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REVIEWS OF Food Bazaar Supermarket IN New York

George Green

Clean,everything in its place. Big enough that you don't feel cramp. Excellent selections!

Brian Livingston

Visited after a long hiatus. Location is very well stocked with all the new, popular health and "go green" foods, as well as the best familiars. It has an active deli and bakery inside, as well as a restaurant for sit-down eating. It even has a public unisex bathroom that was clean when I used it. Great stop for food shopping.

manlai koo

I go here weekly to shop . They're pretty good keeping the stock available .

C Stbernard

They have a rotisserie chicken that is so amazing. But the employees are the worst.

Jorge Vargas

This place is massive. Good luck finding your way out to the living world. If you manage to survive, make sure you have one of these empanadas in your pocket!

Cristina Gonzalez

They are friendly n there prices are wow mind blowing n the departments holy s... it blew my mind how they have a big supermarket with all of ur needs like I love it n I'm going back to make that place my shopping center

Melissa V

Good variety of foods to choose from. Convenient parking for customers.

Ronnie Pest

I bought two heroes from the deli counter, and I should have said no lettuce when instead of slicing the lettuce from a machine, he grabbed ready cut lettuce from a container where water was keeping it fresh. He grabbed the lettuce, squeezed the excess water and since me and my girl ate these hero sandwiches we haven't been able to eat from constant sitting on the toilet. Big place, But STAY AWAY FROM THE DELI DEPT. FOR SANDWICHES !

Tommy Zěitgeist

Ok. Good ethnic groceries, but not really worth the hike. Organic produce was more $$$ than Whole Foods!

Valentina Sanchez


Charles Meriot

Massive huge store combarable to Cost Co... probably one of the more cheap alternatives around the area. I bought fish and veggies which was delicious.

Benjamin Vargas

They have every thing you looking for great food fish and workers

Nuno Correia

Great place, surprising we found Portuguese bread!

Diana Martinez

I love coming here because there is so many options to choose from . There are many Hispanic products as well as organic stuff. Love the service but not from someone named JESSICA PENALO..Shes a cashier and suppose to be working not talking to the managers that hang around in the front. I had 2 items on my cart and she didnt even scan them for being so entertain talking to her coworkers!! I notice my items were missing when I got home . Other than that I really hope this Food Bazar lasts becuase its the only shop I can really choose alot from due to gentrification .

Katrin Shokri

Lots of choices, fresh foods and great prices!

Darnell Gilman-Bey

Have everything you need one stop shopping!

Karen Scott

Good selection of vegan and vegetarian products.

Elaine Karim

The visit was good the line moved quickly

jo Zamunda

My favorite go to food shopping spot

Emmanuel Roberts

Good well around shopping for great prices that are hard to beat.

Aquila Jordan

Fresh food , excellent bakery , fresh seafood and steamer. They have everything.

Fernando Hernandez

Prices are very affordable and most of the products are fresh. The Fish Department is very friendly and professional. At checkout is fast m


Always enjoy shopping at Food Bazaar. Well stocked with all the exotic stuff from the Caribbean, especially Trinidad, where I'm from. The aisles are well spaced, and easy to get thru. The green section has it all. And I bought some fish in the adequately stocked sea food section. Look like it was just caught. The ladies at the checkout are so helpful. They are always reaching out to make my experience comfortable. Thanks for being here.

Ali Garner

This place is huge and has a large selection of products. The fish market portions always has fresh items on hand as well as fresh fruit and veggies. The people are very helpful and friendly not to mention their prices are on point. I only shop here and Shop Rite for my food. Keep up the great work.

Jhonelly Gil

Alot variety of products you can find what you looking for and hard working employees

Jack Chen

Wide selection of many items that you won't find in a lot of supermarkets. Discounts are always going on but they change. Fresh fish and meat available. Lines can get long especially during busy hours but that is expected and they have a 10 items or less line. Best and organized layout. They even have an app you can earn points on if you end up always going.

Audrienne Corbett

Food Bazaar has everything from great produce ,seafood and ethnic food. I find them to be the best local grocery store as it's a 1 stop food shopping destination. You can get all your items here whereas at other shops may not have all that you need. Love thjis place. Only downside is the lines as it is quite busy.

James Smith

Huge, don't get lost when all you want ist some pasta. Prices are okay I guess.

