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901 S 300 W, Santaquin, UT 84655

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Where is Rowleys Red Barn?

REVIEWS OF Rowleys Red Barn IN Utah

Frans R. Lambrechtsen

A nice field trip to the south end of Utah Valley. Yummy ice cream. Delicious fudge. A good variety of huge cookies. Jams. Jellies. Fresh produce grown locally. Cheese curds! Chocolate covered nuts and fruit. Children's toys. And more. It's a worthwhile trip to the south end of the valley. Only regret? Not visiting sooner.

Chris Baird

Ice cream was tasty. Beautiful views from outside. Great photography spot.

Austin Bahr

Going to the back 40 during the fall is wonderful for visitors of all ages. Makes me feel like a kid again every year I go. Also the Apple Cider slush ala mode and their Apple cider donuts are out of this world :)

Rebekah Salmond

Great service! Gave taste tests for fudge and ice cream. Very Delicious! Will come again for more!

Laura Johnson

Super cute place! Ice cream was so good! We took a frozen pie home to bake and it turned out great! Visiting from GA and we loved it!

Lori Jones

Where do I start?! High quality seasonal fruit! We stop here every time we drive thru on our way home to CA. We also love their fresh donuts and their home made ice cream! Their Apple slushies are amazing!! So many choices!

Fathima Hendershot

Homemade icecream is the best! Nice area to stop at right off the freeway.

T Snow

I've gone here for decades. Very fun, family friendly environment. They only hire warm and friendly help. And they do a great fall harvest pumpkin ride. Anytime of year they are good for their ice cream! A must stop in the way south or north on I-15 passing Santaquin UT

Johannes Christian

The quality of their juice concentrates is outstanding, the price they sell them at - unbeatable. FYI: They sell through Amazon as well as their website. Great juice concentrates, some of the best I've ever tried. 5 stars

Josh Ericson

Love The fall festival but prices are getting high ,

Margie Larson

I always trust their fruit, and the applesauce donuts are to die for!

Lara Flex

Delicious Icecream and friendly dudes.

Cyndi Ruckert

Very nice establishment. Lots of sweet treats, fresh fruits, frozen meats, jam, but no veggies so that was a little disappointing. If you are a Harvest Host Member you can stay here. They have a good size gravel lot for 3 rigs.


The pumpkin patch is so fun, we come every year!! Also great fruit selection and such friendly people.

Natasha Haslam

Good ice cream and great prices, but some of the bread on the shelves was moldy, so beware. It's a cute place for photos or an inexpensive stop on a road trip.

Rebekah Jackson

Best cider in the world! Great fruit and food in general. I love their apple cider donuts and Fall Festival which comes around each Autumn. I'm not big into ice cream, but I actually enjoy theirs more than anyone else's.

Colleen Pepper

Great family atmosphere. Delicious products in the barn. Must try the strawberry peach salsa!

Heather Dorius

Cute little store! Lots of local products & produce, wonderful fresh ice cream & homemade fudge

Ryan Ferre

We love the apples and icecream. Delicious. Great hours too!

Marie Thun

Such fun activities for such a great price!

Esther Dunnaway

So cool! The ice cream was delicious and there was lots to see! Awesome selection of ice cream and sodas! Also their apple cider slushie was amazing, don't miss out on that!

Skyler M. Williams

The Apple Cider is to die for. During the fall the hay ride and pumpkin patch are so fun. Kids have lots to do.

Andy H

Love this place! Great ice cream and cherries. My new favorite is Cookie Monster. You definitely need to make the stop here!

sherron pace

Love it. Great little place great cherry pie filling. Good ice cream Great friendly service

Parker Goodwin

I cannot rave about their apple juice enough. It is a bit more than your store bought juice, but it is sourced locally and it has such a better taste than a traditional store brand and their store has a great vibe and nice small town feel. Nice stop when driving down south of Utah County.

