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REVIEWS OF Alaska Botanical Garden IN Alaska

Amber Barrack

Great little walk with a bunch of stuff to see. Their gift shop is cute and the flower baskets are very reasonably priced.

Archie Fultze

Loved it

elvis james

Went in the winter, lol but still was fun, we made it fun

Jim Czech

A great, relaxing journey through the garden. Plants are well marked, but with subdued labeling so it's not distracting. Easy walking along the pathways.

Sumaithri Mukkamalla

Easy to spend a half day!

Indianah Dally

Very helpful staff, and gorgeous gardens

Nancy Henderson

Good surprise! If you have some time when you are in Anchorage you must go!

Janene Bostwick

Very nice walk, lovely arranged gardens...Only complaint is that the store and bathrooms close an hour before the gardens!

Christine Curtis

Alaskan summers grow amazing flowers. The gardens are nicely laid out along a wooded trail and thoughtfully curated.

Tiffiny Tyler

So pretty!!! The flowers are beautiful and the staff is so nice! I love walking around and enjoying the scenery. You can also buy plants here if you'd like which I think really cool!

Saltine Crackersz

Very clean and so many beautiful colors of flowers. Great place to bring out of town guests!

Ellie Orrick

I have been in Alaska visiting family quite a few times and no one is as friendly as the staff at the Botanical Gardens. It's right in Anchorage but you feel as if you've left the city completely. It's so peaceful, beautiful, and serene. And the staff are so helpful and educated on all species within the garden. Highly recommend!

Deb Hin

A beautiful site with a mix of manicured gardens in the natural woods. Very pleasant.

Malachy Moran

Very relaxing and gorgeous. If you are a plant lover you will really enjoy it. They have a bunch of different sections you can check out, like an Herb Garden. It blends really well with the natural greenway that surrounds it

Peter Fisher

Not too badly priced, I believe $12 for adults and £10 for students which is nice to at least see. The gardens are well maintained and are really nice to walk round, gift shop is very expensive but most all are, overall a fun visit

Love McQueen III

Even if it was not any flowers due to the winter. It was still beautiful to walk thru the garden. Also they had sleds and scooters you could ride. The bathrooms were clean and very warm.

Sue Costomiris

great garden with lots of plants that were blooming. Clean bathrooms and is handicap accessible. nice garden walk that takes a couple hours.

Mike Hall

Staff was very helpful getting my wife an electric cart to get around the 11 acres of beautiful flora and landscapes, is breathtaking to say the least, the head groundskeeper answered all my questions, a great place to go and relax

Marc Sherman

Beautiful gardens with great energy.

Rosalind Griffin

Absolutely beautiful

Sharon Wilson

Small, but very pleasant garden, with lovely areas of beautiful plantings interspersed amongst a natural Alaskan landscape. Wonderfully relaxing!

Matt Cope

Nice botanical garden. Lots to see and the walk is nice

AZ Pharma

Small facility packed with many varieties of plants. Our visit is towards the end of the summer, so the various gardens were not in peak bloom, but still a nice sanctuary for a quiet walk. Great to see many young people strolling and identifying flowers by name! Good family place. Gift shop disappointingly small and the potted plants available were quite leggy. Virtually no stock of seed packets. The garden seems to rely heavily on volunteers for operations. The Gardens are on the left after the turn from Tudor. The sign for the adjacent secondary school is more prominent than the sign for the Garden.

Suzanne Davis

Lovely! Worth a trip to see.


Different types of flowers and plants glow in Alaska. Beautifully designed and clean.

Robin Dublin

Designed to have blooms throughout the summer. Amazing that there is much to see in September just weeks before the snow will likely fall.

Nepeta H

Really great! My trip was super educational.

David Loeb 3

Super time

Jerry McEwen

Excellent community resource. Come see what the plants you own can do. A natural setting interspersed with stylized gardens, formal and semi-formal. They also have a shuttle that takes you from the log cabin visitors center directly to ABG. Runs on the hour starting at 9AM till 11AM breaks at Noon , then starts again at 1PM. Children's Gardens and programs, plus a garden center with excellent plants for sale.

Shailesh Chadha

Lots to see

Zeden Jones

Quiet and quaint. Lots of educational activity.

Subrahmanyam Vempati

Beautiful place. However, it's a small place. Can do with more tagging of the plants

Kat O'Brien

So lovely to breathe there

Randy Rienth

Great place to spend a morning. Lots of plants and flowers. Great folks. No food so bring your own snacks

Jonathan Green

Went to their annual plant sale. Great selection of northern flowering plants for the Alaskan climate. The gardens are beautiful as well.


Quiet place - off the beaten path.

