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REVIEWS OF Terrain IN Connecticut

Rachel Luxemburg

Connie Adams

Kohji ODA

Christina Koukos

This place is amazing! Staff is extremely helpful & friendly! They have everything there!

Maggie Craciun

Loved everything. Good place to go the day after payday

Roman Kerr

Absolutely rude bustards.

Jarek G

this farm to table concept in that back of a garden store delivers a decent product even if prices are a bit too high.

Ben Smith

Yaniv Hadad

Andres Calle Otero

Cindy Vitko

Very crowded and loud. We could barely hear each other. Pumpkin soup was bland, no flavor or spices. Kale salad was small and had 6 thin shavings of pear and hard ( not roasted long enough) butternut squash. We also had meat appetizer with butternut squash where the squash on that was not edible as it was so hard and under baked. Cauliflower sandwich was very good. Certainly not worth 65.00 for lunch for 2 people!! Will not go again. Plenty of awesome places to dine at out there.

Benjamin Carapezzi

First, we walked in on a Saturday Morning at 9:57am and we asked the host to sit in the back away from the entrance and he said that's fine. As we started to walk over at 7:58 he asked us to please wait as he had to seat us; we said sure and waited a minute. We asked if he would seat us at 9:59 and he told us no not until 10 am..... less than one minute later so we basically stood there and looked at each other until the clock literally struck 10:00. Piss poor hospitality.


Timon McPhearson

Curtis Browne

Eclectic home wonders

Angela Moore

Great place for lunch. Not as noisy as a few people have said. Food is great, especially the bread which is freshly baked. If you want down right organic healthy home coming, this is it.

Sally Budde

Love visiting Terrain, always something new to see, always something to buy and the nursery has some great plants this season - love!

Haven Hwang

Anne Kadar Duzan

Simon Varley

Suli Zhang

Kate Forester

Mike A

Alex Chin

Yung Chung

So close to a 5 star rating. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was wonderful. The scallops were amazing but the soup and salad were just ok. Check this place out if you get a chance!

Paula Cress

Ben Woodworth

Lots of cool stuff. Most of it is way out of my price range. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Hailey Ferraro

This place is so much fun! beautiful, smells good, and the FOOD! So good. I had a mushroom bisque tonight that was SO creamy and flavorful. Staff was courteous and helpful and even split the check for us even though we were a party of 6. 10 out 10 would eat here again

James Day

Restaurant is Top Shelf A-1... Love that your dog can come in.. just like down south and west coast! Stuff is shabby chic over priced for old mainliners who moved to Chester County in the 90's....Trying to sign up for a class on the website is the biggest PIA, and if you call ,you get the modern excuse brush off. Find a millennial to fix the website!

Carmen Martínez

Terrain.... de La granja a La Mesa en Un vivero.... La comida organica y original, vegetales, pescados, pan, todo delicioso. La decoracion y El ambiente impecables. Y ademas es BYOB! Puedes llevar tu vino!

Brian Saunders

Very disappointing....I recently purchased junipers for my yard ( a tad pricey) and I had Terrain install them and they did a horrible job. They buried the lower branches in the soil and I had to pull them out with out breaking or killing them. I complained and was told that it might have been the recent rain that washed them 5 inches deep into the soil ( very stupid amateur excuse). It took me four messages to finally get a call back on this issue. My opinion, save your money and go some where else and use your own landscaper...That's what I will do from now on..I gave them a shot and was disappointed

Lauren Simpson

mike f

Karen Hennigan-Thompson

Stunningly beautiful displays of plants and home decor items prices mostly just for people who can afford to put on the ritz. In other words, not me.

Andrew Bradley

carol gladstone

Terrain's shipping policy is outragous. The cost to ship a $200 scarf (that weighs nothing) in 3-5 days is $25. Doesn't make me want to visit the site at all!

Linda Egen

Wonderful Lunch & Great Shopping!


