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REVIEWS OF Kessler's IN South Dakota

Devanny D

My family loves shopping at Kessler's. They always seem to have the best produce in town. Their store is always clean, well stocked, and is easy to navigate. I frequently visit their deli section, and have enjoyed everything that I've purchased so far. Their location is central to Aberdeen and their hours are very accommodating, making a trip to the grocery store quick and painless.

Carissa Hudson

Way over priced

Honey Berg

Had to walk over half mile just to get coffee creamer. Cause doors were locked. Than had to ask someone who's gonna check me out because nobody was in a lane. Got a rude lady who told me there is always someone in Lane 2. Well obviously if I'm down by the end talking to you. The girl wasn't where she supposed to be.


Memories from growing up in Aberdeen and my mother working at Kessler's Meat Department. Store is clean and well stocked and staff friendly and helpful.

Myniece Lake

I really love this store and I get good bargains.

Davin Johnson

Long lines and not enough staff to help find items.. they do have a great liquor department.

Brent Kuhre

Reminded me of a great grocery store back home. Would visit again!

Scott Harris

Only 3 stars because they do not sell custard!! Breakfast was nice. Coffee (like everywhere in USA) was truly awful.

Holly Roggow

Best produce in town. Very clean and friendly store. Awesome bakery too. My favorite is the homemade spinach dip!!

Jamie Nicole

Good selection of gluten free cookies and they have gluten-free biscuits.

Aubrey Kraig

Has the best meat

Ben Heller

Parking wasn't to bad. Got everything I needed in one spot! Great selection in the liquor section!

Danette Long

Clean, well-stocked grocery. I enjoy the cafe for breakfast. Miss Deb cooks the finest eggs in town. The Deli counter folks could be more friendly.

Christine Albrecht

Love the variety of things and the meat center.

Victoria Aho

Head guest supervisor runs away when needed seems to not like certain people and avoids them

Cynthia Sombre

Kessler pharmacy very efficient staff.

Taria Hanley Carrick

Great place all the way around

Jesse Milbrandt

Definitely your hometown Grocery Store. This has a little of everything the deli, sushi kabar, and the wine and spirits department can't be beat. Grab some tiger meat from the meat counter if you are daring enough!!

Travis Keene

Great place to get food.

Jessi Gerber

Kessler's is an awesome locally owned grocery store. It is open 24 hours and they are always so friendly there. They have fuel perks and a reward program. They've had wine tastings, too. Pricing is a little higher but for the meat, definitely worth it! (Compared to big chain in town)

Suellen Dosch

Kessler's is great! You can always depend on the food being fresh. The parking lot can be challenging on holidays. Overall I would definitely recommend it.

Shannon Arnao

Great local grocery store. Only place in town I buy my hamburger and steaks! Prices are a bit higher but they are always running specials or sales.

Dave Swain

We are lucky to have 2 nice home grown stores in town.

Neil Nelson

Great place for all your grocery needs

Mitchell Lufkins

Very good place buy food and drinks

Nomad Tanker

Best quality meat and produce in Aberdeen.

Curt Brewer

Great groceries

jesse davis

Love the sales

Debbie Berglund

Everything is fresher. But sometimes u have the better sells before older and disabled people and people on foods stamps get their checks and food stamps and people that live on a very fixed income count on bargains to be able to make it. Even family's struggle. I know u have a buissiness to run and employees to pay and everybody else as well. Maybe offer more coupons. But the cost of living is bad for everyone. Believe me, I know I use to work out in the work force til I became disabled. But I am actually one of them that don't ask for anything. Thank u

Louis Pettersen

Grabbed a few groceries while in town really nice store

Kathy Dorner

Great place with good bargains.

Jennifer Livingston

They are expensive on some items but can almost always find what I'm looking. They have very good deals once in awhile an love getting pump points for fuel on items I normally buy. Friendly staff.

Bridgette Davis

Great selection of foods

Aberdeen Hiker

I love, love, love Kessler's grocery store. They treat customers with care and attention. When I needed a cake baked on short notice for my mother's 91st birthday, the bakers stepped up to the plate and baked the cake. I buy flowers, fruit, cooked meals and groceries there knowing that everything is top quality. I'll always go to Kessler's for my food.

Donna Mason

Very nice grocery store well stocked good produce

Shakila Piatt

Great place for groceries, closer to middle of town so dont have to drive so far. Usually has good prices even compared to Walmart. Good if you're looking for a wide liquor selection.

Thomas Walker

Kessler's is a great place to shop they have some unique foods that other places don't even though I cost a little bit more they have great food

Shweta Agrawal

Bit high in price but good

Susan Wiseman

You may pay a little more but quality stuff

Seth Duncan

Great place for groceries when they have their sales going on! Otherwise normal prices are a little high but can be expected at a local grocery. Usually pretty friendly staff with the occassional not so friendly. Avoid after work hours if possible! Gets crazy busy from 4:30 to around 6. Pharmacy is very hit or miss...if you go their Joe is awesome!