Russell Skougard

Great place all Utah love it

Cole Jensen

The fall hay ride and other autumn activities are great. Not to mention the food. The caramel apple slush was amazing and so was the burger. Definitely recommend going.

Hubert Mckeever

The Red Barn activities and all of the staff there are amazing. Great fun.

Jess Bender

Expensive, but delicious and well worth it! Nice staff and a nice assortment of items and food!

Monica Morris

I came here with my husband to satisfy our craving of fresh cider donuts with hot cider. Unfortunately, they had run out of cider, hot or otherwise, long before we came. We did get donuts and were surprised to see that the cider flavor was subtle and overpowered by other ingredients. Not our favorite donuts, but will come earlier on a later date to try some cider.

Diana Dye

Great ice cream. Kind of expensive without a coupon from 2for1 app.

Diana Beckham

Great place to stop for old fashion treats and fresh fruit!

Brittany Hansen

The best cider and those slushies... nothing better!

Kay Berry

Love this place! It's a must stop whenever heading south.

Edward Welch

A great place to stop and get ice cream. Fresh fruit, local fared snack and candy items. There's a little gift shop area it is a little pricey. You're paying for an ambiance.

Aaron ross

The best ice cream you'll ever eat! Owned and operated by the local Rowleys! Always great people and so much to do! Great for pictures, to eat, pick pumpkins and even go on hay rides! Also. Get some of their apple juice!

Diane Call

Kitschy items for sale (jams, syrups, salsas, etc.), as well as ice cream, fudge, cookies, meat. Crowded. We shared an ice cream and then a cider slush.

Matthew McMullin

This place is fantastic... most of the year. It's pretty busy in the month of October because of their pumpkin patch and associated activities. They have wonderful homemade ice cream with a huge variety of flavors. The staff is always nice and the store is always clean. You can buy fresh fruit in season, their apple juice is amazing, and it is just an all around great place. I'll be back often.

Marshall Johnson

First of all it is nice to see a large orchard still in business. The family has set up a great atmosphere with a pleasant wagon ride (necessary to get to the activities and corn maze). The barn is home to their ice cream, apple cider doughnuts, cider, and fresh fruit. All excellent. It is well maintained and clean. We had a great autumn afternoon walking through the maze, picking a pumpkin, and sampling the goodies.

Steven Louie

Stop there everytime we drive thru to get their pies

Sarah Jorgensen

So fun for our preschool group! The kids loved the petting zoo and the new tractor slide! I would definitely recommend it and getting Apple cider donuts in the red Barn afterward

Cassidy Pitts

Awesome ice cream!

Kathy Stevens

We look forward to the ice cream" cherry juice, fruit, candies, fancy soda pops and mucb more. Friendly lovely place!

Joel Timothy

Great place to get some blackberry pie! My favorite out of all of em! They do sell some pretty cheap but good quality cherries, 1.99 a pound when I was there. The apples, to be honest, I looked for a sign for which apples were from the farm, but couldn't. Same for their pressed 100% apple juice, which was worth it even if it wasn't apple's from their farm. They have a lot of cool other products like condensed cherry juice, almost like a syrup, that is super good!

Gabrielle Ray

Favorite place to get treats with the family! We also get produce and bread here from the back of the store. Would have given t stars if i didn't have to wait for a long time to check out when we visit. They could improve on customer service a bit. But overall its a wonderful place to take your family.

melissa sorensen

Love everything they have to offer! Throughout the year they offer great produce, meats, pies, cheese curds, apple juice, etc. We love to shop here. Then there is the ice cream, pie, and fudge shop. So yummy! October is especially fun with the wagon ride to the activity area. Forgive me, I know they have a name for it....don't recall. My kids loved potato sack slide, the apple shooters, tractor racing, corn mazes, and bounce area! So much for the whole family. Next year we know to pack a small picnic to eat under the pavilion area. Then we brought home the best, biggest pumpkins to carve. We stop by here at least once a month as its a little farther from our home. , or I'd be here weekly for my fruit.

