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REVIEWS OF Macey's IN Utah

Kyna Olsen

Great meat prices!

Joe Romero

Always clean... always friendly people. Insanely busy on Saturday, so beware. Great selection of natural foods.

Julie Moore

Love this location. The staff are awesome and the store layout makes it easy to find items. Extra kudos to the produce, meat and seafood department for always keeping items fresh. The pharmacy technicians are super kind and helpful and the cashies are always fast and friendly.

Linda Bernini

I bought coffee at the Starbucks in this store. The Cafe Americana was delicious and the service was great.

Steven Johnson

Great staff. Decent prices.

Collin Richards

I like the remodel and the new look and feel. The new deli and produce section is really cool. This location is super convenient from where I work. Nice new self checkout area makes for a quick trip every time.

Megan Askew

Macey’s has become my favorite neighborhood grocery store. I recently tried online ordering with grocery pickup for the first time and it was great! It was easy to add things to the order and pay. They text me while they were shopping and asked about substitutions, for an item that was out. When it was pickup time, I text from outside to say I had arrived. They then brought my order out and helped me load it in the car. They were very nice too! I will be doing grocery pickup again.

Chris Brusch

Nice place to get groceries

Benjamin Nelsen

Quality foodstuffs. Delicious Kong Kones!

Paul Gibbons

Good ice cream

Kim Clayton

I went in for one thing and left embarrassed and angry. I got a text and email about their five alarm frenzy weekend sale and drove 15 mins to get some cereal. Nothing was marked with a sale price, so after several customers stood there lost, we flagged down an employee to ask which boxes were on sale. He didn't really answer, just raised up the box in his hands and shook it as he walked away. The other customers and I went back to guessing what was on sale. Checkout was the real kicker. After selecting the cereals we thought were right, 2 of us went to check out and of course they all rang up wrong. The cashiers didn't know which ones were on sale, but they continued to get more and more defensive and rude, eventually almost yelling that it was "while supplies last only and we don't have to honor anything!". I seriously couldn't believe it! I felt attacked. I was just trying to get an answer of which sizes were included, and they were treating me like i was trying to cheat and get the bigger boxes for cheaper. I just wanted clear communication and a fair deal. Instead, I got tricked into coming to the store with an imaginary deal, and treated rudely while I was there. I will not shop at Macey's again.

Dennis Gillen

Just started shopping here recently and I'm impressed with the quality of the store as a whole. Fresh produce, displayed nicely. Lots of goodies in the bakery. Meat department top notch. They either train the employees or hire ones that like to smile because you see lots of smiles. Prices are fair and I appreciate the cleanliness of the store. I think they've got a new customer. ( I like smiles )

Brooke Done

My first experience with online shopping/curbside pickup was with Maceys! Such a fun, easy way to shop-especially with a toddler. Very helpful employees. Fun experience!

Ron Shafer

Pretty good selection what the prices are kind of high.

Jamez Bee

Maceys reminds me of a step back in time when life was more simple and people actually cared about what they are selling to other people. Specifically their bakery is the best. They still bake in store and have many specialty items you wont find at other stores. Their prices are a bit on the high side and not really competetive with larger chains. But you can walk in and get a smile from every employee and fast and friendly assistance when you need it. And good old fashioned customer service is worth more to me than saving ten cents on a can of soup

Tom Post

Bought 3 pounds of Hamburger. It was spoilt. Grey and smelly on the inside, bright red on the outside. Nasty. Just Nasty. Tried to return it.... No dice. Very disappointed.

Sarita Martinez

This is a really beautiful grocery store! They have a ton of items to choose from. The produce is all fresh and in a nice display. Their bakery is stocked with delicious sweets and breads. All the staff is willing to help at any time. This store is clean and is the best one in the neighborhood!

Liz Judd

Beautiful store, friendly staff and it's well laid out.

Stephanie Johnson

Always more than enough people around to help. Always smiling faces.

Lisa Jensen

This location is bigger than the Holladay Store on Highland Drive. I noticed more deli and bakery options here. There were also more sushi selections. I did not have time to check out the produce or meat departments.

