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REVIEWS OF Madison Lawn Center IN Alabama

Bonnie Brasher


This place is shady. Dropped my Honda trimmer off to have the prim pump replace. They call me in less than an hour to tell me that I need a new carburetor for $240. I told them to forget it. When I picked it up you could tell that they didn't even touch it. That $20 service fee is the same as lighting a $20 bill on fire. I will never do any business with then again.

Michael Belboda

Bluedolphin JLara

Oh Man

Great place friendly employees

Ashley & Keith

High place but nice people

Michele Archuleta

If I could leave no star I would. In July I took my lawn mower in for them to look at. 3 days later I was called that it was finished, also was told that if it acted up again it would need a new carburetor. That was a $38.00 bill. It ran less than a month, in mid August I took it back and was told it needed the new carburetor. I left it trusting they would not screw me over. Again, 3 days later it was ready after a 90.00 bill. It ran two mowings and that was it. I finally took it somewhere else and it did NOT have a new carburetor. I will never again use this store, or recommend anyone to it. Very sad to run a business this way.

Phillip Ashworth

So far my experience with these guys is just shy of a joke. I went to take my lawn mower for repair, gave a brief description of what was wrong. Instantly was told that my lawn mower was trashed (in so many words). They had not even looked at it, just from my very brief explanation of what it was doing, they were all telling me that the lawn mower was junk. ..................................................................................... They have a $20 check in Fee. For most anyone it would be worth $20 just to make sure that something is broke before they are told to purchase a new lawnmower. ..................................................................................... These guys acted like it was going to be such a bad thing to charge me $20 to look at my mower because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that my mower was trashed. ..................................................................................... I now hope that they actually take the time to look into the mower to make sure they are right and don't just tell me they did and not actually do anything. The way they were talking to me didn't really convince me they gave a damn to do any work on my mower. ..................................................................................... I cant say yet how they are as far as servicing anything, but their customer service is horrible. I felt like I was not welcome to do business with them. Whether that's what they wanted or not that is how they came across to me. ..................................................................................... I will wait for their diagnosis on my mower but I will probably take it to another shop for a 2nd opinion, that's how unsure I am of them after my interaction with them. ..................................................................................... (EDIT): Side note, they just called me back, Mower is fixed, took 1 hour and two small parts. Broke axle pins. Total repair $38. Yesterday it was going to be $400 - $600 because without even looking at it the whole rear-end was busted, and they wanted to save me the $20 check in fee because they knew what was wrong.

Jeffrey Akamatsu

Kind workers and accommodating for repairs. Reasonable prices.

J Mac

Easy chainsaw service here at reasonable prices.

LC McDonald

I read on Craig's list where they won't stand behind what they sale. We as a people have become very tolerant. It's time we take back control of our lives. Just because it didn't happen to us it could have we need to demand that service providers respect us and stand behind what they sale. AFTER ALL we make their living for them. Without us they would have no business. Together we can cause changes to happen


Not OPEN on Saturdays like most lawn mower supply stores. They need some competition for business. Recommend Hill Lawn Mower instead. Not friendly and prices are high. Know wonder they have 2.7 rating.

Judy Beatty

I love this place. They CARE about their customers. They take GREAT care of my mower and are usually done within a day or less of my taking it in. Pricing is very good. I would not use anyone else.

Jonathan Williams

I would not give them 1 star. Prices are almost three times more than retail price. Attitude is horrible, no professionalism at all. I don't know how they are still in business.

John Clift

I have been bringing my lawn equipment to this place for many years and not once have I been dissatisfied. Don't knock it until you've tried it. These guys do good work

Ray Feltner

Better bring your big boy wallet. They think a lot of what they have. I'll just go to a Lowe's or something like it.

Daniel Eison

Immediately diagnosed a problem that didn't exist and also replaced a day (literally) old air filter as well as a year old spark plug that was in perfect condition in order to get a quick buck off my family member. Won't be doing business with them ever again.

Mike AQ

They diagnosed and repaired my mower for less than I expected to pay, and had it back to me before weekend mowing.

Michelle Payne

They were friendly enough but do not work on Stihl, which was what I needed.

Gregory Williams

I am pleased to write this review after my recent purchase of a new Gravely Zero Turn commercial quality mower from Madison Lawn Center. I've dealt with Tony and Don for over ten years and without question, these guys are the best in the business! Since this was my first purchase of a zero turn mower, Tony and Don took the time to teach me everything I needed to know about the mower's safety, maintenance, upkeep and general operation. I now have one of the best looking lawns in my subdivision, and as president of my homeowners association, I highly recommend Madison Lawn Center!

