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Nice little store. Lots of unique items. A little spendy. Great bakery!!

Susan Slavik

Everything anyone could need, almost all wants can be gotten there too. Produce so fresh it crunches. Both names like Dole or organics. Employees helpful, happy and super friendly. Thanks to The Store, this is my homemade Chicken lentil dinner. Bought and made after an incredible day

Jessica Ferree

Love this place! Great selections, wonderful customer service, and they support local artists!

Linda Bernini

They have very good meat! We like their 93% lean ground beef. It makes excellent barbecued burgers that can be cooked rare. The Store has lots of gourmet foods not available at other stores. Their melon chunks are always fresh and delicious. They have tasty chicken cooked in their smoker as well as a salad bar and many hot items on a buffet. You should try their fresh baked cookies and the cakes and pies from local source. You can grind fresh honey roasted peanuts into peanut butter, too. It is a great place to shop.

Adrian G

Wonderful little gourmet store. Very friendly and great selection of fresh and premade foods. The chicken Alfredo definitely caught my eye and I ended up with a great teriyaki pork loin with potato salad for our dinner. Definitely will be back.

Lara Slagowski

Such a cute and unique little grocery store! They have homemade Cilantro Lime Dressing as well as orange juice squeezed right there in store. Try a Stroopwaffle if you haven't - they are divine! Great service, I will definitely be back!

Khemia Popa

They have so many local goodies and everything is so cute! I could spend all my money there! #lfthx

Amanda Nelsen

They have high quality food of all kinds. We especially love their prepared foods - so yummy! Even though it's a bit on the pricier side, I'm okay with that because it's much better than your average grocery store AND it's shopping local.

Carolyn Clark

They had many local products and a few things that you can't find other places.

Brittany Maxfield

The Store has so many fun and unique things to offer. I love that the have a hot food bar. It's like a salad bar but for hot food. The employees are always so nice. Our all time favorite thing from the Store is tri-tip.

Alex Watts

I LOVE the Store. They have the most unique selection of items, local products, super kind staff, and the tastiest cakes!

Whitney Zelig

Oh my, how I Love the store. They have the best cookies on planet earth. The snders almond cookies & the peanut butter frosted cookies. To die for. I don't even live here , but I dream about these cookies. I always have to get them when I'm in town. The cheese potatoes and frog eyed salad is a staple around family events in our household. This place is great. Oh and they sell doterra essential oils! Great for an emergency . I love you guys! See you in my dreams.

Jeanne Appel

I love the bakery and the wide range of the stores baked goods and treats from the best bakeries in the area. The deli is fantastic. So many choices and all great quality.

Mike Bateman

One of the biggest Aces I've seen. Lots of fun stuff.

Kim Trabing

The customer service is what gives this store a 1. I called prior to driving from Herriman for a specific item, the young girl who answered the phone assured me I did not have to have her put it on hold because there was "tonz" of the item. When I asked are you sure she was adamant it would not be needed. I then proceeded to drive to the Store and upon my arrival the item was gone. Then at the cash register I explained this to the mgr who really didn't care just said oh and then went on talking to someone else. I was then asked if I had a phone number registered with them I said no the clerk then just continued scanning my items. So I then asked what the phone number was for and she proceeded to look at me like a deer in the headlights and so I asked again and she said "oh it's to get discounts" so I replied well shouldn't I be signing up then she just shrugged her shoulders then once I paid said oh give me your phone number. I hope they do some customer service training in this place and hopefully the salt lake store will be better organized


EThere are a bunch of samples out with really good food and a lot of really good stuff. I really enjoyed shopping there. However there was a bit of a strange and kind of alarming thing that happened because while bagging one of the soups had a giant hole no one had noticed that got over everything. It was handled quickly and cleaned, and some of our items were replaced, and then I noticed the man who was bagging us had blood all over the back of his hand! Luckily he seemed okay but it got all over the bag. Kind of mixed feelings but I would shop here again!

