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Where is Harmons Grocery - The District?

REVIEWS OF Harmons Grocery - The District IN Utah

Lizbeth Bodnar

Worst customer service.

Vizual Services

Great store and friendly people. Parking and traffic are a nightmare. Good selection, still growing for organics and non-GMOs.

David Wiser

Ashley W

It's a fancy store, good layout, good produce

Jordan Jones

Julia Matheson

I hate the shopping carts are this Harmon's. So old and broken, inconvenient when shopping with kids.

karra white

Heard great things about this location from a local vegan page I follow on social media. I decided to go there to pick up some things from the “meatless” section that most grocery stores have now a days accessible to most plant based diets. I got there and had to walk around the frozen aisle about 3 times until I gave up and decided to ask for help.. which I now regret. Basically the cashier looked at me like I have 3 heads when I brought up a “meatless” section existing in the frozen aisle. It then took a second cashier to walk back with me and when she was dumbfounded as to what I was asking she decided to ask a third employee at that point. I was beyond irritated by the lack of ignorance in a major grocery chain and decided to just give up and head to Whole Foods.. on top of it all I had to listen to her disrespectfully talk ill words behind my back about my request as I was walking away. Completely ridiculous. I’ll never return to this chain and I’m not going to waste my time again here with the lack of common courtesy these ascosiactes seem to posses.

Jennifer Beard

Chris Engle

Brenda Nicholson

Awesome selection of high-quality products, but a bit pricey.

Samuel Ahlstrom

Great, local products. But the prices always give me a mini heart attack.


Always quality and great selection.

Sheena Arb

Paul Geller

Great cheese selection

James Wignall

Walking into store with propane. Manager coincidentally meets me at the door, tells me you can't bring those in here. I said oh yeah. He says yeah you need to park them over there by the propane station and walk through those doors and pay at the self-checkout. Keep in mind he didn't do any of this with a smile. He actually seemed quite rude. The door he pointed to I'm not even supposed to go through. When I go through the doors the girl tells me you're not allowed in here. Come to find out the dude's the floor manager. As I'm walking in the store I can hear him and her both talking negatively about me. I will never go back to the store again. I live less than a mile away and I, will go to Smiths from now on.

That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

Whoever put in memes in the produce aisle deserves a raise I saw this as an absolute win 5/5 made my shopping experience wonderful

Nick Dennis

Harmons at the District is a very clean, well maintained store. I can always expect to be treated very well and I can almost always find what I need in stock. The pharmacy is quick and pleasant to do business with and everyone I speak to at this store has a smile on their face!

Nicole Perry

Connie Powell

Your cashier Stacie was wonderful.

John Logsdon

I really like this harmons. My first impression was that its very clean and bright. I haven't ever seen it super crowded like Walmart, which is one of the reason I really like. Not having to deal with long lines and strange crowds of people. The prices aren't bad. Somethings are cheaper and somethings are maybe 10 cents more expensive. Their produce are really fresh and often are cheaper than smiths. They have a Post-office inside which stays open till 9pm which is very convenient for me. They also are the only place i have found that sells Tempura Sauce. My wife is from japan and she loves the stuff. Its these little things that often makes a huge difference.


Manager was very rude when I needed help and the employee didn't know what to do.

Lynn Dahle

The employees are always so friendly and helpful at Harmons. The selection of food is always great and fresh. I love going to Harmons!!!

Tawni Jackson

This is the Best Harmon’s store I have ever been. They are always so friendly, I live closer to a different Harmon’s but will drive further to be in a store filled with happy employees. Shopping experience is always made better when you enter act with super nice employees.

Alex Moreno


This has to be one of the most Top-Notch grocery stores I have ever been in. The customer service is absolutely the best with genuinely friendly, helpful employees who go out of their way to greet you and help you find products if needed. The variety is amazing and the store is clean and maintained. A trip to this store stimulates all your senses because the smell of fresh baked goods as you pass by the bakery and the sight of beautiful flower arrangements please the eye when you enter the floral area. I moved to Utah from Indiana this last year and found a gem!

