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REVIEWS OF Harmons Grocery - City Creek IN Utah

Tammy Jenkins

The produce is so BEAUTIFUL. It looks almost fake. There salad bar and food bar are delicious.

Jennifer LaBute

This store is amazing. Has everything your heart desires! A foodie fantasy come true!

Tucker Brady

From the moment you walk in, the general vibe the employees give off is one of “We're better than you, and we know it.

Emily Beans

Great experience! There was an opportunity for me to get something very yummy for the from the deli. The lady behind the counter assured me that that she could warm the lasagna for me because I didn’t have a microwave in my hotel room. She was very nice about it and made me feel confident that I would love it. I did love the lasagna. The grocery store was very calming and pleasing to shop in.

Bonnie Schamber

Huge selections, friendly and helpful! Great downtown location! Again really nice people.

Stefanie Burns

Very much like Whole Foods, with beautiful flowers right when you come in, fresh produce, and freshly prepared food, buffet style. Bakery is mouth watering. Place is clean and very inviting

Steven Turtiak

Coming from out of state, this grocery store was massive. They seemed to have anything you could ever need, all at a reasonable price. We stopped in for lunch and were able to come out with wok, soup and, salad which were all quite good, as well as mixed other items. They have a cafe and a cooking school on the second level as well.

Klaus Weise

Been shopping here for 5yrs. Always a pleasure to be in a store that's well organized, clean , always has what I'm looking for as well as always something new. Quality meats, cheeses, try the deli in the back as well, excellent items, looks and tastes sooooo good.

Nik Stay

I enjoy grocery shopping here and having my lunch here! They have a great selection of ready to eat food as well as preprepped meals you can pop in the microwave and heat up! Often they'll do lunch specials on weekends that go towards helping a cause, like the $5 brat lunch combo that goes towards helping those with MS. City Creek is one of the busier locations but they have the room for it and it helps them have more selection available than other locations (looking at you Brick Yard).

Alavina Vaituu

Great selection. Lots of local treats and good produce. Especially quick bites when you're hungry and don't want to cook!

Huy Le

Server at the food counter was very helpful, friendly. Store is clean and good selections and reasonable prices. Cashier I dealt with could be more friendly and helpful to visitors

Gary Guthmiller

Holy canoli ... What a trip for a country boy like me. Parking like the airport and an elevator to get to the supermarket? Wow! And the store was AWESOME! Steady foot tracker for 845 pm and 3 cashiers open for no waiting. Beautiful, upscale market. Great checkout service. My only regret is not getting to see the store during the day when all the departments are going. Great great great.

Justin Tirrell

I asked a female employee about the proper way to take care of the plants in glass jars. She let me know she was annoyed by the disruption, and she didn't give me the information I needed to feel comfortable making the purchase. We finished buying candles and cake for my birthday and we left. I felt uncomfortable in the store during and after the confrontation.

Dave Rodriguez

This place is awesome… I love cooking and I love great stores and this happens to be one of them. Everything is extremely fresh… The coffee shop upstairs is wonderful… If you happen to be in the area I need to fill your fridge this is where to go.

Ben Mayfield

Very organized and shopable products. Lots higher end items. Incredible salad bar, a bit pricey though.

Katty West

Harmon's is my favorite grocery store now. They have the most amazing salad bar ever. I love their fresh bread too!

Spencer Stevens

I love the atmosphere here, especially when you sit in the cafe upstairs and enjoy a bit of lunch. Plus you can find some fancy foods here for gourmet cooking! The prices are excessively high, however... I feel you'd typically be better off shopping at Winco. Thank you for reading! ☺️

Miguel Cruz

Good food but you have to pay first for it and then go back to the kitchen so they can warm it up. A lot of hassle.

Elizabeth Siple

Love this place, so many amazing products. Great atmosphere. The gelato is amazing, the bakery is so great and their produce is spectacular.

Braedon Mccracken

Great selection of produce and fresh foods. Slightly more expensive because it's in the heart of downtown.

Margaret Wolf - Eber

Fresh, fresh, fresh produce selection. Very clean. Butcher had great selections... Very knowledgeable and helpful... Big store... Friendly and helpful staff that offer assistance & escort you to the aisle & item(s) you are seeking.

