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REVIEWS OF Homestead Gardens IN Maryland

Andrew Pierce

Great place for a variety of needs. Today we took our kitchen knives for sharpening by the Burrbenders guy who works out of a setup in the parking lot, while letting our toddler check out the goats and chickens in the farm yard. There is also a sprawling complex of landscaping and gardening related stuff throughout the facility. We've seen their model train setup while sipping their fresh brewed coffee during the holidays. Honestly, anytime we have an excuse to go here, it's always a good time whether by yourself or with family.

Kim Bella

Love this place during the fall ! I’ve been taking my kids here for 4 year straight now and they always enjoy themselves . They have bounce houses , facepaining , hay rides , corn mazes , pony rides , pumpkin patches, a sunflower field and soo much more !

Mary Gostyla

Fun time at the Fall Festival!

Paula E. Connor

They are gearing up for the 2018 holidays! Gorgeous!

Katara Coates

Always so beautiful at christmas time.... very expensive but well worth it

William Forand

Mom can't get enough of this place, and why not? A huge turtle greeted us as we parked the car!!

Angela Gucwa

Recently spoke with Homestead about developing a landscape plan for my relatively small yard. When told that I would like to do the installation they said that do not offer these type of services. Not a problem - however when I asked if they could suggest another company that could help me they said NO! Wow. As someone who works in a customer based industry I could not believe their response. They are obviously more interested in their bottom line than serving the needs of their customers. As a new homeowner in Annapolis who has already spent many a hefty paycheck at their nurseries (including purchasing a Big Green Egg), I will choose to spend my money elsewhere moving forward!

Stephen Zepecki

Excellent source of plants and supplies.

Carl Stevens

Nice place, friendly folks

Trevor Bruce

Kinda boring tbh

Rod Hobbs

Homestead Gardens in Edgewater has everything you could possibly want, including the friendliest staff.

Chit Arceo

Dealing with Amelia in customer service is NOT a very good experience. She has a snotty attitude. I went in to pay a stone purchase and I just wanted to know that the amount she told me included the tax already and SHE WENT ON AND ON ABOUT "you're in Maryland you always pay tax. In Delaware you don't pay tax....". I was also there at customer service to pick up a tree that I purchased yesterday so Amelia radioed them at the back and the person said she couldn't find it. I just casually said that "I hope they didn't lose my tree" and I don't know if that irritated her because while she was saying "they will find it...that it is there" SHE SLAPPED HER HAND ON THE COUNTER! I just went to the back and pick up the tree myself. I worked in a service oriented profession and good customer service is everything in our business. I would suggest a customer service training for her and a diversity training for staff. Maybe Amelia is not comfortable with dealing with people of color.

Bea Beaubien

Friendly people way out of my price range

Jeffrey Trunzo

An excellent garden centre with a massive inventory.

Keith Winkelman

They have a wonderful selection of plants and decorations. The fall festival here is very cool.

Sundre R

Mid March not alot of plants out yet except the bulbs. Still a nice visit. Going back next month.

Alisa Crowder

Great place to shop to get your flowers. Friendly staff, helpful and knowledgeable. Their vegetables are a little pricier than other nurseries in the area. There is a shop in the middle that has preserves, honey, jams, home goods. The chocolate chip cookies are a must.

Joseph Winters

I'm a first time customer. It was nice. It was not what I thought it was, meaning it was better than expected. I will go back to see what I missed.

JDC Photo

Magical place if your into gardening. Great local hang out during the holiday seasons with all their great decorations. Huge assortment of plants for your garden and great friendly staff. They really know their stuff.

Daniel Hering

Prices are too high for almost all items. With that being said it's less expensive to purchase homesteading items at Bowens or Gambrills General Store. Fyi honey sold at Homestead Gardens is from PA and not local, local Honey can be found at Gambrills General Store.

Kyle Manning

Wonderful place for all your outdoor needs and indoor wishes...Animal feed and friendly service

jgartenhaus .

This place really has it all! Huge selection gardening supplies.

Sharon Reynolds

Such beautiful variety.

Mark Tran

Wonderful place.

Robin Chavez

It was fabulous. There was everything imaginable inside. Beautiful decorations, large variety of plants, indoor and outdoor, pots in every color. Too much to see in one visit. Even has a pet section.

benny shell

Still the one place that starts off my Christmas right!!

Wiz Kid

This nursery is another favorite of mine. Another one of the BEST! They have great quality in their flowers and plants. The store has always been very well stocked on the times that I have visited. And the staff has always been friendly and helpful. I highly recommend.

