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REVIEWS OF Family Tree Nursery IN Kansas

Sarah Bent

I have shopped at the Farley location for 30 years, at least. Love the place and they stand behind their service.

Veronica Manchester

Great store good products actually carry cactus and succulents and all sorts of plants

koda katt

Gorgeous nursery with a huge stock of unusual plants and trees.

Bruce Hawk

Always enjoy seeing all the beautiful flowers, landscape choices artfully chosen and creatively displayed. Eye Candy every time.


This place is beautiful! Lots to choose from. If you can't find what you're looking for here, then good luck finding it anywhere else. Some things are a bit pricey, but, they also have some good sales.

Maria Beltran


deania blubaugh

Great help available and knowledgeable

Grandoté Biggs

Great place. Helpful staff. Been shopping here for years.

Abbey Trotta

Mark Wuertz

The staff member immediately paused in the execution of her task and showed my father where the plants were that he was looking for. This was wonderful. I commend the owners and the staff for helping to make this an enjoyable visit.


Yvette Flann

Adalia Gall

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff, awesome prices and discounts. I highly recommend them! They got a client with us! Also loved their koi ideas and fish!

Lucas Ford

Yosa Addiss

Highly recommended! I went in early in the season looking for Spring bulbs, and it wasn't super busy. I spoke with a wonderfully helpful man there who knew seeds and what was available and when and how to plant them from years and years of personal experience. I love to know details and he had a depth of knowledge that impressed me fully. I had a similar great time speaking with someone outside in the trees and shrubs. I am absolutely going back for more, and to browse looking for ideas!

M Babbit

Good selection, friendly staff, great prices and creative displays. Great place to wander around and relax.

Lydia Ruddy

Zach Rainey

By far the most helpful and knowledgeable staff! Extremely friendly too! Great prices and great people—you cant beat it!

Karen Eichenberger

Family Tree is a beautiful nursery with a wonderful selection and kind helpful employees. I struggled with a house plant I bought and despite my efforts and their guidance I lost it. I called and spoke to Jonah about my issues and he was kind enough to give me store credit and assist me in selecting something that I’ll be more successful with with the conditions of my home. I have also bought plenty of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees here and they have all been wonderful quality. But the best part of this place is when you leave and your 6 year old says, “Mom, they are really kind there.” A+ We’ll be back.

Brandon Tureg

csierra 1990

Staff is so helpful and attentive and they have so many plants to choose from.

Jenner C

Did not expect such an amazing green house to be hidden back in the neighborhoods north of 87th. Went in for a few succulents and was surprised by the size and selection in general. Will be back

Mary Olson

Five stars; best KC-based nursery by a mile. Having grown up in a family bedding plant business, and being the grandchild of the founders of Kaw Valley Greenhouses, I have a great appreciation for quality plants, trustworthy sourcing, and dependable customer service. These people love plants, know a lot about them, and will take care and time in selling them to you. You can go to Home Depot and get what you pay for, or support this local business and get WAY more value for your dollar.

Stephanie Magee

Very gorgeous and very large selection but extremely over priced. Most things were 2-3x the price for the same things I've bought at other nurseries.

Steven Kohlmeyer

Very friendly people.

Samantha Titzman

Beautiful place that has amazing Christmas decorations and plants.

Gina Heptinstall

First time here. Have so many hard to find tropicals at a very reasonable price. Definitely worth checking it out, won't be disappointed.

Mikey Fletcher

yes, it is true that FT has higher prices, but they have their own nursery and take really good care of their plants. i have never had any issues with the plants I have bought from them. The couple times I have had issues, the staff has always been very understanding and refunded my money or exchanged with no problems. I call all the time with questions about planting and care. they are always eager to help.You don't get that from Walmart!!

Anthony Pantoja

Very nice place. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend it. Will go back again.

Dana Fountaine

Sam Unruh

I picked up a fig tree and several potted plants for my office yesterday and I was so impressed with the incredibly kind service and quality selection. Family Tree does it right!

James Brown

Love this nursery, they have a great selection to vegetable plants in the spring and early summer.

Eric Blattner

Rylund Lewis

I was in town to visit brother & family, and we stopped in. I was along for the ride. I was quite impressed with the size of the store and selection. I stopped a few staff to ask specific questions and was happy with the ease of their manner and their knowledge. Not intending to going in, I ended up snagging a large planter, a medium-sized full fern, a bunch of rosemary, and support pots/saucers. I would not mind going back next time I am in town.


Penny Shepherd

Family Tree has always been part of my life, even as a little child. Now I love to bring my children and my grandchildren and remind them of the beauty of the outdoors and to stop and smell the flowers. The staff is knowledgeable. The prices are fair. And there's nothing better than shopping local.

John Harris

Wide variety of trees and shrubs. Everyone is there is very helpful.

Joe P

Ana Taylor


I always love going to family tree. Their plants and flowers are better than you will find anywhere else and the employees are always friendly and knowledgeable about all of their products. Today I asked an employee for a recommendation on what flowers are best to attract hummingbirds. I have not had the plants he recommended outside for 10 minutes yet and I already have three hummingbirds in them. Family tree also have beautiful accessories, outdoor decor, fountains and seasonal items. Christmas is another great time to visit them for ornaments and amazing holiday decor.

