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REVIEWS OF Allred Orchards IN Utah

Cathy Ure

Excellent fruit!

Lauren Morrison

Good prices, but the staff was not friendly with customers that aren't typical Provo people. Happy to spend a few more dollars at Crandall's down the road where we felt very welcomed.

Jiří Kadlec

Best apples in town! And a great place to go to buy fresh and local fruit. The apples are much tastier than from any big grocery store.

Angus Bennion

We love the fruit and other produce sold here! Definitely one of the perks of living in Provo. Our favorite are the peaches, they’re great for using in pastries or just eating them fresh. Prices are the lowest you’ll find in the area for the quality you get.

Fred Hopkin

I drive here from another state to buy their fresh apple juice every year. It's worth the drive.

Gaye Lee Page

Natalie Dobbin

Great place to get peaches in the fall. Always delicious.

Gary St

Very friendly people there. They have good quality apples, even the discounted ones. They make the best apple juice you will ever drink.

Zara Zsembery

The best peaches and apples around Provo. They sell seconds for canning, too.

Betsy Baird

I love allreds fruit, and their second prices are the best you could find anywhere!!!

Justin Duckett

Erin Thomas

KJ Francom

Fresh pressed apple juice and the tastiest apples and peaches you can find. They are only open seasonally.

Daniel Olsen

Best apples around. Their Granny Smiths add amazing complexity to pies, muffins, sweet breads. The Fujis are crisp, sweet, flavorful. The thought of upcoming Honeycrisps make the end of summer much less painful. Great, friendly service--always answer questions and assist when asked.

James Wilson

Delicious fruit at bargain prices. I have purchased fruit from them for more than 20 years and have never been disappointed.

M Dorrough

Thank you Allred's! The best peaches and apples anywhere.

David Christiansen

Kent Slovernick

Great place, good prices

Bella Didier

The best peaches in all the land! And quite reasonably priced. Going back for my 6th bag this week!

Maureen Placa

why do you post phone number when never answer you phone??? I am in So. Cal. and am coming to Utah to visit family soon, would like to can peaches while there. Have purchased from you many times in the past but can't get anyone to answer the phone to coordinate peach availability with my travel times. Too bad!!!

Dennis Fairclough


cindy swank

Yunjun Jung

They always provide awesome apples and other fruits.

Sherwin Harris

Phenomenal local fruit

Brent P. Dunn

If you like fresh local fruit, Allred's is the best! They offer multiple varieties of peaches and apples to make sure you get them at the perfect ripeness. They are also by far the best priced place for fruit!

Kris K

Fantastic local grower. Informed, helpful, cheerful, and the produce is in a class of its own!

Kimberly Foote

Best peaches in town

Angela Kramer

This place is THE best!!!!

Ellie plays

Best place to get your peaches my favorite. Cant wait til August!

Kore Miller


Allen Steele

Best fresh peaches and apples.

Patricia Nelson

D Miller

We have purchased fruit from Allred's for years and had no problem, except for the employees. The fruit and juices are really good, but the big problem for us is that the employees seem totally indifferent and like we're bothering them to even ask a question. This has been a frustration for years now. Sometimes you do get a "nice" person helping you, but that is purely the "luck of the draw." For instance, today I called and asked if they had anymore of a certain kind of apple. The employee said "no" they didn't. I said, "Really?" and she said with a very indifferent voice/attitude sounding like she wanted only to get off the phone, "Yeah, we're all sold out." So I asked if they knew any other orchard group that had them, because really nice businesses will help each other and often know or hear of what another competitor has and share the information. The employee, who had a rather indifferent attitude and sounded like I was bothering her by asking my question, answered me with, "Well, grocery stores." Hmmm...I wonder why I didn't think of that? Well, HELLO Ms employee. Here's a tip: EVERYONE knows you can get apples at grocery stores, but we also know they are not as good as ones from local orchards nor does mostly buying from grocery stores help our local growers, thus (news-flash) we come to your business to get them. For me, the employee could have used a kinder voice and happier attitude when dealing with the public. Her voice, as I've already said, sounded like she was a little miffed to not be off the phone a little sooner. So for what it's worth, Allred's could really do themselves a favor and UP their "customer service" game for ALL employees...after all, they are dependent on the client for income.

