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REVIEWS OF Hill Commissary IN Utah

Eunjoo Young


dennis keener

Military members good people

Lori Wehling

Always good to go shop at the commissary. It us my privilege to shop here.

Andrew Jackson

Commissary.. Same same

Lou, Ione Howell


Michael Walters

It used to be a pleasurable outing since we only shop once a month. We do an 85 Mile round trip and it's a little disappointing to arrive there with shopping list and coupons in hand and not be able find all the item on the list or not be able to utilize your coupons because shelves are empty or lacking the quantities needed to use the $3. Coupon for an item that we use all the time.

Dick Colemere

General employees are poor. Check out people are great. Overall a great place to buy groceries. ...

Nancy Kelley

Was very hard to find things today. Whole store has been rearranged. Baggers and check out clerk nice.

Gary Grove

Great service and price!

Eric Treloar

Update-Not sure if some much needed improvements in management and service training is a factor; nevertheless, each visit the past 3 months shows a consistent friendly atmosphere. Clean, well stocked aisles used to be infrequent. -- Not the best selection available, Management is extremely rude and so are some of the store workers. However, if you're eligible to shop here, you can find some decent prices. Other places in town do offer better deals, fresh produce and a wider variety. Recently it seems

Daniel Maloney

Building needs updating, produce typically is not fresh, prices are almost the same as off base, and stock randomly changes. Meat is decently priced though.

Jim Gunter

This commissary is below average compared to other bases.

Kay Tomlinson

Love this commissary, however, still not thrilled with the new layout.

Todd Jr Nave

Affordable groceries

Heidi Nolan

Always love the commissary. Love their prices and they always have what I need

Cary McQueen

Great place for military Active Duty and Retirees to shop.

Clark Hendry

Good shopping. Worth the 70 mile drive. What sucks is the reorganization of product location. It has really confused folks. Manager says it came from headquarters, well headquarters need to get its head out of you know where. Why change when the no reason to. Yes to layout sucks big time.

Mike Blair

Cheaper groceries than downtown for the most part. Really like the deli staff.

Robert Fair

Love, on the SPOT, great deals, as well as the Service

Edward Kearns

Not a fan when they rearranged the store. The store was good for 20 years. They need to carry Frito-Lays mild cheddar dip.

Mary Loudenslager

Quite odd that they will provide service for dependants but not to veterans

Dale Erdmann

I work there, so don't bug me at work.

Susan Collins

Huge variety of foods and some ethnic choices

Bill Chaney

Clean, well stocked and lots of products to choose from. Very courteous and helpfull staff. Great shopping experience.

Daniel James

One of the smallest Commissaries I've been to, which equates to limited offerings. Furthermore, what they do carry is often out of stock.

Floyd Martinez

Very courteous individuals... always willing to help...

Ashy Gee

Great store

Thomas Perkins

Always a good visit. Prices are always good.

No Name

Friendly staff and competitive prices.

Dorathy Coles

Great prices

Linda Hicks

Ever since the last reorganization of evetything inside this commissary, as I walk around inside of it now, almost everyone I see looks as lost as I feel! It used to take only about 45 minutes to complete all of my grocery shopping here. Now it takes more than 2 and 1/2 hours; no lie! To me, that is very frustrating! My entire afternoon is lost; -- totally gone! 2nd response: if you don't stop following me wherever I go, I will just throw my phone in the garbage can! You are spying on me! And I do not like it one bit!!

Shelly Gooden

Had to change my review. My husband is retired and the service at the Commisary is focused on us (older demographic) not active duty which is worrisome. This facility does not keep the active duty check out line open. When they do open an active duty check out line it is at the far end. This means the active duty have to walk all the way down, losing their place in line to find out the line isn't open. The people with limited time are not being served with respect. When I called this issue to the attention of the front office I got lots of eye rolling. I persisted and was met with quiet anger by ALL up front workers but the line opened. Speaking with active duty customers I discovered this is the norm as it was 10 years ago when my husband was still active duty. This is the reason he went OFF BASE to eat lunch. Active duty can't tip as those who are retired do but this is obscene. I won't be back. Tips for workers aren't the point. Serving active duty families trying to make ends meet with little to no support from families might be a mission for you to consider. Just a thought.

Nessa Baldwin

It's okay.

Chris Hymas

Great prices. Great staff. Highly recommended

Kathy Lively

Great selection and the management is extremely helpful!


