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240 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017, United States

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REVIEWS OF Amish Market IN New York

Slavi Nikolov

Love Amish market. They have great selection of high quality foods and one can discover new products. Prices are on the higher end.

Shereen Bar-or

Great variety of product and excellent customer service every time.

Chris Harris

I love this place--it's right around the corner from my apartment and I go in daily....sometimes twice for coffee. The selection of market products is outstanding and there is always something new to choose from. The baked goods live up to the Amish tradition...I'm actually on my way over now for a macaroon and large coffee to kick off the day.

jonas rabinovitch

AMISH DOES NOT TRUST CUSTOMERS - I have been coming to this place for many, many years, since it opened, as it is close to my work at the United Nations - until last month. The manager, Mr. Attila, apparently has instructions from senior management not to trust anyone. The cashier did not believe me when I said I had used a 25 cent little package of butter on my bagel, so she wanted to charge me more. She had asked me to fetch the small butter bag from the garbage bin to prove I was telling her the truth (!). Mr. Attila apologized three times, but still did nothing to correct the situation. He explained that some people had tried to take advantage in the past, so the cashiers have to act in this way. He also said that these things go all the way up to senior management. So, after spending thousands of dollars having lunch at the AMISH MARKET everyday, I am making the AMISH MARKET senior management aware that you may lose me as a customer because of 50 cents. Does that make any sense in terms of customer relations, senior management? Bye, bye, Amish Market.

Alexandre Reis

Would have more quality and variety on terms of natural resources, products and imported specially because it's a grocery store located in midtown Manhattan.

Matt Ryan

Some nice vegan options and produce looked fresh

Apple Lemon

Large variety of food to choose. Excellent Lunch choices with good price.

Patti Horton

Sort of both love and hate this store. It is a bit small for a Safeway but has most things. The parking lot ,at the busy times, too full. At the time between people get off work and dinner time, the lines at the register are very long. The great thing about this Safeway is that it is open 24 hours.

Amol M. Patnaik

Not fresh food. Recommend only getting nonperishables

Joe Fagnani

Good place to shop, especially for fruits and vegetables.

T Qayyum

Decent choices

L. Robert

Love it, would make a regular go-to.

Ellen Murphy

Amazing sandwiches!!

Ed Waesche

Great hot food and salad options very fresh gets busy lunch time but worth the wait

Ekaterina Pugacheva

I love their cheese selection and prices! Also a good salad bar, coffee with pastries, own pizza and fresh bread.


They always have such a great selection of fruit, vegetables, cheese, pastries, etc. I go specifically for olives, challah bread, cheese, pesto sauce and the occasional cake or pastry. You are sure to be pleased.

Marie Meders

Had dinner here about a month ago. Friendly workers and nice ambience. Their seasonal Brussels sprouts were the best Brussels sprouts I've ever had! I also enjoyed their sandwich and cinnamon roll bread pudding! I would come back again.

Mikey T

Good selection of products. There are also a lot of fresh products to choose from. Of course, you are paying New York prices, which makes it hard to give the store the maximum of 5 stars.

Connie Hsu

Love their buffet bars. Great food with wonderful price.

The Corcoran Group .

One of our favorite markets in the city, but also a great take-out lunch place with yummy sandwiches – try the Fresh Turkey with Brie. Coffee is top notch too!

Lamia Alami

Amazingly tasty butter!

Samantha Wronski

Nice selection of gourmet groceries. Buffet is tasty. A bit pricey.

Francis King

It is a pleasure and a exciting event to shop in Amish Juanita is cheerful helpful and lovely to deal with as are Nadja and Zania We find Amish nicer to shop in rather than Fairways or Whole foods

Ad Salloum

Many of the employees are not kind. The cashiers always try to keep the receipts apparently to keep the taxes you pay. I stopped going there long time ago.

Austin Browning

Went here looking for some Amish food and was sorely disappointed. There is absolutely nothing Amish about this place at all! If you're looking for a lemon sponge pie, some sticky buns, or maybe lebanon bologna, you won't find any of that here.

Stormy Hind

Great place to get a bite to eat or do some grocery shopping that's mostly comfort foods

Seth Wolff

Great quality hot/cold bar offers 30% discount after 7pm joined with above average adjacent grocery store


This place is quiet the experience, I didn’t expect it when coming in. There’s so many options and I write this review after having a lot of them. Sandwiches are all Boars head and HUGE definitely worth it. They don’t skimp. Depending what your definition of ‘personal is’ id say the personal pizza is worth the $7. Salads are pretty large too and come in an awkward shape but they’re filling. They also have a coffee / cake section. They steam the Milk in your coffee, don’t get that in many places anymore. Expect to pay ~$15 for lunch which isn’t bad for NYC. it’s also a supermarket so they got a whole ton of meats and canned goods as well.