Bayleigh Whitehurst

Justin Haskins

Harmon's is a quality establishment. They have a great deli, bakery and the produce department is the best. I use them for all my floral needs, lots of choices no matter my budget. I also Love there support of Special Olympics Utah!

Judith Rosenberg

Harmons is always clean has wonderful food and their Deli is out-of-this-world their staff is kind and helpful and I love Harmons I won't shop anywhere else.

Emily L

Everyone is always so friendly and they always offer great service.

Robbie Crook

Cassandra Ivie

Moises Woolcott

Adam Lever

I love Harmons. They have a good selection and keep things well kept.

David Watts

Nice store bit it is going to cost more then other local competitors. Won't drive out of my way, but I will stop in if I am already at The District.

Super Sammen

Dur3447ru5rrrytavid McLaughlin

Martin Johnson

Great place to shop for groceries. You can also get a movie from Redbox.

melanie longmore

Always has what I need

Erik Iverson

I like harmons for the fresh made food thats why I go there but everytime I go there the employee's are alway to busy to say high or bye or even help you if your obviously lost. Its almost like the harmons brothers teach them to treat the customers like they are less some might call thems snobs. Its sad that walmart has better customer service than the all mighty harmons. This isn't just this location its every store I've been to

Loi Nguyen

Clean and organized store! A good quality product is always fresh. Excellent service, lovely staff, and they have enough parking space.

Jade Lake

Very clean and such friendly staff! Love this location :)

Kayla Suttlemyre

Received poor customer service in the deli department.....I was told they would hold items while I waited for them to get done. Came back and they had given it all way.

Darren Robinson

Harmons has the best cut pineapple, you can always count on it to taste fresh, be fresh, be bite size and not have core in it. walmarts sucks!!

Juan Cejas

Polly Gregson

Stephen Flake

Love this store. No wait in lines ever. Super helpful.

Rinn Again

Good products, but an unfriendly staff.

Jenn Muir

pibi tile

I love this place, and the healthy food

Regan Duckworth

Vanessa Coleman

Alex was very helpful! Great experience!


Harmon's is awesome. They have a great selection of food, especially higher quality foods. It has great vibes too.

Bryan Farnworth

I would agree with others. The selection is great, and everything is very fresh, but the price is higher than the competitors. From what I understand it's because they market products that are locally made and grown and that's why the price is higher, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Bizmo Humperdink

Kyle Johnson

Harmon's is great!

Ruston Olson

Sue Pollesche

Elizabeth Tenorio

Joanna Justesen

Linda Maretich

Absolutely wonderful to walk into. The store is huge and offers many varieties of things, from fresh produce, to food products, to household goods. As usual (at least for the big Harmon's stores), their meats, fruits, and veggies were lovely and fresh. Overall, the store was very clean and the staff was friendly. Originally, we thought we might be moving into the Riverton area, which is no longer happening for us. But if we did, I would definitely be getting all my groceries from them.

Adam Pace

Harmons is great for the hard-to-find items, and fancy cheeses. For everyday items you can find elsewhere, you'll save money if you buy them there, unless they're on sale at Harmons. I love their selection of candies, ice cream, and sodas. Oh, and nobody beats their pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Jett Joh

Attar Toor & Bineet Toor

rudest store ever...we tried getting some balloons...kara apparently is giving us so much attitude oh look now she’s talking bad bout’s like fire her if she’s stupid. Kara listen i would give u a look but i see u already have one... :)

Thalen Washington

pretty good location but not as good as Mountain View or downtown.

Katrina Brinkley

I love this Harmon's! They have a great selection of foods, and their employees are all happy friendly people. The one complaint? I swear their ovens run slightly gotter, or they cook their rolls slightly longer than other stores, because their rolls are a little harder, and not /quite/ as awesome as other stores. Still good, just not eat a whole dozen in one sitting good.

Jeremy Fagergren

Nice and clean.

Jordanne Day

Matt Stewart

They were friendly and I was able to find everything I needed

Stacee Webb

Erin Jones

branden thomas

joshua adam

Very clean.

