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REVIEWS OF Brilliant Services, LLC IN Idaho

Alexandra Parrish Cheshire

Very good experience. I called Brilliant Services, not knowing much about what kind of work they do but having been told they could help with what I needed. A bird had worked its way through an air vent in our home and I didn't have time (or interest) to open up the vents and remove it while it was still alive. When I called them and explained the situation, they reached out to their teams right away and were at my home in about an hour. When they arrived, they opened up the vent, removed the bird, cleaned up the area, sealed up the vent, helped me identify the source of the problem and looked around the home to ensure there were no other places where that would happen and helped me prevent birds from getting in the vent with a temporary solution until I was able to purchase a new piece over the vent to install. James, in the office, ensured the payment was for the hour of service that was performed and researched and recommended some of the best parts I could purchase for what needed to be fixed on the exterior of the home. He also offered to have his team install them as well. I appreciate how their team acted quickly, helped resolve the issue, and went out of their way to help with solutions to prevent it from happening in the future. Thanks.

Udett Seuferer

Brian Caruso at brilliant services was a huge help in getting my rental home redone after my last renter pretty much trashed the place. He redid some cabinets, replaced flooring and painted. He was quick to reply and correct any issues that were found. He was very professional and easy to work with. The before and after pictures really spoke for the quality of his the businesses work ethic and dedication to their customers.

Barbara McGillivary

shellie townsend

Jodi Compton

I was beyond pleased with the work Brilliant Services performed at our rental property. They replaced the countertops with granite, installed a new sink and backsplash, sanded and stained the kitchen cabinets, installed cabinet hardware, removed the carpeting from the bedrooms and replaced with laminate flooring and also installed new closet doors and closet organizers. The price was so reasonable and the quality of work is awesome. I have referred many people to Brilliant Services and they are on the top of my list for my home repair/remodeling needs.

Don Evans

Horrible excuse for a cleaning company. 1) They did not have the correct cleaning agents and made excuses for not being able to clean certain items. 2) $390.00 for 10 hours labor, and the cleaning people were so slow they could not clean a 3 bedroom house in that time. Our realtor had them come back for 4 more hours and they still made excuses that it was not enough time. 3) The supervisor was rude. 4) The house is still not clean. The floors have spots. The empty medicine cabinet was not cleaned (PERIOD). They cleaned the tops of the kitchen cabinets on ONE SIDE of the kitchen. They did not clean the other uppers. $39.00 a hour for this useless attempt at cleaning.

Sherimy Barnett

Owner is a wonderful lady

Huang Sunan

Not giving me a notice before coming and charged extra for their service. Won't use their service again.

Rachell Reilly

Clayton Crawford

We use Brilliant Services for home cleaning and handyman jobs. The cleaning staff follows the playbook every time, checking each others work to ensure completeness. They are very accommodating to special requests and perform extra deep cleaning in heavily used areas per our request. The handyman services are top notch too. They arrive on time, outline the scope of work, clean up the job site, and are always professional and courteous.

Ryan Flowers

Where do I start. I'm going to keep it short. Just talk to Steve the superintendent. ANYTHING you need the guy will make it happen. And it will be done right the first time no hand holding. The guy runs a tight ship and takes customer service to the max. I had brilliant services install my shower while remote. Gave them a key, they executed and that's that. Steve even made a trip back to educate me on an issue I am having with an unrelated job. Good people, thanks Steve!!

Jason Wright

My buddy did tons of and efficient...and these guys continue to put off paying him, even after the bill was paid by the homeowners. Read this...and please use someone else. These guys hire out and then burn their independent contractors. Bad business.

Ryan Wetherall

This team is amazing. I can't recommend them strongly enough! I own a commercial rental and over the last 5 years they've done everything from new flooring, paint, layout remodeling, cleaning, carpet cleaning, roofing repairs, and disaster repairs during various upgrades and a flood we experienced. Every time I've competitively quoted them against others they've been near the cheapest if not the cheapest and with their finish quality it has never made sense to send work elsewhere. The finish quality is outstanding on every service they offer and on the few occasions where I had punch-list items they were prompt and done right. At this point it's very hard to justify the time to shop around. Brilliant Services is just the right answer for the job. Any job.

Jonathan Lee

Please do not waste your time with these amateurs. Project ended up costing twice as much as they quoted me. Very flaky people.

harvey beard

Good people.

