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Where is New Orleans Botanical Garden?

REVIEWS OF New Orleans Botanical Garden IN Louisiana

Dawn Mitchell

Nice place.

Garry Jantzen

You can wander around for hours! The sculpture garden is well worth the price, as is the little railroad. On weekends the garden railroad is operating. Tram will take you there. It's the end of the line so no worries where to get off.

Juan de Riva Silva

Money grabbers!!! I came with my family form Spain and it was Christmas season. We came a morning and pretty much everything was closed because they had a special event that night. When we entered they didn't say anything about that and charged us full price. When I asked if we could reenter the garden at night for the special event they told me that we would have to pay the "special event" ticket again. It's incredible that they keep charging you full price for half the garden... Very disappointed. My dad has been in botanical gardens all over the world and said that this is the one you get the least for your money!!

Kathryn Chandler

The botanical gardens are a very formal garden setting. The rose gardens are pretty, and the ferns and tropical conservatory are interesting, but those plus a vegetable garden are about all that is there. For the price to get in, I was disappointed by the lack of variety and that some of the garden, like the small Japanese garden area, was blocked off for the Celebration in the Oaks.

Robert Gray

They got a cacao tree there.


Not much to the place

Randy Bailey

Love these gardens. Lots of old roses and cacti. Very nice place to visit and city park where it’s located is pretty nice as well. Also art museum nearby.


Beautiful gardens, water features. Excellent in so many ways.

Adam Taylor

Visited here this year on our annual NOLA trip and it was truly breathtaking! Beautiful grounds and amazing sculptures are used to create an atmosphere that is both inspiring and peaceful. Also has some fantastic architecture used for its buildings and several of the exhibits. Will visit again next time we are in town, if only just to take it all in again!

Brett Bauman

Great place to visit

Fayd Grey

Didn't have much time but what I saw was great. Will update review after I go back.

Lee Mears


Eleni O'Neill

Nice garden, have seen a lot better but adequate and worth checking out. Japanese section was small and no real water features. Don't miss the greenhouses as there was a nice variety in there. Main pond and water lillies were lovely.

Jonie W

This place is absolutely gorgeous! I wish we would have had more time to explore however they close at 5. This was our first stop in a short trip so I will definitely be coming back next time.

Rayburn Clipper

I love the renovations that have been working on.

Rebecca Ferry

Beautiful gardens and sculptures

Joseph Maxwell

A lovely way to spend an afternoon, even if not everything is in full bloom. I would love to see some educational tours or classes here.

Jennifer Schelly

So many gardens and so beautiful! Highly suggest an hour or more to explore. Right my to Story Land and amusement park for kids.

branden andersen

Christmas was beautiful here!


A special place that's got very well established specimens.

Wang Tsunglo

The gardens are beautiful. Stop by here, it's free and amazing.

NewOwlinz Finest

Always nice to experience with friends /family. Quiet most times.. And peaceful.

Daniel Tonello

I went during the winter and there was everything dead don’t waste time or money during cold season ;)

Skeeter Perkins

Normally great but there is a lot of freeze damage. It will be great soon. Free for Louisiana residents on Wednesdays.

Carolyn sessoms

Love the variety of gardens

Jackie Wolf

Incredible!!! $8 a person and worth every penny.

Kris Krager

Beautiful but a little overpriced in my opinion. Kind of small. I base everything off of Chicago's garden and this is wanting.

Aakanksha Gupta

Lovely garden! :) Love all the flowers + also the train models.

Deborah Goudeau

Wonderful casual walk, relaxing

Ashanti Henry

Free and open to Louisiana residents on Wednesday. Butterfly and edible gardens are beautiful.

Margaret Teeter

Beautiful gardens. On the weekends an outdoor miniature train runs.

Bri Chivatero

Beautiful flowers. Lots of greenery and paths. My mom loves the cactus room, and my sister loves the Japanese garden.

Kentrellis Mason-Jefferson

This place is so serene and so beautiful! I will definitely visit again!

