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REVIEWS OF Eli's Market IN New York

Michael O'Gara

I was there at 7pm on a weeknight and I was one of 5 people shopping. I Bought fresh farmed salmon (19.99 per lb) and vegetable. Everything was really fresh. The fish was delicious and noticeably better than your average prepackaged supermarket variety. This is a good store for getting high quality ingredients for a special meal or looking for prepared foods to take home.

Mark Pine

Amazing quality and selection. As with all things Eli, Eli's Manhattan doesn't dissappoint. Fruits, veggies, salads, ice cream and a lot more. It's higher quality then the average, so expect to pay more. The entrance is so discreet, I walked past it for months before realizing there was a supermarket in there. I recommend.

J Groves

Beautiful flowers, unfortunately horrible homophobic staff who were unbelievably hostile when I placed an order of flowers for my girlfriend. Shame on you Eli’s, for allowing people like this to be in your lovely store. Such a disappointment.

Evelyn Larios

I used to go for the pastieres , they were at a reasonable price , but went there today and it's double, just for a mini is 3.00 . that's to much . Very expressive gourmet place

kotaro okumura

May be pricy, but they carry a large selection of high quality food products.

Jerónimo del Villar

Ardian Timmisson

Doug Anderson

In NYC where people talk about "hunting and gathering", this is the Serengeti. Eli Zabar has been doing this for almost 50 years and we/ve been his clients from the start. Favorite foods........pea soup, chopped liver, egg salad and dinners to take home. We love the way "he" cooks. There is nothing we know that compares. Eli's Market is part of a group of places that Eli has conceptualized and made great. These are hard businesses and he is a master. BRAVO AND THANK YOU.

Manuel Cáceres

(Translated by Google) Good products and quality (Original) Buenos productos y de calidad

Maarten Labeeuw

Very nice, sadly also very pricey...

Mary Soares

Sarah Willock Morton

Tomasa Arebalo

Nick Mys

Love the product offering, but the prices are criminal. Use only for treats, and for when we feel like it, but I just cannot help but feel that they are price gouging for the sake of it.

Patrick Sullivan

Diane G.

They do have a nice selection of specialty items, but they’re HUGELY overpriced. A package of 29 assorted butter cookies was $18.00!!!! And, to add insult to injury - they were stale! And a package of crackers was $10.99; the same package was $7.99 at Whole Foods. It’s not often that you get to say WF is a bargain!!

Robin Murphy

My first time at Eli’s Market. I was hoping to find a bigger selection of Passover desserts but I need to cut them some slack, or accept responsibility, as I was there on the morning of the second day of the holiday and I’m sure my choices would have been much greater had I been by earlier in the week! Still the cheesecake I brought to the Seder was a hit. The staff in the shop were very helpful and the store itself has a nice feel. It is much cozier then I had expected, much more “west side” than “east side” (if that makes sense!).

Doyeun Kim

Kenta Goto

While you can find Eli's Market elsewhere in New York City, perhaps most notably in Grand Central, at their marketplace, I believe this is their flagship. Yes, they are expensive. Me being cheap Japanese, I have to admit that some of their products, value to price ratio isn’t that high, for some like their chickens. However, some of their products, are TOP notch, and read that as world class. They even offer Mishima Rerserve from Seattle. (Mishima Beef from Japan, is not the same, and is extremely rare even in Tokyo, I think the farm slaughters only a few cows a year). Their bakery products are so great that you see them even at different supermarket such as Whole Foods. And PLEASE do yourself a favor, and explore their cheese section. Darn,,, Good. One that’s my favorite, is called “Brie Truffle” from France, yes, the price is up there (if I remember, some like $45/lb, maybe $49/lb?, somewhere around there), and yes, the value well justifies the price. And their people. From those who work at the cheese section to wine department, is happy to share their knowledge. They surely serve customers with their principles. It’s one of the places in the City where, every time you visit, you feel like there is something you can learn about what you like.

José Manuel Rodrigues

Rich DePiano Jr

Great atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying wine and wonderful food!

Chris Sturgess

Great place for a healthy lunch! Moderately priced, but LOTS of 'self service' selection! Great find!


Amazing bread, but overpriced and groceries are extremely overpriced.

Jessica Arsenio

I love this store. But the lady cashier wearing red hat shes so nasty. I gonna ask her nicely she respond quick with no manners. And this is 7am not rush hour yet. Is too early and she acting like that.

Jason Goodenough

Fab produce, fab meat, but over-priced beyond belief.