D. C. O.

RUN! I purchased a Groupon for 3 hrs cleaning for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath EMPTY apartment I have already moved out of (which doesn't include carpets which was fine anyway). First, they advise that it will take longer than the 3 hours cleaning and it will be about 100 bucks more to cover everything. When I meet with the apartment folks the next week they found half the blinds had not been dusted, some shelves not dusted, and the oven not cleaned. I immediately call Brilliant and advise them of the findings and ask them to consider the circumstances of me not living there and to consider sending someone out to finish the job. (the apartment insists that its cleaned by "professionals" or I would just finish it myself). The very professional lady on the phone advises she will need to speak to owner/manager and call me the next day. FFWD to the next day and they say that because it is outside of 24 hours since the "cleaning" they will not honor it. Also tell me they did as much as they could in the time that was paid for. I guess calling me on cleaning day advising me they'd run out of time was too much to ask. Why bother cleaning some of the blinds but not the others? I hope they use my money for some customer service classes. I will be blowing up the internet with this. Bet that.

Krista King

HORRIBLE! THEY LIE, DO SHODDY WORK and DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK. Save your money, get a real contract company who does quality work and stands behind it! Their sub-contractor was a week late getting to my project. He was sloppy, ruined a bush by stomping on it and putting the latter on it. I had to argue with the company about replacing the bush in my front yard. They did not fix my problem correctly in August of 2015. I had to call with-in 4 months to get the contractor back out. The contractor no longer worked there, the receptionist I had communicated with no longer worked there. They sent someone out who put one coat of caulk on the window seal because he "didn't know what to do" Yes, he literally said that. Every time it rains a heavy side/slanted rain, the water comes FLOODING into my daughters room down her window; soaking the inside window frame and blinds. Its like we never had it fixed in the first place. That's because they didn't put up the necessary walling around the window and the only thing protecting the outside from the inside is a thick layer of caulk. The "water diversion system" they said I needed is ascetically unpleasing, a ploy to get more money and doesn't work! The water still goes onto and into the window seal. The paint job is awful, they didn't paint evenly so that it is ascetically unpleasing as well. This job was CLEARLY out of their element, however they were more than happy to take thousands of dollars from me. I called Brilliant Tuesday. I talked to a man named Gordon. I explained the situation, that I had called my sales guy Brian over the issue multiple times and they had to send someone out once but he didn't fix the leak. No surprise, my sales guy no longer works there. I still have all the emails and pictures from our correspondence. Gordon replied its been 4 years and its been doing this the whole time? I responded no, Its been 2 years and 4 months since you had someone else come out to try to fix what was not done properly and every time the heavy/sideways rain falls, it still comes into the window. He literally said well that's going to cost a good amount of money to fix, are you prepared to pay that? I was dumbfounded! I told him I ALREADY paid thousands of dollars and you didn't fix the problem the first or second time. It's an ongoing issue, needs to be fixed correctly, so no I am not going to pay that. You need to stand by your work and fix it right. He said he would call me back later that day or the following business day with an answer. He never did. It's been over a week and still no communication..just like over the last 2 years trying to get his fixed. The people in this company don't communicate well. Once they get your money, it's game over. Shame on you Brilliant for taking advantage of a disabled person and a single mom! Both of which the company knew. They took advantage of me, haven't returned my phone calls over the years to get it fixed correctly and now wont call me back or send someone to fix the problem without wanting to charge me another "good amount of money." I know its been 2 years but its been an ongoing issue the salesman knew about and chose to ignore. It's no wonder employee turnover is high! WOW! If Brilliant had done their job right in the first place, I wouldn't be so UPSET not "anxious." The only "misinformation" given here is just about everything this woman at Brilliant said! If nothing was still wrong, why so defensive? The employees I dealt with all left. I have emails to prove they are gone; Tina, Christina, Beau, Rich and Brian. I talked to my sales rep Brian over the phone or by text, not only by email. The last email was in January and I talked to Brian in person, he said he would call me about the window, never immediately did and I would wait weeks for followup with nothing coming out of it. This company, as you can see is; money hungry, about passing blame to customers, condescending, placating, does not stand by their work. The the only reason they are responding now is because I just filed a BBB complaint against them.

Charity Majors

I would NOT recommend this company. They did a SLOPPY job cleaning. I came home to black foot prints all over my master bathroom, crums in the corners of my kitchen floors, unvacuumed carpets, a partially cleaned spare bath. (their focus was supposed to be the bathrooms, kitchen and upstairs floors). I called the company to see if something had happened or if they ladies could come back to finish the job and the owner said his notes said the girls completed everything and they would not come back. DO NOT HIRE THEM. THEY HAVE POOR ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE

Gary Parent

Great work, medium price range. Professional outfit. They do the job right, and as promised!

