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REVIEWS OF Fine Fare Supermarkets IN New York

A Luis Santiago

Good service

Rosemarie Johnston

Expired food and confusing prices. Cashiers do not know how to process coupons.

Kristin Maetke

Resonable prices but have to be careful to check manufacturer sell by dates they are notorious for selling expired food. I have even caught instances where the sell by dates on their meat label was later than the manufacturer's sell by date

Keesha Patricia

Nice place and somewhat descent prices.

mark blaker

Great deals and good variety

Mistress Diva

Prices are to high

Yvette Maldonado

Unfortunately, this is the closest convenient grocery store to me. Therefore I shopped there frequently. The selection of items are not that big, but some gets me by. My biggest complaint is the INCOMPETENT and the RUDENESS I just experienced earlier today ( around 8:50 a.m. on Sept. 8,2014). I picked a few items and went straight to check out. I greeted the light-skin chubby girl with glasses (3rd to the back) cashier...she ignored me. Fine, I let that slide. Then she snatched the money out of my hand, and shoved the change right back into my hand. She turned her back without saying "Thank you" and started texting on her phone. I tried to move on giving her the benefit of the doubt that she may have had a rough morning. But as I reached home, it still bothered me. I was told by my family members that was a total disrespectful thing she did and I should have immediately complained to the store manager...REGARDLESS of the problems she has in personal life. Not only am I still annoyed about the unprofessional cashier, but I was upset with myself for not addressing this matter AT THE STORE. My advice to those, who will continue to shop at Fine Fare Supermarket on 175 Clinton St, is to do the opposite of what I did and watch the employees attitude and put them in check. I am planning to go back, but this time my mouth WILL be opened.

Joe colon

Over priced / And no courtesy !

Norman & Alma Edwards

I like this Fine Fare better then the other on Grand Street better selection. Plus definitely nicer.

Maria Sanchez

All veggies & fruits stocked are fresh. And large selections of natural juices, Section 4 client's who keep their carbos Low. Cholesterol counts.

Sheila E Brown

I visited this location in the morning after work or during the weekend and every time I do it's clean and well stocked. The prices as expected from most markets Plenty of organic products too.

Anna Nguyen

I come here often since it’s close to my house. In general it’s clean and well stocked, a good place to get vegetables, dry goods, dairy etc. However, I stay away from that fine fare branded meats since it always have this distinct preservative smell (spam like) - especially the beef or it smells expired. In a pinch I only get chicken from other brands. Customer service is average, they’re nice but it’s easier to find it yourself than get help since most of the time they actually don’t know.

Lily E W

Nice produce section

Victor Negron

It's clean and has fresh food.

Damian M Driver

Very good and well stocked local supermarket. They have a nice selection of fruits vegetables to choose from. Lots of choices for milk as well.

Dee Wop

This place is clean and the lines are never long

Athena Gallagher

Location is very convenient. I dont buy meat from this store. There has been a few times where I opened the pack of meat and it's smelly. As of recently I stopped buying fruit from this store because every time I take a chance, I end up with rotten fruit when I get home.

Susan B

I was slammed into, pushed so hard by a cashier who didn't look in front of herself as she ran. She barreled into me super hard... that I, a Sr. lady in my 70's, almost fell. She was having fun running somewhere, her head turned a football player! Paid to play, it seems. Games galore in store...Run w/o looking is her job: to assault people on cashiers line, trying to pay, I got tackled. Other nearby workers just looked on, silently... I steadied myself, spoke very crossly to her, then left + phoned from home, telling manager, who said "Why didn't you tell me while you were there, in the store? That's what you should 've done!" Really? That's it? What I should have done? I will never go back there! Anyway, prior to this, I noticed that there's no Security to protect customers ever. Crazed abusive loud strangers can verbally abuse + threaten me and others at will. This has happened to me, and to others I've seen. no staff address this. And I've seen that when kids dash IN the OUT door, some on skate boards, also without warning or looking, no staff cares at all. So, I never go into this place, I find it a very dangerous store. Also, you'd best know your prices, if you do venture in; they used to try to charge higher prices at check-out than listed on shelves, sometimes even on flyers, when I still shopped there. Buyer BEWARE! I'd give this No stars, if I could. It should be officially inspected, and closed.

