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REVIEWS OF Earth Fare IN North Carolina

Fred Ireland

Good selection of healthy and locally grown produce. I get non homogenized low temperature pasteurized milk to make cheese with.

Denise Martin

Good selection, clean

Nancy Jones

I worked at Earth Fare Hwy 25 in Arden, NC.. I lasted 4 months. My co-workers are great by I refused to work for a company that doesn't care for their employees. The pay is horrible. We are just a number! Twelve people quit in one week. The numbers speak for itself.

Christian Bruns

I love Earth Fare. TJ's and WF are actually closer to me, but EF has the best meat and dairy dept, also if you're vegan like I used to be they have all the best vegan stuff too like fakin bacon. But really who wants that when they sell organic, pure bacon as God intended. It really is a great market, yeah things are pricey but you gotta consider its largely organic, hormone and antibiotic free, and about as high quality as you will find anywhere else. This is my spot!

Elizabeth Woody

The men at the meat counter were super nice but the older lady with a mustashe working the bakery was beyond rude. Me and my family have been customers since Earth Fare came to the area many moons ago. I have never had someone come off that they hated their job as much as she did along with not wanting to assist customers. We waited for 5 minutes on her to finally assist us all while seeing an ignoring us. Then ahe proceeded to get pissed at the fact we wanted to pick out the chocolate covered strawberries we wanted. I suggest highly you correct her attitude if you expect for any sweets to be sold with her hateful attitude.

mark blumling

Incredible business! They even have live outdoor music preformed by local musicians 7 days a week

kyle winsatt

Awesome selection of beer and wine. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, but free, everything you could ask for. It's a bit crowded though

Addison Phillips

Excellent selection of high quality food

Haley Wise

Staff wasn’t too helpful, and although I loved the product variety, I wouldn’t return. Can get the same products at competing grocery stores for less.

Lori Wright

The staff is friendly and helpful.

Chris Schudy

Helpful, friendly & had what I needed!

Kristy Wheless

My go to for everything, quick hot foods...healthy options and veggies

Christopher Moe

I’ve tried and tried to shop here but it’s consistently bad. No carts, unhappy employees who are probably underpaid and overworked. Produce that goes rotten quickly, meat that is sub par. Crowded unorganized grocery aisles. Looks like someone on lsd decided on the layout. Also pretty expensive considering what you get. Save yourself a trip and headache and go to Whole Foods.

Paul V

Great place to find great healthy food and products.

Rob J

If you're looking for grass fed steaks for the grill this is the place. Broad offering in health food & supplements which is the backbone of their business.

Angela Goode

Large variety of vegan food. Made when ordered

Adam Fisher

Dark store, I personally like bright stores, Great selection though.

Tori Garcia

There are reasonable prices on a lot of the items but there are also very expensive stuff that just turns me away no matter how badly I want it. They have a nice selection of organic foods and herbs, the atmosphere was pleasant and I had a wonderful time looking at everything. I've yet to try their bakery but it looks good and once I do I will share my experience on it. I enjoyed the place!

Francis Traver

Overpriced products. But clean store. Friendly staff.

Sharon Hoard

The only place I purchase my protein locally raised and safe to eat

Maddie Mirassou

Very expensive. I've seen the same products cheaper at Whole Foods. Nice shopping atmosphere though.

Kelly Hanson

My favorite local whole-wheat grocery store!

Nick Dauphinais

Very good quality food and service. Bit pricey but typical of good food.

Chuck Tann

Great selection of most items, great pricing on weekly meat specials.

Mike Sutherland

Exellent variety, quality and service

Chessie G

Love their selection of vegetarian food, especially their mock chicken vegan salad. Dislike high prices and long lines.

Rich Barthel

Takes forever to check out, but if you hit the pizza bar during the golden hour you're gonna have a good time.

Azoraa Tre'lok

I mainly went there for the food bars and dining area. But this place has really declined for me over the past year. Most of what I went there for has been changed and the staff rotate like a revolving door. I used to always get a scone and coffee, but they scaled back the bakery and no longer have it. The coffee was not only price-increased, but they also quit allowing refills and stopped the morning muffin deal. Then they cut the rewards program and made it so you can't enter your number but you have to verbally give it out at the check-out. Condiments at the hot bar are not always available either and the food selection is more limited if you are a vegetarian. I tire of having to ask for things that should be there or track people down just to get what I want to buy. There is a fairly good seating area with wi-fi which makes this place an option if you need to have a meet-up or do table work. However, it can still be noisy and you can hardly find outlet plug-ins unless you sit in the one booth where the mircowave oven is. The other outlets had been removed for blank covers. In short, this corporation has done about everything they can think of to get your money and do less for you, the customer.

