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REVIEWS OF Taylor Shellfish Farms IN Washington

Mandy Man

It was my first time here and I loved it! Even though I like to eat raw oyster I do use my hesitation. I’m glad to say I really enjoyed the oysters and did not get sick from it! There’s knives, towels, and tables available. You can purchase lemon, cocktail sauce, hot sauce, baguette at the location if needed. Highly recommend if you like raw oyster and an ocean view!

Jonathan Ross

Love this place. Only draw back is it closes early. 5pm in the winter and 6pm in the summer

kevin parker

Their Oysters are always absolutely delicious.... and great drive to get there

Phill Moran

Best day trip form Seattle! $1 oysters, beer, wine... Or BYOB... Doesn't get any better that this!

John R

If you like Oysters/Clams/Mussels, this is the place to purchase them. A sunny day picnic, or if you like to shuck the fresh Oysters. They have standing BBQ but you need to come prepared for cooking. Expect lots of people on a warm sunny day.

J Pi

Best oysters I have ever had. So fresh with a good amount of oyster variation/type. Price is reasonable, definetly worth the price. Staff there are super friendly and helpful with choosing our preferred oyster type. Extra charge if you want them to shuck it for you. I recommend shuckin them yourself cause that is the experience you should have when you eat them there. First time shuckin them and it was alright, some where very easy to shuck. They have other seafood/food there which are really good. Would totally recommend eating here with friends and family. Sit outside facing the water on a nice sunny day.

John Smith

I have never had fresh oysters shucked by the sea in my life, not only were they fresh, but the whole experience blew me completely away

Alex De Guzman

The best oysters I've ever had! Also such a beautiful view where you can shuck your own oysters.

Mack Benz

An awesome oyster farm on the water that is as authentic as it gets. Tons of seafood fare. Shuck yourself for cheaper (1.80 usd vs 2.50 usd per oyster). Phenomenal crab, sea cucumber, fried oysters, salmon, rockfish, the list goes on. Beautiful view. Outdoor and indoor seating, covered and not. Definitely an experience and a place not to be missed if you're in the area. You queue like a regular line, get your seafood and beer asap, anything cooked or prepared will be delivered to your #.

Kentaro Inoue

My favorite place in B'ham!

Loretta Akers

As a desert born and raised Texas girl, Taylor Shellfish Farm was out of my comfort zone. Having said this, I enjoyed. Oysters, prawns, scallops, geoduck sashimi, bread, ham, and cheese, with olives, grapes and sauces that complimented. All interesting, tasty and good. Thank you for broadening my taste palate!!

Greg Edwards

This place crushes! Excellent location to shuck some oysters, cook up mussels and drink beer! So much quality all the way around. Great draft beer and wine selection. Cashier even demoed how to open oysters and there’s knives for you to open those shelled beauties at every table. Every time I come back to North Washington I’m coming back. *Vacation HIGHLIGHT

Dan Kingen

Hard to find in an adventurous in way. Amazing location. Amazing experience. Stay and enjoy shucking oysters and drinking beer. Or buy a few dozen to go.

Sury Munguia

My family and I went about a week ago. The food was good but the service but horrible. It was our first time coming to this place and we brought hotdogs to make for the younger kids and this one guy with a beard came to our table and told us to put everything away immediately because “Outside food isn’t aloud” we were finishing up making the hotdogs because the kids were starving and we were putting everything away and the same guy come about 2 minutes later and tells us that he told us to put everything away “multiple times” we told him that we were finishing up and he says “I don’t care” very rudely. We felt very uncomfortable with him. There were “No alcohol” signs everywhere but lots of people had alocohol at their table and the guy didn’t go tell them to put it away.


Great oysters, the medium and small pacific oysters are very large. If you want them grilled bring your own charcoal and grill them up. Parking is at a premium so get there early. They also have crab available. This is a working oyster farm. .

Stephanie Lynch

Best oyster experience ever! Straight out of the water and in my belly. Love that you can shuck and eat right there. They add more to it every visit. Chuckanut Drive must!

Mia McCurdy

Awesome place to stop on your way to our from Bellingham! Great lesson on shucking oysters from the staff too! Can’t wait to come back.


Fresh oysters, nice staff, and relaxing atmosphere.

Keith Syphers

Best freshshellfish in the state

jesse palmer

Fast service

Ruwen Hess

Chuck your own fresh oysters at the beach. Doesn’t get any fresher than this.


