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REVIEWS OF Fresh Market IN Utah

Luis Godoy

Love the groceries and the price... good customer service.

Garry Williams

Friendly staff good selections easy parking

Earl Waddoups

Love to shop here

Kaurine Bassett

Bit on the pricey side... Lacking in produce options. Overall... A clean store with lines that move quickly. Don't know what the rewards points do but we have them... Close to home so we come here when we don't feel like dealing with traffic.

Jr Gonzales

Need better customer service

Esther Codella

I'm here a lot. Convenient.

Laulej Erakrik

I love that place

HerrDoktor Gene

Best French Bread ever! Great Pastries.

John Reese

been shopping here for years...

Primo Guilliano

Its ok. Not much to save about. Went in for a few things.

Miko Da Sinner

Friendly not too pricey great deli chicken

James B Didier

Love this place. Great produce

Dude What

Fresh it not the correct word.

Megan GrayHawk

Haven't been to the store in like 7 years but it looks clean like it always did, and I found exactly what I wanted.

Michelle Ortiz Gallegos

I love this location because all of their candies are so affordable and they have a wide variety of treats.


Love the employees knows ASL. Thank for your help.

Randy Bob

Bad customer service but not a good place to go to it was better when it was Albertsons

Kim Hutsell

Super great prices and very organized aisles

Heather Ortega

Looks like a nice grocery store on the outside, but the inside is disgusting. The cashiers talked about graphic sexual things as they were scanning my groceries!!! AND I was with my 3 year old son... definitely not a place I will be returning to.

monica stoddard

I just needed to pick up one thing and it was easy

Kenyon Madsen

Friendly staff. Great prices , food and more.

isamar chavarria

Very convenient friendly and organized but prices are high on some basic things And scan and go dosnt always give the right price on produce

Rebecca Geurts

Be sure to check expiration dates on items before you buy them! I bought a huge box of fruit snacks there last week. I got home and my husband opened the box to give some to our toddler. They were hard as rocks! They had been expired for a whole month!

Crystal Walk

Great place for fast and convenient grocery shopping. The pharmacy is top notch! And you can find the most unique little items for holidays and gifts.

Danielle Presha

My favorite place in utah to get seafood,they clean and cook the fish or shrimp for you!

Brian Young

Great friendly employees

Robaroundworld Brad

Quaint grocer. Decent selection. You can get in and out of there

Abraham Knudson

Convenient location, good variety.

Paul Denter

Come by and try the crab salad it's a tasty treat

Heather Zissi

I love this place always so clean and the staff is so nice. Fresh produce and excellent bakery.

Daniel Longson

Kind of a cluttered store

charles romero

Went there for they baked freash daily donuts.they ranged from old and stale to soggy and stale. When I talked with the Manager she told me sorry they get them frozen they just thaw the donuts out. Even though they advertise baked freash daily. It well worth taking my money else where, where I get what I pay for.

Kaot!c Xeno

Looks great and good amount of space for carts

Mike Elli

A fresh market is almost like Davis food and drug, or reams grocery stores. The prices are competitive most of the stuff they have is on sale and is a good price for that item, other items in the store are outrageously priced and not worth spending that kind of money when you can get it for cheaper at a different store. But the employees here are nice, and then you can and are willing to help you find any item that you need.


Fast and convenient

Amanda Wilson

Love the layout of the store & I like that the check out counter is the old spinner one.

Jamie Kallinger

I shop here regularly because the location is convenient. I find the prices are a less than the Harmon's nearby, but more on some items versus discount grocers like Reams. I've found that for certain items they seem to rotate brands out frequently so it can be tricky to maintain brand loyalty. The meat selection is fairly standard and I haven't had issues with spoiling. The produce section is also pretty standard with a very small organic section. I feel like things spoil a little fast, so it's better to do small trips on things you'll use in a few days. I haven't really gotten much from the bakery. I really like that they have self check-out and they almost always have a regular lane open too so you can pick. Overall the staff have been friendly and most are pretty fast. Right after school there's a lot of kids and it does get very busy just before dinner and holidays. Even when busy things seem maintained and they will add cashiers.

Robyn Lamb

Very Clean, Friendly , and i really like shopping there Everything is not only Clean but it stays clean everyday! Tbeir Produce, and meat departments are fresh! I enjoy going here more than any other store. This is where i buy.!!!

Nery Aleman

I went and bought balloons... the service was excellent and he also told me about calling a week and half early to have my balloons and choose my team party... My new place for ballons!!!