Kris Corr

Was a nice walk

Nate M

Very nice trail, extremely easy walk around the .5 mile trail. Fair warning, admission is not free. It's worth paying to get in if you're up for a lovely walk in nature.

david ustick

Very informative

Alan Smith

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff got me really excited about all the different mints

Duke of Curb

Lovely walk, beautiful flowers, all kinds of smells and gardens to view. At the time of this posting $12.00 for adults to get in.

Jonathan Zack

Great display of beauty. Awesome herb garden and good plants for purchase

Audrey E

Beautiful place.

Anais Henriquez

Such beautiful flowers! A very relaxing garden.

Shah Pez

Hours are variable based on volunteer timing. Beautiful and informative garden space with small hike in natural flora. Gates surround area to keep wandering moose out.

Jaime Fink

Beautiful and serene city getaway


Small but beautiful garden. Lovingly maintained. A gem!

Alice Donnelly

Very small. 1/2 mile. $10-12 to get in. Nothing really special.

Erica Cousins

Big property with a wide variety of plants. Their trails need a little work because they are not the most clear. We got a bit lost. Beautiful place to spend a morning. Wear insect repellent.

cathy b

A wonderful place to stroll around and enjoy all the flora and fauna.

Ankit Khatri

Alaska Botanical Garden deceives you by presenting lovely beautiful flowers in the front.Then after you pay money to get insides it is mostly woods and no garden. Whatever small amount of flowers that are in the inside are pretty much dead.Scam

Pat Hansen

Relatively small garden but very well done.

Charles Phillips

Beautiful gardens to visit!

James Bray

Nice place to spend an hour or so. Nice loop walking layout.

Shannon Hartley

So beautiful and peaceful. The flowers were at their peak. It was nice to be able to walk and enjoy the summer sun. If you enjoy species of flowers this is a must see.

John Thain

Great place to walk around and learn about plants and gardens by seeing them, planted and cared for by professionals.

Taz Feldis

Bathrooms were locked and no staff was present

Kathy Duncan

Went to the spring conference hosted by ABG. AWESOME group of people who are passionate about helping others succeed in Gardening.

Kermit Van Roekel

Nice gardens, well kept, friendly staff.

Abram Goodstein

This place is really great. New flowers and plants to see each time you go. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There are a lots of variety to enjoy.

Grace Suarez

Beautifully maintained and curated. Easy paved path. Gorgeous peonies (in July at least).

Gino X

Beautiful native flora. Very helpful staff.

donna Thoma

Such a special, beautiful place to visit!

Daphne Richards

Fabulous! Lovingly maintained and just all around wonderful.

Sharolyn Wyeth

What a great place to spend an afternoon. They offer some great classes too.


The Gardens are very well kept and maintained. Perfect for a quick little quiet outing within the city limits. The half mile paved trail takes you next to every sculpted they have for your viewing pleasure. The two mile nature trail is nice for a scenic walk through the woods. Port a' potties are on site next to the herb garden and actual bathrooms are right past the front entrance on the side of the glass walled building. Overall not bad for a small fee.

Annelise Hansen

I have been coming here since the start and been a member many of those years, it is amazing how far the garden has come. If you are from outside Alaska with a different climate, or from a large city with a very old botanical garden, it will not be what you are used to. But it is well worth a visit and a great place for a walk.

Rhett Paulson

Always a lovely stroll through well tended gardens and wild areas. Well worth the time for both locals and visitors.

Josiah Plummer

Unfortunately I came before the season and gave a $5 recommended donation. Though most of the flowers had yet to be planted (many growing in a greenhouse), the rock garden had come back and was well organized and labeled. Overall cute, and spread out enough for events, activities, bonfires and lots of great viewing. I picked up stickers and jam at the store. If I lived in Anchorage, I would become a member.

Jill Harper

Extensive grounds and beautiful flowers

carly ranger

Excellent walk! Pretty flowers, great staff!

Lonnie Huffman

It was quite a nice walk in the woods. It's pretty small though, compared to other botanical gardens I've been to, and most of the property is undeveloped woods. I liked the gardens I saw, but additionally I'd like to see a water garden with maybe a koi pond, and maybe a water fountain. An orchid pavilion would be nice. There's lots of room for development and improvement.

S Johnson

Neat place in the summer


Was there on an Alaskan cruise in June 2018. Stopped here before our flight left that evening to go home. One of the most beautiful places I've been to in years !!! There are plants and trees there that are absolutely stunning that are not only native to Alaska but so many other things to see. I have NEVER seen rhubarb plants so huge in my life. 2 words for this place...totally awesome !!! A must see if you have time to kill in Anchorage while waiting for your flight !!!

Ms. M Wms

Unable to view anything as beds had not matured.

Matt Hanson

Nice trails and friendly staff.

