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REVIEWS OF Mortimer Nursery & Landscape IN Arizona

Donna Gaudreau

There is a great selection and super staff.

kevin larkin

Constance Gorsuch

Great service and informative

Ian R

3 times I called and 3 times I was told someone will contact me............. Still waiting. Very poor customer service. If I could post this with NO stars I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Draper

It was great and the staff were wonderful.

Norma Starr

Very nice selection of drought tolerant plants. They also have unique indoor plants that you don't see much.

Mary Hinson

Nice garden and horrible apathetic customer service. You are ignored from the minute you walk in the door unit when you leave. The exception is the deli staff- they are awesome. Customer service is the key n any business. This place would do well to realize that, if they greeted guests as they came in and thanked them as they left, customers would have a much better experience. The garden is great but the treatment of guests is horrible.

Ashlee Mortimer

Staff is amazing! Plant material is beautiful!

Hunter Labrador

Needed to pick up a large amount of starter soil for some garden beds as well as straw and some organic additives for the soil also pick up a nice tree, they have a helpful and friendly staff as well as a fairly good selection of plants and trees. I will be back. Update: The straw bales we purchased were for use in building lasagna style garden beds, well it turned out they were a bit heavy on seed still in the straw, I am guessing that it is oat from the look of it, but I will say we tried going to another source after that and it turned out to have even more seed. We will use it to our advantage and just chop and drop it as it grows feeding the favorite plants.

Lindy Wood

Fabulous customer service! Great place to have a birthday party! We were greeted with everything we ordered (food, drinks, music, tables, chairs). A great time had by all!

Terri Tarango

Jeff Bennett


Lisa Carlson

One star is pushing it! I was told my rock order would be delivered "mid-morning" as I was 2nd on the delivery list. Ok, so I agree to that. As I wait for my delivery, I decide to check on it sometime around 11:30 AM, still mid- morning. I was told they will be here in half an hour...12:00 by my calculation, stepping over the mid- morning mark, but ok. At 1:00 PM still no rock as I sit outside waiting so I don't miss the truck. I call Mortimer's back, hey, wheres my rock, "it will be another hour or so", by my calculation 2:00PM. REALLY!! Next time I will most definately order my rockj & gravel from somewhere else! Don't waste your time, well, really that's all you will be doing.

Edie Anderson

End of summer last year I purchased a plant that was described by the attendant as a "Lilac". The Lilac season arrived - and no flowers. I checked the Mortimer label attached to the trunk and it says "Privet". I should have done this before but you practically have to lay on the ground to read it. I called the nursery and told them about the mix up. I was told the manager would call me. 3 days later since nobody called I called and was told the manager, who would not even come to the phone, said the purchase was made over a year ago (not true), there was no receipt (true) so therefore they would not take any responsibility. My assessment: Bad management, untrained staff - a place to avoid.

David Warner

worst customer service i have ever had from any business. I really do not think they know how to manage their operations. Zero response after I left two voice messages to have some work done. I guess they do not need the business. I'd look elsewhere if you are considering work from Mortimers....aka Mortified.

Debbie Fishell

Mary Burk

Jodie Franklin

Linda Whipple

Don't waste your time with this company. Extremely poor customer service and follow through. Put my name in for a pre-emergent spray and for 3 weeks I had to call trying to get it set up. Got different responses each time, was told oh you were set up a week ago didn't he call. After 3 wks decided I'd had enough and called Gary Mortimer. His response when I told him was "Well why don't you call someone else then"!!!

Joey Linnertz

Avoid this Nursery at all costs. Do yourself the favor.

Eric Person

Ron Tevere

JandR timber

They have what you need.

Kurt Holz

Worked with Suzie and Karen today, always a great experience going into Mortimers! Ended up buying lots and lots of bushes for our yard. They just received a new shipment so you better get in there while the getting it good. Happy shopping! Kurt

Roger Kinter

Great for local plants that will grow in this area. They are very knowledgable about what to do to keep plants healthy

Judith Burger

Top quality service and products.