Ginny Lowman

Fall Festival was lot fun for grand kids

Linda Jackson

Always find that special item or flower

Noel Dotterweich

Beautiful flowers. Bathrooms were worse than a truck stop. For a high end place, they sure don't have class.

Maren Sheidy

Spring time tradition. Fun excursion for dogs, friendly staff ,lots to see. My dog enjoys the chicks.

Joel Haftel

There is a lot of stuff but it is too expensive

Renee Caton

Their plants are the healthiest. Have you seen their home decorations sections? Makes me want to re decorate every time.

Mark Cunningham

Nice place for Christmas stuff.

Megan McDonald

Gorgeous garden center that seemed to go on forever! There were lots of attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful sales associates all over. The varied selection of plants was out of this world. And the chicks were absolutely adorable and so happy and healthy! DEFINITELY going back.

Anne Haile

Very helpful staff . Plants were in good condition.

Steve Osvatics

Good advice on house plants

Sheryl Barnes

Exquisite Home and Garden ideas, displays, classes. For everyone. Yes, there are chickens, ducks, goats and llamas to visit.

Carolyn Kilborn

Great nursery, quality plants, beautiful place just to visit!

Walter Johnson

Good, but was once better.

Daniel Hader

Awesome experience. Every year we go here for Christmas trees and a nice family time.

Karen Matta

We went to Homestead Gardens last evening. We bought very many expensive items. What disappointed me was the customer service. The cashier was obviously bored and made us pack up our own items. There were at least 3 employees who could have helped us to the car, but didn’t even offer. They were just standing around doing nothing. The store was almost completely empty. We were not made welcome, but rather a chore to be disposed with so the employees cound sign out. We usually make several trips to Homestead per year but they have lost our business. We will stay local.

Larissa Fitzhugh

This is one of my ga orite places. Staff is very knowledgeable of all things plant life/garden.

Christopher Good

The wife and I always like walking around here. The prices are high but that is because it is all high quality items. This review is based on the 2017 Fall Festival. We were a little upset to find out the new policy for the event. In years past we really liked the atmosphere and enjoyed walking around. Now however they charge you 12 dollars a person just to go inside. Being the fact most the activities were for kids, there was no way we would pay 24 dollars just to walk around. It's been a tradition of ours to go here and be apart of the atmosphere, listen to the music, checked out the demonstrations, then go buy items inside. I can't justify paying 24 dollars, when everything is the exact same as the year prior, same musicians, same demonstrations. I can see how it would benefit some families if their child would want to do everything, but if they just wanted to take a hayride, that's 48 dollars for a family of four. I'm not sure why adults would be forced to pay for themselves so their kids could do activities. While you may say that other Fall Festivals in Maryland charge admission fees and that would be true. Take a look at those festivals. Homestead Gardens Festival is extremely small and underwhelming by comparison. For example in Frederick, there is a place called Summers Farm, they charge admission. They have 45 attractions and shows that happen all day. The price is 3-5 dollars more a person, then Homestead. Homestead's Festival thrives because it's the only one like it in the area. If you want start charging just to walk in the door, up the quality for the price Also most importantly, as I finished writing this I just realized if you were a low-income family that would like to bring your child just so they can participate in a game or two or maybe just to be there with other kids, you can forget it. 48 Dollars for some families might be okay but other's that could be unaffordable. That's a shame, a real shame.

jason zmuda

Best garden hands down!

Jon Washington

Awesome selection of real and imitation Christmas trees, lights and decorations. High quality per food. Knowledgeable helpful staff.

Jonathan Isett

Great plants accessories garden stuff. They have it all

Cate Massey

Magical garden wonderland! The flowers are gorgeous and fairly priced. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will return just to wander around and look at pretty flowers.


Everything you need for your gardening and landscaping. Beautiful plants, home furnishings and gifts. Every visit is a treat! You never know what you will find!

Laura Kowal

Great customer service very festive always find just what I'm looking for and maybe something I don't need

Christina Toy

Beautiful garden center with many offerings. Came some distance see Santa but the reservations were already filled. If you are coming for pictures with Santa it is advised that you come right when they open as the reservations fill up by the time Santa arrives. The train display was a big hit for our little one and all the holiday decor is beautiful and decently priced.

Walt Nicholson

Huge selection of plants and home items. Comes alive for Christmas - including pictures with Santa and every kids’ dream train set. The staff are amazingly friendly and the prices aren’t completely out of line. You’ll pay a little more than Walmart but Walmart doesn’t have the selection or service. Not even close. If you have kids - this can quickly become a family tradition.

M Clark

Very nice place.

