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REVIEWS OF Timberline Landscaping IN Colorado

Trinity Parker

I will never use these people are rude and obnoxious on the phone

Courier Warrior

Timberline landscaping should be included when you are considering options for your landscaping ideas. These folks are true professionals. Conveniently located off of Mark Scheffel road. I promise you all wont be disappointed.

Katie Linnell

Loved working with Timberline! Elysa was so easy to work with and was very patient with us as we made quite a few changes with our landscaping ideas. Everyone was efficient and respected our existing landscaping. Would definitely recommend!

Debra Engevold

I call to see if they repaired existing water features and the gal that answered the phone said I don't think so but I really don't know. So I asked if she could refer me to another company that did, I don't have one but referred me to a home advisor type website and said you should be able to find one there. REALLY???

Jeb Brewster

I have used Timberline Landscaping to maintain my commercial properties for years. Sara Stover and David Collins are great account managers.

Jerimiah Wells

This place is incredible pretty much the biggest landscaping company I've ever seen very well run and the owner Tim is nothing but amazing

Jessica Paul

Timberline is the best!! I have worked at two apartment communities in the Springs that were landscaped by Timberline and words can not describe the level of quality they provide. Aside from how professional they are, they are always prompt and efficient. Sara Stover in particular has been such a pleasure to work with. I would offer my highest recommendation.

Mikael Vanhemert

Contracting with Timberline Landscaping was a pleasure. Their landscape architect worked within our budget and timeline, delivered a beautiful design, and has been with us every step of the way. The landscaping team did an incredible job executing the vision, were courteous and friendly, and took care to show me the new irrigation system. I highly recommend Timberline and look forward to working with them in the future.

justin davidson

David Harper

Alyssa Martin

We have worked with Timberline for several years and have been completely satisfied with the quality and customer service from the team members. Hans is very proactive about checking our flower beds, communicating any issues and providing solutions. Hands down we will be a timberline member for life. Please thank your team for all they do!

Joliene Weiss

I've used Timberline for many years. They understand the importance of drainage and ensure the final grade remains as surveyed on the grade certification. The entire Team stands by their work and warrants their plantings. What stands out most is working with Judd and Elysa. I planned a bridal shower in October. Elysa took extra measures to hand pick all the plantings based on buds that we almost ready to flower. She personally delivered the plants to Timberline's green house to ensure they would not suffer frost bite. Days before the bridal shower all plants were installed with appropriate fabric to protect them against the cold. The day of the shower, Elysa removed all protective fabric. Not only were the plants in great condition, but they had started to flower. Not many landscapers would go through all that trouble to ensure their Customer's satisfaction. They helped to make the bride's dream come true. She was overwhelmed with the beauty of what they accomplished. This is just one example of many "extra" touches Timberline provides to their Customers. You won't be disappointed.

JC Miller

I had a poor experience with this company. In my opinion it is not well run and poorly organized. No one seems to care in my opinion about those on the outside of what they are doing.

John K

Kat Wheeler

We have been in our new home just under 3 months. I don't think we have had one week where we haven't had dealings with the service industry. Deliveries, installations, estimates, repairs. Of all of our exposure to many people and companies while we've been settling in our new home Bryan Darr and Timberline Landscaping are LITERALLY the only company that delivered exactly as stated, on time, hassle free and an amazingly beautiful end result. I would recommend Bryan and Timberline 100%!! Thank you for our beautiful landscaping and thank you for being an absolute dream to work with!!

Julie Shoemaker

Tammy Casias

The best landscaping company in town!! We selected this company over a few others because we felt our designer Ashley did a fantastic job of listening to what we wanted and then coming up with a plan to include what we wanted as well as some items we never thought of. She patiently worked with us thru some revisions until we were satisfied. Our installers headed by Tino, we’re such a hardworking crew that we felt they actually took pride in their work. We have gotten so many compliments on our yard by neighbors, I am proud to pass on the name of Timberline Landscaping. Thank-you for a job well done.

