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995 Zion – Mount Carmel Hwy, Springdale, UT 84767, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sol Foods Supermarket IN Utah

Cedric Boniver

Most expensive store I've ever seen , really abusive prices , $4.5 for a small bottle of kombutcha , 4$ a can if coconut water , 8$ for simple salami , plan ahead and shop before you go to Springdale or Zion park , everything there is abusing tourists...

Zia Sardar

A bit pricey but very good selection and friendly staff.

Yin Tsui

Love their panini.. such a nice place. Nice people too

Gelareh Rahbar

Excellent choice of prepared healthy food and snacks with very helpful staff. There is plenty of covered parking under the supermarket too.

Eric Covell

Very nice store so close to Zion.

Cyndi Ruckert

They will have what you are looking for, but VERY pricey. Ex. Johnsonville Brats $9 a pack. These are double the normal price. But u are next to Zion NP. :)

Nicholas Muzik

Good selection of fresh produce for a small town. Way to pricey tho


Nice little market within the park area. Lots of convenience items and everyday essentials in easy to use packaging. Definitely caters to park hikers so don't expect to find a Walmart.

Andrew Thrasher

Local and pricey. Lack of alternative options.

Stijn Van Rompaey

This supermarket has everything you need. You can buy good food here and take it home. It is a bit more expensive than an ordinary shop, but you get quality in return. You also support the local economy which is always good.

Jennifer Margoles

This store ROCKS! As do their two other stores in town, hardware and hoodoos. What a treat it is to be out in magnificent nature AND have a huge selection of natural and specialty groceries and totally delicious prepared foods. We camped for a couple of nights in the South Campground inside Zion NP and loved picking up food and firewood each day at Sol Foods. Great selection, merchandising, friendly staff, cool vibe. 5 stars!!

Mark Chrzescian

Had all types of food deli frozen and fresh prices were high but the area is high.

Brendan White

Was at Zion and needed food for dinner. Walked in, put a nice big bag of green grapes in my basket. Went to the prepared food section. Saw chicken thighs and mashed potatoes behind the deli counter. Asked the guy right behind the deli counter for the chicken thighs and mashed potatoes. Was told that the deli was closed. You can't just hand me the food? No. Go to checkout. I am told that they have a $5 credit card minimum. I'm not paying with cash. I would have bought way more than $5 worth of food if the guy behind the deli was willing to just hand me the food right in front of him. I told the cashier to forget about the grapes and left, purchasing nothing.

Derek Neumann

Small market has a pretty big selection for you. All you need if you are travelling and have the ability to cook where you are staying. Open year round.

Raymond Moore

Extremely cool place for a grocery store. Genuinely has some very impressive bikes from the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Nikolaj Christensen

Good selection. Didn't check the prices.

Tessa Jo

Lots of selection for a smaller market. Lots of organic and local options! A little spendy, but that's what we expected from a convenient and smaller market. Would rather spend the money and have it close by!

Michele Weslander Quaid

Sol Foods has a good variety to include healthy, organic, and vegetarian options. It is in a small town next to Zion National Park and prices are marked up accordingly, but if you need it, this is likely the place nearby to get it.

Blue Fire Media

Great paninis and deli sandwiches in the back. We went in for some supplies and ended up having lunch there. Very delicious. Park under the store. Very convenient.

William Boland

This is a great co-op style grocery store that features a lot of fresh food as well as camping/hiking supplies. When I travel I like to see what kinds of fresh deli concoctions each grocery store comes up with and these guys had a great build-your-own-sandwich section as well as some really good Salmon Cakes. Good selection of snacks too

Jim Cenname

Slow service, waited way too long in line to pay. Given the really high prices I was disappointed by the slow service. Store was neat and clean.

Ian Gerrard

Super expensive, better stock up before you get to Springdale.

Andy Wright

Nice grocer in a tourist town. Prices are reasonable for being the only place around to get many items. Less expensive to buy from the store and eat that than eat at many of the restaurants.

Mike Henderson

In Springdale Utah for Labor Day weekend and get in some sights of Zion NP........forgot some items for the travels and Sol Foods Supermarket had everything and more! Very nice market and very courteous staff!.....prices are a little higher than home but expected in remote locations!

Tony M

Great grocery store. Very whole foods like including nice salad bar.

Chris Bels

Compared to wallmart very expensive, but nice store.

Jan-Gerard van der Toorn

Very well assorted. Fresh. Friendly staff.

D. Alexander Elron

Expensive, to be sure, but overall a good selection of just about everything you could need. If you have an extra hour head west towards Hurricane to find cheaper prices, but this place will have anything you need (gourmet cheese, beer, camping foods, replacement parts for your camelback, etc...) if you’re willing to pay a premium for the convenience. Plenty of free parking beneath the building and to the side for oversized vehicles (don’t back in!)

Diana Oskov

This store is well stocked. It has pretty much everything you could crave and find in a grocery store. The daily soaps are amazing.

