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Where is Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure?

REVIEWS OF Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure IN Alaska

Kathy Shouse

This is amazing place, so beautiful!


This place is awesome! A definite "must see".


Definitely a must-do! We did the tour on the golf cart with Robert, who was very informative and had lots of interesting stories. Felix was our guide inside and he was just as awesome! The gardens are amazing! They take you up the mountain to see some really good views. There is a little cafe, gift shop and restroom inside and lots of flowers every where!

Michael Graff

Great views. Cool tour through the forest. Price is great.

Vanor Blake

A beautiful place to visit. It is well kept. 27.00 for adults you had better like flowers..

Michael Wright

Beautiful. Must stop place.

walt d

Awesome, beautifully constructed, temperate rainforest paradise. The idea behind this land is genius, and the uptake and care that is put into is is apparent. I want to live here.

Jim McElheny

What great flowers. You have to see the upside trees. Besides from my pic's

William Stucki

Nice tour.

David Miller

We went in late May / early June time frame. We couldn't believe how much was in bloom at this time. The colors were incredible. A lot of work goes into maintenance. Also really liked the view from atop the property where you get a view of the city and fjord. The seaplane airstrip is something that you don't see every day either.

Dan Riley

These guys love their jobs! From the very eclectic and lovable upside down trees with their exquisite flower arrangements to the lovable and friendly staff.... this was a great stop!

S Lesh


Philip Hughes


Caleb Everson

Very cool tour and upside down trees. Also a great lookout point for pictures.

Lee Mertens

Will never see any thing like this in the lower 49 states /great ride up the mountain Really fantastic guides /views ever where Glad we stopped

Frank Aguilar

Very nice guided tour. Tour is a sit down open 15 person bus drive. Driver not only gave a routine speach, but was genuinely engaged with the true meaning of the service he was providing. Very knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Tour lasted approximately 1 hour.

Victor Sullivan

Ok, I hate to give this place 3 stars because it is really beautiful. However, at the cost of $27 per adult it's really pricey. We were in town on a weekend getaway and decided to check it out. The plants are beautiful and they have a unique way of using trees that are shoved in the ground upside down as planters. The thing that got me was the tour was literally a golf cart ride to the top of the hill where they maintain a lookout. The views from the top are beautiful, but $27 a person seemed a little much. If you happen to be in the area and have the extra cash check it out.

Jim Guan

Terrific! Stunning!

keith crocker

Beautiful place

Russ Roush

Simply beautiful with stunning views of the harbor. Upside down trees with planted flowers are unique and you can tell that the owner, Steve, puts his heart and soul into the property. It must be contagious because all of the staff seem excited to be there, it truly shoes.

Greg Duff

Really interesting place. Amazing use of otherwise ruined native trees.

Peter Hatch

Always a great experience, even when it's cold and wet! They have some really great displays and I love the upside down trees. They treat you well and you can grab a hot drink inside after the tour

Denise J. Stump

Nice facility. Had a tram ride through the rainforest. Stopped at an observation platform 500+ feet above sea level. Saw several eagles. The "upside down" trees were very interesting. Beautiful showcase of the forest. Visitor center has a small gift shop and offers drinks and snacks for sale. There are tables and chairs available in a covered area.

M Thompson

Plenty of flowers to see of quite a few varieties. They have taken some trees and turned them upside down and made them into a huge flower pot. There's a live eagle's nest camera that's viewable. There's restrooms and refreshments are available. Soft drinks and coffee are about $2.50. There's a pretty good view once you take the ride up the mountain in the Little Bus.

Larry Bertelson

Absolutely beautiful

Jonatan Almanza V.

Really nice place to visit, they will show you how they plant trees upside down and make a beautiful ornament with it. Those trees last for about 12 years and after they have to re plant them again because they roth. The Naturist will take you around the rainforest on their vehicle on a 45 minutes tour, and explain the different types of vegetation growing in the place, couple of stops to enjoy the view will have place and in the end, naturist will give you some time to enjoy the greenhouse to after return to your destination.

rachel strand

A little overpriced, but we ended up on a private tour with a fun, knowledgeable guide. Amazing views from the top of the gardens.