Samantha Ray

prices are higher than other grocery stores with same products. For a unique set of local made goodies, this is definitely your go to place

Sandy Crane

I love going in the store. They need to bring back the gourmet blueberry cream cheese cookies and cherry cheesecake cookies.

Jil Goodwin

I used to shop here with my grandma years & years ago & was pleasantly surprised after not coming in for over a decade that they are still the same, small, personal store they used to be but with the most trendy awesome products. they bakery is to die for, the salad bar is a regular go-to & the staff is all super friendly. The prices on the buffet bar are a little steep but that aside this store is great!

Austin Larsen

I like this little store. A lot of local products. The check out staff is a little slow and, well just off every time I've been there. The rest of the staff has been great.

Patti Schafer

This family owned store has an excellent selection of gourmet foods, along with great vegetable department

Donnie Jordan

Love the meat, produce, and specialty items. The store is really clean and the help is great

Jacqueline Smith

The Store is amazing for local businesses. They feature and have more local products than any other grocery store I've been to. Super friendly staff, and great customers.

Siciley Kirk

I love coming to the store! They have the best selection of locally made products as well as the yummest food. The chicken salad is delish as well as the dessert section. I love supporting local!!❤️❤️

Annie Paul-Murphy

We were recently invited again to The Store in Cottonwood Heights and decided to make a post-date-night outing out of it ❤️. We hadn't explored much of it before but this time around we were able to check out the magazine-cover-quality perfectly neat produce section, tie-dye bagels, and ample pie selection, too! W/our gift card we got a few treats that we hadn't seen elsewhere in UT and we were even given a free bottle of Spring City water–this place carries a lot of unique products! We look forward to our next trip: we always discover something new here!

Nicole Ashurst

They have the most unique selection, their bakery is divine, and I love discovering new foods and brands here! I love that you can sample the peanut butter fresh from the machine too!

Chris Roberts

I have been a customer at The Store for my entire life. It’s a great place to go for that small town feel in the salt lake valley. They carry unique items, the staff is always friendly and thankful you are in their store.

Marissa Mills

Great place with unique home made food items!!!! Love this place!!!

Mike Jensen

Super clean store with a lot of variety. Staff is super friendly. No complaints with what I purchased at The Store. #lfthx #TheStoreUtah #TheStoreHolladayUT #cirkelsstroopwaffle

Jason Briese

I love coming to this place. Most all of the healthier options as well as the fresh made options are cheaper than anything else. Goes to show what you put in as a business people will take away from. Keep it up! I hope they're around for a long time to come.

Suzette Larson

What’s not to love about a place where you can get delicious potato rolls, delectable Mudslide cookies, and freshly squeezed orange juice along with the usual brands I’m used to using? I also love finding local brands here. I tried TruFru products here before they got really popular! I love that there’s a whole wall of low-sugar and healthy treats. I can always find what I need here and the staff is always super helpful!

Andy Christensen

This is such a fun little place! The staff is always so friendly and the bakery is to die for! Love making the trip!

Tawnnie Nicolodemos

This is one of my favorite little stores. I don't recommend it for regular things that can be purchased elsewhere, but they have tons of items that are unique for there and the prices are great. I especially goo there for the deli, salad bar, and fresh baked goods.

Yazmin Hansen

Super awesome high end place. They have absolutely amazingly good cookie dough!

Becky Jones

I love, love, love all the local vendors. It's so fun to go wander through and see all the new items. The staff is so kind and there to offer suggestions and help. Great store!! #lfthx

Deloy Shaw

Very friendly and helpful great people to deal with

Lisa Jensen

If you want to eat well, but don't want to cook, The Store has lots of delicious, ready-to-eat, lunch or dinner ideas. "Ready-to-eat" means at worse you'll have to warm it up in the microwave. Try their meatballs, barbecued pulled pork, enchiladas (not spicy), smoked tri tip when it's available, and salads.

Kris Brower

Small community grocery store so worth shopping and supporting.

