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REVIEWS OF Day's Market IN Utah

Thoughts From The Mrs

Cute little grocery store. Prices a little higher than average.

Abby MacDonald

We love Day's. They have great produce, a great ice cream selection, and such good donuts. It's recently remodeled, but still has a family owned feel.

Talon Jensen

It is a nice small market for locals, has a Post Office in the store that I use. Prices are reasonable, variety is suprisingly good and the people are very friendly. We were away for seven years and when we came back people here remembered us! I like the home town feel, it is a nice change when we are at our Provo home. If you want the cheapest prices there is a Costco about 3 miles away.

Courtney Cowley

I really enjoy going to Days Market because it's always a positive experience, from the kind, helpful employees to the cleanliness of the store. Days market has the atmosphere of a small town grocery store. Because of that, there isn't the largest selection, but that has never bothered me. The prices can sometimes be a little higher than other options, but the location is hard to beat. I love the donuts as day's market. Some of the best in the state.

Kathryn Nordstrom

I love Day's market because it has all of those last minute things you need for a recipe, or a part, and much more. Their staff are really friendly, and it's super close. Love Day's!!

Cameron Stoddard

Awesome place to shop! Everyone here is so friendly and nice. Bobbi is especially friendly and helpful to everyone! Wouldn't think I would ever find a grocery store that focuses on creating relationships with its customers. Days Market definitely goes above and beyond!

Betty Arcia

Nice place always

Tanner Bowman

Good location to stop by when we're heading up the canyon.

Arlette Underwood

Small grocery store. Convenient for quick shopping trips.

Suzy Vivian

This is my local market. They have a great selection for such a small store. The prices are good too.

Vicky Hopper

This may feel like a small grocery store, but they always have a great sale going on for meat and their donuts are to die for! Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

Genevieve's Cameraroll

It is so low priced! I got huge candy bags and lots of other things UNDER 10 dollars and that's all I had! You should definitely go here to shop!

David Starling

Great job on the remodel

Gaye Lee Page

Great local store!

Henry Andrus

Small, friendly grocery store with decent prices.

Alondra Duarte

I had fun there and there is a buch of good stuff there to buy.

James Kleven

Donuts baked daily. Quick lines. Friendly staff.

L. L.

Rather small, but good supermarket. Great produce department. Very friendly staff. Have many organic products. Prices are reasonable.

Tanner Rozier

A local market should not just be a more expensive walmart. Not only is it more expensive, but it actually doesn't even have as many local products to choose from. Day's is filled with the most generic products at a higher price. They should learn from markets like Sprouts and Good Earth. Also an employee recently racially profiled my friend who is an American born Asian when they acted like she couldn't speak English. When English is her native language.

Betsy Baird

Day's is a super fun neighborhood market. It isn't the most competitive prices wise, but it is very friendly and gives you the feeling of a community. We really like it.

Debbie Collyer

This is a wonderful store. With fun stuff to buy for every heart's desire.

Gunnar Reay

Love it! It is my go-to for most shopping needs.

Kyle Skinner

This is a nice neighborhood store. It is a little small and can be tricky finding things, but the staff are always helpful.

Whitney Shurtliff

For a local grocery market, the store hours are incredible. I love this store. They have great selection for the size of the store. Cute boutique area with a fun selection of home decor. The produce is nice. The meat dept has the BEST meat. So fresh with good prices. Their bakery has amazing doughnuts, cakes, bagels, bread, and cookies. I love knowing that I’m supporting a family who is local to the community and actually cares about their customers. I’m also loving the remodel and am sooo excited to see what it looks like when it’s finished. By far the best grocery store there is.

Nathan Fletcher

Great grocery store for the edgemont are of Provo. Recently remodeled and it's a great place to get some quick things if you are in the area. Some of the items are a little higher priced than bigger chain stores, but keep an eye out for deals. They have a bakery and a butcher. They are also connected to a post office.

Devin Lundgreen

Awesome locally owned grocery store! Caring employees and unique items!

Diana Dye

Cute little grocery store. They are an associated food store so you get all their sales prices. 5 stars for their doughnuts.

Shad Hunter

Open fairly late and always has a good selection. The deli products are always fresh and the donuts go on sale after 7 or 8 and become a real steal.

jim conners

Very clean. Good prices. Well stocked and friendly service

Drew Dowling

Delicious Reeses peanut butter cup donut and Oreo donut in the bakery!!

heidi higginson

Cute little market with a good selection!

Pablo Hernandez

Wack but nice

Scott Henderson

I go to days at least once a week. Their selection is fairly good considering it is more of a convenience grocery store. Prices are not crazy high and the staff are always super helpful. They are also in the middle of some remodeling so things are going to feel more modern in the upcoming months m.