Phyllis Gibert

An amazing adventure and great selection. A bit pricey, but great for browsing!

R Marley

Knowledgeable staff, various sales, visiting knife sharpener, some animal keeping supplies (pets, chickens, horses). I visit frequently!

Tj Puffnstuff

I always though homestead set the standard for getting quality plants. However I have noticed in the last two years their quality is turning south. It appears they are more interesting in their appliance, pet shop, patio furniture than the plants they sell. On April 30th I was looking for hanging baskets that were shady friendly. When asked this rather hectic employee he stated where they were at and walked away. The old homestead would have either found someone to help or taken us there themselves. However this is the new homestead garden. When we arrived to the area there were many multi colored impatiences in hanging baskets. Good selection but on inspection of the 30 plus plants there were there most had dead leaves and most appeared to botrytis which probably would kill your plant before July. Also the herb and tomato plants hand a look of wind blown which will shorten their yield and lifespan. They should get back to what made them famous instead of all the garbage they have cluttering up the store.

Christina Green

Went for pumpkin patch. VERY crowded even 30 minutes after opening on a saturday. crappy prizes for the kids. After a small rain the night before the pathways were a muddy mess but we still managed to have a good time. There is a beer truck which is a good thing surrounded by that many kids!

Stephen Fox

Nice selection. High prices. Any sales are not really sales as everything is excluded. The staff are critically unaware of the exclusions. This creates a terrible shopping experience, as you never know what will happen at the register. They lack transparency and truth in pricing. The shotty practice ruins the store. For example, sale on azelas. Well, SP store was unaware. Call main store, also unaware of a web promotion. Told it was likely a mistake. Eventually they collectively decided only a certain species was on sale. SP store did not offer those of course and we'd need to shop main store to see if any were available. While we are at it, the events are routinely terrible. Last fall's pumpkin patch was pathetic, crowded and underwhelming. With these experiences, I go elsewhere. Please, do not heed my review; I like my family activities and landscaping suppliers. If you need a $12,000 patio set, this is the place.

Clarence Lewis

A great nursery & landscape company. Many varieties of trees, plants, flowers, patio & garden furniture and hardscaping products. Lots of parking. They are expensive, though. Be prepare to open your walett wide.

Charles S

The Halloween fest use to be a fun and inexpensive family event where you could buy tickets for the kids to ride and follow them around. Now it's everybody pays to get in and the fun factor just seems to have gone down the last couple of years. It doesn't even look fun.

DiJonae Bates

*Long post alert* I came here because I need assistance with my phalaenopsis orchids. My orchids were a gift from my boyfriend on valentines day. An accident occurred where the steam broken in half and I know nothing about orchids or caring for them so I brought them here. First and foremost the staff is every friendly, I went to customer service and they guided me to one of their experts. She was so patient with me and providing information to me in a way i was sure to understand. She repotted my orchids for me and told me about the Amercian Orchids Society and said all my questions could be answer on there and if not to come back to the store. She probably spent a good hour with me, she was so patient and determine to help me save my orchids as they mean so much to me because they were a gift. I believe her name was Kathlyn. She was so nice I tried to tip her but she refused she said she want me to back and check in so she could see how the orchids are doing. I've never met such a caring and passionate person about their job, she makes me want to work there. I will be returning for all my future orchids and gardening needs.

Joseph Gavin

While they normally have a large selection, today was an exception. Very sparse selection and as usual, overpriced. River birch for 200? Pass. I can get it for half the price at a local nursery and they deliver for free. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Jay Smith

Went to do photos with Santa. Took out three year old. Had to make a reservation one we got there... For two hours later. Took almost 20 minutes to see the lady doing the reservations. She said if we didn't like it we could come back tomorrow when the store opens and make a reservation for noon. Or we could go to the Severna Park store. When did this become the Apple Store? Worst part, there was Santa, sitting there with no one to take pictures with.

Alysha Campo

Wonderful selection of Christmas trees. You definitely pay a premium price but the quality is there. Wide range of sizes, a smaller Frasier fir 5-6 feet started at 35.99 but they were on the thinner/slimmer side. We got a 7.5-9 feet Douglas fir for 89.99. The prices varied from height and fullness. Worth a look. The employees were really nice and helpful, too. Santa was there taking pictures with the little ones. There was a tent outside with funnel cake, fried oreos, popcorn, hot chocolate and apple cider.

Thomas Gryn

My favorite garden center. Seems to always have plants you can't find anywhere else. The Christmas decorations and train set are always a highlight, and during the summer they sometimes have their llamas in the pasture close to the shop.