Deondrea Bell

Love this place

Mathew Stockstad

Frequent often. Nice place but often pricey.

knicole02141 .

Nice store and location. Thanks for the vegan/plant-based options!

Nicole Offenheiser

Best selection of cream top milk and other dairy items. I get most of my produce here and granola.

Joey Ledford

Good food and smoothies, but absolutely no sense of urgency amongst the staff. 5 people walking around in the back and it still takes 10 minutes to get a smoothie. I get it, it's Asheville, everyone is chill and mellow, but some people have places to be. Hire more people or put the ones you have to better use.

Joseph Davis

My only complaint is I have to go early to avoid the crowds; probably not fair of me to knock a star off for being a popular business. Make sure you try their coffee! It is some of the best in town.

Mario Cavicchi

They have a lot of organic items if that's what you want. For me l find it a little pricey. I have seen identical items at other places lower. I don't shop at just one store. After l finish work, l go to the store that has what I want. Most folks can't do that.

roseanna coates

I love your Shepard pie n hot bar...I come here to calm down because I have PTSD. I also know your hotbar staff are excited about finishing their day...but,could they try n not yell back n forth..kinda innerving.But I do love you...

cheryl smith

Employees are great*BUT*Not well treated*Overworked on shifts but limited weekly hrs*Sales not covered by Adequate help*geared 2 high traffic=Crowded* lines*parking problems*chaotic* EF brand packaging has become more bland & almost distasteful*French Truffles ugly boxes*bottled water drab generic look*quality of Produce & Bakery varies*Produce slow 2 reach shelf=middling quality*Baked goods NOT marked Day old*Supplement area excellent* Knowledgeable Employees*Deli good*Meats good (never fishy smell) Bulk foods vulnerable 2 tampering*Dairy good selection & quality* Overall*OK with 8 score*

Gary R. Zemer Zemer

Everything is very good except salad bar seems to be over priced .

Kate Madsen

I want to love this place because it's convenient but the hot bar is awful and things I buy here are more expensive than at Whole Foods and they don't have everything I look for.... and I am sorry, but I must say again, they really can't cook. The hot bar is an overcooked hot mess.Go to expensive Green Sage if you want good food. I have learned to only get a salad at EF. The Whole Foods brand is affordable and also tastes better. Hey, if Amazon closes stores, grab their cooks! No I don't work for WF. I WANT Earthfare to improve.

Marc Czarnecki

Wonderful bakery, dining area. Wifi available. Tight aisles with packed shelves. Nice selection of organic foods. Older interior.

renee lajoie

Most of the employees are super nice but your have to pick and choose what to get there because it is higher priced than comparable stores. Food sickness has hit us twice from hot and cold bar food. I don't think they date or store correctly. I went to buy trout dip and it was expired two days before. Beware and check the dates.

Laurie Tollman

A great variety of healthy food. Friendly staff are always helpful.

Marcus Baker

The "'Loss Prevention" regime is not just unacceptably intrusive, but downright offensive. I have never felt more like a criminal than here, basically for just picking up a piece of merchandise, deciding I didn't want it, and putting it back. Paying $200 at the cashier won't spare you from being shadowed out to your car by some teenage idiot. To be clear, he never offers to help or even talks to you. He just hovers 20-30 feet away and glowers. These people are thugs.

Eva Weinmann

Great selection, nice atmosphere, clean, helpful employees... Just over priced like most organic foid marts.

John Heinel

Nice Whole Food-like store with better prices

Gwendolyn Prince

I love the hot food bar. The pasta is great too! Super helpful and frienfly staff too! Always a pleasure stopping here.

Carmen Cronan

Love this place. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Gloria Knight

Love it! I spend too much money here.

Made On Earth Studio

Good stuff....great food!

Crepto Firebrick Knight

Came here for the first time today , neat store I think this location has a wider variety of items then the one on Hendersonville road.

Diana A

It has the organic options that are not available at Ingles, and it has a pretty good selection. Everyone there is super pleasant, too!