You can not only purchase freshest shellfishs, but also enjoy the fresh right in front of the gorgeous bay view with grill. This place is heaven for oyster lover. They have plenty kinds and sizes of oyster for you to choose. You can also ask ice to freeze your fresh oyster to go. They also have a gorgeous bay view picnic area for you to having oyster and the view. They provide free to use oyster knifes on each table for your convenient to open the oyster. And you can feel free to bring your own charcoal to grill your purchased oyster. You must visit this wonderful oyster heaven when you pass chucknut Dr.

Doug Cook

The BEST place to go for the freshest shellfish! A little off the beaten track but that just adds to its appeal. Awesome selection and the location and view are amazing. You can feast right on the beach at one of their many picnic tables. Well worth the trip!

James Constantine

Best around. Love the addition. Best seafood around... if only I could eat 'em raw... I can give a whole new meaning to the term "oyster shootrrs"

Ramil Huertas

It's one "must visit " place off of chuckunut drive to experience shucking a variety of oysters on picnic tables set up right by chuckunut bay and take in the perfect setting!

Nichole Greenwood

Nice place to stop and take a look around. If you like oysters, you can buy them and cook them onsite. There are nice views from here as well.

Alex Hempton

Had an excellent time. Awesome

Kathy Miller

Really cool place

Brenna Larks

Be more descriptive in general. Folks from out of town have no idea what the hell is going on and when your actual signs in the shop dont say "HEY IT COSTS 3 DOLLARS TO GRILL A 95 CENT OYSTER." Do better.


Come on,this place don’t need a review,just go there!!!

Naomi Anelapumehana

First time here, we relocated from FL. A family member recommended this place and gave us the brief break down of what to expect. Visited on New Years Eve around 1PM - 3:30 PM. This is an intimate setting with limited seating outside (at least 15 tables) and seating inside. I appreciate that there is not a plethora of seating, in order to keep the serenity of the scenery intact. My children and other family members absolutely loved the place (Party of 7). We purchased live crabs, oysters and clams. I understand that the business must enforce certain rules for the right reasons however, there was somewhat of a sense of hostility when approached twice by a worker regarding outside food that we had brought. We had brought a medium sized container of white rice (its in our culture to eat meals with rice) and small sausages to cook on the grill for my 2 toddler girls. We tried to explain but understand their reasons. Regardless, this small hiccup, we will be back! Hopefully we can be back during low tide so that our children can see how they harvest!


Beautiful drive from Seattle to this location. The oysters were really fresh and tasty - but small. Great service - I wanted the experience if shucking them myself but ended but not capable. They did it w/o charging me. Thank You!!!! I did manage to shuck one after watching them do it. Cute little lighthouse on property.

Juan Rodriguez

Friendly, nice people. Little too expensive, but fresh. Oysters.

Kelsy Rising

Stopped here during the Skagit Valley Festival of Family Farms, staff was very organized and helpful. Not great for toddlers but they loved the clam samples! We will be back for the fresh oysters!

Brian LaCourse

Great stop for oysters and a beer. You can even shuck them yourself if you are feeling adventurous. Plus, you’re right on the water with amazing views. Legit spot to bring a date!

Jay Chow

Order a bunch of oysters. They come on tray with ice and a couple of towels. On the tables there are shucking knives. Then pry away and enjoy the scenic views, fresh air and delicious oysters! Lemon, cocktail sauce, Tabasco, is all extra. Like them cooked? You can bring your own barbecue or charcoal!

Brandon Keenan

Hidden little gem tucked away off the highway. We stopped here on a recommendation of some family and were delighted we stopped here for lunch. While it was typical Seattle weather outside on the patio, we were complimented multiple times by how we were braving it outside. The oysters were very fresh and must have been picked the same day. We got a good variety per the recommendation of the person who helped us. We also got the cocktail sauce and onion vinegar sauce which paired nicely with them. Each have a unique flavor to the fresh salty oysters. Will definitely be back. They were also nice enough to show us how to shuck the oysters as they have tools at every place setting.

Conce Rock

Wonderful oyster farm! Great shell fish products. Beautiful location. Lovely drive to get there. They allow folks to picnic and grill your oysters, mussels, and clams. We go there every time we visit Skagit County!

