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REVIEWS OF Garden of Eden Marketplace IN New York

Oguz Yucel

Good sandwich...

Erica Brown

One stop store. Variety at it's best. Love, love it.

Antony van Zyl

Lots of fun stuff, but this time I was on the lookout for a nice Christmas goose. They had two....both stamped and expired a month ago. Instead of being concerned, they were upset at me for pointing out the fact that the "fresh" goose had an expectation date of a month ago. One of the bags had been torn and putrid blood was leaking into the fresh poultry case. Cleaning did not seem to be a concern.

Andrew Blint

Where I get dinner when seeing my Aunt Emmie

Sima Selkin

Caroline Hardy

Amazing fresh food, delicious hot food served buffet style at the back. Good quality

Matt Mathews

Great selection, but you definitely pay for it. Great hot bar!

Grupo COrporativo

My Friend went to the supermarket and bought tiramisu and she found mold inside of it. Omg.

Christopher Chin

I love this place! This supermarket has a variety of food! It has a fresh produce section when you walk in it is right there! It even has a mini sushi bar for those who love sushi. Towards the back it has the cold salad bar and next to that has the hot buffet. There is so many thins there that I can't mention it all. However, I will tell you it is kind of costly to eat there every day!

Crystal O'Hearn

Expensive, but clean.

Peter Badham

Fantastic selection and helpful staff

Jeanette Rivera

OMG can't describe the cornucopia of goodies love it

jjeff regeiringer

it's extensive with a good fish counter in the back. also excellent salad/lunch bar by the pound. big cheese section, bakery, etc. basically a mini whole foods with fairly high prices. but very convenient and far less busy than the actual whole foods in union sq. great fish. highly recommended to stop by to pick up ingredients for a tasty dinner on your way home.

Patricia Wladessa

The help were not very pleasant

Andrea Cornaglia

The fruits are nice, but the cut vegetables were old and same with cheese plate. For the price charged, I was expecting a better quality.


Good quality food and decent prices.

Sassie Sasquatch

Expensive, crammed with goods

3000Vegeta .

Thanks for the unpleasant experience :)

Nancy Santana

Fresh fruit

Alphia McLean

They have a buffet with delicious food options.

Michael Glickman

Great store. Good service, great food variety and hot bar.

Aurora Parkinson

Healthiest grocery store in the area, has everything a new yorker could need or want

Ruku Loa

good but little too pricy.

The Corcoran Group .

A really beautiful and small market with a great selection of fruits & veggies. Come for lunch and grab a delicious sandwich. Come after 8pm and it’s half off the prepared foods.

Jason Elmer

Wonderful Store

Maria Plochocki

As usual, good quality and service; $4.49 for a pound of strawberries isn't bad, either.

Mike Bonadies

Quality food

Vladimir Serebryany

Good upscale food store, bit pricey Good selection of meets and cheeses

Michele Clavell

Food is good and reasonably priced. The atmosphere is very nice. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Antonio Lacan

I love it.

Jeanette Emmarco

Love the freshness of the fruit and vegetables. Love the short line. Love the hot salad bar.

Nick Dower

Less crowded than Whole Foods with a much more inviting feel.

Dee M

Small grocery, good for a quick stop, small purchase

popsi Kiemkodogo

Garden of eden market is best place for your fresh farm service

Norma Garbo

Great local grocery store with salad bar and great baked cookies.

Jorge Campins



Nice spot for quick lunch bites


Si mangia divinamente spendendo poco

William Q Caraway

Good Produce here.

S. Jones

Nice and cozy place to shop. Great hot and cold bar. My favorite is the spinach with cheese.

Ema Gloria

A solid gourmet grocery store conveniently located near Union Square, but sufficiently off-center from the actual chaos. The unique and extensive merchandise definitely justifies the above-average price points here. Also, they take great care in making sure their produce (displayed outdoors) is adequately moisturized, with their periodic water mists raining down on the fruits and veggies.

Robert Donohue

The buffet is excellent but a little pricey


Walked from Columbia along Broadway to find flowers to give for Commencement Day. After looking through some shops I bought a graduation bouquet here for my girlfriend and she loved it!