Rick Richards

It's kinda nice to find out it's not just me, they treat everyone poorly. The guy at the meat counter was rude, as was most everyone except the guy at check out. It will be a while before I go back if ever.

starlene dunn

What has happened to Earthfare? I have shopped here for years and while there may be an occasional problem I have felt the store was largely a good place to shop. Over the last months the store has been in a steady decline. First a few months ago I came in for fish although I had already discarded cod that smelled so bad in the car going home we immediately tossed it. The whole back of the store smelled so bad we left the store without shopping. One of the employees who was washing the coolers and floor said it was rotting fish. After forcing my husband to continue shopping there we have watched the chicken and Turkey section grow smaller while the red meat and pork grow bigger. When I tried to buy turkey sausage it was so dark brown it looked spoiled. Today we came in and tried to have lunch. The salad bar was out of cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and chicken. After the pizza guy came over and brought out the cart to fill the bar,( apparently the salad bar person was elsewhere until then) I asked about the chicken, which was advertised on the sign, he didn't seem to know what I was asking about, but then said that they might have chicken sometime. My husband tried to buy pizza but while there were four pizzas, they were duplicates, so only two kinds, both with green peppers which he doesn't eat. He finally bought a sandwich, which was a tiny bit of turkey, slice of cheese and one lettuce leaf. No chips, which used to always come with the sandwich. Prices have gone up, quality down. So sad. I hate to see it.

Foto Jennic

Friendly employees mostly, good product selection, liked it better before Earth Fare became a soul-less corporation sell out. Absolutely hate the other location, this one still seems cozy and kind.

whatever happens

Wonderful little store with nice staff and decent products. Really enjoy shopping the essential oils and supplements in their herbal section-not to mention the wine and cheese.

Bruce Stanley

One of the best grocery stores in towm. Would recommend this location to all.

Paola Valladares

I love their juices and smoothies.


Great weekly sales

Adam G

Although a little more expensive than other outlets, Earth Fare with its great selection of produce and variety of healthy organic and vegan foods is just amazing! Love the bakery, coffee is good and the GingerSnap Smoothie is excellent. I found the staff to be very friendly and very patient with a newcomer like me. Excellent customer service. Earth Fare is highly recommended.

mattye moss

Love the selection of both local and larger company goods. Great staff and very friendly. Prices could use some adjustment, but quality all around.

Kathryn Cain Madsen

I like the store but they don’t make it easily accessible. They have one electric cart that may or may not be charged when u get there. (happened twice so I stopped shopping there) Nice service person got one thing for me since I couldn’t shop (no cart) but when I went to Whole Foods and all 4 of their carts were in action, they offered to do ALL my shopping and brought me free kombucha when I chose to wait. Good salads at both places. What I shop for tends to be less expensive at WF anyway.

Lance Essex Hardcastle

Earth Fare has always been my favorite Asheville grocery store until my final trip there today.The store's new policy was to REDUCE discounts to Senior Citizens by over 80%, EIGHTY PER CENT. Discounts at the store are ONLY given on Mondays now, a seventh of their former discount. This effectively makes getting good food that much more challenging for the very population that needs it most. Shame on you, shame on you. Here, by the way, was the manager's response....I'm not kidding... Thanks for taking the time to write to us and letting us know how you feel about Earth Fare. I hope you know that your feedback is important to us. I am glad you have benefited from the wisdom discount offered every day over the course of the many years we’ve provided it. While I realize you see this change as negative for you, I assure you that the reason was not to help our bottom line but to pass on savings to all of our customers daily. We will now be able to offer savings to those who do not fit the 60 or over category, such as young families, etc, every day. Lance, we have always strived to not only deliver value to all of our customers, but unmatched selection, quality, and service. I am sorry that we are losing you as a customer. Sincerely, James Saldutti. Store Manager.

Sherry Schneider

Least friendly/helpful employees ever. They seem really miserable The one in South Asheville has super nice employees.

Lee Hibbs

Extensive selection of wine, cheese, beer, meats. Store has limited selection of organic foods, whether fresh, canned or frozen. Very limited organic selections in beans, rice, lentils, and store does not carry any organic humus. Very few whole grain and vegan selections in the bakery. Sushi is contracted out to Hissho Sushi out of Charlotte and runs $2 higher than Fresh Market.


Love this place e and the items they have to offer but it always hurts the pocketbook.