Patricia Byrne

I ordered a crown pork for Thanksgiving the Sunday before and said I would pick up on Wednesday. I had the courtesy to call on Wednesday and said I would pick up at 3 as I was running late..he was thrilled as he said he was behind. I Showed up at 3:30 still not ready and said would be in15 minutes. Horrible not even close to how a crown should look. Granted he gave me a discount, but I'd rather pay the money for what I expected. Woukd never order from them again, especially for such a fun holiday. Never again order my meat from The Store.

Linda tm Chatelain

Love the Store. Great food, service, people. Reminds me of the old neighborhood groceries when I was growing up. Plus, they do catering.

Landon David

Loved the fresh food and the Premade meals they have to offer.

Val Evans

Very excellent customer service, some of the best I've encountered in awhile. They really need a bigger store. They've packed a lot on and it's very hard to maneuver.

Julie Dansie

Love this quaint store. It’s full of local goods and lots of yummy treats and baked goods, and a great selection of fresh chips and salsa. Their always friendly staff is helpful and quick to help you find what you’re looking for. It’s definitely worth visiting to check out for yourself.

Ken Killian

Love the butcher shop. Iam going to have a great July 4 with blue cheese burgers. Love the soda fountain.


THIS IS THE CUTEST PLACE!! I love their fresh bakery items and they sell ans Elderflower Pressé that is to die for. Great by itself or with gin and tonic.

Lynn Strate

Made our own fresh squeezed orange juice

Rob Madsen

I love the bakery and meat department selections

Greg Hale

The store is a great place to find unique products that you might not be able to find elsewhere. They have an awesome salad and lunch bar, and a bakery that offers ice cream. Overall it has a very local homey feel and the staff is very helpful and welcoming. Great place to shop.

Kristian Andersen

Best little/big grocery store around! Excellent deli, bakery, produce and specialty drinks / items. Employees are friendly and carry your groceries to your car. The Store makes it easy to buy local.

Elizabeth R

Great little locally owned store. They have really good store-made products, and whenever I had to get something for a potluck, I'd always save myself some hassle and get some of their ready-made food and pass it off as my own. :) They also have some imported items that are hard to find elsewhere.

Ja M

Great place to shop and support local! You gotta try the freshly baked cookies- lemon white chocolate or German chocolate. They also carry Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce!

Brooke Finlinson

This place is terrible. Incredibly overpriced, and yet, even with the ridiculous prices they can't manage upkeep on the store. It's dingy and dark. Looks old and dirty. Went for the bulk section and it was incredibly disappointing.

Hollie Wood

Have you ever tried The Store’s Smoked Pulled Chicken?

Kim Kohnlein

Wonderful selection and super helpful staff!

Jeninne Banks

I love The Store. I think the prices are way too high, but their produce is always fresh and they have a wide selection of unique and specialty foods that are amazing. The bakery is wonderful and the Meyers Meats in the back make these gorgonzola & green onion hamburger patties that are over the top fantastic. It's a great place to get a few things on the way home or just what you need for a special dinner. Just don't stock your cupboards and fridge without taking our a loan.

Diane Martin

They have so many fun and yummy things to buy!! Love that they have employees who help you to the car with groceries

Hannah Jayne

I have been going to The Store for the past 10 years and I have NEVER once had a bad experience! The workers there are all so kind and very helpful. The environment is very welcoming. I love how it feels so intimate and local. I will keep going there for many many years to come!

Amanda Brown

This is a cute local grocery store with all the basics and a lot of unique finds. The bakery section is fantastic, they have a lot of locally made goods, and some ready to go premade food.

Jessie Peck

Great selection of “homemade” frozen foods for quick dinners. I loved the Kombucha and cheese varieties available. A little pricey for some items in comparison to other grocers.


The Store is an amazing grocery shopping experience. Fresh squeezed Orange Juice and delicious hot food to go along with all the groceries. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful as well.

