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Where is Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden?

REVIEWS OF Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden IN Iowa

Barb Schoppers

Wow too pricey. Wasn't worth the price. The inside was really really over grown. NOT WORTH the price. Save your money

Janella Dowd

Well laid out walking paths. Handicapped accessible.

Khai Mrant

Such a great place to visit. One can find all the tropical plants that can't be grown in Iowa naturally.

Debra Carpenter

I especially enjoyed the tropical plants and the water plants. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I like that you can walk at your own pace.

Laura Frye

Great place to pass the time, if not the most impressive collection I've ever seen. Good paths and pretty flowers.


Would be coolif they could expand and add but very beautiful

Ruth Guardiola

Very pretty place and totally affordable

Connie Cox

So beautiful. Haven't been there in years. Alot has changed.

Kaela Shoemaker

Great place to go to get out of the winter and get into some green! $10 for nonmember admission so grab a book and hang out or grab a camera. Great spot for a photo shoot. Usually fairly busy.

LeAnn Larsen

Great treasure in Des Moines. It's a favorite spot to enjoy tropical temps when it snows. Sunday afternoon music is nice when they do a concert series.


We stop nearly every time we are in Des Moines & just love it!

Tania Welch

This is the first time we visited the garden and it was amazing. I registered in advance for a Bulb beauty class for my kiddos , they got to plant bulbs of all kinds and take it home. After class we visited the garden. Wonderful view, nice and warm, considering it was middle of February. We plan on going back soon.

Steffan Friest

Beautiful place and very helpful and knowledge staff.

Candace Dacus

This was a great experience. I took my 4 year old grandson. I needed to use my GPS to figure out how to get here. Make sure you use it if you've never been here. We enjoyed the inside and outside (my favorite part). It cost $10 for me and $7 for him. I thought that was a bit pricey. It was well manicured and laid out. It made me excited and I wanted to explore. There was so much to see and then we walked along the riverfront. We spent a good 2 hours exploring. The staff was (child) friendly. They have a large outdoor parking lot with handicap parking available. We saw at least 2 bus tours that made this a stop while we were there.

Joyce L

Beautiful gardens, tulips were in bloom outside, dome has a wide variety of plants. Great way to spend Mother's Day.

Annie Huett

Amazing place! Definitely want to go back again!

Tara Vanderheyden

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The garden we're beautiful. A lovely way to spend an afternoon

Raymond Cunningham

much more to see than I expected. highly recommend this place

Jac Geffert

Excellent value for $10 per person.

Alycia Green

Though it was a bit crowded due to a Blues Concert the last time I went, I still enjoyed my time there. It's such a beautiful, serene place. I can easily go there after a hectic day and regain my peace of mind...

Robert Buchanan

This was my first visit to Des Moines and we came here for a wedding rehearsal dinner. I'm very impressed. This is a lovely place.

Crystal Carleton

Wow, haven't been here in years and I was shocked with how much better it is even than it used to be! The outdoor gardens steal the show, with the ponds, Lilly pads, waterfalls, bonsai trees, beautiful paths, and gorgeous flowers everywhere. That being said, don't miss all the secrets to be discovered inside. Banana tree, stairway to the top of the waterfall, bridges, bamboo, fish, cacti, and so many unique and amazing flowers and plants. I only wish the plants were all labeled so I knew what I was looking at! Many are, but of course, not everything. It was beautiful, relaxing, and fun. I've heard the restaurant is great too!

Emma Owings

This was such an amazing place to visit. Beautiful, well kept. A delite. Will def be going back!

Advertus Willie

Nice environment. My brother and his beautiful wife took some good pictures there and all the pictures came out good. All the employees were very friendly

Marshall Olson

Interesting plants and fun to walk.

J Misel

i really like the botanical garden. its a great place to visit every so often. during the winter it is kind of lackluster. the spring/summer/fall time are much more enjoyable when the outside garden is green and blooming.

Samantha Eastman

We love this place, lovely place to have lunch as well.

Richard Martinez

What a fantastic venue this is. It is so beautiful with the flowers and plants. Had a wedding there and the staff did a wonderful job with everything. Highly recommend this place to visit or to hold a function there.

Adam Smith

Beautiful great time and great place to visit

Catie Fisk

A fun place to explore! Lots of interesting plants and flowers with a beautiful outdoor water area. The cafe, Trellis, is amazing!

