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REVIEWS OF Palama Supermarket IN Hawaii

Gary Symons

Interesting food

Winnie ThePooh

Excellent Ready-to-Eat meal options. I like Palama for their reasonably price and delicious prepared food. The Korean style sushi rolls and dumplings are especially tasty and travels well if you preferred to not eat/buy plane food. Parking is limited, but somehow, car spaces usually frees up as a another car arrives. Shoppers generally don’t loiter here so easy to dash in, get what you want and move on.

MaryEllen Montville

Great products and service as well as great local eat-in or take out foods!

Andrea Lee

I understand probably the food corner is individually owned. If you're Plant-base, and ask for a Sushi Roll (Kimbap) without meat and Egg, just veggies, you are told off a big "NO" rudely!! Now, that's customer service for you!! I am more than willing to pay same price for No Meat, No Egg! On the other hand, the main Palama Market on King Street, they are always willing to wrap me as many as I want!

Christine Choe

Convenient Korean and local food super market.

Paul Tamashiro

Prices are awesome. Produce is inexpensive

Brian Derby

They have great bento's there


I shop at Palama to pick up some marinated spicy pork and cucumber kim chee so I can have a nice chill dinner at home. They have a small produce area, Asian items, a meat/butcher area and a few small eateries inside. The parking lot is small so you may have to be patient to find a spot when it's busy.

Hapa Kama‘aina

Good place for Korean groceries. The pre-prepared foods are tasty.

Jay Cho

not too many selections..

sonya baker

Great korean products. Kim chee line is awesome. Staff could be friendlier.

Preston Sakuma

Easily found my ingredients for my Dak Dori Tang

Frank Clouse

Parking lot crowded and inconvenient to get in and out.

Mia Thai

I can buy what I like every time I come here.


I bought a pack of meat. I cooked 불고기. It was delicious.


Go-to place for Korean groceries, if that's not what you're looking for don't even bother. Hint park elsewhere and just walk here, you'll save yourself a lot of time.

Kolebrang Mariur

Friendly employees

RokZ Tanaka

Parking is a hassle but you can find a lot of bargains.

Della Lima

Yummy bentos.. Luv the honey butter almonds although it is a bit pricey for a small quantity

jay w. Choi

Good Tasty Cheap

Ina Fruean

Parking is terrible, people would have to fight for a slot lol but so far this place has everything! Even has fine dining inside.

Victor Heung

Good amount of Asian ingredients to buy. It even has a mini food court of sorts.

Stan Muneoka

Very nice market fresh produce and Asian products

Kevin Abe

Good Korean produce and take out food.

rosalee choi

Very small and limited in variety of grocery especially veggy and fresh meat.

Kyle O'Leary

Great place for quick shopping, parking kinda sucks.

Kali Piccoli-Wong

Have everything I need if I want to shop for Korean items. Plus they serve hot food

Eriko Mori Kim

Fresh fruits&vegetables and yummy Korean foods. A Korean auntie makes good Korean foods in the food court ;)

Life With Brad

Great selection of groceries catered mainly to oriental cuisine.

S Rad

Lots of options for an Asian market. Eat in places seemed to be popular for locals. Vonns wings located here has a high rating on yelp. Don't expect fancy.

Philip Williams

Great customer service here and they have a decent selection of sandwiches. Can't complain about the quality of food but the pricing is a bit high.

Karen ePage

Korean grocery store located near Don Quijote & Ala Moana Center... They have a small food court to the right of the entry way... Lots of ready made food... Ban chan buffet... Home, beauty & health goods from Korea... Parking is a challenge at times...

Jonathan Oh

Best Korean super market in Honolulu. If you need any kind of Korean food this is the place.

Gem Elle

It's a small market that specializes in Korean foods and food products but they also have some Japanese food products. They have a small produce section, meat and fish section as well. Not much variety in the produce but you get some basic things you'd find anywhere. They did have some special types of produce that seem like they were from Korea. Best place for Kimchi though! We got one but it was in a plastic bag which was okay just have a container at home to store it. Parking is small and tight but there was someone there to help direct traffic in the parking lot so it that was helpful.

M Chun

Fresh Korean products. High turnover. If u love Korean soaps u'll recognize much of the food stuff. Plus, K-pop piped in! Authentic Korean food/ingredients/housewares/cosmetics! Korean facial care so on trend that Vogue reports on the latest.

Anne Kana Ju

Awesome food court! Reasonably priced foods.

Heesok Chon

Low price

Micah Mizumoto

Great prices on produce w/ a decent selection of imported goods. The take-out local style korean plates are cheap, generous, and delicious.