Terrain as a Potential Event Venue: For close to a week, we have been messaging and communicating with the event staff at Terrain in order to find ourselves a wedding venue to host our wedding ceremony & reception this coming winter. While communication throughout the past few days has been receptive and helpful, we were extremely disappointed when we were offered to 'pop-in' this past Saturday, only to find that in person interaction with potential clients is poor, unprofessional, and blatantly non-existent. It started on Friday, when we asked if we could drop by. We were informed that we could 'pop-in' on Saturday to take a look at their preparation and setup for a wedding event they had that weekend. We arrived around 09:55 on Saturday, and rather than just walk and wander into the building hosting the event, which was marked as a private event being held and warned visitors not to enter, we checked in with the cafe/restaurant, as advised by another staff member of Terrain. We did so, and were kindly greeted and informed they would notify the event staff we were there to take a look and to wait. We stood there for about ten minutes, then provided our phone number so we could walk around and to just hang tight for a few more short moments/minutes. We wandered around, poked at their relatively overpriced home decor (a lot of which is made in China, btw), and waited patiently. We also walked back up to where the private events were held and peeked inside the windows and main entry doors, but did not enter as the sign had warned. It was now about 10:40 or so, so we walked back to the cafe to check on what the status was. As we walked, two women were wandering the property and showing what appeared to be another couple with their mother or grandmother, giving a tour of the buildings and their campus, which lead us to believe they were already giving another scheduled tour. Once we checked in with the restaurant, they couldn't provide an update and said they had been unable to get a hold of the event staff, contradicting the previous directive to just hang tight for a few minutes. We then just told the staff we would walk into the event area that was set for decor, to which they said no problem to doing so. We went back up, entered the banquet area, and then discussed between ourselves where we could do what, how we would possibly setup the flow of the evening, and were visibly interested in what could be done. The same two ladies that previously gave the tour were present, one sitting at her laptop across the room laptop who noticed us, but chose not to acknowledge us, and another that walked right past us four times and only offered a "Hello" and no further conversation. We shrugged this off, and it was now 10:55, so we said screw it and left. Right as we got in the car and headed to Home Depot, an email message arrived from Kelsey, acknowledging that she knew we were here, but nobody was available and to just 'browse around' and take a look. While an event was to take place, a simple professional greeting goes a long way, along with correcting the false communication that we were essentially waiting for someone that was never going to bother to introduce themselves or even make an effort from the beginning. With two potential clients standing in the room, visibly interested and discussing the possibilities of the venue, this small effort could have gone a long way to entice us to schedule more than a vague 'pop-in'. Additionally, after having promptly responded to Kelsey's email once received, even directly asking if someone else had just received a tour, it would have been nice to have received a response. Needless to say, Terrain will not be receiving any money from us, nor will they be receiving any referrals, instead the contrary, in the future.

Jennifer Shrager

Delicious, creative menu, perfect for sharing in a beautiful setting. BYOB and reasonably priced as well.


This place is so beautiful and really does have a nice selection of plants and the restaurant is pretty good but there are a couple flaws that keep me away from here. The garden store closes much earlier than the restaurant which recently spoiled the entire point of a birthday dinner I went to as they traveled from Philly specifically to check it out & buy themselves a plant for their birthday. When we arrived the garden store was closed even though we had an earlier dinner. Also, I've always had good experiences with the restaurant staff but I wouldn't mind the garden section people being a tad friendlier. It's a bit intimidating shopping in there. Overall, beautiful place, good atmosphere, and nice selection of plants and supplies.

Judy Penney

Inspirational but save up for special purchases Very dear in all senses of the word

Mary Ann Quinn

Appetizing menu and excellent service. I will recommd this to my friends. Mary Ann Quinn

Mario Fontanot

Karen Pollak

Being both my husband's and my second wedding, we decided to forgo a long engagement and went on the hunt for a place to hold a mid-size wedding in short time. We started looking in August of 2015 for a November 2015 date. Terrain had a Sunday available and after meeting with Brianna and Sara, it became our first choice. Truthfully, if you have the option, I HIGHLY, COMPLETELY, 100%, recommend getting married at Terrain. The space is beautiful and feels very intimate, even with a room filled with 95 people. The staff is excellent- attentive to every detail, kind, totally-on-the-ball, and able to advise on any questions or concerns that a groom, a bride, (or a bride's mother), might have. Our wedding went off without a hitch. While I am not an anxious person, I was a little worried, because with the limited time to plan, I was certain that I was going to miss something. I checked in with Sara at Terrain multiple times to ensure that I wasn't forgetting anything. Everything went so smoothly with Sara at the helm, I truly can't say a single bad word about the service, the food, the space, the planning, or the day-of details and management. On our wedding day, we had a dedicated person, Deborah, to help us and to ensure that all of our needs were met. She was exceptionally kind and attentive, and she thought of things before we even asked for them. Seriously- this was the best experience I've ever had in the event world. Having planned multiple events myself, for both personal and business functions, you seriously cannot go wrong with Terrain. At the end of most weddings I have attended, people say how much fun they've had as they are leaving. At the end of our wedding, everyone commented on how incredible the food was, how beautiful the space was, and how magical the entire event felt- along with how much fun they'd had. Seriously- GET MARRIED HERE. It's worth every penny and then some.

