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REVIEWS OF A+ Lawn & Landscape IN Iowa

Lori Doyle

Our lawn was a complete mess, I called A+ on a whim after being unsatisfied with a competitor. They are professional, timely, accommodating and our LAWN LOOKS GREAT!!

A Google User

I would not recommend A+ Lawn & Landscape due to their poor service. I was interested in their Regular Lawn Program and called yesterday to get an estimate. The receptionist directed my call to a woman named Jessica I believe. Jessica said she was driving at the moment and would contact me back around or a little after 4pm that day to discuss an estimate with me. Needless to say, it is the next day and I am still waiting for her call. Very unprofessional.

Scott Plym

Very good service

Jimmy Trow

I bought a house last year with a terrible yard. A Plus to the rescue! A couple of guys came out last year to address the multitude of weeds. This year Kris M has been outstanding with helping me understand how to best take care of my yard. The results speak for themselves. All of the neighbors have commented on how they thought it'd be impossible to turn my yard around. Thanks Kris M and thanks A Plus!!

Robert Ellinger

My lawn has never looked better since A+ Lawn & Landscape has been treating it with their annual program. They are always very responsive to any question or request that I make. I would highly recommend them for their lawn care.


After a thorough analysis of our soil they completely customized our applications to improve our lawn. We are extremely pleased with their knowledge, service and true care for our lawn. They perform at a much higher level of competence than their competition. We highly recommend this team!

Ronald TeKippe

Service was good. Pray that you never have an issue with your account. They can't handle anything beyond simple billing

Lisa Demuth

Heads up--Service automatically renews unless YOU cancel. 2 day response time is a myth, applications applied too late to be effective

R Giudicessi

Our your looks better than it has in years! Thanks to Kristin M for her attention to details.

Ed Arnold

Timely, organic applications and regular mowing has resulted in a great looking lawn.

Michelle Holland

Have had them for years. Everything works like clockwork. No issues.

Deborah N.

I give CHRIS 5 stars... I can call him and discus my yard and He's ON IT!... Can't say much for the landscape division... called for a quote and NEVER HEARD form them... BAD BUSINESS!

Bojan Djukic

Just drove by one of your trucks #53 and a guy threw an empty pack of cigarettes that was empty right out of his window at the stop light. So I stared at him like bra you gonna pick that up? And he looks at me like I did something wrong... I thought you guys care about the landscape and environment.

Sean Stickrod

We had aplus do a six time treatment for our yard and your better off just buying the treatment stickers for your yard because I am pretty sure that's all they did was stuck a sign in our yard. Our yard is full of weeds it's crazy to pay them for the service we got. Only good thing I can say about them is the office is very friendly. Better off with treating it yourself or another company.

Britt Cameron

First time ever to write a review...Didn't know anyone employed by A+ prior to signing a contract for a backyard landscaping project (70 flowers/grasses/bushes, lighting, sod, and mulch). A thank you to Ken Erwin, Rachel, Nathan, and Scott for the outcome of the project being first-class. The professionalism they demonstrated and the guidance provided, from the planning stages to project completion, was exemplary. We found everyone to be highly dedicated and hard-working. All responses to our questions were thorough, complete, and timely. Phase 2 of our backyard landscaping project is planned for next summer...We'll be utilizing the services of A+ again.

matthew Robinson

Do excellent work

Becca Sue

The lawn care has been good and any questions or problems that have come up they have been quick to get back to me or come out and answer any questions/concerns at my home.

Lisa Bell

I had paid for 5 treatments for my lawn in 2015. Paid in full before they did any service. The service was fine- still had allot of crabgrass but took care of the dandelions. In April of 2016 they came out and sprayed the yard- I had not asked them to or received a phone call asking if I wanted to renew my service. I had recently moved. I received a bill for $60 because they had sprayed my yard without my consent. When I called the company they said it was there policy to automatically renew- even though I had not signed up for any more treatments than what I had paid for in 2015. So I ended up paying for someone else's yard to me sprayed. I will never use them again and will warn anyone who will listen. Wow, what a way to do business and they get away with it!

David Shaw

I contacted A+ to do a soil test. After repeated calls, they finally called me back. They billed me immediately for the soil test but never gave me the results after numerous calls over two months. I waited so long I had someone else perform the test. They keep billing me for their service even after agreeing to drop the bill. I will never use them again!!!

Kaylee Applebee

you guys claim to be A+ service but charge people when you don’t even come out and do the services you have us pay you for... we call you several times without call back! as well as the fact that you once again claim to be A+ service yet can’t identify bunny holes and end up killing them!!!! i advise you to educate your employees

Doug Dornacker

We recently moved into new construction and needed some TLC for our newer sod as well as plantings and trees around the house. I’ve had several lawn services over the years and chose to go back to A+. The sales staff was very helpful and te tech’s always come back for a touch-up on weeds when I need it. I also had a poor experience with another company performing our sprinkler system start-up and shut down in the spring and fall. I asked A+ to take over the service and I’m very glad I did. The tech not only hooked up the system, but spent time checking each head to ensure it was covering the lawn and not the house or the pavement. Great service!