James Ruiz

Love their chicken! But very disappointed with my phone order. Placed the order to be picked up between 1:30-2:00. Got here before 2:00 and they gave my order away. I was very mad, especially since I was on a time frame and it made me late for a very important meeting

Joyce Guieb

There is lots of Korean products from Korea... I like their prepared foods already for lunch or dinner. They also have a long bar of pan chan appetizer dishes. The restaurants are reasonably priced and serve ono Korean food. Lots of parking. Bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

michael carter

You want a meal for cheap a big plate lunch under 10.00 bucks. Great people.

Eden Redona

Got the Asian goods and stuff you won't normally find at a normal food store

Thanks! *Quit Game

Korean goods! Best place to go if your Asian!

Jeff Richardson Jr

it was the first time i went here and i was amazed by the friendly staff and all the best variety of Korean food options. i will go back here again when I'm in the area

Stevie Norman

One of my go-to market! Quality Korean product, good service, the place is always clean. Reasonable price, accessible location, and no problem with the parking lot.

Heloise Richardson

Small store! It reminded me of Don Qiote. I didn't stay long! I picked up food that is bento lunches! I will go back to store to shop longer!


Many sales

Alan Kim

Great place for Korean food.

Garry Yee

I love the Ban Chan bar in the ready to eat section. Kimchi of all types. The chicken wings are the best! Some produce must be loss leaders because the prices are lower than some of the competitors. I buy cabbage and ingredients to make my Kimchi here. They have a large selection of products at different price points. It gets really busy here at times. Well worth the wait for the savings.

Mizuki Ogawa

They don't have baked breads.... That is what refrains me from giving 5 stars Daily pickles kimchee fresh produce spot on

Zachary Harrison

Korean market good stuff. Get your fix for all things Korean.

Walter Lau

Nice Korean supermarket with food places to eat.

Silk Surf

Very good Korean market. Excellent food court. Cheap, good food.

Ted will

They carry lots of specialty items at a good price it's convenient cuz it's right across the street from my house

Jeffery Hester

Small but packed with food places and services.

Wallace Lee

Special store for special oriental food.

Kathleen Kiehm

I love this place! Best Korean market! The squid kimchi. OMG! To die for! And there's a stall in the food court that sells the best Korean spicy noodle/kook soo I've ever had and I lived in Korea!

Moonju Molnar

They have pretty good quality of meats and prepared meal selection.

Eric Holmquist

If you are into Asian food should find it there

l. w.

Nice ready to go Section. Food court attached. Ask the cashier for some Chopsticks or utensils if you are buying the bento's to go. They keep them at the register. Parking is difficult. Drive all the way to the back, and right after the ramp there were two hidden little stalls. Or drive up around and park on the second floor. Very good prices, food looks fresher than across the street at Don Quijote. Sweet older folks abound in the morning. Come early for the best and freshest Bento selection. Would be five stars except the parking can still get a bit tight, and the staff could be friendlier considering all of the tourist action.

Saundra Doo

Went to Palama Market near Kalakaua Ave... People not so friendly. Food not so tasty at the fast food area. Only the Von's chicken was good. Palama Market on King St in Kalihi is better. Sales & Cashiers much friendlier and helpful.

John Han

I love the food here felt at home.

Duy Ninh

Great place for everything.. and especially the fresh food ready eat...yummy..

Steven Lee

Good kim chee.

Teotimo Tabios

I love this place because I clean that building.

Florence Kawamura

Yummy korean food & snacks. Great prices.

JP Miyahara

I goes to this place a lot to eat some kalbi. They have the generous portions of kalbi on all Hawaii restaurant

Deb K.

So interesting shopping here!!! Love the premade buffet line!!!

Chi Pio Mok

My experience was good u til they changes the spicy squid to fake Squid rings..terrible!!!

Michael Martinage

Super guite a variety

Paul Hamilton

Many selections of. merchandise, produce & meats. Staff are cordial & helpful with inquiries.

Robert Salcedo

Love the korean food, fast and convenient place to shop for all your asian food, mostly Korean food stuff.

Xian Lai

Went in to get radish for kakkdogi. Beautiful radish for a great price. Carrots and green onion were great too.Bento choice is good and side dishes are great.I always get seaweed soup when I go there. Best place for Korean staples.

Russell Pagala

The food and beverages offered there were delicious. Hands down, one of the best fried chickens I ever had.