Tamara Metzger

Nice market

Jerecho Reale

My second visit to the store left me less than impressed. 3 of the items I went for were out of stock on the shelves and the last check stand light was turned off as I approached with 30+ items at 10pm leaving quite a backed up line of customers waiting for the self-check line. I honestly wouldn't have gotten so many items if I would've known I was going to ring myself up. For a store open 2 more hours, I would expect at least one regular register open. Kind of a bad experience.

Kim Blatnick

This is 1 of my Favorite places to go for Fresh Meat their Meat Dept is by Far the Best Meat Dept the Employees will go out of their way to help you with Anything.

Dovid Barkokhba

Cheaper then Wal-Mart's friendly staff

Bobbie Tauveli

Friendly service unfortunately the item that I was looking for they did not carry so, staff is very friendly.

Edna Anderson

Close & convent for shopping for quick items.

Alpha Featherfeet

Will take our business elsewhere. Customer service here is lacking. One moment in particular stands out. We went through the self check out and wanted to take advantage of the membership deals. When I asked the employee monitoring the register if she could put in a membership card for us, she rudely said no. When I asked if she could help get me set up with a card. She snarkishly says to me “This is self check out, not a register. You’ll have to go to a normal register” and than turned around and walked off. Double rude when our machine ran out of receipt paper and I asked the same employee if she could fix it. She COMPLETELY ignored me, walked right by me and went to my register to fix it. Absolutely the rudest employee I’ve ever had to deal with.

Leo Anderson

It's ok. I like WinCo better

Laura Privett

That's where I get my medicine

Joshua Miller

Great store

Adriana Teresa Robledo

I love it! Everything fresh, impeccable and orderly with great offers the best of the place you do not need membership or card of the place to be able to obtain the best prices.

Sandra Decker

Real quick Lil market. Love the people that work there

Michael Soucy

They always have some good deals on meat.

Winnie Naeata

I would always get the fried chicken from there and they are fresh of the fryer.. I rather go there then going to KFC..

Franky Angulo

My go to market!

Lety Navarrete

Went in Sunday evening thru the self check out, I was having problems with my bag of cherries not scanning so I asked the employee for assistance and she refused to help

Aldo Gutierrez

Geographically convenient, prices are ridiculous though.

Camilo Salinas

It's like any grocery store. I believed that there would found specific stuff but it nothing special

Miles Langdorf

Is a good place to get groceries however make sure that your meat hasn't been sitting out for a while last time I bought meat from them I got food poisoning granted it probably was my fault I picked some meat that was on sale I probably shouldn't have bought it

b blackberry

Sorry but I don't like the meat, twice I purchased meat even seasoning when I cooked both times the flavor is off. It could just be me, sorry.

Miss W

Convenient shopping. Great ad deals. But they are higher-priced. Thier Bakery goods are very delicious. Courteous and friendly service. You can also cash checks here but not on Sundays. Faxing is also available here.

Kirk Eastman

Prices are higher than other grocery stores but location is convenient.


This pharmacy is terrible and extremely overpriced, they say it's something about about a contract. My medication increased almost 5 times the price of it's original price. The pharmacist and technicians are extremely rude and incompetent. This pharmacy is a scam they are overcharging people, they treat people horribly, they have no idea what is going on. Avoid this pharmacy at all costs unless you want to be taken advantage of. David the pharmacist or technician(it seems there are two of them) are very incompetent. This pharmacy needs to be investigated for fraud and possibly theft...Avoid.. Avoid.. Avoid.


Love this place!!

James Grow

Very helpful staff.

Misty Porter

The store was super dirty and the was an opened soda in the cooler.

Holly Powell

This store has nice food, but is dummy lit especially in the produce section. The workers are always friendly.

David Yokelson

This is a full-scale supermarket. Full-size, full service. They have everything you'd find at better-known, national chains. I don't think they have the same buying power, tho. So some prices might be a little higher, and some produce quality might be a little lower.

blaine johansen

Not my favorite store but nice.


Nice bakery. Grocery prices aren't great unless you grab an item on sale or closeout. Around Christmas they have nice gifts for a good price.

Tia Fleenor

Good store. Clean store and nice staff

Lori Brewerton

One of my favorite grocery stores. I wish we still had one near us but the one on 5600 W & 3400 S closed a few years ago.