Shelley Olsen

Awesome place... love their icecream! Wonderful store with lots of varieties. You gotta visit this place!

Cody Laird

Great local farm food, very friendly customer service, and holiday activities. Highly recommended for families!

Richard F

You have to stop in! Ice cream, fruits, jelly, and more! Our favorite is the red cherry jam.

Alex Lallas

The ice cream was great. The business was busy. The workers were friendly.

tina davis

I have been going to the Red Barn for years. I love the fresh fruits and produce.

Graham Parker

Great stop, right off the highway. Also appreciate the extended hours! Ice cream, fudge, cheeses, candy and more! (Oh, and they make their own ice cream!)

Jose Tapia

Amazing place and an amazing family that runs it!

Chaden Hite

Always a great experience at Rowleys Red Barn. It's a tradition for our family to go down and enjoy the fun activities they have there and then enjoy the food at the end.

Toni Lems

Very clean, well priced, a lot of great products, wonderful ice cream, but they need to add sugar free options

Marc Spector

Red Barn rules!! Family tradition to visit here every time we come through Utah. We were coming up just after they closed so we called ahead. They were willing to work with us so we could keep the tradition alive & still buy our favorite items based off our delayed timeline. I was floored at how accommodating they were. Never knew I could love them even more!

Rachel Brooks

Delicious icecream and apple cider.

Gwen Stradling

You won't find any better Cider Donuts ANYWHERE!!

Caleb Giles

So I came here for tomatoes and I got appled, fair trade if you ask me

Gavin Hardy

I got the cookie dough ice cream and it was divine! I've driven past this place probably 40 times in my life and have never stopped but always wanted to. Glad we finally did! The women behind the counter were awesome and very kind. Lots of things to purchase (toys, candy, gifts). A very cool place.

Ang Williams

Fun family stop. Fresh foods and produce. Ice cream and activities. Fresh baked goods and chocolates. Delicious stuff, don't miss it!

Janet Clark

This is such a fun and totally unique experience! The Apple cider is so fresh and made from delicious apples! We also love the Apple cider donuts! We stop by if we're ever near by.

Kim Guymon

Clean, quaint, old-fashioned, delicious treats (both healthy and junky), delightful quick stop.

Allen Parker

Only place to buy apples and the month of October is one of my favorite times to visit.

Austin Hayden

This place is great. The produce is far better than you find at a grocery store

Nathan Allinger

Fun country store. Good ice cream and plenty of flavors. Lots of specialty and farm-produced goods in the store. I've had their apple cider before, but it's fun to get it at the source. Plus they had samples. It's like a Cracker Barrel shop, grocery store, and farmer's market rolled into one.

Kara Popovich

Fun but very expensive for a farm visit. $12 per person for admission to a small play area/maze and $9 for a dozen doughnuts... too much for a day of fun for a med sized family.

Crystal Wolz

There is a small country store with some novelty items. After buying your ice cream there really isnt anywhere to sit and enjoy it unless you want to be unofficial greeter right by the front door bench. So, the charm really isnt extended past buying your cone and leaving.

Angela Fox

Awesome icecream and cute homemade gifts.

No Way

I like my ice cream without an attitude. And that seems to be what I get every time I decide to stop into the Red Barn in Santaquin, Utah. (about once or twice per month) I ordered the Caramel Apple Cider Slushie and it was leaking all over their counter. So the girl grabbed a rag to clean up their counter but neglected to offer to clean up the cup it was dripping from. I politely asked that it be placed in a larger cup, because I didn't want it leaking all over my car. A cup was brought to me. And I asked them to please dump the smaller cup into the larger cup but over their sink, so I wouldn't spill any on their counter. The girl told me that since I had already touched it, she wasn't able to do this for me. Finally she offered to do it anyway. And I politely asked for a lid. You know I wasn't trying to cause a problem, this should be an easy thing. You go in, you purchase a treat, and it is given to you without spilling all over the place. I also bought ice cream, and for the hassle that this was next time I will do myself a favor and buy Ben and Jerry's from Smith's. I don't need the aggravation from something that should be fun instead of irritating. And I have brought other family members to this location. Because I enjoy their products. But like I said, not their attitude.