Kelli Kelson

Beautiful Spring Day in Utah with a hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Donut Falls. Finished off perfectly with the best fresh chips & salsa from The Store! Nothing better!!! If you haven’t experienced either I say it’s time to get off the couch and go explore Utah! The Store too... it is full of oodles of amazing dinners, snacks & desserts to choose from! ENJOY!!! #LFTHX

T dbane

My favorite local mom and pop grocery store. We love the fresh cookies they bake daily. The cranberry oatmeal and grand roya cookies are the best! They also specialize in carrying local products first. Plus the service is always great!

Taylor B

Excellent grocery store! Excellent service! There are also many unique items to buy here! The Store makes a lot of there own product fresh. I would highly recommend checking this grocery store out.

Bill Hoopes

Cozy and warm feeling to this store

Jillian Adams

They're fresh stuff is the best--favorite bread of all time!

Heather G

Visited The Store for the first time this weekend and it was amazing. It's a lovely little grocery store that had all of the brands I am already familiar with and tons of local brands too. We had delicious cookies (oatmeal raisin and s'mores), winder eggnog, and freshly squeezed orange juice (we squeezed it ourselves with a rad machine!). We also got a beautifully designed bottle of local Spring City spring water that's tastes great and it so pretty (local it artists! Woo!). It was a great visit and I can't wait to go back!

Carla Pitcher

Great gifts and cards as well as groceries! Love The Store! Best boutique market in Salt Lake!

Barbara Riser

Unique local store, been around this area for years & just gets better & better. Meat is exceptional.

Scott Beams

Great specialty items and good bakery

Renee Fabbi

Be careful, I thought this was a good store to find fun foods at. That is until I bought some food that did not taste right and was fairly expensive. I tried to return to store and they told me that they could not return it just because I “did not like it” . This product had something wrong tasting about it but they just did not care. Was very disappointed and will have a hard time shopping there as I can’t trust that if the quality product I am supposed to be buying will be quality, and if not, I will just have to eat it, literally. Sad to be treated so bad.

Lynette Moore

Everyone was very helpful and I found exactly what I was looking for!

Nancy Webster

I love how unique it is!! Fun store to wander!!

Robb Penton

I had driven by this store for a year and finally stopped in a couple weeks ago. I'm so glad I did. From Produce to Meat and Seafood to the Bakery... I have found great things in all. My daughter likes the hot mac and cheese and the chicken parmesan you can get at the self service bar. The staff is extra friendly and helpful too. The Store is now a regular part of my weekly grocery shopping.

Matthew Hansen

Locally owned grocery store with friendly staff and a wide selection of locally sourced foods include house labeled dips, jams, pickled foods, etc to many Utah's Own products from Spring City Water to June Pies and just about everything in between. Definitely worth a stop if you haven't been before.

Kaela Rawlins

Super friendly helpful employees. Not where I do the bulk of my grocery shopping but absolutely the place to go for something a step above-cheeses, anything in the bakery, specialty sodas, dairy free items, their salad/hot/taco bars, and anything with their own brand on it. #lfthx

Brooke Bowen

I love this store! The bakery and meat selection are worth making the trip as it's not near my home. There are also many unique items that are delicious! I wondered how the price of produce and other staples would compare and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were excellent. All of the workers are very friendly!

Sarah Whipple

First time going and had so much fun looking at all they had to buy from little gifts to really yummy food. Will have to go back to try more of what they have. #LFTHX

Edna Johnson

I went here looking for a specialty item. A seemingly Italian man attempted to help me. He was of no help. I then asked the veggies department and found what I needed. They have a great selection of fine foods. If you want great service I suggest asking the veggie department employees. They have always been the best helpers.

Lil Lia

Wonderful food and other items. Got the best donut there too! The customer service was great and I loved all the local products.

Erin Lucki

The Store is a great place, especially to find things made locally! Everything from specialty candies to soaps to honey! It's fun to find new and different things there.