Kimmie Wagner

Their doughnuts rock my world. 100% no exaggeration. I think about them all the time

Eric Swenson

friendly and helpful. large selection for such a small store

Lorie Reginalds

I love this place!!

Bb Ss

Small local feel even with new work.

Travis Hoyt

This is a nice little grocery store that serves the Edgemont area on North Canyon. It's smaller than many other supermarkets, but it's got a small store intimate feel. They have great bakery items and a wide selection, but not a ton of inventory so sometimes they are out of what you need. One bummer is that of the 4 parking lot lights, there are 3 that are burned out so the parking lot is pitch black after dark. Also, you can't buy gift cards unless you use cash or debit, which means you don't buy gift cards here.

Brock Foley

Best donuts in Provo. I should know. I have eaten far too many donuts here.

Doug Draper

Small convenient grocery store with a little higher prices than big chains.

Melissa Prince

For what it is, Day's couldn't be more perfect. I love that they quietly support the local schools. They hire the local youth to work at their store and in general are a great part of our community. Even though they are a small store, they still have those random items you want to get like lightbulbs, hangers, crayons, etc. Coffee and organic selections have improved a lot over the last few years (still looking forward to more coffee and kombucha selections).

Erika Anderson

Days Market's employees are always friendly! I love supporting local business!

Chad Thomas

If you enjoy friendly service, great selection and quality products, then you are going to LOVE Day's Market.

Lindsey DeHut

I enjoy shopping here for little things. It has an older and more homey feel than Smiths or Maceys and the staff is very nice.

Clint Hoaldridge

The location is convenient and the service is friendly. It is a small store and does not always have everything on the shopping list. The prices can be more than larger stores.

Jessy Taylor

This is a great little store with excellent customer service. My favorite part is the fun holiday related gifts in the front of the store, and the amazing selection of donuts that I have never seen available anywhere else!

Alexandra Davis

Great little grocery store. My favorite is their quick-sale meats (on Thursdays, I think?)

Lujean Marshall

Convenient for people in North East Orem. Pleasant cashiers. Post office inside. Good home town feeling.

Katy Staley

Has a lot more variety of what we needed. A few other things were just one or the other. But nice family store

Jeremy Riggs

Great because it's close. Besides that, it's expensive and the produce isn't that great

Bryce LeFevre

I love buying their Deli sub sandwitch. Great for picnics!

David DeGraw

Small town market feel. Super friendly employees, short lines at the register. We love shopping at Day's! Prices are a little higher and the selection is a little smaller, but the produce is always good and it's so much nicer than Wal-Mart.

Dianne Garner

The store is well organized, well stocked, with quality meats, cheeses, vegetables, and good variety. The staff and managers are helpful and friendly.

sonny henrie

It's a nice store now that is remodeled. Still a little bit over priced. The location is the best part, it is very close to my home.

Cooper Moyer

The stuff here is priced good and the customer service is good

Dennis Allen

Day's Market is a great little store. You aren't going to find a huge variety due to its small size, but it is quaint, and the people who work there are nice and polite. The best part is that after 7, their donuts go on sale: 3 for a dollar. I walk down with my family every so often just to buy a few donuts as a family activity.

Daniel Phipps

Simple. Efficient. Caring.


I have been buying from Day’s Market for 22 years. Clean and friendly environment. Has that neighborhood hometown feel. Their new remodel has made some great improvements.

Jared Whitehead

Great local market. Has almost everything but much closer to residential neighborhood

Elaine Kemp

Love that this darling market is locally owned. I love their adorable seasonal items, gifts, and decor! It really is amazing their varied selection of groceries. E.

Laura Behle

Employees are friendly and helpful. I love how they sell local products.

Casey Fehlberg

I don't even remember why I went there but I'm sure it was a good reason!

John Salmon

Day's Market is awesome. They now have ordering online. It keeps getting better and better.

Poopagins MCbear

Great staff, good home town feeling, prices are ok and if certain items are more expensive than Walmart’s or other big chain stores I’d still rather go to Days because you won’t be stressed out and will have help if you need. The staff actually knows where things are.

Lydia McInnis

I love this store. It has a little of everything at reasonable prices, it even has a post office and bakery.

Marilyn Ripple

Love Days!!

Arda Caliskan

Days Market is seriously one of the best grocery stores that I have ever been to. It leads me through my life, through the highs and the lows I go to Days all the time. There customer service is 5 stars, has never been better. This place is seriously amazing, i bring my kids, my family, and my friends.