Jocelyn Cunha

Unfortunately, we had a negative experience with Timberline Landscaping's lack of professionalism and timeliness.

Buddy Mondragon

Best Landscaping company in the state, replace my sprinklers systems , now my grass is actually growing.. Great crew and project managers.

Logan Kellar

My experience with Timberline Landscaping was very frustrating. They originally came out to talk about what to do with a brand new piece of land we just built our house on. I Received the quote and everything looked fine and then all the issues started. I told them I wanted crushed red rock like our neighbors had for xeriscaping and a raised wall on the left side of the house since there was a decent slope. They said the raised wall was unnecessary and would be a waste of money. After the contract was signed they sent me the picture of rock they put on the proposal which was wrong and then said they had to use another color which was nothing close to what I originally asked for. The price quote was pretty high so I told them that I would lay the rock and mulch myself, so they adjusted the price to reflect that. I called to ask about when they planned on putting in the plants and shrubs. They informed me that when they adjusted the quote the plants were no longer included and it would be another $1,900, which I never asked for the plants to be taken off of the quote so I said I do not want them to plant the plants for that price. After three days of work and them dropping the rock and mulch off at the house they asked me for the final payment and I took it to them in which I had to ask to receive the 3% back for paying in cash because they conveniently forgot to subtract 3% from the final payment. Now I was really starting to question what I paid for and really feeling like I am getting ripped off so I asked to see a price breakdown and not just a bottom line price. I was told that they do not give pricing breakdowns because they buy everything in bulk. Now furious, I called to complain to the staff and was forwarded to the Operations Manager but they said he was busy and they would give him the message and call me back within the next 24 hours. A week after not getting called back, I called and asked to talk to him again. This time they forward me back to him and I explained how I was confused about why I am being charged $15,000 since I am doing most the labor, the plants were no longer included, they gave me the wrong rock, the cement slab is already cracked, there were still piles of left over material sitting in the lot next to me that they charged me for and said “there was not enough product for them to pick up”, and the grass was free from when I bought the house. His first words to me after me complaining about everything is that “I signed the contract and he couldn’t figure out why I was less then pleased with the final product”, after complaining for another 20 minutes he said that he would investigate the situation and call me back. A day later, he called back and left a voicemail saying the contract is correct, the cement slab has a warranty on it, and if I have any questions to call him back. Now that winter has come and gone I look at the landscaping and it is a complete mess. The wall I originally wanted to build up the left said of the house that they said I did not need no longer has any rock or mulch left on it as it has all fallen down the incline and is piled against the fence line. The corner of the cement slab still has a chip taken out of the corner and is cracked. I know that I was taken for granted and ultimately ripped off. They received their money and could have cared less about how satisfied I was with the finished product. I was never trying to pay them less money as I did sign the contract but I just wanted a decent product in the end considering I did pay $15,000 excluding the fence. Here I am still frustrated with the lack of customer service from Timberline Landscaping and now looking to hire another landscaping company to come and fix the job they were supposed to do. I will never use this companying again and routinely make sure that everyone that is looking for a landscaping company knows about the experience that I had.

Erin M

My yard used to look like something out of one of those shows about life after humans, when the earth reclaims its landscape, but no longer! After a very unproductive battle with invading armies of weeds earlier this spring, I realized I could no longer fight them on my own (and that I really didn't want to, either). I finally called Timberline and they put me through to Christy, a residential weed-fighting goddess, who came out to assess the situation. She not only assured me that she and her crews could whip it back into shape, but also honed in on little things I hadn't even noticed (like pruning an out-of-control quince I forgot lived among the weeds). She and a three-person crew arrived Friday morning and set to work. Christy kept me informed via text and phone and by lunch, it was starting to look like how I remembered it had, prior to the Great Weed Invasion of 2017. At the end of the day, there were only a few areas left and Christy was able to schedule a crew for the next day. Also worth noting is that Alicia, who fought the good fight on Friday, came back Saturday - even the scariest of landscapes do not intimidate her! In short, Timberline is a wonderful firm with dedicated employees! They are thorough and personable and have changed my yard from an anxiety-inducing burden to somewhere I actually want to be. I cannot thank them enough and will recommend them to anyone who mentions anything remotely landscape-related.