Michelle Hale

BAIT & SWITCH. I'm SOO tired of this happening! I hate dishonest marketing. Here's the entirety of the text coupon I received on 12/5/15. "BOGO Today! Save $11.99 on 100% Organic Coconut Oil + Save on Hundreds more ends 12/6/15" I went to Earthfare Westgate on 12/5/15 to purchase 2 of the 14 oz Dr. Bronner's 100% Organic Coconut Oil that retail at $11.99/each. However, I did not receive the BOGO savings. I went back today (12/6/15) to resolve this, and left completely unsatisfied, receiving NO satisfying explanation. I returned the products, leaving empty handed. This is especially disappointing because the whole reason I traveled to Earthfare was for the coconut oil I received in my text coupon! Make no mistake: The girl who was helping me was exceptionally nice and trying to be helpful, HOWEVER it is my opinion that an hourly employee should NEVER have to answer for others (higher up) mistakes. Clearly this is a marketing issue error & a manager needs to take care of these issues!! The girl nicely relayed to me that the 30 oz size, retailed at $19.99, was the only one on BOGO sale according to their sales flyer. Sorry, but that STILL does not explain the text coupon I received that CLEARLY states "savings of $11.99" My coupon did NOT state savings of $19.99, or $9.99/each!! I even looked with the employee, and we both verified there were NO other coconut oils on sale with "savings of $11.99" The only thing that would make sense is if both sizes were on sale, since the 14 oz retailed at $11.99. Mathematically, there are NO other explanations. Period. The employee seemed just as confused as I was but apparently her higher up told her that the coupon wasn't going to be honored. Therefore this is clearly just a BAIT and SWITCH tactic. Not a very honest way to treat your customers like this....womp womp. Thumbs down!!! Earthfare, your marketing and follow up with customers sorely needs improvement! I am an informed customer, with over a decade of experience in retail and customer service myself, so please STOP insulting my intelligence with bogus and dishonest explanations! How about an honest explanation for an honest customer???

Number Number

Huge mall like store with an eclectic yet friendly staff.

Daniel Bier

Great place for healthy options... Muching now on a guilty pleasure of ginger cookies

Epefania Forteza

Excellent. Stevie got a cart for me because I bought more in the meat department than I anticipated. Shirley was in the cashier check out.

Jen H.

Very similar offerings as Whole Foods with a more laid back ambiance.

stephen homer

High prices, low selection, produce is way over priced and a serious lack of local produce to boot. Bulk supplies are decent and the only thing worth getting here if you can find your stuff elsewhere.

Lily Cascio

This Earth Fare is filthy and one of the most expensive grocery stores in the Asheville area. Their produce section is disgusting with dead, slimy wet veg and your meat and fish counter stinks and looks very dirty! It is August and I can't believe your poor selection of produce! I won't touch their hot prepared food bar as the food always looks so unappetizing. I've reported their bathrooms more than once due to filth and the bathroom is just outside the cafe! I won't be shopping here anymore! Get with it Earth Fare, you are ripping off your customers! So disappointed that you got rid of your senior discount except for Mondays and the Tomato Bank is a joke!

Ezra Byrd

Breakfast bar is awesome! Delicious and healthy and the price is very fair.

Audrey Snyder

Didn't have receipts for cosmetic item but still they exchanged. Also had great gulten free bread samples by Simple Kneads. That was some great tasting bread.

Christy Vonderlack

Cashiers are rude and not helpful. We’ve had numerous problems with a specific lazy one.

Raven Black

This place is TERRIBLE. They don't treat their employees well at all and the pay is low and does not compare with other places. The store often smells like rotten fish, has ceiling leaks when it rains, and their produce is often moldy or rotten. They are often out of things you're looking for also. If you must shop at an EF, go to the Hendersonville road store! It's clean and management are much nicer. If they shut this place down, lord knows I wouldn't cry about it.

Victor Heymann

By now I do almost all my shopping at Earthfare, Great butcher dept with selections, cheese department is wonderful and of course veggies are full selection, organic, standard, local. Great place to shop

Deborah Compton

Expensive but wholesome. Not the average grocery.

melissa weston

Best grocery store produce section. Friendly staff. Awesome sales!

Yang Yang

Occasionally you can find deals here that beat Whole Foods. Avocados sometimes...nit much else. Everything else is like a dollar more than the already high priced competitor. On another note, i am writing this review to warn you to avoid the prepackaged food and chefs case. Chefs case stuff is WEAK sauce man. If they would season that stuff just a little bit itd be appetizing. But as is? Tasteless blehk. The prepackaged food tho...TWICE i found mold. Usually when its on sale that means its expired...i wont be buying that stuff anymore. Hot bars a rip off too...just a terrible store all round. But the beer selection is decent. And its not like its the Wal-Mart in East two stars.