Michael Cannon

They have good customer service and always know how to make me happy with their food

Matthew Garry Moon

Cozy grocery store with hometown feel. Good prices with great customer service.


I’ve always enjoyed the local store, Day’s Market. It’s small but with a great variety of quality foods. Prices are pretty good. The store is getting a remodel—exterior and interior—which makes the shopping experience even nicer. They have an on-site post office. They also have gift/decor items.

Mike Drury

This is my hometown grocery store, very basic, but everything you need for your household. Name brands and generic brands. Store is usually pretty clean, the people and the cashiers are friendly and you can get in and out quick.

Layne Sondrup

Donuts are half price after 7. The best thing ever.

Tim Hansen

Today they had the best price on onions I could find - anywhere.

Jacob Frei

Friendly, helpful staff. Great sales. They do lack a lot of things that I have gone in to look for, especially organic and vegan/vegetarian options.

Tom Kirkham

A wonderful neighborhood business terrific people to deal with great products fair prices for a neighborhood market go there c4yourself

Ben Hanson

Large selection, organic produce, donuts, sushi, ice cream, a ATM, plants, a electronic cart, and a good setup.

Dani Hoagland

Love days! Our friendly neighborhood grocery store.

Dale Sweat

Nice clean neighborhood grocery store.

Rachel Jones

For a smaller and local grocery store they have worked hard to have a great selection. They are known for the fresh donuts. Try out there salsa too.

Heidi M Gunn

Love the new look of the remodel and competitive prices

Stephanie Nielson

Conveniently located for people living on the north side of Provo. It has that small market appeal with almost everything the big supermarket can offer and it has many unique gifts not to be found anywhere else.

Dan Burt

I love Day's. It is the Neighborhood Market that everyone should want in their neighborhood. I love having Day's in my community.

Matt Dungan

Very nice market. Not the largest around or with the widest selection but it is very clean and well stocked. Very happy to have it in the area.

Annie Nielson

Day's market is perfect for a quick stop. If all you need is milk and bananas, no point walking a mile around a bigger store. Tip for moms with toddlers: they have little mini carts that your kid can push! I was very happy that they had locally grown vine ripened tomatoes in boxes that said "Utah fruit," the same boxes you see at fruit stands and the farmer's market. Also when I went today there were free sushi samples at the deli and it was really good sushi! The only reason they don't get 5 stars from me is because they aren't the cheapest option. For example, a tub of hummus was 4.19 today, as opposed to the usual 3.79ish at bigger stores. But they do a great job for a neighborhood market! I've never had to stand in line here either.

Ryan Farrell

Days has some great sales and very friendly staff.

Hoodiez Tv

Great employees! Great service! I absolutely love this place! The employees are so willing and happy to help customers! Great place in general!

Jason Moyer

There's been a large change since the remodel. Maybe it's my imagination, but the employees seem better, the store is better stocked, I just generally enjoy shopping there more.

David Facer

Small, friendly local grocer and market. Good local produce, a post office, and friendly service. No beer.

RH Parkinson

The perfect neighborhood grocery store. The freshest and highest quality of food. And the fact that you can't go there without seeing a friend or someone you know is just an added bonus

Natty Coleman

Little local grocery. Lacking in decent produce and some other baking goods but great donuts.

Debi Pope

Nice local store. Has everything you might need. We found sushi for a great price which was a good find for us. Very friendly staff.

Arthur Wheeler

Close and convient use it for the quick in and out grocery needs.

Erika Hulterstrom

Overpriced, overcrowded, but convenient for quick runs when you realize you don't have an ingredient for a recipe.

Hannah Faulconer

It's clean with good service. It has very cheap donuts that taste fine but not extraordinary.

Gregg Taylor

Great Little Grocerry Store. Very good service and convenient to east Provo residences.

Crystal Stubbs

I love the convenience of the location, but the prices are much higher than other grocery stores. Each time I visit, I must weigh out the benefits of spending more but not travelling as far. It's usually more beneficial to drive to a bigger grocery store, so I only go here when in in a big hurry or too tired to go somewhere else.

Trace Mac

Easy to find and access with a great selection of goods and friendly staff.


Best donuts in Provo (better frosting-to-donut ratio than Provo bakery)

Brett Corbin

Solid home town grocery! Good times!

