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REVIEWS OF First Oriental Market IN Utah

Jacob Kloutier

So many things I never knew I wanted

John Roylance

Great little store. It's packed with great stuff. Japanese food is what I go for and it's got a nice selection.

Nathan Borgholthaus

(Translated by Google) They speak really good English, but also speak Korean if you need that. Wide variety of all sorts of Oriental Foods and appliances. You speak English well and you can speak Korean if you need it. There are many kinds of Asian food (Original) They speak really good English, but also speak Korean if you need that. Wide variety of all sorts of Oriental Foods and appliances. 사장님이 영어도 잘하시고 필요로 하면 물론 한국말 도 할 수 있으십니다 여러 종류의 아시아 음식이 있습니다

Eric Porter

A lot of great stuff I can't find elsewhere. The staff is really nice.

Vincent Massa

Got supplies for sushi and lots of ramen.

Indianah Dally

Rosita B

Great snacks!

Sheila Kennedy

This is a classic in orem but since the new market a few doors down opened not so much variety in comparison.

Anney Germaine

Great market with lots of good options. It's nice to have somewhere that carries some Asian home goods in the Provo/Orem area.

Ankita Dev

you can get everything asian here. whatever food or products you need

Chris Wolf

Fun place but not the best selection. Asian Market in Provo is much better

Braden Hutchinson

Has a focus on Korean food, but there are a few Japanese products here that you can't find anywhere else in Utah Valley. Also I hear they have special Kimchi in the back.

Keith Brown

Love it. Reminds me of my time in Korea

Kalama's Island Style Hawaiian Food

Just ok, new Asian MARKET next door has better prices and bulk discounts for businesses

Kim Brown

Lots of variety,even if a bit chaotic, interesting items everywhere

Cherilyn Phillips

Great variety of items, friendly staff, and good prices.

Ashley Balzly

Geremy Mori

I love this place!!!!

Mehana Kwong

Our go-to for Asian food ingredients as well as prepared lunch food and side dishes.

Amir Zarrin

I used to shop at salt lake Asian market and based on my experience this place doesn't have much unique things, store is kind of small, by all mean doesn't make is bad it's just more expensive and has less produces.

Melissa Heppler

Cute market with lots of Asian food, my kids love coming here for ramune, ramen and Pocky. Trying new treats is a great time. Prices are fair and help support a small business!

Tony Tiso

I love spicy food but this place blew me away. They have some off the shelf ramen you have never heard of that is most likely too hot for you to handle. Highly recommend but proceed at your own risk!!

Lizhen Qian

There is a very limited selection of products. The produce is not as fresh as I expected.

Kelly Yoon

Dan Maker

A great selection of Korean, Japanese and Thai ingredients. Friendly and helpful staff.

Chadwin Foley

Just like any Asian market I've ever known. The lady that runs the cash register is the sweetest lady ever.

Laura Ruiz

They have thin pork belly!!!

Dorothy Maumasi

Love this market!

Alexis Terry

Selection and pricing was normal and the shopkeep was very nice and helped us find a specific item with a smile. The only negative comment I have is the bad smell inside.

Sɥᴉuʇɐɹo Sɐsɐʞᴉ

I am a frequent customer of this store.

Justin Alphabet

They have nearly everything you could want!

Teresja Nelson

This is a great little Asian market. Many things are Korean, but you can find items from China and Japan, as well as a few things from southeast Asia. They have produce here that can be difficult to find at chain grocery stores, and they have an assortment of kimchi and prepared side dishes you can buy. You can also buy some cookware, dishes, health and beauty aids (like face masks), and a few other sundries here. The service here is very friendly and helpful. This is my go-to Asian market.

Anna S.

Perry Pendleton

cool little place

Lauren Webster

Good variety of Asian products.

Brenton Mock

Great selection and friendly service.

Melissa Prince

This is a five star place for many of us but I can understand why it might not be for others. I think in many cases it just depends on what you are looking for or expecting. This a Korean store...meaning, it is set up like a Korean store. I go here often, partly just to breath in the smells. I grew up in Seoul and there are many things here that can't be found in other Asian markets. Prices are good to decent. Service is perfect for a little Korean store but isn't quite the same as other more American stores as other reviewers have indicated. I still remember when Milkis came out in Korea. I was 13 and I have never been the same since. No one should have to live without I am grateful to finally have a place to buy it all the time along with everything else Korean I need!