Lana Perschon

Farm fresh fruit, frozen meats and pies, healthy deserts, granny style preserves, etc. And comfy bathrooms off I-15

Katryna Campbell

So good! Stop here every chance we get!

Zach Miller

For sure go check this place out. It is soooo cool wish i lived closer. But so worth the drive down to see them. You will love everything about this place.

Mariana Mtz

Place is very pretty in the inside like a cabin, they have yummiest jelly ever! Lots of good stuff in there. If you want to surprise someone with goodies, this is the place to stop and get it.

Eliot Ward

We love this place. They have a ton of activities, great tasting apples, and a nice store. Wish the store/restaurant was operated more efficiently, but overall we love this place and like to go every year.

Shayne Chance

This is a great place to visit! They have a fun selection of gift items, some that you would normally see in gift shops, but we loved their selection of syrups!! Great pricing, an awesome variety of flavors - including apple! They have handcrafted signs and stuff you can buy in bulk. Grains, cheeses and more! They also serve ice cream and a small selection of pastries. You should definitely check it out. It's a fun little experience.

Bridget Deslauriers

We stayed there with our Harvest Host membership. Not only were we treated to a gorgeous sunset they had some really tasty treats. Definitely recommend the smoked Swiss!

David Johnson

We used to LOVE the Red Barn for fall activities. You would go down, pay the 8$ admission and head out to the back 40 to participate in the activities and pick a pumpkin! This year they've decided to up their prices AND charge an extra $5 for the pumpkin on top of the now $9 admission to even get out to the pumpkin patch. So if you're looking for fun fall activites, this is a good place but get your pumpkins elsewhere.

Jason Walker

Amazing place. So fun to visit and support a local orchard. Ice cream, fudge, bakery, apple doughnuts, lots and lots of apples, but most of all... apple slushie with soft serve. SO GOOD!

Brandton Stockton

The kids love it. The ice cream is great. They've got locally grown and picked fruit. Their apple juice and cider is incredibly good. And don't forget the fudge, so good.

Joe Gibson

Farm fresh produce, helpful staff IF you can catch them when NOT busy with tourists and locals!

Adam Dein

Donuts, ice cream, and great Halloween/Fall activities. Excellent family fun place.


Great icecream stop!

tawnee cary

Love this place. They have the best ice cream

Billie Shaw

Can't beat Rowley's ice cream! We were a little sad at sister starting school but the friendly staff and ice cream cheered us up!

Jill Stephens

Delicious ice cream. I miss the options in their store though. They used to have darling gift ideas. But have cut most I'd that out.

Scott L.

Fun place to visit. All kinds of goodies. If traveling I- 15, good stop over for a break. HUGE cooler for fresh local apples/fruit. Plenty of parking.

R Scott

Absolutely love this local business! Bought a box of cinnamon donuts and a box of sweet, juicy, fresh-picked Fuji apples. Delicious! And the apple cider is phenomenal! Next time, I'm trying the fudge as well.

Cat Tank

Beautiful place to share some ice cream with someone special.

Debbie Wyler

Great Customer Service and a Great Variety of Fruits and Juices, Cheese Curd and Great Homemade Ice Cream. A lot of Handmade Merchandise also.

Abbie Yeoman

Their ice cream is darn right the best- They also have great produce. I prefer to shop local and this has such a charming atmosphere.

Ryan Giles

Donuts are worth the drive. Love this place!