Terry Dillon

We have been shopping here two plus years and have finally made a decision not to return. Why? HARMON's GROCERY STORE is original to SLC and other locations have maintained high standards. But City Creek has no customer service: The people on the cash registers: 1. do not know the products 2. will not find out about products 3. are surly and make the customer wrong. Post Office person doesn't know what procedures are and today when we dropped in for Money Order as advertised on the internet, we were informed they stopped doing that years ago. WOW. I had one great experience with the cheese monger and one good experience with ONE of the butchers. The bakery person ~~ I think she is gone now, to be fair ~~ was haughty when we inquired about ingredients. I give up. I am 62 and knew founder, Jake Harmon at the original store in what was then called, "Granger." When that store burned down and was rebuilt, my mother went to work in the updated Harmons. Every employee was required to know WHERE items could be found in the store. Customer service and fair pricing were their by-words. Terry Harmon would be very disappointed in this City Creek store. Even the Baristas are too busy to wipe down tables. My family of four, all living on the SLC Avenues are NEVER going back to City Creek Harmons again.

Sashikiran Swarna

This has been and will be one of the best places in salt lake downtown to buy groceries. Sure, it's a bit expensive than the regular grocery store but the broad spectrum of products available and the quality of each one is really great. Also, they have lunch, soup (try the tomato basil), gelato, and many others! I have shopped here for 3years now and I never had a bad experience.

Kody G

I love Harmon’s! Their prices and customer service is impeccable! The sushi here is made fresh and the taste is outstanding! The prices range from $5 to $14 for the sushi and is worth every penny! I highly recommended coming here.

Levi Taylor

This is my favorite place to grocery shop! Such a neat place to find local foods and other unique food items.

Jill Hoppie

The cheeseburgers at the burger place here are hands down the best burger ever!!! The employees at this store are always so nice and friendly. A manager named Tristan goes out of his way to help whenever I have had questions. Great store

Peter Hurtgen

This was generally my stop for lunch until I was told I can't bring my own container for lunch/salad bar food. No way too eat waste consciously here....

Dylan Walker

Very large and well organized grocery store. The food bars were also great and had many different options to choose from. Actually a pretty good lunch spot!

Amy Miller

My daughter did a kids camp here this summer and absolutely loved it! The employees are wonderful and the selection is unbeatable.

Jack Porter

The downtown Harmon's location is well designed. It's pretty hip feeling for a grocery store. It's a bit small though and some items you'd expect to be at a grocery store could be missing. Good for quick lunch too.

Becky Worthen

Good people. Excellent selection.. They have hot and cold food bar.. Deli. Everything you need in one stop... Prices are a little higher but then it's Harmons...

its Me

They could do much much better. I feel they have a high traffic rate from being by the mall. and that takes away from begin a normal grocery store. The security will follow you. All employees STARE at you. and i seem to find no help when needed.. They do have good food at the deli & bakery. They also have a lot of different ingredients to shop from. there are positives and negatives at this store.

Emma Reitz

I usually go to the Harmons in lehi but I have to say this one is awesome too! As always the lighting is perfect and sets a relaxing ambience. The staff are half angels I swear and made sure I was always 100% taken care of. If this place is a dream then I love sleep

Dude Dude

Confusing layout. Makes no sense. Can't find anything. Frozen meatballs were in the chicken section, even an employee struggled to find them. Bad impression when your employees can't find your items. The dairy section is broken up. Aisles are too tall. Can't reach higher stuff. Narrow aisles. Too crowded. Overwhelming trying to find simple things. Not pleasant to look at or easy to find things. You don't sell pre-made, uncooked meatballs. Upper cafe area smells like weed. The elevator is not centrally located. If you park at the cafe level and go back up, you have to trek from one end of the store to the other. Some aisles are at a slant and some are straight. Looks messy and untidy. Big mess. I don't like it. Parking is too crowded and appears unsafe. I wont be back. Too confusing. Plus, your checkers are slow and you have no self-checkout. Not worth my time. There are better options and better prices.

D. Slytherberry

This has got to be one of the nicest grocery stores I've ever been in. It's huge and always stocked full of fresh, high quality items. It conveniently has a Post Office inside as well as a cafe and a nice cafeteria area where you can eat your food or drink your coffee and study. They have lots of parking in their parking garage. I think my only complaint is that the only restrooms are so far from the grocery part of the store.

Cheyenne Randquist

Coming to Harmons is a blissful experience for me. I start off by wandering around all of the beautiful flowers and succulents. As I walk around to get my groceries there are always great displays from local companies/vendors. Also you can finish your trip with some fresh gelato. Grocery store heaven.

Donovan McArthur

Simply the best grocery store in Utah. They have an incredibly large selection of items. They have so many fresh options. It felt like a much more friendly and less snobby Whole Foods. The staff are always kind and helpful, especially since the store is so large. Parking is easy in their garage.

Drace Salt

An incredible assortment of fine, quality-driven foods...well organized, very clean and friendly staff!

Rick Silver

Upscale food that is pretty good. They sell coffee and beer but not cigaretts. This is strange to me because if they were strictly LDS and they were trying to uphold the LDS Churches dietary and health restrictions then you would think that they would not sell any of these items. Anyway they are pretty proud of their offerings and I have never escaped their clutches without dropping at least $50.00. Even on just one bag of groceries. I got six bags at Smith's today for $65.00. Regardless of that they are comparable in quality and the number of upscale mom and pop offerings to Whole Foods but still much less expensive.