Radrex73 Oso

Staff was helpful and the prices were decent.

Aida Carreras

They are very nice and the food is always in stock. The prices are a little high. The store is clean.

Leeming Wong

Good local supermarket for an area that really needs one.

Theresa Hayward

Don't buy the hard, rough, bright yellow squashes! When you steam it, the outer texture never gets tender, but inside is mushy with large like watermelon seeds! I cooked one and brought the other back to the store and I believe they put it back in the produce area! Please be sure to keep your receipt of purchase. Especially if it includes produce! I didn't have my receipt and the manager"s entire bodily composure demonstrated he became very irritable for my returned item. "One doesn't always know store policy until there"s an issue." Manager has poor customer service possibly because he's nervous Target is coming soon (Aug 19) and I hear Trader Joe as well. And he's probably paranoid that people who are not of his ethnicity are out to ripe him off because he has an attitude problem! WATCH YOUR PRICES...ESPECIALLY AT CHECK OUT!!!!


Let me start of by saying I have never experienced such quality customer service, particularly by one employee who told me his name was Kevin. The service he provided was nothing short of impeccable and I have nothing but praise for the way he assisted me.

Vivian Ramirez

They have good sales and reasonable prices.

Raul Jimenez

Clean, well stocked, and well staffed.

paula glenn

The food is expensive..the cashier is the worst.not all but some

Michael Montayer

It's a garbage dump. Meats are literally gray and expired. The most rudest of employees. Cashiers always on their phones and not paying attention to the customers at all. Thank God for trader Joe's. I can't wait until this place is shut down for good.

Kenneth Karan

Great selection & quality in a compact space.

Gloria Bailey

Need to order more turkey wings by Shady Brook . There weren't any in the store.

George rosado

Ill purchase afew things their but their meats weren't fresh..

Giovanni Classen

This place is okay - can usually find everything I need although the prices are higher here than say the Fine Fare in East Harlem. I do like how they have a section for organic products.

Anthony Larsen


TreeBottum5454 .

Prices are usually a tad higher than some other local supermarkets but their selection of brands and products seem to be better. Always a weekly circular with items on sale which is nice

Yasheikqua Ross-Humphrey

It's ok for everything except meat.. the meat always has the same weird taste.. the taste doesn't even go away after rinsing & cooking the meat.. pork, chicken, and beef all have the same distinctive weird taste..

Evelisse Cruz

Cashiers are rude

stacy john

Love this place.

Nikkie Davis

Their prices are pretty expensive due to the fact this is the only supermarket in this area.

Denise Shury

Tried to tell dairy guy that tub of butter was cracked, totally ignored me as he was on his phone. Then he said he didn't speak English

John Sena

I shop at Fine Fare out of necessity and convenience only. Not my go to store. It offering is limited and narrow and overprice...

Luis Moya

Deli closes at 9:45

Steven Buick

Nobody working here seems to speak English. Not a huge problem but worth noting.

Johnny Reyes

Very bad customer service on the Clinton Street Lower East Side of Manhattan Fine Fare Market..entire staff especially cashiers .....stock Clerks block shelves with the wagons customers are not able to grab products from the shelves...... if you ask a staff member for help they do not help you they get upset. I'm not saying that you shouldn't talk to each other but when you have customers on lines you should concentrate on the customer not on your co-worker next to you. Also communication is very important if someone speaks to you in the English you should be able to understand not look at someone else so that they could translate for you. they need training

Julio C Perez

Ok prices

ndukwe agwu

Great selection

Jason Max

This Fine Fare Supermarket at 175 Clinton St is A lot Better than the one on Grand St it's more Organized Great Selection on Items Some Cashiers That Work here are Nice And Friendly Miguelina is The best Cashier that works There i just love her Dominican Accent.

Lillian Quinones

Rude on the phone

Judy Nurse

It has been always clean ,and the staff slong with cashier's are very polite.

Annette Reyes

I've been shopping at this Fine Fare for few years, it's in a good area can always find reasonable prices. It's nice & bright, clean. Sometimes hard to find parking. Most of the workers are helpful.

