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REVIEWS OF Northeast Nursery Garden Center IN Massachusetts


Beautiful but soooo expensive

Gary Feilteau

Got pressure treated wood ground up in a truck load of compost I bought there for my veggie garden never went back there. Glade I caught it could of been poisoned

Michelle Guarino

Jay Kingsley

Johnny Ray Maloney

You should see my morning glories.

Carmelina Lopez

Tracie DiLuiso

Joe Thifault

James Rowan

Aponte Jesus

Kurt Bolgen

Three months after a super loam delivery, STILL picking 1/2 inch pieces of glass out. Noticed it at first and the gentleman was very nice about refunding 50% of cost. Now, I wish I had them come back and pick up the entire truck load. Yard install took 2x as long to screen out rocks and glass, and will still have to top dress and re-seed again in spring. What an absolute disaster. **6 month edit- STILL pulling 1/2” pieces of glass out of the top soil.

Thomas DuBois

Very nice nursery they have a beautiful selection of flowers and plants the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable my only issue was no one answered the phone when I called the Dearborn store only Lowell street answered.

Lynn Costley

Beautiful Place. Geared more towards Commercial Landscaping. Mulch, dirt, pavers, stone architectural design, good pricing. Wish there was more Interior Residential plants and decor but, I'm sure Commercial side is huge and that's what brings in the $$$. Very Nice, Friendly and Knowledgeable Employees. The Staff is what makes this business successful...

Eileen Williams

John Cardinale

Ordered several yards of their super loam and was thoroughly disappoint in the product. I removed several buckets full of glass, plastic, and trash after spreading on my lawn. There was also a ton of rock in the mix, with some as large as a fist.

jane dipaola

Will never shop there again. Spent over $100 in perennials in June. 2 plants never grew. I saved receipt and brought plants back in to them. All 3 people behind the desk looked at me like I was crazy for coming in with the dead plants ( that’s what is required at most nurseries I have purchased flowers from). The owner basically tried to talk down to me like I was stupid and I watered the plants wrong. He was not willing to give me 2 replacements but offered me a discount. I walked out ...keep the $20 bucks.. whatever happened about taking care of the customer? I will make sure I never ever recommend Northeast nursery to anyone

Don Lee

Screened loam is bad. I got a load of screened loam to spread on my lawn as top-dressing. The screened loam is loaded with rocks and glass. I've spent a lot of my time removing this debris from my lawn. Will never go back for anything.

Willi Bill Floyd

Bill Greenberg

Greg H

Received a cord of seasoned firewood last week. Wood burns much better and cleaner than a few other places in the area that I've tried. Perfectly sized and aged pieces, with just the right amount of small stuff to use for kindling. Office staff and delivery driver professional and courteous. Will be back for more.

Vadim Rojevsky

Very good place, lots of things to choose

mark papamechail

Great customer service


Julie Lavoie

Mary Beth McAteer-Margolis

Always receive knowledgeable friendly service with great selection of top quality material!

Anthony Achille

Linda Kay

Custoner service seems to have really gone down over the years. Kids on their cell phones supposedly 0waiting on people......esp. behind the counter.. ."duh, what was that you wanted again...." R E A L L Y ? ? ? And how in the world can you be 'out of ' a seasonal lawn product? No wonder the Wal-Mart's and Amazon's are ruling the marketplace.....


This place has good selection of plants and shrubs. They are expensive. I have had rocks delivered before that was great. I went to buy pellets, the staff is RUDE and doesn't tell you anything. I purchased them they said move your car to the pellets. So I drive over and started loading them myself the guy comes over and says where is the receipt. I handed it to him he says you are suppose to have it ready. Well if the ignorant cashier told me how it is suppose to work. Or gave me any information about it at all!!!! They are just so rude. I went a second time and same thing. Rude and ZERO information about the receipt or where to go out someone will help you. Nothing!!!! So I will give my business to another pellet place. Also FYI their pellets are kept outside and they get wet!!! The guy at northeast said that's fine. Ya OK!!! The pellet stove place on RT 1 are friendly and keep their pellets dry inside. Take your business elsewhere

Laura Venegas


Went in on sunday to check out some organic soil mixes for a raised bed garden. He recommended a type of soil that seemed very popular and was organic. He left me alone for a little and wasnt hovering at all(i hate when employees hover around me). I looked up the company and they seemed awesome so i went back inside and grabbed the rest of what they had. I needed 5 more bags to fill my garden so the employee took my name and number so he could call me when the soil came in. I got a call on tuesday that it was in and he put the bags aside for me. I picked it up on Wednesday no problem. The customer service was incredible. I will 100% be coming here for all my gardening supplies.