Nikolas Pugmire

This place is stunning. Check out the Bonzai exhibit if you are able... it is so fascinating to see the different styles and the history of each one. I love it so hard.

Angie Luiken

Such a fun stop! Our 3 yr old loved it! Getting in free for the concert was a bonus, the cafe desserts were delicious & the gardens were just beautiful

jenna a

A great place to come when it's cold out to get rid of the winter blues. They have lots of fun activities/classes for both kids and adults and if you enjoy looking at a variety of unique plants you'll be in heaven. The Showcase area has lots of cute places set up to take pictures and they have outdoor gardens that are fun see during nicer weather. The lady at the front desk was also super friendly. I guess my biggest complaint would be the cost to get in ($10 per person) is a little expensive to me. So it's not something I could afford to go do all the time. Though I wish I could go more often.

Aida Chacon

I love to get a relax to see a lot of plants

Ted Heater

Nice people working there,beautiful flowers ev erywhere

Beth Thompson

Nice little 'unplanned' stop. Lots of plants but did not see any of the waterfalls we were told about. Spent about an hour here, mainly just to get out of the sun for a bit. Cafe is closed on Mondays.

Ben Kromminga

The Botanical Gardens are a family friendly, reasonably priced activity with both indoor and outdoor gardens. My kids especially liked the walk-behind waterfall.

Charlotte Peterson

Beautiful plants displayed in interesting settings. A little warm (97.4) in tropical garden.

Samantha Hogan

We have lived in Des Moines on two separate occasions and this is always one of our first stops to re-up our membership! Great place to bring the family anytime of the year or just relax and read a book on your own! Plus, the summer caps for kids, Spring time blues concerts and all their events are absolutely incredible!

Bradley Miller

Beautiful year-round garden in the middle of Iowa. Contains interesting demonstrations and activities for the kids.

Cassandra Kievits-Lara

Super overpriced, crowded and oh! They will still charge you FULL PRICE for admission even if you wont be allowed to see over half of the center because of an active wedding in progress. Super douche move

Kelly Vogel

Great place to explore. I wish there was a little more activites for the kids but there is ton to see inside and out!

Haley Swartz

Came for a wedding, stayed for the petting zoo. Cacti made it a little painful. Easy parking, and there was a flower. Tour guide showed us the largest waterfall in the world. Would recommend.

Ashley Albright

Very neat and beautiful botanical garden! Nothing beats the views of the city from inside the garden. It is small garden with a dome but well landscaped inside and out.This was probably one of my favorite places while visiting Des Moines.

Sweetcheeks Siem

Great garden and Arboretum. It was a rainy day so it was nice to have someplace to go where it's indoors and outdoors.

Tammy Cassady

Just an interesting place to visit.

Matthew Pagano

I went to this place in the middle of winter, so we didn't get to see the outside of the venue. However the inside was open and we took our time when walking around. We were really impressed with how everything was put together and how much there was to see...i would definitely consider going here again in the future, since the inside was so impressive, I'd imagine the outside is just as good, if not better.

Tristan Nicholson

Great place to go in the winter, what's better than walking around in 75-degree weather looking and smelling beautiful flowers.

Dominic Mickelson

Surprised at how good this was. It is worth the price of admission. Very friendly staff and well maintained. Best recommendation is that we would do this again.

James Lightner

Kinda small, but it's a good way to kill an hour or 2 for 10 a person

Mark Laehn

Nice garden. Have been to better, but they have some unusual plants that I never seen before. Liked the food plants, banana tree with real bananas growing, a pineapple plant, the cacao and abracia coffee tree was cool but no fruit on them. Worth the price of admission. Just been to bigger and better.

Deborah Fogle

Words can't describe how beautiful it is here.Gardens can rival any others.Friendly staff,nice gift shop,nice garden cafe and great place for any special event.

Clinton Richard

Very enlightening makes a guy wanna protect the environment

Pam Hoffman

Really nice garden to go through Very well kept! Nice ponds!

Susmita Sanyal

Botanical gardens are always beautiful. But the greenhouse in this one is extra special. Good selection of different types of trees. I really enjoyed my time there.

Kalyn Wernimont

So many wonderful plants and sites to see. Friendly staff as well.

