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Where is BYU Creamery on Ninth?

REVIEWS OF BYU Creamery on Ninth IN Utah

David Wallace

Good fries, decent burger, and great ice cream! There are better ice cream places in provo, but the price is hard to beat at the creamery!

Steven Petrovich

Good ice cream. Too crowded long lines

Larry Baxter

Great store with more products than you would expect in such a small store. Good prices and fun student employees.

Gavin Grooms Jr.

This is a great place to go for a meal with the grill they have here. Be prepared for long lines. However as far as shopping goes the stock is limited and over priced. You'd be better off going to any other grocery store.

Jordan Lynn

We love coming here! Groceries are a great price but most importantly the ICE CREAM IS DELICIOUS! This is a must stop for us every year when we come up from AZ. There are a TON of options. Many common flavors and lots of specialty options. So yummy!! Get some chocolate milk on the way out as well!

Jayson Carmona

I always get the double scoop chocolate chip cookie dough. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The burger isn't half bad either. Very family friendly and a magical place for the kids to get a cone of ice cream.

Jacob Sutch

Best ice cream around! Also pick up some ranch dressing while you are there.

Kevin Brown

Great ice-cream. Great shakes.

Seth Stephensen

I came to the BYU campus for a summer camp, and the ice cream at the Creamery is EXACTLY what you need to beat the heat.

momoeight mamabear

A must visit stop in Provo! Huge ice cream servings. The food from the grill is tasty. Great place to pick up some chocy milk to take home! Best chocy milk EVER!!

Jon Bitter

Gotta love BYU creamery ice cream. Go cougs!

david boston

A great lunch spot after visiting the Paleontology museum. Fun food, great ice cream!


The ice cream here is great and the burgers are yummy. Definitely try the graham canyon ice cream! But if you can avoid it, don't go here on a Friday or Saturday night because it gets mega busy.

Ethan Brouwer

I love the creamery! The ice cream is AMAZING. My favorites are the pistachio, the peanut butter one, and Graham canyon, but you really can't go wrong with any of them. The selection of other groceries/snacks there is also pretty good, and budget friendly. If you're ever in the area, you have to go at least once. That's the real BYU/Provo experience.

Iain Hunter

If all they had here was coconut joy ice cream, that's all I would need.

Tyler Leber

Fast service! Ice cream is fantastic, Earnestly Chocolate is my personal favorite. The hamburgers and spicy fries are also super tasty.

dx Woodward

They don't sell coffee. But everyone is too nice. And the ice cream is fantastic

Christevan Christiansen

Got the Child's Meal. That thing is not for kids. That was a whole meal, plus ice cream. I think the name implies simplicity, and not the actual size of the meal being a children's portion. This might be akin to the song, A Child's Prayer. The child prays very fervently and simply, and the portion of blessings that this child receives are just the same as their adult counterpart.

J. Hillman

I have found the price of the ice cream expensive, compared to the quality of ice cream that you get. There is usually an over abundance of people, and parking is limited.

trans Pro

Good ice cream and other dairy products. Cozy seating is nice and there are shaded tables outdoors that are well-occupied by patrons. Pleasing experience.

Jeremy Standiford

Went here with my family. My mom got a burger and fries which were not good. My mom complained and the employee was incredibly indifferent. They did not offer to make it right in any way. and later on that burger and fries gave her and my girlfriend (who ate some of her food) food poisoning. Food poisoning!!!! This place sucks, not worth the risk.

M Dorrough

A great location to stop in for milk, cheese, soups and BYU Ice Cream.

Matt W

Great food. But, the strawberry crunch ice cream half gallon container we recently bought had way too strong of an old cheesecake taste. And, for the English toffee, we'd prefer larger pieces of toffee rather than the tiny bits.

Temple Mastery

Even great if your University of Utah fan! The ice cream with outstanding.

Melissa Brereton

Love the food. It's cooked fresh after you order. First time I've been there when there wasn't a long line.

Megan West

Great ice cream! Also a grill and small grocery store. My favorite is the Graham Canyon! Highly recommend.

Dorathy Coles

Tasty ice cream. Good selections

David Supinger

The ice cream here is really good. It's worth stopping in to get some ice cream and hang out.

Kaleib Richey

Best icecream around!