Ronmell Fuentes

It's not a 'wanna be fancy place' :) food is delicious

Laf gas

We stayed at the Wyndham 45 down the street. I went to the market every morning. Their coffee and muffins started off our New York adventures. Highly recommend this jewel in the urban jungle. Can't wait to visit again.

Hunt Blatz

Nice selection. Good hours. A bit pricy.

ismet ozdemir

Exellent taste, no long lines, really good qualty food.

M Roth

A pricey but generally good quality 'upscale" supermarket - if there's such a thing :-)

Joyce Guillen

Every special occasion, Amish cakes are unforgettable @

N Khannn

Okay for fresh salads, pizza and coffee. But high price without food tags. Just okay

Emily Chu

The quality of produce here is much better than other super markets as they seem to care more about food safety and processing. Try the personal sized and customized pizzas that are made to order!

Jon Cooper

Excellent eggplant parmesan, for that they get 4☆.

Danny Chong

Supermarket with hot food buffet. Better drink selection than most.


Produce could be managed by there. Kind of pricey.

Abdulrahman Wahbi


Joe Blow

Refrigerators and cash registers all over. I bet these posers don't even hand-churn their own butter

David Harris

I have been eating food from the food bar for over 1 yr & 4 months. I never had a bad experience until today. 1st I was told by an employee that the food would be discounted by 30% starting at 6:30pm. Since it was already 6:18 I decided to wait. 6:30 came and I got my container of food. It was now 6:35 and I went to the register where I was told there was no discount until they put up "a sign". I asked the manager about it and he said there is no specific time and asked me who told me 6:30. I pointed out the worker that told me and the manager said "he wouldn't say that". So basically he was calling me a liar... We are talking about $3... Pretty bad customer service especially for a manager. Thanks to him I will be taking my weekly business to a place where I am not treated poorly. This is NYC, plenty of options. Good riddance Omish Market.

Michael Eschenburg

Went there for AMISH butter...found Norwegian, English, Irish, French, Italian...NO AMISH !!!!!

Debora Vazquez

The food is fresh and moderately priced.

Rosa Perez

Its ok

Jonathan Arrabito

Decent gourmet food market and lunch spot in midtown. When I used to eat gluten, the sandwiches and pizzas were really great. I havent eaten them in a while, but I imagine they are still good. The soup selection is decent and the salad bar/ hot food is fresh and delicious.

Andrés Díaz

All you need, decent prices.

Lindsey Peterson

Excellent place to stop in for a variety of gourmet foods, a quick grocery shop, or good quality, reasonably priced lunch.

J. King

Excellent fresh produce, good selection, fair prices. All kinds of sandwiches, thin crust pizza, quality though limited butcher. Delicious hot and cold lunch bar.

Pervinia Hundley

If you are of other origin, you will be followed around. Very uncomfortable. I am referring to the store on East 45th St.

Ji Kang

It is convenient to the neighborhood and has a great selection of items

Yashaswi P

You get vegetables and fruits affordable prices!!!

Stefan Eberle

Mega good food... Fresh an cheap

David Capo

Great Quality food at low prices. Nice organic and whole food selections

Florence Mvondo

Very good offers. Not expensive. A little bit messy but well, this is even charming!

Andrew Luis

Variety of food here. I love their 6 dollar mini pizza made fresh as you order.

Ryan Matthews

Nice shop with loads of organic options, not cheap though. Almond milk with turmeric is really tasty.

Ben Kenzer

Went here often while doing a work trip. Really fair prices and nice place. Coffee baristas were really friendly too!

Yelena Fiske

Great selection and service. Great hot bar and salad bar, which are 30% off in the evening. .

Simon Butler

Fantastic grocery store that stocks pretty much everything you need. It's very vegan friendly as they stock vegan wraps, snacks, tofu, hummus, amazing fruit and veg, plant milks, vegan dairy products etc,. But it also has a great meat counter, cured meats, dairy etc too. Only downside is NYC prices but this isn't their fault.


Good quality ready made food. Pricey but worth it if you want lunch that will not make you feel sleepy or uncomfortable after digestion.

brown jeremy

You can always found what you are looking for here. The staff is like friendly

john burgess

Coffee is great. Food is a little pricey Salads are terrific. Employees are top notch.

Morgan Barry

Great quality, great selection, and I'm always pleasantly surprised at the overall price when I check out. Manhattan quality food without the Manhattan price!

Sean Carroll

They make really good pizza here. You can get an individual pie made for you for about 10$. They also have good deli sandwiches. The guys who make the deli sandwiches and the pizza are friendly.

Joshua Thurston

Great sandwiches!! Terrific grocery selection, prices pretty much on par for NYC.

Rhonda DeFabritus

Great place for fruits, veggies, dairy products. Delicious cakes. Nice salad bar.

