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REVIEWS OF Apple Ala Moana IN Hawaii

Todd Okamoto

Liars. They don't even have a produce section, let alone a single fruit. Go to Foodland on other side of mall if you want apples.

wade sugimoto

Great staff knowable about products.

Luxe Hawaii

2 different workers couldn't answer some simple questions about ipad air. Ended up finding my own answers online and buying it cheaper through the Walmart website.


Made appt online for a cracked screen 4 days prior and came here and they dont have any. Have to wait 3-7 days for them to call me so I can drop off phone.

Kwok Young

I was waiting for a very long time and nobody came to help me so I walked out

Paka Lopaka

I meet Mason Olsen at this location and I appreciate him with assisting me on the perfect apple iPad mini I purchased. Mason was informative and friendly, which allowed me to make my best and final decision to buy my Apple iPad Mini. I would highly recommend this Apple Store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center if you are looking to purchase any Apple products. Thank you Mason for being kind and thoughtful and now I finally have my Apple iPad Mini!

Jeannine Williams

I am Happy that Apple store was able to solve the issue with my iPhone. Great customer service from all the employees that serviced my phone needs

Ian Shields

My spacebar broke on my MacBook Pro after about 3 weeks. Took it in to the Genius Bar and was met with exceptional service from both Ross and Christian, who helped me get a direct exchange at no extra cost! They made the whole process as quick and as painless as possible. Was stressed about potentially not having a computer for a few days and these guys alleviated all my concerns.

Jαყȥ688 - Mobile Legends



Went in to look at an Apple Homepod. I live in Canada and we can't yet get the Homepod here. The sales person was very helpful, answered all my questions and was quite happy to let me play with the Homepod all I wanted. I've visited many Apple stored and always get great service in them. This location was no different.

Kyle Oyama

Ahh, the over priced status symbols. Nice store tho. The associates are always friendly and helpful. Get there early, for some reason this store is always busy.

roswellmaxim .

Walked in, found exactly what I needed. Salesperson was quick to offer assistance, checked us out right there. Awesome store. It was my first visit to an apple store, but it made me a fan.

Ben Cockett

Great staff and helpful people.

jordan campbell

Standard apple store. Good service but long wait times

Daniel Niemeyer

Not a fan of the location, but the employees are awesome, the store is nice, and the customer service is amazing, received spectacular service and had my malfunctioning iPhone replaced in no time by Josh.

Ruth Patoc

It was so busy, still could use more workers on the floor

Elizabeth Kunichika

Looking for iPad. Two separate prices. Never got ask what that was for.

Life With Brad

Great service

William Julian

they say that Apple customer service is bad and now I have witnessed it first hand. Went in today just to look at the Apple Watch. The place was not busy at all and Apple attendants standing around everywhere. The guy by the Apple watches was very rude when I just wanted to try on one of the watches. He said that I have to help. Sorry I don’t need help trying on a watch. Then as soon as I took out my IPhone X, two attendants approached me at once and led me to the Apple watches. I do not look like a bum so why in the hell do I have to show that I have a Apple product to get something.

Veeka Chapman

My phone stopped working so i went into this location not knowing the customer service or anything. But i was so impressed with the workers there and how i was treated and with the assistance and help i got to fix my phone was incredible. I was so satisfied with not only the location. But Apple as a whole company, the warranty, the workers, everything they look after there customers. Iv Berber been so happy with a product. This is why i have an IPhone, Apple Watch, IPad, EarPods, and a MAC. I bleed Apple and today truly made me so happy with a product i believe in. Thank you Apple for looking after your customer.

Joseph Burr

Customer service help... just walking off when they are out of stock.

Eldon Ngo

This place is very busy. Just came to play with ipads

Leikowahine Wahine

Did not visit yet. Website does not give clear information: Opening/Closing hours, services offered, precise location within the mall. Only provides pictures. Not much for potential customers.

Mark Howland

Effective and great service to fix iPad problem

2015 2015

Crazy busy place. Staff nice. I just hate apple products.

Koonfai Young

Unlocked phone sale person very helpful good place to do business

RusSkillz .

The customer service was awesome! Our helper was a female named "Kristin" if i remember correctly. She was very patient helping my mom and i set up her new phone.

Charles Young

Sheep farm. Charged $80 for a new battery in my iPod within which the battery exploded. Batteries are barely $30.