Johns Familyphone

Elizabeth was a wonderful waitress. The food was fresh and delicious as always!

Taylor Healey

William Wilson

Cool vibe! Their bread is delicious and the burger I had was excellent. Very cool restaurant!

Peace Love Motivation

Lené Heunis

Timothy Day

Nice staff and a fine selection of things.

Jer Del Nero

Wow. It's rare and refreshing to visit a restaurant that has a) a beautiful atmosphere, b) friendly and helpful staff, and c) delicious food made with honest and local ingredients. I had the hummus and gazpacho to start, paired with a refreshing iced tea brewed with local berries and hibiscus. Then I enjoyed the spinach and quinoa salad, served with a phenomenal housemade pesto. Finally, the harvest bowl that had wonderfully fresh and sweet corn. Dessert was a knock-out: vegan coconut and corn gelato, buried under fresh watermelon and topped with cilantro; it looked like a peculiar taste combination on paper, but was one of the most mouth watering desserts I've had to date. One thing I wish I knew going in: it's BYOB!

Emily Selvin

Meredith Hansford

I ordered a Christmas present for my mom in November from Terrain. TWO WEEKS LATER I get an email from them saying my order has been cancelled because the item is out of stock. It was definitely in stock according to the website! So either they kept selling them to other people and forgot about my order until they sold out or it was out of stock from the beginning! IF it was out of stock to begin with, why wait TWO WEEKS to cancel my order??? Now every other store that sells a similar item is sold out because it is closer to Christmas so I can't even buy it from somewhere else AND to top it off you can bet they went ahead and charged my card for my order and still haven't given me my money back!! I will never use them for anything ever again and you would be smart to do the same.

eric finkenstadt

Beautiful things. Lets the imagination go wild. A bit pricey.

Jordan Betzer

Michael Osborn

Good coffee and tea.

María Cecilia Dufour

Ronald Lerum

Beautiful place

Rick Reichert

Westport Yoga moms and Darien tennis moms crowd the cafe on weekdays. Ice tea: $3.75. But refills are free! Oh, then there's the garden shop. Subliminely gorgeous, but the prices? I nearly spit up that ice tea laughing (wicked expensive, that is).

Desiree Willmes

Kristen Fitzpatrick

Poor customer service and rude staff. Was not willing to help with an order and very short.

Deni Spasovski

Shira Kostika

What a beautiful place! Also- really, really good food!

Daniel Kulaguz

Orlando Smith

Lovely place to pick up nice plants and additions for your own displays. Wonderfully designed terrariums for sale (they are pricey). Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. And the smells of the place while at times are overpowering they are very nice.

Liz A

I was so excited to come here , and had waited over a year as it was a bit over an hour drive for me. The store itself is very impressive and looks like a photo from pinterest. The lunch on the other hand.... We were sat at a community table. Not a problem , until we found out there are awkward placed bars that require you to sit very close to the other people at the table. We ordered Avocado toast, a flatbread pizza and cheeseburger with 2 drinks each. The total came to $150 for lunch. I dont think I'd necessarily mind that, however the food itself was very lack luster . the description on the menu was more impressive than the appearance or Its taste. Overall, nice environment. Good music selection (fits the vibe), delicious drinks. But in my opinion overpriced for the size of the size and flavor.

Mar Jennings

My home is filled with terrain items! The best place to get inspired, and connect to Mother Nature. Home decor, garden whimsies, and landscaping services with the most creative people. Go for lunch in the cafe and come home with a car load of goodies. If you are anywhere nearby this magical place, you must stop and enjoy the beauty & resources.