Rebekah Kempton

I love the ice cream here and the hot food is nothing to scoff at either. I don’t recommend grocery shopping here because the prices are usually higher than other grocery stores in the area. But if you just need one thing then it’s fine. Not a lot of seating inside so be careful in the evenings as it’s very popular for dates.

Eric Hedengren

Great service easy quick in and out. Best for buying a few things you need but they still have a wide variety so you can do almost all your shopping here.

Craig Casper

I've always heard about the BYU Creamery... And it did not disappoint. The ice cream is delicious and the prices are reasonable.

Joshua Hansen

Fun and nostalgic for anyone who went to BYU. It can get a little crowded and there isn’t a lot of parking.

Adh T. Stevens

Great taste and quality enhanced by a dollop of nostalgia. My only complaint is that they no longer offer carbonated ice cream. How they decided to drop this perennial favorite is beyond me. We will just have to go back and drown our sorrows at this loss in a thick, creamy, frosty milkshake.

Matt Davis

Expensive but I go for the environment! Great place to grab one or two items, or enjoy ice cream!

Aaron Geisel

The ice cream itself is enough to warrant five stars. My personal favorite is Graham Canyon. It's reasonably priced and the scoops are huge. I have yet to try the grill.

Ron Aguilar

If you haven't been here you're missing out! Great place great service

Dallin Taylor

They have some of the best ice cream I have ever had. The employees are very helpful and kind.

Seth Taylor

Always a friendly place to go. Amazing flavors of ice cream and dairy products. Bike parking on the north side is helpful. The burgers and fries seem to be a favorite especially on the weekends.

Cali Young

Great ice cream and delicious food, you just can’t beat it!

Heather Cameron

Delicious ice cream as always. So many fun flavors. I just wish there was more seating.

Joshua Flade

Great ice cream and burgers. Reasonably priced.

Jan Morris

Hi I was with my daughter and my 3 grand-daughter's. We went on a tour of the campus. It was interesting. It got hot but, it was fun. At the Creamery Sydnee and I got icecream. It was tasty. Kaylee got a yummy candy bar. Good time .

Anika Taua'i

The food is great. It gets busy enough that I think it would be better not inside a grocery store.

Go Health Complaints

The ice cream is good, but at over $5.00 for a shake, I could have purchased over 1/2 gallon of ice cream myself. When me and my date got there there were 9 people behind the counter, working. The manager needs to understand that labor costs directly influence customer pricing.

Devin Miller

Great ice cream and fries!

Mallory Corbett

The ice cream was pretty good, but my favorite is Farr's. Anyway, this place could be comparable to the Aggie creamery. There's not as many places to sit because this also has a convenience store on one side. If you're in the area I'd recommend their ice cream.

Nona Holdiman

It was crazy busy, but we picked up some ice cream to go and enjoyed it at home!

Ashli Crookston

Pretty good, but it's no Aggie Ice Cream

Jonatan Lopez

Great place to have one of the best Ice creams in Utah.

Nate Somsen

Date of Visit: 5/11/2019 OVERVIEW - 5.0 Came here primarily for my wife's favorite dairy products from the BYU Creamery. LOCATION - 5 The Creamery is located on the edge of campus along the busy 900 East and isn't too hard to notice from traffic, unless you're using Apple Maps then you can end up somewhere completely wrong. PRICE - 5 Found the price reasonable and had no complaints. Really want to try their restaurant next time. PRODUCT/SERVICE - 5 Like I mentioned before, my wife really loves their dairy products including the ranch. We purchased some heavy whipping cream that is cleverly disguised as a small bottle of milk. POINTERS/PERKS - N/A There probably are some pointers or perks, but at this point after my first visit, I'm not sure what they'd be. EMPLOYEES - 5 Found the employees rather helpful.

Miriam Garcia

Amazing Graham canyon ice cream

Sid Unrau

The selection of ice cream, creations from the ice cream, and pricing are spectacular.also there is a fast food counter, and it also has wonderful food. The whole experience is just wonderful. There is seating both inside and outside.

Casey Fehlberg

I love the Creamery on 9th! It's always a good idea to get some ice cream to end the day right!


Bring Your Underwear. This is the greatest icecream around. So creamy you might need a new pair of underwear. I mean a bigger pair. You come here too often you're going to get fat.