Laura Ciampa

Good experience. They had everything I was looking for

Timothy Donohue

Another successful trip with great help from the hard working crew at Northeast Nursery....

الشاب الحكيم

Ian Henry

They sell good healthy plants, shrubs and trees. Never had a problem with any of their plants here.

Mark Ringenwald

Great place staff knowledgeable and friendly

eric engel

Very helpful

Lindsay Hobbs

I love Northeast! Ordering gravel and loam has been so easy - online ordering and quick/affordable delivery. I won't go to anyone else!

john ortiz baez

Kelly Ciccone

Northeast has a large variety of beautiful bushes, flowers, and trees! My husband gets all our plants there and they are great quality.

ajn5501 .

I had ordered seasoned firewood from them and upon burning their firewood I relilized it was semi seasoned (water was boiling out of the wood). I had emailed them and they did not want to solve this issue and said their wood is 100% seasoned. Over a month later the wood is still sizzling. If you’re looking for seasoned firewood this is not the place for you... Not to mention their wood is way overpriced

David Giabbai

Wont be going back to Northeast Nursery! I overheard a group of staff members making rude comments about another party that i was with, not knowing that i was standing right around the corner. Never have i seen such a lack of professionalism at a place of business. If your going to profile and ridicule customers you should at least make certain that none else is around first.

William G. Sullivan II

Christina Baran

Christopher Porcaro

I will never be going back to northeast nursery. Their employee is responsible for destroying my truck bed liner while loading a pallet carelessly and improperly. His sloppy rushed attempt to slide the pallet into my bed with no warning tore my liner badly in 3 places. The employee told me to come back if there was damage under the pallet, which I did, just to be told they’re not responsible for the damage. Also the pallet of sod I picked up is infested with live grubs. Terrible experience, will not be going back ever.


I've ordered my firewood from Northeast Nursery for several years now. Perfect dry and clean firewood every year. My chimney guy always remarks on how clean my flu is for burning so much wood. The delivery from Northeast Nursery is also fantastic! They make the effort to drop my firewood at the end of my long driveway so it's right where I want to stack it.

Lance Eaton

A great place to not only get plants, mulch, seeds, etc but also patio furniture and other materials for landscaping or accenting your property.

Stephanie Byrne


I recently had a new pool installed in my back yard and needed new pea stone to edge the new pool. I looked up Northeast Nursery online and ordered the new stone I needed on their web site. I found Northeast Nursery's web site easy to navigate. I found the right product I needed at a great price. I left a specific message for the delivery people of where to drop the stone. The stone I ordered came in on time, and left in the right place on my property. I couldn't be more happy. TY Northeast!

Valerie York

The staff is always so helpful with the trees!! And I love the $25 off coupon this time of year!

George Branzell

Get place to do business everybody goes out of their way to help you


Good stuff

Danielle Berdahn

For hardscape and landscape materials we always enjoy working with Northeast Nursery. Ted is so knowledgeable about all the plants they carry, their maintenance and viable substitutions to work within a budget. Michaela is also friendly and helpful in acquiring the plantings we need. Being a small business owner I appreciate the personalized service and knowledgeable professionals that make this a pleasurable buying experience.

