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Three different items rang up with the wrong unit price. We informed the clerk that the posted price is different than what is showing on the register. She called for the manager. The manager said she'd check the posted price BUT did NOT take the receipt with her. Minutes later she returned and declared that we looked at the wrong tag. How did she know that when she didn't even take the receipt with her to compare? We took the receipt and with her, went to the items in question and had her compare. "Oh okay. We'll take care of it." This is the 2nd time this week it has happened at two different Harmons. Certainly room for improvement in the customer service department.

Adam Christiansen

Absolute best grocery store around. Some things are pricy but you get what you pay for. Their salmon is incredible here!

Adam Perry

So I purchased $100 gift card to Harmons had issues using it at the gas pump. So I walked inside to the customer service desk and ask if they could help me with my problem. The Harmons associate also tried running the card with no success and told me that it had to be my card and not their system. I asked if we could just re-load it onto another card? She told me that she wasn't able to do that and she would have to get my name and number and someone will call me back probably within a few days to help me out. So even though I've already gave them $100 cash I couldn't use my gift card and no my gift card was never close to any magnets. It was purchased just a few days ago and I used it the night before with no problems. I thought I'd give it one more try and purchase one item. I went to the self check out and it worked. So I went back to the gas pump and my card would not work. I even tried all the different pump stations and still the card would not read. I left Harmons feeling frustrated and wasted time and money purchasing a gift card. ☹️

Geoff Muhlestein

A really great grocer. Lots of fresh and local food and treats. They seem receptive to customers needs.

Curtis Winkler

This is a great Harmons. I love their 5 for $20 sale on their steaks and other meats.

Susie Argyle

Their cooking class is amazing!! Take the dry aged prime steak class - so worth the money and you will NOT regret it!

daniel kligmann

Great produce! However the price of things you find at any other grocery store is noticeably higher.

Mark Leavitt

This place has expensive food, but the fact that it has such a variety of food more then makes up for the price. It was a very fun shopping experience, especially since I'm so used to Walmart or winco, they shine have a variety not are they nearly as fresh. I'm starting to understand why people shop at these kind of places.

Jennifer Jamison

This location has very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Bruce at the deli was particularly helpful.

Rob Terry

Absolutely the best salad bar out there. Very friendly staff at the pastry coffee bar. Friendly people. Very pricey but good place to shop.

Shalane Brower

Good selection and my favorite place to buy produce. This location has a cooking school and their classes are fun and informative! Chef Cheryl is a great teacher and I highly recommend taking a class.

Cathrin Wischmann

Not only that we love to shop at Harmon‘s, their cooking classes are outstanding! Very recommendable.

Karick Heaton

Great clean fun store. Definitely where you might find your future husband or wife.

Don LaVange

Love this Harmon's. Great organization. Fantastic seafood, meat and vegetables. Wonderful staff. Deep and robust grocery section. Gary, the Fish monger, makes this place worth paying a bit more and driving a bit farther.

Greg Nielsen

What makes a great grocery store? Just take a look at this Harmons and you'll know. Incredible, caring non-robotic staff. Always fresh food. Excellent hours. Great location. Love finding something different and giving it a try, done it now for almost two years weekly, this Harmons always has great local, organic, and exotic foods to try!

Luke Vonderharr

Good grocery store. Good food in the deli. They have pizza, fried chicken, and sushi. They have a great salad bar. Really nice store.

Maria Yerena

I like to go shopping here because the meat is very good and the sea food is frech. And because they have fruits from different countries. Good variety of gluten free, even gluten free cakes. Love them. Employees are friendly. Happy shopping.

Breyanna LeMay

I work for the bakery, the deli scheduled me to work for them without my permission and even scheduled me to work during my vacation time. I told my manager I didn't feel comfortable working for the deli, I'm hired as a bakery sales associate. I ended up walking out crying, tried going upstairs to talk to HR about how I felt but of course nobody was up there. The reason they told me they were moving me around to the deli was because of the budget and are to over staffed. Just because the bakery doesn't know how to budget doesn't mean make them suffer and work them in other departments. Also been having major health issues, I came in crying suffering in pain. They told me to please go home and take care of myself. I get a call from (HR) Corrine that I needed to bring in a doctor's note even though i was sent home and it was obvious i was in pain. They do not care about health issues. I waited an hour at the doctors before getting my note. When I couldn't been laying in bed.

Vrena Ranallo

Went to the wine class at Harmon's, and it was absolutely fantastic! I loved learning about wines

Joshua Brereton

Nicest supermarket I've ever been too! They have all you need at great prices as well an awesome lunch selection if you need a quick bite to eat. Great gelato too!