Tim Rollenhagen

I had a frozen water line downstairs last winter and had some pretty major flooding. I hired a disaster recovery company to mitigate the water. I had 2000 sq ft torn up and waiting for build back - and the original company stopped returning my phone calls. 5 months later I found Brilliant Services. Brian Caruso was on-site the same day we made contact. He is knowledgeable about all phases of home construction and related fields. He is also pleasant and up front to deal with. He had me a bid in 24 hours. Several days later his craftsman started showing up {on time} 3 weeks later the job was finished. Brian has been responsive to every call or email and has dealt with all aspects of my job in a very professional manner. Brian was available to strategize on some build out issues so we ended doing many upgrades - He recommended outside granite and carpet vendors that where outstanding as well. 5 Star rating and a complete thumbs up for Brilliant. Based on their performance I have scheduled other work that is currently pending

Bill Holdridge

It was SO easy to work with Steve N. and Brilliant services. Great communication, great suggestions re: the approach to each separate project, and the subs who did the work were stellar, top-notch. I'll use them again, for sure.

Stephanie Hanchett

I had some clients contract with them and after hearing their glowing reviews, I used them when we sold our own home. I have recommended them ever since! #OneStopShopping

Rebekah Christine Meyer

I use Brilliant Services for all of my repair and upgrade projects, from installing fences and screen doors to repairing drywall and carpets. They do excellent work they make sure you are happy with the job they have done. I recommend Brilliant Services to everyone!

Beverly Carter

We were satisfied with the work the crews did, but Steve left something to be desired. He did not show his crew the work orders or share the details of same with them; so, while they always did a great job, they sometimes had to return to redo the job to our specifications. This was unfair to them and to us (and our detailed work order). A number of times Steve told us that he would call or come by to check out the job or to set up the next phase, and then he blew us off, causing us to have to change our plans at the last minute. The crews are conscientious and do a fine job, but Steve lets us all down.

David Harder

We have had them do a few projects for us from replacing a mailbox and general handyman items to remodeling and house cleaning. They are very professional and do a great job. Good people.

Erik Heggland

They are awesome! Super professional, friendly and responsive and take great pride in doing a top quality job. Highly recommend them. We will not hesitate to use them for any of the services they provide if needed for our home. We use Brilliant Services for house cleaning on a regularly scheduled basis. They are also our go-to company for anything else that we need done with our house and they have done bathroom remodelling, tile work, roofing, and are scheduled to do some drywall and painting.

Audria Glanton

Very impressed with the fast and friendly service, as well as the fair pricing!

David H

Kris and Steve are good people, we have used them on a few different projects the last couple of years, and they have always been very thorough and professional.

Lloyd Barron

Our experience was a mixed bag, but had a positive ending. We hired them to do assembly and installation of a couple of big desks in our office. They showed up late, and although the gentlemen were polite they were not experienced in desk assembly as we'd been led to believe. This led to the job taking much longer than necessary. When the time came for the invoice, we were billed double what we'd been led to believe, which was already very high for straightforward labor. The job itself was (eventually) done well, however. When we voiced our concerns about the extremely high bill, ownership responded promptly and brought it down to a more reasonable level. We appreciated this attention and resolution on their part. Take-aways: first and foremost, keep in mind that this is basically a dispatching office for a wide variety of different companies and individuals providing the actual services. As such, experiences may vary widely depending on the actual individual/organization who is assigned your project. Secondly, I'd highly recommend getting a written quote before having any work done. That way, there are no surprises/confusion later on. Kudos again to the ownership for stepping up.

L McDonough

I'm a local Realtor and recently worked with Brilliant Services on a vacant home on behalf of my out of state client. The home had been a rental for many years and was in desperate need of several repairs and major updating. The company set me up with with Brian (lead contractor) who handled every detail of the project. They quickly bid the job and communicated with the owner. They were our one stop shop for flooring, paint, new windows, appliances, repairs, cabinet rehab, and much more! Their bid was competitive, the work was professional and completed on schedule. I can't say enough about how incredible it is to have this kind of service for our industry. I'll be using Brillant Services and Brian for many more projects in the future.

Annie H

Mario and Dawn are awesome! Very thorough and friendly. Did a great job and went above and beyond

Mike Sety

Brilliant dis a great job for un on a vacant rental. We needed to "get er done". new renters were wanting to move in. Brilliant did a good job - fast. My renters are super happy. Me too. i will hire brilliant again and try to give them more lead time Mike Sety, Realtor , Gold Key Real Estate Edited on 9-19-2014 to correct misspellings and typos

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