Nancy Kabbout

Terrible service

Carolyn Primeau

Great found what we needed

Yolly Barrun

We were told to wait for 5 to 10 minutes after setting an appointment but took about 25 to 30 minutes before we totally served. Btw, Service is not bad...Total service is FAIR, Our transaction was completed for less than an hour. My son has iPhone 7, there was an audio defect after two years then upgraded to iPhone 8plus.

Abe Lee

Staff at Apple are terrific. Very friendly and they know how to solve the problems.

Vignesa Moorthy

Great as any Apple store. Store was too busy though and could not get any assistance. The store at Waikiki is much less crowded.

Kay Jong

Trying to test out equipment and security gets in my way. Great customer service.


Standard Apple store. The best, you can wait walking around the mall or having a beer upstairs (as I did lol) and the people here is just great. I think all or most of the people in Honolulu are great with tourist and always friendly. This isn’t the exception. The worst: as any other Apple store representative, their service is focused in selling you a new iPhone rather than fix the one you have because its too expensive to repair, at least it is in an Apple store.

Sissy Ichinohe

The customer service I experienced was good! I purchased iPad mini.

bryan mitsuoka

These stores run with the mentality of a Burberry store. Wrong business model and explains the logic of poor service. Ratio of employees and customers is bad...Costco does a better job. Apple stores is not about selling stuff but also fixing things as well. Reminds me of a doctor’s appointment and waiting awhile. No same day service and commonplace for excuses, i.e. “not my job”.

yisroel luchins

Workers were nice and helped switch battery of phone

Amu Rosen

Top deck early morning Starbucks is quick

moke moses k a kaapana

Apple... What's to say. You need something, they got it. Service is OK, GREAT staff just not enough of them. And be ready for the prices, no cheaper here than anywhere else.

David Kanda

Didn't get what I wanted but representative was cool.

Mark Crabbe

Awesome customer service personnel. Thank you Kyle!

gaudette shawn

Wow, Very busy store, I took several classes at this store this week for my I-phone and computer, great staff, lots of great tips, during one of the classes they where able to help fix an on going problem I had with logging in, gentleman spent an additional hour trying figure out the issue and it was even acting up on him witch was a good thing, it was one of these 50 / 50 deals, somevtimes it worked fine other times it wouldn’t, I have no idea how or what he ended up doing, it became a challenge for him to to figure it out. but he stayed until he could figure it out, this was the 2:30pm class on 01-06-18, because I have brought to Apple store back home and they could not help me, they said it was fine,

Owen Sonoda

Great selection of products online ordering is convenient

Francis De Castro

Great products and they're always willing to help with any kind of technical issues I have.

Eric Kauhane

They have great customer services and give you their time to help you with your problem or whatever you need,,, they are great!

Erdenesuvd Erdenebulgan

Customer service is great but waiting line is very annoying. Least have to wait couple of hours. I’m suggesting to use Apply Support app, will save time otherwise walk in appointment will wait in more than 1 hour to wait.

Norma Corona

Great service every time; they help me with my ipot ant iphone and even help me with my charger.

Pat Gomes

The gentleman who helped us, Jan (pronounced Yan) was amazing!! We found out he's been working for Apple for a long time. We can see why! He was friendly, courteous, efficient yet very patient. He explained everything very well. So we got a new Iphone 10R for my wife instead of repairing the old one. We enjoyed his service SO MUCH that we're going back to see him because our daughter needs a new laptop! I hope Apple pays him well and keeps him. Those kinds of workers today, in my opinion, are very rare.

Phil Stripling

It's a typical Apple store with knowledgeable employees. Often busy, there may be a wait before they can wait on you, but it's worth the wait. If you buy a phone, for example, the staff will walk you through the process of setting it up with your carrier and confirm all is correct.

Alexander Pauwelyn

Great support if you have a problem. Also a lot of products available in the store in all memory sizes and colors. If you want to repair a product they offer a quick repair or to replace the device. Thank you for the good and professional service!

Paul Brooks

Biggest and busiest Apple store that I have seen.

Daniel Murakami

Good place to purchase another iPhone, laptop, computer and etc.

lanikai twister

Super helpful staff. They listened and understood my desire, then presented and explained the product options available. When my new product wasn't working properly, they told me to bring it by whenever I'm free. The next day I was there with the problem. After hands-on coaching and a bunch of questions that they answered for me, I was taught a solution. I'm so excited to use my Apple again. As a newbie to the tech world, just knowing that the Ala Moana Apple Store staff is there to help if/when needed gives me a sense of reassurance.

helen sanpei

The service at the Apple Store is excellent! The service and sales staff are so helpful and very personable.