Benjamin Smith

Super smooth ice cream. Food is just food.

Nathan Johnson

The prices at the grocery store are a little pricey and the produce is not very good, but that is to be expected since this is more of a convenience store. The staff is mostly friendly, and there are always a ton of them ready to help you because there are so many of them. The food at the grill is also surprisingly good and there is a nice eating area that resembles a '60s diner. And of course the creamery ice cream is delicious.

Bridger Cowley

This place has the best ice cream in Utah! My favorite flavor is the “Bishops Storehouse.” The green beans and lentils mix really well with the gravy flavored cream! I would definitely recommend. The best part is that it is free! Thanksgiving can be all year round at the BYU Creamery with the introduction of their new flavor!

Don Ray Nelson

Great ice cream, great service. Thanks

Max Williams

Employees are extremely rude and rush you. To be exemplars of the university and the Church it's sad that they are unhappy and unwilling and dont have a good attitude. Maybe it was a one time occasion but still, very unfortunate. Hopefully service improves for everyone.

Kyler LaRose

Delicious burgers! Not a bad price either

Carol Patterson

Best chocolate ice cream anywhere

Savannah Grace Buchanan

Yumm busy but yumm

Cherlyn Kimball

They didn't want to scoop Ice cream for our large group of 20 people and they lied and said they didn't start serving Ice cream untill eleven but two guys came in at 10:15 and they were happy to serve them while we were sitting right there eating the ice cream we bought in the frozen section.

Spencer Kendall

The ice cream here is amazing! We tried their burgers and fries as well a few times and they are pretty good as well and not over priced. Definitely recommend going but it tends to get really busy.

Michael Cannon

Very good food and ice cream, would go again, and again. The mini store inside also has a good selection of candy, snacks, and other items.

Nathan Johnston

There was this one time where they had chocolate chips (usually 2.19$) on sale for 2.79$. It was great. Or they'll mark stuff down to the same original price but with a bigger, fancier on sale tag. I love it. It's the #bestcreamery at BYU by far.

Douglas Brown

It's hard to find an old fashioned milk shake that is made with hard ice cream and milk. The BYU Creamery made me one of the best milkshakes I've had in a long time. I had the Salted Caramel Chocolate Malt. It was to die for!! We don't live there so I haven't been able to go back and sample all their other flavors. However, everything looked amazing and they had a lot to choose from. There was a cute grocery store with most everything you would need as well.

Jenna Prizer

The ice cream can improve, but good place.

Brandon Colvin

Well, I took a date there and it was fun, so I give the whole creamery experience 5 stars

Kimberly Lefler

Pistachio ice cream is the bomb. And the kids had Root beer float, and a strawberry fanta float.

Jon Nash

The ice cream here is delicious. In fact all dairy products are super high quality.

Glenn Borders

Always the best ice cream and the price is pretty good too.

Cathy Halls

I had always gone there just for their ice cream - which is delicious (graham canyon!!!), but tonight I had a hamburger, too. It was surprisingly large and good! It's a nostalgic place with lots of history to it. I loved my time as a student at BYU and the Creamery was a nice oasis of goodness from the stress of college life. Almost always full of people!

R Jordan Guillory

I absolutely love visiting the creamery and bringing my kids there. They are always pretty quick for such a small operation and the food is delicious. Fries, burgers, chicken; I love it all! Then to top it off, finish with graham canyon and your day is perfect!

Derek Poole

This place is busy, but completely worth the wait and craziness of the crowd. They could improve on how they get customers to place the order

Debi Pope

Not really a cheap icecream but so good. Great selection of flavors and all creamy and delicious. It can get really busy though and seating is quiet limited so at these times it might be best to grab some prepackaged icecream and go home and enjoy. Staff are friendly. Sometimes parking can be tricky.

Tory Norman

Food is amazing, ice cream is even better and the service is both fast and friendly.

Sharon Arellano

Nice place good food

Bethany Broderick

We came here as a family around 3pm on a 95° summer day for some ice-cream. Even though the line was lengthy, there were lots of people working so it went quickly, and the lady scooping our ice-cream was so kind! She let the kids try samples before picking and she was patient while they decided what they wanted. The ice-cream itself was great too. Lots of flavors. I saw some people order burgers and fries and it looked so delicious. It's also a small grocery store where other things can also be purchased.