Laura Echols

Amazing meats!! Never disappointed!! If u haven't tried this place u must!! Well worth every penny!!

Joshua Baldi

It's one of the only places to get banana ice cream

Jessica Andrew

Great selection of a variety of unique and hard to find products. Cheese's, Meats, frozen foods, baked goods etc. They have it all. #lfthx

Kelsey Larsen

I love The store!!! They have such unique food options that are delicious! This is my go to place for unique birthday presents and treats!!! Cutler cookies are amazing and the store has hands-down the best chips and salsa in the state

Jenna Weischedel

Such a fun specialty store with a cosy feel. Loved the fresh squeezed lemonade on tap.


SO convenient and has everything I normally shop for! Very friendly and helpful personnel. Not crowded and a close parking lot.

Nate Fitzgerald

Always a great experience when you go to The Store. They have a lot of options for food and have an amazing selection of meats.

Martin Raming

Good selection and convenient location. We have given a higher rating if weren't for everything being over priced and some the staff being not so friendly.

Kayla Lunt

I love a pie place in Heber called June pie but it's not always convenient to get out to Heber. The Store sells some June pie products so when I go to salt lake, I try and stop at The Store to see what pies they have. They have cute seasonal decor for sale and lots of other special items like Salsa Queen salsa. Their bakery also has some good cookies. They have a fountain machine so you can get a soda while you shop. I wish I loved closer to The Store.

Ledger Munns

Went here with my son. We both loved it there!!! They have freshly squeezed orange juice that you do yourself!!! Loved this place

Christopher Welch

Good for anything you might need. Lots of fresh made foods and stuff to take and grill.

Erica Pinegar

I LOVE The Store!! They have a GREAT selection of bakery items, meats, produce & yummy treats!!! Excellent customer service as well!!

Nicole Frick

I love this little store. It’s down the street from my house and such an cute store to walk around! I love their fresh cold brew and kombucha on tap.

Carrie Haney

I wish I’d found The Store sooner! Meats cut and marinated in house, so many House recipes to bring a meal together, and an assortment of artisan and local items. My next party will be put together from all the goodies at The Store. My husband is going to love this place!

Brian Cowan

They have a unique variety of items. Their cashew hot sauce and sugar cookies are some of the best I have ever had.

Jessica Christensen

I had no idea this place was so close to my house! It's super cute and had a lot of unique items. I walked through the bakery twice because it smelled so good. I'll definitely be back to try some of their pies.

Deya Valera

I love all the things you can buy there..and how nice people are!

Dave Gisseman

Expensive but really good quality.

lex_ i07

First time going everyone was so sweet to me my mom and my grandma found everything perfectly and even had workers come out and help put what we got in the trunk amazing place will go back

Khetman of the Zaporozhyan Cossack Host

Good prices and good quality products.

jtr4630 Riley

They sell delicious peanut butter without the trans fat!

Jessica Eckman

Favorite grocery store by a long shot!! I can source out more than half of my groceries locally, including meat and dairy. They have everything you would expect and more!! If you are in support of local product and supporting the economy on a local level, then this is the perfect place for you to put your money where your mouth is! Plus, their hot bar is to die for!! I see a lot of people complain about price, but tell me this..... why would you pay a dollar less for a gallon of milk that had to be shipped halfway across the country?? It is ludicrous to me that people have this disconnect between quality and quantity. Supporting local business is hands down the best way to affect change in your community. People should be checking their labels for location of production, not price.

Andi Poulson

I love the variety of unique items, especially local products and baked goods. I always end up going home with some of their tortilla chips and a pie ;) I also enjoy the fact that they have a large selection of Caldrea products (I'm a huge fan of the Basil Blue Sage) and other specialty items such as kombucha.

Mellow Manseau

Great for lunch.

James Davis

Fantastic selection and quality. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I get my Christmas ham here every year. I stop in for grilling meats often and their sandwiches they make at lunchtime are awesome!