Mark Walls

Really beautiful and relaxing place! We were there in April, and not much was in bloom but there is a really cool greenhouse full of cactuses. The Japanese garden is cool, the sculptures are interesting, and don’t miss the train exhibit! It’s tucked back in a corner, but totally worth a closer look. Entry fee was cheap too!



Mitchell I

Such a beautiful and calming part. Definitely need to visit if you want to take a break from the busy French Quarter. We rode the trolley there and back from the French Quarter costing us only $2.50 round trip.

Chasity Sanders

The Japanese Garden was so simple, yet MAGICAL. The array of plants and detailed landscaping were both impressive. I highly recommend the New Orleans Botanical Garden if you are an outdoor enthusiast or simply adore nature.

Tim Hickory

One of the best botanical gardens in the country

Bill Spear

Nice small botanical gardens. Has Japanese garden, edible garden, greenhouse with orchids, bromeliads, and succulents. Can see full garden in 2-3 hours.

Sha Williams

Beautiful experience. The customer service agents at the entrance isn't professional at all.

Zach Reyes

Went during the garden show and it was a nice spot. It looks like it needs some repairs to the paths.

Ed Rascati

Nice gardens a short distance from french Quarter. Good place to get away from it all.

Ari Eberlin

Beautiful and serene.

Kelli Cunningham

More than a botanical garden it has green infrastructure on display like green walls and fountains, all the while displaying great garden design like Longwood or Filoli Gardens.

Dottie Burke

Great variety! Always a nice garden

Michelle Damen

The gardens are absolutely breathtaking. However, your front office guards/greeters are horribly mannered. I suggest you invest in a customer service boot camp for your front line. My family and our visitors from overseas are completely disgusted by your staff’s lack of tact and self-awareness.

Sloan Matherne

Great for a relaxing day, lots of sights to see.

Sally Bell

So pretty

Krystal Allen

Love this place! Hope to get Wednesdays off, lots of kids those days

Der Krankheit

A lovely botanical garden with plenty of beautiful and interesting plant species and a very peaceful environment. The rain forest and fern sections are great, and the art installations have a meditative feel. Bring some water in the summer as some parts lack shade.

Connie F. W

I love the park. It's one of my favorite places to go.

Angela Dang

Love this botanical garden. Has so much variety of flowers & trees that I never seen before. I am in love with the gardenia trees & Japanese tea garden section. The garden also has this vegetable garden which quite cute. $8 admission is such great deal. So worth it.

Steven P

I was in the area in an conference room so I walked through durring lunch. They do not take care of the garden in winter months. Seems like that may be obvious but they were not closed so I'd hate to see someone waste their time

J. Dean

One of our favorite place to visit during the nice weather.

Blaze Rogers

Wonderfully enormous selection of plants in colorful orientations, the scent of flowers throughout most of the gardens. It has a few informational points as well regarding rainforests and fossils. Sadly I didn't have enough time to view the entirety of the gardens, for there was too many fun things to see!

Mark LoGiurato

One of the nicest botanical gardens around!

Darko Sarenac

Lot's of botanical curiosities to enjoy. Def Nola top attraction, if a bit underappreciated.


Excellent. Very affordable and worth the visit.

Jim T

Beautiful gardens to wander in with the family.

Larry Atchley

Beautiful place!

Maryfer Martinez

So beautiful! well kept and makes a great place for a comfy stroll

Melissa Augustine

My husband took me here during one of our many walks while I was pregnant with baby #3 and it was beautiful and calming...

Anh Ðào Kolbe

I traveled specifically to see the Japanese Garden but was told it was under renovation. The director (thank you!) was kind enough to let us sneak a peak because I informed her I was from out of town and didn't knows when I would be back to visit again. Absolutely stunning! And The Helis Foundation Enrique Alférez Sculpture Garden, WOW. I was told that for the month of October only, Wednesday nights are free (regardless if you are resident local or not) with dusk to dawn live music. Definitely a slice of Heaven and a great place to meditate.

Senthilvel Thiruvadi

Excellent place for kids and whole family time here

Richard Gilliland

This place is absolutely stunning and worth every penny. I spent about two hours walking the grounds and enjoying all the sights. Plenty of places to just take a seat and relax while enjoying all of the natural beauty.

