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REVIEWS OF Chalet - Landscape/Nursery/Garden Center IN Illinois

Earl Lieske

By far the best full service garden center and home decor showplace in the state of Illinois!

Carrie King

The Chalet is an amazing place I have been visiting since I was a small child. The variety of products, from greenhouse to landscaping to interior decor, jewelry and pet supplies is amazing. The best part of visiting The Chalet is Gabbie, Manager of the Pet Supplies department. Never in my life have a met a more knowledgeable, professional and passionate person. Gabbie has successfully guided us through pet nutrition, grooming and healthy snacks since our two Dobermans were young pups. She will research information and call vendors directly to ask for specialty items and all with a smile on her face, no matter how busy the shop is. To be honest - Gabbie is the reason my husband and I continue to shop at Chalet. It's not often that a person can light up your day and make you feel great for the whole week, like Gabbie does. The rest of the store is beautiful and we always find something unique and wonderful - but Gabbie is what makes The Chalet the exceptional experience that it is. And no, we are not related. I just think it's important to recognize top tier performance, professionalism and attitude when you see it. Well done, Chalet!

Lora Joffe

I love working with the chalet team.

Blase Viti

Great customer service. Family Owned. Always my "Go-To" company for lawn service.

Michelle Nguyen

Customer service here is terrible. I've asked for help at the store and on the phone. Both times, the ladies have given me attitude and were not very friendly. They are condescending and just seem annoyed you even have a question. Such a shame for such a nice place in a great area. Chalet needs to train their employees to have better customer service skills.

Lawson T

Chalet is by far the best place to go for plants in the spring and summer, gifts for the holidays and other housewarming items. The staff there will impress you with their knowledge of all they have to offer, and they are very helpful. They also landscaped my yard as well as some of my neighbors' yards and they all look amazing!

Dr. Lana

Great selection of anything you need for your garden!

William Chang

Rude customers service, not knowledgeable with newer ways of planting. Argue with customer with false information.

Lora Toth


M Semmer

Their container designs are the best on the North Shore.

Diane Lanken

I debated sharing this. But I was so shocked. I brought a plant in to be looked at. I shared how wonderful. Jennifer was about replanting it and helping me. I was truly excited and grateful. I thought she was wonderful. Well within days tons of fungus gnats were coming out of the plant. Driving me and my new kitten crazy. So I looked up natural remedies. But I thought Jennifer will know. So I hoofed it back to the Chalet and found Jennifer. She said she would comp me the cure (which I didn't expect) and proceded to tell me about a product. And I told her that it couldn't be anything that would harm the kitten. She told me I needed to control the cat! Well I do train her. But anyone who know anything about cats, let alone kittens, knows that if a bug or any flying insect gets in the house, they go nuts. I explained to Jennifer that we as seniors have downsized into a very small place. And short of locking the kitten in a bathroom, she wants those gnats! I can't have anything that she might get on a paw etc. That she can lick or eat that will make her sick. I asked her about a natural remedy I read about. And there were products on the shelf with that ingredient in it. All I did was ask her about it. And she said....."I'm the expert"! She told me, "Well throw the plant out if you can't conto the cat"! I asked her how do you control your cats from chasing flying gnats? And she said, " I discipline my cats"! All the while she was in a fluster. I said I'm sorry if I have frustrated you, I'm just trying to find a solution. She walked away from me and left me there. I was so upset. I would not have minded if she said to me. You know, I don't know of anything you could safely use. I would have understood. But she was extremely condesending and rude. I was totally offended. I debated whether to leave this review. Thinking well maybe she was having a bad day. But in the end. This is not the way you treat customers. Really disappointed and in the future I will deal with Pasquesi. The attitude maybe high in LF. But they know not to talk to a customer like that.

Zoe Sanderson

Fun ourdoor area that your kids can play in. Fun and magical too for everyone...

Fen Slattery

Adam Sturtewa

The Specialty Gardens department at Chalet is wonderful. It is amazing the attention to detail that is taken when designing seasonal containers for your home. Whether it is a new or existing container, Chalet can customize just about any old planting pot into a long lasting display of color and interest throughout the season!

Rita DiVito

Tim Stenzel

I've worked closely with some of their landscape designers and I'm very pleased with their work. They have all been very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Also, they actually return phone calls and follow up unlike other contractors I've talked to.

Martin Zugschwert

This location is really awesome for just about anything you will need for landscaping and gardening. The staff are normally pretty helpful and can point you in the right direction when you need it. I definitely recommend this for getting plants and gardening supplies, even if their products are a bit pricey. The staff also loads your car for you and is mostly very friendly.

Jesus Valle

Buddy, is an excellent example of what customer service should be. He's very knowledgeable and is my go-to person when I have questions about any plants. Thank You for the excellent service and advice.

Haley Koch

Dog-friendly store! Indoor plants are medium-priced, obviously Home Depot is cheaper if it’s a common plant, but Chalet has a TON more options/higher quality. I think it’s more reasonably priced than smaller boutique plant shops like Cultivate or Fleur. Chalet has good prices on air plants, less so on succulents (small variety and expensive compared to Home Depot) Lots of options for pots, most are reasonably priced, you can find lots for $8-10

jonerick s

Great experts on staff and all kinds of garden classes. Just ask!

Dayna Dion

The customer service here is absolutely abysmal. I walked in to inquire about lawn service and the woman behind the desk quite literally walked away. It is among the most terrible customer service experiences I’ve ever had.

Jay Goodwin

We’ve been shopping for pet supplies at Chalet Nursery for 25+ years and can’t say enough good things about their pet department. Gabbie is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and always pleasant. We had a very sick dog and Gabbie helped figure out we were using the wrong food and suggested we switch it. Our dog felt much better. We are very grateful for all her help.

Ngee Lee

Michael Ryan

Been shopping here for years. They make every holiday special and every garden spectacular.

Joe Fisher

Wonderful enchanting place this time of the year with everything budding and blooming. Buddy is the best and most knowledgable sales person I have ever had helping me with plantings. I would pay triple the price just to have people like him assisting me select and make right decisions for my garden! Everyone is happy and helpful at Chalet...

Lawrence Schnur

Cybele Elster

Quality, availability and great service!

Mark Potosnak

Danny Williams

Great place for all your gardening needs. Highly recommended!

Lawson Thalmann

Love this place and everyone that helps make it such a magical experience!

Strahinja Gostovic

I walked in knowing absolutely nothing about Bonsai trees and I walked out 2 hours later knowing a lot. The lady named Jennifer was very knowledgeable, polite, patient and helpful. Outstanding customer service!

Elizabeth Prickett

Nick Tejeda

This nursery is so beautiful and amazing. Their rich history is definitely part of the charm. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I went their on their Garden Faire which just so happened to be on the day of the Derby. They helped me find the perfect mint plant with an awesome pot and they even filled the pot up with some dirt! They also are great at giving back to the community with their Pet Adoption initiatives and the Front Yard Facelift they did in the spring. Also, nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like walking through the Garden Center during the holidays!

Mike Lundgren

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