Steve Montaperto

Doreen Morawski

Dallas Dvorsky

sandy goldman

Nice environment. Just ok food.

Orlene Gray-Davis


Greatest lunch I think I've ever had. Fried cauliflower sandwich great french fries the complement of sandwich

Samantha Duckworth

Mallory Dunlap

Louis Ruggio

Tom Brander

An in spot for over the top garden accessories. And a cute, in store, snack/lunch restaurant.

Cathy Mez

Parking is as impossible as the prices but when I do buy plants here they are very special. I couldn’t justify the $58 poinsettia in a 10” pot, or some of the other small overpriced live goods... but when I do splurge I appreciate the good health and exotic nature of the plants you can’t find in big box stores. I don’t eat here or buy knick-knacks, just plants shopping!!

Cristina Negrete


Linda tienda ! Los precios excesivamente altos. Mucha variedad de productos. No se puede comprar nada.

Jeanne Turner

Love it!

David Walters

If you've never been here before, it's analogous to unexpectedly falling into a trending hipster Instagram account.

Brian Sloane

Kelsea DiFerdinando

Roseanne Boyer

Delicious food from soup to deserts. The wait staff was wonderfully attentive cannot say enough about the service. The greenhouse venue was amazing. We were at a wedding a few years back and were always curious about the cafe. We are so glad we came back to have dinner. Make sure you experience Terrain. You won't be disappointed.

joyce manieri

My girlfriends and I visit Terrain pretty often, but will never go back again. The firs thing was the waitress spilled hot coffee on my friend. when she brought over the coffee cup, her hand was shaking so much that the coffee cup fell and hot coffee scolded my friend. I had to ask them to go to the kitchen to get some kind of cream. when one of the hostess came over, she said oh I hear you spilled coffee. No I said she didn't spill it, the waitress did. ok so that was number one. Then they seat another couple with a dog next to us. When did that become ok to let pets in the restaurant? the best was when we had to use the bathroom. It was out of order and they directed us to outside to a porta potty. really, outside it was wet and cold. They never told us there were other bathrooms we could use, they made it sound like they were all out. the sign on the door just said out of order. when they bought the check, they said the drinks were on the house. Really, my girlfriends meal should have been taken off the bill and our drinks should have been on the house. That used to be our restaurant to go to, not any more. We will not be visiting Terrain any more, there are too many other nice places to go to lunch with the girls.

Jonathan Moutoux

Gloria Frey

Christopher Armstrong

Spinach quinoa salad was excellent, chickpeas were a tasty appetizer, service was attentive


Joseph Crapo

Terrain is more of an experience than a store. I visit probably a half dozen times a year, usually around the changing of the seasons. It's expensive, so know what things cost. A lot of things you can get elsewhere for cheaper, but some of their decor is pretty unique. Love to visit around Thanksgiving/Christmas.

J. Neil Della Croce

Really a treat. But sometimes arrogance approaches in the restaurant. In spite of this we go back and enjoy.

James Rankin

Really nice stuff, really high prices. I stop by this place every time I am in the area. The atmosphere is perfect. Get yourself a coffee from the cafe and start exploring! Their selection is ever changing.

Deb L. H.

Love this place! Beautiful greenhouse cafe filled with unique decor and lovely greenery. It's a favorite of mine. Although the menu is starting to get a little pretentious, everything I have had there has been delicious and the service has been great.

Jessie Tuno

meg lefever titter

Amazing, this place smells terrific. tastes delicious, and looks stunning!

Sarah Papa

I ordered several planters from Terrain's website (I live in Colorado) and one of the planters I received was not the correct one. Unfortunately, by the time it arrived, the planter I originally wanted had sold out. I like the planter I got and will keep it, which is why I gave two stars instead of one, but I'm pretty disappointed that I won't be able to get the planter I actually ordered.

Deborah Pluta

This place is beautiful! Very unique with great out of the ordinary items. A must see when in the area! They even have a cafe.