Good selections and very competitive pricing

Kaylynn Johnsen

Everything you need. Plenty of ethnic food varieties. Clean restrooms and drinking fountain.

Stephan Graff

EARLY BIRD SHOPPING 8-9AM EVERY DAY! so it's basically open 0800-1900 everyday. Good meat prices. Usually good yogurt prices. Various cosmetic products well priced. It can be hard to navigate the aisles, but there's a pamphlet with an aisle guide in it need the front door (didn't save much time though). I was told their dairy truck gets in at 0730 everyday, but there are certain yogurts that are always out when I go (Chobani Alphonso mango, and fage total). Still convenient if you live or work on base

Debbie Isgrigg-Curtis

Great place for selection and value.

Chris Wade

Good selection and prices

אתה ברטון

The Filipino women that work here are quite rude and snobbish as if they own the commissary. They need a SERIOUS reality check in knowing we've all EARNED our right to shop there---not just married into it like they did for the benefits.

Kaoru Burton

I go there once a week. Nice people and good bagger services.

Kevin Buehler

First visit to a commissary, great prices and good selection.

Marissa Sorensen

Excellent customer service and friendliness, but price comparison not so much.

Maritza Cruz

Great place to shop , I love the savings and the great selections

Stephanie Carter

Excellent meat prices, good prices on kcups, paper products, laundry supplies, health & beauty, and a lot of your frozen breakfast stuff. I definitely say skip buying milk and usually their produce. I do find they are out of the items I want quite often and the new layout is AWFUL, beyond awful! However the deli counter staff and baggers are awesome! I drive almost an hour each way to go once a month and find it's totally worth it

Bryan Skalsky

"We scan, you bag" seriously, the store was slow and there was no other customers checking out at the time, cashier's and baggers carried on with conversations to each other as I placed my own items into bags...worst idea ever, I have very little motivation to tip any bagger ever again.

David Newland

Good commissary well stocked and good baggers u need to as to double bag

Inge Harker


Tim Moorehead

I shop here at least 1 time a week! The produce & meat departments are horrible, but the rest of the deals are awesome! Especially on frozen foods. My wife drives a 120 mile round trip just to shop the frozen foods.

Brendan Lee

Like all commissaries, they have some cool products you can't get anywhere else...And like all commissaries, the layout makes no sense at all and you'll spend a lot of extra time revisiting aisles.

Jason Wilde

Brenda Pederson

No cashiers

jesse rico

Go to Walmart

Korbin Jensen

Some of the cashiers aren't super nice, but most are very approachable, the baggers are nice, the store was clean, the bathrooms sometimes can be pretty nasty, but clean for the most part. Some of the management can be bitchy and passive-aggressive.

Zane Bouck

Okay as far as military commissaries go.

L. Michaelsen

It's my patriotic duty to do my shopping here. Helping our troops, protecting this great country that I live!

apriL Gordon

I love going here with my dad

Brad A

Prices are very competitive, but the lack of self check outs is very disappointing. There are 2 for 15 items or less and 1 for 40 items or less. The lines are typically long for all three, seemingly because most shoppers would rather bag and push their own groceries than tip a volunteer.

Chris Schendel

Love coming here. Solid selection, great prices. The zone can be tough and instocks can potentially be a miss, but overall fantastic. Advice, go a couple days before or after payday. When everyone gets paid, the store is ravaged and you need to wait for a few trucks to come in and replenish the store!

Nicole Sanders

I love the commissary! The employees are always so friendly and willing to help. I appreciate having a clean place to shop so close by with low prices and friendly staff!

Brian Pusey

Deli service is the best!

James Bulow

Cheep prices

Cat Butler

Clean, friendly, reasonably priced

Diane Reed

The cashier great and store works r great!

David Holbrook

Very good People were friendly.

Lewis M Bowers Sr



It's an average grocery store accessible to military personnel.

H Boomer

Large food selection, good prices, convenient location in the middle of the base. It only sells to military members, so don’t bother coming here unless you have military ID. Beverages are sold in a back room outside of the main grocery area, i had to ask for help to find it because it looks like a storage area.

Dustin Wright

Excellent customer service and friendly employees!

Kerry Tilley

Great store, great prices, great service!!

fin locher

This boi can jump

Travis Wright

Great commissary, meat prices are the reason why we come back again and again. Your better off getting things like milk and bread from Walmart. Also the commissary has lots of other things that can be much cheaper than anywhere else. It's always an adventure to come to the commissary to see what we can find. The other great thing about the commissary is the military only coupons. There are some great deals to be found.