Candace Briscoe

Always stocking new and interesting stuff

Karen Mattheis

Great meat, fruit, and bakery sections. Good bargains. Nice atmosphere.

Margaret Raymor

Kessler's is a fine grocery, clean with a good variety. Lots of helpful people...

Brent Enget

Great store with good sales. Keep an eye out for their fruit and veg sales! Best in the area.

Brandon Mulvenna

Best place in town for meats, and everything breakfast!

Garrett B

It's a great place to work and shop!

Kolton Klauer

Very large grocery store, very clean and lots of choices!

Allan Duvall

One stop shopping in Aberdeen S.D.

Vicki Wiley

They were out of the product we were looking for. Due to the weather we were unable to go back. I realize it is hard to predict customers but unhappy we had to moss the sale.

Tami Jo Redinger

Great local grocery store that has everything I could ever need! Even has a coffee shop, bakery, and small restaurant area if youre interested in it.

Richard Parker

I'd shop here a lot more often if so many items weren't inexplicably overpriced.

Diane Sanger

They have everything.

Mandy Reid

If you need flowers, this is your place!!! Joanie is ABSOLUTELY amazing. They did the flowers for my wedding and they were stunning to say the least. Everyone commented on how beautiful the were. They held up, and we abused them. I had to make several special requests and they just said, "yep, no problem ". If you have a wedding coming up go see Joanie!!!! You will not regret it.

Porky Legend

Nice place to shop. It has delicious food at the bakery. Such as cake, donuts, pie, cookies, different types of bread. They also have a layout of food u can choose from, like salads and meats. They also have a diner where you can sit down and eat and have a cup of coffee.

Joey Lara

Always has been my favorite grocery store even when just visiting Aberdeen!

Dan Jackson

Fine, family grocery! Way better than shopping at the commercialized place that wants yo eliminate Jobs! This place employed people to bag my groceries!! Excellent place to shop!

steve guastella

Such a great place to visit everyone was pleasant very nice show me where to go when I need it I love this chocolate it's great try it sometime

Eyal Cohen

It's got kosher wine


Staff is quite but not rude. Prices are a bit more then walmart so I dont go in often. Good quality meat and bakery. Their hot bar lunch options are really good. Very clean store. Normally not to long of a wait at the check out unless you go at a very busy time which is to be expected. I do wish they had a self check out options. When I need to buy 3 things it would be a lot easier and quicker.


It's your general grocery store. Good prices, good selection. And friendly people

shantelle heintzman

Always amazing

Kari Reams

Only things that are inconvenient are the parking lot and the small isles. Love the store. Meat and produce are the best in town!

Kevin Hinton

Kessler's is a rock salt grocery store their meat department always fresh cut always good cuts of meat and I think some of the best choices of meat in our area other than that it's just a good old Hometown Market that a lot of the locals like to shop

David Huber

Open 24 hours in in the middle of town is convenient. Always like supporting local businesses.

eitan smoller

The best service and good prices

Adrian Brown

Kessler's because it's still has baggers I can get paper or plastic it's just an old school grocery store and I love it so if you're ever in Aberdeen stop by

tam denton

Male manager was rude have a service dog and lost everything and he wouldn't work with me for nothing .the next day got peppers in an email and female manager was sweet and courteous

Rachel Hubbs

For as busy as it was the service was quick

Melanie Fried

A very big grocery store! Good food selection. Clean. Great location. Always a must for us!

Nan Whybark

Groceries and more! Even a conveyor to take your groceries right outside to you car for easy loading!

Ellis Dee

Everything is here. Nice store, and seems independent, a rarity in the age of the corporate clone.

Wesley Birch

A different kind of shopping store.

Kait Craig

I can find absolutely everything and anything I need here! Always staffed well and great customer service.

Kari Benson

Items easy to find, love the pump perks

James Waite

Stop here its great!!

Chrissie Francoli

Kessler's have great sales and you can always find what your looking for

Rob Eilers

Good variety of products

Amber Brewer

Clean, friendly, a little pricey on some items. The pharmacy is awesome and the employees are great.

Sara Hopkins

You can get practically anything food item you could ever want at this store. Prices are definitely comparable. They even have great sushi. I wish I had one of these in my hometown!

Santanna Mosbrucker

Had the salad I wanted and the drinks I needed.

Lance Kolb

For certain stuff I wouldn't get it anywhere else but for your basics they are really high priced. Employees are always really nice.