Mary Ann Hughes

Terrific food

Carina DeBakey

Ate there yesterday with my friend and one year old. The manager (who did not identify herself as such, nor was wearing a badge or uniform), asked me to keep my daughter out of the walkway. For most of the meal she had been sitting under our table playing quietly with toys and not disturbing anyone. In fact, the ladies at the table next to us commented how well she was behaved. At the manager's request, I picked her up and made sure she did not roam anywhere, but after a while my daughter got fussy so I tried nursing her. That did not make her content, so I stood her up next to my chair so I could re-adjust my shirt and then wanted to put her in the high chair. Just as my daughter's feet touched the ground, the manager lashed out at me as if I were a misbehaving student. She was rude and argumentative. I complained to our waitress and minutes later the manager reappeared to "apologize" (which was really just a defense of why she was right). I'm sorry, but I don't understand how my daughter was bothering anyone as she was standing next to my chair and holding onto my knee. We left without having dessert and the manager didn't offer anything to make up for the way I was treated. Later I called the head manager who offered me an obligatory apology and a gift card, however I've been so hurt I will never return. Do yourself a favor and leave your kids at home. This restaurant is not kid friendly even though they have high chairs and a kid menu. The entrees (although quite good) are small and overpriced. Would not recommend to anyone. UPDATE: I have yet to receive the gift card and written apology that the general manager said she would send me 18 days ago. It obviously shows how little they care about making things right.

Mike Smith

Food and service was excellent.

Lucinda Rayome

Different type of menu in the cafe. Pleasant atmosphere. Interesting items in the store.

Grace Rechel

John Salvaggio

Heinrich Botes

Rustic and classy at the same time. Excellence is evident in everything from decor, the resulting ambience, the food preparation and it’s presentation. Tip: make a reservation and keep to it...

Lynn Shupp

This place has everything right!!! We did the brunch and it was wonderful. Great service, fantastic food, and dessert was excellent. So glad we treated ourselves to this unique experience and will definitely be back. It was truly worth the 1 and 1/2 hour drive. The ambience was delightful, but I bet the dinner in the lighted greenhouse is magical. That's for next time. Give this place a try, you won't be sorry.

Mechelle Horning

Justin Hartman

Very cool place! The decor is amazing and the customer service is excellent. With all that being said it is extremely expensive.

Ronald Francis

My wife and I just discovered this place, I can honestly say that it is always a great treat. Their fresh baked bread that is baked in terra cotta pots is simply the best bread I have ever eaten. The menu is always interesting. We seem to like the tasting menu, which is a sampling of different courses.

Lauren C

I frequent here often like once a month, sometimes more and I live in NJ. Absolutely in love with this place. Although it can get pricey, IMO it's still worth it! Everything I've ever bought here I've always gotten compliments on. Even if you don't have the money this place is filled with great inspiration. This place is like a dream. Also, I've never had a bad meal. Every time is perfection. Make sure to visit when each season changes, especially Christmas. Just beautiful!!

desy dog

Good variety of plants

John Boyle

nice home goods wares

Brent Roberts

I love walking around here. We don't even live in the state, but I try to come visit at least once a year for inspiration. The ultimate garden center plus so much more. It's not cheap, but if you like charming atmosphere, great finds, good food, and a place that's more than just a shopping trip then you'll love it here. I wish their design aesthetic was applied to other businesses as well.

Robert Harron

Diane Van Liere

Jaime Harron

Sarah Murray

I love the store itself. A little pricey but oh my gosh well worth it!

Kim Metzler

Super cute setting with a unique feel. The food is good but almost too unusual. Portions are average for the price. The chicken on my salad was completely raw in the middle but they did remove it from my bill and apologized profusely. They made a completely new salad so I was satisfied with their response. Nice experience once but not a place that I need to go to again. Super cute for photo op!!

Ravi Bptl

Rick DeLucia

Great place for an event with amazing food and atmosphere.

Adam William Davis

Fantastic lunch. Great service.

