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2375 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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REVIEWS OF Urban Roots Garden Center IN Louisiana

tyler lamaide

Kathryn Ledlow

They have a great selection of plants and they have cute animals to see while you shop!

Andrew Tuozzolo

Jill Vargas

Brent Archer

Great place for all your garden and house plant needs. Plants, soil, pots, etc. Live animals throughout the property are generally friendly. Don't step on the tortoise in the main building!

Anne Nguyen

Ole fukkie Tee

Wyeth Payne

It doesn't have what you need

Suzanne Shaw

This place is awesome. Matt the owner is super nice. Good variety of plants and there is an awesome menagerie of farm animals on site. It is a perfect short (and free!) outing for kids.

Sogand Ka

Very cool garden to spend time and shop plants. They have couple of animals and it is fun to play with them. They also have awesome tulip

Emily Vander

Absolutely fabulous...they have interesting plants, pots and home decor. It is part nursery, part petting zoo...something for both adults and kids

Chris Dennis

Beautiful products, friendly and knowledgeable staff. You can't beat Urban Roots!

Oscar Chaves

Amazing group of people working there

Tina McCaskill

Great place and great people.

Philip Cordis

Friendly staff local people really good selection of outdoor plants and houseplants

Arista Ferris

Great selection of plants that'll cover all your gardening wants and needs. Many animals on the property, including a baby sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and more! Incredibly helpful and cheerful staff!

Lena Giangrosso

Kendall Torres

We loved visiting the garden center and all the animals. There are pigs, goats, chickens, geese, rabbits, turtles, tortoises, and even a prairie dog!

bradford case

Mary ponti

Lauren McMahill

Greg Homer

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Scott Taylor

Rayburn Clipper

My new favorite garden spot, Lots of decorative and garden plants, trees, shrubs, soil just about anything you need.

Nathan Morell

Christine Johnson

Alexander Peyroux

Margaret Bell

Goats! Chickens! Ducks! Geese! Rabbits! A Tortise! A Cat! A Dog! If you have kids and need plants, you HAVE to go here......more fun than a day at the petting zoo, and great plants too. My new favorite!

April Palmisano

Amy Walker

A beautiful selection and reasonable prices. Helpful staff, as well.

aaron reichert

My favorite garden center in New Orleans. Nice people, great selection of plants.

Nik Mertz

Kristy Ball

Cynthia Van Dam

I was excited to find vegetable plants for about $2 for a 4 pack as opposed to $4 each at other stores. They are small plants, but they will grow. Staff seemed friendly and helpful

Sandy Ruse

They have the most beautiful assortment of flowers. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

Erick Malsbury

I love this plant spot. They stock some nice orchids and a nice touch added with the goats, chickens, and rabbits.

Andreas Thomsen

We stayed at the Urban Roots Garden Center for almost two hours and really enjoyed the green and peaceful atmosphere. Even the rabbits, minipigs and chicken that were kept insides and in the area appeared to be completely relaxed. This place is something special which I can recommend to any garden lover. Staff was really friendly and helpful. I finally bought several vegetable seeds which I have not found anywhere else so far.

Teresa Merlenbach

Great employees and wonderful products

Greezy Duhzit

Very nice place beautiful plants and helpful staff.

Michael Ronquillo

Great selection very friendly helpful staff

Chase Gorman


Amazing selection of plants and flowers; as well as, great pottery and interior decor items. Being able to see and pet the animals there was a plus, too.

Sarah E

Ben Whitworth

Great place in uptown for garden and plant needs

Shain King

Anastasiya Fistashka

Alicia Mabus

Beautiful place amazing animals

Burnetta Fauria

jonathan kendrick

Best garden center in nola, tons of animals for kids to interact with

Jennifer Lloyd

Henry Spradley

Good prices and lots of selection packed into the space. I've bought 3 trees and many houseplants from here and they have all been fine quality. I plan to go back when I need more.

Alexander Fournet

Great nursery. Don't mind paying slightly higher prices for their quality of plants. It's always closed when I get off of work, though! Can never make it and have to go elsewhere.

Mikhael Mortimer

Tessa Arnold

Where I get all of my plants, from succulents to house plants to herbs and spices. Plus, they have bunnies, cats, chickens, and goats that you can feed and pet. Oddly enough, I love taking my husband here for date day


Cute animals and beautiful plants!