Richard Colgren

Horribly disappointing experience. Sad how Apple had gone down hill over the years. Experience here may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and Apple. I bought my current iPhone and purchased Apple Care. The battery it came with started getting sick with a few months left under their extended warranty. Called multiple times and Apple remotely tested it but they would not do anything until it completely died. This happened a few months after the warrenty expired. Their solution, schedule me for their closest Apple Store, 75-90 minutes away, to make the long car trip then pay for them to finally replace the battery. So I did a search and found a place in my town to replace it, with what I requested to be an Apple battery. With the $30 replacement program Apple is now offering due to their battery sucking new software I make an appointment at this store to replace my battery today when I am actually near an Apple store. Had to make a second call to finally reach the actual store to find they “probably” had the battery in-stock. Go to appointment and they won’t replace the battery as it is not an Apple battery! They said it was Apple policy and on their web site. I went through and found nothing like that. That included reading Apple’s whole section on battery replacement. They could show me nothing either on the web site about non-Apple batteries. They also said they had the policy in writing and could give me a copy, but then they did not provide it, or even show it to me. Another of their claims was that it was dangerous for their technician to replace a non-Apple battery, which at those low voltages and currents is preposterous. Apple iPhone I recommended to a friend (he bought with a watch) will likely be the last I recommend. It is also looking like I have bought my last Apple.

Dylan Fallau

Ilea was super friendly and helpful. Solved my problem in no time. 10/10 for knowledgeability. Turned a problem into great experience. Thank you!

Nikki Kobayashi

Employee greeted you when u enter and asked if u need help with anything...awesome service!

Zhengqi Zhang

They can’t change my cable which was bought in one year.

Linda Hart

Had to wait 40 minutes for help

Talosaga Vaoalii

It was crowded, but time wise and professional service was awesome.

Claudia Oshima

Solved my problem, but the iTunes billing needs work. Got a legitimate charge but it came through as music and I made no purchase for that.

Jennifer Pham

Such lovely customer service. Thank you to the guy who helped me get an USA laptop adapter which they no longer stock !

chandler johnson

Dear Apple Ala Moana Unable to fix current issues; Unable to transfer funds over to apple ID for unknown reasons, failed to fix issue through apple support, failed to see me in person, due to (unorganized chaos) in-store, failed to update billing info for unknown reasons, failed to direct me to customer support though website and phone, website user unfriendliness such as navigation or broken links. So far no way to write a review on these issues other than google, and unnecessary, and unwanted music in music library/ can't delete unwanted music. Failed to update ios software automatically, or inform me of software update. I've been an Apple kinda person for years, and never had an issue neglected to be resolved, and a simple one. All I wanted was to add funds onto my apple Id, and this is the "help" I get... Long waits, and broken unfriendly websites. I feel betrayed and the issue is still unresolved.

Robin Bush

This Apple Store is in Ala Moana near Macy’s. There’s ample parking. This location is often very crowded. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The free classes, labs, and workshops are the best kept secret in town. Check it ou. Just google “Today at Apple”.

Pervis Johnson

Great electronic supple store

Cheryl B

Once again, the Apple store crew helped me out today! Thanks to everyone for your help in eliminating the issue on my computer, especially May. I am sorry that I didn't get the young woman's name who helped me prior to May She was so good with a young customer with special needs. This young woman did an amazing job helping her and everyone else. Kudos to the store personnel for being there for all of us even being shorthanded.

Gary Okamura

My iPad is not operational. I explained the problem to employee that greeted me upon entering. Said their WiFi is down and I could go to the Apple in Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki. Couldn’t leave for repair. I’m looking at the <$75 Android available on eBay. Apple could consider a store on the Windward and Leeward areas.

Marty Lum

Appointments are mandatory to receive any service. You can walk in for service but there is a 5-6 hour wait time.

Mike Higa

Most of the time it’s very busy and crowded but I enjoyed there free session to learn about apple products, either you can sign up from Apple store apps or just be there when the session begins

Christopher Brandao

Gave me a 1:20 time frame and took 1:40 before they told me that I would have to wait another 30 mins. Like my life revolves around waiting for the GeniusBar to brilliantly take their sweet time. Chatting up a storm with customers while there are tons in line waiting. Faulty product and i have to sit and wait for them to finish telling jokes. get the customers in and out the damn store. APPLE STORE IS WORST THAN A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT WAITING ROOM. CLEAR YOUR WHOLE DAY SCHEDULE BEFORE TRYING TO UTILIZE YOUR APPLE CARE PLUS BENEFITS.