Louis Hong

Amazing prices, amazing shellfish, amazing view

Deanna Marinello

Being an oyster enthusiast, I would recommend this place to ANYONE who enjoys fresh shellfish. We purchased a bundle of oysters which came out to around 5 dozen oysters. That comes out to around 10$ a dozen, which is a steal for West coast oyster. What's nice about this place is that once you buy your bundle they give you a bucket, ice, and a shucking knife which you can then go to one of their picnic tables and shuck them on the shores of the Sound. If you are an individual who likes cooked oyster, they have charcoal for you to grill as well. Friendly service and great views makes this place a lovely experience.

Jacob Fischer

Fresh-as-can-be oysters you shuck yourself by the beach. Low key and unpretentious. Perfect.

Fritz Post

Loved it. Large selection of oysters. Quantity and type might vary daily. Now able to purchase beer/ wine on site. We had a wonderful interlude on our scenic chuckanut drive. If you can, visit during the week, less busy.

Rafael Negron

Would've given 5 stars but we arrived before closing time and the doors were locked and employees just looked at us like we didn't matter. I have been here numerous times and was surprised to find the doors closed early.

Brandon Thompson

Taylor Shellfish Farms, you need to get online and update your hours. Your website says you close at 6. We did our homework, we went out of our way to arrive by 5, and we were greeted by a pretty aloof employee who peevedly notified us “someone was going to kick us out in 15 minutes”. Throughout our then-expedited order, dude was smirking down at us as though he was the only poor soul to ever have to work a service job. Location and oysters were absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately the service confirmed it wasn’t worth coming back. While I realize it’s not a full-blown restaurant, it wouldn’t hurt to notify your customers of guidelines in a friendlier and less ambiguous (people were still being served 15 minutes after us) manner.

Julia Liang

Great value, very fresh. Also learned that open shellfish is not easy, so treasure others work and contribution to our everyday life.

Mark Hartman

Great oysters. New "no outside food" policy kinda sucks. Let's face it; not EVERYONE loves—or even likes—oysters. Not to mention folks with shellfish allergies. We've been coming here for years, rain, wind, or sun, all times of the year. Was always a great place to bring visitors; we'd stop by Breadfarm for a loaf, lug a cooler with butter & garlic to the grills, buy a bucket of oysters and get the charcoal going. Always a great time and can't beat the freshness of the product. Last Sunday we had two in our group who don't like oysters, so we did our usual Breadfarm run and also brought along some chicken to grill. Three different people came over to warn us bringing outside food was not allowed. OK, so next time we'll go somewhere else to enjoy them, but after I've used all the charcoal I brought with me and grilled the chicken and oysters, there's not much I can do. And will TSF have Breadfarm on hand when we're there on a Tuesday in March and it's 42°F outside, spitting rain, and four other people are gonna be there all the rest of the day? Doubt it. Five stars for the freshness of the oysters. One star for the new policy and snippy customer service (well, ok, the dude in the beard who explained the new policy was polite, so two stars for customer service). Lesson learned. Next time, Larabee State Park.

Brett Bigger

Always our stop on the beautiful Chuckanut drive. Excellent live oyster selection, other shell fish and fresh crab as well. BBQ your own or have them served on the half shell raw or grilled. You can have beer and wine too! Bread available from the Breadfarm and other stuff available. Make this your stop if you love oysters!

Amy Adams

Nice place to have super fresh oysters. Wonderful view, and staff. Guest WiFi is not for guest. It would be even better if they have WiFi for guest.

Brad Crc

Doesnt get any fresher. Pick your oysters then shuck em and eat with vinegar, lemon or tobasco. Great food and great fun.

Cay Gabie

Great picnic place, stop at the breadfarm bakery in Edison on the way and come prepared to eat oysters mussels clams shrimp all in season! What a feast!charcoal grills available

Paul Mason

Great place for oysters on the half shell, shuck your own!

M. LeHuquet

My first time here and it was the best, there was no line, no angry birds, just calm relaxing drive and water plus the oysters were so yummy! I really like that you can buy some to go and buy a few to test out while there and enjoying your travels. I also like the other seafood selections and the fact that the processing plant is so open so you can see how the food is handled.

Leeza Han

A great place to have fresh oysters. we group of 15 people went there around 4pm on Sunday after hiked at Oyster Dome nearby. The Oysters were so fresh and tasty.

Irma Leahy

It's in a paradise place, crowed, it's like a market where you buy the ostras. They have some tables with grill that you can use. Staff frendible and helpful, fresh ostras. And a incomparable view! Bring your wine and make your picnic there. I love the place! The crab are good!

