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REVIEWS OF Cheep Lawnmowing LLC IN Arkansas

Shamere Ayen

I rely on reviews and had read the ones for this company. Since they were about even with people recommending them or not, I decided to call. I spoke with Loretta who said that they would need to charge more on the first visit because it was overgrown. I had no problem with that because that would be fair in my opinion. I clarified with her that the charge after that would be 24.95 per visit if I agree to 8 visits. She said, Well, no that is the charge for half a yard, like a duplex. I explained that information was not listed anywhere. She quoted me a different price. I questioned her again and she said that she would need to check, maybe it is the $24.95. I said at that point that there was no need. I tried to give this company the benefit of doubt, but now believe the poor reviews and have no desire to conduct business with this company, especially if they are using these tactics at the onset. I'm posting this for those looking for lawn care service. Beware and ask a lot of questions before providing your credit card. They are not being completely honest in their advertising.

Ashley Bayle

mkspear .

Worst lawn service I have ever used. Tore my gate off my fence and didn't even let me know. Then over charged me on my debit card. don't ever give them your debit card number.

Amanda Foster

Although the service provided was adequate we had an awful time with them charging our card when service wasn't provided and then lying about a "check in the mail" to refund. I wouldn't give them a positive recommendation based on our experience.

Jenny Lane

I am a single mom that works 2 jobs. I just can not keep up with my yard myself. At the same time I am not picky and can not afford $40 or $50 a week for a company to cut my grass for me. I am glad I found Cheep Lawn Mowing after a few coworkers recommended them. $24.95 a week sounded fair for my little yard. They show up every week and do better than I could. That's all I care about. They even edge and blow the grass off the driveway too! They only charged $20 extra to trim the 4 bushes in front of my house as well! I think this is a great company to hire if you are on a tight budget like me.

Daniel Jones

Very dishonest

Connie Lingus

Well worth the money! I used Rodden before and an employee hit my car with the rider while racing across my yard. Cheep Lawn Mowing uses walk mowers and is more careful!

Judy Hess

Just signed up couple weeks ago. Low price. Happy so far!

PubliAgentes Reynosa

Great job... Fast service... And far fee

Heath B.

Cheep is THE WORST lawn care business in Northwest Arkansas! We used them while we were on vacation and actually had neighbors calling and texting us to tell us how AWFUL our lawn looked. Both of our neighbors immediately approached us when we got home and apologized that they didn't act sooner to stop the lawn slaughter as it happened. Not only did he mow our yard after a rain storm, his mower left HUGE RUTS all over our bermuda lawn. We were not only DISAPPOINTED in the look of our yard after Cheep got through with it, we were ASHAMED at how it looked. I will absolutely, 100% NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS INEXPERIENCED AND UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY AGAIN! They will not be in business for long. You can go to several of their competitors for just a few dollars more and get a MUCH BETTER MOW ELSEWHERE.

Amy Robinson

Perfect company to hire if you want a decent price and great service! They show up every week. Yard looks good. I don't know what more you can ask for. And they don't charge $75 a week like the others either.

Weston Vickers

Honestly, these people were the best deal around. 50 Dollars for a 1 time mow, or 25 if your a scheduled customer. I have a small yard and they get in and out in 30 minutes (mow, weedeat, edge, and blow the sidewalks off). Hard to argue that price.

johnathon smallz

Terrible management, cant say much for people that actually do the work

Joe Smith

I've tried several other companies that charged more but kept having problems with my service. I tried Cheep Lawn Mowing and been with them since. Best bang for your buck around!

David Bradley

I hired Cheep Lawnmowing to mow my yard while I was on vacation. Their website says that they charge a weekly rate of 24.95. They mowed my yard two times before I got back from vacation. The second time was the day I got back and I saw the poor quality job that was done. The grass was very short and very uneven. I have no idea how the person who mowed did not see the missed spots. There were multiple areas in the lawn that looked like a circle from the mower turning around. Those spots were much lower and it appeared that they were in a very big hurry. Overall, the mowing job was not good. I called to cancel my services and the lady was not very happy that I was canceling. The next day I checked my email to see an invoice that was charged $40 and then an additional $15. I called to ask about the charges and was told "they expect me to have about 8 services and since I only did two they were charging me more and they charged me the additional $15 to compensate the previous service". I told them no where on their website does it say anything about that and that it states clearly that there is a weekly charge of 24.95, nor does it say anything "about 8 services". I demanded a refunded and it was received very hesitantly. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

Jeremy Wilson

Do not do business with these people and do not give them your CC information. I was charged $100 4 weeks after i requested their work (quoted $50) and they never even mowed my lot. They will not respond to my emails and have not returned my calls. I have disputed this with my CC company and changed cards because of this. I have photo proof that they never mowed my lot and charged me for it.


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