Penelope Currier

I've been sexually harassed by staff on more than one occasion.

maria thomas

Super expensive! But they are open Sunday late night so it is good for emergency shopping

Brendan Ferguson

Don't go here for produce, but good selection and decent prices on everything else

Jean Sp

Small selection, poorly arranged, dairy isn't fresh, staff uniformly rude, but it's convenient if you're looking for something Trader Joe's doesn't have or don't want to wait in those very long lines

Jacob Rodriguez

1 of the more overpriced fine fares

Michael Morales

This is the worst supermarket, sadly up until recently it was the only supermarket in the neighborhood and the owners knew that quite well. Ever since Pathmark went out of business this fine fare and their sister store on Grand became the only ones in the neighborhood. They raised all of their prices to ridiculous levels to take advantage of everyone that has to shop there. The cashier's are some of the nastiest rudest people I have ever come across. Avoid at all costs, Trader Joe's opened across the street which was a god send. Their meat always looks old and most everything in the store is overpriced.

Teresita Soberanis

The fruits are always brused also the avocados can't wait for traders joe to open across the street. Fine Fare is just horrible.

maria vasquez

The best supermarket love the sales

john gerity

It's a chain of ghetto supermarkets, you kinda know what to expect. It's just .. sorta .. there. They try to renovate to keep up with gentrification in the nearby area, expanding the organic food areas like people who get that overpriced crap aren't just going to make the extra trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Paycheck anyway. Sometimes they have good sales, and their staff is helpful, but you really gotta get their attention first.

Caroline Kelly

They are high priced and service is poor

Bernie b20


Frank Rivera

I'm very happy with their services and the way they displayed the items

Suga Banks

Over priced

Ramon Cordero

The meat department needs a lot of help some of it is turning brown and some time with your bike pork shoulder it's expired and it smells PS take care of your people so your people could take care of you

sonia zapata


Claudette Parham

Expensive old produce

Diane Oconnor-Camp

Always a nice experience..

Guess Who

This supermarket isn't organized, poor meat quality, bad odor at the entrance, staff are too loud

Kikily Kikis

Yes, but because it's almost the only one around the area they charge too much.

Michelle Pena

Regular supermarket. Not bad . Alittle packed, but what supermarket isnt?

Tim Tsai

Large fully stocked supermarket serving the Seward Park community. Fresh food and reasonable prices, at least by Manhattan standards.


People only go here beacuse they need to..............

Ryley Killin

It's a good supermarket!


The worker who stacks up merchandises was very rude. When I asked where I can find water, he said "No english.", laughed at me and did a high five with a coworker next to him. ( I know some people only speaks spanish. This is not one of those incident.) He was just being a smartxxx.

Ida Colon

Got what I needed

H Wang

What's there to like? Prices are not low. Half the stuff expired. The selections are a bleh. Only come here as a last resort. Can't wait until trade Joe shows up next door.

jeanette perez

Friendly place to shop

Jenny Z

Has most things on my grocery list.

Esteban Moya

Constantly improving

Jennifer G

If you are old enough to remember it, there used to be an oddly entertaining game show called Supermarket Sweep, where customers had to guess prices of items, try to blindly make their cart equal a dollar amount, etc. Shopping at Fine Fare is a lot like playing Supermarket Sweep. The items either lack price tags, have wrong price tags, or mismatched price tags. Despite there being laws around correct pricing at stores, the staff doesn't seem to care much. So unless you like being kept in the dark on what the items you are trying to choose cost, stay away. It's a lot more fun to watch on TV.

Alf P

So cheap and great selection

loveableny A.

Worst cashiers, they give attitude to clients. When client go there with wic programs they closed their register not to do the wic Manager by the name Alfonzo the worst, he speak very rude, dont help clients to find the items. Items been label wrong, if u ask the manager Alfonso, he just stay in the front and give you attitude, and if you paying with a credit card, and it wont swip, he would comment "thats how people do their trick and steal" worst manager .

R. Ramos

Bad administration a lot of products not always in Stock sometimes takes weeks or months to order or be available again.

Jodi Jools

My Rite Aid is the best. Always a helpful staff. If you keep up with thier sales. Plus use plenti card. You can accumulate some real cash . Thanks for taking care of our Neighborhood.

Daniel Foreman

It is THE worst grocery store I think I have shopped in. Often smells of bad meat. The staff is indifferent to obnoxious. Not great selection. Not great produce. Worth the effort to go the few block of drive to Path Mark. At least you won't take home rotten food.