Nate Kimball

I was with a large group of about 20 people and we walked in at about 10:10 and the workers told us they didn't start serving till 11:00 so we ended up having to get these tiny little cups of Ice cream, and we went to the register, payed for the Ice cream, and my buddy who just payed for it all asked for a receipt so that we could pay him back later and the cashier refused to print one and said it was too difficult the Ice cream tasted pretty good for the tiny amount we got. So anyways we sit down and eat and as we're sitting there these two guys walk in and walk up to the counter (it's 10:30) and the employees were happy to give them their Ice cream and send them off. Now don't get me wrong the Ice cream is pretty great but the Service was horrible and I will not be going back anytime soon, so overall I would not recommend going here.

Rolys Alvino

Good food, great prices. Many different varieties of ice cream.

Tyson Brinkerhoff

I really love the ice cream here. However, you must understand that since it is pretty historical it is very overpriced. So if you just want some ice cream please go to macey's or something.

William Nulph

Ice cream was highly recommend and it was pretty average. But the young woman that helped us was very nice.

David McConnell

Fun little grocery store on campus. They have the best tasting milk I have ever consumed.

James Mietchen

The ice cream is excellent! The portions are generous and the service is friendly.

Jeff Glazier

Love the cookies and cream ice cream!! It is the best! It’s rich and extra creamy so I can’t eat a lot but man it taste good! Love to get it on a hot summer night or for the football games! The lines usually are long but they do a great job to get people through the process quickly and get you your ice cream! Always a great stop for a family night treat.

Dave Gibson

Get the children's meal, best deal by far, really it's not what you think and comes with the obligatory serving of icecream...

Miki Hone

For those of us who attended the Y, this place is very nastalgic. They have the best ice cream. Their grill is pretty good too.

Samuel Sadler

We go to the creamery for ice cream just about every time we are in Provo. Their ice cream is not only better than what you buy in the store, but in flavors different than usual.

Melissa Gustafson

We love coming here for ice cream! They have amazing flavors. The grill is wonderful too. The "kids meal" is quite sufficient for adult women, and includes spicy fries, a cheeseburger with actual lettuce, a soda, and an I've cream cone.

Sarah Colqui

Get the kids meal, it's only $5 and fills you up! You get a cheeseburger with all toppings (or corndog or grilled cheese) and fries and ice cream and a drink. It's our families favorite!!

Matt Larsen

Yummy cheese burger, and I really liked the spicy fries. My son has nut allergies, do I was very happy to see that all the ice cream with nuts we're in a separate freezer using separate scoops to avoid cross contamination.

laine wilkins

Best ice cream and burgers on the east side of provo.


Great affordable food. Ice cream is the best!

Brettvietti Vietti

This place is so amazing. Enjoy visiting here

Angela Daley

Best ice cream I've ever had.

Rick Whiteford

I love the cookies and cream milk. I love all cow milk. Plain. Flavored. Sour, not so much.

Benjamin West

Best Ice Cream around really great people there good feeling lots of smiles and up beat worker's, clean place.

John Hunter

Very yummy 10 out of 10 recommend. Lots of ice cream or other stuff.

How's It Taste?

As good as it gets. High quality ice cream at affordable prices. They also have a little supermarket, and sell their awesome donuts, ranch dressing and cottage cheese.

Miriam Tracy

Love the food and ice cream! Wish they would open up a bigger space for the restaurant/ice cream parlor so it wasnt always so packed! (But don't raise the prices to do it!)

Trevor Jex

Really great place to shop if you've got a dining plan. Otherwise the selection isn't the best but ice cream is amazing

Holly Broadbent

Good food, decent pricing, not the best kept facilities, but overall a good family night meal.

Steve Webster

Graham canyon ice cream. Ranch dressing. OMG. Love it.

Amy Wilson

Fun, fast paced environment. Great food at great prices.

Ilene Platt

So friendly, great customer service. And the ice cream is good too, lots of flavors to choose from

Scott Law

Can’t beat this ice cream anywhere! Always a stop when we are in Provo.