Julie Marquardt

This review is for the FARM/LIVESTOCK DIVISION: while Homestead can be pricey on plants and gifts, feed prices are highly competitive if not significantly cheaper than other local farm stores. I buy potbelly pig food there--it is literally $4-5 cheaper than other sellers, and is also cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturer's website (?). Friendly and helpful staff. They've launched a new delivery service (and will even deliver free of charge if you are close enough) that has made my life 1,000 times more efficient and less stressful. They regularly deliver feed, bedding, straw, and even treats for my beloved 900-pound pet pig.

Ronald Lang

Place has changed so much over the years .Been going here 20 years inventory has gone down prices have gone up. You need to make an appointment to see Santa . The train garden was much bigger . I live about 3 hours away and always come s Chistmas and once in the spring . I can go to other places for what has changed here.

Mark DeCampus

You like Christmas must see and Santa for the kids

Jonathan Collum

We've come here a number of times for different things. We've bought our Christmas tree here, visited to see Santa, and most recently gone to the fall festival. It is a large facility with a ton of shop space as well as large outdoor nursery space for larger plants. Overall it can be somewhat pricy though they sell a lot of great and unique items that are high quality. The fall festival is family focused event and at $12 a person it may be worth it for the kids (free under 3) but for adults it was a pretty steep price as it doesn't really include food, drinks, or any adult oriented activities. Overall the nursery is worth going to if you need just about anything for any holiday to decorate.

John Fenton

Everyone was very helpful we were purchasing candles for our church.

Gretel Coverdale

Attended a gardening seminar here. Loved it!

Thomas McEwan

This is the nicest garden center around. The Fall Festival is fun and the apple cider donuts are delicious. The winter decorations and Christmas displays are fantastic.

Joss Blumberg

Nice store, but why are games blocked on your public WiFi? That seems unnecessary, and it's annoying when you're with kids who have no interest in plants.

David Amistadi

This is the main location (the other is in Severna Park) and larger facility. We usually visit a minimum of once in the spring and then several more times as the seasons go on. In addition to plants, fertilizer and weed killers, they have a great selection of patio furniture and decorative items, indoor garden accessories and pet supplies. Check out their spring and winter holidays displays!

Frank Cleveland

Really a great garden Spot. They have everything. Everything does tend to have a bit bigger price tag on some plants than other local gardenspots .

Janet Zadera

Great place to shop for the holidays

Charles Zoltak

Great place. Vast selection of plants of all kinds. Pricey but you are getting tip of the line plants. Helpful and affable staff.

Josh Bernitt

Great place for garden supplies. Tons of different plants and terrain, garden furniture, and decorations. Their fall festival and Christmas festival and decorations are fantastic

John Patterson

Very large and beautiful garden store.

VLogs by Dominique

I must say that Homestead Gardens has out done themselves this year.....they now have people make reservations to see Santa........BRILLANT!!!! I applaud them!!!!

Jenny Warren

Always have helpful staff! They have so much there, it's hard to come out without extra things

Jill Miklosovic

Love this place! I feel myself relax when I walk in. It can be pricey, but sometimes I find great deals, and sometimes I simply get inspired with ideas. They are EXPERTS in gardening and can help with any questions you may have.

Sandra Jacobs

Great selection. I always feel special here.

Martha Brown

Love the lady in the chicken dept. She is awesome!

Eric Johnson

Everything was beautifully displayed, will return more often.

Maria Elisabeth Brown

I have been going there for many many years. It just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for the best Christmas Decorations.

Catherine Harvey

We love Homestead Gardens! Came here today on New Year's Eve to see the trains one last time this year!

Amy Lane

My family loves coming here every Christmas. However, I always look for Christmas ornaments that weren’t made in China. Management, how about some more holiday decor that is made in the US? I’d be willing to pay a little more for an item made in the states...especially locally.

Rashaad Hassan

“These guys worked on my gardens a while back and now the weeds are even more than how they used to be. I really don’t understand how it’s even possible. I tried calling them to inform them about the situation but they completely denied that they previously worked on my garden. I really wasted my money on these guys.

Karyn Lynch

M. Cole, in landscaping, designed the front and back of my house and it's fantastic! My neighbors compliment the work, as well. Solid professional crew and they go above and beyond. Completely pleased!!

Jeffrey Dunn

Everything you could possibly need for gardening. Upscale prices keep me from purchasing regularly but the quality of the items sold most likely justify the cost.

