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REVIEWS OF English Gardens Plymouth Nursery IN Michigan

Briarwood Baptist

Noah Webb

I bought some mulch from them and it was very poor quality and frozen. I do not recommend buying bulk mulch from them.

Joel Eifert


John Pogorzelski

Barry Bridges

I ordered 5 yards of sifted topsoil. The landscaping crew I hired to do the work said it wasn't good topsoil. They used it mostly for fill and had some more soil delivered from another source to use where I needed to seed with grass. You could tell by the color difference that what I got from English gardens had clay and sand or something mixed in :( Live and learn.

Paul Sherman

Very good selection of all types of trees, vegetables, shrubs etc...however their prices are not competitive to other local garden centers & nurseries. In fact, they are overpriced, especially for tree planting. They charge 60% of the retail price of the tree, and their evergreens never go on sale. $350 + 60% installation is $560 for a single 8ft white spruce! Again, they have a good selection most of the year but their prices are very high. Make sure to check prices elsewhere, such as Reliable Landscaping, Randazzo's, Lucas Nursery or Christensen's Wholesale Plant Center.

Potheads family

Loved it, nice and beautiful place

Ari Yaffe-Inoue

Good selection, but only one person that we spoke to knew anything about the plant that we wanted to buy.

Bob Ford

Sarah S

Stunning selection of baskets with mixture of flowers/plants but be prepared to pay for them. The promotional flower baskets they advertise at a low price to get you in the door are really puny despite the ad showing luscious blooms cascading over the planter... I used this company to put together a fall display in front of my company and everyone loved it.

carole chi

Lots of great plants and gardening items! Very helpful staff!

Steven Draper

Selection was ok, granted it's the beginning of August. But they were still over-priced for the season! If they expect to get rid of their inventory, they need to start marking prices down.

JohN Flaherty

A great nursery

Adrienne King

Procerus Skin Care

Sterling M. Roberts

Pretty good variety, helpful staff

Sue Ferrell

Classy decor, not average junk

Margarete Thomsen

charged for purchase and installation many weeks before the work was done. Then the group that planted the shrubs did not plant them as directed. I'm on the phone right now waiting to be connected. I've already been disconnected twice. They were a much better nursery before they remodeled! Now I know the danger of leaving a review when you're angry. Plymouth Nursery sent workmen out the same day and replanted the shrubs. Thank you very much for taking care of this so quick.

Marie Quaranto

So excited to see this store back in the area! The new location is gorgeous, I can't wait for it to warm up so they get the outside plants. The employees are so knowledgeable here, and it's not always the cheapest, but everything is very high quality, and they stand behind it. I always watch out for their email in the spring, there is like one day where they have a great sale on perennial starter plants. I think it's usually in early May, but probably depends a little on weather. Sign up for the emails so you don't miss it.

Kathleen Lehane

Nicholas Kidd

Sparco 313

Ian MacDonald

Great product selection and great staff. The plants are good quality and survive as they should. However, if they come to your home to plant large trees, their scheduling process is a pain. You cannot pick a day or time. They call you a few days in advance, and say "Hey, we'll be there Tuesday." If that day doesn't work for you, they call you back in a few more days. Really inconvenient.

Karen Simmons

We went in looking for something very specific and were in a hurry. Amy helped us and we were out the door with exactly what we needed, exactly on budget. Yea!

Duane Williams

Great selection of plants and very helpful staff.

Michael Thomas

Skip helped pick out our tree and did a great job evaluating the location and accommodating us!

Jim Ryan

Nice stuff. Average pricey

Dave Havens

Mike Wilhelm

Great selection of every kind of garden plant, flower, tree imaginable.


cfnovak1 .

Awesome greenhouse. Awedome prices. Give em a shout!

Thomas Lyon

Awesome staff, great prices. Made two trips.

Kathy Werner

Hydrangea class very informative prices are high

Ann Mueller

I went into The English Gardens in Plymouth about a week ago to purchase some primrose and they didn’t have any. What? You are a nursery, aren’t you? I decided to walk around to get some inspiration, check prices and see what varieties are available. I noticed that plants that I got last summer which were $4.99 are now $7.99. What caused a 60% increase, a name change on the front door? Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing from English Gardens. They are just too greedy!

Kimberly Needham

Just got home from the seasons first visit and I can honestly say if it doesn’t work out it won’t be because Amy didn’t help me. Amazing selection and very helpful staff, will definitely return!

Mandee Smith

Brittany Blaskay

The first time I went here, I was in the store for a total of 15 minutes and never once acknowledged by any staff members. I wasn't going to let one visit ruin my total experience, so I decided to go back a few months later with a friend. We spent about 30 minutes in total there between the store and greenhouse, and once again, never acknowledged by any of the staff. A simple hello goies a long way.

Rosa Moreno-Jackson

AWESOME staff with great knowledge and great selection of trees and pants.

Melinda Kothbauer

Superb selection, healthy plants, lots of options for pots and supplies - simply the best nursery in the area. Helpful staff and great deals!

Carla Gale

Top notch nursery with very helpful staff. I always find what I need here.

Jason Frederick

Fantastic local nursery in Plymouth Twp, I prefer their sod over others in the area as well. Bought plants, grasses, flowers and topsoil in late June for a small flower bed, greenery is thriving and looks great. Highly recommended nursery with quality products, you get what you pay for.

Chelsea B

This nursery has the best staff. I came here with my two little ones and was having a hard time getting all of my outdoor plants. A worker dropped what she was doing to help me get what I needed and she helped push my cart. The plants are top notch quality. The garden coach, Lori, has spectacular designs. This nursery also has the best indoor houseplants (this was true even before it became English Gardens). On another trip there, I had a Vice President of EG helping me find the items I needed to repot my monstera. I’ve been here a handful of times since the switch and I love this place even more. This has become my go to nursery and will stay that way. PS. My toddler loves the little kid shopping carts. Please keep those!