Jake King

Not the cheapest. But food is fresh. Love their bakery. Tons of variety and lots of local stuff too.

Jay Nicole

I love the selection of natural/organic items they have in stock in all price ranges so I don't have to go bust eating right. Wonderful and helpful staff as well!

Nick Hurd

Great place for groceries. I commonly shop here when having quests, but to shop here regularly you would need a golden wallet.

Jordan Stark

Great grocery store! They have a lot of stuff. They have a deli, pharmacy, cafe, Redbox and more. They have really great produce and natural and organic ingredients. They do tend to be a bit more on the pricey side but if you're a quality over quantity person then this is a really great place to get your groceries.

Kimberlee Turley

We come here because they have the best. cheese selection and other hard to find items that other grocery chains don't carry.

Blue Ocean

Horrible Management! They could care less about my experience. They have one check-out line open with 10 people standing in line. When you kindly ask them to open up another line, they say "sorry, we can't." "What do you mean you can't? There are three other employees standing over there by the postal area." Prices are outrageous and I am constantly being overcharged for products. No more Harmons in Draper!! Going elsewhere from now on.

Robert Steggell

This is a very clean well operated grocery store. Fantastic Salad Bar, Sandwiches and Soups. Bonus Points for RubySnap Cookies!

Alex Agnew

I did a delhi-licous cooking class and it was so much fun! Not only did I learn how to make delicious food I learned so much more like simple tricks to cutting vegetables AND I got to eat really good food and meet other foodies. I totally recommend doing a class- Cheryl was awesome, funny and very knowledgeable.

Allison Matheson

I took a cooking class at Harmons Bangerter last night and it was incredible! I had so much fun and learned new techniques for every day cooking as well as how to cook a full Indian dinner complete with homemade naan and a pistachio mango lassi. Chef Cheryl is so animated and fun. I truly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back!

Heath Capps

This Harmon's is top notch. They have a huge cheese selection and a great meat selection. It is always clean and the workers are super kind. They have an amazing salad and soup bar. The reason for a 4 star is because the prices seem to be a little high.

Michael Evans

Best salad bar around for lunch, bar none in Utah! High quality produce.

Hannah Kunkes

The bakery department was the most unhelpful ! We asked for them to cut the bagels we were getting as we were taking them back to our office and there were quite a few. The baker girl acted like we were asking so much and said she would charge us for it if she cut them and we would be better off doing it ourselves. That was rude and not good customer service. Every single other harmons in the valley cuts the breads and bagels we get from the bakery with no extra charge !

André Bentivoglio

If we had a Harmon's where we live (Toronto) we'd shop only there. Beautiful store. Lots of selection. Polite and helpful staff.

A Yancey

We love going to the Deli at Harmon's and eating upstairs. They have a great selection and an amazing view. We did a long hike in Little Cottonwood canyon today and then had a great dinner at Harmon's. Great prices too.

Cherie Woolley

Very helpful and friendly staff. Great produce and meat!

Serina S

Friendly staff, good prices. Gary at the meat counter was especially helpful. Recommended a delicious pastrami we loved!

Jessica Forbes

Raine, who worked in the cafe, was amazing! He was so outgoing and friendly, not to mention helpful. I feel like he went above and beyond in his job to make us, the customer happy. I've done A LOT of grocery shopping in my 42 years and this was probably my best experience. In fact, the father with his two kids in line behind my party said he returned not only for the delicious gelato, but because of Raine and his excellent customer service.

Transmission Repair

There's always some clown finding fault with any business, giving it a 1-star review. I had a "friend" refer to a grocery store as a "100K sq. ft. convenience store they call Harmons." Some people are just plain negative. Know what I mean? Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always found a broad selection of shelved groceries, fresh meat, seafood, and prepared food. Show me one grocer that has that many employees on the job to assure the same. My hat's off to the management and employees of Harmons and I will continue to shop there. Thank you for all you do!

Morgan Stone

Had an amazing time at their macaron baking class! The staff was fantastic and helpful. The whole experience was great. And I brought home some amazing treats!