Carlos Rivera

I love going to this supermarket and shop

Basil Evelyn

I love it. Can always find d what I want no matter the variety

Sharon Spaights

Great place to shop for all your needs. Just love this place. Some location are small but hold a variety of product.

rosario duran

Because they have every things you need and the products are fresh

Glenda Santiago

They always have everything you need.

Ed Espinosa

I went into the fish market to buy 10 lb of snow crab legs the work is there was really friendly the line was pretty fast and the cashier was even nicer


Noice business has everything from ice cream to poptarts excellent store

ninja nemesis

Amazing selection, great prices...I wish this location was my local food bazaar but it's still close enough and open an hour later than my.local food bazaar. I love their massive ethnic food selection and their wine and beer section too. I like how this location has a great cheese and deli section too. I love food bazaar, they rule!

Edwin Rivera

it was good I got all I needed and save money so tums up

Carmen Diaz Vasquez

It has a lot of variety. Decent prices

Stephany Pineda

Good prices but if you don't know the supermarket it is hard to get around since theres so many people and very little staff

Darda Clarke

Managers are super RUDE and Unprofessional. I wasnt aware that the line I was on. Was express and the manager with a pony tail hair style came and shouted at me.. then when i starting telling him i wasnt aware . He continue to shouted and compared me with the other customers.. I will not get shopping there anymore

Gregory Garvin

I stopped through here on a shopping trip for a chef client who has a kitchen nearby. Wow! This has the best assortment of foods from around the globe AND the largest assortment of fresh herbs, fruits and veggies with a decent size of assortment in organics. Fair price on foods even some of the international foods. The aisles just in case you are curious are organized extremely well - MidEast - Greek, Mediterranean, Israeli on one side then Asian - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai on the other. With such assortment, I would love to work on an event purchasing deal with this grocer.


Very friendly great grocers. Fresh..

Jhamiyah Lewis

It was very cool. Knowing everyone of every race and culture is welcome. Thank you food Bazaar

Jason_ V123

Good supermarket. They have a variety of things to choose from. Go around closing time to avoid the heavy loads of traffic!!

Nancy Heredia

I love going shopping at Food Parade

Gladys Best

Love this place has lots of everything and is well kept. Place is usually crowded during evening hours but I love it and its prices.


Outstanding shopping experience. Was able to locate EVERYTHING I needed-and many that I didn't. One of the very few venues in Brooklyn with PARKING. Prices were reasonable, and they carry every type of food. One note: they have an extensive fish section, but if you want processed fish, it is on the other end of the store. Keep looking, they have it!

selfie queen cyndi

I love the sales, and the fact that you earn points with every purchase made there as long as you have downloaded the Food Bazaar app. The fact that the supermarket is huge and also sells some items by bulk is a plus.


Great Supermarket. Big store they carry everything in there wow. Found a two seasoning i was looking for. Great

miriam Benado

I love this place it where I buy my food


This is a huge well stocked customer friendly store with wide variety of foods for all ethnic groups. Parking and located on major shopping strip too. Great store.

Georgina Garcia

Cashier was so polite. I will recommend all my family and friends.

Elizabeth Gurley

I love the variety of foods available especially international foods and produce.

Marcelina Polanco

They have alot of things and its not far from home

Angela Oquendo

There's a great deal of variety here and it's close to both bus and train stops.

Naomi Morales

Great supermarket has a lot of different varieties

Michael Otano

Good store. Good deals.

Marie Williams

I love the prices and the fish selection. The staff there is very helpful. Convenient parking in open spacious lot.

tammy saffioti

Always rows and rows of excellent, diversity, great produce and spectacular fishes and meats!

Rose Q

You name it, they have to have it. In the past they had awesome prices, but now just seems with their renovations up went their affordable prices. Never empty, prepare to wait on long lines depending what your your shopping.

amira sahar

Great place. Free parking- which Iove!! Well-stocked. Got my crab legs and fish from there. Stupendous!!

Sandra Whittington

This place is amazing!!! It's clean, affordable, and the selection is amazing. I have to travel a mile to get here but it's totally worth it.

Desiree Williams

Great place to shop for groceries very affordable prices.

Cristina Tejada

Super cold and good prices

David Sosa

Food shopping was good so far and there's always a easy way to get the stuff that you want for anyone buying

Suya Suya

This place wasn't always the best. They did some changes a while back and ever since then this place feels nostalgic. Like one half is like a wooden log cabin theme and on the complete opposite side of the store the veggies are being misted. Very clean and organized. Great for my ocd lol

Ves Cenov

Great store, competitive prices, wide assortment.