W Merritt

Parking is UNDER the store, please use it (and do not park in the red-painted FIRE LANE on the road!) Great store to fill your camping food needs along with filling your fridge if you're a local. Great selection of organic and/or non GMO foods. Be sure to check out the fresh-made deli sandwiches at the counter at the back of the store. And one last thing they'll grab you with is the fresh brownies and cookies at the check out. Get one!

Andy Schornack

Overpriced. Use the market down by the bridge to Zion National. Much better pricing and you don't have to pay for bags.

B Long On The Road

Found mold in our food. Chef said “ah yeah. We’ve been having that problem lately.” They offered no apologies and got upset at my husband for being mad. Also severely overpriced.

Stuart Landsee

Great people. Great selection. Prices to keep local economy afloat.

Jim Carey

Got everything we needed.

brmau7159 .

Huge selection in Scottsdale ~ right outside of Zion. Very reasonably priced must haves for camping and hiking.

alice w

Great variety of every day needs.

Steven Arechiga

Nice selection. Price gouged tho, it's priced worse than hawaii, except it's not a 7 hour flight from the mainland.

Rob Meyer

All of the 4% beers you could want along with a really nice selection of groceries for your stay.

D Bullock

Of course, it's expensive, being so close to a national park. But they have the basics covered. Sunscreen & sunhats to fresh food.

bing mao

You can everything you need here when you visit Zion National Park

Eva Sanchez

I just like this store a lot. Has pretty much anything you need. Friendly staff, public restroom, yummy foods and snacks for not as expensive as other places in the park. If you need anything for hiking or camping you need to come to this store! You won't regret it. Parking is a little weird though.

Susan L

I was impressed at the variety of items they pack into this store. Standard groceries including organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. Deli if you don't have cooking facilities yourself. Camping items, local made gifts, office supplies and health care. We needed a pair of scissors, insoles, camping matches and popsicles-found them all no problem. Sure, some prices are high but the alternative is 1 1/2 hr round-trip to St. George, which will likely cost you more in gas than just buying it here.

Matt H.

Very convenient location to Zion National Park, and well-stocked with a wide range of goods from typical supermarket items to healthy sandwiches, snacks, and lunches that you can take with you when exploring Zion. There's also a nice little picnic area out front that, as of June, 2019 had a wonderful rose garden that was in full bloom at the time. Great little place!

Sierra Lake

This was a great little grocery store. You can totally stock up before heading into Zion. They had alot of great souvenirs and stickers. I'm not sure if we were just there at a weird time or what but thier deli was empty a d dispite there being 4 people working in the deli and no one ahead of us it took a solid 15 min to make 2 sandwiches, which while not bad, were not worth the wait.

Steven Higginson

I like their sandwich Deli in the back. Their delicious turnovers are right there as well. All their people are very nice and helpful.

Heather Larvik

Really great salad bar in the back! The couscous and quinoa salad‘s were so fresh and healthy. I was so impressed by the selection of everything at the salad bar. Everything in Zion is pricy though. Eating out at the restaurants for every meal is a lot! We saved so much $ for our family of 5 by eating here (salad bar & general groceries) during our stay.

Jesse Hoffmann

When I saw a loaf of organic bread was almost $10 and a package of 4 organic hot dogs was almost $9, we decided it would be a better idea to drive the 40 minutes to a Walmart superstore in a nearby town. I can understand up to 25% price hikes near a national park, but these prices are almost double. Absolutely absurd.

Marlin Shorter

Nice set-up but the prices are a bit up there.

Sophie Shinsky

These people are rad! Everyone is super friendly, but I am particularly stoked on their breakfast sandwiches! They have bomb bagel sandwiches that are HUGE compared to other cafes, and at such a reasonable price. Definitely my go to stop for groceries and a quick breakfast near Zion.

Nicole Gray

Awesome place. Love it.....

jim mcdonell

A very nice, small grocery store with a range of foods and sundries. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free foods are available. There is a small underground parking structure and a camping and hardware store next door as part of the grocery. Prices are reasonable given the small tourist town. Bring your own shopping bags or pay five cents a bag for theirs. Cardboard boxes are free.


We love this place. It is a must visit if you live in the area. We went to Zion last year, went in and had a great lunch. Huge variety, killer food. Prices are good, a few items very high. Do not let that slow you down. There a good bargains if you look. Get food, eat it there, great view!

Matt Sherick

Great little small town grocery store, wide variety of items & brands. Did not find a few items but there were plenty of substitutions available. Staff is helpful & friendly. We stopped here to get a few groceries for our trip. They also have a lot of items for hiking, camping, etc putting them into the "general store" category. There parking is a parking garage located below the store. I had trouble getting my large truck into there but its stock height so it barely squeezed in.

Jody Miles

I found everything I needed for our vacation meals.

Bernardo J

Cheaper to eat out, unfortunately vegetarian so not a lot of options in the area.