Anne DiPaola

Coral Leffew

Tangerine Dreams

This place is ok it’s has very nice flowers and plants to choose from. I give it 2 stars because the older white lady who works there seems to have a problem with black people. Standing directly in front of the counter to pay for the items we put on the counter while we walked around we are standing directly in front of her and she ask the white man to our right can she help him after he says they are next she says what are y’all doing are y’all buying something. Not anymore!!!

Lyndon Severin

A nice variety of plants, right downtown and priced to sell !!!

Emyeu Tran

sally g lebourgeois

Charles Ginzel

Lots of variety packed is a small place with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Plus cute animals to see!

Thomas Benge Jr

Always the best material and super friendly staff!

Joshua Chiasson

Johnston Smith

Stirling Barrett

4T1O6 4T1O6

Marlene Ziegler

I want to live there!

Brenna Smith

Great selection of plants, trees, flowers, herbs, fruit plants, indoor plants and succulents & cacti! So many cute animals on the property as well as super helpful staff!

Olivia Grey Pritchard

Excellent quality and knowledgeable advice - every plant I've ever bought here, from topiaries to indoor plants to orchids, has been extremely healthy. I'm not the greatest with remembering to water outdoor plants, so they suggested a soil they carry that actually holds moisture - it did the trick perfectly. It's the only place I go for plants now.

Aaron Rowe

Awesome garden center with some of the best products and planters. Friendly staff and great prices.

Anna Lowdermilk

William Urban

My wife, the gardener, loves this place! They have a neat assortment of small animals roaming the grounds, nice touch

Meredith GoodDog

Nice chatty helpful people and cute animals.

Sydney Salvant

Brannon B

Great nursery with knowledgeable staff. Give them an idea of what you are looking for and they will make it happen. Also the many farm animals are a children's favorite.

Theodore Mars

Competitive prices, great seasonal selections, and earth friendly staff make Urban Roots more of an experience than just a trip to a nursery. Goats, chickens, rabbits, and the occasional cat may cross your path!




Aimee Nicolette

atheist southern

Kali McCullough

Urban Roots is the whole experience - outdoor plants, indoor plants, goats, chickens, even a tortoise - they've got everything you need to improve your garden and yard.

Pamela Becker

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but there was so much more.

margene minor

It's the best!!!

Chris Haines

Excellent selection friendly staff... I'll be back often...

Bayou Gypsy

Wonderful business. Loved the staff, very nice. Great prices. I will shop here again.

Elizabeth Ramoni

Jordan Escobar

Allison Franz

These people are utterly courteous every single time I come in. I always go to them for herbs, peppers, and edible flowers. The prices are so reasonable I usually end up with a box full of my new garden selections and a handful of duplicates to revive their garden mates. Also great prices on farm/garden trinkets and gifts like finger puppets, air plants, and indoor planters. Was just informed today that nearly all if not all are organic <3

Cherie Nobles

Gwendolyn Colman

Super sweet and helpful staff Pet the bunny and turtle and goats!!!

Rose Steele

Jayne Luckett

Cathy Menard

Beautiful place Definitely a must see.

Jordan W

Great selection of indoor, outdoor, flowering, and fruiting plants, gardening supplies, and pots of all sizes. Knowledgeable, helpful staff--every employee I've met always greets customers eagerly. The animals on site are very loved-- a cat, bunnies, chickens, turtles and goats to name a few-- and some you can pet! This garden center carries a wide variety of organic and environmentally friendly gardening options as well, in addition to great indoor decor and a gift selection inside.

Kat McCann

Fabrianne Pedregon

Lots of variety

Craig McDaniel

I just love this place. They are a big leap from your regular Home Depot of Lowe's garden center but their pricing does not reflect boutique garden center/nursery prices. What I specifically like is that they carry the slightly harder to find things, like a yellow shrimp plant instead of the default red, or a kiwi cultivar that is better for our summer heat.

Cathy Harrell

Surprising oasis in an urban desert. Most surprising was the amazing selection and reasonable prices!!! Also cool were the chickens, ducks and cats freely roaming.

M Burden

Can't get enough of this beautiful spot!

Tom Daly

Frida Alcivar

I love this place.. They have variety of plants and planter plus my girls love it vecaise they get to see the tuttles, the

David Ledesma

Mike Deer

Very nice.

Stacy Falcone

All of the plants here are in top condition. Didn't see one plant. Hard to do in my opinion. And the animals are so stinking cute.

Cy Desormeaux

Robert Matthey

Friendly helpful staff. Great selection of beautiful plants. Affordable prices. Funny ducks, geese, chickens, snd goats.

Eugene Robichaux

Fun place, great plans, friendly staff.. and the animals

Brad Robbert

Marvelous selection, great prices, & fabulous staff!

