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REVIEWS OF Suburban Lawn & Garden IN Kansas

Linda Gardner

Eduardo Mota

e m

It was my first time there. Every single one of the many staff that helped me were knowledgeable, fast, friendly, and patient. A special shout out to Don and another gentleman I didn't get the name of. At my request, they managed to get two trees into my little Subaru and were just so compassionate and caring in their helping out a single gal new to the area. The prices were very competitive too. I will be back for sure. Cheers!

Amber Walker

I absolutely love this place. I could spend hours there. They have an amazing selection of plants, shrubs, trees, succulents, you name it. Their prices are reasonable and all of their items are very healthy. As a plant lover, it is nice seeing a place that properly cares for and maintains their merchandise as so many other big chains do not. All the greenery is very happy there! They have golf carts you can ride around (must be a licensed driver and be over 18, I do believe) at the location off 135th. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Another thing I especially appreciate is that they are kid friendly! My son is almost 3 and being able to push a shopping cart made just for him around is the highlight of his week. I cannot say enough good things about this store. They close kind of early, at 6 o'clock. But this just goes right along with the family oriented atmosphere the store provides. Definitely a place worth visiting.

brandee branam

Patricia Cole

The person outside was not very helpful. Prices are high.

Amy Blume

Mark Kauffmann

Wonderful selection of flowers. Cost is a little higher than garden centers like Lowe's and Home Depot.

Ty Newel

Helpful, fair price and a neat place

Michael Blair

Mary Domerm

Brett Clendenin

Mayur Patel

It would help if they would answer there phone in the departments to answer questions.

Medow Richards

I was at the KC area it was a neat place

Mike Lacey

Jessica Gibson

This is my favorite Suburban in the area. It's huge and there is so much to see. I particularly enjoy the tropical plants, fairy garden supplies, and their variety of pots.

M Babbit

Susan Smith

Jon Haley

Great selection tons of products. And who doesn't live driving a golf cart around while you shop?

Paul Hermes

kristen roman

Pam Marshall Guise

We had a very good experience buying large rocks & a few plants from Suburban on Sunday. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. And they have LOADS of goodies to choose from!

Cliff Meek

Deborah Cowdery

The people there are very friendly and informative. Always willing to help out.

jose antonio tonio

Sergei Malyshev

2 different trees died from Suburban. I explicitly confirmed with the employee that the second tree was healthy since I had some doubts. It died 1 month later in spite of all care. Similar tree purchased at Lowes is doing very well at the same spot.

Terry Bross

Lee Johnson

Super nice and helpful. Great place for landscape needs.


Amy Carr

Alex Scholtz

Make sure you visit on a weekend. They aren't open during non-work hours during the week

kathy jo mcwilliams

I have been to this store now several times. Last year we bought compost from Mo organic and it turned out to be bad and they refunded our money but our season was ruined. I bought compost this last year and applied under our fruit trees when there was snow on the ground. A couple of weeks later when I was working our trees I moved compost away from the bark and there were hundreds of earth worms. The same thing has been happening in our garden beds. Where there were no bugs in the soil last year we now have many bugs. So, great stuff, higher than others but at least the worms and micros like it which is more than I can say for the other stuff we bought.

Vic Schlup

Robert Ensminger

Quick and friendly service


Fun shopping in golf carts!

Aaron Gaddis

Jeremiah Sliffe

Mark Finlayson

Ashley Hill

Great staff very helpful and friendly... Live this place that have great variety in plants.

Louis Petrakos

Always great.

Henro Ph

Lesa Wall

Great selections, beautiful plants, knowledgable friendly, helpful staff!

Yasmin Herdoiza

Lilliard Richardson

Jeff Drew

Cody Woah

Unreal selection of literally anything you need for lawn/garden.

Chris Diaz

Great place and enormous. We have been buying from here for years.

Becky Rogers

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great variety of inventory. Love the displays and all items available in the fairy gardens.

james lamb

terrence higgins

Great plant selection and friendly staff.

Teresa Dillard

People are friendly in the plants are beautiful all the time

Chris Fournier

Good selection, knowledgeable help.

carol white

Can't wait for spring.

Bill Leahy


Nykki Grim

Radtastic employees and best looking plants you'll find at any nursery.

Nono Nono

Someone please give me names of the nice employees. I wanna see them next time i go, because this employee name Carl was acting like i was wasting his time.

Virginia Wirtz

Pleasant place to spend some time Ponder all things that grow

Lillie S

William was so incredibly kind, he helped me find all the things I needed, down to every last detail. I went to Suburban Lawn & Garden to purchase flowers for a memorial, and William made my day with his kindness and helpfulness. He helped carry and load all of my items. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Marilyn Lynch

Employees are knowledgeable and friendly. Large selection of plants, bulbs trees & shrubs. Adequate parking.

Rhoda Damgaard

First time I have been to Suburban Lawn and Garden in Martin City. It was huge and so much to pick from. Being I didn't know what I was doing, they were very helpful. If you ever go and need advice and and options, make sure to ask for Doug.