Rob Trujillo

I went there today to use the coin star change exchange and I got done with it and went to the front check stand and got my money from the guy and he handed me a twenty and some change I handed the cashier the money back and asked for 2 tens and he looks at the bill and said oh this bill is fake and he acts all weird and acted like I have it to him long story short after a long time I got my money and no one really said sorry or nothing it was a joke

Richard Carlson

Nice cheese deli. Good meat dept. Staff is very helpful and willing to go the extra distance to make sure customers are satisfied and have found the product they are looking for.

Kevin Brock

Very happy ppl and good environment to shop

Linda tm Chatelain

Nice. I like the store, the prices, and the specials. The food is always fresh. I have been going there since it was Albertson's.

Greg Naccarato

Its not maceys...Albertsons own them now,along with Dan's and a few others. They just keep the names because if they put Albertsons name back up no one would shop there.

Trevor Morgan

Big selection. Quality brands. And it's really not that crowded. Nice staff too.

Emiley Corey

Best grocery store in utah! It's pretty posh without being over priced. Do a lot of curbside pick up. Only $2.00! Beat that Smith's.

Josette Montoya

Great service nice employees there helpful not expensive lines are never long and always have what i need to buy.

Van Oliver

Very nice, clean store!

Elloyd Baca

I love their produce. Always convenient!

Ryon Hays

Good food. Good prices. Friendly staff.

L Raven

Love this place and their selection of food. I also like that they have a fine selection of plastic free produce and gluten-free items.

Sam Kem

Good grocery store. Pretty clean. Friendly staff.

Kyle McKinnon

Nothing better than being able to pick up your grocery’s while kids are sleeping in the car! Love Maceys!

Ashley Bartow

Customer service was amazing! Bathrooms were clean and well maintained .... I havent been in this Maceys for a while and wow what an improvement ...they have a full service deli and lots of great ready made choices...

Brandy Egan

Clean store. Great customer service!!

Melody Steenbergh

Great vegetable selection. The bakery is nice too and they don't add Xanathan too everything. You have to try a Kong Cone if you go there, I can't even finish the biggest one.

Joshua Baker

Clean store With a nice atmosphere. Prices are a little higher than stores near by but enjoy shopping here from time to time. Love that they offer Dolewhip and often get when we shop here to remind us of our trip to Disneyland.

David T

This is actually a really nice grocery store (not the clothing store) when I first visited. You can find all the regular food products you need here and the prices are competitive to other grocery stores.

Cameron Stark

Macey's has stepped their game up the past few years. Thank goodness they rebranded this grocery from Fresh Market. The selection has improved, as has the quality. I used to forget there was a grocery store here, now I make it a regular stop.

Larry Wright Johnson

I was in search for some cheese curd ~ yum yum squeaky cheese. Found it! I am looking now for extra mild cheese. The only place I have found bulk cheese curd & extra mild cheese in blocks is in Logan, UT at the Gossner store on 1000 North 1000 West. Can you find somewhere in Salt Lake City to help me??

Florence Tours

Place where you find many nice Fancy things. Price some time are expansive.

Laura Lemon

This store offers a good selection of organic and non GMO foods but they are way over priced.

Rocky Mountain Mama Bear

Nice staff and good quality. A lot more options than some other Macey's.

Dave H

They have a nice big seating area where we can sit and get some food and drink but their WiFi sucks so the place is empty... might as well drive to Whole Foods, obviously Maceys doesn't want you chilling or spending money in their waste of space cafe.

brandy estrada

I service rep was completely rude to the custome It was busy in the store, but that does not mean o the customer because other representatives had taken the fee out of the amount. She was in a hurry and didn't want to be bothered. It was busy in the store, but that does not mean that customer service goes out the window. The customer was a lady with little means but super friendly and should not have been treated with such contempt.

Chris Thomas

Conveniently located to home and good sales

J Aaron Hales

I normally have no problem with this location and actually PREFER to do my grocery shopping here. That said, last week I specifically went in to get a money order at 6 PM. There was no one at the service desk. When I asked about it, I was told there wouldn't be anyone for more than 20 minutes. Fail!

Zach Hallows

Very convenient and awesome, but kind of pricey

Ben Ellison

Love their sales they offer weekly. Always clean and organized. Friendly staff.

Nadia Kireiev

Revolted as I found a smashed fly against their browning lettuce in a turkey sandwich. Check your food before you set it out for customers to consume.

Earl P.