Brian Williams

Awesome place! Think I'm going to switch to them.

jeffrey morris

I was a fan and loyal customer for years. Then I messaged and told them not to spray my wife’s plants but they did twice and killed them. I cancelled service, and the owner offered to replant what they destroyed. He never followed through. He also said the company would remove the charge me but they didn’t. They didn’t and then sent my bill to collections. The owner said he would take care of this but he didn’t. Thank you for giving this middle aged man a bill in collections. Update: the manager did email and make amends so I will give them credit for that. Again, I had been happy with the company in the past so I suppose I could recommend.

Heather Streeter

We had one of their consultants come out to give an estimate and do a design for our entire yard - front and back. She came and took a few pictures and sent us an estimate with a picture of only the front yard. I sent a couple emails back to ask about the sides and back and the cost to get their lawn care, remove stumps and to do irrigation. No word, I sent one more email back to her and no response. Their customer service is very poor.

Carroll Hochstein

We have been absolutely thrilled with the professional and friendly services will all of the A+ staff. We started using them since shortly after moving to Iowa and now have a prefect lawn we are incredibly proud of.

Nathaniel Lenhart

Im a Vet. Lawncare technition here, and have, for all but the start of last season, my first year being a little all over everywhere. I've made some lawns fantastic, some clay rich, and poorly planned lawns are getting better with each treatment. I love what I do for my customers, and Id love to know more of everyones mindset personally. I know how to use my hands, to do the right job, and my Turfco Lawncare machine to do a better one. I just would like my customers to know, busy aint got notthing on my pace, I like getting home before 9pm. I don't speed, and I respect your lawns and community everyday 10-14 hours every day. Thanks for looking into what I've to say. If your job's title has "care" in it then its part of the job. I am a big part of why Altoona, Bondurant, Colfax, Runnels, Prairie city, Mitchillvill, Plesanthill, and Some Des Moines area residence have pampered lawns, with minimal weeds if any. I don't have to even look for the house number I just roll up to the greenest, nicest lawn and 98% of the time its one of my dedicated turf care customers. Really thank you all. I love my job, Can your other company applicator say that honestly? I've never worked another job where my boss cares about me as my as; Mr. Edwards, Mr. Darr, Mr. Earp, and Mr. Deon have. If they care this much about me I can't imagine the dedication they feel for their customers. An amazing company that knows better than others.

Randall Beals

Great service, highly recommend them.

Douglas Vaughan

Very spotty coverage. Tend to kill intentionally placed plants while missing all the weeds. I'd post pictures, apparently I can't, but I'll sure tag them in Facebook!

Michael Azarbod

Performed application on my house when I was on a call ahead list and didn't give approval (actually said no). Then proceeded to spray and to charge me for the application anyways. Talked to a receptionist multiple times and confirmed they shouldn't have sprayed then confirmed with a manager TWICE. Now I have a debt collector calling me to pay the bill...

oatbagg Ma

called twice, never bothered to return my call.

William Ledvina

Decided to try out A+ Lawn because I wasn't happy with my previous lawn care provider. They were more expensive but I was hoping they would provide better service. My lawn had pretty much all burned up the previous year because I refused to have a $500 a month water bill. Last spring I planted tall fescue hoping it would survive hotter temps with minimal water. Surprisingly it started growing very well. A+ came out and did a treatment for weeds and I noticed that the tall fescue seemed to lightly turn brown, but it quickly turned green again and all was good. A+ came back later in the summer and did another treatment, this time, it killed all of my tall fecue that I had planted. In the notes on the ticket it said my yard was mostly weeds and they treated it heavily. I called them up and complained that their treatment had killed all of my grass that I had planted in the spring. It was late September and they said they would do a aeration and overseed for fee but they could not guarantee it would take because it was late in the year. Over the winter I decided to go with another company for my lawn care. I called in the spring and told them that I was no longer going to use their service and I thought they had cancelled service. A few weeks later my new lawn care provider treated my lawn and when I got home I noticed a second flag in my yard. A+ had treated my lawn even though the other lawn care providers flag was in my yard and after I thought I had cancelled. I called and spoke to support and explained what was going on. They said they had no record of me calling in to cancel service. They transferred me to someone else and after I explained again what happened they said they would cancel my service and I would not have to pay the $69. A few weeks later I get a bill in the mail saying I still owed the $69. I called in again and asked whats the deal? They said no one was there at the time but I could leave the supervisor a voicemail. I left the voicemail and never got a call back. I called in once again and they told me they would have their supervisor call me back and once again no call back. Then, I get a notice in the mail that they had sent the $69 to a collection agency. I have to admit, the overseed they did in the Fall did come through pretty good, but that was not enough to outweigh the poor customer service, the money out of my pocket and the hit on my credit report. Save yourself the time and money and go with someone else, anyone!!!!!