TheUsualSuspect10002 TheUsualSuspect

They'll have sex with you for free.

Angel Perez

I like this place is nice and peaceful, so far the people there are nice, you can find just about everything, except sugar-free items not too many which is bad news for diabetics, I think there should be a whole aisle just for diabetics especially ice cream.

r d

Solid urban supermarket


I hate shopping here. Most 'fresh' produce is already going bad. Ok for meat and dry goods.

Lorenzo Pizzi

Clean n close by...

Arten Arten

This place sucks big time. Garbage quality and over priced. The items that go on sale have expired dates on them. And not to mention the employees are rude and don't speak English..

OB Smiler

Unprofessional Managers, and the AM shift cashiers are very rude and disrespectful, i think they're sisters..

Danessa Herrera

Love it

Sinista I.Z.

It's decent just check the dates as you should on all your groceries.

Jerry Blackwell

Not so friendly checkers and staff on the floor unhelpful cold...

Albert Chan

Watch what they scan at the register, a few times it comes up with incorrect prices thus overcharging you. Most of the shelves do not have prices so you can't compare brands. I buy whatever is on the flyer so at least I know what I am paying for. It's an upscale bodega at best. If it weren't for Pathmark going out of business I would not have stepped foot in here.

Ludvig Berghe

Super-unfriendly staff, ordinary prices, ok selection. Nothing better in this area unfortunately.

heddi peoples

Very friendly and clean

Edward Velez

VERY helpful

Mike C. Chung

Great local supermarket with prices that is not going to break the bank.

erminda moronta

Excellent supermarket Very nice place and very professional workers..

Jose F. Anzules

Great place to sho. Prices are ok but could do better

Irene K

Convenient place to shop but I usually go to Western Beef where the cashiers are a lot more friendlier. I greeted one cashier today with a short bob and she appeared to be in a bad mood. Thank God today I was feeling good because I didn't have the time for nasty cashiers.

Braulio Llerena

Great variety and prices are really competitive !!

marina carbonell

All fine fare in my area over price for their items. It is beyond ridiculous. Fine fare on jackson st always check for expiration dates bc they sell alot of expired items.

Irene Ng

Wow... Some of the reviews I just read are right on the money about the staffs and cashier girls or guys that are indifferent or rude what have you. I thought I was the only one that was treated like that... Some did called me racial names last year or so... I let that go but it still bothered me. I think they rip off their customers at the over priced deli section. During lunch hour they can care less about their customers waiting for service because they're too busy making lunches for themselves and yes taking lunch orders and too busy preparing lunch for their cashier co-workers. How ghetto is that? Well, it seems like the only supermarket in the neighborhood. :-(

jess 1

it has become expensive. some cashiers are rude. the food that's cooked in the back by the deli department is mixed with the food they cook a day before. and they ONLY hire dominican workers/family members/friends.

Leah C

It's crowded at time's but the are fully stocked and they workers help you if your looking for something

Frank L

Greater selection of foods, etc. than the one on Grand street.

Kenny Xavier

Love it here!♥

paul lu

nice place

joseph neal

Good sales and reasonable price.

Kathy Crespo -Jusino

Cashiers on thier phone's not paying attention to thier work. Scanning the product 3 times to charge more. Grab your receipts look at them.

Sabrina Key

They have a selected choices in different foods. Prices are reasonable. They have great sales. You can use manufactured coupons. #vegetarianfriendly #healthy

D Ocasio

Rip off....friendly ppl tho


Management & cashiers are rude. The cashiers spend their time talking in spanish ignoring cuatomers. Prices ring up a different price at counter and when management (carlos) is alerted to issue he is reluctant to change price. This place ia especially rude to black customers!!

Jeffrey White

Very clean and organized, and very good customer service. My ONLY issue are the narrow aisles. Other than that, it's a solid spot to get what you need. ☺

Confesor Borrero Jr

Awesome place to shop!

Chuk Kwan Tam

(Translated by Google) (Original) 貨品齊全,價格也算合理,逢星期二和星期三有5%折扣,不过要申請一張折扣卡才可以。

Eugene Joseph Weixel

Its next door to a Chinese Restaurant with take out.

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