Alma Hedges

Helpful with a great selection. We’ve bought our trees here for 20 yeas now and they have always had good quality. I return yearly.

Selvin Espinal

Danny Lawson

I have been here several times searching for plants that I cannot find in Wichita.These folks bend over backwards to help out, load our plants, etc. They are helpful - not pushy. I live a long ways away but return every few months for this kind of selection and customer service! I like that they trust their customers with a golf cart to tour their very large garden center. It would take all day to walk it!

Janet Aliano

Huge selection of annuals and perennials! Staff is super helpful!

Brandon Troncoso

All your flowering dreams.

John Riedel

Lots of selection today

Violeta Gomez

R Cantor

My go to nursery and garden store. Prices are comparable to or better than Amazon. Great selection.

Zach E.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. One of the two places in KC that I've found that can answer my bonsai and orchid questions when they arise.

Jay Arnold

They have everything you need for all your outside needs! Friendly and helpful.

Heather M

stephen hardin

Great service.

Alisa Reigert

The guy in the field was not helpful and didn't want to help a woman. Didn't speak English well. They just lost a $500.00 sale!

Jamie Melissa

Victor Vanmeter

Alexa Rae Menard

My experience here was amazing. The space was clean itemized and threw employees were super helpful.

Ann Erickson

Jayne Farritor

It was great !!!! Beautiful place beautiful plants! !!! Very helpful !!!! The only bad thing was I wanted it all.

Felix Bleyenberg

Good help and large selection .Went there again after driving 30 plus miles and was told they don't take checks over $50. Will never go back. Left the items. Sell items well over $200 but don't accept checks over 50.

John Clark

Got just what we wanted. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Destiny Henke

Staff is very friendly and helpful and the stock of plants and flowers is set up beautifully and is very organized. Its a very nice place overall

Denys Kovalenko

Toby Bargar

Valerie Tejada

Brad Smoot

Fun place with great employees and great selection.

Donald Decker

I went to Suburban landscape this morning looking for a Bonsai pot and a hanger the lady there what's the most wonderfulest lady she told me where to get everything at very clean place they make you feel like friends thank you Suburban

Joseluis Santos

Nurcery center nice place

April Al-Mahdawi

Great variety of plants and flowers!

Bob Maas

Good selection of plants and landscape materials. Helpful staff. Close a bit early at 6PM though. Hard to get there after work before closing.

Barbi Wood

I've shopped here for years, maybe decades. Unfortunately, the last two times I've been to Suburban, the employees I asked for help couldn't answer my questions or offer any suggestions as to what would work for my situatuon. I don't expect every employee to know about every plant however, what surprises me is this, if you can't help me or answer my question can you not find someone who can? I walked out both times without making any purchases and feeling very frustrated. What a bummer Suburban.

Zach Scott

very professional business and employees. Quality materials and very competitive prices

Sharon Connor

Beverly Church

Gene Bartholf

The prices are a bit high and not displayed well but I absolutely love this place. I find new and interesting plants and really enjoy my walk around the grounds. I find I do a lot of window shopping in relation to my purchases due to the pricing though.

Susan Jones

Kim Law

Pricey. Took 3 employees to show me where the potulaca plants were located.

Bryan Lappin

Good selection and price. Libby always has the place running like a top.

CongDung Luong

Melissa Bechtel

The plants look healthy and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I also like that they are pet freindly.

Lakendra Gatlin

Coedy Walker

Clayton J. Hess

They have all of your landscaping needs.

Leo Wo

John Arndt

Kathy is always a big help and is happy to provide recommendations for the right growing environment. I don't shop for plants anywhere else!

Trissi Hardin-Turner

There is a variety of lawn & garden items - everything from trees & shrubs to landscaping rocks & flowers to weed killers. Ther employees are very knowledgeable & helpful as well.

Kathi Mills

I always enjoy the friendly and helpful staff, calm atmosphere and beautiful plants. We found some great bargains today!

Ice Hot

They wouldnt let me ride the golf carts

Molly Ticknor

gregg reeves

Clifton Willis

This store has a great selection of different plants and landscaping materials. They pretty much have anything that you would need for any landscape project that you would want to complete. The staff here is very helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are good for the different items that you want to purchase. Great place to go to for landscaping needs.

Kay williams

A very nice selection of plants and a knowledgeable staff. They can be a bit inconvenient if you need to return a dead plant that was warranted, but within except able range. The layout is simply these best around and makes sense. If you need plants for shade they are miraculously all in the same area. This seems so logical and yet the other nurseries around do not have such an easy to follow system. I love going in and looking in the appropriate area for the right plants for my spot. I get great ideas and have enjoyed the process. Other nurseries should take notes on this system as it is so helpful and improves the novice experience. I would certainly recommend.

Brad Larson

Suburban has a wonderful selection. They have a 2 year warranty on trees and I a tree die and they replaced it without any challenges. You do need to save receipt.