Jason Walker

David Devenport

Chelsey Anderson

Very professional employees. Fresh product and a great place all around!

CoachNiki DotCom

If getting gas, best attendant! He asked me if I needed any help, was friendly and very approachable!!! Thanks, Tim!

Khaled Khaled

Michelle Manwaring

Matthew Hash

Harmons is always a little pricey compared to other grocery stores, but the service is awesome. Cory the butcher at the district is the best. Always super helpful and friendly.

Chad Smith

I've always had great service here. High quality food and selection.

Lila Wiser

awful communication as well as being consistent in their products, specifically western union, went three times, fourth time the randomlly asked for an exact address which was never done previously.

Eckhard Bauer

Love their specialty Artisan breads! Carry food & products not easily found elsewhere.

jal rimal

ordered a cake from Harmons grocery for my daughter's birthday. i called to pick up the cake only to find out that they didn't even have my order... really? I'm very disappointed. not going to this location again.

Nicholas Houle

Jessica Davidson

Corbin Hoenes

Love the selection and products! We won't buy our produce or meats from the mega corp grocery store since Harmons always tastes better. I'm not sure what people are talking about unfriendly staff. I've always had good experiences here with the people.

Jenny Walsh

The design of the store is fantastic!

Jami Whitlock

Mark Ostlund

Bought some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I have been buying for several years because they are usually pretty good. These however came out of the oven a little too quick and were doughy. Instead of just throwing them away, I took them back because I thought they would want to know. The cashier sent me to stand in line at the post office/customer service. When my turn came up I was handed a form to fill out. I didn't have time for that so I left. Filling out a form to return some defective cookies that you just bought is ridiculous. Fortunately, there is another grocery store in the neighborhood now.

Matthew Sand

Worst pharmacy to go to..!!!


Jennifer Nageli

Jason Innes

Always great.

Heather Maddox Bowler

Kailey Smith

Hayden Holman

Love this Harmon's! It's super nice and clean plus it's decently big with lots of options including a huge floral section that always seems to have a perfect gift

Kristyn Dailey

Connor Evans

Matthew Hastings

Joseph Keller


Rene Barrera

Always a nice store to do some grocery shopping.

Chris Staber

A good place to go for hard to find items. They have a large variety. However, you pay for it as it's very expensive to shop here.

Wendy Yeaman-Wright

Puneet Gandhi

Dalton Parker

Cierra Laumua

Service is awful. Ordered a cake online, as I’ve done with other locations, and when I went to pick it up, they told me that the person who does cake orders has no access to online orders. This was after they tried telling me I must’ve ordered from another location. After they find my order, they complained about the order being placed online to each other. They told me it would take 10 minutes, but it ended up taking much longer. I understand missing the order, but to tell me a false eta and have me waiting for over an hour before finally leaving and coming back a couple of hours later really upsets me. I will no longer go to this location, and will order on the phone from now on, since I would rather not ever have to experience this ever again.

Burp Reynolds

@God Emperor Of Mankind - Sounds like you have problems pretty much everywhere you go. Maybe it's you.

Matthew Jewkes

High price but good service

Charalene Ralphs

Lara W

Angela Harry

Incompetent arrogant slow rude...may God help you if you need to go to the costumer service center because if you do your going to need to clear your schedule for an entire afternoon at this location

Shirley Haslam

Best visit I've had at a store in a very long time Thanks to the two employees that helped me

d williams

Patti Thurman

Gabriel Rosito

The fish and vegetables section had old products and missing options

Stephanie Valeri

Harmon's has a really nice shopping experience. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. It's nice to have the specialty cheese mongers and the bakery is really good too. If I'm looking for a more unique ingredient for a recipe this is where I start.

Joe Bergevin

Derek Walker

Beautiful, clean store, great selection of local products, friendly staff, and NO LINES EVER!

Mark McCormack

I tend to write reviews for places that I had a great experience while visiting. My wife and I go to this store more than once a week and Harmon's is really the only grocery store that I recommend going too in the state of Utah. I love the people behind the deli counter, they are always very helpful and give me plenty of samples to make sure I have the correct buy. This particular store is in a great location and is very convenient for me to visit. The parking is really good and although it always seems busy we can get close parking.