Jeff Shurtliff

Day's Market is an incredible grocery store. It always has a great selection of everything and also has many unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. The employees are very friendly and genuinely care about their customers. I am always amazed every time I go through the checkout line at how professional yet how cheerful each cashier is. The store owners are always seen on the floor visiting with customers and helping them to have a wonderful experience. Our kids love shopping at Day's not only because it's a fun atmosphere but also because the store has a collection of kid-sized shopping carts that they love to push around to "help momma and daddy" with their shopping. The prices can't be beat and you'll never find tastier donuts than in the Day's Market bakery. The "mango tango" is my all-time favorite but I've never tried a donut there that I didn't love. It is also extremely convenient to have a post office inside so that I can save myself a trip whenever I need to mail a letter or package. Overall, Day's Market is without a doubt my favorite grocery store and I will never stop shopping there.

Chef Chad Pritchard

Hands down, the best donuts in Provo. Is this the biggest grocery store? Nope. Is it the most flashy? Nope. Do they have the widest selection of products? Nope. But guess what? It's our grocery store. Owner Steve Day and son Brock both live in my neighborhood. They don't have the biggest selection because they don't have the most room, but what they do have (and they have a lot y'all) is selected for their customers. Afterall, they live around those who shop there, so they know what is wanted. They do special orders, have a loyalty program and online shopping with delivery. It's a great store.

Chase Mullen

This really is the best neighborhood grocery store ever.

Russ Williams

Nice people easy to find items. Clean store,

David C

Very good local grocery store with excellent customer service.

Jim Heninger

Convenience, Quality, and Value. I love shopping at the locally owned Days Market. The remodel is fantastic. I really like the new deli, especially the sushi. Days is my “go-to”. Keep up the great work!

Alvin Sherman

Family-owned business. Efficiently managed with a broad selection of products. Excellent fruits and vegetables. Very friendly employees and always helpful.

Gerald Moffitt

Good selection and price. Closed Sunday

L Mar

Wonderful place w/ amazing finds

Rachael Jackson

Great bakery lots of options of candy and treats.


Not always the best prices but the absolutely best donuts in the whole universe and the most amazing staff

Amanda P

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Always very well stocked, clean, and inviting

Jeff Goodall

Great upscale market.

Kelly Williams

Good bye ,Jim.

Colleen T

I love Days! We've been customers for 23 years. They treat customers like family, have reasonable prices and great sales, and will order in what you want for an event. The store is perfectly sized- you don't have to run a marathon to find what you want. They often employ neighborhood kids, giving them a first job. Thanks for contributing to our neighborhood.


Great local grocery store, friendly and fairly well stocked for its size.

Michelle Bean

The five star review is mostly for their doughnuts. They have amazing doughnuts and I’m not even a doughnut person, but I still loved them. I wouldn’t do my regular shopping here because they’re pricier than other places, but they have some fun and unique items like their cheese section and their bakery. Also sometimes they have really good sales. We came for the doughnuts and ended up leaving with a half dozen as well as some sharp cheddar, fresh French bread, and raspberries. Also like that it’s community based and family owned.

Susan Elaine Ronson

Have always loved Days !, now its even better, & they just had a Grand Opening !!. Free donuts, all kinds of taste testers, sales, & free reusable grocery bags !!!.

Clyde E Wilkinson

Always have the item you need.

Oscar Catota

Nice and clean supermarkets

Robert Noel

Great customer service.

Kent Pomares

Fantastic. Just friendly, sweet, hard working people that always leave you with a huge grin. I, a the friendly Canadian that visits frequently, have to say that "I" thought I knew what friendly meant. This place takes it to a new level. Not kidding. Special mention for night manager Jenny. Kent Pomares.

Elisa Andersen

I think it is nice for the people around that area, but I like nicer and bigger grocery stores. I find it really hard to find what I need in smaller stores like Day's Market. I am surrounded by Costco, Smith's Market Place, and a brand new Harmons Grocery.

Ronald Fernstedt

Quality merchandise, helpful staff, easy access.

Julia Cropper

Friendly staff, great neighborly feeling :)

Catherine Crofts

I love shopping at Days market. They are a small store with that friendly home town service. Everyone is so very helpful. They have toys for little birthday gifts, wonderful bakery products, seasonal gifts and some things that you won't find at other stores. A favorite stop that loves it's customers and will go out of their way to serve you. I always leave here uplifted! Thanks Provo Days market!

Hallie Prina

The remodel will have your jaw dropping to the dairy section! Has Rockwell creamery ice cream now?! This place is a diamond. A diamond in the treasure box of Provo.

Laurie U

Day's Market is a small, pleasant, modern but sort of old-fashioned family store. For the size of the store, the selection is actually surprisingly good. They seem to have almost everything, although maybe not as many versions as larger supermarkets. I don't go too far out of my way just to go to Day's, but when I'm in the area, they're a good option. The one exception: I like their deli section and have often purchased lunch there when I need to brownbag.