Tom Healy

Eat here all the time. Everything is labeled so I know what I am getting

Eric Quijije

The hot food buffet in the back is great. They have such a large variety of food available, including salads, grains, meats, fried foods, vegetables. They also sell the buffet food at half price from 8:00pm-9:00pm. I love that they have labels above every tray of food, describing the ingredients used to prepare each food. This is a plus for people trying to watch what they eat. The market itself has a very large selection of heathier foods and ingredients, many of them imported. Garden of Eden Marketplace is definitely worth a visit.

Adrian Epstein

I could have spent a long long time in here buying things you don't need but feeling very good about it. The vast range of product, the presentation of it and how it's all set up make you feel like you're in a foodies grotto. The coffee shop at the side with the amazing pastries will tempt you longer and it's worth it too. Loved visiting here, I was like a child in a candy shop.

Matt H

Great products, friendly service, superb cleanliness.

James Fackrell

Good eats Fair prices Senior discount weekends 55+ Food bar discounts of 50% from 7-9 Beautiful produce

Pieter Sommen

Very good selection of products at not unreasonable prices. Friendly, helpful staff! With a membership card you will do well here!

Ryan Mehra

My go to for lunch and the 50% off dinner. Great sandwiches, and cater to my office... A family run business, that takes care of their customers, a dying theme in NY.

Matt Songer

Solid lunchtime pick-up spot. Good sandwiches and buffet / salad selections.

Ronald A. Abarca

Great Gourmet supermarket. Nice serve yourself by the lb food section. Great selection of cheeses.

Gustavo Izaguirre

Never knew this place existed, great healthy selection, every brand for organic items

Steven Vunganai

Ron Seaton

Has all the good stuff. Top of the line. Not a good place to get junk food.

Didier Bocquet


Alexandra Solomon

Nice and friendly little Market with a very nice selection accommodating almost all your needs and taste from fresh to cooked with all the grocery.

Xingxing Yang

Great good! Reasonable price with 50 percent discount after 8PM !

Matthew Sweet

Nice variety. Unhappy staff

D Nguyễn

This grocery chain carries plenty of specialty items and hot lunch buffet. Everything clean and orderly. The produce seems fresh and I’ve compared to the Farmer’s Market and they are sometimes cheaper. The deli counter and cheese array have plenty to choose from. Service is a bit curt and I wouldn’t say friendly but passable compared other grocery in the area *TJ*. This is great for picking up stuff quickly without the long lines and certainly enough selection to find what you need.

Trish Bhag

Great buffet selection! Not cheap though!

Sheries Smith

Love shopping at this place has awesome deals on various wanted items

Yoselyn Bonilla

- pricey and my a lot of options

Gh Yu

I really love it here... salad bar hot and cold are just charming in taste *a must

Suchitra Vijayan

I live near by, and come to this place at least once a week. On Feb 26th, 2015 afternoon I brought crumbled goat cheese, next morning when I opened the box there was fungus. I immediately called garden of Eden and informed the manager. This is not the first time. In 2014, I returned tofu that had gone bad. And multiple times over the year their organic garlic pods had gone bad. When I raised this issue on the phone, the manger claimed none of the tellers had informed her. When I finally went to the store there was another gentleman, and not the lady I spoke to. He reimbursed the money for the product. He did not quite acknowledge or address the gravity of what is now multiple instances of providing bad produce and dairy products. Last week, I pointed out that boxes of packed mint leaves had dried out. The staff at the teller simply said, get another box and refused to address the concern. When I pointed out that all the four remaining boxes had dried out. I personally raised the issue with the onsite (female) manger in store about the staff's flippant attitude towards the customer and again informed her about the quality of the produce. She did apologise, and promised to address this issue at their staff meeting. When I pay a premium for the produce, I expect it to be up to the standards. This is simply unacceptable and I suggest every to play attention to gross health violations. I will be reporting this to concerned food authorities.

Gadjo Sevilla

An oasis fo well made and fresh food that's also affordable!

Julian Wheatland

Best produce in Union Square

Domingo Perez

Love it Great product selection

Rewattee Froimchuk

They always have fresh produce!

Michael Reiff

For the most economical Wild Alaska King Salmon, this is the place. Pricing is dramatically less than Whole Foods or Eataly. Also, the packaged smoked salmon from Catsmo is well priced as well, when it's available. Take a bunch when in stock. It's worth the visit.

Y Way

Management and the cashier's there are rude people. I want in there to buy a sandwich it 20 mins before someone showed up had a attitude because he had to make a sandwich.