Ronnie Lawson

I purchased a Faser Fir on 11/26/18 - trimmed and cut the base the next day and within minutes had it in the stand. It's uses about a 1/2 gallon of water a day. Regardless, with only being a week old and using the amount of water - it's shedding as if it were already dead (think of the tree lot scene in Christmas Story) At it's current rate it won't last. Very disappointed, called this past Friday to see if I could exchange the tree since we only had it a week, put on hold, pacified and dropped into Tom's voicemail - never got a call back - obviously nobody cares. They want a premium for their trees here therefore, I would also expect better. I've only been purchasing here because of the overall experience - the kids love the lights and train display this time of year. It's likely just the luck of the drawl and I got a bad tree. However, just the way this has been handled - I'll likely never purchase from here again.

Gabriel Anaya

This is the best garden center anywhere near DC. They have an extensive collection of...everything (with it all being very good quality). Plus they have amazing seasonal events and are beyond dog friendly. I only buy my plants from Homestead Gardens and always drop by when in the area!

Rob Mikes

Everything for your garden and the best quality of plants.

Denise Braswell

It was a great experience today. The gardner customer service member was very helpful and willing to assist with my questions. Additionally, she went the extra mile to ask about the compost tea that I wanted to purchase. Kudos to Homestead Gardens!

Nancy Merrick

Lovely place, good selection, helpful employees.

William Zellars

Great selection


Im always amazed at the variety of plants they have! Today I got an umbrella plant for my chameleon.

Jim Houchens

Is in possible for an nursery to be charming? Yes! Along with the normal outdoor stuff is a great selection tion of get items, crafts, farmers market items and more.

Kate Lau

I would like to start off by saying I absolutely still enjoy visiting Homestead Gardens multiple times a year, and I have spent quite a bit on home decor and gardening items here. The products are priced high but I can tell the quality of some of the products is very good, so I can understand why in some cases. But I must say the seasonal events that are put together here have lost their original luster, in particular, the Holiday Preview Parties. I look forward to going every year (and I've been going for the past 6 years as a holiday tradition with my husband). Now that I have a toddler, I'm especially excited to go to see the Christmas decor, lights, trees, and the model train display. I used to always leave the holiday preview party super inspired (and with bags of ornaments) and in awe of the creativity the staff had in putting together these displays. The ambiance was always so lovely and it felt like a Winter Wonderland! Unfortunately, for the past few years I noticed the displays have become quite boring and lacking a certain something. The ambiance has even become stale. They used to play holiday music throughout the place, had wine and food tastings inside the store, and every inch of that place was filled up with something festive. Now, the place just looks like a garden center with a few themed trees up. They had so much unused floor space and the only "refreshments" they had were in the back garden section next the train display - just a few cookies and some cider. Come on, where's the fun, Homestead?! You used to do it all up!! Now, it's just downright boring. As for the other events like Fall Festival, Crapemyrtle Festival, again, have gone downhill, as well. We started a new tradition of going to Councell Farms for their Fall Festival - it's only $5 per person there for a whole field of fun! I sure hope Homestead gets its appeal back. Not sure if there are any changes in management that have caused some of these rather noticeable changes in their events.

Michael Kolb

Every year they get better and better! I can always count on them to have what I need, and at a great price. I have never had a bad experience in the last 30 years!

Lori Abercrombie

We went to see the Christmas displays and we're a little disappointed that all the scenes that used to be set up were replaced with hoards and hoards of ornaments. It has changed tremendously and in the transformation lost some of it's charm. There is a huge selection of Christmas items that were incredibly expensive. There was a large gift shop in the middle that was all jewelry. Seemed strange in a garden shop.

The Cantu squad Cantu

Kinda pricey but they have a small petting zoo in the back.Good place to bring your kids

Carter Daniels

SO MUCH FUN! Went there for their fall festival. So much stuff to do!

Joseph Krygiel

Our families first live Xmas tree. Folks at Homestead Gardens are always helpful

Tom Laytham

A very beautiful place and the 1:00 pm tour was fantastic ! Our guide was super she gave so many facts and information. Took our questions and even included the childern in the conversation on their level of understanding. Perfect day for sure, We hope to come back this Fall to picnic and see more. We just ran out of time! ☺

Leslie Profit

Great place to visit. Clean and well staffed. Festive ambiance with live holiday music. Quality locally made and unique items, lots of variety. Downside is that everything is pretty expensive. Kid and pet friendly. Handicap and stroller accessible. Oh, and did you know that lime trees have thorns? They do. I learned this here the hard way.

mike barciniak

One of my favorite nurseries for plants and gardening. Outstanding assortment of both native and unique trees, bushes, and plants. Great customer service with knowledgeable staff. Fair pricing with awesome savings for members and sales. Absolutely love the fall fest!!!

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