Rachael Rice

My family and I drove here from WVC. It was so worth the drive.. There was a constant line for the ice cream, it moved steadily and was well worth the wait.. They have a wonderful selection of fresh picked produce.. Nice selection at the gift shop, all for decent prices Can't wait to bring my mom

Chris Rasmussen

Cool stuff. Ice cream or beef or fresh vegetables. Refrigerated rooms is cool. Apple juice? Devine. Worth a 15 minute stop.

Gelene Cox

Great ice cream!

Tisha Gillett

Absolutely LOVE this place! It’s seriously one of my “happy places.”

Janae Rowley

Delicious ice cream a well kept store well organized and very clean.

Brian Roeder

Local fresh produce and local beef! And they have an ice cream parlor! Their prices are super reasonable on produce, but not so much with their local beef. The fruits are extremely juicy and tastey. My wife made peach cobbler with their peaches; best cobbler ever! We will definitely shop here again!

Rita Broderick

I have dear friends that live in the subdivision that is almost directly adjacent to the Red Barn, and was introduced to it the first time we visited them from Tucson. Our family fell in love with the fudge, and it's now our favorite treat to bring home with us. However, our most recent visit was lacking. I came in early to buy a couple of pounds of fudge (buy a full pound, get a half pound free), and my total should have been 3.0 pounds. When loading the scale, I noticed that the scale weight was just shy of 3 pounds. I assumed that one of the two women helping me would cut a small piece of the 6 flavors I was buying to fill the remaining gap. Instead, one turned to the other, said something to the effect of "that's enough", and proceeded to box my order. I am not one to make a scene. I do expect to get what I pay for, though. I paid for three pounds, and got less. It may have been a miniscule amount to them, but I'm on a fixed income, and when I choose to spend my money somewhere, especially supporting a local business, I expect that business to respect their customers, and fill their orders accordingly. That being said, I've visited twice previously, and not had this problem. I just wonder how many other people are like me: They don't say anything, so as not to cause a scene, but they also won't return unless they can be guaranteed that a repeat of their experience won't happen again. Also, let me be clear: the fudge is wonderful, the ice cream is delicious, the cider slushies are amazing. The problem is not their products. Unfortunately, it seems as though the staff or owners (or both) have become complacent, and are cutting corners, at the customer's expense. I hope this isn't the case, and I honestly hope this feedback provides an opportunity for growth.

Kendra Holmes

Fun place to go with the family! Right off the freeway in Santaquin. Great apple juice and ice cream. A fun little stop.

SanDee DeHeer

Affordable, Fall family fun. Best part is you pay one entry fee and everyone gets to participate in all activities. None of this 'pay additional fee for each activity business'. Delicious ice cream, cider and doughnuts too! Adorable gift shop. Definitely worth the drive "out of town".

Patrick Kelly

Cool, quaint spot. Ice cream is great. The caramel apple cider slush is a must try. Fun place to come, grab food and chill.

Julie Griffith

Lots of fun things, $12/person is a bit expensive though.

Aubrey Ford

We have been going to the Red Barn every year and the last few years have left us consistently disappointed. Their website said the fall festival is in “full swing” so we drove from Lehi with a baby and a very excited toddler only to find that it doesn’t start until the end of the month. They sell out of donuts early every day or like yesterday, they said they didn’t make any at all. We left with a slush and a crying toddler. On busy nights, expect to wait 30+ minutes not because of limited staff but poor strategy to get people through and only 2 cash registers. We love the Red Barn products and the idea of a fun place to go, but it lacks good business strategy and customer service.

Sarah Miller

Fun place. Great at Halloween time. Halloween hayrides seem pricey to me but overall fun experience.

ruby flores

This place is so cute! There's nothing like this in Sam Diego. We loved it

Lonny Ward

Super fun place for families, youth groups and individuals. Lots of great activities for all ages!

Angela Daley

Every August we stop in for their ice cream. Delicious.

Madison Munnerlyn

Definitely a destination for fall festivities. Stop by and get apple cider or a slush and go an a hay ride to get yourself in the fall spirit!