Morgan Hodson

It's a nice little neighborhood market. Extremely pricey, however they are very hands on. I suppose sometimes convenience has to cost.

Carla Navarro

There are so many local products in The Store. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Produce is fresh. I will be going back next time I am in the neighborhood. #lfthx #TheStoreUtah #TheStoreHolladayUT #springcitywater

Curtis Olsen

Great selection of organic and natural foods at this store alongside your usual groceries. What gets me coming back here is the homemade Salsa's and pico de gallo top-notch delicious

Emily Weir

Their breads are the best and I love that they always carry locally made stuff :) Update: they never cease to amaze me with what new products they carry. I can always satisfy my sweet tooth with a trip here.

Heather Jeppsen

I love this place! Delicious bakery AND they sell Cakes De Fleur and also Cutlers Cookies which are two of my favorites. Their produce is clean and it’s a quaint little down home feel.

Sindra McBride

We have been shopping here for years. It’s a one stop shop for all the local treats! Great customer service!

Moon Babes and The Light Tribe by Sonia G

LOVE this place! they have the best selection of organic and vegan chocolate, and things you don't normally find at the grocery store. Its like an old school neighborhood home made yummy stuff and fun things that also has all the regular goodies we like.

Rosalie Kimball

Neat and clean. Has a lot of local products. Has a good salad bar and good premade food. Really like this feature.

John anderson

Very clean shop to buy everything you need.. Has good lunch deli. .. Drink fountain great spot recommend anytime.

Dominique LaJeunesse

First time there yesterday. I love it! Lots of local goodness, including my favorite salsa of all time. Tons of GF options for me. The staff was so kind and friendly. I can’t wait to go back.

Diane Soule

Great little store with everything you need. Super bakery and prepared foods.

N Brown

Easy to find yourself coming home with something more than you thought you needed! Fresh produce, amazing meat selection, and super friendly staff that offer to help load your groceries into your car! My wife and I love this place, and shop here for business needs as well.

janet dunyon

Been around along time, a very interesting store small but has a lot to offer.

Jeremy Hellstrom

Best little neighborhood grocery store. Perfect combination of staples along with novelty foods and such. Great store.

Karie C.

My favorite place to find dairy free/vegan treats! They also have a really great selection of local treats, supplements, and boutique style decor.

Tina DeWaal

I love the store.

Ben Macey

As a specialty store they do a great job! I do not tend to buy canned goods or dry goods from there. I focus on the periphery of the store. The produce is solid! The bakery is excellent albeit expensive. And they have a lot of unique and exclusive items. A great overall store and the prices are indicative of that.

Corby B.

Wonderful store with fresh produce. Outstanding Bakery. Love the homemade salsa, chicken salad, and prepared meals. Friendly employees to help you out. Check out really easy with friendly staff.

Samantha Crowther

Quite the gem! I’m so happy I’ve found this place. They have deliciousness emanating from their walls #lfthx

Angie Tatarinova

I am in love with this place. Super cute store, friendly staff, delicious deli food. Mmmmm

Connor Hansen

I love the store! Perfect little local market that has everything. What do I go for you might ask? The freaking COOKIE DOUGH! #lfthx

Simona Hendrix

This was a neat little store. They had your normal everyday grocery products as well as some fun and exciting options. Their produce all looked super fresh and delicious. I got some good lettuce and red pears (which I didn't know existed! Delicious.) The Spring City Water Bottles they have are quite awesome. They each feature art from local artists and have some awesome spring water. I like this place and will return.

ron paul

This is our favorite grocery store by far. We drive further just to shop here. Great quality and they have stuff that you can't find at most of the chain grocery stores.

John Thang

We are going to bring Fresh Sushi in The Store! Starting September 03, 2019. Please come for your lunch and dinner, to go packages and we have the best pricing in Utah!.

Jan Bates

Way cute store! Full of local Utah items! Love supporting local!!