Paul Savage

Jonathan Shannon


I have been using Northeast Nursery for years for everything from weed killer to mulch, to flowers and shrubs, and to hard landscaping materials. Love the selection of plants and the knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Mjolnier Odinson

John Carroll

Went to buy a yard of sand for building a patio. I have a 1/2 ton pickup so I can only carry a half yard at a time. They wouldn't sell me a half yard, only a full yard. They wouldn't let me make 2 trips but they would sell me a full yard and tell the loader to stop at half a yard then I could come back, buy another yard and again tell the loader to stop half way. Seriously???

saman parvaneh

Pati Corcoran

Northeast Nursery not only responded quickly to my inquiry but suggested additional links for more information. I placed my first order online but accidentally chose an inconvenient delivery date. A call to their friendly staff corrected my error with no hassle. Great Customer Service, great prices. I highly recommend Northeast Nursery.

Bonnie Cavanaugh Stavros

Northeast nursery had the best trees and ornament I've ever seen. Great discounts and awesome people working there. I'll go back again in the spring.

Carl J

Over the years I've purchased garden seedlings, plants and the 50/50 loam/compost mix. The vegetable garden seedlings are awesome. Thus I've purchased a LOT of them over the years. I've also purchased some young blueberry bushes and they have grown wonderfully. The loam/compost mix I bought one time was chock full of little pieces of trash and I'm still picking it out of my garden years later. They refunded the delivery fee for that. Overall I keep returning due to the high quality of the seedlings and plants that they offer.

Kathy Stuart

I wanted to share how pleased I am with the cord of kiln dried wood I got from Northeast Nurseries. It's dry, clean, and burns really well - which is not the experience I had with kiln dried wood from other places in the North Shore. The woman who delivered it was friendly and professional. I will definitely come back to Northeast Nursery for my supply next year and wanted to tell others about the great experience I had with them.

tara khani

allamerican360 .

Have spent countless $$$ every year here, but never again. Their customer service manager Andrea Ross is one of the most low class individuals I've ever come across. We spends thousands there every year for our stores, but NEVER again. Here's some advice. You hire trash as your management, your store becomes trash. Will be spreading the word as far and wide as possible. I look forward to it

Jared Biancardi

Very limited selection, most of the plants looked to be in poor health.

Stephanie G R

They have a good selection of trees and shrubs but the prices for mulch and wood is high. The people that work out when you ask them a question they just look at each other to see who knows the answer. They will say yea go to this location the tree is their you will find it ao for help no much firstbtime going and did not like the customer service the only ones that were nice were the cashiers.. Never going back

Henry Taft

They have everything!

Sharon Hutchins

Heraldo Costa

Nice place!

adam chenery

A little high on their prices, but convenient, we'll set up

Pete Pappacostas

Bailey Holliday

He Caxap

Bought 1 cord of season firewood from this place. Stored in dry garage, inside the house. To my biggest surprise the firewood doesn't burn, it's the type of hardwood that doesn't burn in your fireplace at all. Virtually meaning that you put all kinds of seasoned firewood in your fireplace and it's fine, then when you add the "seasoned" firewood from Northeast Nursery is doesn't burn at all. Period. No, it's not wet, it's dry. I am not a big expert in firewood, but it look like poplar or other tree species, which doesn't burn easily. Expensive purchase, low quality. Shame on you, Northeast Nurseries!


DO NOT get loam, especially "super loam" (and probably anything else here)!!!!!! Super loam (costs extra because they say it's full of added nutrients) is full of ROCKS, was half MULCH and even had RANDOM BITS of PLASTIC and GLASS. Their trees are more expensive than other places too. I'd have serious concerns about any landscaper or contractor who get their supplies here bc it basically means they dont care about quality either.

Mamta Kinariwala

I have purchased everything in my yard from Northeast Nursery for last two years. They have replaced our tree and plants that didn't grow the next year to my landscape people. So we started buying flowers from them also for last couple of years. We bought two plants this year and that died within a week. I called them and a nice lady said bring it back and we will see what we can do. I went with my mother today and the lady was extremely rude and looked like she didn't want any customers as it was soon closing time. For a total of $40 and talking decent language they lost a customer who is paid thousands of dollars to them for landscaping supplies. Will never go back to them. There were two ladies on Wed (06/06/2015) around 4.45ish. I don't remember the names but they should be fired.

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