Try and eat an Ultimate Kong. Fogetaboutit!

Benjamin Harker

This grocery store is very well organized and nice looking. Prices are less than I would expect. Location has a Starbucks and fresh pizza. There are also two Redbox booths outside.

Jessica Winkler

Haha! I frequently ask the bakery gals to sell me bare cake layers (no frosting) and they always lie to me. "We don't sell those." But last weekend, the nicest gal packaged me up naked cake. Thanks!

Michelle Madrigal

I love this place: fantastic service and delicious food.


Amazing supermarket Sushi here and the King Kong soft serve cones are a big hit with kids! I Have been shopping at this location since it was an Albertson’s and then a fresh market and now Macy’s and it is been a huge improvement over the others. Great selection of items easy to find the store is clean and new and the prices are comparable to the other supermarkets in the area.

Mitsuko Moyer

Great customer service

Dave C

Fancy renovation done and renamed to something that I recognize with a bit more fondness. Excellent location, lots of parking, easy to get in or out of. Great deli, selections, prices, and cashiers options.

Ethan Peterson

Very nice grocery store to have around. Good selection on quality items, and their food counters have pretty good stuff. Worth a visit.

Whitney stanton

I love macey’s! The employees are kind and I do all my grocery shopping here! Their chicken tenders are so good, and fresh all the time!

Robby Horsley

Fantastic grocery store and the bakery is incredible. The last year they have done 2 cakes for our kids and each time they completely exceeded our expectations. We used to love the bakery at Harmon's but this particular Macey's is so much better. Thanks for making our kids birthday cakes so memorable. You are amazing!


They have good sales and carry everything I need.

Crystal Olsen

I shop at maceys almost everyday!!! But I can't help but notice that we have gotten alot of moldy and outdated food! I'm starting to get really fustrated I bought 2 tubs of strawberries and out of both Ben's I got maybe 10 strawberries that were not moldy the rest I had to throw away because they were so moldy and not edible at all. There has been a number of moldy food that I have purchased over the last couple months! Please take care of this maceys! I really love your store and I'm a daily shopper and love your deli and meat counter but please check to make sure your not selling outdated food or moldy food!! Thanks

Jonathan Cretsinger

I Really like shopping at Macy's while using their Skip application to scan my food while shopping. I came across their cantaloupes for sale for .69 cents and noticed they all had soft rotten spots on them. I attempted to pick one up, and I immediately pulled back due to my fingers started to sink into it. I informed the employee working in the area but continued on with other things. I returned 20 mins later and no change.

Andrea Jorgenson

I love Macy's! The people who work here are always thoughtful and I just love the store!

Paul Bischoff

The staff is weird, and their chicken drips more often than not... creepy place, but ok if you just need a few things and NO chicken.

Chris Roberts

Love the small feel of this place and how it's not crazy over crowded and they have a Starbucks inside with a delicious deli that's fairly priced I really lovethos place and will gladly spend the little mor eon fresh produce compared to walmarts stuff.

Bridger Kanenwisher

This is my go to grocery store. The staff are all so polite and the atmosphere is so nice. They sell Food Club brand products at decent prices and I always know I'm getting good quality produce and meat. Not to mention the prepared food "cafe" area is amazing!

michelle mats

Clean and organized well. I prefer shopping here over the two stores closer to me. Safe, well lit parking. Good selection. Starbucks inside!!

Audrey Rotten

Good deals if you know how to look for them. It's easy to spend a lot of money here but I've always enjoyed my shopping experience. They have a lot of fresh produce and organic things and their meats are great. Super nice people working here too!

Amanda Martin

Love shopping here! They usually have some pretty awesome deals!

Alexis Jasek

I wish there were bulk spices, etc. Maybe I missed them.

Dannice Peterson

Nice little store in outside mall. Had bins of candy & nuts that I really bought & enjoyed.

من داخل امريكا حيدر الموسوي Hayder almusawi

I like how they’re have fresh organic veggies

Lewis Karlan

Never been in a grocery store that sells clothing, jewelry and other things than groceries. Once I realized it was owned by Kroger, I knew what to expect regarding food.

Mark Bigler

Good groceries had everything

Mike Draper

The best staff ever and I love the Skip app. In and out without having to scan at the register and I don't have to touch a keypad.