Mami Muti

Great place to go shopping groceries fresh fruits and vegetables friendly staffs

Elvis Jeffry

Good place to buy fruits and vegetables


Continues to be a major disappointment.

Tamera Owen

Great organic veggies

Mj Fox

I love their bulk food section of rice, beans, dried fruit, salts, nuts and especially the Olive oil, molasses, maple syrup and tamari in bulk. Also, they have a wide selection of dried herbs and teas in bulk. All these items are very affordable too.

Chris Sparnicht

I remember when this store was on Merrimon and called "Dinner for the Earth". In its evolution from a single health-food store to a much more diverse chain of stores throughout the southeast, it has not lost its charm or its values. The foods and products they sell don't contain sketchy ingredients so your kids are pretty much safe eating whatever is sold here. This particular Earth Fare has a huge health and beauty section, a huge cafeteria and yet still everything you come to expect from a community store in our beloved Asheville, NC.

Rich O'Keefe

I’m a AVL resident and this place is ridiculous. Arrogant service and 50% of the time I find mold on the produce. Sugar in just about everything. Spent my last dollar here for sure.

Andrew Rainer

Great place to have employees make snide remarks under their breath when they check you out.

Georgena Millar

My go to store for well-priced quality organic produce and fresh seafood

Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

I came in from out of town looking for good health food and I found Earth Fare. I had a good experience with shopping here in regards to the quality of food and the yummy food stuffs offered at Earth Fare. Recently, I had a really horrible experience with customer service. I couldn't find anyone to help me since the employees that were there were either already occupied or moving so quickly around the store that I couldn't catch up with them. I felt neglected as a customer, I just wanted to find my way around the store. It felt like a good waste of my time.

David Woodall

A very wide selection of organic and specialty foods. Friendly and carry by staff to a great job assisting customers. A different shopping experience from most other grocery stores This is not Ingles. It is a different show ping experience.

leonard gibbs

Large selection of heath foods, close to downtown, conveinent, plenty of parking.

Rick Burgess

I've been shopping at the particular Earth Fare for over 20 years. It's been my favorite grocery store in town until the past few years. Asheville is growing, quickly, and this particular Earth Fare is doing little to keep up and honestly seems disinterested in doing so. There are some great people that work there, one of the only reasons I very occasionally go there, but at the same time there are more disinterested, disconnected people that work there that makes shopping there not worth the trouble. There are too many options now: Ingles in every part of town that now sale a lot of the same items for less, Green Life, good luck finding a parking space, and now Whole Foods who are much bigger, much more organized and has amazing customer service. The ONLY reason I will now go to this Earth Fare is if I'm in need of something fast and it happens to be convenient to go there, otherwise I will drive across town to another store to avoid the hassle. As someone pointed out in an earlier review, I have gone to management and got the, "Im sorry your displeased" or "We're sorry to lose you as a customer" obviously easier then addressing the problem, which they will not do.

Melinda Owens

Major selection of organic food, very reasonable costs, good sales and custom Reward Program to earn discounts from their "tomato bank"! Love this place. Would like to see a "self check" out register lane some day.

Logan Murray

This place has a wide range of organic produce and all kinds of other organic food. Atmosphere is good and quality of food is alright than most places in Asheville in terms of finding organic produce. It is a pretty big place because it is a healthy supermarket.


This place is being mismanaged and run into the ground by the hate full, condescending female manager who is the rudest, most arrogant person to have to deal with. The horrer of a person is driving away loyal customers by the busload. 1) If you go to the WEST GATE EARTH unFARE.....expect a bad experience 2) with all the harassment and public slandering of customers in the store, I am surprised that no one has started some type of customer tort signing petition to have her removed from her position and publicly present it to the regional manager.

Jacob Cooper

Love this place all the way good.

Janice Taylor

Always a cheery place to shop and very good food choices.

Timothy Davies

Great place. Pizza and food and salad bar are nice and the selection of grocery needs is great.