Simon Zhang

Palama market is personally my favorite market on island!! I love how fun this place is and how many different selections of Korean food there is. I love how affordable it is here and the quality of the ingredients are great! It is also so convenient to get a meal here while you find delicious Korean ingredients.

sandy Tautua

Varies in prices, certain items cheaper here. And a few little high. good fresh quality. It's a fun store if you're hungry go here & show me the people are Pleasant

Norrin Lau

This is a "Korean market" where you can buy all things Korean. They have their Kim Chee bar, their hot sauces, their seaweed, etc.. You won't find more Korean stuff anyplace else. The prepared food is reasonable. They have 4 concessions serving food. Lots to choose from. My favorite is the spicy pork and the kimchee tofu casserole. Come and enjoy a little bit of Korean culture.

Michael Garsva

Lots of great products and excellent take out.

young chon

One of the best place to shop for Korean food goods!!!


This is my go to place for not only Korean but Asian goods! I love the deals too, keep an eye out for their sale ads, some of the best deals for Asian goods. Also, they have a fresh banchan bar. Personally I think it's better than the one Foodland had, I love their taegu and kimchi assortments.

Eric Gerken

Very nice market. A little small, but then again there is only so much space island.

Dilip Shreatha

Its a Koraen store, but u cud find most of asian products here. Parking are limited & stuffs dont speak English very well.

Sheila Xie

I discovered this food court on my way to a different restaurant. It's fantastic. Food is authentic. I have visited Korea before. Price is a lot lower than other touristy places. The super market has a lot of good stuff.

Ryan K

A Korean supermarket, a good selection of Korean foods here they also have a small selection of housewares, a small food court and lots of prepared foods.I usually be but some of the cinnamon punch for myself even if it's a bit on the sweet side. Lots of seasonal fruits as well.

Jordan Ahue

Nothing special.

Jeremy Shoda

Great Korean market in town. One of the best kimchee bars around. They have a bigger location in Kalihi, but I think the kimchee bar is better at this location. Produce is limited but good quality. Staff aren't overly friendly but they are fast and efficient. Parking can be an issue during lunch and right after work.

Nikki Kobayashi

Always good food

Anthony Pacat

I was just passing by there that's all.

Daniel Iki

Good play lunches... priced right and no tax

Nolan Uehara

All the Korean stuff you want. Pretty Korean girls always walking around.

Dado Santos

Love that Palama Supermarket.

John Takeuchi

We got tummy Korean snacks and fresh vegetables. In and out in a jiffy. Highly recommended.

Nils Geisse

It is a congested market, also the parking is tough. A lot of stores in one place.

Steven Nakano

Best values for fresh produce and the BEST store kim chee!

Isabella Redona

This is a Korean grocery store with lots of good Korean food and items. Inside they have a mini food court with Korean barbeques to KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) also drinks and noodles. There are nice workers there to help you of you need it. I would recommend you to go to Palama Supermarket!

michele chong

Great for all the Korean items you need, good sales, produce is fresh and inexpensive...the takeout counter is okay, they used to be really awesome I guess its the tradeoff of being so busy idk still a good value, still need to try the fried chicken place there, looks good

Paula Okano

Great place to shop for Korean food products.

cloudia charters

Plate lunch

Kelina'ana Kahealani AnahuHailiAsagra

Game room Break at Palamas

steven lee

Korean foods are available at good price. You will find almost every Korean food material here. This place will be also good for tourists.

KC Lea

Very hectic parking.

Jessica Grant

Satisfies my Korean needs lol

Not Kyle

Mom goes here like EVERYDAY i dont know why.

Ma Vortex

Great produce and food court.

SangWoo Park

Bought some grocery and korean foods for two weeks in Hawaii.

M. Liu

Love working out here, but the parking sucks for my truck.

John kim

Typical Korea products. Need to check expiration date.

Kerry Ko

Reasonably priced oriental outlet store. The Kalihi one is larger than here though

Edwin Chu

They have the best White peaches


Found the korean ginseng tea I was looking for.

skani edgar

I love their side dishes bar!

Jade Jang

Good place to groceries for Korean items and there is take out food corner.

Kevin Hino Hawaii

This is a Korean superet and is responsible priced and you can get all the Korean things you need.

Jolyn Tenn

Love this store (Hekaha St), they have all the special Asian ingredients that are hard to find in Kaneohe as we do not have an Asian market on the windward side. Their Kim chee is phenomenal plus all the other side dish choices are tough to beat. Only draw back of this location is the parking lot. Only one narrow entrance/exit which quickly bends into the lot so you have to wait for cars to come out before you can pull in. I waited about 3 minutes at the opening and when it was time to go, another driver tried to make a left in front of me to go in. Small kind feelings of road rage that were not condusive for a happy shopping trip. Quickly overcame the feeling upon entering the store and seeing their ready to eat chop chae, Kim bap and meat Jun which make you look like a superstar chef when you bring it home and super ono.