Katherine Farnsworth

LOVE this place!! Great prices (especially for the location) and wonderful customer service - the employees are so knowledgeable and kind -- they have helped me design my new beautiful arrangements for my entrance. My grandchildren love the goats too!

Ron Gubitz

Vicki Immethun

Fantastic plant selection, and the animals are amazing!

Kristen Sutton

Very nice little place, staff is very friendly.

mikki alonso

Jessica Coleman

Love this place. They always have such a large selection.

Kevin Faucheaux

I'd give it a 5 for selection and quality but they literally lose hundreds of dollars from me closing at 5. Great and hearty orchid section and even a petting zoo. But haven't made it before they closed in 8 months. Luckily every other garden center changes hours in spring and big stores open until 9. If you don't work this is the place to go though

Makayla Steiner

Red Holiday

The plants always look Lively and the people there are very informative and welcome. Prices are exceptional compared to around town.

Robert Calloway

My gf and I went in randomly and were surprised to see not only wonderful plants at affordable prices but a veritable petting zoo of animals (including 2 3-month old mini pot belly pigs, So cute!

Abbey Hart

Jordan Graham

I love this place. I was sad to see the canal Street location close but I'm glad the tchop location is still going strong. They generally have everything I need for my garden from dirt and compost to lady bugs and praying mantis eggs. To make the place even better they have a few friendly pigs running around to keep you company while you shop. Shop local when ya can! It's worth it.

Ester Wensink

Amazing, urban, friendly, packed with plants, goodies, animals.

Brittany Folse

Jason Miller

Stephen Hawkins

Helpful stand with a great selection of plants. The have some small farm animals too which is super cool

Jay Pohl

great prices, great plants, and great customer service

Jady Surrounding

Incredibly smart people here, especially with identifying mystery plants I picked up elsewhere, and with care guidelines. It's a little pricy, not much, but very much worth it. I now have a happy container garden on my porch.

philip grippo

Thi0s place is the best! Unbeatable service and selection

Julie Gan

Great selection of plants with new ones arriving every week. The staff is so friendly and always willing to help.

Tom Jones

Great selection of plants.

Terri Tahvildari

Love this place! Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staf.

Sophie Ondrusek

Mark Rodgers

It’d be nice to let people know your canal at. Location is closed :)

Michele Crosby

Emily G

going to the place even when you do not need something is a awesome experience. Not only are the people who work there a big help they also have so many cute animals!!!! I love this place! It is my go to garden place uptown!

Aaron Giambattista

Terrific plant options nestled in the LGD.

Elizabeth Newell

Favorite ever. Like a mini farm zoo also

Tracy Michele

Patrick Cotogno

kirt medve

Big selection. Staff is cool.

Camille Seyler

Amazing garden store. Super idyllic setting with roaming bunnies and chickens and cats. They give great advice/have awesome ideas and offer a beautiful variety of plants.

Clift Forsberg

Tira Hill


Love this Place

Julian Holloway

This is an amazing place! Knowledgeable, helpful staff, beautiful, healthy plants, and an overall groovy vibe. Plus, goats!

Lisbeth Cruz

Amazing flowers, organize and friendly staff.

Danny Rea

Love the selection and great quality plants. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Even love the wildlife.

Judy Schwartzer

Great variety of plants. Friendly relaxed staff. Fun well kept animal friends!

robert lecher

jeff c

Best garden shop ever. Very friendly people, great help and knowledge of plants. And a crazy good assortment of plants flowers and merchandise. I absolutely love this place

Kate S

This place is like an oasis

Jim Fitzpatrick

Stephen Beahm

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful folks with an excellent selection for any gardening or landscaping project.


We could only stop for a little bit and with a limited budget but i'm so excited about what we found!! I cannot wait to come back. I couldn't even make it through the whole place. Love the variety and different pot sizes.

Jaz H

Lovely nursery! Loved the little animals living there too

Chris Smith

Amazing place. Plenty of variety, fairly knowledgeable and friendly staff, very reasonable prices... plus a mini petting zoo with sheep, goats, and chickens... oh, and not to forget the bunnies!! Overall a very good garden center. So happy it is a short walk away from our Irish Channel home!

Brandy Reynolds

The goats and chickens are a great addition to this little nursery and gift shop. It's a cute little urban farm.

Collin Cutrone McMichael

They have the most amazing selection! The staff is helpful and conscientious. They are also profoundly knowledgable about their plants. I just bought three plants from my 5year old plant wish list that ive never seen in stores and they even knew care requirements!!

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