Rewind Il

I have tried this restaurant on 3 different occasions and today's attempt will definitely be my last. During my first experience, the service was haughty and the meal proportions were ridiculously small, but the quality of the food was very good, so I overlooked the lack of service. My second experience was a corporate event in the "barn". There was no air conditioning in the middle of the summer and the amount of food provided for the size of our group was severely inadequate. The guests were sweating, uncomfortable, and hungry for the duration of the event. Today, I attempted to enjoy a brunch at Terrain with six friends. Several days before, I called Terrain and told them that one person in our party would be more than 15 minutes late because she would be coming from church. They made me change my reservation to 5. I arrived on time at the time of our reservation and, within 5 minutes, we rudely told by the maître d' that "there is only a 15 minute grace period and your entire table must be here in order to be seated." Ten minutes later, 4 out of 5 of us where there and they still refused to seat us or even hold our table a few more minutes (even though our 5th guest had just texted that she was parking her car). AND they admitted that they did not have anyone waiting to be seated, especially not a group of 5 The maître d' and General Manager were both incredibly rude and condescending. While the food is good (when there is enough of it for the group being served), the lack of service and unrealistic and inflexible reservation policy makes this a very unpleasant experience. I would not recommend this restaurant experience to anyone.

David Brooks

Just lovely.

Van Shea Sedita

During the holiday season it’s one of the warmest and most romantic places you can go. The staff is helpful, the design and decorations are inspiring, eventhough the price tag on some items are ..humbling. Great place to get ideas too, like an in-person Pinterest board.

Vincent Scire

Danielle Shuster

I love the atmosphere of terrain, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous.

Riley Williams


Phyllis Haut

Tracy Forbes

So peaceful. I love just being in the store. The cafe is lovely too.


cute and fair price.

Rick E

Really amazing food, beautiful décor.

Anna Mellor

The food & coffee is good, but pretty overpriced for what it is. $20 for a breakfast plate that would be $7 at the diner... you’re definitely paying for the view. Our server rarely checked on us, spoke really fast & I had asked for a box, but she was already walking away & didn’t hear me. However, it is beautiful on the inside. The plants on their own are reasonably priced, but if you want them already built into a terrarium or arrangement, pretty expensive. Cool jewelry. I can understand why the merchendise is more expensive, but there’s really no reason for the food to be that much.

Hanneke Hollander

Inspiring yet very expensive.


M Gottlieb, Ph.D.

Around this time of year, Terrain is an indoor holiday festival, filled with trees and lights and ornaments and every housewares gift you'd want to give (or receive). It is about as magical as a store can get.

John Machamer

Mark Ohalloran

Gordon Phillips

Want to live here. BUT, can't afford to. Winning design abounds in this garden/cafe/home goods mecca. Good staff. $$$$

Katie L

Patricia Perez-Goodrich

Great place for a morning gathering. A group of approximately 30 of us ttended an early morning meeting in the cafe. Terrific ambience, sound, and fantastic service. Especially pleased that all leftovers were beautifully packaged and delivered to a local shelter. Most attendees were naturally enticed to stay and shop afterwards.

Kaitlyn Olsen

Ernesto Pagano

Denise Meza Reyes

Amazing space with a wide variety of plants , candles, and crafts. Great service as well!

Estelle E

I didn't like my food, although the teas are decent. The waitress rushed us to order as it was 2:35 pm and the kitchen closed at 3:00 pm. Then she also hovered over us to sign the check bc her shift was over. Not really a pleasant experience. 70$ for lunch without alcohol, food was meh, and the service not really great. It is a shame bc I think it could be a good experience with the right server and maybe some more additions to the menu for vegans as it is a garden store...

lorraine cameron

nice store for browsing ridiculous rip off prices on most things. welcome to westport!!! the food in the cafe is not bad. but the menu is getting very old & tired! as a European I like variety & seasonal change which is also very hard to come by here!!! please change the menu a couple of times a yesr or at the very least include a couple of daily specials! thanks


ryan Shaw

I understand it's Westport but I feel like I've been robbed. 14-16 for a flat bread the size of a cracker??? Really?????? And the Buddha Bowl looks like something a 2 year old put together. Never ever again.

Mike Stanley

Fun place, good food.

Judith B

Wonderful store. Plants, terrariums, books, decorative pieces, tableware. Somewhat pricey. Good restaurant as well. Parking is scarce at lunch.

John Mulvaney

Brendan Taylor

Great place for lunch/brunch. Unpretentious and nice atmosphere. Food has always been consistently good.

Mike Waters

One of the best examples of a good retail merchandising experience. Really neat products in creative dispays. Items tend to be expensive, but it's fun to walk the compound and look around. The garden cafe is tasty - a really good date spot; BYOB. It's usually busy, so get a reservation!