Charlie Vincent

So I'm not a customer at the commissary, I'm a vendor and deal with the back of house folk. I can say that making deliveries is a snap and the employees are friendly and helpful.


Kinda disappointing. Vegetables were small, old, wilted, just not a good selection to choose from. We opted to go off base to go grocery shopping. We were not impressed with the commissary.

Courtney Dowling

Frequently low on many items or out completely. Produce is terrible here. Customer service is so-so. I do appreciate the convenience of shopping on base and the new commissary line of products called Freedoms Choice.

William Amos

We have shopped there for 40 years.

Randy Jardine


Merle Voss

Best place to shop, management sure messed the location of EVERYTHING.


These guys are awesome! They are always so helpful to me and Cashier Kim is always so respectful, professional and truly helpful. Why shop anywhere else when I can get everything I need at the Hill Air Force Base Commissary?

Brian G

Only 3 registers open on a Friday afternoon making the wait in line very long

Bruce Thomsen

Poorly run, under stocked, and under staffed!

Kiana Porr

Amazing food selection.

Kathy Adams

There always great.

Marshall S

Prices are good, but the produce sucks and the way the products are arranged in the store makes absolutely no sense.

james matlock

They have some unique items you can't get at your conventional grocery stores. But the check it lines are always backed up with lines.

Lester Rafael

Typical grocery store with everything one may need to cook a delicious dinner and its tax free.

Chris Johnson

If a professionally managed grocery store ran out of product as often and frequently at the commissary, they would have long ago gone out of business.

Clifton Moy

Older commissary, could use a remodel, still prices were good and selection acceptable

sheri morreale

Fast, great prices and wide isles

Jan Barker

Facility is small. Selections are limited but very good prices.

Daniel Hollis

This place sucks never will go back

Frank Robin Anderson

Confusing to located items. They have competed rearranged most of the items and it doesn't make any sense why the idiots chose to rearrange the items on every isle. Somebody somewhere has too much time on their hands and doesn't seem to care about good customer service and can't even spell convenient! Shop off base and save your time. The convenience is well worth. Close the commissary and increase our pay.

Eunsuk Lee

I bought high quality meat. I like this place.

Awesome Dude Of The Earth

Good place to buy food, and I love the Deallo Breadsticks they have there. But the place is very, very old and looks as if it's going to fall apart.

Claire Larson

Always great

David Whitmore

Great military commissary to shop at

Harold D.

Always a good deal and some unique grocery items to be found.

Faye Payne


crystal price

Kinda small but carries what you need.

Brett Lodwick

Pretty decent size commissary for the location.

Suzanne Sandoval

It was


Bad location sometimes and good other times. This store has always been the go to place due to prices. However, the staff doesn’t care about the product that much. I have found countless items that I have been ready to buy. Then I notice that they are expired. I’ve also bought several things from here and realized that it was expired when I got home. I’ve found pie crust 1 month past the expiration date. I’ve found cheddar popcorn bags 4 months past expiration. I’ve also found frozen bagel dogs..... 6 MONTHS past expiration. The prices are good, but you ALWAYS have to check the expiration date. At other stores like Walmart or winco I never bother, but here you HAVE to.


Only way to shop. Best deli in Utah.

Kat Harker

Clean friendly workers

jonathon smith

Hours are weak, but best values in the area

Arigilos DeathGaze

Sometimes the blueberries and blackberries will have mold on them. And not small amounts

Jay ONeil

Great prices and variety. Friendly staff.

Angel Stokes

Needs longer hours not everyone gets off on time to go grocery shopping.

Todd Miller

Well stocked, great service, friendly and helpful


Everyone was helpful and friendly, highly recommend.

Joseph DeSantis

Milk and cigarettes are overpriced, cheaper everywhere off base.

Lance Eliazar

Typical for the military base store. I can get items that are not available in my town (Idaho Falls). It is still just a visit while at SLC kind of place.

Char Smiley

Friendly environment

Andrew Stilwell

Like a mini Albertsons

Amy Owenby Hudson

They have a great gluten free selection and other products that I prefer! The prices are great too.

Christy Chacon

I rarely shop at the commissary as meat and fresh produce cost more. While name brands are nice, I can get other store brands cheaper.