Vanessa Martin

Family spring break we had absolutely a beautiful time a place that you must go.

jesse miller


Nicole Burrell

This past week my lovely husband and I were married in this beautiful garden. Before the day came I visited the gardens almost every other day for two weeks to make sure I was doing everything right. I contacted city park multiple times to make sure we had all of the permits in place. Staff of city park and the botanical garden continuously informed me that all I needed was a photography permit. So I happily retained a permit. Upon walking into the entrance hall to make my way to walk to my soon to be husband with my dad holding my arm, I overheard staff talking about me and looking at me as if I was a criminal. At this point I was completely upset and stressed so I asked what the problem was. The woman working in the gift shop told me I was a liar and that I should have gotten a $250 permit. If I would have known this it wouldn’t have even been a problem. I would have paid double if necessary. So my memory of walking in my wedding is of being stressed out due to the incompetent staff of the Botanical Garden. It doesn’t end there. As our ceremony was in process a woman who works at this garden interrupts the ceremony to speak to my father about payment! My father politely asked the woman to let us be and he would take care of anything necessary after the 10 minute ceremony. After the ceremony my father paid what was asked of us. Again, money isn’t the issue. The ill mannered antics of your staff that day was deplorable and disgraceful. Not how I imagined my wedding day to go.

Devenetain Magee for Louisiana residents in Wednesdays

Elena Muravskii

Very beautiful and inspiring place!

Holly Sours


Travis Miller

Great time

N Hexum

Not stunning like some other gardens I have visited. This might be a victim of following my visit of the sculpture garden, which was superlative.

richard dumas

Nice place to spend some time. It is close to the NOMA and the Sculpture Garden so you can spend several hours in the area

Andrea F

Truly a beautiful place. I have come for concerts, the Lights during the holiday season, the China lights, and have never been disappointed. All of the plants are well maintained and flow nicely. The greenhouse has such lovely plants. I love love love it!

Lynne Campo

Beautiful Gardens. I have been coming to the Botanical Gardens at City Park in New Orleans since I was a little girl. A lot has changed in the last 60 years. My husband of 44 years and I used to ride our bikes through it. It was free! There was no lighting of the oaks at Christmas in the park. I miss the quiet tranquility, but they have made the gardens and City Park safe and lovely!! Fantastic, historic venue for weddings and more. Highly recommend.

Anissa Mirtes

A fun afternoon in the park. The flowers were beautiful

kathy Hellmers

Such a beautiful place to visit, even during winter months! Beautiful variety throughout the gardens and quite a treat inside the green house. So lush, cozy and inviting, guests tend to linger just a bit longer amongst the lush greenery!

Justin van Schaick

Kind of dissappointing; small and not much to see here. I was expecting something like the botanical gardens in Sydney. $6 entrance for adults.

Max Hymel

Beautiful! Left alone to explore

Marie Applesgate

Exceptional park and gardens. Beautiful art work. Great place to relax from bustle of city. It's a shame you can't enjoy a picnic here. Don't know why....

Chishimba Simutowe

Love this Botanical Garden. If you live in New Orleans I think it's easy to overlook this place as either another tourist attraction or under look it as another park. But it's a really beautiful garden and has an excellent sculpture garden/exhibit featuring a local New Orleans artist I had never heard of.

Alpha 86

Beautiful and fun place for the family!

P Miller

A beautiful garden with lots of water flowing and an abundance of flowers. It was peaceful and beautiful. It does have an entrance fee so heads up!

Dwayne McKee

InnerCityPeice -Take a walk around to admire the art and greenery.

Christine C.

Outstanding! Not to be missed! City Park in New Orleans is truly a showpiece for this city!

james hughes

Great day out, well cared for and peaceful

Lisa Heindel

Free to locals on Wednesdays! The rest of the week, adult admission is $8 and it's totally worth it. Beautifully designed gardens that include a rose garden, fountains, a Japanese garden, a veggie garden, even a children's space. Plenty of shady spots to grab a seat, but grab a bottle of water before you start walking, since it can take some time to get through the entire garden, depending on your pace.