Jeff Schultz

Very nice diversity of plants. Friendly and helpful staff. Not too large, easily walkable. Would definitely visit again.

Thomas Weihe

Lovely plants, and a very high-quality restaurant in the facility as well

jomarie tucci

Relaxing...great events...great gift shop and amazing plants!

Vicki Hiller

Great music and food!! Fun dancing!!

Shawn McFarland

Beautiful, a very nice Des Moines attraction. Botanical Blues is really good.

Cece Israel

Creative soft music band . Beautiful gardens both floral and water features. Great social thursday time. View of river lovely as sun sets.

Vanessa Hughes


Sabrina Kerr

It was a nice visit, gorgeous scenary for photos too. Nice and relaxing, and staff is very friendly.

Lois Kelley

Loved it! Lots of variety, the waterfall was cool, the cafe is awesome. If I lived her I would come often. So peaceful and beautiful.

Gary Garles

Many upgrades. Excellent plant selection. Helpful staff.

Sue Ann Niehaus

Beautiful atmosphere. Loved the lily pads. Good was amazing!

Nick Asjes

I'm no plant expert, but even a neophite like me can enjoy this place. The sheer number of unique and interesting plants growing in this space is truly impressive. Especially in the dreary winter months it's great to find a place that gives you a breath of spring and growing things.

Jared Kalkbrenner

Amazing little dome forest. Had a blast taking in such great beauty. 10/10 would smell the flowers again.

ryan peasley

Absolutely beautiful garden. I cannot appreciate how much it must cost to keep that tropical ecosystem at a constant level for all those plants to thrive and flourish. I love coming here, and hope to continue the tradition for years to come.

Julie Woodhouse

Always a pleasure to be there! Peaceful, interesting, meditative. Gives one an appreciation of the value of plants in its many forms and habitats.

Barb Malone

Beautiful! Much larger than I thought it was.

Jessica Echterling

Such a wonderful resource in Des Moines! Walking around the warm dome on the winter can be a big relief and almost like a mini-mini vacation. In the warmer months, the outside gardens are stunning and in constant change. Along the river is a calming place to walk and sit to take in the beauty of the plants as well as downtown Des Moines.

Rob Gross

A botanical wonderland right in downtown Des Moines, great for families. Fascinating exhibits such as a hanging garden, giant lilly pads populated by frogs, carnivorous plants, incredibly detailed bonsai trees, and exotic plants and flowers.

Jennifer Hess

So many exotic plants to see. It was awesome

asascia Manderson

Very beautiful place to take pictures. Downside is you have to pay a $100 photography fee.

Michael May

Very nice not enough labels identifying plants

Nancy Dugan

First time I've ever been to a botanical garden. I was there for an event that provided me free entry. It was nice and relaxing to walk around, but personally not something I would have paid for myself. I have no other gardens to compare it to, so not sure this review helps!

TJ Stewart

I really enjoyed the Botanical gardens here. It was the first one I visited that was not free which was a little bit of a surprise but I think it’s definitely worth the price of a ticket. Lots of great photo opportunities and both indoor and outdoor things to see. The giant lily pads were my favorite along with the exotic carnivorous plants. In the main area upon first entering it was incredibly hot. I went in the height of summer heat and if you are challenged by hot weather a good bit of the their gardens will be uncomfortable or inaccessible to you.

Dannerus Maximus

We had a great time here!

Joanie Zavala

It was beautiful and the staff was friendly

travis vaughan

Great place too visit with your family very wide variety of plants and the staff seemed very noligable my only complate would be that it didnt seem like the owners themselves where very noligable about certain plants because some that where outside should have been inside in order too grow properly

d Gib tech tips

Surprisingly great experience. Was taking my wife for her birthday and wasnt expecting to have as goof off a time

Roy Lubkeman

A bright spot in the middle of the city. When life gets gloomy, this place will brighten your day.

Ken Greene

Gives great advice on gardening also good info on different plants trees and flowers

Patricia House

Enjoyed what I saw. Not enough time to see all of it. Fish pond/waterfall was better 10 years ago.

Jessica Ross

We like going here all year. In the winter it's nice to go somewhere that is warm and peaceful. My daughter (2) loves going around and looking at all the different plants and flowers. In the summer their outdoor area is absolutely stunning. We love seeing the waterfalls (indoor and outdoor). Its a terrific learning experience. The staff is very friendly as well.