Les Senters

Great place for quality food, but too expensive for me to shop for all of my needs. If this was helpful, please hit the thumbs up like.

roxanne waddle

I love them. Everything I look for

Jeff Powers

Great place to shop

Michael Smith

Great store overall with exceptional customer service. Just don't go when it's busy as they can't handle the volume at the meat counter, deli and especially the registers. Also, really needs a system at the meat and the deli counters for order of customers. There is just a mass of customers at the counters and no one knows who's next.

Keefe Oheard

Oasis of food!

Rebecca H

I took a detour to check this place out and was not disappointed. Great selection of gluten free and vegan porducts. The food cooked there smelled amazing! It's a little pricey but the quality of products they have there is in my opinion worth it.

John Steed

You wanted a review..well, never been there so it sucks...there is your annoying reminder to stop having me review places I have never been

Kashmyra Asnani

Earthfare used to be a wonderful warm and fuzzy place to come home to. But it has deteriorated. Earthfare has a female manager that attacks and accuses you first and asks questions later. I was falsely accused and publicly humiliated twice. I never had a chance to explain my point of view in a democratic country. A good manager knows how to listen and be diplomatic, not rash and accusatory. Some of the employees are rude & incompetent. They lack people skills. Other employees go that extra mile to help. They have way too many INORGANIC products. They removed the raw food offerings which are the healthiest aspect of a health store. I love Whole Foods because they are courteous and competent. They have a huge raw food section. Whole foods also have a much more competent meat department. Whole Foods soups are out of this world. Earthfare's soups are not very healthy. Personally I find having police policing the place creates an atmosphere of suspicion. Earthfare's juice department is always out of produce. I am deeply disappointed in the deterioration of EARTHFARE because it used to be my second home.

Lynda Saffell

Picked up dinner at the hot bar! Yum! And easy!

amber renwick

Great store. Love the salad bar/hot bar. Best take n bake pizza anywhere!

Robert Austin

Good selection of organic and non-GMO foods. They offer a discount for seniors on Monday, so I try to go other days to avoid the crowds. Nice selection of prepared foods and great selection of vitamins and supplements.

Theo Crouse-Mann

Has gone down hill

Gabby Beam

I love this store! They always have fresh produce fresh meet fresh bread and a hot bar which is full of fantastically delicious things! I love the Ambiance of the store. My favorite part is the dried beans and nuts section where I can buy exactly how much I want.. large or small! This is by far my favorite places to shop... the only downside is the prices can be a little outrageous...But for local, fresh, non-GMO, and organic food it is often very worth it!

Kate Cain Madsen

Love it. Whole Foods has better prices (I know, that’s not the conventional wisdom but it’s true. And Whole Foods food brand is higher quality) AND the hot bar at this Earthfare —that food is always over cooked. GREAT salad bar though. Lots of specific great bargains.

John Hornsby

Great selections. A little pricey but one of our go to sources for fresh groceries.

Zeke Englert

Clean store with the best organics around.

Kathy0n M

I have lived in Asheville for over 20 years and this used to be a great place to shop. About 3-4 years ago it came under the control of a new CEO and the store has gone downhill since then. Prices went up considerably, senior discounts went down to one day a week, employees seem to be unhappy, restrooms are always dirty (I could go on and on). According to a local paper they pay meager wages, keep hours down so no benefits, and require employees to do more work for meager pay. In short, it has just become another corporate store placing importance on the bottom line to the expense of everything else. I still shop here occasionally but only buy things on sale as prices are way out of line.

Thomas Sawicki

Better pizza and bakery but often a bit pricier than whole foods

Jack Benton

They have a great wine, beer and cheese selection!!

AppalachiaGuild ofHealingArts

Every time I go to Earthfare, I run into someone I know! Great selection of produce, fish and beauty products. Love that they have Buchi on tap and fresh juice and smoothies available. Also happy they allow buskers in the front of the store! It really adds to the Asheville Community Charm!

Julia Benson-Slaughter

Nice selection, great quality, cheaper than the competition, not a national chain.

Jim Glaze

Quality food specializing in natural foods with zero additives, and many organic choices. One caveat - the salad and hot food bars can range from great to mediocre, depending on day and time.