Austin Olsen

Service is great. Pricing on most stuff is great. Bakery is poor quality compared to Smith's or Harmons. Pricing of bakery products are too much compared to other stores. Pumpkin cookies for example, quality to price ratio is what made me not buy them here. Pharmacy is good since they have 2 lanes. Frequency of sales is outstanding. Parking can be great sometimes, mostly it's good. Employees are nice. Shelves are nearly always stocked. It's not too big to get lost and confused where something is, and it's not too small where they don't have something that is needed. Clearance is okay sometimes, but overall, not much. Restroom is okay but not great. Overall, it's a good store; nearly perfect except for bakery.

sheri morreale



Really clean store, has self check out. I rarely shop here but when I do it's nice and easy.

Harlyn Green

It's a grocery store. Great I guess? I don't know what to say. They have food you can buy to eat. It clean. I didn't use the bathroom so I don't know about that whole situation. I once asked where to find something and they knew where to find it and told me.

karren olsen

The employees there are very helpful.

Jonathan Miller

Never go here. They are not "Fresh Market" more like "Rotten Market" all their produce and meat goes bad the day after you buy it. Bad labeling will never shop here again.

Domer, Soucy

The staff is always very friendly.

Penny Huber

Perfect store for me! It's close in my area and I use the Pharmacy and bank so it makes it very convenient and to mention great prices and the staff is helpful and friendly

Phillip Hansen

They have a wide variety of quality products at economical pricing ‼️

gl Locke

I take my friend shopping when i visit her... She has no car and this is just a little thing to do for her. She loves the store & it always has good fresh food and great prices

Bernice White

I went in to buy milk. I saw The chocolate milk. It was pricey. More than some stores. Any way, I saw the flip yogurt on sale. Like any store you have to watch what to buy. I bought 5 for $5. And change. It was cheaper to buy that instead of the four pack. It was labeled very clear what was on sale. The self check out has someone to help if needed.

Orlando Landa

Always have what I need.

stranger thanu

This store reminds me of the old days because of they way they still cut the meat and handle fish ... They can't compete with Walmart

boo boobear

The staff is nice the store is clean and organized

Jilian Tester

Friendly staff, fast checkout. In and out just like I like it.

Elec 987

Always have great pricing and is a very well kept store.

Noel Bob

Very friendly and helpful staff. Not much flavor in there bakery muffins. Higher prices than the other grocery stores within a mile.

B3ndy GalaxyYT and B3ndy Galaxy Tales and more

Yes good 5 stars

Tiffani Mondragon

It feels dirty and the stuff that was on sale did not ring up with the sale price. I was running behind and didnt have time to fight the price. Total RIP off. On purpose that this occurs I think so. One or two items I can see but over half the sale price items, I think they hope it doesnt get caught.

Jeff Chaston

2 liter Mountain Dew/Pepsi was on sale for under a dollar.

Jay Anderson

That's a good place to shop if you need anything what means to be in the fridge or the pantry

William Grow

Nice and fresh, good produce department, good deli. Customer service is wonderful.

Tasha Stratton

Kind of expensive with out the quality people must shop here because they live close and don't have cars

Charmone Ford

Great place to go for lunch and it's close to work.

Elaina Vigil

Friendly staff. Clean store.

Wendy Hatch

It's a decent grocery store. It's prices are high like Harmon's unfortunately. I do like the convenience of the store. I have noticed they do have great prices on some of the ads which is why I am giving them 4 stars.

Kelvin Keene

Very decent staff. They're good about honoring their advertisements and are pretty good about having things in stock.

uncensored Seth

It was good they had my orange sticks I haven't seen them in years

Eric Polgar

Good prices close to home and right food

M.Zueger Zueger

Always a pleasure shopping here love this store.

Cindy Burgess

Nice workers & shop there alot

Calvin Jones

Fast service and knowledgeable staff, including fair prices. Have shopped here often.

Camila Zarate

It's closer to my school and cheap to eat maruchan and other stuff

Michael Hunter

All I can say is that regardless of location, the set up is bad, the deals are bad, the prices are not that good, and that before they bought out Albertsons we were better off with Albertsons

Blake Bedient

The prices in this place are crazy. A bag a pop cycle's are almost twice what they are at Smith's or Lucky's. Not once have I ever had a cashier seem glad to see me. At any of the stores. If one is in the business of customer service one should be semi nice to the customer.

A.C. Paige

I love this place! The pharmacy staff are very friendly and helpful. I have a somewhat odd prescription in having a continuos glucose monitor and find that it is always available within moments of requesting a refill. I had a hiccup with the insurance and the pharmacist went above and beyond to take care of me. This was at the West Valley location. I love these guys!