N. L.

Very cool attraction. Cafe looks interesting. We will come back.

Sarah Hartman

Amazing! So many different species of plants in just as different environments. The main greenhouse has an array of tropical and desert plants, tucked away a greenhouse like area has indoor test plants, the outside has a water feature with Lilys, and the back garden has trees and shrubs. So relaxing to wander through the various areas seeing and smelling the wonderful plants.

Jeremiah Allen

Beautiful and educational. Great place to visit on a date, with the kids, or when you want to see amazing natural beauty.

Anthony Larson

It's super warm in the winter and they have all kinds of plants and trees. The cacti and palm trees were pretty

Will Frost

What an amazing place to spend the day. I drove down just to check this place out and I was not disappointed one bit! I didn’t realize the grounds were so expansive. Beautiful water falls and amazing ponds frame this indoor/outdoor parade of horticulture excellence. I’m writing this review as I sit on the indoor terrace over looking the main dome.

Eunice Marzah

Nice place for a date or the entire family

Mary Secor

Beautiful flowers and butterflies galore. Real nice walking along the Des Moines river. Amazing tropics under the dome. Nice gift shop.

Ingrid Quint

We had lunch at the botanical garden restaurant. My entree was very good and the service excellent.

Troy Rupe

It was in formative also very surreal. A nice way to escape the day

Jeremy Tuterow

Nice place to spend an hour or two. Beautiful space and friendly staff.

Cameron Daniel

What a wonderful place to spend the day! The gardens were very clean and well kept with TONS of different varieties of plants. The staff are very informative and friendly and are quick to explain any plant that you have a question about. If you need a place to take your girlfriend for an easy and quick date, this is the place!

Yvette Clausen

Absolutely breathtaking displays. Inspiration for gardeners. Peaceful, beautiful, relaxing. Truly has something for everyone.

Oliver Borzo

A Des Moines landmark. This is a great place to spend some time on a weekend for a few hours, walking amongst the plants inside and outside.

Adrianne Rollins

This is easily my favorite place in Des Moines. It is so peaceful and tranquil being surrounded by the large varieties of plants. My children love the koi ponds. The restaurant located within is also delightful. My family LOVE every visit that we have made to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. You will always find something new!!

Hello Kitty

Nice plants and arrangements. With it being cold out it seems some of the tulips were a bit weathered. But all in a good experience. My only drawback was the cafe inside. It's pretty cramped.

Todd Devine

We were here for a small wedding. Very nice venue. Food was catered by the in house restaurant. Good food.

Amber Dennis

Got married here in 2014 and loved it! Very easy to deal with and the place has a prefect DSM back drop.

Serena Schmidt

Took my little sister to and we enjoyed the beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. Great service!

Stacey Grant

Everything is beautiful. Could be a lot larger...

Glenda Bush

This is a beautiful place and was a good place for a wedding,

Evern Nelson

It's very nice but better to visit during late spring to early summer when the outside gardens are in bloom.

David Wilkins

The main issue I have with the Garden is that even in the winter, admission is $10. Within the last few years that was raised from $4.50, I believe. Yes there is massive improvements but a majority of them are outside and closed. With just the dome open you are looking at a half an hour to walk through the whole thing. Of course that can be done at a slower pace. Plenty of seating to just sit down and enjoy it. Also great for amateur photography. A wide range of interesting plants and subjects to take photos of. Pros are welcome and photo shoots but I believe there is a set fee and/or a model shoot fee, and it must be booked in advance. So if you want protrats taken and are bringing tripods and tons of equipment contact them in advance. Dress on layers, even though it might be 10 degrees outside, under the dome it will be in the high 80s with humidity. There are coat racks but I would suggest leaving the coats in the car. When I went the outside gardens were closed but are open when weather allows. If you are visiting from out of town there is no public transportation or busses to the center. However if you are staying downtown and it's a nice day, the river walk will lead you right to the front door. Just continue north under the freeway/I235. Otherwise drive and there is free parking.

Glenna Whiteman

Great place to learn about new plants and to get a season of what different climates are like.

Sanida Tabakovic

Worst customer service by some employees. Employees need to know how to speak to people before they get a job working there. Beautiful place, worst customer service!!