Hillary Stirling

I happily drive 25 minutes, through four towns and past several other fruit stands to get our peaches from Allred Orchards. The seconds are great, but the premium fruit is absolutely flawless. Delicious fruit and friendly service - it's one of the highlights of my summer when they open.

Lason Secody

Bruce Ward

Friendly service and wonderful fresh fruit.

Becky Ellsworth

Always fresh from the farm

Rebekah McConkie

Tamara Nixon

The Best honey crisp apples I've ever tasted!!

Tony Medina

I've been coming here since I was five years old. It is my favorite place in Utah to get peaches and apples. With some of the best tasting fruit around, my whole family travels from salt lake weber counties to buy their fruit here. My advice is to call ahead before you come down, though. Sometimes the fruit you want isn't ready or has been sold out. Save yourself some headache and call first.

Illiad Easle

Looks like a great place, closed till August

Jenny Pachev

Great produce!

Dale Sweat

Great fruit stand great fruits at reasonable prices

Kaitlyn Woodruff

They have the best local apples and peaches. They sometimes run out of stuff towards the end of the day, so I recommend getting there as soon as they open.

Rashell Lassen

ChuiLi Sherri Neo

Lindsay Robison Killian

I love this place, the fruit is amazing so fresh and perfect, I do wish it were organic

Kayleen Palmer Lingard

They specialize in just a few things that are in season nearby so it a great way to get good fresh fruits for cheep. I got a box of peaches that looks so juicy and smells lovey. Way better than I have ever been able to find in a grocery store.

Julian Nieves

Beautiful place to take photos. Photographers have to pay though.

Steven Hall

Our favorite place for fresh fruit. Their Honeycrisp apples are amazing! Boxes of "seconds" (slightly damaged fruit) are half price (but still just as delicious). I eat three of their apples every day!

erika zuniga

Alexander Pachev

Our favorite place to buy apples and peaches in season. Great prices and quality, helpful staff.

Sara Snow

I love this place! Their prices are reasonable, and the peaches are excellent! I look forward to their peaches and apples every Fall.

Charles Hanosek

Love the peaches!

Mark Armstrong

I just love this place they have the best apples. I drive from ogden because their apples are so fresh, and affordable. I totally recommend them to everyone. All thumbs up

P Miller

This is a nice fruit stand with quality fruit. Many of the fruit stands in the area are not connected to their produce - but this one is. They are selling their own harvest and are personally connected with the fruit. I love the varieties of peaches and apples they sell that stretch across several months (August to November). 1/2 peck peaches $6 Box peaches $17-$21 Box peaches seconds $10 Bravo! This place is lovely!

Denise Gutierrez

Been eating these peaches and apple juice since day one. ❤️ I can’t even describe how amazing the quality is. I will forever be excited for August peach season!

Meesun Lee

Delicious peaches and apples!

Jeff Bunker

Best peaches around!

Elias Flores

Friendly people and really good fruit.

Steve Ottesen

Great place for produce.

Chery Ross

Amazing peaches, nectarines, apples, and apple juice! They all taste like candy. Well worth the half hour drive to get there.

Cindy Stapleton

So delicious and crisp! Good for pies, sauce and eating.

Bennett Cookson

The standard of fruit stands

Krystal Crawford

We love Allreds and have gone there for years. Their peaches and apples are the best!

Lew and Grace Wilson

We are long time customers of the Allred's fruit offering. The fruit is good and the apple cider exceptional.

Allyson Jennings-Johnson

Carolyn Dearden

Best apple juice ever! Their fresh peaches are also really good.

Lisa Daybell

Very friendly people. Good produce.

Scott Holmes

Great produce!

Jake Allred

Fresh fruit from local providers!

Shawn Brown


Ref Char

Great peaches!

Mikell Rapp

Zombieboyy 0115

Kate Moore

It's on the pricey side, but you pay for quality and this is the best around. Their honeycrisp apples are divine and their peaches are heavenly. They offer lots of different fruits, and even have an apple guide telling which are best for what kind of use (applesauce/juice, canning, eating, baking, etc.). The staff is always friendly and sometimes my kids even get to enjoy a free apple while we browse or wait in line. All around a great place.

Dillon H

Free samples, competitive prices, good quality, simple.

Marshall L. Madsen CFE

Great fresh fruit

Bruce Evans

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