Jessica Quick

For the second time this place has killed my live plants. The first error was understandable, however, when its August 2 and you have mature tomatoes and peppers in a raised garden and clear watermelon growing and they have been sprayed, I just dont understand. There is no way to replace my garden. This is horrible. I planted this to eat it. Your company cant tell what a garden looks like twice after being shown and there are huge watermelon and tomatoes and you spray them? Ignorant.

Mark Mott

Called a week ago for a quote on lawn care. Never heard anything back.

Matthew Glander

We have lived in multiple states, a plus was the simplest to access of all companies. We always use local business when possible. A plus responded and I had a quote for service in less than 45 minutes. I have no weeds, no bugs, we add flea and tick treatment as we have a dog, no issues. Details are left on the treatment and what I should or should not do post treatment! They always seem to time applications that do best with water afterwards to when rain is forecast. My lawn is green, weed free and healthy! These guys know what they are doing and do it well!

Bill Knudten

We’ve had A+ for 3 years now. Previous company burned the yard by using the wrong chemicals. Yard looks great now- A+ does a great job at a fair price.

Phil J

Spoke with Ethan. Great guy.

John Ole Hickree

I have been working with Mark Johnson recently on evaluating my property. Mark proposed a detailed plan for my unique situation. He laid out everything so I could understand it and answered my questions so I could really see his vision. I have used a few other lawn companies in the past and none of them asked the questions Mark did. I really look forward to working with Mark this year and hopefully long term.

Fay Porter

Have been using A+ Lawn & Landscape for several years now - when I started my lawn was full of weeds & Creeping Cha. rlie. Am proud to say lawn is now weed free & now no need for call backs after first year. Great people to do business with - always friendly. I very highly recommend this company

Reike Plecas

After the death of my parents we were immediately thrust into caring for many multiple properties A+ lawn and landscape came to me with a concise plan to care for and maintain the properties with a level of excellence.

Bryan VanDeBoe

Great place to work !!

Jerome Barnwell

Your service has been good. complaints were taken care of in a timely manner and the lawn in looking better.

wilt walt

they have it all, irrigation, mowing, spraying, landscaping, garden center, and fountains/pond treatments. need more core values

Lisa Hagen

I moved here in 2010 and it took me a year and another lawn company before I found A+. They are amazing. From the owner to Jean to the guys that service my lawn during the summer-all are professional and kind. Also had a dead tree, they came out and gave me a reasonable quote from an ISU horticulture graduate. These guys are the best. Well qualified, reasonable rates and never intrusive. I highly recommend A+ Lawn and Landscape.

Amy Darr

A+ installed one of their beautiful trees in my front yard last year. The men who came out to do the work did a wonderful job and were very respectful of our home and yard, I would recommend this company for any landscaping projects.

Julie T

Technician is very conscientious about making sure our pets are inside and all their toys are off the lawn before treatment is put down. She makes great suggestions to help keep the lawn looking great. Appreciate the reminder calls also.

Kim Boughton

Paige Billings

These guys take care of the lawn in our apartment complex. They’re not very friendly. Today I got to listen to one of your employees loudly mock young children that are at the daycare across the street as I waited for my kids at the bus stop. Very classy.

Dick Lester


Steve Little

They do an outstanding job with my lawn and always arrive on time. I definitely recommend them to anyone needing a lawn care service.

Ildiko G T

We have had a seasonal lawn maintenance contract (not mowing) with A+ for 2 years. We are happy with the service. They are easily accessible by phone or email if we have questions or problems. They are on time with the scheduled services and always leave a note of what's been done. They are also quick in making additional appointments if we need something checked out or treated. We would definitely recommend them!

Priyanka Gajjar

We really like the prompt service. Staff is knowledgeable and considerate. Quite reliable.

Mark Funaro

Great service. Always very responsive. Fair price.

Scott Leonard

Have been using A+ for nearly a decade at multiple properties and have NEVER been disappointed. Two major landscaping projects, two irrigation installs, multiple years' of lawn treatment service and the annual irrigation startup/shutdown services - all of which have been great. The landscaping designs were really good, and the implementation of those designs were spot-on. The people assigned to my projects have always been professional and extremely friendly. I have no plans on switching services and would recommend them in a heartbeat. Thanks A+!

Steve D

Consistent, careful and clean work with results.

Dean DeCarlo

Hired A Plus last year to start taking care of my lawn care. Have been very impressed with Kristin M. My back yard looks the best it has in years. I have talked to her several times when she is doing my yard care and she always listens to my concerns and is very knowledgeable. I appreciate her customer service and I hope A Plus values her employment.

Kathi Dellaca

I contacted A Plus Lawn to have my mower tuned up for the mowing season. The reason I chose them is because they come to my home and the price seemed reasonable. They were friendly and did a good job.

live laugh love

The majority of there workers who are convicted felons. Most of these 5 star reviews are from such workers. Go with any other company and you'll be better off

Arthur Rice

There entire team is fantastic! All I want to do is mow my lawn, they take care of everything else!

jeff hall

So you don't have too.

Karen Baumunk

They supposedly do our apartment lawn and snow removal. I wouldn't recommend them for either!