Michael Lunde

Great place to take the kids or grandchildren. Beautiful plants and flowers from Iowa and the world.

David Nichols

Amazing. Worth 10 stars

Robert Atzeni

Kind of confused about the visit. Brought my niece and nephew and was going to make a day of it . Entrance fee was fine to me its a donation to keep this beautiful place in business but just after an hour got hungry and they closed the eatery at 130pm What! No 1 why even have a eatery if its not open all the time or at least a small menu to feed snackers. No 2 found the hours and its open till 2 then I was taking a picture of my siblings and out of no where some guy comes up with a 100.00 dollar fee for pictures . After a pause I tried to explain wasnt a photographer and he replied its a rule and mentioned on the board as you walk in. At this point felt embarrast to argue in front of kids and other patrons so put the camera away. Went on looking at the plants and noticed this idiot following us like we were going to steal something. In going back by myself in the future and will confront these issues head on with management. Shame on you

Drake Rooney

Great experience for a fair price! The indoor garden is a colorful and inviting experience during a cold winter day. I'm excited to see what the outdoor space has to offer during the warmer seasons. Planning on purchasing a membership so I can go anytime and bring a friend for free. Also the membership gives you free admission to their weekly events involving live music, dance classes, among other fun activities.

Supriya Pase

Very calm and serene atmosphere at the Botanical garden. Loved it!

Echo Kridelbaugh

Recommend if you've never been here

Caleb Aho

This is a great way to spend an afternoon. Beautiful atmosphere and very friendly staff. Their bonsai trees were amazing and the outside portion was so peaceful. And it's pretty cheap!!! Only 10$ per person if I remember right. For my birthday my girlfriend got me a bonsai tree from there and its thriving! They also hold other clubs and educational events. Great place

Eric Thompson

Took my kids here on a chilly fall day. They had fun (6&2) doing a scavenger hunt provided by the center. Lots of neat, pretty flowers and plants.

Ya A

I came here in the winter where the outside is full with snow. I think it is a bit pricey in the winter, since there is not much to see inside. But I enjoyed shopping in the gift shop. They had very good products, And the staff was very friendly.


Not all that exciting, but worth seeing once.

Macie Grear

Family fun♥️ met a wonderful family handing out cleaning brochures... Harmony Maid

Eston Rush

Awsome place the coi pond is blue and could be hurting the fish

Shannon S

Always a pleasure seeing the beauty of plants life around the world in one place!

Shorty Trochez

Such a perfect place to spend a lovely sunny day. In love with the flower garden!

Kate Haverland

Wonderful gem. So many different types of plants. Every time I visit I see something new.

jovanny castano

Very nice botanical gardens. The size is decent and very tranquil.

Emily Betts Susanin

Love visiting, attending talks and events here. Outdoor patio walkway is epic.

Crystal Matelski

This is a beautiful place. Its nice and quiet, but right in the city. They have a nice little gift shop, a little restaurant, and peaceful green space. I took my daughter here...just to spend some quality time.

Holly Hoffmaster

Cute little gift shop. Workers were very friendly. The plants and flowers were awesome and the design and decorations were very complimentary.

Margaret Murphy

Beautiful outdoor gardens and ponds. Indoors is pretty too but outdoors is a wonderful addition.

Mark Simms

Took my 3 and 5 year old granddaughters and they loved it. Great and very helpful staff.

River Ketcherside

Nice area with a lot of beautiful plants. There were a lot of small weeds in the exterior exhibits though.

Tanya Campbell

Perfect stop in winter to warm the soul! Nice balcony with seating, perfect for reading a book or just passing the time among the beautiful foliage. Also loved the gardening inspirations in the gardeners showroom, beautiful!

Wylonda Bernstein

The building was closed, but we managed to get some very good pictures of the outside arts & garden.

Laura C

The plants are so overgrown that it looks horrible. You can't find the signs of what is what. Many leaks too. Even walking up the stairs you are crowded with plants. Definitely not like it used to be. I couldn't tell my children what plant was what. Also theres a smell to the place. They should update the place by cleaning it out and not having it be a plant hoarder place.

Ronald Thomson

If you're into plants they have a very beautiful indoor and outdoor selection to look at.

Londa Vandegriend

Beautiful gardens. Entrance fee a little steep, especially for children. A 5 year old boy is not going to get $7 worth of viewing in.

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