Daniel M

I shop at Mortimer because , like most locals, I enjoy supporting a locally owned business. I generally didn't mind the above average prices because I felt like it was worth it to go local. Unfortunately, I will not be continuing this policy after the customer support disaster I experienced today. I had a delivery confirmed of some landscaping material. After being 2 hours late and still without my delivery, I decided to call and inquire as to what had happened. It became obvious that they had completely forgot about the order. I was obviously upset as I had taken time off to make this appointment. After asking for a refund, the owner refused. After asking for a waive of the delivery fee, the owner refused. So what were my options? I was told that my delivery was on time for a morning delivery, but hey it was 12:15 when I called so who knows when a morning delivery is anymore. After one rude employee after the other, and then an agitated owner I cannot recommend this business.

Bryce Brent Wood

Douglas Lamb

Karry Wyma

Justin Dennis

Bill Coniam

They've helped us numerous times, both carry out and site-planted. The staff is friendly and helpful. Sometimes what really tells you about a business is how they respond when things don't go right: We lost one of our trees and expected to have to do some talking: Nope. Immediate credit. No questions asked. Well done!

Thomas Keen

Beautiful store and bought what I needed and the people where very helpful

Kay Lee

I love shopping local - especially when the quality and customer service is great! Both exceeded my expectations. Mortimer Nursery is the only place I will buy plants, soil, and pots from! Suggest to all!

Jessica Baugh

We had our front yard landscaped by Mortimer in November 2015 when we built our new Dorn home. The staff was very friendly, however, provided very little insight as to what may work with our taste, budget, and local climate. The response was often "whatever you want" as I commented that I'm not a landscaper and would love feedback/options. Communication from the beginning was poor, and the selection was limited. When our plants and trees were put in, we were told that while some of the plants didn't look as healthy as the others "just call us and we can replace them if needed." Nearly two months after we moved in, we lost most of our plants in the front yard and weeds started popping up. We were told at our initial consultation that a felt liner would be placed below the rock as a weed barrier but as we felt was to be found. We've since noticed that some of our neighbors also didn't receive their felt liners. We had the majority of our cost wrapped up into our mortgage but made a few changes that we planned to pay ourselves. Prior to the landscaping being completed, we received quite a high bill that didn't seem accurate. We asked to have an itemized list of the costs so we could be sure of what we were paying for. We continued to receive this high estimate several different times and it took several phone calls and a trip to their office to receive a estimate in the correct amount. It is now the end of April 2016 and we have tried to contact Daniel, a field supervisor, several times in regards to getting the dead plants replaced, and we've yet to hear anything back. We've called Daniel directly as instructed by him when he met with us upon completion of our landscaping to go over details of the irrigation system, and have not heard from him in over 2 months, I believe 5 calls in all. To get rid of the eye sore of our dead plants in the front yard, we've contacted another landscaping company who immediately contacted us and we are planning on moving forward to replace our dead plants in the front yard. Again, friendliness when we've gotten a hold of staff at Mortimer has been good but their selection, follow through, and customer service have been poor for us.

Sandra Nearing

I wasn't in the store 3 feet before asked if I needed any help. Received great suggestions and product for aphid problem. Also, cashier was most informative re: ladybugs.

Craig Angalich

Joe Wildes

Good selection for organic gardening!

Ginny Plutte

Took off work to wait and have our tree delivered and planted today as we have had an appointment for weeks. Waited all day. I called three times...said they were having a bad day. Said they would call back when she could give a better time. Never called back after any of my calls. Finally at 5:00 the guys showed up. The lead man said he called the office and told them to call customers and say they were running late. They NEVER called us. Seems like it's not the fault of the guys that are planting the trees that we were not called. It's the POOR customer service! In this day and age of ubiquitous cell phones, a courtesy call would have been simple. I understand that unpredictable things can happen with landscaping....but there is no excuse to not have been called.


We’ve been dealing with Mortimer for 7 years, They have always been very helpful.

Charisse Rose

huge selection, wonderful people. The only problem that I had today was an elderly woman seemed irritated that I had my paper money from the last time I bought, she never even asked me my name for my rewards account

RC Gold

Love these guys...

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