Kamil Szymczyk

Quick shopping. Good price.

Asia Craft

This location is HUGE! Has just about anything you could ever need for a reasonable price...and FREE parking on a huge lot! And unlike the other location.... the cashier was ACTUALLY friendly!!! If you have never been to's a tip you will appreciate... BRING A COAT... (and maybe gloves if you're meat shopping...) Thank me later!

Leon Kowalski

Huge, affordable and full of international food. Lovely staff too. Avoid after-work and weekend rush hour though, it gets real crowded.

Marcella Lancaster

The place where nice ,however, don't buy the fish. My first time at this location , i brought porgy and blue fish got it home open the bag up. THE FISH WAS BAD. THE WORKERS CLEAN THE FISH AND GAVE TO ME KNOWINGLY THAT IT WAS BAD.

Hector Alicea

Local supermarket where I can find great deals and items I need.

marilyn Agosto

Always shop here great prices and a lot of choices

Diego De La Rosa

Prices are Very good. accessable parking

Nancy Pacheco

Wow love all the choices of food!

7even 8ighty 7even 787

Huge warehouse-like supermarket. Has everything you can think of. Fresh fish can picked by the customers & meat can be cut at customer's request.

Andra Kellon

Great all around grocery store with a very wide selection of everything!!!

Lakisha Wilkinson

It's a good place to pick up things but a little pricey

Deborah E

Fish and meat market is good and the sale prices are affordable.

Susan Robles


Cheryl Tyler

I went shopping . went home didn't have one of my bags. Went back the next day. They played the tape. It only showed me putting the bags in the cart. But why didn't they show the good that they put. In the bags. That's. Lie.

Hilda W.

Love this place but I always leave crazy stressed with the long crazy lines. Please do something about this, especially now that the holidays are upon us!

Jameson Photography

It can get a little busy sometimes. Weekends there's usually a line for the checkouts buyer it usually flows pretty well. On the corner of Manhattan and Broadway. Huge parking lot with empty spaces all the time so don't worry about parking. It's a nice neighborhood market. :)

Michael Tunstall

Great place!! Quality products at the good price.

gemi hartojo-alwakil

Cheap, lots and lots of food!! And the fruit selection was a lot! We bought 3 large cases of bottled water for $9.99

Gacha Galaxy Studios

They have all kind of international food. I love it.

Technology Lover

Good Quality, fair prices but shop around for deals at other supermarket don't shop at only one store.

Dr. Nana Queenie Lawrence

I love Food Bazaar. It's always clean, food is fresh and if you don't see it ask and someone will help you. Monday through Friday is senior day and you get 5% off until 3pm.. If you have the NYCID CARD up til 7pm

john fisco

Just a quik stop, thk god, place was super packed, that why i always drive over to the one in queens..

Janet Bernard

This supermarket is huge it has just about everything a wide variety of food and meat kind there is also a fish department there. There is also a section where u can buy cooked food buffet style where the food is weighed by the pound. It also has available parking for customers.

Moshe Fish

Nice grocery nicce customer service wide aisles

Jazz MiiN

Great assortment of foods, very good ethnic aisle as well with foods and spices from different countries. They have a small buffet in there as well offering fresh and tasty food made on sight.


The store is huge with nearly 20 aisles first time will not be my last

Helen Quinones

Pretty decent sales. Great market where you can find almost everything. definitely check dates sometime you have the few things then get overlooked and can get lost in the mix but overall great neighborhood place to shop.

Alberto Vasquez

Great variety and selection of food items and many specials during the week.

Blessed One

Very organized and big. I'm from TX so I appreciate the larger super markets.

Merfred Fermin

Love the food, best of it all is prices

Sha-heed Rahman

They always have the right sales

Paul Moore

Best super market in the area. Really good seafood department with a lot of variety. This store has a great selection of grass fed beef which I have switched to over grain fed beef. A good selection of produce but they need to bring in more organic produce. Convenient locations to the trains like the J,G,L,M. Bring a jacket when its warm and a coat when it's cold out because they keep their stores very cold. Certainly the best choice in the area.

Digna Estrella

Just love the many options of grocery that they have. Especially their hot menu! Super cheap and delicious

Irma Nevarez

I like it bit they prize have gone up to much.

Efrain Rodriguez

It's always crowded in this supermarket, I don't mind it one bit. The staff and cashier's are always nice and professional.

Ivan Muniz

I shop here regularly and I found many good prices.