Jesus Dragon

Ice cream really good

William Thomas

The staff is very kind and friendly. They don’t have real food so don’t expect that. But they do have ice cream, fudge, a wide selection of bottled sodas, and other random things like jams and syrups from locals. Come in the fall for a tractor ride, a corn maze, pumpkin picking, and plenty of kids activists.

Pace McCulloch

I'm tempted not to rate this so high so that everyone goes north still. Loved that this wasn't over crowded like cornbelly's. Great snacks at the barn and overall a much better experience than I was anticipating.

Patrick Williams

Very friendly, unique products

Mary VanHaverbeke

Very nice. Fresh produce and whole wheat bread at reasonable price. Best ice cream ever.

Mark Cottrell

Great place to visit with a wonderful ice cream.


My wife and I visited on June 15, 2019 and purchased a single slice of apple pie, less than 12 hours since that purchase my wife was going to enjoy said pie until she noticed that it was moldy. We also purchased an apple cider slush, and some take home ice cream. I understand that these things happen, but this is disgusting!

Jed Wunderli

This place is a must. They have lots of flavors of homemade ice cream and they have syrups and jams made from local fruits. They also have homemade chocolates and other goodies along with a huge selection of sodas in their walk-in cooler.

megheanne oddo

I have been going to the red barn for a long time every time i went to a family reunion or to visit family the Rowleys Red barn is like my favorite place in the whole world and i didn't know i could write reviews until about a month a go The Rowley's red barn is my equivalent of a Disney land i have only been in the spring the summer but i would recommend this place to everyone i know and anyone i know it always is clean and friendly staff and it always smells amazing in there and i would pick this place any time any day and any where and everytime

Abby Laursen

Love this place, get the apple cider freeze and the apple donuts.

Rob Herrick

Awesome shakes, apple slushies, fresh fruit... everything about it is awesome which is why it was overcrowded, there was nowhere to sit, and the line for said shakes was long and slow. Go, but don't go in a hurry.

Laura Prato

Awesome over night stop by Harvest Host.

Lynette Jensen

I love the Red Barn because they have super fantastic quality produce. The apples are the most fresh, crisp apples you will find. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. You can't go to the barn without getting a delicious icecream cone either. It's just a great place to go for anything you need or even don't need but you can't pass it by.


My kids love this place in the fall. They have a lot of fun down here.

Bill Hansen

When my friend in the chamber said, "drive down to South Santaquin, trust me it's worth it," I wasn't real sure. Wow!! Worth it is an understatement. It was life changing! That was some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten!! I ended up with ice cream, taffy, apples and a bottle of the salsa they were sampling. It's a good thing they weren't sampling more or I'd probably have bought that too. Everything was delicious and it was fun.

Song Whenever

They've got ice cream that is wonderful and other treats, too. They've got some produce and honey and other fun items. It's a little off the freeway and a wonderful stop.

Caleb Peterson

Great place to stop for some ice cream or a homemade cookie. Although their store actually has a lot more than that. The prices are a little high but it's a great store ran by a local family.

omar me

Mmmmm so delicious ice cream

Sharp Dagger

Extremly good service the peope were quick an very nice. Also the best icecream I've ever had

Britny Woodhead

Loved taking our kids here. We all got ice cream and it was fantastic! It was a tasty caramel flavor. We will definitely be back to try their famous donuts that they have in the fall, and the giant cookies! I really enjoy the local, small town feel of this place.

Renee S. King

Typical fast food


PLEASE Rowley Family: could you consider expanding your food service a bit more to making and selling fresh delicious sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, subs and hamburgers that you all make fresh right in your store for hungry weary travelers??? That will be a big cut above standard gas station cuisine!Great selection of food and wonderful ambience!!! This is what real down home AMERICA looks like!

Erica Blair

Amazing caramel apple slushy!

Chad Thomas

Absolutely amazing in every way. Produce, jams, cider, juice, ice cream. All amazing. I would live here if I could.