Marcos Andazola

What an incredible experience. The oysters were delicious. The service was great! Really enjoyed the “How to shuck oysters” crash course. It’s more intimidating than it looks. The girls enjoyed their

Wendy Crandall

Beautiful place to taste and learn about shellfish! Beer, wine, and other foods too!

Aurora Lu

Fun shuckling the oysters yourself. Such a good deal compared with oyster bars, and the oysters are so fresh and delicious!

Knudsen Family

Excellent little spot! We have lived here for years and had no idea it was here. Will definitely be going back!

Bryan Farver

Based on ambience only. The oysters we're good and the view was great. But, they charge for everything. $1.50 for some lemon and a $1.00 for tobasco to go with your oysters, that is crazy. They also charge you more to shuck them than the actual oysters cost. All and all, the staff was friendly and the oysters where very good.

Peter H

They literally charge you extra for lemons, hot sauce and cocktail sauce. Staff is rude and not sure if they know how to converse but it’s absurb they nickel and dime you, even for lemons.

Spencer Croteau

Great shellfish and such a magical experience to shuck your own fresh oysters while sitting on the patio over-looking the water where the oysters are grown. A must visit.

Vivian L

Every time I drive down to Seattle, I have to stop by here for oysters. Fresh oysters with amazing views. They provide an oyster knife and you can buy by the piece. There is a picnic area where you can bring your own stuff for BBQ.

Lazy GA

Best service, freindly personal, always fresh oysters.

Dennis Freeman

First time having oyster shooters. Going to have to try the different smoked oysters next time. Sat at the picnic tables, eating a great baguette with butter, overlooking the tide flats. Beautiful day.

Susan Bogenreif

Neat place. Next time we will be prepared. Bar b que next time. A little pricey!

Neil Bailey

Alright guys, this is it. If your looking at this you're thinking about oysters. Well this place has 'em. And a great view as well. Bring some BBQ charcoal from home and get here early and light up a BBQ. Go get a dozen oysters and cook 'em up. We always head there early, because parking gets awful really quick and it gets crowded the later you show up. But if you are there early or on a week day, relax, BBQ, enjoy the sound of the waves and most of all enjoy the delicious oysters.

John Fogg

Great oysters and beer, beautiful setting, go in the evening to watch the sunset over Samish Bay. Staff is super friendly.

Elizabeth Clements

Shucked me an oyster, found me a pearl.

Will Wheat

Highly disappointing. They no longer allow outside food or drinks but do very little to make their food accessible. The staff was rude, the prices are as high as you would get at a fish market in the city ($10.99/lb for crab), and they still expect you to bring your own charcoal! They even refused to let us use a second crab carcker. This was a decent spot previously but they have made it hard to enjoy.


A great place for shellfish a little spendy but good an excellent views

Jonathan-lee Brock

You have a guy that works for you named Tim Dahl that wishes the death of all the people of California. A vile individual you have working for you. Congrats on that.

Brian Szuter

Oyster bar right on the Sound. Ready-to-eat or shuck-yourself, the oysters were delightful. Great views, and you can walk on a "beach" made entirely of shells. Worth the detour!

Gary Mylie

Ocean to plate fresh oysters, add beautiful view, makes for a must stop.

Lynn Geri

Great location, 5 star seafood!!!

Samantha Greeban

Fun family picnic area. Kids can run around and explore. Kids love eating fresh oysters and clams.

Ann Culligan

Excellent place for outstanding oysters, right from the source. Very casual - choose your oysters, grab a bottle of wine, and get to shucking in the fresh air, right on the water. The oysters are so perfectly fresh, you'll never look at another restaurant-shucked bivalve the same way. Out-of-town guests want to go to downtown Seattle for oysters? Make the gorgeous drive up Chuckanut instead... It's so worth it! Also of note: pet pigs are welcome here, but only on their birthday, and must be wearing a party hat for proof.

Samuel Chow

Amazing fresh oysters. Cheaper if you shuck them yourselves. They have lots of other foods available if you are not a fan of oysters or would like other foods to accompany the oysters. Kusshi's ran out before we got there at around 2pm on sunday.

Jason Chan

I was a little surprised when they say$2.5 for each oyster they help u shuck. Then I realize they have knives for you to do it yourself. And I had a good time and enjoyed their good oysters.

Rosalva Navarro

Have been buying oysters here for a long time and not been unsatisfied once. Great service everytime.

Kristian Koeppen

Awesome place to get some fresh seafood. It was my first time there and the guy behind the counter was super helpful. We had a sampler of all of the oysters and he gave us a quick lesson on how to shuck them. They were the best oysters I've ever had very fresh and tasty.