Tony McAninch

My wife and I went on a Saturday to look for plants. I had drove by this place many times so i decided to stop here. My wife and I looked around for a good 30 minutes, after finding some plants we were interested in I began looking for someone to answer a couple questions. There was nobody around so I went inside the building, I couldnt see anyone but heard 2 guys talking so i walked towards the sound. I found the guys who apparently work there and jokingly asked if they were open, they looked at each other and discussed what time they closed and agreed they closed at 3:45 i looked at the clock above them and it said it was 4. I then turned and left. The plants didnt look the healthiest and many had weeds growing in the pots. The plant area itself looked disorganized and any service was out of the question. We then drove to Earl May and bought the same plants we were looking at but the looked much healthier. I doubt i will ever stop there again.

june thompson

Good work

Barbara Josephsen

Thanks for the great job of fertilizing the yard. It has really looked good this year. Thank-you, Nick B., for moving the large rock in my landscaping. Really appreciate you taking the time and effort do this.

Deb Nelson

I have had you guys fertiliz my yard the last couple years. The first year you did a great job, but the last couple years I have had to call aND complain, I have crabgrass, clover and several other weeds in my yard. I will not be back next year and will tell anybody that asked that your a waste of your hard earned money, your not worth it. Sorry but it's the truth!

Jana McCann

Highly disappointed in Aaron Darr for dropping the ball on a simple edging project. Two times this summer I requested edging to be done at my home. The first time I made multiple calls before the crew made it out. The second time (after contacting them twice and waiting over 3 weeks) they just didn't make it at all.

Wade Van Weelden

I would give them a zero if I could. They can't seem to hire anyone with anything between their ears. No matter how many times you complain or they have to replace windows, they still do the same stuff. I take pride in my vehicle, and to have them just mow right up against it and ruin my recently detailed car, is just disrespectful. Is it really so hard to mow away from cars and not blow dirt, grass, and rocks up against vehicles? If you watch them work, the answer is apparently yes. Save yourself the headache and give your money to someone else.

Jan Evans

They are here on time, they do their jobs and are very polite and friendly! They are my number 1. !!!!!!!!!

joseph ruggerio

You do great job. Very pleased

Robin Maharry

A+ came and aerated our yard. They came when scheduled and did a great job. It really improved the quality of our grass.

Zinajda Kekic

A+ Lawn &Landscape company is named A+ with reason.

Joan Dooley

A+ has serviced my lawn for the past 10 years. The staff is very friendly and helpful and comes out right away to check any problems I may be having with my lawn. My grass has gone from being sparse to a lush, green, weed free lawn.

Robert Dunn

I switched to A+ 2 seasons ago. Since switching my lawn has improved greatly. A+ gave me some alternatives to traditional lawn care that seems to be working. I highly recommend speaking to one of their managers to get their advise.

Aaron North

I think a true test of good customer service comes when something unfortunate happens, and the company then has only one chance to make it right, and thats what happened here. They didn't mow my side yard at first. Why? I don't know, maybe there was a misunderstanding or something on my yard, but I just let them know about it and they treated it like it was a VERY big deal, very apologetic and they made it right. That is all you can really ask for.

Jakin DeHart-Montez

these people have run over every gutter downspout in my town home community.. how hard is it to tilt the downspouts up before running over them? These homes are only a few years old.. have a little respect for our investment. Not to mention constantly mowing grass after it rains causing mud holes... won't ever recommend these guys to anyone. Update : I went out as these guys are still weed eating.. and have found damage to my ac unit and all the gutters near us are significantly damaged... this is unacceptable. Neighboring homeowners are upset as well and we will all be presenting photos to the HOA (Hubbell) at the next HOA meeting about finding different lawn services if this kind of damage is not taken care of.

Terry Anderson

Great service every time. Will recommend everyone. They will help with my next addition of a sprinkler system.

Mark Arends

Using A+ Lawn for the first time, starting this Spring has been a very good decision. Our weed problems that I have tried to eradicate myself for years are virtually gone, because of the careful and consistent procedures that A+ uses. Our lawn looks the most lush and green it ever has since we moved to our home. Thank you A+ Lawn & Landscape.

Suzanne McIntosh

Very disappointed in the mowing service. They destroyed all of my downspouts. Banged up my siding. Aaron is the most condescending person I have ever dealt with. He never resolved any issue. Would just lie and blow it off. I used to be very pleased with this company, but not any longer. There is more than one lawn service in town. I'm moving on. I agree with other posters. The 5 star ratings have been entered by employees and their families. That should tell you something...

Josh Jacquin

They came out to complete a law mower service. Came out left said service was complete.. I notice my oil filter was not charged from the one I put on last year and the tech told me his blade sharpener was broke. Called them and manage called tech to verify. They sent me bill I called out multiple times to get it straight.. I kept getting pushed from person to person. I talked to them last week and they stated it was taken care of. Looked at credit card and my card was charged for the service that was no completed. Completly dishonest business people! Just glad I was home when "service" was supposedly done! Charges are being disputed!! Never would I use them!