Sapphire Peters

This place is full of lovely plants and vibrant colors! I was astonished by the variety and the size of the them! I would go again for sure! The flowers were blooming everywhere even though it was autumn and there was so much park to see!

Sebastian Schulze

A well-groomed garden, where one can relax in a peaceful environment.

Nancy Gervais

This is my happy place. It literally surrounds you with the love and care that hundreds have put into nurturing the most spectacular plant specimens in an incredibly calming atmosphere.

Harry Morse

It's always pretty, it's always quiet, and it's always relaxing.

Denyse Sawyer

The gardens are great! There are fountains vegetable patches, Rose gardens... There's a large green house that is beautiful; which even has a fossil garden and "living fossils". There's a sculpture garden as well. Very Serene and beautiful. It's free on Wednesdays with your Louisiana I.d. too!

Abby Castillo

I am in love with the botanical garden I had a really nice time walking through and taking in the sights without being rushed

Patricia O'Hara Ricke

Beautiful and serene place to visit.

Chris Bing

Decent but not stunning botanical gardens. Liked the Japanese garden in particular. Nice place to wander around for an hour or so. Model trains only run at weekends.

Joleen Walther

Beautiful and well kept gardens!


If you are going to have events here AND sell tickets to the public to tour the gardens at the same time, please be sure to inform visitors BEFORE they make their purchase that parts of the garden will be off limits for these events. Furthermore, if you are not going to rope off these areas that visitors otherwise have every expectation to see, then teach your employees to treat them in a way that does not make them feel like they're second-class citizens. Or worse, trespassers when they unwittingly enter these areas. At approximately 3:30 PM, we were approached by a woman near the Rose Parterre who firmly told us, "You can't be here. This area is closed for a wedding." (There was no wedding going on at the time and no signs of any event. They were preparing the area for one later.) When we asked how to reach the other side of the garden, we were simply told, "You have to go around." She then turned to two park employees sitting by the lily pond and said, "You're not doing your job. Keep people out of here," before marching off. We turned around and worked our way to another area of the garden where we met another woman standing guard to prevent visitors from crossing because guests for another wedding were arriving. We were told that we had to go around the other way. We explained that we were just told by the first woman that we could not go that way and asked if we could quickly pass to the other side. She snapped, "after the guests have finished arriving." We stood there with her for several minutes, and asked again if we could quickly pass when we saw a lull between guests. She relented, by telling us, "Ok, go quick." We continued our tour, and as we made our way back around, we were forced to sneak through the area where guests for the second wedding were sitting. Had we known that parts of the garden were closed, we would have opted to come at another time. Instead, the entire situation was poorly handled by your staff, who failed to treat ALL visitors of the garden with respect. TL;DR: Call before you come to ask if any parts if the garden will be closed for an event. Unless you don't mind being treated like a child when you approach an area you paid to see.

Lia J Hernandez

Very calming

Sindee Hauser

Wonderful! I spend hours there every time I visit.

John Lacy

Nice place to walk around with a variety of things to look at.

Teri Hughes

Very nice experience.

Jim Sander

a plant lover's paradise

Thomas Werts

It's just absolutely beautiful

Ashley Smith

Love our botanical garden! Cant beat the free local entry on Wednesdays for a date spot!

Rebekah M

Absolutely beautiful gardens and greenhouses.

Janelle Rock

Essential in any NOLA trip

Kate Cockbain

Great Walk outdoors

Seda Unal

Sad, little botanical garden.

Tst Mkr

Though the New Orleans Botanical Garden is not the largest or most diverse BG's in the country. It is a very quaint, charming, personable, inexpensive, and private way to spend a morning or afternoon. The entry fee is not expensive at all, but I would highly recommend buying the seasonal pass that is good for a year if you live in New Orleans. The New Orleans Botanical Garden is a great way to escape even within the beauty of the already great escape City Park.

Ian Duckles

A really nice botanical garden in City Park. The Enrique Alvarez sculptures were a real highlight of the garden. They are scattered throughout, so be sure to keep your eyes open for them. In the summer it is quite hot, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Donald Blake

Wonderful place in city park.