Ruixin HE

Was shocked by the resentful look of the cashier (Ra**ta) when I told her I didn't need the bag (I should have told her 5 seconds earlier). Of course there was then no "Thank you" from her but staring when I thanked her after payment. I understand she could be burnt out from such a difficult job, but as someone who is always respectful of others I just find such an attitude unfair and unacceptable.

Peace Denenu

Good food for good price.

Katia Silvetti

prodotti discreto da tutto il.mondo...prezzi un po piu chip

Massinissa Adjaoudi

They offre 50%off the food bar after 8pm .. that's amazing.

Sucharita Jyothula

The grocery store is good, but the I had a bad stomach after eating a salad at the food counter. Wouldn't go back for the food for sure.

Charles Cuomo

Great sandwiches for lunch with reasonable prices.

Cyrus Zulkarnaïan Kazi

Best food around Union Square

Alex Koronec

Interesting choices for you to browse and choose from cheese, meats and vegetables

Laura Allison

Stumbled upon this market last week. Great selection of fresh produce, good prices and delicious.

Mitchell Ross

A lot of food and items to choose from but I find it a little expensive on a lot of what they sell

sergiy kuznyetsov

Delicious soup

S Cobain

Great neighborhood. This place reminds me of a witch craft store, pretty cool. Semi pricy. Very good quality food.

john lopez3rd

Really good food amazing

Gladis Tito

Beautiful and interesting place.

Andrew R

Still better than most gourmet stores. The coffee here is amazing and really inexpensive. Blows Starbucks to shame by far!!!

Joseph Phillips

Great store. Good produce, good deli. Deli staff not too friendly they lost a long time staff n new ones dont seem to care much. Always fo d great foodie items here. I reccomend highly but walk by the Deli counter. And the ladies at the Bakery shop could also learn that the customer needs service with a smile n interest.

Dr. Bernd Klößner

(Translated by Google) Great selection, good quality (Original) Tolle Auswahl, gute Qualität

Michael Moses

Reliable for selection, but also reliable for being a few dollars more than the Whole Foods a block away. I shop here for your odds and ends food purchase because the line, 9X out of 10, is a fraction of what you find a Whole Foods. Here, you can be in an out in 10 minutes, even during rush hour.

joyce davis

Good assortment of food.

Sam Boocker

Cheap, healthy salad bar that’s half off after 8 pm.

Herman Curry

Very Good soups. Well stocked olive bar. I cant tell you how amazing tasting their Homemade Clam chowder tasted. Very satisfied with the knowledgeable staff, they seemed to anticipate my every need. Very recommended


Good selection of produces but relatively pricey. The air is pretty stuffed in store. Lukewarm cashiers. Not a pleasant grocery shopping experience for a premium supermarket.

Heaven Release

Went there last month to purchase sandwich and the deli counter person name James did an awesome job most friendly and efficient staff thank you garden of eden for making my visit a delight.

Maciel M.

Tasty selections and there is a spot where you can sit and eat. High end yet still affordable. Nice staff.

Akinkunle A Majekodunmi

Exotic assortments and particularly wonderful place..

Carlos LeBron

Nice but usage of a bathroom

Lyudmila Kopa

Reasonable priced food store at neighbourhood


Lots of fruits. Great food


For a health food store this place Is gross. Opened up an orange juice I had just bought for lunch from here and it was moldy!!!!!! Also it smells in there. They have a half off at 8 deal at their buffet, which is cool. But I tried it and the food was bland.

Mary Raphael George

I think this store does a great job of providing fun displays and having plenty of inventory for its NYC and visiting people. The location is just right. Sandwiches are tasty and the name of this place says it all. It is nice just to go in an browse at the selections.



Madelene Feliciano

Wonderful selection of ready made sandwiches, salads and hot and cold bar. Produce and cheese selections are just as fresh. Enjoy, Maggie

Robert Darwak

I love all these locations.

luis gomez

Nice selection of fresh foods organic & regular foods may be a little pricey if your on a budget.

M Rose

They have great produce and great selection of gluten free items, cheeses and the hot bar is good. If you're looking for whole foods without the 10 year line, this is the place.

Liz Greenspan

Love the salad bar. Gormet food is great.