Michael Robison

Nice Korean market with a food court. Best place around to buy kimchi

Jaybird Price

Nice Korean store at not a bad price -- 4 locations throughout Honolulu


Great selection of Asian speciality foods

Craig Shibata

Cheap plate lunches! Great kimchees too! Check whats on sale, you might find great bargains her!

Mul Vak

Good prices and the only place to get certain foods.

eunkang nam

You can buy a korean snacks or u can eat cheap korean foods.

Robin Glass

Stopped getting take out food there since often got stomach incontinences directly after.

Jane Miyashiro

I always come here to eat Authentic Korean foods. My favorite is Kalbi on the menu. You can't go wrong here with large servings and foods are freshly made.

karma ma

Brainless, useless, old parking attendant aside, there are so many friendly and competent staff here. I like the many mini variety of foods and eateries even though it is such a small space. I don't mind the funky bathrooms. But hate …

David Ho


Thamous 1

Loads of ban Chan! Good authentic Korean ban chan

Nayana Campos

Affordable korean foods...

david Man

This store is clean, selection unique and prices very fair. The food court is attractive and comfy. Free parking in front.

Lisa Marrotte

Fast and easy shopping.

Linda Miyake

Korean market with take out foods

Jennifer Yoo

My favorite store to go to get Korean food. They have prepared foods as well as a little restaurant in the back that sells amazing korean food for a really cheap price.

Yong S Choi

Decent food court. Limited selection on shopping. Sometimes food that is prepared by market are not quite clean...

Ernie P.

Authentic Korean food - ready to eat or take home. Korean and local produce and groceries.

nalu akaka

Haechandle Gochujang

Shao Z

The food court here is awesome.

Richard Alcantara

Went here for fresh produce and assorted cooking needs. Nice asian supermarket with good prices.

Kyong-su Im

Expensive and not so fresh.

Joaquin Diaz

Situated on Kalakaua and Makaloa. It is a convenient and easy location. The market has everything needed to enjoy cooked Korean food or to buy raw ingredients to make your own. The layout is good. The market is clean. The staff is friendly. The prepared food is great.

Cloe Coture

Vons chicken is ono and the produce is excellent!

Aida Beyene

Love this place, I go at least twice a week. I try something different all the time, I don't know the names but the table with all the Korean dishes is AMAZING.

Jason Lee

I live 30 min away and this is where I come for Korean comfort food. Food court is A+! Good food, super affordable, and fast / hot / authentic. Glad I found this place!

Debbie Rogers

Pricey. If your Asian you'll like the store.

Rendy Chow

Like to get veggies by weight already prepared and ready to eat.Yummy

Sabrina Saiki-Mita

Find just about any Korean grocery item you need. The prepared foods are good, BUT if you're MSG sensitive don't partake! I think it all would taste just as good without. You can even find obscure non-Korean food items here, like mustard oil!

R. Lee Donaldson

This is a fantastic Asian market for Korean groceries. The got a great selection of packaged, canned, bottled, and fresh produce to shop for as well as prepared Korean classics to help you prepare a meal, get a quick bite, or some lunch for later. I am a big fan of banchan and they have a huge variety at the open bar to self pack your own contain with as much or little as you may need. Everything is prepared authentically and is very fresh with high quality ingredients. One of my favorite things is the grab and go counter near the front with all the varieties of kimbap and other conveniently packaged food that are great for a snack, side addition to a meal, or a full meal depending on what you are hungry for and looks good. The parking is a bit of a challenge though. People who shop there seem to be crazy drivers who all want to park in the front and have no care for others around them. Do yourself a favor and park towards the side or on the roof top to avoid the mess. When working, there is an older guy directing traffic. Follow his instructions exactly. He knows what he is doing.

Ying Li

Little pricier than the DQ next door, some items are cheaper. But small enough not having to look too long for Asian items.

James Engle

I like this market. It has a nice selection of Korean foods and cheap produce. Lots of pre cut meats for shabu shabu and they sell beer too. Also have a Korean plate lunch place right in the store that has good prices. They have a couple other shops in the store that I have not been a customer at. Oh, there is a coffee shop in there that is pretty good too. Quick service, hardly ever a line. Good prepared food bar too.

Chong Yi

I like going to the mini food court. Good food at a low price and a larger then average serving.

HosFar FarHos

All Korean supermarket, some good specials sometimes on fruits and veggies.

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