Todd Jacobus

Anthony Leto

Curt is very knowledgeable about the lawn care buss. My lawn looks great. He save my lawn from disease and grub worn. Looks great. Thank you, Tony Leto

Ted Friedmann

Had an irrigation system installation done by A + and it was a great experience. The quote and installation were completed within a couple weeks. The installation crew did a great job and kept me informed as the project progressed. Would recommend A + for irrigation system

Ryan Abbas

A+ has been taking care of my lawn for the past two years (new home). They put in my sprinkler system, landscaping, and also do my lawn treatments. They have provided me with some different alternatives to “traditional” lawn care that really seem to be making a difference (especially given the HORRIBLE soil I was left with from the home builder). Their staff and managers are educated, certified, quality oriented, and always have great suggestions and advice no matter what the problem—very helpful. Service has always been great and now my lawn looks like one of the best in the neighborhood!! I would definitely recommend A+!!

Carolyn Tiernan

Yard looks better than it ever has; I get many compliments id it! Customer service is great Thanks!

Janet H

B Brody

They came out here yesterday and Doug was incredibly helpful and got the system working and replaced heads that needed to be and did it for far less than others that had come by and gave us pricing on fixing it. Instead of trying to upsell us, he fixed it and now it is working as good as new. I can not recommend A+ more if you want good / quality service and not just someone trying to sell you something new.

Ken Herndon

Fast and efficient.

Dennis Hatchitt

So far service has been excellent. I have a weed problem and my treatments have helped. The employees I have had contact with have all be courteous and knowledgeable. I would recommend A+ to anyone.

Nina Tesene

So far have been pleased with the service. They have showed up as scheduled and communicated instructions for best results. After only 2 visits my lawn looks great!

James Moos

It was great and the stone color was perfect! Such a refreshing change from the damaged wood we had. Plus it was done in time for our daughter's birthday so we were able to show it off to the family.

Lindsay Kashyap

My family just relocated to Iowa in November. The previous homeowners had not winterized the irrigation system and we ended up with a cracked backflow preventor (?). A+ came out the next day and shut everything off; I was happy with their service and prices seemed reasonable. The tech recommended that we have the part replaced in the spring when the system is started up. Fast forward to May 2019. I had already called them to schedule the start-up and repair appt. The morning of the appt, I called to confirm and make sure that they were going to be able to replace the backflow part. The receptionist said that my appt was cancelled because I did not confirm some email that I did not receive??? How am I possibly expected to know that an email is coming, which likely went to SPAM, or else my appt will be cancelled?? The receptionist was no help whatsoever except to schedule another appt. This is a completely illogical way to schedule appointments, and I'm so irritated and inconvenienced, I've decided to work with another irrigation company going forward.


Tyler Harman

Been using them for years. Great company.

Joe D'Souza

I know you can earn 5-stars from me. Go ahead and please me!

K Lock

Why does this company LIE ? I had my backflow checked in May. In June I received a letter from the Ankeny water company asking for my backflow report. I contacted A Plus about the report they said they would fax it to the water company. In July I received the same notice from the water company about my backflow report. I called A Plus again, they said they would fax it to water company right away. NOW, the end of July I received notification from the Ankeny water department that my water will be turned off on August 1st because they have not received a report for my backflow. I called A Plus, I was told by the receptionist they were sending my backflow report while we were on the phone. Later that same day we received a call from a man from A Plus telling us he would need to come to our home and check our backflow because the person that checked our backflow no longer works for the company and did not make a report. SO, WHY DID THE RECEPTIONIST LIE TO ME AND TELL ME MY REPORT WAS BEING SENT ?? WHY LIE ????

Andrew Payton

Very professional when they sprayed my yard and used a leaf blower to clear off any over spray on my driveway and walkway!

Connie Remetch

They're knowledgeable, professional, courteous, informative & reliable. Great communication. Our lawn looks much better w/ their services.

Laura Dehnke

Most unorganized, dishonest, money stealing lawn company around. Extreme lack of personal care and customer service. Terrible secretarial attitudes and management is no better.

James Walstrom

I paid another company over $1400 to apply hydro-seed to my back yard this spring. A week later I received an email from A+ stating I had a past due balance. I replied to this email and stated I prepaid for all of my services at once last year and was not informed of a renewal nor did not agree to a renewal, I also wanted to know what was applied since i just spent $1400 on hydro-seed. I did not receive a reply so I called. The first question the guy I spoke to asked was "what did we screw up". I explained the situation and I asked what was applied to my yard and he said a 4 month pre-emergent. I immediately became concerned because the pre-emergent will kill the grass seed i had put down. He said I needed to speak to the owner about this and gave me his number. I called and left three voicemails and never heard back from the owner so I called again. I spoke to a different guy this time who wanted to argue with me about my invoices stating the auto renewal is on the invoices I received. I explained that I paid ahead over the phone last year and did not receive any invoices. I told him about my concern with the pre-emergent and he acted like this was stupid and told me I had nothing to worry about. I told him to put my account on hold until I was certain there would not be any issue. A week later I received a letter in the mail stating my account had been turned over to a collection agency after I requested it be put on hold. A+'s communication was terrible throughout this whole ordeal. I spent over $500 to my have lawn treated, as well as aerated and over seeded last fall. My lawn looked terrible this spring, I am pretty sure the pre-emergent applied in the early spring killed the seed they put down and there are several bare spots in my yard. Based on A+'s poor communication and lack of professionalism I would not recommend using them, there are better options out there.