Steph PV

Wendell Yorkman

Our family held a surprise birthday dinner at the Terrain and it was a wonderful experience. The food was very tasty and presented beautifully. It was surpassed only by the gracious and efficient service and atmosphere.

Chaz Severre

Wonderful special Saturday mornings with fritters and garden bread

Melinda Vanvaria

Bradley Pferdehirt

William J Orsi Jr

Fantastic place to eat and shop for all your Garden and home decor needs ,

Ishag Jadow

Natalie Ryan

I had my dream wedding there in June! People are still talking about it! LOVED everything about it...the aesthetics, the food, the staff! All amazing!

Diana McMillan

Cleve Sinor

Philip Yao

Mac Gardner

The food is deliciously and artfully prepared with thoughtful flavor marriages. Very thoughtful staff wished us Happy Anniversary and brought us a desert with candle. Gem in Glen Mills

Matt Bloome

Full disclosure: I'm related to a person in the kitchen, so I'm unapologetically biased. However, this restaurant has a reputation that far exceeds whatever influence I have on people's decision-making, so if you don't believe me, believe everyone else that loves this place. It's probably the best restaurant in Chester County. Certainly, Chester County has its share of great places. Terrain is just the one that nothing else exceeds in my mind. The food is always amazing, even if it's a dish I would never consider ordering anywhere else. It's a nice place set up in a greenhouse at an active nursery. It costs more than average chain restaurants, but it's not overpriced. It certainly costs less than some comparable restaurants in the area. All in all, Terrain is amazing. Go and experience it.

Meredith Schnoll

perfect! love the the atmosphere... love the people!!!!

Andrew Devine

A magical place around the holidays, white lights everywhere. The food at the cafe is amazing. The chicken croquet

Plain Julia

This is my happy place when I'm with my mom. We love the unique drinks and dishes and everything is so beautifully decorated. Highly recommend for anyone who appreciates decorating and delicious food

Sophia Meehan

We had a very bad experience. The service was horrible and it took 40 minutes for our breakfast to come out. It was just under an hour between when we were seated and finally received our breakfast. Very disappointing. Management was very apologetic and did pick up our tab, which was nice. The food was very mediocre and was probably the result of just slapping things together when they realized they had forgot our order or the waitress never turned the order in. My family has been to Terrain in the past and enjoyed very nice meals. I doubt we will return.

Catherine Hart

Jaime sanchez

Mara Raskin

Joseph Stefanick

My salad was excellent, beautifully prepared, however, the bread they have become famous for, well it wasn't proofed enough. Was super dense and super doughy - not like the fluffy light loaves of the past.

Cheryl Fortunato


Robert Castaldi

overpriced. can get same things at linvilla or home depot for less.

Jeff Kleger

Wonderful place to browse and shop

Larry Hochman

The cost of all things here are reasonable and the quality is good. Going with family and all of us enjoyed the delicious food there. And purchased some kitchen items and no complaint about the things.

Deb Meneely

Terrain is terrific!

Dennis Trager

Terry Almeida

Great restaurant and garden area.

Kate Powers

You can never write too many reviews for the lovely Terrain. For the first time ever, we were seated in the middle row of the main dining room and I must say it was my favorite placing yet. Not to mention, we were seated next to a Parisian couple and what could be cooler than that? The food was marvelous. The service impeccable. The experience wondrous. And don't even get me started on the warm bread and rotating butter. Help.

S Brady

Lovely unrushed lunch. BYOB

Jared Robinson

Dan Cardiello

Derek Carless

Maria McKean

Very good coffee and clean bathroom

amar haouari

Can't get better than what they offer,love it !

Meg le Comte

Perhaps my favorite store. I can go here to get ideas for all the seasons. As a gardener, they have the best selection of perennials and garden tools. During the holidays, it is the place for holiday inspiration. If you have time, it is a beautiful place for lunch in their garden cafe.

Amy Leigh

Gorgeous store!

Vivian Hsu

Randi Nussbaum

Lovely place to stroll about with a friend.

John Reverol

Amazingly gorgeous space, good coffee and exquisite food.