Eric Mutch

The remodel is nice

Michael Shipley

Day’s Market is the best family run market I have been to. The people who run the place, the Days, are deeply caring about the community that they live in. This market is somewhat of a social hub for the area.

Aramis Gomez

I love it because it looks small but it's not and the donuts are really good

Julie Markham

The store is at the end of a beautiful remodel.

Andy Paulos

This small neighborhood market and post office is fantastic. The people are friendly and the prices are good. The produce is always fresh. The best part is the fresh donuts daily. Plus there are 2 redboxes out front

Lynda Meldrum

Always like to go to Days mrk. I always meet neighbors and friends. Their prices are as good as the bigger grocery store chains.

Cirina Hassler

I absolutely love this grocery store! Their produce section is always unbelievable and the Bakery is amazing. They make their own Donuts everyday and are so delicious as is everything from their bakery The employees are always incredibly helpful and kind and the owners are absolutely amazing! Hands down my favorite grocery store!!!!!

Christy Haggard

Great grocery store. People are friendly and my daughters love the mini carts for kids. :)

Matt G

Overpriced but close and convinient if you live in the immediate area. Has a redbox

Doug Nelson

Friendly and offers some great values. Best produce in the valley.

Chris Guichet

Great, old time grocery store that still offers personal customer service, courtesy and excellent prices


Quaint grocery store with a very home town feel. It is a little out of the way, and slight higher prices, but I think the quality, variety, and service is worth the price. Doughnuts are fluffy and delicious! If you have kids, don't forget to find the kids carts, as my kiddos love to "help" fill / push their own.

Ben Redd

A nice local store. Not too expensive, but not much selection either

Summer A

The cutest grocery store EVAR. Not only is this a great place to get your groceries, but it’s also an awesome place to find gifts for people. They have a lot of really fun products for all ages. Note: This is THE PLACE to get donuts.

Jason Eyre

Good doughnuts and the remodel looks great

Katrina Pearson

Always a wonderful, happy shopping experience! Friendly staff, fair prices, and quality product! Customer for life!

Jenny Curtis

Love this place! Great produce, yummy bake goods and the best chocolate milk around. Love spending my money here. 10/10 xx

Mary Shaffer

Great selection and great prices. It is so convenient and I always meet a neighbor or two there. The employees are helpful and friendly. .

Lauren Brewer

I love the home town feel of Days. They also often have lower prices than other grocery stores I visit.

Rebekah Webb

Feels like a neighborhood corner market with the friendliest, most helpful employees around!

Lisa Lisa MC

I love that Days is big enough to have what I want, but not so big that it takes forever to park, get in & out in a very quick time. Days Market has the best donuts & donut holes, as far as Grocery stores. They have a REAL United States Post Office inside and then to the right. It is amazing, what a time saver that is! They have an amazing soda fountain with the best Pebble Ice. You can even buy it by the bag. They also have some of the cutest boutique/seasonal items too! Support local, shop at Days!

Sarah Johnson

I go here like every day for a quick donut in between classes at timpview haha I love it

Massimo Poggio

Day's Market has been our first stop for groceries since they opened and we got married and moved in our wonderful neighborhood. It has always added to it. Steve and his family have seen that it always makes one feel welcome and everyone is always helpful and does so with genuine smiles. When Jim Hoopes started working at Day's market, the store went from great to terrific and Steve's example helped him as all the other staff become so cheerful. Considering it is a neighborhood market, it has a great variety of items that are nevertheless, reasonably priced. It has even a full-service US post office. we've been shopping there for decades, and will continue to do so.

Casandra Yorgason

Super convenient and friendly place to go. Prices are a little more than others stores, but everyone kind of knows that and shops there anyway

Melissa Franklin

A little on the spendy side for groceries, but very convenient for a few items.

Forbush Family

Small hometown grocer. Not a big box feel.

Ramona Stice

My favorite store. İt has everything you really need. Close parking. Short lines. Kind people

K. Dutson

Day's Market deserves more than 5 stars. They go out of their way to help you. The meat and produce are always fresh. Thank you Steve, Paula and Brock plus every single employee in the store. Day's Market meets my needs. The online and delivery service is so helpful. If you haven't shopped here give them a try. They have a fresh deli and you can get smaller portions instead of family packs. THANK YOU AGAIN.!!!

Kraig Packer

Outstanding service and convenience. Slightly higher prices on some items compared to Macy's and WM neighborhood, but much faster in and out.

Brenna Allen

Fun selection of products. Average pricing. Always friendly service. A very pleasant local market!

Grant Evans

Good selection.

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