R Moss Brannon

Good place to get health food from a mostly local vendor without pretentiousness of the big chain grocers. The hardware store in the same complex has the same owner, so it would be a great idea to offer DEEP discount for hardware to grocery customers (win-win).

Hayley Hurd

Great store! The staff there has been nothing but amazing and super friendly! I love their wide variety of products including the local products that they sell. Also one thing you MUST try there is there fresh squeezed orange juice in there produce department. It's addictive and it'll turn you away from all other orange juice!

Lori Haglund

Love The Store! Amazing little neighborhood find. And did you know they'll carry your groceries to the car?!

Jacque Tietjen

I am straight up addicted to the triple chocolate cookies. They literally taste like brownies and they are soft and melt in your mouth. The bakery is hands down the best thing about The Store. Amazing cookies, pastries and more! Overall, The Store is like a way better version of Trader Joe's. Quality produce, organic and natural selections, fun treats, and overall just a good vibe! Locally owned and operated market stores are always a little more expensive than chains but I think its worth it whenever I go. Support local small businesses and eat a bunch if cookies!

DE Brown

Great specialty market. Bakery, Butcher, and Produce are all first rate, as is the deli counter for take-out food. Because of small size, the regular grocery selection can be limited.

McKenzie Vierig

I love The Store! Especially their chips and salsa and the mini cakes. Delish!!

Alan Gibson

Great place check it out.

Aubri Goodfellow

Love the variety of local goods and ready made meals! #lfthx

Josie Brown

A bit pricy but fresh good food

Eric Nielsen

Such a fun place to shop! They have unique items and great customer service! Thanks The store

Megan Wilson

My favorite local grocer

Rachel K. Greene

I’ve always loved The Store. They have a lot of great food options, including Meier’s Meats products and Cakes de Fleur. Other grocery stores are closer to me now so I don’t go often, but when I went today, I was reminded how they have great service and such excellent selections of normal products and local specialty items. Very quaint place to shop.

Cherie Larsen

Love the Store! They have great specialty items and the best tortilla chips and mango salsa. Their cookie dough is great too!

Lesley Baker

Unique products. Great quality always

Steve Clark

June pies. Enough said. Thanks to Locked On Jazz for the recommendation!

Mr Man

I love this place! Excellent bakery and salad bar and great selection of foods. It's a little pricier than the chains, but you get better quality here

Brandon Nolast

Amazing store really enjoyed the customer experience

Alina Rowley

Awesome store. Has lots of local products. The desserts are delicious! #lfthx

Chris Jackson

Great place to get different foods.

Sabrina Eberling

My first time here and so worth it! Things I can't find in other places, local brands and items! Everyone SO SUPER NICE and they brought my bags to my car with a smile! I love it!

Lisa Porter

Lovely upscale grocery store. Has the old charm feeling but has many convenience foods and a fabulous bakery. Those cookies!!!! Checking out is tight and in the winter when the doors open, the cold is unreal, rushing in. Poor checkers!!

Jeffrey Heyman

Parking lot is a crazy mad house. But there always seems to be an open spot when I visit. Many Utah proud products are offered. Pizzas are good but I like the smoked meats the best do not forget to ask for the free BBQ sauce if you get any of the options from the cooked meat counter in the back of the store.

Mark Greer

Stepford wives shop here... beautiful.

Carolyn Shackelford

They have quite an impressive deli section and a lot of variety in every department. The produce is local and fresh. Even if I can't always afford it, their quality is above average

Alex Parker

Love this place but cheap it is not. Great meats and prepared selections. Great service! Great to get in and out quickly.


I love, love, LOVE the Store! They have everything I need, convenient hours, and friendly (thought often very young) staff. Their bakery section is my most favorite, and their coconut pecan cookies are the BOMB! Highly recommend!


Employees are never too busy to help with any questions you may have and always seem to know what and where the things I'm looking for are no matter my lack of information! Their wide variety in stock means they've got whatever I'm looking for and the fruit is always fresh and ready for the taking!

Brian Holt

Totally Awesome shopping experience

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