LeMans Lamirault

Glacier Gardens was such a wonderful adventure. Would recommend to anyone. Absolutely beautiful, stunning grounds. The guides and personnel were very nice, courteous and funny. Learned that the second largest rainforest next to the Amazon is part of the gardens. I was there June, 2017.

Kirill Karandeyev

Definitely one of the more unique gardens. They also have their own breeding pair of bald eagles.

robert fetter

Awsome place to go to

Brian Pickard

Beautiful 'garden' in natural setting. Great guide!

Karen Engell

Beautiful flowers and unique upside down trees used as planters

John Co

Maybe I had too much expectations. Place was just alright, they had a unique concept of flipping a tree upside down but other than a few of these sprinkled around there was not much to see..

Ruth Pemble

Beautiful area. Would highly recommend visiting this place and taking the tour. Just visited on August 24, 2017.

Sandy Kolker

Perfect day, sunny and warm...Beautiful forest and plants.. Very enjoyable!!

George Durham

Beautiful flowers and views. Well worth the trip. Such friendly people loving guides.

Jay Guthrie

Well worth the trip. Very well qualified guides. Limited required walking. Assistance available.

kyra dobler


Louise Purtle

A hidden gem not broadly advertised. Well worth the $28 admission. Most informative tour of Alaskan forest including Spectacular views of Juneau. Lots of friendly, knowledgeable staff. Cafe could be improved. Overall a fabulous experience.

michael easton

They have a webcam of their own Eagles nest on their property which some can see from the ground. And then go into their gallery and see the eagles nest from the love video.

Tiffany Rudisill

This place is amazing! I timed it just right and got to take the tour by myself. Both guides were hilarious, knowledgable and very good at their job. I wasn't expecting to be driven around on the tour but it was nice as the road to the top is rather steep. The view was amazing and well worth $25. I would highly recommend this place to others if you are here visiting.

Duane Hooper

An amazing rainforest with lots of flowers everywhere. The trip to the top of the mountain was exciting, as were the views. But be sure to go on a clear day to get the entire effect.

Lauren Tuttle

Was ok, trees, lots of trees, don't come in May. Nothing is blooming yet. Otherwise I'm sure it's pretty. The bus driver/excursion guy didn't give us nearly enough time either and was in such a hurry he wrecked our bus trying to get us back to the ship. Crazy.

Kami Aikens

A fun place to see some interesting upside tree gardens! There are tons of beautiful flowers, gorgeous upside down trees with mini gardens on top. There is even a tram tour that takes you above the forest to an amazing view of the Bay of Juneau. I had an amazing time taking photos of the flowers and wooden carvings. The gift shop was stocked and a beautiful place to enjoy tea or coffee.

Carrie Kennedy

Beautiful landscape! The upside down trees are amazing. Steve puts a lot of effort into this place and it shows. The employees are all very nice.

Kurt Wilson

Beautiful flowers, trees, and vistas. Glad we came.


A great tour of the rain forest with an excellent view of Juneau included.

Margaret Payne

Soooooo interesting and a wonderful garden setting.

James Roche

Very informative guides - I learned a lot about temperate rain forests, salmon, and how a bear can smell food from a mile away.

Dilip Chopra

Beautiful gardens.

James Ford

Would recommend that you go there.

Ralph lyonel Francois


Robert Mullikin

A beautiful, well displayed and we'll guided tour

Will W

A must see if you are in town. This is a spectacular garden.

John James

Fabulous place to visit. Rainforest, botanical gardens and views. Excellent guides with knowledgeable and passionate narration. And to top it all - an eagle's nest with two nearly mature young. Like I said - fabulous!!

Jennifer Waites

Beautiful plants and wonderful views from the outlook!

Tracey Fleisher

Pricey but interesting and beautiful.

Eric Lunnin

Amazing views and an informative tour

Nancy Kojzarek

Some of the most beautiful flowers/baskets ever. Loved our time there!


A truly beautiful place. A must see if in Juneau. Its one-of-a-kind Flower Towers are imazing. We have really enjoyed the tour around the property. It's a really inspiring to hear about the founder of this place and his hard work. It is unlike anything you ever expected to find in Alaska.