Vincent Notin

Great food which comes at a price.

Teresa Sanchez

Amazing quality and selection. I recommend them highly.

Nice Lady

Hopefully the roach infestation seen near the soup has been remedied. I haven't been able to return since seeing roaches running around. Not appetizing at any price.

Vip qiV

Very Nice Shop

Bertrand Boetschi

Simcha Levental

Olivier Mayer

Miriam Miranda

I don’t usually write poor reviews but I was so disappointed that I have to say something. I travelled from the outer boro into Manhattan and I went to 3 different locations to get bread pudding muffins/loaf and each place was out. So I indulged myself in their homemade potato chips, which I love, only this time they were stale and unpalatable. I don’t mind paying $12 for special chips but for stale ones........ it makes me want to think twice before visiting again. If you’re going to demand such high prices for your products then you should have the quality to back it up.

Steven Bari

Service and quality of food were excellent, but prices are astronomical. Comparativly, the same total purchase at Agata and Valentina was 100.00 less.

Nick Cassab

Classic upper east side spot from the Zabar family. Delicious restaurant connected to a fantastic bakery and a gourmet grocery store.

Jason Giambolvo

Extraordinarily expensive, and I shop regularly at Westside Market, Gourmet Garage, Aggata and Valentina, etc. Example, 21.99 for refrigerated prepared lasagna, and 24.99 for 34 oz of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. The items were good but how can juice cost that much? Mark up by 200% if you must but not 400!

yefry almanzar

Carlos Nunez

Brad Springer

No black-eyed peas. A must for anyone from the south on New Years Day

Chucky Staytuned

Jessica Bennett

John Numberone

16$.... for three apples and some raspberries. Prices are not on the packages.

konte el hadji


Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby

Exceptional selection of high end and delicious products

Anise LeAnn

delicious deli. such a nice grocery option

Nadav Farahan

Ayaz Khan

Great place, good selection, helpful staff

Weimin Yu

High quality grocery and other goods, with prices to match.

Kevin Grubb

My favorite part of every Tuesday morning is waking up at 5:30 to the whirl of the pneumatic lifts delivering inventory to Eli's. If your prices were reasonable, I might be sympathetic, but they're not and I find myself cranky on Tuesdays because of your delivery schedule. Thanks Eli's!

Andrew Naples

ita mordetsky

When time is short and you need a gourmet meal for dinner. A bit on the pricey side

Eileen C.

Oh my gosh -- wonderful, beautiful and delicious. I love their salad bar, but this store is SO expensive. I wanted to buy a MAST chocolate bar for my friend's birthday and it was $13.99. So I went to the deli up the street and got her some flowers instead. You would think that Fairway up the way would have brought their prices down a bit, but no go as far as I can tell.

Michael Cooper

Karoline Xu

Hilary Rowland

Jean Donaldson

Pricey? Yes, but the best quality. The raisin bread is the best I have ever had.

jamie file

Arlene Rose

Always love what I purchase. Shop is pricey but never disappoints me. Can't wait to try the Split Pea Soup and the Creme of Tomato Soup.

Alethea Isaac

raymond concepcion

A little piece of Heaven on earth

Roz Martin

pricey but has every nicety ... plus carry-away items galore. a splurge... (i buy bread all the time)

Honghui Lu

Way overpriced.

Fini Strumza

Debra J

Great :-)

Sandra Antunes Ramos

David Kirchoff


Great market

alessandra alves

mary johnson

Michael Burri

Roseanne Cruz

I've shopped here on many occasions. Ricotta cheese that I bought ended up in the garbage. I have no problem paying more......and to a certain degree my expectations are aligned with what a specialty store is. The shopping experience as a whole. It's not worthwhile anymore.

Andrew Barrett

Richard Friedlander

Heung jong Song

Fresh Excellent market !!

John John Florence

Carol Wheeler

Thank you, LAX for finally giving yourself a facelift, including this place. It's a great food court to stop in to grab a bit or a drink while you are awaiting your flight. We were here for breakfast and grabbed lattes and croissants, and smoothies. We were very happy with our food. Lots of fun stuff to buy here too, and trail mixes and the like. Great add to the airport.

Jose Castillo

Yarddas Guddas

The purpose of calling ahead is so that your order can be ready when you are there to pick it up or not so they are getting it ready while you have to wait while running a tight schedule of your own

Jeff Yablon

Expensive. Convenient. High quality. In other words, 'Eli's'.

Yaroslava Bondar

tamara wray

What uy

Miles Benner

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