Sue Ahrenhold

Stock was all wilted. Perennials were poor quality -- the stock was diseased and damaged. So sad, used to be a good nursery

Randy Lusebrink

Great selection and well maintained! Highly recommend!

Kent Yiu

Over priced and low quality. We purchased a couple of $40 planters from them this spring. The flowers were having problems immediately and started to brown. When we went back for care instructions, the people weren't very helpful. and the plants died soon after. Never again...

Matthew Laurin

***Edit July 2, 2019*** I returned here under the new management (English Gardens) to inquire about a warranty promise on a Strawberry Smoothie Althea we purchased from then Plymouth nursery. They said they would happily honor the one year warranty and we just needed to provide our name to verify the purchase. The experience was horrible to say the least. The lady working at the counter asked if I had my receipt for an item I purchased nearly 7 months ago. Then she had trouble using the computer system to look up the purchase which apparently can only use a customers name as a reference and ONLY works if you actually provided your name at the time of purchase which we did not. Of course she wasted 15 minutes of my time before accidentally telling me this fact. So basically I’m SOL is what they told me. What a joke of a business. Would not shop here in principle alone. *********** This place has a lot of potential but all of the times we've been there, the experience has been sort of ho-hum. The people: The staff that we dealt with weren't always the most knowledgeable about their inventory or about what we could buy based on our needs. In their defense, maybe what we were asking about was not their specialty? Not sure. The prices: Dude come on is this a nursery for rich people and we just didn't see the sign? We were looking at Arborvitae for our back yard. We had just seen some at Cost Co for 25 bucks and at Lowes for 50. We just checked them out at Plymouth since we had a gift card and these jokers wanted $100 a piece for them! Dang bro I'm not planting at the royal palace! They seems to have a good selection of stuff though. I would recommend this place only if you know exactly what you're doing and don't want to be bothered by people that know more than you AND if you have 50K that you have no idea what to do with.

Matt Olsafsky

Good variety of gardening supplies, plants, and Landscaping needs. Prices are only slightly higher and service is 10 times better then your average big box.

Jennifer Evans

Great service. Helpful staff and nice selection.

Laurel Schulert

Helpful staff and excellent quality plants and products. Prices are a bit higher here than at other garden centers.

Jon Powers

Barbara Sturms

Rafael Silveira

Raimundo Guerrero

Bobby P

Plymouth Nursery was always a bit pricier, but you knew you were getting quality. I stopped by the store yesterday, now under the English Garden name, and I feel like everything doubled in price, under the new ownership, compared to last summer. I'll have to look elsewhere.

Paul Ravenstone

Decent selection. Good plants. Slightly on the expensive side, but not exorbitantly so...

Karen Barbu

Nice plants, but pricey

Thomas Jordan

RIP Plymouth nursery you will be greatly missed. Sucks cause you was my favorite places to shop at. I have never liked English garden due to their extremely high prices.

Paula Facchinetti

Pietro Montini

Carl Yoder

This company does great landscaping jobs. We just had our second project completed and are extremely happy. John M. and his crew are no nonsense, professional, and efficient. John draws up a great design and the crew builds it as planned. They show up when they say they will and are friendly and polite. No detail, large or small, is missed. John is great to work as he has a straightforward attitude and accommodating approach. Everything is cleaned up when thy are done and we are left feeling proud of our new look. We recommend them to anyone that wants a great landscaping job for their home.

R Bergsma

Very disappointed. We were shown larger sized burning bushes and given the price. A week later we came back to make the purchase and were told these bushes couldn't be sold. They were for landscaping purposes. No suggestions or ideas were given. We were even told to go elsewhere. Which we did.

Pam Bethune

Plymouth Nursery is always helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable.

Kyle Roberts

lawrence morris

Marianne Haines

First time there and the staff were all pleasant and helpful. I'll be back for sure

David Essig

Paul Bath

I never had a problem with this place. I had always found exactly what I needed, and their green house is HUGE has all kinds of plants. The people really do know a scary amount of plant details. I had bought a few flowers for my wife and they still bloom. But I went in originally to get some spruce's that kept dying from every other place (even the cheaper places down the street) But I guess you get what you pay for because they not only helped me pick out the correct smaller breed that was good but helped me get the right fertilizer and turned out amazing! I actually have to trim that one a bit more because it outgrows all the other ones. Thought I may now end up replacing all of them with plants from Plymouth Nursery. I also had some mulch delivered when I was doing this project and even THAT went better than last time when the other company literally dumped it at the base of my driveway. They called me to let me know my delivery and even rang the doorbell to asked where I would best like to have it dropped off, I got it duped right in front of where I was going making literally no use of a wheelbarrow. I had a fantastic time dealing with them and would enjoy doing it again every time.

Krista Wallace

Kimberly Groce

Great selection and the staff are always helpful

S Pruden


Ann Marie O'Connell

Beautiful facility, good selection of plants and accessories.

Cherie Connor

Unique finds and beautifully decorated!

Reyes Galvan

Great selection of everything! Went back today (the day aftery initial review) and bought enough to start outfit my gardens. They even had two kinds of shade-loving hydrangeas; who said shade gardens had to be bland? Fruit shrubs were half off that day, so we got some blueberry bushes to round out the sunny garden and about 4 cubic feet of Canadian Peat to go along with them.

Jessika Whiteside

A cute place with almost everything you can imagine for your outdoor space. We always get our silica free play sand from English Gardens. The Ann Arbor store closed and moved to Plymouth, essentially.


Customer service was great!

Steven Long

Great selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers!

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