Jason Stajkowski

Called to make a appointment for someone to come and do a estimate on what we wanted done to our yard and basically was told to go some were else because they only deal with bigger projects and thet they have a 5,000 dollar minimal for any jobs anf the guys on the phone basically say i am denying you. Sounds to me it is all about the money so if you need landscaping done and you are not looking to spend or have a job done that is under 5,000 go some place else. Pluse the guy sounded very snobby. I hope you loose alot of customers.

Belinda Wallner

I was recently shopping at the Briargate Shops and the landscaping is out of this world gorgeous!! I asked who was responsible for creating such beauty and I was told Timberline Landscaping. You do excellent work and would highly recommend your services.

Terry McKee

I worked with Ashley Stoever on my landscaping design, and must say she did an outstanding design! Also as far as maintenance and workmanship, Timberline is excellent! I would highly recommend this company!

Dab Gotti

Great company, best in the area.

Kevin Dooms

Update: As of 1 Aug 19 our issues have been corrected and I feel Timberline did a good job with the repairs and replacements. We live in a low lawn maintenance community and Timberline provided the landscaping and for the most part it looks nice. That being said I have several plants and shrubs that have died and I’ve tried for over a month to get it resolved and Timberline will not remedy the issues. I’ve called and emailed and unfortunately and for some strange reason, they show no interest in fixing the problem.

Rachel DiOrio

Great company that goes above and beyond for their customers! Their work is very high quality and their customer service is unparalleled!

Bob Nordeman

Timberline stands behind their work. Bryan is always accessible and responsive. I am very satisfied with their work, pricing and customer service after the landscaping is in.

Raymond Engebretson

Bryan Darr from Timberline created a excellent Xeriscape landscaping plan. The skilled, hard working crew worked through cold, wet October days. Regardless, the job was started and completed on time. Our landscape looks great! We highly recommend Bryan and the Timberline crew.

Paul Mendoza

We used Timberline to landscape our backyard and sideyards on a new build. Bryan was amazing to work with and educated us on the options for landscaping ideas and what grows well in CO (from California). We highly recommend Timberline!

Lucy F

Very bad service. They Don't listen or care what you want or need during the installation. Ashly was very unconcerned about my concerns and didn't resolve my issues. I then met with the owner, he appeased me and replaced a few plants that they claimed to be fine, but would replace them to make me happy. It's been close to a year now, and I called them about some of the plants that were half dead when they installed them and are now dead. I didn't get a call to meet them at my home. They took it upon themselves to come and inspect and left a note stating (the plants that were half dead when they installed them) are not covered under the warranty. They are happy to plant some for me at my expense. I would never recommend this company. Unfortunately, I was stuck, or I would have changed landscaping companies. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!! I wanted to share these photos of the drip system from which Timberline installed. I had another land scaping company come out to help me since and they showed me how far away the drip is from the plant, therefore the plants were not getting watered properly, and died.

Vicki Westapher

Brian was very attentive to desire to redo our landscape to solve some problems from a prior design and to enhance our yard. He came back with a great solution and helped us through the process. The installation team was very professional. They arrived on time, were efficient, cleaned up after each day, did create a lot of noise or chaos and did an excellent job. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and courteous service from everyone we encountered. Thank you to Brian and the staff

Michael Renfro

Judi Zimmerman

We moved to Colorado from Illinois. Not knowing anything about the plants or turf that worked in this climate we decided to go with Ashley and Timberline. We're very happy that we did. Ashley considered our likes and concerns as well as budget. She came up with a beautiful design. The installation process went very smoothly. The team made adjustments for us as we saw the plants go in. Timberline installed a retaining wall, coordinated the installation of a large patio extension and made sure everything was done correctly. They recently met with us approx. thirty days after the install to review the plants/turf and adjusted the sprinkler system for us. Additional reviews are planned throughout the year. Timberline's cost was a bit more than others we considered. However, as we've seen the work of other companies in our area, we're glad we decided to go with Timberline. We recommend the company.