Richard Bellamy

Beautiful place to visit very knowledgeable Staff

Jennie Louwes

By far, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Juneau. The tour guides friendly and informative. (Of course, some of the guides are more naturally fluent with their details, genuiness, and jokes; but, over-all, there's not a bad one in the bunch). The closest thing to a "Lower 48" Botanical Garden that you'll find in Alaska's Capital City. The fallen tree trunks, that have been planted upside down /roots up, are breathtaking and truly unique; and, honestly, worth a trip to these Gardens in and of themselves. The extra-large golf styled carts provide a ride in comfort both up and down the large mountain trail and the view from the top; well, words are inadequate to describe the intrigue, inspiration, vastness, and beauty. Of course, sunny days are best and ideal; but, even "liquid sunshine" can be enjoyed on a cloudy day. After all, what's a rainforest without rain? It's gotta live up to its name from time-to-time

Maxim Pop

A koo-koo man religiously planting trees upside down.

Terri Ennis

So beautiful...all of these trees growing in less than a foot of soil on top of bedrock.

Louise Rigtrup

Family-owned excellent creative beautiful.

Ashley Diedrich

Family owned, beautiful garden tour!! Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and entertaining! We were taken in a golf cart up the mountain along a curvy path through lush forest to a pretty spectacular view at the top. Would highly recommend this tour if in Juneau!!

Gail Hyde

The Rain Forest was something to see! I always thought of rain forest as in the jungles, but they get 13 feet of water every year here in Alaska?

Susan Evans


Mandy Smith

Original idea for hanging baskets, set in stunning grounds with fantastic views from the top. Worth a visit.

Norm Glitz

Neat place!

Aryan Gupta


Chrystal B.

So charming.

Tammy McCay

Relaxing ..smells of gardens...awesome place

William Brown

GREAT. Wonderful area to see and a great tour giude.

Justin Seegraves

Friendly staff and beautiful view at the lookout!

Denis McNurney

This place is truly a gem


Beautiful gardens and tour but the only downside is they don't give you time to take photos along the way on the tour. They take you through the park in a covered, open on the sides "stretch golf cart" type of vehicle, but they don't tell you that it's just to give you an initial overview of the property, and not meant to be a photo opp tour. At the end of the tour, we were told we had all day to take photos and walk the grounds but it's a long way and very steep. I guess it would have been fine if we would have planned our time accordingly and knew to make a day trip of hiking out of it, but we didn't know this ahead of time. Otherwise, great tour and gardens.

John Russo

A little bit touristy but interesting to see. The guide seem to worship the owner. They constantly mention his name and tell you all about his family when you're really more interested in the Flora.

Shane Wakerling

This is a hidden Gem!

Crystal Barker

Very friendly staff


The story behind this garden is what makes it amazing. The owner is also the gardener and creator of everything you see. His heart is everywhere you look as you tour this beautiful garden. There were also Eagle chicks just born in a nest on his site. He has developed a true haven and natural habitat for the plants and animals.

Linda Austen

An unexpected treat. A very interesting shore excursion; it was beautiful but not at its peak since the season for flowers was nearly over. It must be breathtaking earlier in the summer.

Joe King


Seth Greenstein

Alot of fun. My 10 year old really enjoyed it.

John G

Fantastic family run gardens well worth a visit

Bobbie Getz

Beautiful! Very creative displays! I love the hanging flowers and umbrellas!

Marilyn Kolander

Beautiful gardens. Old tree trunks turned up side down and flowers and plants planted in the trimmed roots. Steep trek up to the top in a 4 wheel drive vehicle ( 23%) grade. Wow! It was a little scary going up but worth the view. Ponds that were created, small waterfalls, natural foliage. So many things to see. Worth the stop and the gift shop was great. Loved all the upside down umbrellas on the ceiling.

Phil Leichtweis

Who would have ever thought there would be a rainforest in Alaska? Me either until we took this excursion with our cruiseship while in Juneau. One of the best excursions we took. Absolutely beautiful! Yes the inside passage (Juneau & Ketchikan in particular) have lots of rain just like the Pacific Northwest. If you're ever in Juneau Alaska this tour of Glacier Gardens is an absolute must.

Brian Dubois

Super interesting place but it really has nothing to do with any glaciers. If you have the time and the energy for a hike, you're better off on one of the many trails around. If you're short on time and you want to be driven around on a trail, then this is not a bad option.