Jody Bailey

I love it here. Not only can I get my shopping done, but I can pull out my laptop and get work done in a very comfortable atmosphere.

Windy Anderson

Parking downtown is usually a nightmare, not here. Great location. Nice selection and layout. For Salt Lake prices are competitive.

Heather Cox

Harmon's is where I go when I want really high quality or specialty food. The City Creek location is in the perfect spot downtown. Avoid going during lunchtime Mon-Fri as it's very crowded during this time. Otherwise, there's always plenty of free parking.

Taylor Mccoy

This is the most amazing grocery store I have seen in my entire life. could have spent an hour in there just wandering looking at cheeses. The staff was amazing!!!!

Scott Farnsworth

Nice parking. Post office and my go to for a quick beer run

Lisa Ringsby

This was a lovely shopping experience. A great selection of produce and ready mades. The store was clean and the employees were friendly and seemed to be enjoying their jobs.

Tiffani Mondragon

Harmons has always been off limits for my family. They were terrible to my Brother and my mom has not shopped there since. I went in for a quick trip for.our food truck. Thos particular store is amazing. It had fresh produce and rows and row of about anything you would want. I would shop here again.

Rebecca Woolston

I love all the Harmon’s locations but this one is by far the best! The selection during the lunch buffet is incredible. Soup, two salad bars, hot Chinese food, pizza, and plenty of grab and go options. Don’t forget the gelato upstairs! Best gelato I’ve had in Utah!

Ryan Derrick

~Pretentious~ I love Harmon's products and the store has some options I enjoy (Coffee Shop, Bakery, Salad Bar). What I don't enjoy is the attitude of the people who shop at the downtown location. I'd like to thank the construction workers working on the building next Harmon's! You've made shopping at this location tolerable.

Robert West

Awesome store with great selection and really friendly staff and very clean environment.

Cassie combs

This is my favorite harmons they have all the things I like and the plant section right when I walk in always gets me with decent prices. They will order anything for you if you want something in another flavor or just something they dont have. Always gracious ssrvice,i like they have free parking garage being downtown. Only thing is the prices. It's a little too high priced for us to shop there as often as us like.

Sterling Kerr

Very nice, clean grocery store. Also a great stop for downtown workers for lunch, great salad bar with lots of make your own options

Jodi Emery

I love this store. They have everything I need and so much more. I wish we had one in Park City! (Hint hint)

Angela Eckler

This Harmon's is way bigger than the one in Roy. In salt lake it's bigger and more of a variety. I like it but it is a little spendy. It's well worth it

erne quie

Close to home but a bit expensive. If you are close to downtown and need something fast and don't have time or don't want to drive for more than 5 minutes this is the place to go if you live downtown.

Christoff du Toit

Very nice grocery store with decent prices. They have a wide selection and knowledgeable staff.


Harmon’s is a great place for groceries. Walking in it has beautiful lighting and the food is very nicely displayed. The store is very large and has everything you need or could want. Great quality items. The shopping experience is very enjoyable. Also spoke with store staff who were amiable, helpful and knew where to direct me for the item I was searching for. Thanks Harmon’s!!!

Sandra S.

Love this store. Lots of local supplies and healthy brands. Expertly curated and beautifully displayed

Niel Mejia

Short version: I told a worker about my concern that there was something wrong with one of the salad dressings at the salad bar, but I was brushed off. Long version: I bought a salad from the salad bar for lunch, and when I got back to my office and started eating the broccoli, I found that the lemon poppy dressing was far too salty when normally it's sweet. I returned and let a worker know that I was concerned about today's lemon poppy dressing. Before asking me what my concern is, she said, "The bottle is probably just empty." I explained that it's too salty, and she suggested that I try a different dressing or wait for a new batch. I explained that I was concerned that there's something wrong with the dressing (that other people will end up eating). She then let the person in charge know and promptly got back to me saying that she was told that there's nothing wrong with it and that it's just runny. I'm saying that it's too salty, not runny. It used to be sweet, creamy, and bright. Now it's runny, murky, and and mostly salt, and I'm left standing there holding a salad with tainted dressing. I have been buying a salad here every weekday, so I'm very disappointed, at both the salad and the disregard when a patron expresses concern about the food that they are serving to the public. Also, the sidewalk was icy, as two other patrons warned me on my way over. Otherwise, the cashiers and pizza servers are always nice and do good work.