Jenna Brownell

I ask A+ to call me before they come to get my dog inside. They are professional and always do it great!

Ellen Murlaga

Always a pleasure working with A+! Great customer service. I recommend them to all my friends and go to them with all my lawn and landscape needs. Thank you, guys! You rock! Ellen

Brady Johnson

Mike M. is very friendly, and helpful in discussing the options of improving our irrigation. I can tell he has our interests in mind, rather than just selling services.

David Money

It's is a great work in environment and everyone is like family

Dave Lyon

We have dealt with this company for several years and have always been more than satisfied. Their service is good and the techs sent to inspect my irrigation system are always well informed and helpful. Recently, Chuancey inspected our equipment as part of the seasonal program and he was quite helpful. As he checked the equipment he explained what he was doing and the adjustments he made were ones I could do if needed. He had to reposition a sprinkler head which he did at no added charge. We are pleased with our contacts with A+ and highly recommend the company for anyone with or seeking an irrigation system.

J Stef

Richard and his crew did a great job! Would highly recommend

Michon Leddy

It's not everyday that one has an irrigation installation, thus I wasn't sure what to expect for this process at my home. Without having any expectations, I have been very pleased with the gentlemen providing the service. All were professional, polite, and more than patient to answer my questions.

Stacy Thomson

I hired A plus to mow my lawn once a week and edge once a month. The price they quoted me was different than the price they actually charged me when I was billed. The children that they hire out to do the jobs not only had dull blades, but they seemed to be doing 25 mph in my yard and left my grass knocked over instead of mowed. When I finally decided to fire the company, I did so the day before they normally come out to mow. They immediately sent someone out to mow my lawn one more time before I got home so that they could bill me one more time. It looked like they did burn outs around my trees and I could see tire marks in the soil. They clearly have too many clients and feel the need to rush through the job. They definitely get a D- Hire someone else.

Team Dub

I had waited for posting a review to see how A+ would handle the issue. I was not at all happy with the service last year. I tried them due to reviews and my neighbors using them. Horrible mistake, the applications were never done on time and half were done during heavy rainfall. I did not want service again. They showed up and sprayed my yard again without my request and then billed me for service I did not order or request. A definite report to the better business bureau. They have also failed to contact me regarding the issue. If your looking for horrible service, untimely applications and a bad product. A+ is for you.

Cristhian Cruz

Great service,best job you got it everything

Nance Bloedow

Great job, as usual....Keep up the good work and kudos to the young man who did our work.

Rick Merkle

The crew did a great job and I was pleased with all work requested.

Larry and Mary Schiller

Hired A+ to replace retaining wall under our deck. Did an excellent job for a reasonable price. Would highly recommend them.

Dawn Carlson

Lawn service team has been great to work with over the years. Mulch delivery through garden service this year ... also terrific. Accommodated my schedule. Competitive price. Very high quality mulch! Thanks A+

Adam Sieren

Mark came out to my house and was very knowledgeable on my lawn and how to get it where i wanted it. Very impressed.

Mike Salem

The service person Chase did an excellent job taking care of our yard. He answered all my questions and was meticulous in our lawn care issues. Very polite and took the time the time needed. Chris (Radar) has always done a great job training his service people. Excellent job by the complete organization. Thanks - Mike Salem

Bob Kamin

I called and had an irrigation startup and Alan came out and did an excellent job setting and adjusting my irrigation system.

Katie Grandstaff

Not Impressed.

Brad Cox

They do a great job, show up when they say they will, and make my lawn look great!

Brendan Otto

Josh and Spencer came out and did a great job, very quickly, and even helped deal with a cantankerous neighbor. They were able to move land, fabric and mulch in less than 24 hours. 10/10 would hire again.

Tony Celsi

I have been very satisfied with A+ Lawn & Landscape. They are a small local company, the young man was very polite and my lawn looks great!

Mark Dylo

I would rate better if the person who does my yard would communicate and layout a plan for my yard. There are still lots of weeds and crab grass. There is one great thing I can say about A+, they have a woman that works in their call center/billing department named Vicky. She is beyond nice, I wish her attitude and kindness would rub off on others.

Ann Petersen

Very nice people to work with. They are interested in my perceptions of their work. Very responsive on all levels.