Julia Moss

An incredible pit stop if you find yourself on Chuckanut with a hankering for seafood. There are lots of optios but nothing is better than a dozen fresh and local oysters.

Kurt Andres

Awesome place, awesome oysters.

Ron Wille

Great Oysters!

Darnell Kebo

Buy some oysters, bring your tools, some snacks, and park yourself at one of these picnic benches. Looking out over the bay while shucking is a memorable experience. There offer clams, mussels, and crab as well as smoked salmon, canned oysters and salmon. Some accoutrements like lemons, cocktail sauce, and such are available. We were fortunate to have shared this area with two other groups. At 430p on a Friday, it was barren. Quiet. Peaceful. Very enjoyable.

Connor Gillan

Amazing fresh fresh fresh and great local beers

Nathan S

These are probably the freshest oysters you can get short of sticking your hand in the water yourself. This place was awesome. Highly recommend making the drive. It's a beautiful location right in front of where they gather some of the seafood! Best oysters I've ever had in my life.

Paul Klein

I get down to Taylor's from Bellingham several times per year, most recently for my birthday. This place is a treasure: excellent fresh oysters to eat there or to go, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Taylor's has a very long and admirable history, and I've noticed they also participate in public education on ocean acidification. An excellent food source, produced sustainably, by people who actually care about what they're doing ... imagine that!

Kevin Halters

Taylor Shellfish Farms is a must eat place. If you love shellfish of any type this is the place to go. I would recommend a ampler platter if you have never been here before. If you share with a friend I would recommend picking the small oysters because they pack more flavor, just a hidden little tip. Great eats.

Zach Baker

This was an amazing experience. $1 oysters that you can shuck yourself. Fresh out of the saltwater, on the edge of the Puget Sound. They even have charcoal BBQ grills you can use to grill your fresh oysters or steam fresh clams. Parking is limited and the store is small but they are open 7 days a week.

Deanna Plummer

Been coming here for years, love the view and the seafood! The expansion and indoor seating area is really nice too!

Cathy Ladao

Lots of choices! Fresh seafood. Great picnic area. Beautiful view. Parking gets difficult though.

Thomas Coutts

* AMAZiNG EXPERiENCE * The Wife and I Love Coming Here. Oyster Bar Right on the Bay. We Always Stay 4 a Dozen Oysters and a Cooked Crab - - Fresh Outta The Waters Of Puget Sound. (We Love Shucking Our Own Oysters). They Have BBQ's Were U Can Grill Your Own and They Now Serve Cold Beer / Wine. The Staff R Very Friendly and Helful. The View Iz Amazing.

Casey Scalf

Recently visited with my grandparents and we all loved it! Definitely . great place to go on a nice day to enjoy some food, sun, and the sea.

Devotion Mmp

Thanks for all the best of my favorite versions of this message is intended solely for the next few

Jarrod Branam

This is a MUST stop. If you are in the area or even mildly in the region you need to go here and get some fresh oysters. We had a great experience and learned to shuck our own. Everyone was so kind and took time to tell us about each type of oyster they offer. We even got to try a new variety that they have just started to grow. Absolutely wonderful.

Jeremy Lam

Good fresh seafood are sold here. Enjoy the oysters and they have indoor and outdoor table to eat. Tools are provided if you like to crack the oysters yourself

Erin Scott

We weren't sure what to expect when we stopped up here but were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the oysters, friendliness of the staff and great views. This is a great place to take out of towners for a relaxing and tasty lunch. Would definitely go again.

Pattanapoom Phinjirapong

Awesome place. the freshest oysters I can find near Seattle area.


Waaaay too expensive for what you get. Snarky staff. Oysters were ok but not great, even though they cost over $4 EACH unless you shuck them yourself, which isn’t easy. Atmosphere is nice because it’s on the water, but very “no frills”— my little plastic cup of wine was $14. They even charge extra for cocktail sauce. I won’t go back there. Their restaurants might be better.

Elizabeth Shareef

Excellent, great place to get fresh Oysters

Artur Storm

It’s much better go to restaurant! Waste of time

good time

A must if you are on your way to Canada or anywhere on the I-5 corridor. A great day trip. The drive is fun and views are spectacular. The Farm is a great place to see how they do business. You can walk around and ask questions. The food is awesome!! Even if you don't like oysters, try them they have small ones that are very good. They have the Dungeness Crab that will make any meal taste good. Go on a nice sunny day you won't be disappointed.

