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333 Keahole St, Honolulu, HI 96825, United States Located in: Hawaiʻi Kai Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF City Mill - Hawaii Kai IN Hawaii

When W

Smallest location. Better than nothing.

Myron Toyama

Friendly staff, always found what I needed.

Kenneth Morrison

Asked to purchase a floor model of a product discounted 15% off original because the product was discontinued. The floor model was missing pieces and had a plastic part that was cracking from age. So I asked for an additional 10%. I was told no, and asked to speak to a manager. At that point the associate huffed loudly, and called over his manager. The manager didn't even make eye contact, just came over and said no. He said it was already discounted 15%, acting as if that was the open box discount and not because the product was discontinued. In the end, it was a classic example of how not to act in customer service. You at least say hi, you at least make eye contact, you at least say, I'm sorry that's as low as I can go. Both of these associates I dealt with made it very clear they were inconvenienced because I asked for an additional $2.70 for missing parts and because the display had clearly been there for years. I was in retail for 12 years, half of that as a manager and I would have happily taken any customer asking for only 10% off an old, visually worn display. I also would have been in a ton of trouble if I ignored such basic 'don'ts' when interacting with customers. I shop there when I have to because my father lives in the area and it's clear City Mill survives here because of its location, not because of its friendly, small store feel. Compared to Home Depot, prices aren't competitive and selection is small, in some areas, quite outdated. I shop there because my father lives in the area and it's clear City Mill survives here because of its location, not because of its friendly, small store feel. Compared to Home Depot, prices aren't competitive and selection is small, in some areas, quite outdated.

Michael Fattorosi

Supernova 13


Evan Knight

One of the best city mills. There really is no other hardware store close by. They have most everything you need.

Claire Tegroen

G Hill

The young person was very very helpful, kind and very knowledgeable very patient assisting me

Terrence Vukoty

First time ever I was not able to find the part I needed. However, Jim, one of the staff, advised me how to solve my problem. I followed his recommendation and the problem is solved. One way or another, City Mill gets it done. A great store with knowledgeable staff members. Thank you City Mill.

Andramaches Papa

Great staff great product!

RokZ Tanaka

It's a great store with lots of things for home and garden improvements. However, it didn't have what my hubby needed.

nicholas Fathagaag

scott halsted

Tim Suh

Tony Cara

City Mill is a great hardware store with lots of other features. Been going there for 11 years. Also has really good helpers that have helped me a lot over the years.

Grace Kaleikilo

Rafael Villa

Barry Christian

Great place. Convenient and friendly


David Kealaiki

Customer service great. Lines a little long, but to be expected given the situation. But the line moves. I went to fill propane but I was already told it would take an hour to fill. But all in all it was great.

Radford Richards

Friendly, And Helpful!

Ed Jones

Painters needed more paint. Friendly staff helped us out quickly.

Jung Ae Ha

Couple days ago, I got really good help on my purchading bookcase. He measured depth n width very precisely to get me what I want. His name was Ross,M. Thanks alot.

Philip Suh

only hardware store on the east side of the island. good selection.

Cher Sullivan

Andrea Mazzario

The employees are very friendly and helpful

Robert Chinaka

Pretty much got everything you need


Liz Delgado

They have everything but it can be expensive. Very close to home so easy access.

James Calhoun

Have most of the basic stuff

andrea galaza

Found what we needed.

lee costa

Kevin Bogan

Judy Yamamoto

Very pleasant workers and helpful.

Marcus Burgess

Always find everything I am looking for at City Mill.

Victoria L

This particular location makes you feel like you're part of their family. They greet me every time as though I'm an uncover critic they discovered was coming. Whether I spend 75¢ on a couple screws or a few hundred on a faucet, sink, and cabinet, their hospitality never wavers. I ALWAYS come here first, unless they don't carry something that Home Depot might. Their clearance is insane too! In fact, i just bought a multi-holiday projector for 95¢ (from $40). I really enjoy shopping here and hope they CONTINUE to expand their inventory

Andrea Wagner

Close, reasonable, good variety of products.

