash register for all 3 to be done with their smoke break) I've seen the place with over a dozen employees but I quote "only the girls do the cash register" and there was only one with a line that took 30min to get thru. After I found another shop, I never go here unless it's an emergency. Whenever I do stop in (like recently) it's a poor experience

Aa Vv

Grow Green is my hydroponics store of choice like many others. Ignacio is just fabulous and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Always hooks me up with the best prices. Don't believe any of these other hussies out there claiming they're the cheapest cause it's straight up bologna. Thanks for all the help Ian.

Felicia Hull

We highly recommend Mitch hes super informational. Otherwise than that, we really enjoy coming in this establishment and browsing through the variety of products!! Thanks guuuuuys!

Kayla Burns an event in 2016 here, great food, tons of grow materials and people working are kind

Roxanne Sawallich

Great place.

alyssa phillips

This company is unprofessional. I wouldn't order with them and I would never let them onto my property to do landscaping knowing that they do not abide by the contracts they make. I ordered online and they decided to cancel my order because my ship to address is different from my billing address (something that you can opt for in their system) However, did they notify me that there was a question or concern. Nope. Did they even tell me that my order was cancelled? Nope. They actually CHARGED ME and then REFUNDED ME because they didn't want to 'take the risk' of having a different billing and shipping address. Something we have all done especially around the holidays. Then, when I asked for information through email they IGNORED ME. When I called they said pretty much Sorry not Sorry. That they were more concerned with their 40 employees than my order. Imagine you hiring them for landscaping and in the middle of a job they decide that they don't want to complete the work due to some technicality of their own design. They you'll be left holding the bag as am I. I needed those items and now I'll have to wait at least another week once I find a new place to order them. Not a company you want to be doing business with.

Troy Buckner

Fair prices relatively helpful staff

Rebecca Molnar

HUGE selection of products with very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Love this place!

Paul Sielinsky

Very knowledgeable staff, answered all my questions. Crazy huge inventory, everything I needed to start a container garden. If you can't find it, you probably don't need it. The prices are right. Worth the drive. Definitely recommend.

Laura Burchfield

Best soil prices in the Midwest! Shop the sales and you will save 50% of what you'll pay at other grow stores.. And it's a warehouse so you have PLENTY of selections for all your grow supplies..

Robert Francis

Great selection and pricing.

Roswell Miller

Went for a expo not sure if it was Worth the trip but got a bunch of free sample and Bic lighter s so it was an experience wouldn't go there on the regular because it's so far away

sean koperski

Has everything you need with great prices


I have to say grow green is one of the best Grow shops that I have ever used and been to.. the service there has always been wonderful the shipping has always been right on !!..and if not they'll make it happen!!.. if there's something I can't find or need call grow green they'll get it or find it if they already don't have it in stock!! And I would have to say if you want to grow... grow with grow green and ask for Mikey Adams!!..thats the guy u need on the other line at grow green

Jeremy Chilcutt

Good prices, shelves not stoked well though. Otherwise nice staff.

Mike Nierman

My favorite grow store .... clean place ... knowledgeable staff.

Tracy Green

Best prices anywhere

Ya-Ling Huang

A bit hard to find since it doesn't have any big sign out at the main street or at the side of the building facing the main street. It is a big warehouse with a lot of choices; therefore, if it is your first visit, ask for help in the front desk. They are very helpful and the price is good, too.

Rust InPeace

Sketchy as any grow store.

Fred Farkle

Good prices, large selection.

Michael Briggs

I purchased a Ebb and Flow System on a day that was very busy. After one of the employees walked away stating that they would be right back, waiting for more than 20 minutes before just attempting to handle the purchase on my own, and checking out, I realized that the controller wasn't in the barrel of the kit. I contacted the sales person who responded 5 times about the experience via text, but didn't reply after I told them I was missing the controller. I left 2 voicemail messages for Customer Service to get the issue resolved. It has been 2 days and I still haven't received a call back. It is a long drive and the company is not responding to an incomplete order that has been paid for already. My system is sitting idle waiting for a callback from the company. Not the way any company should operate or treat their customers. The time is too long gone for there to be a reasonable excuse for a lack of response. Edit: Received a callback. They are working on the issue. Edit 2: Yesterday, a week and 2 days since I contacted the company, I finally received a tracking number for a package that wasn't sent yet. Removed a star since it seems that the customer service part is less than what most people would expect from an organization. I was promised a tracking number last week on Friday by the end of the day. Edit 3: The part has arrived. I'm looking forward to putting this behind me. Good inventory of stuff, but hopefully this experience was a one-off.

Shelley Gro

Be sure and have a good chunk of change with you when you rent equipment, really got the run around with these people. One employee says one thing another employee says another thing. They really need to be on the same page when dealing with customers.

Keith Galpin

Grow green is a incredible Hydro Store. Like they say they are the largest Hydro Store East of Colorado, 60000 square feet of all your needs for growing and then some. You definitely will find what you need or are looking for at this place and the help over there is phenomenal. Well worth the trip from wherever you're coming from I drove from Westland Whitmore Lake no problem with traffic and it's very convenient right off of 23 and M36 Whitmore Lake exit

Drew Pikstein

They have every product in stock that you could ever want. Amazing store with great prices. No need to shop any place else. It’s Grow Green for the win!

Jacob Wray

I absolutely love shopping with these guys here. I live states away and rather I order hundreds of dollars or 25 dollars worth of product they treat it the same. I get very quick friendly response every time I have a questions. And they package every item as if it ships over seas. I would deffentily shop with these people here before any where else. Thank you guys so much for the love.

