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REVIEWS OF McNaughton's Garden Center and Landscaping IN Delaware

Ashley Chickadel

Best nursery around. Huge selection.

MissyYoko .

Love this place; however, they could eliminate the blasting music.

Robyn Cook

Sal Pagano


David Gonzalez

Beautiful place great setup, but not very helpful people many seemed to not want people to talk to them.

Dan Martinez

Michael Hickey

Where the pro's go

James Paparella

Jeff McElroy

Bubbie Michele .

Kate S.

Very knowledgeable staff and everything I've bought has always lasted 5+ years, great stuff!! All of these herbs we got there and they've been fantastic

Rebecca Capobianco

Pedro Cintron

Best place on the área for all your land scaping needs

Dustin Tarditi

Have to visit the old "G-Boys" Christmas display... a south jersey tradition for decades

Ondine Nixon

I called the store 3 times and someone would pick up and hang up each time. McNaughton is McNaughty.

Laura Dunn

I'm sure giving a one star is not fair as I do not use them for gardening but I "Paid" to see the Christmas land, not worth it.

Joseph Fabiszewski

Shahna Guenther

I will never go here strictly because the people they seem to hire. I was behind one of their Fords driving home in the snow today. We were waiting at a light and the car behind me beeped. The McNaughtons driver must have thought it was me because he started flailing his arms around and then gave me the middle finger. Then as we continued on the route he blatantly tried to break check me IN THE SNOW. Thank god I was driving carefully and have a new car that could handle the fast breaking in the snow. I don’t care how well this business fares, I will go out of my way now to go elsewhere. I will also go out of my way to let people know about this situation. I surely don’t want someone working for me that’s like that. Also, aren’t you supposed to be representing the company you work for. You’re in a company car! Business lost.

Dylan M.

Nice staff.

Logan Streit

What an amazing environment to shop for a tree especially in early December. Lights, music, people. Good place for that Christmas feel.

L M 42

Jessica Meagher

Cute Christmas displays!!!

Gavin Henderson

Best place in the area to get your plants and garden supplies. They have everything, huge supply and good prices.

Nick Fratticcioli

Chris Resavy

Always helpful

Gregory Hoffman

Some of the workers are so incredibly nice, however some are mean, unhelpful and don't care about any question you have. But worst yet, I ordered $200 of "screened" top soil dirt and it had millions of rocks in it. Ruined my backyard for my 1 year old daughter who cant play back there now. Won't be shopping there

Ann Mercer

Great people great prices

Nicholas Tootill

Richard Jankowski

Michael Newcomb

Can’t say anything about the Nursery itself but whoever was driving their pickup truck today nearly killed me after speeding up to cut me off and the slamming on his brakes. The truck had a lot of damage on the back too so itms probably not the first time this maniac has done this. I would never go here due to that driver alone. Especically because after I blew my horn at him he just shrugged at me in his mirror as if to say oh well sucks for you.

Terrence Tracey

Brian Pontious

Pond section is an absolute mess. The nets are broken, the tubs are just holding sitting water and I found a dead fish (see pic) in one of them. Time for some spring cleaning??

Michael Chenetz

Viviana Sarmiento

Many variety of plants and ports. Very nice selection.

DJ Xtina

B antty

Beautiful nursary. Great selection of plants, flower and other garden supllies


Took the kids to see their Santa and Christmas layout. It was very nice and one of the best Santa's we've beet too. Spoke to my daughter about how her grades were and what chores she does around the house. Loved it!

ed pascale

David Rubinson

Raymond Farreny

Terry Gentner

Barbara Lanza Farley APC

Been purchasing from McNaughton's for as long as I can remember. Purchased 40 trees from McNaughton's at the end of last year. Were told that they were dug immediately before being delivered to our home. Many had brown areas. The answer given was shedding. Still the same-dead. Just spoke to Bill McNaughton. I called for a resolution. Was told that the fact that they parts of the trees were dead when delivered to our home was not McNaughton's responsibility.

Theodore Zaharchuk

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Have purchased plants, decorations, and stone from them. Always a positive experience.

Mike Santacapito

Martha Anderson

I actually primarily went here for a spring craft fair. They seem to have a great selection and they were really good hosts for the fair. I can't say much to their customer service or quality since I didn't buy anything from them directly but it was a lovely place. I'll update this review if/when I go back and buy from them directly.

Rebecca Wonson

Marie Castelli

Disappointed not at all like their website

Thomas Little

Very high prices.

Robert Wilson

One of the best places to find great plant options in the entire area.

K Chandler

Local. Large selection but pricey.

Heather Riemannstockton

They were kind enough to start the music for us in the middle of the week when we showed up hours early. My niece smiled her way through the display. How do you thank someone enough for doing that for a 2 year old. Hadnt been there in a few years...will make sure I go back next year! Thank you so very much for your kindness to a little girl.

laurie pena

The wonderland was amazing. The provided snacks were out of this world espically the veggie pizza and wine. The store was immaculately decorated. I will be returning


Just purchased few plants(rubber tree, string of hearts, philodendron Brazil, alocasia and some outdoor flowers) They are all healthy and thriving. This place is huge and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Also variety plants for indoor and outdoor. Deff coming back to get some more.

diane Haller -halin

People here are awesome I am definitely going back in the springtime just wish the prices were in so high

Colin Barry

They took over the old G-Boys Christmas display.

Bonnie Marano

Alethia Beatty

72ocutter .