Frank LoPorto

Stunning!!! One of the most beautiful places

Ray Turner

Beautiful gardens. Unique. Also view of Juneau. No crowds.

Joseph Olivares

Go see it you won't believe what one guy has created. Beautiful work.

Cassidy Williams

Awesome 2 mile vehicle guided tour through impressive landscaping displays and natural rainforest habitat. Stellar views at the top and excellent service from the staff. Great opportunity to see the forest especially if you have young children or seniors in your party.

Umakant Bhope

Big trees and chilly weather and snowy surrounding.Nice place to visit a waterfall.

Ursula Fogle

One of the most beautiful gardens I've ever visited.

Ali Murphy

A lovely tour of beautiful gardens. The guides are really superb!

Ray Lance

A must visit if you are in area!

Marius Duval

Alaska surprised us in many ways but from the many places we have seen around the world, the Rain Forest - the size of North Carolina - was the most surprising by its place on Earth and by its beauty, but I am afraid it's probably the least known. Seeing it should definitely be a must for whoever visits Alaska. The visit is very well organized, the ride with those vehicles resembling to big golf carts on that very steep and sinuous road is sometimes scary, but if you have a driver/guide like the lady we had, you probably won't ever forget it. You learn a lot about the place, the flora, the lumberjack locals life and even - in our case - personal and family stories.

June Thomas

Best kept secret tour. Exhilarating ride up to 600 foot view of Juneau while seeing the rainforest up close. Upside down tree planters were beautiful.

Dave Jones

This place is so beautiful. Highly recommend visiting if you are doing a cruise excursion or visiting. From the friendly staff, to the upside down trees with flowers, to the awesome views on top of property everything here is mind boggling in the most beautiful way!

Delores Andreae

Had a wonderful time and was very informative and I learned a lot.

Val Peterson

Nice food

David Murray

Beautiful and friendly staff, take cart ride to th top

Jean Scibek

Beautiful, innovative gardens. Clever use of natural resources. Bright spot on our trip.

Marie Toland

Love the tour and beauty

Chester Floyd

Have gift shop scenic tour with over look, beautiful setting.

Michael Penic

Breathtaking views, beautiful flowers, very romantic experience!


It's basically a cafeteria. The muffins are wrapped in saran wrap. The coffee is ok. The reason why it's got 3 stars is the free wifi. Hint: password is "glacier gardens" (omit the quotes)

Stephanie Whitehead

So beautiful and amazing. Don't miss this! The staff are all so nice, and the guides are fun.

James Owens

This places was amazing.. And the staff was very friendly. Lots to see and explore. Highly recommended.

Michael Bessler

This is a very interesting place. They take you up the side of a mountain in a large golf cart like vehicle. That doesn't sound scary but the mountain is very steep and the road is very narrow and the road is mostly many Bridges made out of the dead trees that came there as part of the landslide that created the place in the first place. Upside-down trees with flowers planted doesn't do it justice. They are absolutely beautiful! And the view at the top is spectacular.

Sarah Noelle

If you have a chance to go here, DO NOT MISS IT! Absolutely breathtaking and inspiring and beautiful ❤ this was the highlight of our alaskan cruise and convinced me to come back soon (and hopefully move there someday)

sanjay sane

Experienced the rain forest in full rains.Good garden with lot of geological importance.

Andrew Hill

Wow! Steve has done amazing things here. The flower towers alone are worth the visit, but the tour up the mountain gets you easily out in the wilderness of Alaska all from the comfort of a beautiful tram.

Mimi Comfort

Absolutely gorgeous!

Vonnie Byrge

Beautiful gardens an friendly guides

Kelly Morrison

Love the vision brought to life.

Karl & Joy Baumer

Was here 11 years ago loved it. A must SEE.


Beautiful gardens!

Dawn M.

Great place to see even if plants aren't your thing

Kate Campbell

Absolutely gorgeous and very informative!!

Quinton MacCabe

A beautiful place with wonderful staff. The view at the end of the tour is astonishing. Has a fun little gift shop too :)

John O'Kane

Breathtaking gardens in a unique setting. Ride through a rain forest to magnificent panoramic view of Gastineu Bay. Knowledgable and friendly staff.