Javier Sandoz

This place is huge. Going to take a while to walk through entire store.

Cho Zen

The best supermarket for miles.

Michelle Abercrombie

A little crazy and confusing to navigate but Nancy was super helpful and kind. She made my trip to Food Bazaar a better experience!

Jason Morales

Food Bazar supermarket has been around for many years..great pace to get all your food products.. affordable Price's...go there and see for your self..u might even see me there shipping....enjoy..

Adrian Cumberbatch

Everything you could want to put together a great meal

leisa gibson

Food Bazaar is Huge! It' is Organized and very Clean. There's Parking , Wide Aisles and X-tra Large Carts! This Market has a extensive Produce Section; Cold/Hot Deli; a Small Restaurant; Meat Department with Butchers; International Food; Housewares and much, much more!! There is everything U might need and want. My biggest problem is finding my items, but even that's not a Problem, because I just ask the Knowledgeable "Stockers" ,"Where can I find this or that!" They stop what their doing an Escort me to the Location. Food Bazaar has the potential to be a Great Supermarket! Unfortunately, they have a wait time at Cash Register of approximately 2 hours!! Management should add more Cash Registers or invest in Computers! I not going BACK!!

Hector Reyes

Great prices and good quality products

Gloria Page

Very busy but has a variety of different foods

Tony Keller

This is the only supermarket that has an aisle designated for different cultures. The staff is well trained and very professional. Keep up the good work.

wiikends .

As 1St timer place was amazing with good music. Saw things hadn't seen elsewhere with lots of variety. Good thing didn't see crazy people here considering where this place is

Johnny Law

Things a way too expensive... Most products can be found at a cheaper price... Just shop around and you'll know what I mean

leon williams


Whitney Alexander

Best deals in Brooklyn. I pray it doesn't disappear with the steady influx of white people

Anthony Whyte

Lots of variety. Open later than most. Butcher and fish market on site. Good produce. Free parking lot.

leo mayroofer

Decent store. But rather more expensive

carlos david

Good to find anything and good services

Leslie M

Good supermarket, one stop shop. Reasonable prices. There is a meat department as well as a seafood department where you can have your meat of seafood cut to order as you like. The deli department is also fresh. You can also purchase hot food. Also, they have a large selection of beers and wine in the back. Usually, on weekends they offer free samples of food and drinks.

Beatrice Smith

Food Bazaar Supermarket are all pretty much the same to me, i like this location the way it was structured was a little different because it was my first trip so i needed to walk each aisle to get use to it. I will shop here if i can't get to Costco to save on bulk items and they last me for a while, i do like this location better then the Fair Oaks Pasadena Store the parking structure is larger. Friendly staff and plenty of cashiers available to help.

José Incio

Great place! It has almost everything

Linda Martinez

Love the prices. Great sales every week. Quality. Recommend

Mark Q

fairly normal supermarket not very bazaar at all

Viola Wright

My God, this store has turned from a dive to an International delight carrying foods from around the world. They have a great fish section with seafood so fresh it taste straight out of the ocean. I was so impressed with the expansion. Talking about soup to nuts Bazaar Supermarket has joined the ranks of high end stores. Just be prepared to spend and hour or more picking up and down the many aisles. Have fun!

Marcin Matejkowski

This store has a lot of international products and good weekly deals.

Denise Wilson

Very nice store, seafood department was very impressive.

Do Think Twice.

Nice selection of produce from vegetables to

Gwen Deloris Foster

Good selection of foods...and the Meat and Fish market. This is by far the cleanest, freshest, abundance of meats, fish and fruit and coldest supermarket. Love it. The employees are friendly and helpful all the time.

Yolanda Dickerson

Great store, great selection. Produce has come a long way. Love the new food bar they put in as well. I no longer have a car, but when I did I would rack up because of all the great sales.

Golden Gacha

The workers here move so fast, you ain't gonna be waiting that long at all!

Kevin Colon

I like this supermarket. Everything is easier to find ever since the renovation. I love the rewards program they offer. You can build up points and save money on your future purchases. The only reason I gave it a 4 stars and not 5 is because I feel they should add a restroom for customers to utilize.

Gussie Scott

Price is reasonable have everything I need from meat to fish

Caroline Taylor

Decent produce and meat selection but it's almost always crowded and checking out can be a total nightmare, and that will ruin anything that was positive about the experience.