Rumple Stiltskin

2nd floor near Macy's.. Awesome experience however sometimes very busy. I am now just calling in to order, and having items shipped to my front door. All that is needed is a little PC homework to dial-in desired item of interest and then when I call, the Representative walked me through requirements, compatibilities, and any other concerns. Free local delivery is in only three days! Very impressive.

Johnson Cheng

Apple is worth a $ trillion! All the kids love to visit the Apple store and check out the latest gear. The school is a Apple user school too. But I'm the one who wear a shirt that said "Apple is Evil."

Julia Burr

I think their team needs some customer service training. Their team is extremely rude! Trying to get you to buy and get out. Questions just aren’t acceptable to them, they may just walk away from you like the guy did to me. Sorry I’d like to learn about a product/policies of my new purchase.

Robert Guenther

Knowledgeable staff and very helpful!

Bradda Joe

I expected more from a billion dollar company like Apple. I just leased a brand new apple 8 for my granddaughter and 3 weeks later the camera doesn’t work. It seemed to work when she turned the camera on at first, then the screen went blank. So to me it never worked properly. We take it to the apple store in ala Moana wait 15 min to see someone and then they tell us to come back in 30-45 min. to see another person. Then 1 hour later they run some test on the phone for 10 min and tell us to come back in 2 hour and the repair will be done. I ask them why can’t we have a new phone because we are leasing a new phone and obviously somethings wrong with this one, it’s only had it for 3 weeks. They said if it happened in 2 weeks after purchase, they would give us a new phone. I explained that they are taking my 2 hours away and we had nothing to do with this problem it’s apples problem. The clerk nods but he’s getting paid by the hour but no matter what that’s the policy. A billion dollar company and they have no customer service. They have no clue how to treat their customers that made them rich. The customer waits on them and not the other way around. How easy it would had been to give us a new phone and put that into repair, or refurbish, or whatever.

Sudhir Rachapalle

Good store if you visiting for service for an appointment it takes 2 to 3 hours book an appointment prior and go to save time

momo mama

Dropping off a repair / battery re-call. Made an appointment for 11am. Great- they are all out of the battery replacement. Air conditioner broken and humid. Smells like @ss, moldy mildew in there. They are banking but need to upkeep the fresh ventilation. Went to bath and bodyworks next door. Cute girl working there said it smells nasty with all the nerds and geeks even with the AC working. They should spray some apple room scents at Apple. 1 funky star

Jason Alley

We went for a problem with our iPhone 7. They replaced it quickly with no problem and helped us set up the new phone.

Melannie Nicholes

My experience in the store is always good, but when I try to get ahold of the store by phone it takes me calling at least a few times and getting hung up on each time until someone answers. Besides that annoyance this store is very helpful and the employees are nice.

Steve Soares

Extremely disappointed. I love Apple products so this doesn't make me want Apple products any less, but the incredible dishonesty shocked me. My iPhone 6 out of nowhere could not be charged anymore. We would leave it for hours and it would not go past 5% and we tried with another cable as well. So I take it to this Apple store and explain to the lady and so she plugs my iPhone into some device that measures how much power is going into the battery and she flat out tells me that the normal number is like 0.95 and that it was showing 0.001 and that most likely the charging port inside the phone is malfunctioning and says Apple does not replace that. She then gave me 2 options to replace the phone for a minimum of $300US. I did not and when I got home to Canada, I took it to a store that repairs only Apple products called "iRepair." They told me the same thing about the charging port and said they would test it and call me in a while. So 1 hour later they call me and tell me that the phone is charging normally as if NOTHING is wrong at all. Turns out 2 of our cables had stopped working! What a crazy coincidence. That's it! The phone is working beautifully without spending a single a PENNY! And they told me that they also tested how much power was going into the battery and that it was 0.96 which was perfectly normal! So the lady at Apple lied to my face. Very very disappointing.

Imran Zubair

The rudest, most impolite, ignorant, lazy workers of any Apple store I have been too. It would be a miracle if anyone in this store could tell you what day of the week it is, leave alone answer a technical or product related question. Good luck!

K Marie Gallagher

Helpful staff and everything I have ever needed (replacement cables, etc) was in stock, no waiting. I also bought my iMac here. Purchased online, it was waiting for me when I walked in. This location is preferable to the Royal Hawaiian location if you are driving because there are literally acres of free parking at the Ala Moana Center.

Dean Fuller

Nice store, super busy but plenty of staff to help out.