Abril Mack

It is a good supermarket, assortment of meats, vegetables and fresh fruits and most of the staff are courteous and helpful. I do not give 5 stars because Kesslers has a manager named “CALEB” he is very rude, he did not want to accept a return of a product that was damaged, and I had the receipt and all the rules to request a refund, it was very cruel and derogatory, maybe because I'm a Latina and I do not speak English correctly or he does not have good manners and education. I would recommend that the workers always maintain a friendly and respectful tone with all people, that is good customer service!

Angel Cabrera

I love shopping at Kesslers and got oil excellent food there that you need specialty sales on Meats and products


The elderly and I have a blast eating here after a hard morning of bingo. After eating I feel like taking an afternoon nap. There potatoes put a man to sleep better than any medication on the market.

Lorrie Hanson

Love the meat department and always fresh food

Jamie Carter

Has the BEST tiger meat

Val D

They are well known in the area for the best meat and produce. I love shopping for groceries here. It is clean and beautiful with a wide variety of foods you don't see around this area otherwise. The customer service is great. You can do so many things here: buy groceries, eat from their salad bar, get drinks from their cafe, but flowers and gifts, mail a letter or package, apply for driver's license renewal, go to the quick clinic, fill a prescription... They also do drive up pick up and delivery now as well.

Carolyn Dudu

Clean the checker Helpfull fast and friendly

Ben Kitto

Updated. A multitude of groceries. Service is good. Prices are fair in comparison with other local stores.

Doug Meidinger

Everything you need

Minghui Lin

My friends work their

Angela Od

Hometown grocery and liquor store. Good deals

Paula Jackman

High quality produce.

Neil Fleming

Excellent customer satisfaction

MJ Lamb

Great choices available. Prices are "eh"


Good customer service. Super overpriced. I suppose it is small town supply and demand.

Matt Swearingen

Great locally owned store

Galveston 340

If you need anything.....and I mean that...this place probably has it!

Nikki Leith

I visit kesslers Daily!! Always have great service from Kerby and Joe in the pharmacy!

Joe Simoy

Great Grocery store. Lots of variety. Tried the sushi.. Pretty good.

Deb R

Great place to shop, they match competition prices too.

Renetta Marlow

Great place. Bakery is to die for. Meats are excellent quality and will cut and wrap to order. Deli has wonderful selection and always delicious.

Terry Vold

Clean. Great selection of produce. Freshly butchered meats. Long lines at multiple cash registers. Food prices HIGHER than most people expect from the Kessler's name is my only negative, because it directly affects my food budget.

Robert Frewaldt

Love the meat and produce always has a fresh and wide selection for very reasonable prices!

Cody Valnes

Best grocery store in town.

Ethan Westby

Very good hometown store, but high prices. It's very convenient since it's in the middle of town. It has good produce and meat, so I would recommend to anyone! Their service is very good too!

Denise Zahn

Great store with good prices.

Kevin Trollen

Great liquor store and groceries

Rachel Kahler

Kessler's has been around for generations. It's moved with the times, but is still a place to grab a lunch or coffee (neither is great, but it's important to the community and the hospital next door). They'll still bring your groceries to your car if you request it and drive through their pickup. There's a pretty nice produce section, and a serviceable deli section. The meat section is very good and the liquor store is actually quite impressive. The parking lot is lousy, honestly, and could use a better layout, but it is still a great place for groceries.

AGAPE Wambdi

They have to update their wic especially on their milk, where catalog says all percents..... I am a breastfeeding mom and needed whole milk and couldnt get it

Sherie Lehr

Always a clean store with great options

Christopher Walker

Nice clean family oriented establishment.

Jillian Scott

Great grocery store. Excellent pharmacy. Nice weekly sales.

Scandalous 1998

It's always a good place to get groceries, everyone's always happy and they'll always give you a hand.

Aaron Guliuzza

Most upscale grocer in town but overpriced. Always fresh meat and produce. Nice lunch buffet but pricey.

Keith Crawford

Best location and employees

Jason Albert

Very nice market. They do really good competing as a home store compared to big box stores but prices are a bit higher. I like them most for fresh meat.


Great store fast lines good meats

Kathy Rossow

Really nice place to shop. Good quality and friendly employees.

Darlene Nedved

Prices aren't as low as I would have expected, ads aren't on when I go for my monthly trip on Monday's. Good bakery and deli food.

John Giacchino

Great place to shop.

Mike Mielke

Great place to shop

Dustin Geffre

Amazing values to be had every day. The new app with grocery pick-up option is amazing!

Daniel Basler Jr

Some trips are better then going to Walmart

C Braun

Great quality with great prices

Eddie Waldner

Nice grocery store. Very reasonably priced and good sales too.

joe gese

Wouldnt shop any other place

Guy Worley

This store is in a good down town area to shop.

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