Maya Carasso

great diverse products and good prices for midtown. if you get a regular coffee, they heat up and foam the milk, a nice little twist to a regular cup of coffee :)

Adam Rubens

The sushi seems to be one of their "forgotten items", so let me quickly go over it. In the kind of weird lunch land of East Midtown, the take-out sushi at Amish Market is alright. Good sized rolls and pieces, with a pretty decent variety past the standard tuna, salmon and California rolls. I'm not a fan of brown rice sushi, but they have a large selection of it My biggest problem is the price. An eight piece salmon roll shouldn't be in the neighborhood of eight bucks. In the end though, there's not enough value. Unless you're one of those crazy people who gets full on very little sushi, or has lots of money to spend, this place may not be for you.

Yuqiong Zhou

Good selection of quality food and international delicacies! Service was fast and professional.

Rita S

delicious pizza and gourmet cheeses

Kelly D

A little pricey, but a clean, nice market.

Edwin Fonataba


Charde Vinson

Great salad bar

Marygrace Ashdown

Your average pricey grocer, with a few hidden price treasures. Avocados come in bags of 4 only, for $5. They have fresh ginger for about $1 per big piece. The raw meat in the lower section of the store (hidden behind the hot food trays) was abismal - had only 3 packs of chicken breast for $12/lb and the red meat looked old. Cheeses and olives seemed like great prices for good quality stuff. During weekday lunch, the hot food and salad bar were packed. Checkout in the lower section of the store is painless and quick. At the higher floor, I got stuck in line for the cashier because it lines up adjacent to the build your own salad line. Once I figured out I was standing in the wrong line *not the only person who did this lol* I was out in no time. I do wish they'd offer a rewards program, a phone number for points or specials, anything! They do not accept coupons. I did find a dozen cage-free medium eggs for $3, though.

Ohmtina Instagram

A little on the expensive side but great variety of products and different food options from sushi, salads, brick oven pizza and a buffet full of sophisticated options.

Besian Xhezo

Very good warm food buffet and extensive selection of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ivonne Suzanne

Very good buffet

dynamos katharos

Interesting. A bit pricey but have a bit of everything.

Oznur Basak

Great gourmet market. You can never go wrong with the products they carry. What I really like is their catering service. They are really professional. I love Amish Market. Thanks guys.

Connie Singleton

Very clean and nice place to shop for food.

William Church

Amish Market is well stocked high quality neighborhood market for our midtown area. The produce is fresh with a good selection. They have a food take a way section with food that is fresh and well prepared. The market represents a good combination of price and quality.

Keith Goodson

It's a nice little grocery store, but I wouldn't make a special trip there. However, if you're in the neighborhood, its worth a visit. They have a good selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, bread, pastries, and prepared foods to-go. Also, everything at the hot/cold bar is discounted after 6:30 p.m. However, don't order anything until they've put up the discount sign or you pay full price!

Noori Watson

have been eating food from the food bar for over 1 yr & 4 months. I never had a bad experience until today. 1st I was told by an employee that the food would be discounted by 30% starting at 6:30pm. Since it was already 6:18 I decided to wait. 6:30 came and I got my container of food. It was now 6:35 and I went to the register where I was told there was no discount until they put up "a sign". I asked the manager about it and he said there is no specific time and asked me who told me 6:30. I pointed out the worker that told me and the manager said "he wouldn't say that". So basically he was calling me a liar... We are talking about $3... Pretty bad customer service especially for a manager. Thanks to him I will be taking my weekly business to a place where I am not treated poorly. This is NYC, plenty of options.


Love this place... feels clean and organic all the way around.

Regina Jennings

Great Quality Friendly environment Will be a regular

Daniela Llivina

Good & fresh food

aseem dixit

Very good selection of produce and fruits , organic or regular and all possible grocery items. They deliver too and mostly within 39 minutes

Antonio Fernández

A hugh variety of selected products.

jDubYah _

We thought that since this place was down the street, it was merely going to be a convenient place to stock our timeshare fridge. Once we got there to look around, we were very happy with the healthy choices they have to offer. Definitely please with the quality of products they carry, and the prices. I wish they had a location close to our house.

Jonathan Decker

Def not what you think! Prices are insane! Not worth it!

Dolores Brunner

Great food selection and service.

Lauren Laguna

Good produce, very friendly staff, lines move quickly and prices aren't too crazy for NYC.

Michael Bracht

Decent little grocery store, with a hot and cold bar during breakfast and lunch. Good sandwiches at the deli.

Kity Daemon

This is the least Amish store ever. That said, *it is* a nice grocery store with an extensive on site prepared foods section and cafe bakery. The hot/cold food bar is ideal for a quick tasty meal coupled with the in store seating. Everyone I've seen working there came across as friendly but not in a fake "paid-to-smile" sort of way.

Caitlin Smith

pros: decent selection of organic products and fast check-out cons: small store and high prices

Anna Kriaras

I love this place! I go there every week for lunch, buffet has always fresh food and a great variety of side dishes and meats as well as soups! Shepherds pie was my favorite last Friday!!!

Felix Graciani

Excellent quality and diversity of food but pricey.

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