Global Shokunin

***Beware***Health Hazard and food safety warning**** The fruit and vegetables at this place taste like they have been doused with chemicals. If you peel an orange purchased here, you can immidiately smell and taste the bitter chemicals. I strongly advise against buying fresh produce from this place. What a sad state of affairs because this place use to be fun to shop at.

Linda Newman

great find, many choices

Timothy Hutto

A great local option for home meal replacement and gourmet products. All the hot bar food is 1/2 off after 8pm.

Bryant Williams

Love it

mari soto

Awesome everything fresh!!! And yummy

Lotta Nord

(Translated by Google) The right name for that store! Could also have been called Paradise. This shop is charming, fresh and perfectly arranged. Helpful and friendly staff. Everything is so beautifully laid out. If you are like a grocery store, it is a must to visit. And notice the old doors of wood on the way in / out. (Original) Rätt namn på den butiken! Kunde också ha hetat Paradiset. Den här butiken är charmig, fräsch och perfekt ordning. Hjälpsam och trevlig personal. Allt är så vackert upplagt . Är man som jag matbutiksnörd, är den ett måste att besöka. Och lägg märke till de gamla dörrarna av trä på vägen in/ ut.

Alec Lambert

Delicious food there

Steve Zee

Be careful what you buy as things on shelves are often long past their expiration date. This shouldn't happen in a store this expensive.

Charles Mirisola

First class gourmet grocery. A life saver at the end of the day when you need a meal to take home

Jorge Picado

A nice supermarket.. food salad bar is great .

Olegário Araújo

(Translated by Google) A different store (Original) Uma loja diferenciada

Vijay Brihmadesam

Great salsa and good alternative to whole foods. Rarely is there a line.

Jolynn Carpenter

Great store

Irwin Kroot

Prices are high, but it's very convenient and the quality of food (including at the hot and cold salad bars) is consistently high.

Noel Gonzalez

Real good selection of foods and beverages. The service is good and the cashiers are fast and courteous!

Tim McDonough

Diane Hobday

Wonderful store, friendly staff,excellent food choices, prices are very good Diane

Mina Mir

Frank Quilla

Went for the Buffet. Very Clean, food was hot and very good. Salad bar looked Good although I did not have any.

Uthman Ambakisye

Good food

Jose Lugo

Great coffee and the best Portuguese soup in NYC.

Bob Pek

The service and choice are the best!

Charlie Dondero

Unfortunately, Garden of Eden is letting anyone make sandwiches these days. 14th st used to be a top place. Subway sandwiches is right down the block and less than half the price. At least you know what you are getting.

Mary White

Great selection!

Mourad Feny

Good food products sold there

Miriam Garcia

One of the best places I know

George Sylvanus Niikoi Neequaye

Amazing store, After 8pm their buffer is half price! I mean 50% off food is heaven on earth!

Bryan Davis

Long wait for two items

Won Lim

I still come here often but the rice pudding gone bad taste ‘sour’ and ice creams were complete melt (I opened right after the purchase) because of the low temp of the fridge. :(

Jay Alv

Best food all types

Robert Condon

This is a great place to get a sandwich if you are in the city and want to get a bite to eat without going to a restaurant which has become very expensive in NYC. They have e every kind of gourmet choice you can thing of but the deli counter is in the back. Walk through the store and order from the counter. I usually get a Cubano sandwich heated. Then there is a seating area at the front of the store to eat or if the weather is nice you can eat in Union Square park which is just east of the Garden of Eden. A sandwich could be split between two people supplemented with other goodies the store has in abundance. It's a great place.

K Shimanovsky

Very good chef in this location, my mother comes back time and time again.

Justyna Wołczyk

Good place for getting some healthy food! Always fresh fruit, hot food and cold salads.

Hubbard Family

Beautiful metropolitan market. Fresh blueberries were yummy and deli salad was a perfect evening snack.

Mac Aguilar

My favorite supermarket .... !!

Marco Donati

Ottimo posto vicino Union Square per un pranzo veloce

Alex Stadler

Really nice.

Joyline Williams

Love the variety and freshness of the food and fruit. I shop there all the time.

Robert Kuhn

The buffet tends to be salty, but except for that it is more than edible. However they changed the promotion schedule from 7 pm to 8 pm, making it far less appealing.

Andrew Christopher Hanna

their buffet is the most delicious and fresh buffets in all of NYC

Kerri McHayle

Quick in and out with great variety.

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