Riley Burke

Employees are sometimes a little rude Everything else Is cool

Christian Lassen

Harmons are great stores, this review is for the gas station. The first time I bought gas there, the card readers were having some issues or something, I ran my card through, it gave some kinda error, but then let me pump my gas anyway. The whole thing through me off and I left my card in the reader. I pumped my gas and drove to the SoJo Walmart and realized I didn't have my card. I called the gas station, told him what happened and he told me to come back and get it because he was gonna call the police on me for stealing gas and track me down with the security cameras! Dude, you've got my debit card. No way I would leave super personal identifying info and steal gas! I went back, we talked about it, had a good laugh over it and I thought that was that. Two weeks later, I'm there again, and this time, the attendant walks out to my car and asks if he can help. I tell him, no thanks, I got it, and he tells me it's a Full-Service Station and he'll pump my gas for me. I thought that was kinda weird and unusual, this isn't Oregon, after all ;-). Little awkward. I just got a new car and have been back twice to get gas, and no offers to help, no full-service nothing. Just, same as anywhere. So, weird story, I know. Partly my fault. But just weird all the same. Had to get that off my chest. Thanks :-)

Rebecca Sato

love the fancy cheese and loved that it's locally owned. The younger fancy cheese lady wasn't that helpful last time though. I asked her if they could cube the very expensive cheese I just bought (something that Whole Food's has done without hesitation for me on numerous occasions) and she looked at me like I was an idiot and said there was no way she could do that. Oh really, no way? You couldn't pick up that knife in front of you and cube my cheese to save your life, for example? LOL. She should have just said, "Well obviously I easily could, but I don't feel like it". At least that would have been honest and direct, and I can respect that. Oh well, I'll just assume she's the one bad egg, because the baker and everyone else there is very nice and all of my checkers have been sweet and helpful.

pedro Leonardini

Pharmacist are worse.. This guy's don't have compassion.

Nick Rideout

Super great

Joshua Townsend

Very dirty meat case, most of the mussels were open. Store was otherwise fairly clean, you will have to flag an employee down of you want any kind of service.

Andy Osorio Aravena

Jake Ellis

Biju Kumar

Natalie Howell

Nice store. Nice staff. Not the cheapest place.

Colten Tidwell

High prices but friendly and helpful staff. Not my jam for weekly shopping but good for picking up several items every so often.


Alex was an excellent employee and was exceptionally helpful.

Chris Hamill

More and more of your soups are being spiced up with hot spices. I'm sensitive to hot spices and can't even eat your minestrone soup, which shouldn't be a spicy soup. Disappointing.

Amber Trussel

Best store's in Utah! The store is ALWAYS clean, the employee's are friendly and helpful. They have a wonderful meat department with high quality products. Their artisan bread department is Fabulous! The cheese islands are amazing with a great variety of cheeses and well educated employee's. They have chef's in store who create amazing salads and other items. The 2 stores I frequent make divine sushi! I also love that they are locally owned and purchase from local growers as often as they can. A true class act in shopping. I've even run into the 2 owners who visit their stores regularly and love to interact with the customers.


Certainly not the cheapest place but a great place to go shop. I love the little drawings they have all over the place. Couldn't find the fruit snacks maybe I'm just dumb lol.

Adrian Gall

Very friendly people ! Great service ! Excellent Deli !

Brenton Goves

Ryan Nordgren

Great grocery store. Give it a try.

Karl Worsham

Jorge Alfredo Moreno Esparza

Rod Chandler

Andrew Greer

This is my go-to grocery store. Always super clean, great selection of food and fresh produce, and some of the friendliest staff retail has to offer. Highly recommend going to a Harmon's if you never have.

Mic Masters

I come in every 2 or 3 days. Love(d) shopping here live really close. Came in Saturday evening, and was followed extremely obviously by your security, from one side to the other. It was extremely embarrassing and obvious. So I will never do my shopping here again.

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