Diane Shiraishi

Eric Peng

John Bender

Hal Arnold

Good selection, arm and a leg prices

Denis Khmelev

mi shi

Blair S


Tracy Adams

Right in my neighborhood. I can always find what I need.

John Vale

Cy Shimizu

Great home improvement store. Staff are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.

Jerry Eady

Helpful staff directed me to the things I wanted. Free, easy parking and the stuff I bought was reasonably priced.

David Stoffer

Jamie Davidson

Momof3 Boys

Prices are a bit high but convenience is just right. They usually have what I need. I go there all the time.

Jason Awaya

Always great customer service

Michael Ricci

My girlfriend lives out this way so I stop by here a lot. It's convenient and has basics, but gone is the aloha spirit from this place. Last two times I was here were not good experiences. The cashier, an older lady, didn't say hi when I did (my pet peeve). I could tell she didn't want to be there, but she was pretty rude and abrasive. Another one of them didn't even look at at me. He just scanned, charged and didn't say a word. Manners go a long way. I think City Mill needs to work on employee training for all of the cashiers. Maybe I'm asking too much, but I grew up old school when we were taught to treat others with courtesy and look them in the eye. I might as well go to Home Depot where at least I get a better deal.

Shane Black

Daniel Seto

They get really busy in the morning so either come later or be prepared to wait.

John Turner

City Mill has knowledgeable employees and an excellent display of home improvement items. Happy to support a local company.

Yurina Naruto

Mitchell Kimura

If reps are around, they're helpful, but, as in most cases, they're hard to find.

Keith Knuuti

I love City Mill! It's not as big as Home Depot or Lowes, but it's got what you need, for decent prices (I think lumber is about the same price), it's much more convenient because they have so many locations, and the staff is helpful. If you need to cut a key, refill your propane, or pick up some lumber or potting soil, this is the place to go. Got some screens replaced, and they did the work quickly. HINT: at the Hawaii Kai store, it's almost always faster to check out at the lumber door, if it's open.

Brian Batchelor

Richard G

Helpful staff, fast check out.

Stacey Franklin

Allen Nagata

anthony pinson

Helpful staff, locally owned

Leslie Sharp

Found everything I needed

George cosier

Miles Nakayama

Great service very helpful people way better than big box stores!




Lolo Head

Was looking for a stainless steel faucet and toilet water supply line with a higher psi rating then what they carry. Did research and wanted a Wolverine Brass made water line that have a very high psi rating but they didn't have any. Guess I need to go online to purchase these.

Patricia Knight

Great service

Jeffrey Ogren

Kelly P and Paul are the best. I had a problem with a doorknob and they were able to fix it on the spot. Awesome customer service!

Clyde Hirata

Isabella Forster

Len Scaduto


Kevin Hogan

Jason Xu

richard peek

Great help! Reasonable prices. This City Mill for service and efficiency is bar none the best out of all I have been in.


Price right

Evan Chaney

Jonathan S Ramiro Sales ramiro

its good the place

Alex Boyd

The better of the three city mill stores I went to. I would return to this one. They were on ball with customer service here.


Wallace Matthews

Helpful. Nice. Easy to deal with.

Mona Okumoto

Mike Nakagawa


Denise Mazzanti

Dennis & cashier Chris were extremely helpful. Great customer service!

Dwain Williams

Great place to get much of what I need at reasonable price.

Kehau Kalauli

Smaller version of Home Depot. More personable with employees available to help you with all your questions.

Jason Rushin

Prices frequently lower than the big box stores. Helpful staff. Large selection.

Curtis Hisao

Lots of employees to help you & good pricing on many items, but they didn't have what i wanted the last 2 times i went. They shouldn't have floor models of things they don't have in stock.

Shannon E

John Wata

This City Mill has everything I need for home or garden. Only wish they opened later so they can close later or just close later.

Greg Mostella

kim jii

Update 28 May 2018

Kirsty McWalter

Cy Tenn

Allen Hernandez

Kamil Deen

David Gray

I got the nuts & bolts that I needed, and locally too.

Tanya Kekahio-Rennoe

Mark Benson

We like to support local family ownership! Keep it up.

Curtis N

Excellent price and selection. Friendly staff.

Mark Melville

Super friendly staff

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