Robert Sundahl

Beautiful garden with outstanding collection of peonies

Ryan Johnson

This botanical garden finds itself surrounded by a natural forest, which was a delightful departure from other gardens I've visited. There are hiking trails accessible from inside but we chose not to follow them because a bear had just been spotted and we didn't want to encounter it or its family.

Jacob Aldridge

Nothing special. A nice place to read a book in though.

David Ustick

It is a wonderful place even in the Rain

Veronica Lambertsen

Love all of the new improvements and can't wait to see the results!

Dara Lynn

Beautifully kept gardens

Michelle Nicole

So beautiful and an amazing place to go to

AK Aqua

Even though it states clearly on the website that you can get there before business hours (just drop payment into the box at the gate WHICH I DID) I recommend that you don't because the employees there will assume you didn't pay and accost you and call you over like you are a bum in front of other visitors. I was highly offended and embarrassed and will NOT be returning. To park employees: Maybe you should check your little payment box before you just go and assume/accuse someone of not paying admittance. Either that, or don't post on your website that it is okay to enter before the office opens.

Keri Thibeau

This place was absolutely beautiful. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and enjoy walking around. There were many beautiful plants to look at as well as flowers to photograph. The long sleeve shirt I bought there almost 10 years ago still fits great. I'd still one of my favorite shirts.

Kyle Foster

Was hoping to see more flowers. Maybe went during the wrong season?

Chris Fischer

This is a lively, sprawling garden and forest. Take time to see everything, the nature trail is worth it.

Melanie the Sylvia

We had so much fun walking and looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers !! Just wished we saw more native plants and flowers from Alaska !! We really wanted to see the FORGET ME NOTS !!

Emily Clarrey

The Botanical gardens look gorgeous! However the price to get in is a little high in my opinion. $12 per person.

Charles Dixon

What a nice way to spend a few hours enjoying the flowers and forest.

Julia Vigil

Beautifully landscaped with additional paths, about a mile long each, outside of garden bounds. You could easily spend hours here

Lisa Breuer

Nice place!

Tanner Stubbs

This Garden is spectacular. They have many of the native Alaskan plants and have put a lot of work into growing them. I would definitely visit again as it is peaceful and serene.

Debora Delaney

A wonderful place to visit and enjoy while you learn about the native plants of Alaska.

Josh Davisson

Very pretty flowers, can't wait to go back in July!

Lauren Howard

The flowers this time of year are gorgeous, and its warm enough the only reason you'd wear a coat is to keep the bugs off. Great for a romantic or peace finding stroll!

Pierre Lariviere

Nice, well kept gardens. Friendly staff. And they even provide bug spray for free :)

Anders Sjostrom

A perfect place to un-wind and very wheelchair friendly. The trail is paved, getting to some of the flower arrangements was harder, for wheelchairs, I do recommend an attendant. Well worth a visit!!!

andrea payne

Every plant I bought from them not only survived but thrived!

Amanda Graves

The kids had so much fun. Great way to start a day of adventures.

James Jones

Take the free shuttle from downtown. Skip the Fairbanks trolley and look at the Gardens.

Jacquelyn Dunbar

Beautiful, peaceful, and great service.

Anna Hohnstadt

These gardens are really beautiful. The staff members are great. I strongly recommend!

David O'Brien

A gem in the heart of Anchorage.

Chris Tadda

Great walk. Sunshine.

Dorothy Sine

Beautiful gardens and a very peaceful location.

John Fambrough

A wonderful walk in the woods with the beauty of nature to behold everywhere you look. The colors are magical and the smells marvelous.


Good quality and worth visiting, but not spectacular, and not very extensive. Use bus route 25 and get off on Baxter st. to get there.

Donna Zwiebel

Fabulous Gardens for such a short growing season

Tricia Brady

Really lovely. Beautiful gardens. Nice nature walk. Friendly volunteers.

Denise Rader

Wonderful and beautiful garden!

breck Rumley

Mixture of mild wilderness and horticulture. Outside fenceline is dog walk. Good to see at least once after June.

Franny Yeates

My daughter and I had a lovely stroll through their garden; it was fun to view their plantings during this transitional time and see them prepare for winter. I spoke with a gentleman prior to my walk and told him I was fascinated with poppies, and when I returned, he had gather some seeds for me - so sweet. I also loved their herb section, their white borage was fantastic as all their herbs. I recommend taking some time to enjoy this garden, I hope to someday return in spring or summer :)

Juliet Voigtlander

Just beautiful. Loved it

Susan Moore

A quiet and peaceful place with beautifully laid out themed gardens.

Margaret Peckham

Beautiful place to view Alaska's Flora. Walking paths through the gardens and a visitors center. Love to visit!!