John Hsieh

So glad I've decided to the pay the $8 fee to get into the botanical garden. This place has plenty of plants and flowers to see. The grounds are well kept and should have blooms throughout the season. My favorite locations within the garden are: the orchids inside the conservatory, the lily pond right outside the conservatory, the Japanese garden, and the train garden. Tip: the main path for the whole garden has been "walked through" by a 360 camera on Google Maps, so you can get a free preview of what you could expect to see once inside the garden using The Yellow Man.

Emma Chaves

My kids really enjoyed exploring here.

Maria Howe

This garden is not actually accepting memberships from other Gardens for admission, even though they claim to be part of the AHS reciprocal program. Rude staff too.

Charlie Sharitz

Pretty flowers

Jeremy Henley

Amazing place to take a first date.

Ariel Pennington

Beautiful scenery, sculptures, and fountains. Great for children and adults. Restroom facilities in multiple places. Butterfly garden, and train models. Free on Wednesday for louisiana residents.

Ib Jensen

Beautifull garden

Sandra Gockley

I'm glad I didn't pay to tour this , only thing alive was lettuce and the cactus. It was January maybe it gets better during a different month.

Ellen Smith

Beautiful venue

Edith Triplett

Had a Great time with the family.

Andrew Jurkins


Kimberley Hannaman Taylor

So beautiful and peaceful here. Especially wonderful when they host the Chinese lanterns and the holiday lights.

Dawn Craig

Sculpture Garden is beautiful. Download the app!

Kathleen Quirk

Beautiful place to spend a day. Well maintained and next to the art museum and sculpture garden.

felicia pemberton

Beautiful place to visit

Peyton Rose

Wonderful garden. This would be great for a date or leisurely stroll. Very well groomed. Beautiful location. Very impressed. Highly recommended!

Mickey Sou

Place is awesome for pictures.

Stephenie Generose

I LOVE the botanical garden. The rose garden is gorgeous but the secret treasures ate the fountains and statues

abearz tv

A great place to spend the day.

patrizia rollo

Very nice! Quite and peaceful. I went in September and it wasn't really at its best. But I believe that in spring is beautiful. Maybe the maintenance could be better, there are some areas that seems to be a little bit neglected, like the greenhouses and the horticultural fields. I also expected to be bigger and I thought that the ticket is probably a little expensive for the size of the garden. But it was a really nice experience.

Pixie Linda Chapman

Amazing place!

robin gardner

Amazing simply amazing.

Terri Gregory

Most beautiful,place in the city. Magical,

Jim Gehrmann

Sculpture garden is peaceful and interesting.

Ashley Drewes

So pretty! I love walking through here, especially if there's an event and it has a nice set up. Great to go with family or alone. Kid friendly. Plenty of parking. Self guided - as in no tour guide or group (from my experience anyway)

Mariya Avtanska

Reminded me of a scaled-down version of the gardens in Europe. I enjoyed the symmetry of it all.

Nancy Tunell

The garden is a concentration of beauty inside a great park! The historical garden, buildings, paths, and greenhouses are a treasure! The cactus greenhouse had some amazing specimens! Make sure to ride a bike there to enjoy the whole experience!

Fishin' In Scrubs

Cute place... 8 bux for admission, which is fair... They were just starting to decorate for Christmas and putting up lights...

Patrick Petersen

Lovely place to visit.

ChaKara Gunn

Very tranquil...peaceful and thought provoking

William Burke

Beautiful park for any outdoor activity .

David DeNinno

A very beautiful garden that you can spend a good amount of time enjoying. Great for a date or just to explore and relax. Had a great time and the price isn't bad for what you get!

Scott Stewart

Relaxed garden space. Not super fancy or over the top

Chelsea Bauman

Incredible beautiful and fun

Ali Griggs

Gorgeous pathways and little nooks to sit and relax in.

Collin Cutrone McMichael

Gorgeous. Even in the winter. The green houses steal the show but the roses were also in full bloom.

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