Lou Muirhead

Their attitude sucks, treat customers who does not look like them with indifference and a callous behavior. Decent people should not patronize this business.

jacob kosiba

Called at 3:50 pm to check to see if they had a deck belt. It took ten minutes of them looking it up for them to say they had one. Next I go get it wait another 20 to get waited on by a 60 something year old man who was unable to key more than one number at a time. Get the belt and head home. I get home the belt won't fit. I call back up there to ask if they gave me the right one from the serial and model number I gave them when I first called. The owner stated I didn't get the right one. I stated that I needed to get my yard cut tomorrow is not gonna work for me. He states he lives an hour away from home and won't wait for me to come back. It is a 15 minute ride to there from home. He stated at 4:48 that they where walking out the door. So much for customer service........

Chris Meacham

Don't listen to the bad reviews. I'm an Echo guy, and I highly recommend buying here over the big box stores. I just purchased a new Echo trimmer and pole saw attachment here last week. They went as far as to fill the pole saw with bar and chain oil, fill the trimmer with fuel, start and test the machine in the back room AND registered my new equipment electronically before helping me carry it out to my truck. Do yourself a favor and try these guys out.

Op Kids

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. First impression is that the little guy behind the counter is rude and could care less. I should have just walked out based on his horrible manners, but I gave him the benefit of the the doubt that maybe he was having a bad day. I brought in a four cycle string trimmer for a simple replacement of the fuel lines. What I received back was one new line and another line that looks like it came from an old spare parts bin. The worst part is that after I brought home the trimmer and filled it with gas, it started leaking continuously. Upon inspection, I discovered that they had broken the air filter assembly cover and some of the internal components. I looked up the model parts and manual in Cub Cadet's website and realized that they had also removed parts and never replaced them. I brought the trimmer to another place and found out that Madison Lawn Center also charged me way more than anyone else in the area. They don't even deserve a one star rating.

macon kiddos

great service, I bought a mower from them 4 years ago and take it in for all the routine maintenance.

Tony Milliken

Roger Dodger

The best way I can describe service at this business is the word snarky if you look in the dictionary under the word snarky you’ll see these two owners pictures. they have a huge chips on their shoulders. the customer is the problem the customer is a liar and the customers are only there to try to cheat them out of money is their attitude and actions. I would not buy a stick of bubble gum from them. They would probably argue with me on the price of the bubblegum. Do not use this business!

Nicole W.

I love this lawn care center. Always nice.

Massimiliano Bonamente

I brought in my riding mower with a broken spindle, which runs $20 on Amazon. Right off the bat I was told it was going to be expensive, part alone was $100. After 30 minutes I get a call saying that the repair was going to be $360. So I picked it up and left. They charged $20 to look at it. There was nobody working in the repair shop at 1pm on a work day, that tells you they don't do good business.

Alan Widner

Nice guys, fair prices, they keep me cutting.

Jared Toone

The guys here are friendly and knowledgeable. They also have good deals on equipment.

Shawn Whisenant

Davis D

Went into this business today to buy an Echo brand Blower, which would have cost over $350. From the beginning I had a feeling this was not going to go well. Instead of the representative (clown) coming into the store front and ask to help me, he shouted from about 30ft away. I told him I was interested in the Echo Blower and ask if he could order the model that he did not have in stock. He told me it would cost an extra $25 to order. I was like, wow. Let’s regress for a moment. I told him I had called about 5 days earlier asking about the model and was not told about a shipping/handling (S/H) fee. (A S/H fee for the item to be delivered to their business not my home.) So, the wow. I said, I was not told a about a S/H fee. I commented that from my experience, I was never charged S/H for ordering an item not in stock. He proceeded to raised his voice to me stating, “I have told you what it is going to cost and there was no need for my comment.” Basically, he was trying to tell me to shut-up. Let me digress. I am a grown ass man; 55 years old and I weigh 260lbs. Unless I have been in some time-warp this clown is definitely not my Father or my Mother. I checked him on his attitude. He then proceeded to tell me, “you customers think you can talk to people like him any kind of way because he works behind a counter”. I left the store, before this got out of hand. This clown has a sucking ass attitude. Another reviewer stated it correct, in short, that if you do not look like them they treat you with indifference and with a callous attitude. I am taking my business somewhere else. I will tell everyone that I know from this point forward, not do business with these clowns. They do not deserve a star.