Charlotte Taylor

Yesterday I went to Earth Fare for dinner. I had the Garden Vegetable Soup. All ingredients listed on the soup were 100% vegan. When I sat down to eat it, however, it didn't taste right. I stirred it, and noticed what looked like chicken meat. I reread the ingredients... the closest thing to meat listed was mushrooms. This was definitely chicken. I took it up to the deli, and the sandwich guy insisted it was vegan, but asked if I wanted him to take it back to the cook and ask what that could possibly be. He came back and said the cook tried it and it was chicken. Chicken. In a vegan soup. 20 minutes later, the soup was still out for sale and not labeled as containing chicken. I spoke to another worker and explained the situation. She was apologetic and said she'd remove the soup from the shelf. I've been vegan for 14 years. If I can't trust a company to be open and honest about the ingredients in their food, I can't eat there. I won't go back to Earth Fare.

L Small

Nice but a bit pricey.

Joel Pegram

Great local grocery chain. Prices on some items are much cheaper than Whole Foods

Jenni Stines

Love the large variety of organic foods

Abby Rupert

Whole Foods like supermarket but more reasonably priced. Also a more pleasant overall experience than the Asheville WholeFoods. The olive bar is my favorite.

Jennifer Goodier

Been buying there for 20 years! Always pleasant and always see a friend!

Molly Sullivan Reeves

Worst Earth Fare!!!! Horrible customer service especially in their meat department. Won't be going here again. I have always preferred the one on Hendersonville Rd so I guess that's where I'll be going from now on.

Kjay Chambers

This place is awesome I wish there were some in with a hundred miles of Daytona Beach.

Nathan Ramirez

Really great store, great selection of produce and meat... various selection of local beer too. They have a bar with food and a pretty cozy place in the corner of the store to eat. They’re pizzas are fresh 2 slices for 5$, I recommend grabbing a bite during a lunch break. Great options for vegetarian/vegan/gluten free as well!

mark williams

Earth Fare has got practically everything you could want ,but their Prices are Outrageously High! Much of the produce looks old and not so fresh. You better either have deep pockets or a light appetite to afford this place.

ivan montes

Place looks run down an way too expensive.

MysterEyONE VideoGuru

The absolute best choice in the Asheville area. Forget the others because this has it all. Definitely worth supporting and enjoying for all your needs. As they say Live longer and I believe it. I first discovered them in good ol 2008. Before the amazon whole foods and trader Joe's and Aldi's etc. They are still here and wishing them many more decades to keep in business. As things keep changing in America at least there's a great onestop natural center in Asheville.

Christian Gentry

Great place for local organic food, their prepared food is decently priced and they have a great selectoon, the staff are friendly and knowledgable


I've been very grateful over the years for their continued dedication to healthy organic fresh food.

Heath Hampton

Awesome place for Hippie, FOod good, music is good, people are very nice and friendly

mitch albers

Worst store in all of Asheville and surrounding areas. Too many negatives to even list them out. Gave the place a shot for a few months, but will never return.

Donna Sharpe

Great place to buy produce, meats and items other stores don't carry.

Travis Reynolds

Hippies that work there are getting snotty and rude. Otherwise clean .

John Arnst

A very wide selection of organic and specialty foods. Friendly and carry by staff to a great job assisting customers. A different shopping experience from most other grocery stores This is not Ingles. It is a different show ping experience.

DeeDee Wilson

Sometimes I think the patrons of other grocery stores are more inclined to smile, but Earthfare has items I can't find elsewhere and a meat department that will order smelt for me :)

Shannon Dillin

Community minded and quality products and service

Glenn IT Specialist

They have great weekly sales


I've lived in Asheville for over 10 yrs, and luckily, since mainstream grocery stores are selling vegan options now, I rarely need to go here. I can't figure out why people go here considering the cost and unfriendly service. I unfortunately had to go today and the cashier asked if I knew the # of the produce then seemed bothered when I replied no. Isn't that their job??? I am convinced people shop here simply to feel as if they are getting the best even though you can get equally good products elsewhere.

Scott Ramming

I bought some prepared shish kabobs yesterday and they were absolutely disgusting. I paid what I feel was premium price and not only did they taste bad, but that alleged filet mignon was certainly not filet. I’ll never go back to that store.

Christopher Hasty

Fancy food

Brittany Roach

I really hate to give this place such a low review. The fact is the food is not fresh. It smells. It's out of date or not being stored properly. The hot bar is overcooked. Everything is very bland.

Hannah Desmond

First: the best staff in the world. Everyone is amazingly friendly, helpful and kind. Great selection of deli foods, meets, organic veggies....Wonderful cafe. This is the place to shop for healthy foods in Asheville. Did I mention their wine and cheese dept. fabulous.

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