Nate Braymen

***Update: received a call from A+. Excellent customer service. They will look to see if they can make an offer to me for mowing only and also explained the reasoning more clearly for the previous quote I received. Updating to 5 star for customer service even if I do not ultimately use their services, I appreciate the follow up and effort made.*** This rating is based only on the phone conversation I had. The price I was quoted for my very small yard was $174/month!!!!! All I want is to have the lawn mown and trimmed or even just mowed. They said they won’t do just mowing but forced me to take on grub treatments and fertilizing and who knows what else. $174/month is a car payment. Completely ridiculous. Will continue looking for a company that will offer a reasonable price.

John Hsieh

I'm now entering into the 3rd year of working with A+. I have the complete package of lawn care during the summer and snow clearing during the winter for my home. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the service that I receive. They really do deserve the name "A+" as I have never received anything less. Their prices are slightly higher than the competition's, but it's worth it to me to not have to deal with headache from a under-performing contractor.

Alan Stillmunkes

A+ Lawn & Landscaping did a tremendous job with our landscaping project & had expert people on the job. I'd recommend Mark & Ken to anyone looking for lawn care & landscaping needs.

David Lawrence

We think your company is fantastic. We've had excellent results every time from your team, when it comes to the services we've gotten (lawn treatment).

Jeff Noble

They'll charge you for service you never signed up for. They show and try to charge you for treatments you never ordered. Then they refuse to drop the charges. Horrible company. Terrible customer service.

Mark Greinert

Have been with A+ for a few years, and they have done more than any service we have had in the past. Very professional would highly reccommend.!

Jerry McClelland

We are dissatisfied with your effort. At the last visit my wife discussed a problem grass with your technician. He said he could kill the problem grass without killing the bluegrass. He also said he would be back in a couple of days. He wasn't. My wife called to discuss this, and left a message. No one has called back, despite your 48 hour call back promise. We left our old lawn service because we never got call backs. It looks like we will be looking for another lawn service again. We expect discussion of our issues when we ask about them.

Penny Bisignano

Love the service and the details I receive as a customer. This is my first year and I sure will continue.

Black Beard

There driver nate smith truck 110 i think is always on his phone watching videos and always curb checking and not paying attention to the road. Always speeding thru town highly unsafe driver.. but gives customers great free service and free parts.... highly unsafe to be around..

Brandon Warnke

I just became a new hire and have been in this type of career for 17yrs...I have to say I love how put together tHEY AREB AND THE IMPORTAN E OF MEETING ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR THETE CUSTOMERS

Christina Davis

Not good place to work very bad not good at what they due eather the people they have train you dont due good job at it plus you work hard for them they say you done good and proudly better then most if the people I remained then goes back tell supervisor hole differnt store wouldn't reck amen to work for this company true green much better

Larry Carl

Our A+ representative (David Schroeder) provided excellent service yesterday during an overseeding process.

Scott Johnson

Lawn never has looked better

Rich Eckstein

Just got a new home in Ankeny - took A+ a few weeks to get out here to start the irrigation system. Greg came out just now and tested and tuned everything. Very knowledge and great personality.

Malory Gruver

I had a mole problem and my yard just a mess from that little bugger. I called A+ and they were they only ones who would come out to my little town to deal with the mole. The mole is gone now and my yard is back to its normal self. I will definitely use them in the future for more lawn care needs.


I canceled for poor service and the next year they automatically came out and started service again even though there was already Tru Green flags in my yard! I refused to pay and the owner/manager was EXTREEMLY rude on the phone with me. They had a creditor harass me for a few months then they hit my credit!!! I disputed it as fraud and won because they had no contract, no signature, and no right to charge me so it was ordered to be removed from my credit across all credit agencies. Beware, after your poor service and a cancelation they may still charge you. They may act like they are concerned but if I had a recording of him on the phone and played it for future customers... they would never have another client. I am not the only one who claims they are theives, read the reviews

Diana Torry

Our technician Kristin M is the best! She really cares about my concerns and answers all my many questions. I am so excited I feel I am going to get my lawn back to being beautiful again. And Mark is awesome, I am so glad he talked me in to giving A+ another chance. He also seems to care that I am satisfied and I am totally satisfied with the service this year.


Have used their lawn care for several years now and highly recommend their service. They have a wonderful staff who always call prior to coming. My lawn is much thicker and practically weed free. We live inner city and have neighbors whom do not service their lawns so occasionally we get some of their weeds but I just call and A+ comes out to rid our yard of them. GREAT COMPANY!!!

Lizzy G

Great service.

Julia Seaton

We've been using them for a few years and they are very professional and our lawn has never looked better.

Bob X

Great service and very convenient!

Nate Iowa

Signed up for treatments in spring 2018. After a couple treatments I noticed no change in the amount of weeds in my yard so I called and cancelled. The next week they called about an appplication. I said no because I had cancelled. The week after that they called again. Of course I said I didn’t want service anymore. The next week they called again. I eventually just stopped answering. Come spring 2019 they called again and without my consent did an application, 2 days after I applied my own. I called and spoke with a lady who was very nice, but said my account was never cancelled so they automatically renewed my service. I asked if I was going to get charged and she said it was a gray area. Even though she was very nice, I don’t feel like their clerical failure should cost me $58 for an unauthorized application.