Poppi Gee

Do not buy from here. Their attitude are extremely bad. And they act like they don't want to help you or sell you anything. I don't know how they are in business. I brought my lawnmower blade in to get it replaced and they didn't want to look to see if they had one. Said they need a part#. Awful place.

Tony Perkins

hello, I am one of the owners of Madison Lawn Center...I'm sorry but I have to respond to a couple of these reviews on here..I usually don't, but I can't let these go unanswered any longer! 1. Op Kids... this is a customer who came into store and bought a part for his lawnmower (recoil spring). He took it home and tried to put it on himself and broke it. Then he comes back to the store the next day and wants a refund, telling us we sold him a broken part. Which we didn't! I can't refund money to folks for parts they break. My vendors want refund them to me. So he makes up this out and out lie on here about us breaking parts on a weedeater repair. Not True! 2.Daniel Eison.... His family member brought in a are our exact notes from work order: customers reason for service: ESTIMATE FEE WONT START LEAKING GAS FROM CARB services performed: CLEANED ENTIRE FUEL SYSTEM REPLACED FOULED PLUG AND BAD AIR FILTER WORKS FINE NOW IF GIVES MORE TROUBLE WILL PROBABLY NEED CARB. BE SURE TO TURN FUEL OFF WHEN NOT RUNNING ENGINE. so to make a long story short... It didn't run when it came in and and we fixed it. I guess he thinks he could of fixed it himself...I just don't understand his complaint! 3.Roger Dodger.... well I'll say this... he's good at name calling! hey...we aren't perfect and I don't care to admit that. But one of our problems is ... we tell the customers the truth.. If we don't think their equipment is worth fixing... we tell them that..instead of taking a non refundable deposit fee ($20)and then wait a couple of days and tell them it's not worth fixing. We could do that repeatedly but we don't and that gives some customers the impression that we don't want to work on their equipment! That's the furtherest from the truth, that is how we make a living....working on and selling equipment. We are actually in most cases saving the customer 20 bucks! I had a customer one day ask me how long we had been in business? At that time I answered 6 or 7 years. He replied...well ya'll must be doing something right! So it made me feel a little better.. he said 99% of your customers that are satisfied don't write reviews unless you ask them or give them an incentive to, but it's the 1% that are not happy that write the negative reviews..So all I can say is we try our best and try to treat people like we want to be treated. Thanks for listening!

wu kong

Terrible customer service. Man at register claiming to be owner was extremely rude. I have used this shop before about 7 years ago when we lived here before. This new owner is horrible and I will NEVER use this store again. There are more civil and competent people in this world that deserve your business.

Nathan Jewett

I have now purchased two riding mowers from Madison Lawn Center. The first was for the company I worked for. I spent an entire week visiting different lawn equipment dealers in the Madison/Huntsville area and eventually came back to Madison Lawn Center to do business because of their service. Sure, it helped that I really like the Gravely line of mowers as well, but I felt most comfortable with the Tony and Don. More important to us was the fact that they appeared to genuinely value our business unlike several of the larger businesses I had previously visited. About a year later I visited again to shop for a mower for my house. A year later they still remembered me. Needless to say, I purchased from them again. I've seen some people complain about the bad service here, but that's really a matter of perspective. The guys at MLC are definitely not pushy at all, which is something I appreciate. If you walk in, they will often let you look and browse as much as you want. However, they have always been more than welcome to answer my questions, sometimes in great depth. If you are expecting the big box store welcome and greeting, then you may be disappointed. However, I personally find it refreshing.

Robert Garrison

I normally don't write reviews but after reading some of these, I felt like I needed to. I have used these guys for years mostly for parts since I fix most things myself. They always treat me like a valued customer even though I have never bought anything like a $5000 mower or other high ticket item, but if I ever have the need, they will be first on my list of places to shop. I have learned over the years that price is certainly important but quality and service are more important. These guys provide both! Keep up the good work!!

David Peebles

Walked in to Madison Lawn Center after doing a lot of research on Zero Turn lawnmowers and received assistance on the spot. I walked out of the store with a brand new Gravely! Awesome assistance and knowledge and that’s what gonna keep me coming here for my mowers services!


I honestly don't know why anyone would have a negative word to say about Tony at Madison Lawn Center. The first time I'd ever been in this business was less than a week ago and he treated me with respect even though I only needed a $7 fuel filter for a friend's mower. While there, I had several questions about the new mower deals and he politely answered every question I had. Today, more of the same. After chatting with him another 30 min or so, I just bought a 42" Cub Cadet zero turn from him. I usually put a lot of stock in reviews but it's a good thing I didn't have time to read them before I came in the first time for the filter.

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