Ty Battle

Nice but VERY expensive. I guess it's to be expected...

Jake Kiesel

Best selection in town, though they have a $5 limit for credit and debit cards which is kind of obnoxious.

Jacques Gautier

Great place to stock up before hiking or camping!

Eve Terrades

Nice supermarket with wide selection of products, fresh ones, baked and salads to go. Pricing is quite high unfortunately.

Carl Cencig

Sol Foods supermarket is a very large supermarket that has just about anything you could need grocery-wise. Although the was great variety, the prices were very high for just about everything. I found myself unable to justify buying much in this store after accounting for the pricing. On the plus side the staff did their job and were friendly enough.

Anthony Karlberg

awesome little supermarket. A bit pricey, but that's to be expected. Tons of organic options.

Stefano Pedemonte

Found everything we needed, possibly saved out life

Christian Andrew Moulton

Mediocre grocery store, but the best place in town.

Gabriele Mastrilli

They have any kind of food except wine. Unfortunatelly they are very very expensive

Mari Hend

Pricey, and they only hav 45 min parking I believe. If ur looking for snacks, try the gas station across from them and save yourself some time. They did hav very fresh and nice produce though, I bought some tasty peaches.

Victoria Pulver

Parking is limited for larger vehicles. Great selection of products for a small store. Employees are very friendly.

Travis Mara

This was a great little supermarket that had just about anything you could possibly need while in Zion National Park. We had stocked up on water, other drinks and snacks each day from here and also ordered a few of their freshly made sandwiches and wraps which were delicious. In addition to all of the groceries, they also sell beer as well.

Michael's Bolton

SOL FOODS SUPERMARKET, DELI AND HARDWARE IN ZION CANYON is very near the Rangers Gate to Zion National Park. Good range of food and drinks.

Wesley Dennett

Tons of stuff for such a small hardware store. It's amazing!

Mark Bierman

Most excellent small town did store

Sudarshan Karkada

Didn't have a good experience at this store. Everything is very expensive and the choices are few. They didn't have any bananas. 24-pack water was $10 whereas I had bought Nestle brand water 24-pack for $3.50 at a Moab store the same morning. It is possible that everything is expensive in Zion in every store for some reason.

Maria Anthony

Pricey but convenient

Brian Hughes

Nice grocery store, has a kind of Trader Joe's feel. Staff are friendly. Considering the location outside a National Park, prices are reasonable.

Chass Thuresson

They have pretty much everything you need! Prices are high as you might expect though. They do have some great prepared food!

Faith Ang

Good selection, but man those prices are really high!

Jason Pincock

Not my favorite but my love really likes it. People are nice

Jason Rauch

Great spot, full service grocery to load up on food and snacks for the hike.

Anna Tan

Big supermarket. You can get everything you need here.

Chris Ryan

Way over priced. Shop before you come to Zion

Kent Hoover

Excellent options. On par with any small supermarket in an affluent area.

Yonir R

You can find there almost everything

Raphaella Depinno

Convenient little supermarket in the heart of springdale.

Kim Wardle

This store carries just about everything you may need and has a great selection of fresh salad and fruit options on their "to go" bar. Friendly and for a tourist spot, the prices aren't bad.

Yechezkel T. Reyhanian

Great market.

Randy Schoenbeck

Nicely laid out and lots to choose from but a bit pricey

Craig Judd

Stop to get some treats for the road! Nice parking underneath the supermarket so it was easy to get to without a lot of hassle.

Edward Restelli

Nice store. Has most things you’d expect in a big city. Prices are outlandishly high on some items. 2 to 5 times normal price in a city

Antoinette Lugo

Too expensive and didn't find anything I needed

Carl L.

Great selection of food but everything is overpriced.

Cindy Hertz

Lots of variety for the health conscious. Reasonable prices considering they're in the heart of a tourist hot spot.

Nancy Lunt

Super pricy but has all the essentials. Buy beer somewhere else. It costs a lot here! Good store though.

Gloria Lisowski

What a handy place and loved that it was there so many things we needed and forgot.

James Cook

Neat little place to stop by and pick up some supplies before you go camping. They carry many familiar brands as well as less common ones and organic varieties. The sandwich/salad bar in the back was a nice touch if you're looking for something fresh.

Parker Stohlton

I was working at a resort near Zion over the summer and needed to buy a laundry basket. It would have cost me $20 for one, so I decided to purchase one online instead.

Herman Hundley

Wayyy overpriced on everything. If you need more than just 1 or 2 things head back to Hurricane and hit the store your wallet will thank you

Rebecca Dorn

Nice place but very expensive. can charge what you want when your the only supermarket in town.

Neel Valame

Full service, friendly store where you least expect to find one!

Adnan Azam

Lots of things available but at tourist price. Its expected.. their deli place was the most convenient, we had to over night camp at the Narrows and we preordered sandwiches to be made here, Omar did a great job accommodating the requested needs for the sandwich and they were ready first thing next morning, no delays.

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