Michael Castle

I'm a regular here. This location is smaller that most but has everything you need in one stop and the products are quality products. Thanks Smith's!!!

Angel Knight

Organized, friendly cashiers, and average prices.

Jamie Vallejos

Nice clean store with easy access... Prices a little higher, similar to Harmons..

Susan Naeata

This place is OK the stocky like you're still in something and some was like you walk in the door and his like watch them watch them watch this one watch out he can't shop comfortably especially when you go through self check out

Roseleena X

Fresh Market is very,very expensive and I am very poor,however they are kind,helpful and the ONLY store where my service dog takes a nap on my lap.....We love it there.Specials are terrible and if you look hard enough you can find some good deals...EVERY DAY....Thank you ALL the friendly helpful employees and the Pharmacy is tops also,and friendly and give you ALL you need to know about your prescriptions. Zaza Happy am I when we have money to shop.

Jeff Hansen

Shop at this store frequently because it is close and convenient. They have a fairly good selection of national brands as well as some good quality private label items. We shop here for my mother-in-law who is homebound as it is on our way to her home. Overall meats are high quality. Breads are usually fresh, Produce is good, and we can always find our favorite brands. They are definitely Walmart with pricing but we always get $10.00 on our wallet balance which combined with convenience and good selection is a reason to return each week.

unknown unknown

Never had a issue. Joe is a good manager.

Nick Tenney

Nice grocery store where you can get just about anything you need. Employees are always nice and helpful.

William Adams

It's a decent grocery store

Hau Ho Trung

I can find anything I need. Have Wellsfargo branch there.

Mary Helen Gleason

Fresh Market was fine it was clean have plenty of food on the

Ann Louise Snow

Great place. Good fish and deli. Good selection.

Mary Acres

Bad customer service they think every one steal

Brooklyn LeFevre

My girlfriends aunt is a baker here and her grandmother is the manager I believe. The General staff is very friendly and the store itself is cute and abundant with reasonably priced products. It's one of my favorite places to shop.

Kim Allen

I buy all of my daughters flowers here for her Choir performances.

Dàn Marcotte

This is ok. Kind of e pricey. Not a lot of variety but an ok grocery store.

C. Mecham

My go-to. Decent prices

Jeremiah Sindar

Love this store

Maria Guttierez

awful customer service but gets the job done.

Kathy Parsons

Love this store.

Vincent Wartenweiler

Great prices and selection!

Natalie Terhune

The "bakery" person that was there when i needed my daughter's 11th birthday cake written on was AWFUL!! Beware of the older man that is doing the frosting writing on cakes!!

qben q

The parking lot is ghetto just like most of west valley but if you NEED to go to a grocery store in this area, its not bad.

Davina Rosenauer

I Only go to this store becauase its close to me

Steven Jones

Great local grocery store. Nice helpful staff and a clean store.

cory nelsen

It's easy to get in and out I wish they had more of a selection on some items

Hugo Tejada

fresh produce and nice service to costumers

Charlene Hansen

It's a little pricey but it's close and on the way home. We shop there when we need to pick up just a few items. If the it wasn't so pricey we would shop there more often.

Mark Rogers

Perfect service

J Parker

Went in to get a thing of juice. They have drinks of all kinds spread all over the place. Asked an employee to point me to the juice, she pointed in 2 opposite directions both of which were incorrect. Most random fresh I've ever been to.

Cindy Hinds

Very helpful in renting rug shampooer. Better price than another store. Pleasant customer service.

Neil Taylor

Not a fan - only had to stop because it was the first place google recommended when looking for a food store in the middle of a drive. Would rather drive another few minutes to hit a cleaner food store with better prices and fresher produce.

Perry Gould

Nice store fresh food ,Nice nice prices.

Daniel Magaña

Always fresh and clean,friendly people

Traci Franz

Pharmacy tech was really nice & fast wait time

Brenda Loya

Gray store lots to chose from super frendly

Debra Benson

All the cashiers are great, friendly, helpful, but they have a guy working back in the deli that needs to take some lessons from the cashiers, he's rude, he acts like you are putting him out if you dare to ask a question about something. I have an 88 year old mother that I take her shopping there I could not believe the way he treated her.

Mystery Lover

Good place to shop

Scott Holt

They are so friendly it reminds me of a little country store. The pharmacy is great is very professional and friendly and very knowledgeable and helpful.

Kendelin Halladay

I really like this store it's like home town kinda feeling not crazy crowded have what you need. The cashier are very friendly and helpful.

Russ Payne

Great grocery store, very friendly!!

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