Caroline Paxton

The menu is kind of hit or miss. The burgers, corn dogs, and spicy fries are fantastic, but I don't recommend the chicken strips. The ice cream is all delicious. It's a convenient place to stop in and grab groceries. Overall, I have pretty positive feelings about this place.

Liz Sullenger

Ice cream is great. Service far below par. We were there an hour before close and were done eating in about 15 minutes. Within seconds of taking my last bite, the employee was standing at the edge of our table with a rag and disinfectant in hand. Confused, we took our bowls off the table so they could clean; instead we were told that if we didn’t move and got sprayed we would probably get a rash from the cleaning supply. 45 minutes before close and we were essentially kicked out. Not the best way to get returning customers.

Benjamin Anderson

I loved this place as an undergrad. The charm doesn't hold after graduating but a lot of good memories here. They need a larger facility

Josie Newbold

The Creamery is a combination of small grocery store and grill/ice cream shop. The ice cream is always good, there are many flavors, some of which are unique to BYU. The grill makes decent burgers and fries. The grocery store is pretty small and has a limited selection. The store caters to the college students living nearby as well as families and visitors to the BYU campus.

Matt Curtis

Delicious ice cream and hamburgers

Kerri Davenport

Delicious! Friendly staff.

Clay Johnson

I’ve eaten at the creamery on ninth for well over a decade. The burgers are fresh and delicious. The fries are crispy and hot. But the thing that really brings me back again and again is the sinfully delicious ice cream. It’s honestly a bit ridiculous how good the ice cream is here. And the prices are totally reasonable. I’m a big fan! There are enough menu choices for food and ice cream that everyone will be happy. My only complaints are the lack of tables and the length of the lines.

Mary Fellows

Their ice cream is delicious with a wide variety of popular flavors. It gets pretty crowded sometimes.

Tom Ashby

Well... They got at least one thing right and it is fantastic.

Summer A

A conveniently located little grocery store for BYU students and employees. A great place to get a snack fix or to hang out while eating an ice cream or a burger and fries. They have a grill and ice cream shop inside with classic cafe seating.

Spencer Wood

Good quick service, clean and as always fantastic ice cream.

Warren Wood

A great double cheeseburger and hot fudge sundae.

Brady Moon

This is the place to go for delicious and not over-priced ice cream. They have a great selection of flavors, and new ones each year.

Steven Tomer

We come for the ice cream. The sherbet is outstanding.

Sam Carter

Heaven in a waffle cone! Raspberry Cheesecake!

Kathy Crane

Best ice cream in Provo. And they always have lots of servers to get you thru the line fast.

Cody Katich

I went in asking for help from one of the employees and she said she will go ask her manager. When he came out I introduced who I was and shook his hand and the next words to come out of mouth were, "Suck it!" Really?! What kind of supervisor tells a person that right after I introduce myself? I told him I was just picking up some things for a BYU event and he was very rude in going about doing it. Extremely disrespectful and does not represent BYU.

Sean Walton

The best ice cream rivaled only by Cold Stone but much cheaper. *BOTH* employee and customer are good and helpful.

Jay Fleming

Love the ice cream . . Graham Canyon is the bomb

Benjamin Stanford

I absolutely love the garlic fries here--try them if you haven't. Burgers and ice cream are also amazing--really just any of the food here. The groceries are a bit expensive perhaps, but I love their cookies and cream milk... That's the other thing I'm always buying. Great store and restaurant! Staff are always kind, too.

Rob W

Super creamy ice cream in a friendly setting .

Candice Renea

I visit this place at least once a week and I love it!

Nate Bent

Convenient location, good food, good ice cream. A little pricey, but that's not unexpected.

Antonia Mendez

So good!!! BYU ice cream is awesome!!! Super busy especially with summer but oh so yummy!!!

Nathan Heaps

The ice cream gets 5 stars

Jeffrey Barton

I got a 32 ounce drink and a one scoop cone and made an awesome oranhe dream float! Thanks! Oh and rhe burger was good too.

Phantasmic Games

Great ice cream, burgers aren't bad either

Nicho Araujo

Great icecream and a nice place to hang out with friends. Their bathroom is clean.

Amanda Simmons

Such good ice cream. With a little market inside for basic grocery needs.

Christopher Higham

Nice place, but sometimes it gets super busy. At 7:00 am, I was the only person there. Good service.

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