Greg Busby

Ready for Spring! Sets, roots, and lawn prep.

Tami Heitland

Professional,.knowledgeable and personable -- first class nursery!

Chizheng Zhang

lovely place. friendly staffs

Kassidy Rethorst

Carol Brown

This is The Best Nursery! It’s all eye candy everywhere! It’s a full stop shop! Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful! Today i asked for help putting together plants and flowers for a planter and the girl that helped me (I wish I’d gotten her name!) was fantastic! My $20 planter from a discount store looks like a Million bucks thanks to her. This is one reason I always come back!

Kadie Crivello

Fantastic greenhouse, they have everything you could want and more. They display the plants with thought and creative design. Talk about inspiration! Some odd things they carry include pond plants a d fish, giant tropicals and cacti, cut flowers varieties and odd bulbs.

Danny Lawson

I have been here several times searching for plants that I cannot find in Wichita.These folks bend over backwards to help out, load our plants, etc. They are helpful - not pushy. I live a long ways away but return every few months for this kind of selection and customer service! I love their other location too!

Jennifer Roselli

Robert Ralph

Carolyn Hathaway

Awesome garden center!

Lisa Meinhardt

I've been going here for most of my life. When I was a child my parents always bought plants there. I rediscovered it as an adult and bought several plants and trees there. Now as a grandmother I have taken my grandkids there to see Santa for several years. The staff is always incredible and kind!

Will Babbit

Best greenhouse in KC.

Arthur Jackson

judi Vaughan

Our favorite place to go. Such a joyful and smile inducing destination.

Tara McCain

Emily Curry

Staff is a bit busy, and occasionally look bothered when you need to ask a question, but main manager is fantastic and the plants are unbelievably healthy.

Carol Decock

The help was fantastic. They visible and there if we needed help, and offered. But were not pushy or irritating

Crucita Serrano-Diaz

Great variety of healthy plants in different sizes, and prices.

Lani Tolsen

Unprofessional and Unknowledgeable staff.

Sharon Lewis

The BEST selection of gardening treasures!

Dani Augustin

This place is a gardener's dream. There's such a great variety and selection to choose from and all the plants look so healthy!

John Lothman

Michael Rebout

I fould the crews to be most friendly and helpful. And they knowledge was most helpful..

Alan Huffman

Anne Kelley

My favorite nursery in the KC area! Great selection, friendly staff always very helpful when doing landscaping jobs. I always come in with a question and I always leave with my questions answered and a game plan!

Derek Leeds

Ready for Christmas

Deanna Green

Brandon Inman

Great place

Megan Cantoran

Karl Wallace

Craig Nelson

Kelly P Moore

Jenny Brown

Friendly staff. Beautiful plants.

Opel Viorato-Ruiz

Extremely nice and very helpful and multiple check out rains which might get quick and easy to get out

Karen Evans

I love this nursery. The staff is knowledgeable and the plants are healthy. First class!

Brit Waye

Rick Singers

Interesting items, great gift ideas. Lots of decorations items, wonderful variety of plants. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Anita Wolfe

Janie Smart

Dave Weroha

Gregory Allen

Helpful staff

Codi Shanks

Best place in the world. If you’ve only been getting your plants from Lowes and Home Depot, walking into their main plant room is an experience like no other. Wish I could live there. Prices are a bit higher, but everything is better quality.

Courtney Martinez

Always great service and plants. Love coming here.

Julia Jacobsen

Alice George

Lots of beautiful tropical plants in the greenhouse, and lots of cool pots to hold them!! Gorgeous Christmas decor, too!

Lisa Porretti Smith

Beautiful, healthy plants with far wider of a variety than most area nurseries. If you're looking for it, they most likely have it, and it's healthy and well cared for. However, the prices are outrageous. Go in there knowing exactly what you're looking for, keeping in mind that you could easily overspend. The staff may be knowledgeable, but I've noticed that the managers (especially the male managers) are exceedingly rude to their own cashiers, etc. Many times I've witnessed a couple of men in particular speaking disparagingly (and loudly) about a previous "clueless customer" right in front of me, rolling eyes, etc. Lots of attitude among the management here. Yet, they want us all to know they are Christians, as we are all subject to the PRAISE THE LORD 12' wooden sign in the check-out area. Let's just say they're not shining examples of what they proclaim to be.

Cathy Ramos

The best nursery I've ever been. Lots of plants to choose from, friendly and helpful staff. I kept on going back after my first visit.

Susan West

Lucy Ladley

Absolutely Beautiful Plants!

C. Hoffman

I work there great place

Rebekah Baier

AWESOME! I have had three plants on my shopping list for over 6 months and have not been able to find them, even online - and an employee pointed them out at the Family Tree Nursery in less than a minute. This nursery totally made my day, it was beautiful in there and they have a HUGE selection of high quality plants, planters and products. The staff was upbeat and so sweet to work with. So happy that I found this place, I will be a forever customer!