Christopher Butt

Some of the best cheese selections are found here and you can get a dole whip at the Murray location

Morgan Gomez

It would be great if the produce people knew the difference between parsley and cilantro..what a joke.

clyde mccurdy

Seen better at Walmart and smiths. Employees talking bad all over

Ashley Bunting

This is our primary shopping center for these reasons: clean - friendly staff - pharmacy (convenient) - Kong cones

Ryan Bohm

Found everything I needed, enjoyed a free sample of cheese. The lady at the checkout was friendly.

Ted Condas

No variety! Smiths and Harmon has quadruple the variety of one product than Macy's has. It's a beautifully remodeled store but that doesn't do you any good when you have nothing to choose from while you're shopping

Raymond Prescott

I like this place because they have the best beef in town I think.

Michael Kent

Recently remodeled. Plenty of close parking.

Douglas Ziegler

Very clean restroom Lots of isles.

Elocin R

Never busy, lines always go fast, very nice employees

Deborah Ost

Great place to buy fish

Sabrina Baksh-Riches

I've only been to this store a few times. It's always clean, quiet, and the food selection was actually quite decent. The pharmacy staff was also great.

Gary Wright

Wonderful people and place.

Emily Dumas

Great store, decent prices and wonderful service

Will Dunlavy

Great variety and clean store. Also has a wonderful area to eat lunch and enjoy a game on TV. A first for a grocery store

Brenda Gibson

45th highland dr. took back some ground beef turned dark in 2 days I took it back and they wanted a receipt to take it back, I have never had anyone ever do this to me any store takes things without a receipt, who keeps their food receipts? I never do I plan on eating it! My husband made them give him a new one when we got it home we thought lets eat it before it goes bad , I opened it up and there was DARK meat in the middle of the bright red hamburger meat, we cooked it all that night so it wouldn't go bad. This is not right!!!!! I will never get meat there again!

Sarah Bradfield

My location has some good specialties but is lacking in certain basics like frozen meals. They have a nice cheese area and bakery and I never have a problem with the pharmacy and my prescription.

Kevin Barrett

In and out wuickly

Kirk Sherrod

I love this store. So clean, and it has a lot of choices. The food court is so nice

Sterling K

I like that they are awesome! The meat department is great.

Adam Gardner

Nice store, but overpriced!

Jamie Hanson

Really good bakery and deli and cheese section!

chris scartozzi

Nice store plenty of options great employees megan in the deli was extremely helpful and could not of asked for better service

Andrew Heiner

Trying hard to be like harmons. More expensive than other grocery stores. But nice, clean, and fun atmosphere.

Antonia Perez

Deli employees not helpful, repeated what I wanted,and anyway give cheese instead of mortadella,lenguage wasn't the barrier. Then asked for cooked ham,answered "we don't carry that." Better in Smith, Dan's, Reams, Lucky etc.

Michelle Kirstine

The cashiers were friendly it's nice clean place the customers a lot of them are snooty but not feeling it all for the majority of them there's a couple of them ran into that was friendly but for the most part two customers are not nice people but the people that work at Macy's or great

isis gallardo

I typically love Macey’s but on Tuesday evening, July 31st, I did not receive the best customer service. When I first walked in, one of the workers (male with brown hair) was kind enough to help me get what I needed. After he had already left I realized I still needed to find one more item in my list. I looked around could not find him. Finally I decided to ask one of the workers (female and short) for help but she rudely pointed to an pointed to an aisle and then turn back to talk to two coworkers (both male one tall and the other average) at the cashier. I was very upset that she would rudely tell me where to go as if I was the one being rude for interrupting her flirtatious conversation with the other two male coworkers. I assumed her job was to help the customers, like the first worker I encountered, not free time to obviously practice her bad flirting skills. Yes I know I am being a little harsh but it’s been a week and I cannot get over how rude she was for me interrupting her flirting session. Five stars for the first employee that helped me but one star for workers like her. Hopefully this review will be seen so managers can tell their employees that it’s okay to flirt but to not get upset if a customer needs help. The customer is always right.

bruse atkin

We love shopping here, plus it's right around the corner!

