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REVIEWS OF Garden*Hood IN Georgia

S. Larimer

Claire Diana

I live in Athens but drove all the way to Atlanta when I was recommended to check out Garden*Hood. I’m brand new to the plant world and needed guidance on which plants would work in my space and wouldn’t be easy to kill (I’ve always been terrible at keeping plants alive). Sometimes it’s intimidating to even walk into a plant shop with the lack of knowledge I have. But as soon as I got there, the super kind and welcoming staff walked me through all of my options, educating me and helping me find the perfect fits for my home. I absolutely loved my experience and wasn’t overwhelmed at all (which is a big deal for me!). They even helped me fit all my new plants into my small car. I am so excited about the plants I got and HOPE I can follow their simple instructions and keep them alive. We’ll see! Thanks Garden*Hood!

Manning Kent

Garden Hood is a fantastic nursery for high quality plants, a super knowledgeable staff and an ethical approach. Highly recommended!

Cindy Shera

Ryan Kennedy

This is a great place to find a high-quality and unusual plant selection, and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are significantly higher than at other nurseries though.

Stephanie Grant

William Duncan

Jennifer Field

Garden*Hood is my favorite plant nursery in Atlanta and they have consistently been an absolute pleasure to work with. I hired them recently to overhaul our landscaping and we LOVE how the project has turned out. It has honestly been such a refreshing experience compared to other larger landscaping companies we've worked with in the past. We met multiple times on my property to discuss what we were looking for so I felt confident that I would be getting what I wanted. In addition to that, we received a concept drawing of the end-result that came with a detailed list of the work being done and an itemized quote. The installation has taken place over the span of a few weeks, which has been great because I've been able to catch anything that I want changed in the moment instead of having to fight to get someone back out to fix something like with other landscaping companies. The whole process has felt very collaborative and they have maintained excellent communication throughout the whole project. Our neighbors have been complimenting the results whenever we run into them and I don't hesitate for a second to recommend Garden*Hood for both landscaping and nursery services.

Cinthya Miceli

Peter Dalsemer

Andy Riet

Gotta Catchem Showtime

Best Nursery In ATL

Christian Zahn

Great selection of uncommon varieties. Great selection from a ton of local growers.

Allison Mahvi

This place is great. The staff are really helpful!

cole leben

Awesome compost! Workers went way out of their way to help us. Great service!

Tamy Jean

Patrick Wiseman

gabrielle marshall

Megan Brown

Great selections and friendly staff!

susan walens

Has a great variety. Helpainful and knowledgeable staff. Great customer service

Rebecca Runyon

My favorite place to buy plants

Kimberly Klatt

Elizabeth McDonnell

Kelly Guthrie

Droptopporshe .

Chris Dunlap

Don Read

Great place help know there plants have good quality material

Jeff Paul

The guy was super helpful picking plants for my project. Will definitely go back. Picture of my stash for the day.

Lukas Bradley

Pranav Dhingra

A fantastic place! Been there twice in two weeks - they have a great selection of local plants. In addition, the staff is amazing. One of the members spent a ton of time explaining everything to me - including how to grow, water soil tips, etc. they also have monthly classes on fruit veggie gardening etc. a neighborhood gem! Yes - it’s slightly pricier than the big box stores but you are also paying for the advise and local touch imo.

Mark Hudgins

Great spot in the neighborhood to support local businesses and avoid the chaos of the big boxes. Prices aren't much higher, way worth the price of staying out of the big box craziness.

Jason Glass

The people greeted us, had their own parking, Surprised that they had some of the stuff they did. Prices were a little higher then i was used to though and not a large herb selection.

Tyler Curtis

Mia Makdad

natalie crews

I loved the location and the houseplants I picked up were in great condition!

Mike Addington

Decent selection. Pricey.

Christopher Ryan

Huge selection of plants. Very helpful staff.

Laura Lee Gentry

Fantastic garden store, love supporting our local businesses and they have beautiful inventory...lots of variety and super helpful and knowledgeable staff

Natalia Ekisheva

Very nice selection of outdoor plants trees etc. Indoor plan section is not as vast but has good options. It is a joy to walk around in the garden-like environment. Parking is right up front (gravel lot) so it's easy to get to this location. Staff is friendly. I would reccomend this place, definitely

Tony Patrignani

ihack ATL

Always helpful and friendly staff. Great selection of native and appropriate plants for the area. Prices are higher but so is the quality.

victor vaughan

Nice. A little pricey. But I'm willing to pay a little more where there are knowledgeable people who can help you. And where you can find something different than your avg big box store. Keep being friendly staff and i continue to shop there :)

Karen Carter

diaken kolwyntjies

Eric Ayers

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They know the plants of the area!

P v

Bill Hogan

Chris Craig

Best nursery in ATL

Christopher Waddell

Excellent selection and very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Taylor Harkness

Unfortunately, we won’t be back which sucks because we felt great supporting a cute little local business. They have a great selection and nice folks but zero refunds or warranty on plants. We loved a very expensive tree we got and despite best efforts and lots of care, it finally died. They wouldn’t even give store credit or swap it for the same kind of tree. It still had tags on it and everything. We’ll be shopping exclusively at Pike’s Nursery now for the lifetime warranty.

Gloria Sapp

Megan Kilinski

Great out of the box selection, and amazingly helpful and knowledgeable people who work there!

Hope Skurkis

I love coming here for new plants. They have a large selection and variety! The staff is very knowledgeable and can always answer my questions confidently.

Mike Gardner

Always a great selection of plants and exceptional service.

Tony Wilkey

Varied and seemingly healthy selection of plants.