Kyle Green

I cannot speak highly enough of Family Tree Nursery! From start to finish they were amazing. The staff on site wandered with us on our journey to find a tree. We knew we wanted something unique but did not know what it was until we were shown the Purple Catalpa. There was no sense of being rushed or pushed into anything we did not want. The great service did not end there. On the day that they showed up to plant the tree I expected a few manual laborers and was happily surprised to find they sent an actual arborist. The installation was quick and well done minding not to damage my yard and clean up all dirt that was dug up. This should have been the end of the stellar service, but it was not. I had asked a question about a struggling maple tree planted by the previous owners and they without hesitation asked to look at it and provided expert advice on how to save the maple from its current neglected form. 5 stars is not enough and I will never buy a tree anywhere else.

Jonathan Ash

They have anything and everything you could need for Christmas.

Ryan Bucher

Shirley Parker

Vanessa Jupe

So many great plants to choose from, and a very good pottery selection. I wanted to get some fall decor and maybe something to plant. We came here on a day where the weather threatened rain. Knowing there was a large indoor area, I felt comfortable that there would be a good selection and things to do with my toddler if the weather didn't hold. It is a really pleasant place to shop for plants of all kinds, and for accessories. We'll be back!

Anthony Ziobrowski

Spoke with a person from tbe nursery about ornamental grass we purchased that died. No matter how many times i ask the question he never gave me an answer.

Anastasia Moore

What a fantastic nursery! I bought two trees, two plants and two succulents in April. The staff were so helpful in helping me find plants that would do well on my balcony. One tree was struggling, I called the nursery today and the owner swapped a beautiful new one. Best nursery in OPKS!

Susan Feldman

Loved all the families

Alison Kay

Continuing our annual family tradition of generations passed by purchasing starters to plant and nurture into beautifully flourishing plants, flowers, etc.

Jennifer Harris

Cass Kruger

Best selections for top tier quality plants, flowers and trees. Love the variety of selections, prices are decent but doesn't matter if no other place in KC doesn't have what you are looking for. Staff are always friendly and helpful, highly recommend this family owned business.

LauraJohn PhillipsPeter

Logan Tignor

Lots of tropical plants!

Kim Smith

Jim Beatty

Excellent found everything we wanted prices were very reasonable

chris pridie

We unloaded here today what a super place. Employees were very nice the owner Doug was great. Wife fell in love here she went and bought a lot of things. We don’t live here but it’s great to see family places. It’s in a odd place but big parking a lot of trees and flowers bushes. Place was clean. Might have to drive down 4 hrs to come back here.

Trisch Price

Timothy McKay

Fantastic place year-round.

Angela Dugan-Starr

Super beautiful, and vary spacious! The selection was in good condition, and the staff was very helpful!

Kathy Madison

James Byars

Anastasia Peshkova

Lea Anne Mallot

Love this place! Talk about one stop shopping! If they sold milk and handbags I'd never go anywhere else

Michael Zebrowski

Great place to buy plants.

Joy Sodders

Great service and friendly, helpful staff. I was able to purchase over the phone something I'd seen there previously and pick it up the next day. The sales gal knew just which plant I was speaking of and even told me more about it. As a handicapped person with walking challenges, this was much appreciated!

Mark Winner

Steve Campbell

This is from Linda Campbell I loved the selection, the customer service and the atmosphere. Who would expect to see such a beautiful plce like this in the city. I am so glad I found this place!!

Pitts Photography

Gwyneth Bowen

Always a wonderful delight for the senses visually and every other way visiting Family Tree Nursery. Definitely a wide range in the friendliness, helpfulness and knowledge in the staff there. The ones that have actually stepped up and been friendly have also been extremely helpful. I always look forward to visits there. I think the prices are good and I feel like the quality of the stock is better than hitting a big box store garden center for sure.

Kenneth Bridges

Linda Lewis

Large selection, healthy plants, helpful staff

Jeremy B

Wow, gigantic place with so much to look at! Very friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend!

Theresa Ruby

Teresa Rush

Made a stop in KC, while driving from Omaha to STL. It was a good thing I had less than half an hour til closing time. Otherwise my vehicle would have been packed full of plants. There is a wide selection of choices that anyone with a green thumb would enjoy! Plus a helpful and friendly staff.

Brooke Moody

You can go other places and pay slighly less but the majority of the time the plants wont be as good. The most valuable part of FTN is the employees, they really know their stuff. I always end up learning something, usually a few somethings. Especially considering my recent experiences, I'm a customer for life. So far, we have been shopping there for at least 4 years and we see the same faces. It's even nice to just walk around for some stress release.

Jeff Denton

Rick Schupp

SELECTION & SERVICE EXCELLENCE ALWAYS @ ALL 3 Family Tree Nursery stores!!! FTN is your ONE STOP gardening destination!!!

Danielle Peterson

Quality products and an excellent staff. Been going here for a long time and love it!

Alex Johnson

Love this place! So much variety and the workers are always so kind and helpful!

Alex Robinson

Terry E Wright

Great company with great management!

William Von Kaenel

Glad to have these. Great customer service... great plants.

Rachel Heidrick

Nancy Gieseke

I can do it

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