Beautiful place and great service

David Arguedas

Wasn't impressed. It took forever and wish they could have help more then they did.

Daniel Yang

It was the first time I have ever been to an actual Apple store in the U.S. since I don't live in America it was an awesome experience and I also bought my first Apple Watch there! The people in the apple store were really helpful (they should be because I'm spending like 600 dollars there) also, my sister bought Airpods there. It is a very good place to visit and I highly recommend it.

Cody McQueen

Appointment time was great. They checked made sure I had cell service before I left. The phone that they gave me to replace my iPhone X has no sound for phone calls or any applications. The Fac ID will not allow me to register my face, the application just closes. It does not play any video, whether it be Facebook or YouTube. It does not accept a lightning cable of any brand to charge, to include the apple brand. All in all I traded in my broken phone for another broken phone. Update: Bluetooth doesn’t work either. It detects the device but doesn’t allow you to use it. Mind you I have reset this phone multiple times in different ways, as advised by this store.

Tommy Dao

You got only 1/2 tax if compared with mainland.

Sky Marchand

Everyone here was really eager to help even though I didn’t have an appointment. I had a very important conference to attend the following day but my phone charger wasn’t working. They checked it for me and replaced it immediately under warranty.

Zach and Jenna Hoggard

I made an appointment at the genius bar to address a "no service" issue with my iphone. Jacob greeted me quickly, was extremely friendly, and quickly addressed my iphone's issues with every effort to resolve the problem without jumping to replace a part or rack up charges. Another gentleman (regrettably I don't remember his name) with the nice beard, remembered me and helped assist me in sending in my phone when my phone started acting up after our initial efforts. I left the store very pleased with the customer service and the plan for the repair of my phone, which will not cost me anything! I would highly recommend this location!

Tatum Rebelle

I made an appointment with the genius bar because my macbook pro was having problems. The first interaction was very friendly, but then a different person came out and didn't even listen to my explanation about what was happening. He took the computer back for less than a few minutes and came back telling me it was "fried". He said he could smell burning and see rust and that I must have spilled a lot of coffee. I told him that I had not. He was dismissive and said the computer had no value and could not be repaired... I left the store but knew that it didn't seem right. I borrowed a friend's charger the next day and the computer turned on! No issues after buying a new charger from Best Buy. Had I listened to that guy I would have been out a computer and a lot of money.

Shelby Redman

One of the best apple stores. Especially for the amount of people that they support with tourists and locals. They have a large staff and they always seem to have availability within 24 hours even a lot of accommodation for walk ins! Also the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and really hooked me up when i broke my phone all three times

R Yamashiroya

Seems easier to find specialists and to get help right away. I'm sad that they got rid of the Genius Bar but that's Apple I guess. The Apple Genius staff are always professional and it's such an awesome service they provide to customers.

Jordon Voss

Best customer service of almost any business ever!

Ohana Traylor

I wait 40 min to buy phone.

Hype Connect

Dan was a let down on this Apple launch. Spoke down to every person in that line.

Scott Yim

Ala moana's app store is fun


Large apple store. Hard to get help. Always crowded.

David B

As always the customer service was top notch. The Apple service agents are always willing to answer questions and show you how to use a product. This is the reason I continue to return to the Apple store. Plus the store is located in a beautiful mall right across from the beach. Large store with a large staff.

Joe Cornor

Super busy. Took forever to get my order.


You know? They eat my time. If you wanna buy something minimum waiting 15m

Mehreen Guerrero

Very crowded and the wait times seem to be unnecessarily long compared to the Royal Hawaiian location. But they do have a good amount of accessories that I haven't seen in stock anywhere else on Island.

Nikki Arakawa

I'm not an apple person and i dont know anything about apple so I went to this store hoping they could help me find what I needed. I walked in there wandered around and couldn't get anyone's attention. When I asked for help I felt like I was bothering them. I asked for something and staff couldn't even walk me to the items. I told them I have NO IDEA what I'm looking for so why couldn't they SHOW me what I was asking for. This is why I don't even bother with apple products. Don't come here and waste your time.

Nicholas Jones

Great store.

Daniel Kapoi

Great place to stay, clean very hospitable

Kendra Carty

Went in with a friend to get her phone fixed. Staff did their best (in front of us for part of it) to figure out the problem but it was not fixable. Our tech kindly gave her all her options. Also didn’t try to up-sell her which was refreshing. While waiting multiple staff came up to us to see if we were doing alright. Great service all around.

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