Josh Nuss

We've used A+ Lawn & Landscape at our last few houses and couldn't be happier with the results. They've brought lawns back to life that were so bad I never thought they could be saved, but they got the job done. I enjoy getting the reports after each application with recommendations from the staff on what my lawn might need in the future. We tried another company for a summer and went straight back to A+ the following year because they just didn't stack up. I recommend A+ to all of my neighbors and anyone else looking for some stellar lawn service!

Julia Flick


Jeff W

I have used these guys for 5 years to winterize my sprinkler system but after this years visit I'll be looking for a new company. The first problem with this years visit occurred when the tech called 1.5 hours before my scheduled appointment and left a voice mail that he would be over shortly to winterize my system. I was unavailable at the time. So he showed up approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes early and proceeded to pull a sprinkler head from one of the zones so he could hook up to blow out the system. Now that head is out of alignment and I'll have to fix it in the spring. As he was finishing I became available and let him in the house so he could put forth a superficial effort to drain the supply line. Apparently since I scheduled the appointment in November and the invoice said they are not responsible for freeze damage the tech was planning on leaving the supply line full of water so it could freeze and break this winter. Because I was less than confident that the supply line was fully drained I hooked up my air compressor to blow some air through it to ensure it was completely purged. This was when I discovered the tech left valves to all zones open. They never did this the other 4 times they winterized the system. Perhaps he did this so I'd have to call them in the spring and they could charge me for another trip? After manually closing the valves myself I tried to charge the system with air and this was when I found out one of the valves won't hold air. I assume this also means it's going to leak water in the spring. I had no leaks before the tech worked on my system. I guess this means I'll have to either rebuild or replace the leaking valve in the spring. So to sum up I have a misaligned head and a leaking valve after the tech's visit all because he showed up around 1.5 hours early without permission. But at least he got to knock off early that Friday which seems to be what was most important.


A+ Lawn has done a great job over the past 3+ years. Nate is very friendly and polite

Erika Peddicord

Rachel is amazing! She has helped me so much with my gardening needs and I appreciate the time and advice she has offered. I have had a hard time getting answers to some of the more difficult questions I have had for helping me with an area of timber that needed some attention. She knew just what to do and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! So nice to find a person so caring and compassionate. Thank you!

Jessie Ingersoll

Work there

Deb Freeman

Excellent service. Nice friendly people to work with. They built a wall at my house and I am very pleased with it. They also fertilize and aerate my lawn and are very concerned that I'm happy with their service.

Mandy Anderson

I will never use this company again due to their lack of customer service and follow through. They obviously do not care about their customer service.

Craig Sosby

Great job on the installation of the system & never had any issues getting my questions answered in a timely manner. Over 2 years now & no issues with my irrigation to speak of.

Susan Kahler

Just cancelled A+ Lawn and Landscape for next year. For two years I have tried to rid my lawn of violets. Was told my request would be passed on to technician but it was only after I happen to catch the technician on my third application that I was told they don't carry that particular weed killer on their truck. She knew nothing of my requests. She did return with the application but the weeds lived. This year, of course, the violets persisted, I called twice, each time no one answered and I left a message on their machine. I was polite in asking them to return my calls but never heard from them either time. Left a message on their website and again no response. Can no way recommend this company.

Kim Cunningham

Overall awful experience on more than one account. First visit to turn on our sprinklers and they were not aligned properly. Called to have it serviced and they said it was not their fault and that our lawn mower likely made them out of place. We have a push lawn mower and had only mowed 4 times (very unlikely it was our mower). However we needed it fixed it would be $80. Had them come out, solid ok work. Had them shut down our irrigation system for the winter and the service man was nice enough so didn’t think much of it. The following spring decided to go with another company based off a friends referral and overall subpar experience before. We then found out that they broke our water shut off valve when they shut down our water system. Only way that could have happened is if it was shut off incorrectly allowing water inside causing it to freeze and break. Cost us $75 to repair the part alone, not including service fees. Called A+ Lawn to notify them and asked to be refunded the $75 for the part their serviceman broke. Never did I ask for reimbursement for the other companies service fees. Spoke with manager Ethan who put me through the ringer and never allowed me to speak with the owner. Pretty much told me it’s not their problem, they won’t be paying me back because they couldn’t fix it. Explained the difficulties I had the prior year and reasoning behind choosing another company and he literally could have cared less. From May until September I emailed and called multiple times only to be told ignored. Notified our city water system of the incident and now trying to do my part to make sure others don’t repeat my error by servicing with this company. I am sure most at the company are not bad, but after multiple poor experiences would NOT RECOMMEND A+ Lawn to anyone.

sue king

A+ has been our lawn care provider for several years. They are very accommodating and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend their services. We have been with other companies, but ended up leaving them for poor service. No such problems with A+.

Rob MG

Great prices and service

donna mcdonald


Edward Wollner

Great customer experience with a variety of product and service offerings. Best lawn service in Central Iowa with a proven track record.

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