Dawney Glenn

We recently moved to Murray and went to check out the local Macy's. Although the selection is slightly different from Smith's I do find that the store is clean and well-maintained. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and did not see any empty spots on the shelves. We are definitely going back for weekly shopping

Emily Damjanovich

I did my grocery shopping online, and picked them up the next day! I was able to find all my groceries on the website easily, then I scheduled my pick-up time for the next day, and when I got to the parking lot they brought my groceries out to my car in under 5 minutes. I will definitely do this again!

Eric C. Braithwaite

It's a grocery store. Not sure what else I'd post about it. They didn't piss me off so I guess that's a good thing.

Corby B.

Clean store. Fresh produce that looked wonderful. Very helpful and friendly employees. Shelves were full. The best part was ad sales had plenty to choose from. Easy checkout.

Shae Watts

Bought a cake for my anniversary. We had problems from the moment we picked it up. Instead of the cake saying "Happy 7th Anniversary" in the icing color selected. It read "Happy 7th Ann" in a different color. The bakery was able to fix the writing, but not the color. Had to go back to the bakery to get the tag to actually purchase the cake. When we cut into the cake the raspberry filling that we ordered was missing. When the order was placed the woman who took the irder repeated everything back exactly as ordered. We called the store to let you know about all the problems we had with the order. Not only did they not even say sorry, no option solve the problem was offered. This isn't the first time we've had problems with this location. Previously had a dry cake, and a cake that just didn't taste good. Sorry Macey's, this is your third strike. When you don't offer resolution and won't even apologize, we won't come back. We buy no less than one cake each month for family birthdays and other family parties. Guess our business will go somewhere it's appreciated.


So it's a great place to see what your ice cream eating capabilities are. I watched this guy get about 1/2 way through the Ultimate Kong and surrender.

Chris Busey

Nice grocery store, clean, well-stocked, lots of organic stuff too. Prices are good, so I go here all the time!

Allen Weston

I've been a Murray local for roughly 12 years. This store improved SO MUCH when Macey's bought it and remodeled it. It's always clean and neat, and the staff is sort friendly!! Great meat and produce, really good sushi, and all-around a delightful place to shop.

Jonathan Nelson

Ultimate Kong cones! Are you kidding me?! People in Utah don't know how good they have it. That Kong cone would cost about $10 in California! And I'm not kidding. And the quality of the soft serve was out of this world. Love, love, love it. Can't wait til we're back in Utah to get more.

Wesley High

The selection of groceries is great and there are no noticeable flaws.

Joseph Villano

Make sure to check the expiration dates on EVERYTHING!

Maria Allan

I like this store; it is always clean, fairly well organized, and they have a good selection of products. I don’t shop here very often, though, because their prices are higher than the store where I usually shop. They are conveniently located, though, so when I need one or two items in a hurry, I go here.

Will Lin

Good staff and clean store

Caprice Classic Channel's

Great place to find artisian, Kosher, Vegan, and hard to find selection of cheese. Great place if you want higher quality and hard to find food. You can find good deals on produce. If you're on a tight budget watch for deals in the weekly mailer They have a Wells Fargo bank inside with extended hours. They are open until 7:00 P.M

Sacia Snider

I’ve never had a bad experience at the store until today. I’ve been coming to this location for years. I always use self check out, because I have severe anxiety, and I guess this is just one of my works. While doing my check out just now, the lady working at self check out approached me, and decided she needed to ask me quite a few questions In regards to my purchase. She was accusing me of theft in a roundabout way, until I told her she is more than welcome to check my receipt. She quickly walked away, and I left. I’ve never had such poor treatment at this location.

Aney Carroll

They have good selection of food but their stores cleanliness is not very good I seen big flies in the donut s

RedBeard Returns

Bit pricey, but great products. Their steaks are pretty thin though, it's hard to find a nice cut there.

Andy Day

Pretty good grocery store.

Darc Fisherman

What are prepared foods friendly employees meat department and seafood department like a little bit but definitely better than the Albertsons I was there

Torii Lee

Shop here frequently. Very friendly cashier staff. It’s super awesome they have a KONG,Starbucks and sushi in the same place :) the also have a super fun seasonal isle that I like to explore LETS NOT FORGET THE MOCHI!!!!

Vincent Montoya

They have cheap ice cream at the deli

Nancy Anderson

Great store. A bit pricier than competitors in the area, but they have a wide selection. Clean and bright, eye-appeal, quality meat and Deli Depts.