Kat Marsden

best place on earth. not joking. this harmons is my favorite place on the planet and it always will be. i wanted to work there but they weren't hiring, it's okay because i am a happy customer :) the happiest. i love this harmons

Eric David

They have excellent selections of produce and a phenomenal deli/hot food selection. Cheese selection is the best is SLC. Great for a quick lunch or for daily shopping

Michael Hunter

Went here for a quick lunch, got a bottled drink and two slices of pizza. The drink was good, the pizza not so much. I won't do that again, the pizza, it was not even worth mentioning it was so bad.

Rebekah USA

Fancy pants and way to good to help the country bumpkin but found what I needed eventually.

Arthur Victor

Great urban supermarket. If the maze at the checkouts and the coffee bar get tidied up it gets five stars. Meat department is great.

gaby allende

Not only the quality of the products they sell is great. Customer service is off the charts good

Susan Potratz

I enjoy that you can find what you need at Harmon's. You can stay in downtown SLC and have groceries, right next store. They have a good varietbof drinks and take out good too.

Jessica Seeger Alvey

I love this Harmon’s because of its cleanliness and variety of products, but I was totally sold on it when I picked out some flowers today. Nicole, who was working in the floral department, took the time to help me pick out some beautiful flowers and a vase. She then assembled the arrangement and asked me for feedback throughout. I was so appreciative of feeling seen and heard, especially on a day that had been stressful up to that point. Plus, Nicole did a fantastic job on the arrangement.

Joseph Jones

Didn't actually shop or eat here. We wanted a place to fill out some paperwork so we went to the food court. There was limited free parking on the north side and we found a spot there. That had an entry right onto the food court. We found a table and worked on our paperwork for about an hour. The lighting was a little low for our purposes. Patrons around us seemed to enjoy the food, though I did see a lot of uneaten fries. Might mean something, might not.


Best grocery store in the area. Great staff and the lines are rarely long. Produce always hits and they have a great variety of foods. The cashier, Will, was very nice and friendly. He did a great job bagging and was very efficient!

Kasey O'Killion

Best produce in an SLC grocery store. Also, you cannot miss getting prepared food here. Friendly and helpful staff.

Claude Hepworth

What a great store, I was amazed at how nice this place was and the incredible selections they have, I love this place. I wish we had a store like this in Arizona. I had been to a Harmons a few years ago North of Salt Lake, but it was just a regular run of the mill type store, nothing special. They did something really different with this place. Thumbs up, to upper Management at Harmons, you hit it out of the park with this one.

Mary Shade

This is my favorite grocery store in SLC!!!! Obsessed. High end culinary shopping at its finest!! Best fresh baked breads, the deli is to die for (quinoa salad anyone?) the variety selection, produce and cheeses amazing, and I'm dying to take their cooking classes!!!! Best grocery stop downtown.

Mitchell Brown

Stopped me as I was walking out and accused me of stealing which I would never do. Then the main security guy runs over and tells him it's not him he's still inside. No apology just left with the violated feeling. Definitely need to be better sure when stopping someone and accusing them. Will not go back here and now I won't go to the one in roy I visited all the. Guess I'll get my flowers and groceries elsewhere

Maddi Davis

Started shopping here not too long ago! Really loved it at first and how much stuff there was that I couldn’t find at my local store. However my trip today changed my mind real quick. I noticed an elder security guard following my boyfriend and I everywhere, I was trying to figure out why. We were not doing anything suspicious, the only thing I could think of was maybe it was because my boyfriend was not white? Sure enough after watching the security guard he kept following us a looking my boyfriend up and down. When we got in the elevators sure enough he followed us in there, so it was just us 3 by ourselves. When we were walking out of the cafe the manager was in a random spot and turned to us out of nowhere and told us to have a good day. I’m not shopping there anymore, I would have been more than happy to show you our receipts and all the items we purchased. Thank you for making my boyfriend uncomfortable, and thank you for following us around when there were far more sketchy people in there. Be careful shopping here if you are not white!

Shawn Dittman

This is the prettiest grocery store I've ever been in. ..seriously. The presentation is amazing. The selection in the produce department alone is incredible...gooseberries? Cotton candy grapes?


Best grocery store in town. Has many services including a cafe, coffee shop, burger joint, post office, pharmacy, deli with hot food, cheese bar (so many good cheeses), dietician, and a culinary school. Best part is that they're a local business and a pillar of the community.

Barry Y

This Harmon's has a great vibe, great selection of prepared food, premium packaged foods and drinks. I go here regularly for lunch when I'm at work downtown and it never disappoints. The employees are also friendly and helpful. Parking is free if you are shopping there.

Nathan Frost

Nicest, most well stocked grocery I have ever seen.

Jocelyn Kirkpatrick

I come here for the sushi on Saturdays. Seriously, it's that good! So fresh, and the rice is great. Also in love with their salad bar. Get on their text message list for daily specials!

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