All Seasons Moving

Bon Lee

Great place to buy food

Josh Lee

Lots of options

Linda Pruett

Asian Market Orem none

Please remove all pictures of Asian Market Orem. You're using pictures of our store, you can't use other stores pictures to mislead customers.

Bryan Farnworth

It smells a bit inside but it has good food!

Emily Sorensen

I wanted to try making pho and they had everything I needed! Was very impressed with the selection of oriental food products. The owners were there and very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back to try making other Asian foods!

Angelica Reid

Great service and lots of great food and ingredients. They have imported stuff including lots of great snacks, curries and rice seasoning, but also fresh produce too. I really love the frozen pork steam buns and the fruit flavored daifuku pack. Also is nice they are opened on sundays.

Tihare Salazar

Great shop, has so many different things. Also the drinks and food that's available is amazing. Will certainly be going back there for all the essential Asian cuisine.

Alan Kishida

Cho Jenny

Good place to buy Korean grocery.

Jeannette Guerrero

Great service, amazing stuff, and all good quality too.

Camille B

Has all the Korean food you need! Love this place, love the owners.

Hannah Wilcock

My fave Asian market. Hard to see from the road, but they have great prices and a great selection. The store is small and has a very cultural feel. The people are so nice. We once went to a different Asian market on accident (there is another Asian market on the same block) and realized the prices were sky high compared to here. We quickly went back here.

Benjamin Berteaux

I enjoy their selections that they have available. Great prices and amazing variety, cant go wrong.

Glyde Hawkins

If they don't have it then it doesn't exist. Small and crowded aisles but worth going when your regular market doesn't have what you are looking for in oriental food. If you approach the counter and ask they will gladly help you find what you are looking for, which I like because it shortens my time there.

Kyle Slaughter

Cool place, lots of unique items you can’t get elsewherr in orem

Sheridan Thompson-Manaea

Store owners are always very friendly and can find all the foods I miss from home

Layne Sondrup

Good selection

Smiling Sole

I thought 1st oriental has food court, since they posted food court picture. It’s totally scam .... this store is very small, doesn’t have much varieties.... a lot of pictures they post are fake.... totally misguiding !!!

David Dayton

They've stolen photos from the Asian Market Orem!

Ashley Chumpitaz

I didn't even go there so 5 stars I guess...

Angela Robinson

The owner is always asking for cash because they are trying to not pay taxes on their sale. Last time they sold something that was expired too. Unless you want to die dont go there

Gregg Marchant

I like stopping in here often because each time I do, I find new ingredients to experiment with and new snacks to try. This place introduced me to mochi.

Mike Smith

Owners are very friendly and their prices are fair. We will shop here again.

Doug Berrett

Great place to go to for hard to find Asian ingredients and Asian snack food. Reasonably priced. Large selection.

Karen Smith

I go here for curry paste and coconut cream. Friendly staff.

Piper Davis

Livi ig

They have a wide selection of foods mainly korean, but everything is priced nicely and the lady at the cashier is super nice!!! Please go give them a chance.

Sydney Baldwin

savannah easterling

You can find just about everything


Saul Coria

I thought it was going to be a good store but it ended up being a horrible experience. The lady kept following me and looking at the cameras as if I was going to steal something. Racist. Never coming here again. I don't recommend this place. I live in Orem and I'd rather drive to the Asian Market in Provo.

Hyun Sung Cho

There are many kinds of Asian food. If you are from Korea or Japan, you may get your familiar foods here.

takatoshi hiyama

(Translated by Google) Good assortment. (Original) 品揃えがいい。

William Patterson

may star

Good merchandise a dollar less then Asian market.

heidi sorensen

Great little Korean market. The staff are very helpful and are willing to share info about cooking


Owner changed and price went up

Erika Anderson

Super authentic and I absolutely LOVE the candy and ramen sections!!!!

rob beal

They have a great selection and the employees are very helpful if we have questions about different items.

Dylan Balzly

Awesome prices great food and they have korean fire noodles which are the best!

Taralyn Hunt

Came in and found exactly what we were looking for! Great little Asian marketplace! The owner was really nice too.