Ammar A

Very very bad customer service

Divine Redeemer Catholic Church

Thank you David for meeting our time crunch and delivering a great landscape renovation. We appreciate the timeliness of your bid, the scheduling and completion of the project in time for Easter! Also, thank you John for getting to us quickly when a tree blew down on our office. We appreciate your service and professionalism.

Garret Payton

Rose Bills

I called to have someone come out and look at what I wanted done. Made an appointment and they never showed up.

Stephanie Early

Timberline has performed irrigation services at my home for the last 4 years. The technicians are always knowledgeable and polite.

Weston Welborn

Was cut off by one of there drivers on the road. Confronted them they were drunk and rude. Called there office and they didn't seem to care that they allow drunk drivers. So I'd avoid them on the road and avoid there business.

Christopher Loncar

I am employed here, and this is a fantastic place to work! A family-owned company that takes care of its employees and leads with integrity. The services we offer are amazing, and I am proud to work for Timberline.

Marilyn Szorc

Timberline Landscaping replaced our concrete patio with flagstone and added a flagstone path and complimentary landscaping. Elisa was extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all our questions during the design process. The installation went as planned and we were very impressed by the high quality of the workmanship. It was very labor intensive to place and level the flagstones. We are very pleased with the results.

Ken ONeil

70' maverick

The best landscaping company in el Paso county and maybe even the whole state they work hard to meet your needs and do an excellent job

Amy Hughes

*UPDATE: I just wanted to update this review to say that the CEO reached out to me about my experience and he was really great. He definitely cares about the company and the customers. We decided to go another route, so we did not have work done with them, but I appreciated the attempt on their apart to get to the bottom of the negative experience. Was referred here as I am looking to fully landscape my front and back yard and was looking to get a bid. I had a couple email exchanges back and forth with someone who asked me some questions about what our landscaping goals were and asked me what my budget was and let me know they have a $5000 minimum. I responded with a few things that needed done but thought I was clear that we wanted to fully landscape everything. I did not give my budget because I am not sure yet, however, I absolutely made it clear that I understood they have a $5000 minimum. After mentioning just a FEW of the things that I need done I was told that my project did not meet the minimum $5000 and was given listing of other places that might be interested. FYI, the project would have been well over the $5000 minimum, they basically told me no after ONE email exchange, and were not interested what so ever. The customer service was not great at all. I am glad that all I did was waste a few minutes with some emails. Not sure how decided the price of my project without even seeing or knowing what the project is. Also, whoever emailed me was calling me Marcia. That is not even my name. I guess they just don't want the business.

Jon Feuerbach

We had a great experience with Timberline Landscaping! Elysa did a great job with the design, and she was very easy to work with regarding revisions, last minute changes, and keeping us posted on the progress of the job. Tony’s crew was very diligent and worked extremely hard, even through the adverse conditions of punishing heat and torrential rain. Also, Tony and his crew were able to reclaim weed-infested native areas and soils that were damaged by the Waldo Canyon Fire. In addition, Kevin’s turf crew was able to fix a putting green surface that was originally installed incorrectly by another landscaper. We were very happy with all aspects of this project. We will continue to use Timberline for future projects and maintenance. Jon & Julie

Eric Larson

The folks at Timberline were very professional, easy to work with and customer service oriented. I used Timberline to add some sidewalk around my house, expand my rear patio and install a fire pit. In retrospect I wish I had used them to install my original landscaping.

Bonnie Bagley

My husband and I contracted with Timberline to landscape our yard. We had a wonderful experience working with Elysa Engle. We have received many compliments about the work done and three years later it looks better then ever.We have continued to use Timberline for other smaller projects and have been just as pleased. Everyone is personable, eager to get the job done correctly and competently. Thank you Timberline!!!