Daniel Crossa

tina baranet

Went to Terrain to buy a plant.The plants mostly looked awful, found an ivy that was a nice size but no price.Asked the saleswoman in the 'spa' area who was very unhelpful and surly and had a real 'attitude' who said it was $40.00. Went to pay and the checkout said there was no tag, then finally said it was $45.00.I said I was told $40.00 and they said 'she doesn't know the prices.' It is a beautiful store but not very helpful or professional.They need to work on customer service!!!

Ryan Matthew Farmer

ranadeep mandhadi

Impressive collection of indoor plants

george jamroga

Dilya M

The food was good, but service really non existent. The waitress briefly took our order, and that’s all. We couldn’t add anything to the order, or add hot water to the tea. She came back only to bring us check.

CF Echlin

daniel jackson

We had 2 glasses of wine, a cheese board and a small app, it was 53 dollars and change so close to 70 with tip.... I mean if you can afford it... The staff was pleasant and the atmosphere was cute with candles and mason jar water glasses the portions were nice, it was a great experience and a pricy one Lol I'd never shop there though crazy prices but definitely some cool stuff that may be hard to find else where

Betsy Arnold

We love Terrain for the Holidays, its very festive. The prices are really high for me but its fun to visit and get some inspiration. Love the Carolers!

Israel Rodriguez

Sarah O’Malley

Evelyn Ellis

A most enjoyable lunch with my daughter and granddaughter! Very busy but great service and wonderful food. Fell in love with their bread and wonderful butter. Tried several items and nothing was disappointing! Visiting my daughter but looking forward to dining here again when I return.

Susan Soo

Do not order from their website. I am still waiting for my order placed 3 weeks ago & it hasn't shipped yet. Customer service say they cant help.

Mary Herrera

Shane Deibel

Is this the company that sued a small business for having the name "Small Terrain" which apparently violated a copyright on the word terrain? Evil people.

Bill Ford

lynn r

Terrain offers the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Ordered items were damaged---at the factory---and then packed into 2 Terrain boxes and shipped to me. Request for pick up and return was ignored for 2.5 weeks. When I called about the delay, I was told that I had ordered a replacement---not true---and that they would 'try' to cancel it. UPS arrived to pick it up finally, after 25 days, but with only one label, and there are 2 boxes. Don't shop at Terrain unless you want to be treated like dirt. ZERO stars

Mia King

it is such a beautiful place

Franklin Walsh

Frani Smith

Bobbi Booker

Allison Brown

Crystal k

Timothy Hart

Great food and service

Ethan McKinley

Arielle P

Love Love Love


Dean Smith

Excellent food. The Breakfast Board...lets just say you should be quite hungry when ordering that!

Betty Riegel

Interesting ambiance and pleasant service but rather disappointed in the choices of menu. Hub had cream of mushroom soup which he rated as very ordinary. His smoked salmon on sourdough open faced sandwich was tasty. My cavatelli pasta with English peas and mushrooms was quite good but the falafel was very dried out. Don't think we'll be going back. Sorry.

Larry Phillips

Terrain has exceptional selections at exceptional prices. Evenin November when the emphasis is on Christmas Trees, they have a good number of plants for outside planting. The selection tends toward smaller plants & container gardens. Unisex Restrooms at cafe are clean, attractively decorated.

Arlene Derrico

Harry Hill


Steve Hirsch

Nick Lawler

Jeff Keleshian

Went for mothers day brunch. The place is beautiful but the price is a bit much. As for the food, some things were great, really delicious. They dropped the ball on the dessert big time. There was a selection of tasteless cookies besides the salted chocolate chip which had waaaaaay too much salt. Could have used a pudding or a pie at $45 a head plus tax and gratuity I expected more. Was a buffet style brunch and when they cleared our plates the first time they took all of our utensils. Overall I just have to say I was disappointed. On a good note the bacon and French toast bake were notably delicious.

Bob DiChiacchio

Philip Monihan

joe bley

Awesome place. Wish it was closer to home.

Sara White

Sam Mc

Rosellyn Keller

Laura Jones

Brian Skuzinski

This place has a fantastic selection of items for both your garden and home. The plants they offer are of excellent quality and number in the hundreds of types and species. Everything from garden tools, to hats, boots, gloves & more can be found here. Non-garden related gifts for all are also nicely laid out throughout a few eclectic county like buildings making gift searching fun. You can also get seed and fertilizer here. Parking is free, and they even have a cafe.

Thomas Jenkins

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