Jeffrey Wilson

So far first time there I am impressed

jess 1

prices are very good on certain items. very clean. & workers are friendly & helpful.

Jerry Esdelle

Huge selection great prices just be careful and inspect your expiration dates and packing sometimes products are expired or have holes from mice getting into it. Also the cashiers dont pay any mind to you you should be mean and stand in between their conversations to get attention lol.

Skye Tranqille

There is an incredible amount and variety of food offered in terms of both scope and across cultures. I can find almost anything. That's the sad part. The one thing they didn't have was tzatziki sauce!! Still surprised

Matthew Waghorn

This store's layout is a case study in terrible grocery design. Shopped here for 6 years now. I rarely go, despite it being cheaper and closer than other stores - simply because of the utterly dreadful, awful layout. Spices and canned food in 6 different locations, all with radically different prices, causes people to exchange items from all over the store, which makes time consuming work for staff to replace. Over crowded with massive shopping carts in narrow aisles. Too much variety, making it hard to choose. Doesn't track trending items (good coffee, NEIPA, oatmilk etc, which prevents affluent shoppers visiting). Too much focus on u healthy foods. Poor cheese selection. I could list many more. I'd actually be interested in working on a project to update the store, so if you're reading this and picking up what I'm putting down, get at me.

Zach Jacobs

Great place with big selections of products. Very clean and tidy with a whole aisle of ice cream Benefits program available but dont need to sign up to get the savings on their products. Will be doing my grocery shopping here.

Larry Brown

Don't dislike the place but seen better prices on somethings reasonable.

Jolanda Jordan

Hello, I'm just getting back home from Food Bazaars. Not many sales today I spend $191.00

Jonathan M

Great supermarket. Caters more to the neighborhood and less to the yuppies. LOTS OF international ingredients. Great selection of pork rinds

mozel jones

I absolutely love Food Bazaar because they have so many different things to try that I was never able to get in my neighborhood

Keisha Foster

Was shopping with my daughter we had one shopping cart and got in the 10 items or less line and a female worker gonna tell me we can’t pay separately even though we had 2 separate orders then a male worker came and told me we couldn’t separate our orders mind you they were going to different households, then proceeded to ask how were we paying (which shouldn’t be any of his concern), told me he would shut down the line just so I couldn’t pay at that register, 2 customers ahead of me had more than I did and he let them go, I left the cart there got off the line and he got on the loud speaker and made an announcement about getting on line with more than 10 items and don’t give him any sass or back talk about it. That was the worst experience ever I will be calling their corporate office tomorrow

Sara Casey

Everything here is fresh, fish, meats, and they steam. The cooked food is like having Spanish soul food...... just delicious! But please for the love of God turn the air down, it was 20 degrees in there lol.

James Bryant

They have everything and food is fresh

Divine Edwards

Great produce and a great assortment of global items that are hard to find in one concentrated market it's a foodies paradise

Alberto Grimaldo

The parking lot is not well distributed, and the lines at the registers are long and slow everytime I've visited

Jeff Yablon

Somehow, I've lived within a few blocks of this place for 5 months and never knew about it. It's ... Amazing. Huge place, huge selection, and the largest multi-ethnic range of things I've ever seen. It's also loud, the service is surly, and the prices are ... Ok. Not awful, but for sure not a bargain.

Eoghan McDermott

Spacious and clean, lots of international cuisine aisles, lots of choice, competitive prices

Anthony Sass

I really love the selection. It's the closest thing to an Albertson's or Smith's in Brooklyn. And I think all the available international items are fantastic to have. Bakery even seemed great! I guess my only gripe is pricing - a lot could be cheaper....but it is New York, and it's astronomical anyways, so not something they are in direct control of anyways. But totally recommended. Atmosphere is fine, it's a little hard to get around people at times, but space issues are a city-wide problem. Plenty of lines were open, no wait for me, friendly staff.

Santha Kumaran

OMG. What a place. Could literally get so much variety here from all over the world. Good prices too.

Francisco Grasso

The worst of foods are sold here. Swiss cheese for example tastes like soap. One can see the crud on raisins etc...k Korean owned where they buy only cheap stuff and charge outrageous prizes. I thought Jews were bad, but these guys take the cake!!

Anthony Carter

Good stuff, but very crazy at times..

SlekPro .

It is one of the biggest

Calexi Rosello

Super crowded with lines going noooowhere...i left the cheese i went in to get for bbq....


*Large location *fresh everything * FAST CHECK OUT AFTER 6 pm!

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