Lynda Logan

Went to this new Harmons. My grandson was so excited to have soup and Salad upstairs. Got our food..but I have to use the wheel chair. And it won't fit into the elevator. So decided to sit at table on main floor..BUT all the stools are bar hight. So I still couldn'T sit and eat. Then went shopping. It's a beautiful store, a little high priced. But Harman's has good quality and things you can'T get anywhere else...But we went by a display and my Grandson bumped it. 2 cans fell behind..I told him to pick them up and put them back. A man from meat Deptment came up reached over my grandson to get the cans. (NoT a word to us) my grandson said "I'm sorry I bumped them" still not a word. But A Glare.. When I go to the Harmons on Redwood. The Staff are friendly. Hi. How are you etc. Offering to find something for you. Not so in this store...Only the Cashiers were friendly.... Nit an IMPRESSIVE start...I'm disappointed

Jay Bean

We go to Harmons a couple times a week. Two days ago I got some sushi, but it just did not taste ok. I called and told them about the product and they said thanks for letting them and the lady said let them know when I come in. Today when I was in I picked up the same sushi and told the lady at checkout. She said I hope it is better this time. She said if I have a problem let them know. I thought I just did that and she did not care. I guess $6.00 is more important than a good customer.

Apryl Cowatt

The people at cash registers know I’m in here all the time and always help load things for me because I have a son with cerebral palsy who can’t sit up in the cart. They are outstanding!!

Joe Wallis

I love the salad bar and deli, and the gelato is great. I've had a few bad experiences with the cheese though. There's also a grocery store in there.

Spencer Warner

Harmon's is a great store. Great options for a fresh lunch. Check out the chocolate rack near the cheese counter. They have a great selection that changes often.

Bailee Frei

Awesome cooking classes! So much fun and the teachers were phenomenal! I will surely be back!


We call it Fancy Harmons. If there is a hard to find item, or exotic cheese we are looking for we go here. I get my fish for Sushi here and it never disappoints. We took a cooking class upstairs and it was wonderful. Also they have a killer olive bar and pretty much a restaurant inside. Great brick oven pizza! Some items are more expensive than other grocery stores but they have the selection and quality in every department. So I guess you get what you pay for.

Jonathan Langford

My favorite place to buy groceries. They always have unique select items that you won't find elsewhere. People are extremely friendly and accommodating. Food is of the highest quality including the deli food, cheese selection, salad bar, etc.

Tyler Roberts

The energy of this place is always so nice. I love how clean the space is. And the upstairs area is awesome too!

Steven Jones

Stay away unless you want to be overcharged. Overcharging at this Harmons is a common practice. Don't take my word for, try shopping there a few times and I GUARANTEE each time one or more products will be overcharged...never undercharged. This is intentional price manipulation. Most people don't realize it but I believe this store's management is doing it intentionally because it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Needs to be investigated.

Destiny Florez

Lunch stop to grab food for a picky eater. Teh deli made that easy even if the eater didn't. Plenty of tastey and healthy choices. Friendly and helpful staff. Beautiful, clean Harmons. Would definitely reccomend. Also having a very particular kambucha on hand scored serious extra bonus points for me. I love me some Harmons, always saving the day.

Mark McCormack

I love going to Harmon's, yes their prices are a little higher but the quality more than makes up for it. There is a great variety and everyone there is helpful. This particular location is great and has everything I am looking for. I like to do a lot of ethnic cooking and Harmon's is always my go to place. In the Meat Department, they have a lot of different pre-made burgers to grill. We buy may of them throughout the year.


Every single time I come in I am so impressed with the quality of customer service and I love shopping in such a great atmosphere.

Debra Larkin

Really nice, big, clean, warm, and friendly. One of the loveliest decorated interiors of any grocery store I've ever visited. I only bought one small thing, but the prices that I saw were very reasonable.

Kelsey White

It's taken a couple years for me to fully convert, but I now do almost all of my grocery shopping at Harmons. They have won me over with their incredible employees, amazing food, and overall wonderful shopping experience. I used to believe Harmons was more expensive than other stores, and for some products they are, but I feel the superior level of quality makes up for it in almost all cases. Bangerter Crossing feels like it's own little community and culture and I never knew grocery shopping could be such a pleasant experience. I don't even try to consolidate trips any more because Harmons is one of my favorite places to shop, eat, and just hang out!

Eternal Floyd

I love going here for lunch in the deli area, It feels like a home cooked meal. Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, with either a baked piece of chicken fried or rotisserie. I like to take it up to the skyline loft eating area, destroy it and get back to work,

Devyn Smith

Your typical grocery store. Great and fresh food always! The employees are some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

Christian Brown

Harmon’s... why shop any where else.

Kristina Fritter

I go to this Harmon’s every week to go grocery shopping & quite honestly I’ve never been disappointed except for the one time I ordered the Thanksgiving meal for Thanksgiving Day. This was my first time ever catering for Thanksgiving so I figured this would be a great idea for family coming in town but I was wrong. The turkey was very dry & the sweet potatoes were undercooked completely. Lesson learned!

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