Sam Andrus

If you time it right you can not only get an apple slush with salted caramel soft serve in it (caramel apple pie slush?!!). But you can also get their apple cider cake donuts. The donuts are not particularly apple-y. But they are a good cake donut with cinnamon sugar on them. Always worth a stop here for one of their treats.

Bryan Espinoza

Ice cream is good, I ordered a 5 gallon bucket they brought me a 2.5 gallon one (which I was fine with) but it was also not full all the way. It's whatever I guess

Eva Elrod

Pretty awesome place with delicious treats. Be prepared for a crowd if going any earlier than 4 pm though.

Joye Cannell

Rowley's Red Barn in Santaquin, Utah is a great place to buy cherries, apples, apple cider and ice cream. I also love the homemade fudge too.

Alyssa Prows

Sent my daughter in law to get apples the owner helped her because she has a disability and can't lifted. The owner cheated her the Apple's the Apple's were $15.00 a box and shorted her on the box. This is the saddest box of Apple's I've ever gotten . We get apples there all the time.

Karla Powell

The I e cream was delicious but the service is extremely slow and the cashier's computer wasn't working. We had to stand in a long line twice. Once to be served and again to pay. Our ice cream was gone by the time we paid. It was ridiculous.

Gerratt Bethers

Perfect home town fruit stand, if you can call it that. Amazing ice cream

David Sacks

This place is awesome. Their ice cream is so creamy and smooth and they have a great selection of flavors. They have a lot of other great snacks and treats including chocolate, cheese , candy and fruit.

linda andrews

Fun place to take the family and get a sweet treats.

Sarah Harrison

Delicious treats and sweets! The fudges, and ice creams are to die for! Jams, jelly's and salsas, not to mention adorable crafts and unique toys! This place is a must stop for my family!

Unstoppable JT

Love this place! Every year we go to pick pumpkins and enjoy the activities. Great place to take the family.

Oddbjørn Strand-Angermann

Great ice cream. Well worth a stop

Elizabeth McNair

All kinds of goods to buy here!! Simple gifts, different food items. Fresh fruit, jellies and jams, syrup, ice cream, nuts and popcorn, chocolate and chocolate covered delectables. Can’t go wrong!

Tricia F

Nice and cozy barn. They sell home made apple juice and ice cream. They also sell seasonal fruit, cheese, meat, pies and other goodies. Check it out!

Luke Estes

My family and I love Rowleys Red Barn. They have great donuts, the best apple cider in Utah, and our favorite pumpkin patch.

Aaron Sainsbury

I absolutely love the Apple Juice/Cider they sell. By far the best I've ever had.

Nick Hindes

Great place!! Best fruit in Utah. I love their October hay rides. And their ice cream is amazing. Seriously stop in here totally worth it.

Jessica Harper

Delicious apple cider slushies and a whole host of apple tastie treats! Delicious produce, fun atmosphere and great prices. We love this place!!

Brian Roskelley

Best Apple and Pumpkin spice donuts. Still not comparable to the Long Grove Illinois Apple Haus donut, but tasty for Utah. Also, the Cider is bomb. Don’t drink it on a long road trip. Your passengers will NOT approve. Haven’t had their apple pie yet, but I bet it’s good. Ice cream is good and is a staple there.

Bethany Taylor

We love the red barn in our family! It's one of our favorite treat places. We love the apple cider slush with ice cream in it - and it's a pretty good bang for your buck!

Monika Wright

I always like to stop in and see what new things they have in the barn. The Apple donuts and apple slush are a must have! Fun fall activities for families.

Bill Lucas

Great place to pull off the highway and stretch your legs. Ice cream and summer fruit selection were a nice break before getting back on the highway.

Jason.Jenny Compton

Yummy ice cream. Huge scoops!

Bryton Farish

Ice cream is the best.

Jon Russell

I've cream, fresh fruit, local meats, clean and fun place.

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