We use McNaughtons for most of our supplies. Good selections of plants at decent prices.

Susan West

The Gaudio's village is awesome! It brought back such great memories!

Warren Davis

steve gladney

McNaughton's has been serving my family for all they're garden needs for years and years a bit expensive but everything is quality

Steven Chang

Great selection of gardening supplies

Linda Facchine

Nice at Christmas

Glen McManus Jr

Friendly staff, very helpful. The Christmas animation show was very nicely done. It's a little dated for younger kids however the older crowd should surely love and enjoy it as I did.

Inge Gordon

Love bringing the kids at Christmas!

Lewis M Moraschi Sr

Wide assortment of evergreens and flowers also fertilizer and mulches

Joan Helgeson

First time here. Large Garden Store. Took a Bonsai course here for only $10 and a plant was thrown in. Worth going here again in spring to see what plants are offered.

John Faford

adam cirlincione

Never made it to the nursery. Called them on the phone to find out how much for a yard of topsoil. Wanted them to dump it in my trailer. I have a landscaping trailer. Sorry no can do, won't dump it in my trailer unless I'm a licensed landscaper. Nice racket forcing me into a delivery charge that cost more than the dirt I wanted to buy! Called up Ramblewood not only will they dump it in my trailer but they're cheaper.

Michael Cappelletti

Rocco Romano

James Wong

Gardening newbie here. Staff was friendlier and selections seemed better than other highly rated nurseries in the area.

Chris Brawley

Carol Harkins

The selection here is usually very good, whether you are looking for annual flowers for your spring garden, or perennial bushes for the yard. The staff have always been friendly and helpful. They also have a nice selection of Christmas decor in the fall.

Wendy Lehman

Kenneth Ottenthal

The best

Dan Stuart

Michael Pizzelli

Michelle McGlone

Great selection and very reasonable prices. The staff was very knowledgable and answered all of our questions. They even helped us load everything into our truck. I highly recommend.

Frank Slattery

Great place

Stephanie DiAngelo

Steve Maslowski

When I need something for my garden McNaughton's always has what I need.

bob hofflinger

Sean Devens

korey herndon

Huge place with tons of options, friendly and helpful staff too

Carole Timmins

Alan Fisher

Need help with ideas for your home landscaping? McNaughtons

Maureen Sanchirico

The best selection of plants and herbs. Competitive pricing and a large variety of unique garden supplies.

Curtis Kapus

Sang Yi

Marixza Nieves

Scott Mixdorf

Good selection of plants, can be busy at times

Melissa Fickett

It's like a Christmas wonderland and prices are fairly low.

Sean Chopel

Mike James

Karen Luciana

Best place for healthy plants that don't die on you. Beautiful park like atmosphere

Big B

Poor service, overpriced, owners don't care about employees once so ever. As for the customer, even less! You are simply money in their greedy wallets. Absolute disgrace of a business! I tell everyone to avoid at all costs, including licensed landscaping friends! Hope it bites the dust!

Amanda Vlach

Great garden center. Wasnt busy at all!

Toni Evans

So sweet ❤❤❤

Andrew Smith

a nice garden center that has average prices. the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, they have a large selection

Rach Rivera

Expensive be G Boys is there now!!!!

eileen cowling

Amy Shue

Don't waste your money on the "G-Boys experience". It takes about one minute to walk through. I probably would have rated it 3 stars for the nostalgia factor if it were free like G-Boys was.

Steve Smolins

Steven Rice

Had a great Christmas party down in the vault.

Phil Bodner

The grandbabies, ages 3,4,5 loved the animatronics from Gaudios Collection and Santa was a gem...worth the trip!

k v

Sandy Jones

Jack Witzig

Robert Moessner

Bobby Bosler

I’m glad the G-Boys display got revived here, but it seemed a bit smaller than I remembered. So thankful that I can show my kids what I saw as a kid, though.

James Gray

The worst customer service from their landscape guy Bob Ward. I had work done and need bricks glued that they didn't glue and tried for three weeks to get him to do it and he never showed. I also have a tree coming out or the ground and he has not come to fix that either.

David Farley

Bill McNaughton should check his facts before responding. McNaughton's chose, dug and delivered 40 trees to our home. He confirmed that the company is responsible as to selling healthy trees.

Danny Choi

Customer service is non-existent. The entire time I was there, not one person greeted me and a gentleman came into the greenhouse to check on a couple that was shopping. He was very friendly and I waited to ask him a question but as soon as he helped them he ran out of the greenhouse and didn’t help me. One lady finally helped me after 15 minutes and the cashier girl doesn’t know how to respond to please and thank you. She just stares at you and won’t talk to you.

Ray Conover

Deborah Saylor

My Family and I had a great time.

Lucian Ceteras

Large landscaping and garden supplies!

Maryanne Keim

Charlie Nixon

Barbara Friscia

Stephen Taylor

Geri Parker

Jim Passio

Orlando Rodriguez Jr

Wonderful experience great customer service

Tom Dintino

Kerry C

I love McNaughton's because the staff & even most of the customers are friendly & helpful. I like to find rare plants here & never know what they'll have.

Mike Ogrodnik

Joanne Olsen

Great plants

Amanda Moren

Christina Adams

I was able to find some the more trendy houseplants I have been looking for here. I bought a pilea, a peperomia and the old standby, a wandering Jew. They also had a great selection of planters.

Scott Wilson

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