Ben Deollos

Great floral area. Usually go here close to the cemetary

Susan Curtis

Love Maceys have great prices in Chanel

stephanie davies

Awesome tried chicken. Very clean store.

Erika Reynolds

Haven't shopped there yet just went browsed while waiting for my boyfriend to get off work. Really good Deals. They also have a really cool banana stand. Go check it out, it'sway cool.

Amanda Goodrich

I love that there is never a wait. Great for grabbing a few things. Always clean and great customer service!

Kk Herman

Great soft serve ice cream and chep

Karen Scafuto

Clean, well lit, lots of coupon OPPS! Great happy atmosphere and employees offering you help

Linzie Builds

They have some nice icecream

Heather Larsen

I've been a Murray resident for over two decades. When they bought out Fresh Market, they marked up the prices. So sad. I bought honey crisp apples today for $1.49/lb at Smith's. Your store sells them for $2.49/lb. All of your produce seemed to be marked up one dollar each. Macey's is all about the money. Compare prices with Smith's. They also took away a lot of items I loved and replaced them with poop, since I can't swear. If you're lower middle class don't shop at Macey's unless you want to be taken advantage of. On the bright side, your berries don't have mold anymore and your bananas aren't brown. Also, I interviewed with the new head of the store, and now she tends to stare at me too long when I visit. What's with that? I have a clean record mind you, not even a traffic ticket, and have been shopping there (unfortunately) due to lack of gas for my car. Screw this entire company!!!

Jon Butler

I like it so much better than Albertsons

Megan Strong

I've been using Macey's grocery pick up in Provo for a few years with very few issues. After moving to Murray, I started using this location's grocery pick up and I'm sad to say I probably won't use it again. After ordering my groceries, I went to pick them up at the store only to find out that it had been fulfilled by the Holladay location. After finally getting my order, I took it home and discovered it was the wrong order. I contacted Macey's about the issue and they made me keep calling different stores until finally someone would talk to me about the issue. They had me bring back the order the next day to get my original order. Prior to picking up my groceries, I called to let them know that I was coming and they said to just text them when I arrived. When I got there, I texted them with no response. After waiting for about 5 minutes, I called them and no one answered. Finally, I went in and someone was finally able to help me. For all of the issues, they said they would load a $10 voucher onto my online account which never happened. And when I got home, some of my vegetables were starting to rot. I didn't even bother at this point to call and let them know. After all of this terrible service, I'm sadly switching to Smith's.

Mikah Koss

the staff is friendly and the story is always clean. The remodel that they just completed his great as well however, the prices are a bit high.

John Phippen

Convenient, lots of stuff, good choices for a supermarket, need more lighting or just brighter lights. Nice produce area, kind of pricey. Sort of a weird setup for deli and bakery. Close by.

Kacey Hulderman

Way too expensive and the staff has no idea where anything is. I spent half an hour in the same isle looking around and nobody asked if I was finding everything okay or even looked at me twice. When I went up to ask for help I was ignored, the next staff member looked at me then walked away, and the last person I asked said we didn't have that in stock or even carry it. I finally found what I was looking for ten minutes later. Improving your staffs knowledge of where things are could help customers a lot. They also charge $12 for a little things of beef and it goes bad within a day! The date wasn't even time for it to expire or anything. Did not bring this in since I was already frustrated with how this store works. Pharmacy is very nice and kind, however.

John Gillham

Cheaper than Harmons but same quality food.

paulina alcantara

You can find anything you want here! Fresh and organic products! Very nice customer service!! Perfect location

Mark Greer

GMO still highlights this upscale conventional super market.. ..just ....too big.. nice people ..but.. much corn sryup and conventional scary foods... i rather not have to walk so far avoid the 80% ...of the foods i would not buy for home consumption...

Kaden Thompson

A great grocery store. Especially after the renovations made. This was my preferred store when I lived in Murray.

Michelle Marshall

They have sort of a little food court and a salad bar. I just love that. Really easy parking as well.

Patricia Mays

Well organized grocery store with fresh food deli and tables to eat at. Super clean easy to find restrooms, infant changing tables included.

Marta Lopez

Store is always clean and organized. Employees are friendly and willing to help.

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