Abriam Buggs

They are very reasonably priced and the staff is friendly.

Mario Ricardo

Customer service is terrible. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time in the automated checkout lane, since they never open the self bagging lane (so you are forced to tip baggers) i have also purchased several items that are expired. Customer service manager does not return calls and always has a full voicemail.

James Collins

A lot of items not stocked. Freezer section snack pizza boxes empty not being restocked. Carts positioned far from door. Not conviinent.

Durga Vundavalli

The air show is too good

Chrys Morris

Great shopping for military, but watch your priced.

Rick Michaelson

Customer service is always good at this military commissary.

Mmilk yes


Cindy Linder

It was great

Michael Heffernan

Nice place to shop but they gave a hard time competing with Walmart the price should be better for a place that serves those who defend or defender the country

Les Mutchie

Priced higher than Wally world..

John Luiting

Since their recent remodel they have substantially raised their prices. Walmart has lowered many of theirs and it makes it really competitive over one or two cents.

Brian Henson

smaller store but selection was on par with other Commissarys

David Nybo

I love the deli sandwiches here, for the price most of the time it is triple the value of any Subway. 4-Star is my favorite, especially if you add pickles.

Melissa Wood

Great layout!

Jerry Olsen

Excellent service and prices for service members and retirees.

A Tisher

There are so many military people that shop there. :)

Ryan Dilg

The food is great here.

Terry Davis

Not the biggest or the best, it's clean, but they don't do well keeping it stocked up.

Ronald Bradford

Huge selection,excellent prices, great employees. The store is well kept and very clean.

Rogue Tex

Kinda small but good. Needs a slightly better selection of steaks.

Rob Kilgallon

Ask for assistance on Veterans Day and poor attitude as I was being inconvenienced while they sat around doing nothing. Who’s in charge here? Disappointed. Feel free to contact me anytime. Terrible customer service this morning! Lady works behind the glass btw.

Eileen Velez

Super friendly staff!

Jeremiah Maddy

Smith's off base has better pricing.

Jackie Palmer

We have been over charged on many things. Especially during the case lot sale. Now today was over charged on products inside the store. On top of being TAXED when we should not be.

Mark Grass

Great selection

Faith Cook

Self checkout experience tonight was a RUDE one to say the least. I believe the women's name was Joyce about 5'3 older (40-late 50's) Asian with black hair and highlights in curls. Customer service on her part does not exists! She greets harshly and unwelcoming, she has sly comments under her breath as well as voices her dislikes for customers very loudly! It was a quick in and out shopping for us but out of the many great experiences I have had with other employees she surely took the cake and has guaranteed this family will not be returning to this location! May I also note, I have noticed her get into altercations with customers prior to this but never with myself until tonight! There is a way to speak to people and she clearly was not taught it.

Dale Dillon

Good inventory easy shopping

DH Lee

The layout is kind of funky, and sometimes the customer service is slow, but overall its okay. The cashiers are friendly and the baggers are great

Paul Olson

Love to go to Hill air force base. We go for meds and shopping. Great place if you are military.

Dave Jenn

The prices on base beat the neck out of walmart

Richard Fry

No rhyme or reason for the new shelving layout. Random chaos.

K Pearson

Usually the place I can get any foreign items I might need for cooking... Great customer service... Wish they hasn't changed the floor plan...i get lost!!

Karen Kirgis

I do not like the layout of the store. I don't know who designed it but it is terrible.

Brandon Nolast

Awesome as always good place to go

Carolyn Sopczak

Always great service

Jennifer Anderson

Overall a decent shopping experience. Can only go with someone who is military so doubt I'll be back anytime soon

Summer Fournier

Will always shop here. The savings is amazing!!

Ronald Bussard

Great people and great prices. Everyone is very caring and helpful.

Silvia M

Not one of my favorite stateside Commissaries, but it serves its purpose. The only negative experience I've now had several times is with the deli counter: they are often sulky and act like they would rather not be there. Once I asked for a sandwich at 6:38 pm (they close at 7pm) the 2 ladies kept looking at each other with annoyed faces as if I weren't right in front of them noticing...I told them I had changed my mind about the sandwich and they seemed relieved to not have to make it. If it infringes on their ability to clean up for the evening they should regulate the hrs in which sandwiches can be made. Unfortunately, not the most professional bunch.

Jiannys Flores

Always clean an amazing people in the whole store.

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