Lorna Tietjen

Nice man behind the counter, he helped us with everything and we got all that we came for. I've got to go back for more supplies! Love this store! Remind me of home.

Jesse Shin

Alex Crist

Good selection of food items you can't find in the normal store. Smells gross though.

Dave Stillman

Great place great people great prices

Brad Wilcox

Jintoku Tai

This place has the tasty and affordable fish cakes for hotpots and other dishes in town. The owner is also very polite and nice.

Phillip Nako

Good selection

Meesun Lee

Good Korean market.

Jason Kim

This is a great place to get asian groceries in the Provo/Orem area especially if you are looking for Korean groceries. The owners are korean so most of the groceries are catered for Koreans but there are plenty of other asian ingredients. The fresh produce is not consistently good but if you are looking for specialities ingredients this is the place that will mostly likely have it in the provo/orem area.

Doug Welton

All things Asian---food that is.

Dana Rees

Great place for Korean Japanese and Chinese foods.

Bryan Bean

MarVi M

Jacob Amini

Great selection and friendly staff. We've always been happy with the quality of food we've gotten and their prices are very fair. No one I've met so far speaks much english, but they are very willing to help you find what you need (google translate has definitely helped in the past)!

Junne Murdock

Bess Hung

Andres Cifuentes

Carina Jones

Amazing products and even better prices.

Seong Yeon Cho

Super affordable, and Great management!

Herb Mason

lia A

Love the selection and prices!

Sophie Charlton

small store, smelled HORRIBLE. the worker man was so sweet to us, though. lots of fun asian delicacies.

Matthew Hales

They always have fun asian foods to buy. Be careful though, they will try and trick you with expiration dates. They will cover up the expiration dates with stickers to get you to buy it without knowing it expired a month ago. This happened with some soy sauce here. pretty sketchy if you ask me.

maria sejas

(Translated by Google) Good variety (Original) Buena variedad

parker nielson

Been coming here for years! Awesome people that run it. Great products.

Bryan Jackson

Good place to get some oriental food. My wife is a chef and so she has to get authentic stuff and so she goes here.

Melanie Chao

This is a small Korean store, but they have quality items and service. They are under new ownership, so previous issues of spoiled food are non existent. The best part about this store is that they make, package, and sell their own kimchi and other side dishes. If you haven’t tasted fresh kimchi before, this is the place to go and try it. All of the factory kimchi’s sold at other locations are super fermented. Do yourself a favor and support the little market!

Ryan Ahlberg

They had just what I needed

Stephanie Thayn

Darcy Whitmer

I love their selection and cozy atmosphere.

vince ashman

best Asian grocery store in Utah county. they have the mae ploy curry paste that you know you want.

Minhee Kang


Love the Korean food selection here and the kimchee rocks! This is my go-to asian grocery store. They always have everything I need.

Troy W

I haven't experienced the round-eye tax people are talking about. Love this place.

Daniel Hancock

This place has a great selection of things I had frequently when living in the pacific. I love coming here to find new things to try too. The selection has seem to slim down a little big over the last couple months, but still great! You have to spend more than $5 however to be able to use a card.

Samuel Barlow

I love First Oriental Market! It has lots of good Korean food! Obviously it is not ridiculously cheap because it comes straight from Korea, but the people that run it seem to be very nice and honest! We will keep coming back here for all of our Korean food needs!

Soonoh Kwon

It is a typical korean market

Marci Robison

Found everythingi needed

Irene LeSueur

Love this store!! I always find what I want and need

Trent Robertson

Mike Carr

Lauren Vest

Super friendly staff, they have a lot of great stuff that you can't find anywhere. Go for inspiration for next meal!!

Matt Jones

I love this little store. It's not huge and it doesn't have EVERYTHING you might look for, but it has a lot of good stuff. The people are very nice, everything is in good condition, and they have a good selection of produce and refrigerated/frozen stuff too.


Very large selection. Meats, frozen treats, and a wide variety of asian product

Cody Simonsen

Decent prices. Lots of variety. These folks had HiChews before they were cool and mainstream. Staff here has always been friendly to us.

Nalani Farnsworth

Eric Richards

Fresher produce that other Asian markets in the area

Nathan Anderson

They have a good selection of Asian foods from various countries. They are friendly and willing to help you find the items you need.

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