Carol Freeman

Astonishing awe inspiring beauty.

Tom Marinello

Beautiful views and interesting origin story.

Sam Liao

Must visit and worth the money

Brian Best

We only got to see part of the gardens because the excursion that was booked through AAA only went about 100 yards into the gardens. While other tourists zipped by us in golf carts, we walked a little ways in, then turned around and walked out. So even though what we saw was nice, it was less than 20% of the garden.

Donato Sasso

The upside down trees are amazing!

Richard Abel

Amazing flowers and scary cool tram ride up the mountain

Donna Rhoades


sari r

Very special and beautiful


Beautiful place

Natasha Hoover

It's beautiful here but overpriced. We paid $54 for two people to look at a landscaped garden and some flowers. Then we got a golf cart ride up the forest to get a view of the valley and see a few more flowers, came down the mountain on the golf cart and tour over. They have some really pretty parts that are trees that were turned upside down during an avalanche that they now pot flowers in the roots of the trees. You can see the beauty in photos too though. This would be worth it as part of a tour from the cruise in combination with something else like the Mendenhall Glacier or whale watching but not worth paying for an uber to get here to see some flowers and then paying to uber back to downtown. Worth it if your super into flowers or looking for something else to do with your family and willing to spend the money.

Sheila McDonald

The upside down trees are beautiful and functinal. We highly recommend taking a look.

Tom McManus

Very nice.

Robbin Draper

Beautiful flowers! Great view at the top!

Maria Miller

An adventure in Juneau, you don't want to miss!

Becky Sparks

Such an amazing place! Loved the narrative and the scenery was breath taking!

Dana Webster

Lovingly beautiful

Chana Herzig Felkai

Really great view at the top of the trail. Wish it was something that had a walking path. Would have loved to spend more time in the forest.

Michelle Bowers

Really beautiful place. Zack at Alaska Galore Tours really took time to show us around the place.

Donald Evans

Worth a visit


Just a beautiful place

Marykay Johnson

What a wonderful surprise to find and tour the gardens.

Tim McGrath

Way cool. Must see

Fred Jang

Tour the interestIng garden and grounds via a opened shuttle.

Bracha Strimber

Beautiful. Loved the camera in the eagle's nest.

lil nihi

Beautiful place! Thank you for all your hard work Steve!

Patience SS

Overrated and not worth the price for $27 for a 45minutes ride with an unknowledgeable guide who is chipping in from his usual gardening job.

Katiria Rivera

Eugene was our tour guide and he couldn't have made it any better! He made our tour just wonderful. Super educational and plenty of laughs. I couldn't be happier.

karen ledford

I expected the Mendenhall Glacier. But until visiting Juneau, I had no idea it was in the midst of a rainforest. It was a great learning experience for all of us!

Wayne Clark

To call this place a garden is a misnomer. You will spend most of your time riding up a mountain in a golf cart or tram through a rain forest.

Amy Bergeron

Great place to explore

GT Stepp

Upside down trees that become elevated planters. Cool

Joseph Dutko

This hidden jewel rises approximately 600 feet to its summit and is located in between the Mendenhall Glacier and Juneau proper. We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day for our visit. Outside the garden gift shop is your stating point. First you'll find several of the featured upside down trees with their root ball above you, overflowing with planted flowering plants, ferns and other varieties of vegetation. Then you'll board your open carts for the guided steep, twisting ride up through incredible rain forest, which is an awesome adventure by itself. When you get to the top yo have a short walk up to the summit deck overlook, that has spectacular views of the valleys, Juneau airport and the Mendenhall River. The trip back down to the garden shop and snack bar is just as exciting and enjoyable. The garden shop is very colorful with hanging flowers and open umbrellas. This was an enjoyable side trip and you'll take many photo's as memories of this photogenic site. Enjoy some of our pictures. If you get the chance we would encourage you to stop.

Christy Little

A must see attraction ! Definitely a one of a kind place .

Donald Erb

Spent couple hours, very nice plants and views of the area. Friendly.staff.

Mary Beth von Freeden

Such a beautiful sight quickly melting. How can people not believe in global warming after seeing this evidence?

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