Jarrod Hayes

They have an amazing selection of really high quality plants. My wife and I have purchased maybe 20+ plants, all with great results. The staff are fantastic. They really know their stuff, and clearly really like what they are doing. Much better than the staff at most big box stores. It is true that at Gardenhood you might pay a little bit more than at the big box places. Where they have overlapping stock, the staff will tell you that. But there isn't very much overlap, and to me supporting a local business providing quality service and selection as well as enriching the neighborhood is more than worth any difference in price.

DeJon Tebought

Alan Blair

Therese Surprenant

Brought in my own pot, picked out some outdoor succulents and had them pot them up for me. Great deal, easy way to garden.

stacy charles

I called the day prior to my visit to ask about a specific plant. I was told that the plant, a perennial that was on in stock but on sale. I inquired about the plant condition, prior to driving all the way to Boulevard. I was told the plants were in good condition. However, upon arrival I found the plant was damaged and very unhealthy. In fact nearly All sale plants were dead, damaged or diseased and no returns. There are no return on sales perennials the clerk informed me only after I asked and paid for plants. She breaks a piece of the plant while bagging it, and informs me it was a bad year for the plant type I purchased. Clearly the plant condition had been misrepresented. Other plants looked ok but not the healthiest. Very unfriendly staff. Super small gravel parking lot with a tow alert . Overhanging trees in parking lot make you feel like you want to just keep going since they are clearly not the healthiest and could obviously fall on your car. I purchased 2 small plants and the clerk was like hopefully that part will grow (after she snapped it off during packaging). I said I hope the entire plant will grow. Discount was the only reason I purchased at this place. I say *****AVOID*********

Jason S

Good selection of indoor and outdoor plants. More plants when in season. Plus, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Greyson Jarvis

Northpoint Rashid

Lindsay Sutton

I've visited Garden*Hood three times (twice for purchases, once for a return) and have always had a pleasant visit. They have their own fenced in parking lot, the staff is always friendly and there's always someone who's knowledgable for my needs available. During my recent Saturday visit, there were many guests getting individualized help with their landscaping needs and I had to wait for someone to help me at the register, but it felt expected, and I wasn't bothered. There are many kinds of flora available for purchase, especially during the summertime. Keep in mind that during the winter, there won't be as much for sale. I was really impressed with the selection of indoor plants, and I like the more minimal styles available for pots. Garden*Hood sometimes hosts classes for the community to teach folks about container gardening and other plant-related things. I like supporting such a good group of folks who give back to the local area, and I think you should support them, too!

muhammad azam

I have thirty years experience of citreculture

Simon Neuwahl

Great help!

Alejandro Prats

Planted Super Sweet 100's in the ground right when they went on sale and now i've got a basket of cherries like this every week!

Charles Patton Williams

This business is great with knowledgeable and friendly staff. I love the small clippers for house plants I got here. The plants are always healthy and thrive as long as I provide the level of care the plant needs.

Ashley Stotz

Michelle Stone

Elizabeth Talaska

Chirocourt .

Steven Bange

Great eclectic garden center. Have plants you can't find anywhere else in the city. Prices are a little high, but worth it.

jshaul panic

This is the most unique niche garden center in ATL. Go check these guys out if you need some funky’s for the crib. Knowledgeable staff, eclectic mix, and good vibes. “Flower Hour” BOMB. They carry the coolest mix, this is not run of the mill, if you looking for plants you can’t find elsewhere, they have it. The rarest and worthy cultivars. VARIETY, SPECIALTY, COLLECTOR grade material. Things you will ONLY find there. Outside the box approach to gardening. Fits the neiborhood perfectly. Highly recommend. Did I mention how bomb this place is? BOMB.

Nick Pedersen

Honestly I am bummed to have to write a negative review here, as the crew at Gardenhood seems like cool people, and I like to support local businesses to the maximum extent I can. But Gardenhood's current reviews are *so* out of touch with my experience there that I feel compelled to relate my story here. Last winter, my wife and I contacted Gardenhood about relandscaping our front lawn, which, due to its lack of direct sunlight, has come to be in pretty rough shape. We asked Gardenhood for both a new design and help with planting everything, and made it clear that we were eager to move forward on the project quickly, so that we could have a nice front garden in time for spring. We heard back from Kacey, Gardenhood's general manager, who came by our house in February, took detailed measurements, and was generally very friendly and pleasant to deal with. She told us she would get our sketches to us by the following week. When that week came and went and we hadn't heard anything, we followed up, and she told us she was running a bit behind -- she just needed, um, an extra two weeks. We'd liked her when we met her, so we told her that was fine. Then another two weeks came and went -- and still, nothing from Kacey. So we followed up yet again, this time suggesting that we'd be happy to go elsewhere if they were too busy to work on our project (which was starting to appear to be true). This time, though, Kacey promptly responded, and came to our house soon afterwards with some nice sketches outlining how to redo the front lawn. We chose one of the designs, proposed some tweaks to it, and told her we were eager to move ahead with the planting, just as soon as they could tell us how much everything would cost. Kacey repeatedly promised us in emails that she was just about to send us the pricing (e.g., "I'll get the price lists to you soon!"). And then, in mid-April, we simply stopped hearing from her, despite our follow-up emails. In sum, our experience with Gardenhood felt like one sustained struggle, as a customer, to be paid any attention ... a struggle that ultimately left us still in possession of our nasty front lawn. If they had simply told us they didn't want our business, that'd have been fine -- we could have used all these months to find someone who did. What Gardenhood did not need to do is waste months of our time missing deadlines and stringing us along, only to leave us in the lurch near summer with a set of incomplete plans. Gardenhood may be a decent place to stop if you need to pick up a gardenia on a Saturday afternoon or something, but if you're looking for someone reliable who can take care of your landscaping needs, KEEP LOOKING.

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