Bob and Juli Mansfield

We were very pleased with Bryan, our designer, and the great crew that installed our landscaping. Bryan was very patient during the planning and offered great advice. The crew was polite, hard working, and did a great job. Overall, it was a great experience.

Alejandro Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Excellent place of work (Original) Exelente lugar de trabajo

Chris Heidlebaugh

I’m a local web designer and I have had landscape clients who want to be the best, but you cannot compete with Timberline Landscaping! Today I witnessed why they are the best in Colorado! While at a commercial facility I watch Ken Garcia gently place rocks around plants like it was his own garden. A few rocks got on the pavement and he made sure each rock and speck of dirt was cleaned up. Ken and other men were working so hard in the heat, but you can tell he loves his job and he represented the company so well. I was parked about 10 feet from a Bobcat that they were using to move material with. They made sure to watch for us and other vehicles! Wow they care about people! Thank you Timberline!

Eric Martin

Great quality customer service. Great ever,acting impressions. Landscaped areas look amazing. Live up their reputation as number one landscape provider in the region. There’s a reason why they get all of the major city landscaping projects (ie. manitou include, broadmoor sr open, USOC, Sky Sox).

Denis Aguilera

Very rude service. Called and ask for hourly rate for snow removal was treated like if iI was ignorant By the receptionist . That they only do bids then im sure on their bids it comes out for plow is a certain amont and snow shovels is another certin amount and it takes this certain amont of hours and they cant give a hourly rate over the phone . Not a good custumer service at all wouldnt recommend their a waste off your time for shopping.

Kelli St Clair

After the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ took out part of our tree, I called Timberline and John came out and took care of it in a very timely manner and reasonable cost. Although I’m sad to see a bare spot where our tree once was, was nice to have someone to call and take care of it. Thanks Timberline.

Luke Benge

They did an excellent job repairing my sprinkler system and even tested it before they left!!

John Hansen

We had a very positive experience with everyone at Timberline. From start to finish we were in contact with our designer, Ashley who promptly answered all of our questions. The landscape crew were very organized & efficient & even came up with an idea to deal with a walkway between houses that we were having problems with. We had to wait for a couple of our plants that the nursery was out of stock on but as promised, Timberline returned to plant them. We would highly recommend Timberline Landscaping.


Timberline did an outstanding job on my yard! Very happy with the results and incredible customer service. Ashley did a great job and we are so please with the results.

Barbara Brandon

Timberline has a great crew. They are always punctual and take pride in their work. Bryan provides excellent professional suggestions and incorporates the customers vision for the finished result.

Mark Sieler

Geek Dad

We had a very pleasant experience with Timberline Landscaping! Ashley was great to work with and communication was spot-on! She was always quick to respond to any inquiries we had, and quick to make any changes to the landscaping design to make sure it fit into our budget. They even came back out when we noticed a few areas of our sod were not "greening up." The landscapers repositioned the sprinkler heads and replaced the dead sod at no additional costs. The fact that they came back out a month later to see if the sod and plants were doing well was icing on the cake. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great landscaper!

James Van Hoy

When it came time to replace our driveway, we wanted to work with a reputable company. I imagine we could have gotten a less expensive job, but we only wanted to do the driveway one time. The crew couldn't have done a better job. We were impressed with their dedication to doing a great job and their skills to make that happen. Everyone walking by comment to us when we are in the yard as to how much they like our driveway. Yeah, a driveway! It is functional, gorgeous and a huge improvement. Doing pavers is also about getting the underlying structures done properly: sculpting, grading, gravel base with 3 sizes and a pattern on top that doesn't look like a pattern. Win!

Chris Tanner

The design for my new landscaping went beyond my expectations, and the work was done quickly.

Daniel Cathcart

Ali Wheeler

Guy showed up an hour past the set time. Kept looking at his watch and phone had another appointment he couldn't be late to. Basically treated us as if we couldn't afford his services. Told us he would call in a week with ideas and quotes and we never heard a word from him. Why would we call if we couldn't afford to have work done?? Very dissatisfied with this company.

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