Steven Johnson

What a cool place in the summer. The flower gardens here are beautiful in the summertime. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

Jeremiah Simonsen

Beautiful and peaceful in the morning. So many plants and flowers. Trails in the back go through the woods

Sergei Serdyuk

A somewhat small, but very nice garden to visit. Staff was very nice!

Scott Kendall

Spent a wonderful evening at the Peony and Poppies event. Great food, beautiful flowers.

Sara Steele

Website said admission was by donation. We were a family of two adults and four children. Two ladies at the front told us $12 per each adult and $10 per each child. We turned around and left. $64 for a family to walk through a garden! Forget it!! Update your website if you're going to actually have admission prices. We can get an annual membership to the zoo for that price. Ridiculous!!

Paula Green

Love all of the new improvements and can't wait to see the results!

Barry Gochnauer

Bugs! $12 to walk in the woods. Eh. Flowers are beautiful !

Ryan Stafford

If you're looking for color in life then you'll find it here. Take an allergy pill because you'll be surrounded by flowers. The vibrant colors of the flowers will amaze you. The walking path is very flat, so no tripping while staring off into the distance. Bring water because you'll be dehydrated by the end of the walk. If you're lucky you'll see the wild porcupine eating some flowers.

Debbie Bush

Beautiful walk

Lori Staats

So peaceful and beautiful. The colors are amazing.

Valentine's Way

I always try and visit the local Botanical garden when traveling through a town. I'm from Florida, and I really enjoyed the diversity of Alaska's Botanical garden. Beautifully kept, friendly staff.

Phoenix Runner

It is a lovely botanical garden with a wonderful variety of plants!

Dan Kronstadt

A really wonderful garden. Not very big, but a lot of love had gone into it. Different community groups have built and maintained their part of the garden. Visit there and feel the love.

Michelle Hofacker

One of the most beautiful, peaceful spots in Anchorage!

Kasindra Van Meter

A lovely combination of well maintained gardens and paths with a distinct Alaskan wildness to it!

Rob Pare

For $12 it was pretty cool. There were a few flowers I'd never seen. And the size of the leaves on the Shieldleaf Rodgersia were enormous.

John McKenzie

Loved it-- friendly staff--awesome gardens-- saw a moose on the backside nature trail. Bring bug spray you will need it!

Jason Bach

Very pretty. Open year round. Couple long trails with a couple gardens that are themed like herbs and rock. The nature walks are unpaved mostly packed with wood chips so wear good shoes. Bug spray is good to have for spring and summer unless you like bug bites.

Mike M

Timing is everything as the growing season for this Garden is very limited. Additionally it is a very small garden which can be walked in less than an hour.

Lisa E

Very pleasant walk through the gardens.

Nancy Minnick

Small but nice garden

Nancy McQueen

Nice place to walk and learn about Alaska's natural plants

Anupam Saini

Beautiful flowers. Calm atmosphere

Brandon Swartz

Pokemon stops and gyms for all you nerds

Chris Butinsky


Lisa Stone

Really pleasant layout, not too much to overwhelm but enough to enjoy a nice walk.

Tong Liang

12 dollars per person. My families and I had a great time here. Good for short time hiking and learning botany.

Christina Talbott-Clark

The gardens here are beautiful, thoughtfully planned, and lovingly maintained. Signeage and plant choices inform the visitor about native vegetation and ecosystems, while demonstrating the variety of non-native plants that can grow and thrive in a sub-Arctic climate. Several garden designs have been chosen to illustrate aspects of local history and culture. In addition, the botanical garden is an active part of the community, offering classes, day camps for kids in the summer, and social events. The botanical garden is ever-changing and growing, in terms of both the vegetation and the infrastructure. It is well worth a visit.

David Pt

What a Beautiful place. Such knowledgeable staff. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Thank you, Stacey. Your love for what you do truly shows.

krista ross

Very beautiful place, very kind people. I had a person with disabilities with me, and we had no money, but they let us enjoy the gardens around the outside for as long as we wanted. Very peaceful.

C Browning

Very nice place to visit.


A beautiful peaceful spot in Anchorage.

Kris McIntyre

Beautiful and informative for plant lovers, especially from other parts of the world.


Friendly staff, beautiful place

Elliot Garrison

Interesting garden walk

Mike Grauf

Nicely laid out with a wide range of plants and flowers.

Tammy Kosusnik

I really enjoyed the Christmas lights it was very beautiful!!!

milo eakins

for its size it's cute

fred l

Great display garden!

Sharon Webb

Been waiting all winter so I can start again. Great place. Employees answer questions about the plants. Was way cool. If you have kids. Be sure and ask for the scavenger hunt pages

Andre Alexander

Beautiful here. And very inexpensive

Tom Simes

Enjoyable place to spend an afternoon learning about Alaskan vegetation.

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