Chris Smart

Awesome grow shop they have a massive selection and great prices my only gripe is some stuff they have online but not in stock at the store other than that amazing store

John Guarascio

Huge selection, friendly staff.


The home Depot of growing supplies if never been here stop what you are doing and come now!!!!?

Angel Cuevas

Best store in Michigan

Ansley Simmons

Great place to get all your growing needs

Cultivar Group

Eric Fowler is an amazing resource. He makes a great store even better with his help and professional follow up.

Kevin Day

These people never answer the phone. Makes it hard to find out if I am wasting a trip driving there if they don’t have something in stock.

Hugh Jessick

Grow green is definitely a great place for all your growing needs. Best prices around with very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Eric in sales is awesome. Always a good time getting an order figured out to complete a new project. Thanks so much Eric and GG for all you guys do!

Austin Henry

Best prices and helpful staff

Ralph Oestman

Service, knowledge, friendly, helpful, professional, best prices anywhere in mi, best staff, inventory is incredible! I’ll back back many times! Thanks again grow green mi staff. You guys are a cut above the rest! Such nice people!

Lane Hahnke

Great selection and prices on everything my garden needs!

Darlene Capelle

Every thing you could need for growing under one roof.

Randy Ross

Good deals on some stuff

Donna Tripp

Great place very helpful staff

Eric Finley

Biggest garden supply in Michigan warehouse racks full of everything you need and never have to order anything because they have it in stock

j S

Wow cheap af. Im slippin for not comin here sooner.

Noah Bisaga

Absolutely huge selection of hydroponic related growing products. The employees seem busy but if you get a hold of one they're very helpful

Chris Hubbard

A huge selection of growing products and and a pretty solid price match policy. This is my go to place for a lot of my gardening supplies.

chad cholette

Great staff. Excellent experience

Ruth Cybart

Helpful employees, very nice people. I'll be back!!!

Christian Shay

Great place to get quality grow supplies.

L Lawrence

One of my favorite places. They host monthly grow meetings and have a spring fest and a harvest fest each year.

Amber Miller

Really this place is great! The employees, the awesome selection, their awesome events, whats not to love! If you havent been here check it out! If you cant make it out shop on line!

Kevin Nicholls

Unbeatable prices, huge selection, and super friendly dudes who work here. The only thing I don't like is how many other hydro stores I have to drive by to get here. But it's always worth the trip!

Jeremiah Braun

Great place only needed to pick up a few supplies super happy with the prices I found on some of their advanced nutrients and their dirt ranging between $25 $38 Was asked multiple times if I needed any help but was just too busy trying to take it all in 25000 ft² facility packed from floor to ceiling everything you could possibly imagine really appreciate your Business and prices thank you very much guys will be recommending and coming back in the future

Jason Wood

I never give 1 star,this is why This was my first visit to Grow green,when I walked in the door I was not greeted nor asked if I needed help. I walked around the store and it is not as advertised,half empty shelves and over priced. They say they are a warehouse store so the savings get passed to us. It is a warehouse however, everything is priced higher than smaller stores. I call that false advertising. The ballast I went to buy was $50 more than their website advertised (also called ahead a got internet price) only had 5 ballasts on shelf. I left the store not buying anything. Very disappointed with a 45min drive to save money.

Aric Pearce

Best prices anywhere!

Merlyn Wade

Awsome service

Kylan Dorner

Dont waste your money here and if you do know exactly what your getting because they wont give you your money back on any returns only store credit and then you dont even get your full amount in store credit they charge you a fee. Absolute robbery ive never been so offended and upset by grow store in 10 years of growing, only store ive ever heard of with such a stupid policy ill never shop here again....GO TO INDOOR EDEN THEY ACTUALLY CARE.

Curtis clement

Friendly staff. Very well stocked. Great prices.

germanov ivo

Nice place very professional gentle people

Dean Hellerud

Great place to shop for all your hydroponic needs fun knowledgeable staff large stock of many types of equipment a very wide variety of chemicals for your every growing need.

Doug Utter

Well it was worth the drive, great prices and the staff outstanding and Knowledgeable, employee Mitch was a wonderful person took me around showed me the store explain everything and most of all made me feel comfortable, I will be back Next Saturday they are having a party all day, food, speakers I will be there had a great time and the prices very low today I saved my self about $40 dollars so well worth the half hour drive.

Ryan Bellaflores

. . .. B Kl 4188 FENTON Road, Flint, Genesee County, MI Wholesale prices

Crop Corp

This is my spot I love you guys y'all help me become the grower I am today

Jeff Washburn

Hit or miss depending on who helps you. Have had great help and have had poor experiences too

Jason Crofts

Wow... amazing prices great staff everything you could need in one place definitely coming back

Adam IDK

Some of their prices in store dont match their online prices. But great store with lots of varieties.


My husband and I have been to MANY grow stores across the state of Michigan over the course of the last 10 years. GrowMI has the best prices and available inventory, hands down. My husband said he was treated like a VIP when he went in to grab our order and we appreciated everyone taking the time to make sure it was there and ready to go. Thanks!

nick wolfe

They wanna treat customers not like customers don't hold any of their promises, drops the ball everytime, Is very unorganized and unprofessional. They don't believe in freedom of speech and will report your 1 star reviews to facebook. Don't ever shop here they don't know how to treat people right. All these are fake reviews they report all bad reviews. They take your money and dont send you items but blame it on there distributer and dont find solutions to give you your money back than say oh we can refund you but don't tell me a refund amount. Also tells me they call me back and don't. I don't even know what's going on lack of clear communications. Horrible just horrible.

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