Justin Aharoni

So much history here!! Ended up at the farm on a cold mid week day and had the place to ourselves. French oysters were absolutely delicious but better was having the chance to learn about the family and farming culture. Definitely with a visit.

Nicholas Kullman

Really fun place to hit on Chuckanut Drive. You can buy fresh caught seafood and eat it on site. They'll help you learn how to shuck oysters and provide you with the tools to do it. You can also buy condiments like lemons and Tabasco. They were very friendly and helpful. And if it's a nice day, you can't beat the location, overlooking the water, islands, and Olympics.

Max Soi

Taylor Shellfish Farms outlet store also sells shucked oysters and some cooked seafood. They also have BBQ grills available for use in their outdoor dining area. Charcoal is available for purchase. There is an indoor and covered seating area as well.

Maria Alanis

This place sucks I got there at 4:55 pm and wouldn’t let me get any oysters waste of my time driving all the way there. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Ryan H

What could be better, eating shellfish at the source with great views! True PNW.


This is the best place for oysters lovers.

Wendy Takano

We have been shopping here for years. Always fresh and staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We will always shop here for fresh local shellfish.

Jonathan Feng

One of the best and cheapest place to get fresh raw oysters. They also sell manila clams, mussels and other seafood products.

Perry Steinbach

Place was pretty good size and clean. The people where really friendly and the prices are right in the ball park! You can eat there, plus they have local beer on tap! :)

Curt Eidem

Great place in the Smokey Northwest.

Amber Lambeth

Beautiful place, great family, and fabulous oysters!

Carole Hanaway

Best choice of fresh oysters...five kinds...four sizes...clams, muscles, crab, goeduck... now Breadfarm fresh bread, wine and indoor/outdoor eating...bring your picnic!

Daniel Amy

Great place to hang out and eat great views and the people are wonderful

David Daurelle

Best seafood around. And the dining area is fabulous

Golden Rule Trading Company

Throw your shells in the water and shuck the freshest oysters in Puget Sound

Thom Catts

Great place to great fresh oysters.

James Marohn

Fresh oysters on the water, with hit/miss customer service. The experience of shucking your oysters right on the water front property of a shellfish farm is, as you might imagine, a great experience for the oyster lover. That said, keep in mind that this is a farm. Not a restaurant. And in that regards, the customer service is truly hit or miss. During the off season, when things are quiet, I've had a nice relaxing time conversing with the folks who run the shop. During busy spring and summer seasons, I've had down-right rude employees, who spoke to me demeaningly and were out right not welcoming. My suggestion: if there's a crowd of people during a nice summer weekend, stay out of the hair of the employees and just go for the oysters. If you're easily offended by rude people who obviously don't enjoy their jobs, then it's best to go during the late fall and winter seasons where it's far more chill and relaxed. You'll meet the resident employees (no the seasonal help) that have put all their passion and heritage into building this quintessential PNW destination.

Lynn Greathouse

Really neat place to visit. Nice people behind the counter. Tough place for parking though. (meaning impatient customers)

Jon Hunter

A really fun experience. Lived in Bellingham for 25 years and never made the journey before. A unique dining/shopping experience.

Queenie Cheung

The oysters are amazing! super fresh, like it was just out of the water. You can shuck it yourself or you can pay a bit more and have them do it for you. I did about a dozen of them in different varieties and also had some geoduck sashimi. Everything was delicious! Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable - answered all my questions and helped me figure out which ones to try. you can also choose to pair the oysters with wine as well. They also have other seafood on sale (but you will have to bring it home to cook). The views are also amazing. Being able to eat fresh oysters while staring at the ocean is def. worth the drive! They have lots of picnic tables to sit around to enjoy the view!

Steven Phillipe

Great place to relax

Conchi Iniguez Gomez

Charming hidden gem!!

Walker Brooks

Really cool place. Staff gave me a walking history tour around the place. We had about a dozen or so oysters on the half shell, shucked for right there. Wonderful. Be careful pulling into the driveway, easier to access, especially in a big truck coming from thne south on Chuckanut.

Patricia French

Absolutely Beautiful! Loved the area, and the oysters were AMAZING. We were a little disappointed that they were not selling crab in the peak of crab season. But will definitely go again next time we are in the area.

Kris Anderson

With the recent changes you can now head down and have some oysters or crab with a great view of the sound. And you can still buy oysters in bulk.

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