Austin Chick

Just got 2 yards of compost. They loaded it quick, and without breaking anything.

Sherri Johnson

Love this place. They have many water fountains and great selection of plants.

Dulce Mendez

Jake Bartling

Luis Arias

De todo para la jardineria..

Mac McKenzie

Large nursery with just about any plant, decorations, big variety of mulch, huge selection of landscape rocks. Prices are a little higher but inventory is large. They grow most of their own plants and trees. Good people that will help you on finding anything. Good store.

Derwin Coleman

Kris Carrell

Robin Davidson

I paint rocks and I love coming here and picking out rocks. I've been to the Leawood location but this has a better selection and is much larger. I've also sampled a few other places in the metro that sell rock and Suburban has been the least expensive so far. The staff is always very kind, friendly, and helpful. They have a display of painted rocks we've left there and they've even done some of their own. They have old potting buckets to put your rocks in and wagons to haul it around while you choose. The buckets go home with you so you don't have a pile of loose rocks in your vehicle. Inside, you can get cardboard trays which are great for lots of uses. The guys outside patiently put up with us picking out perfect rocks, even if the weather isn't that great and help us load everything and put plastic under our buckets to protect our vehicles. The cashiers are always super nice. During Halloween season, they have some family fun with free popcorn, hayrides, and free small pumpkins for the kids. I mostly stick to the rock pile outside because I'm afraid I'd go overboard if I looked around inside too much.

Patrick Thompson


BUYER BEWARE!! Purchased 2 4" round trees in April '16; they couldn't plant them until June. We asked 'is this too late'? Oh no, our trees are guaranteed.... so we went ahead and planted. Followed watering instructions religiously. They did okay even through the heat, then in one day all leaves were brown. Gal came to confirm one tree was dead, the other very stressed. We go back and pick out another tree for replacement. Amanda at scheduling desk was an absolute b. Extremely rude!!! Asked if we wanted to use the guarantee. Well, yes... She then asks, "So do you want this planted when it will live or immediately? You only get one tree replacement and shoves the guarantee back across the counter to us." Net: Guarantee means that even if its not your fault, you can pay over 1K for a tree and if the second one dies, you're screwed. Tree expert said the root could even be damaged when they dig or install tree and that too would cause enough stress for tree to die. Nice selection of plants, but if Amanda is the best person at your front counter and you treat customers with such lack of respect - you can keep your entire operation. We were slated for a $50,000 landscape project this spring. Earlier this year I insisted I wanted my plants purchased at Suburban. Fast forward to September 2016, I'll never make another purchase at Suburban again. Glad I learned this lesson now....

ron crenshaw

Late Monday morning, poor management of check out, 10 minutes in line 2 register s open. Out side people we're great on helping and loading

CJ Baierl

Rod Roy

Marion Boyd

Zechariah Daetwiler

Jeff Z

Lauren Freed

Very disappointed w/ customer service, whomever I spoke w/ today was rude & unhelpful - she didn't care to hear what my concern was about. This is upsetting considering our trip there last year was great.

Jamie Goudeau

The crew is extremely knowledgeable and they go the extra mile to take care of your needs. Will recommend them to everyone I know.

Scot Tolson

Great place with great plant stock and good people!

Joe Giglio

Anita Valderrama

Ronald Connerly

Ice Cream

I went there for the first time. The elderly gentleman, I believe that is in charge of the outside plants, was very helpful. They have huge selection of plants. Little bit expensive but nice place.

Gwyneth Bowen

Always and enjoyable experience. One of my grandson's favorite places to go and today a granddaughter came too. Selection of everything. Always makes you feel good just being there all the color and smells.

Charlene Biles

John Frye

Huge selection of everything green and plenty of other colors. You just have to visit to see what's available.

Zachary Farnan

Knowledgeable, fast, and fair pricing.

jesse harris

Daniel Bratton

Haley Krowas

Lots of variety. Easy to get in and out.

geoff randall

Rita Muro

Great place to just wander around

John Vaughn

Good customer service

Robby Bernard

Lorna Kroencke

chiki Sandoval

Adonis González Lara

Robert Buche

Impressed with the variety of products.

James Searing

Awesome selection, kinda high though

David Camacho

Awesome place I love that everyone is so nice and take care of customer all time

Marcia Leibold

John Thompson

Not really much, lots of plants some good quality so not very good especially for the price. Help was not that friendly or helpful.


Nice place with good selection. Prices are outrageous! Plants twice the size at other places for half the price. Last year they were more competitive with cost but it seems this year prices have doubled. I will get more bang for my buck at other places with the same return policy and similar selection. Disappointment for sure after all the past business we have done here. Save your cash and go somewhere else.

Kimbra Sapp

Helpful and wonderful. Great with kids. Answered all my questions. Popcorn made the kids so happy.

salome garcia

(Translated by Google) I think it's very good (Original) Me parece muy bueno

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