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REVIEWS OF Seatown Market Diner IN Washington

Winston Hall Jr

My first time there. The market is huge with lots of shops and plenty of good food stuff. Went on a food tasting tour.

Barry Grossman

great breakfast and service

Walter Walker

Pricey but good with humorous workers. Enjoyable.

Randy Brown

We were a party of 5 , seated pretty quick, considering it was lunch rush and location. Service was very good Food excellent as well. Job well done. Thank you


Solid menu and really nice service staff.

Chris Trew

Really delicious breakfast :)


Really greasy food, it's not good at all.No vegan options. Really expensive and they charge you a 20% gratuity automatically ( they have good service but that doesn't make up for the overpriced tips)

Ansh Khanna

Great food! I ordered the Rub with Love Turkey and it was wonderful. The turkey was tender and was presented great. The food had a nice side of tater tots. One recommendation would be to increase the number of tater tots that they give. The waitress was very welcoming. Overall my experience was great.

Donna Myers

This place has a built in 20 percent tip whether the service is good or bad. Unfortunately there were mistakes with our order, the food wasn't hot and the restaurant floors and bathroom unclean. The food was overpriced. There are much better options in Pike's Place so take your time to look around.

Alex De Guzman

Super friendly staff. Food was pretty good. Had oysters and the crab BLT both were really good.

Keith McCormick

Mediocre selection of options. Nothing on the menu stood out. We asked for the waiters recommendation and were told to get the chicken pot pie. While it was a good pot pie, not exactly what you'd expect the recommendation to be at a place with sea in it's name twice. If you are looking for a good chicken pot pie, come here, but if you are hunting for seafood maybe find somewhere else.

David Provolt

Awesome Eggs Benedict with Dungeness Crab! Unbelievable!

Kevin M

Good food great service even if a little pricey I recommend this place.

Eunice Ramos

Great service and food. Not too many choices in the menu but still good eating

Katie Johnston

This place was great! The staff was quick and friendly. I am from out of town so I asked for suggestions. The salmon burger was incredible. They even gave me a good wine pairing for my dinner. I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a true taste of Seattle!

Zakaza Chuz

A bit too expensive for what it's being served, but servers are friendly.

Heather Stanley

We stumbled across this place and took a chance. The service was absolutely wonderful and we ate the most delicious pot pie and the best clam chowder we have EVER had! The presentation was impeccable and I would love to go back again!

Derek Griffin

Great Crab Benedict.

Eardie Curry

Great views, exceptional quality seafood, and attentive service. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Donn Roberts

Great food and service.

Mark Shibuya

You can enjoy local seafoods even in the morning from 10 am, together with variaty of breakfast and brunch menus. Clam chawder is one of the most popular start-ups.

Konnie Bunch

Great place to eat & drink after visiting Pike Market

Tarah Walton

Small portions. Food wasnt very hot. Nice staff.

Matt Capper

Good breakfast place if you're visiting Pike Place.

Steve Salvaggio

Dungeness crab BLT was great. Like everything else in Seattle, be prepared to pay a premium.

Oliver Peckham

Dinner at the Seatown Seabar was a lovely experience. Service was quick and all of the food was delicious. The waitress made excellent recommendations, and while dinner here won't be cheap, the prices are fairly reasonable for seafood, especially given the location.

Debra Covert-Bowlds

Had oysters in half shell and steamed clams in the mimst delicious broth. Reasonable prices and friendly service.

Molly Seawright

Honestly, not great. Not good at all. The chowder probably came from a can. I got pasta with clams and it was *so* salty, I started feeling sick. I couldn't even get away with just eating the pasta. Everything was so. dang. salty. We had to wait like, 10 minutes for a table. The server seemed put-out the entire time. You don't add a tip here. They just tack on an automatic 20% - which I thought was a good idea... until our service really sucked. Super disappointing.

Ryan Kelley

Filling. Friendly helpful staff. Chill environment. Can have good conversations with those you’re with.

Bom Andal

As the name suggests... Great seafood.


The food and service was good. We were told gratuity was included in the price. Maybe I misunderstood but when I had 20% added on top of the menu price I felt some sticker shock.

Shane & Megan Burgi

Best Benny I have ever had.

Mike Atkinson

Great food but not worth the money. Very mediocre service. Also they automatically tack on 18% gratuity. I'm all for paying your employees a fair wage, but I expect to pay the price listed on the menu. Surprise fees are a really scummy business practise. Especially when I'm having to chase down servers to order food, and almost walked out without paying my bill after sitting for 20 minutes with an empty plate and no one willing to see if we wanted anything more or we wanted a bill.

Jeffrey Welch

Nice place to sit and have a drink and a bite after cruising Pike market.

Benjamin Kluge

I had a wonderful homestyle breakfast.. (Seatown Breakfast) with biscuits and gravy on the side. The Bacon was from the German deli down the street(thick cut and YUMMY) and the Bloody Marys were to die for.!!!

Kathy Tombaugh

The clam chowder was wonderful. I loved it.

Jessica Wells

Great little place. Unfortunately was sat inside since the patio was very popular. The selections were limited but great. The tuna melt was decent but if I came again, I'd definately chose my friend's dish of the seafood stew. Jammed packed with all sorts of goodies in a delicious broth. Service was good and fairly quick too.

Tim Byrne

North end of the Market with great atmosphere and oysters on the half shell

Michelle McClain

I will happily recommend Seatown Market Diner if you get the chance . Right in the heartbeat of Pike's Market . Surrounded by the happy and buzzing atmosphere, you can choose outside patio seating or the air conditioning of inside. The clam chowder is some of the best tasting, with smooth texture . Also tried the fresh shrimp cocktail. Spicy sauce and served on scrumptious cole slaw. Very friendly and happy staff! They let us know this restaurant pays a higher hourly wage so there's no worries about gratuity at the end of the meal. Different concept that I've not heard of before but this place was running so well I would say whatever they're doing is working!! Loved it!

Cheng-Ji Chen

Flying insects in the restaurant. Dishes are over salty. Service was slow but they slapped you with 20% surcharge even for one person anyway.

Zachary Moss

Slow, pricy, decent oysters but you can get better for less elsewhere

Nicole Johnson

Quick and friendly service with decent food.

Keyo-Ann Goodwin

Food was so good. There world famous salmon sandwich is worth it!!

Jose Gonzalez

Great sandwich! Kyle was friendly and provided great service.

jjflash1987 .

Excellent food.

Rick Reimer

awesome food at reasonable prices .. best salmonburger I've ever had!

B Heinz

Best service ever! Clam chowder, oysters and shrimp all rocked!

Josh Raybould

Great food great service

Alex Tran

I was super excited about the happy hour menu. The portions are tiny though. I expected that from us tourist restaurant in Pike place market. I'll definitely come back to try other dishes but I'm not expecting a full meal.

Palmer Horst

While the prices are what you can expect in a touristy place, the food and drinks rose to the occasion. The seafood was excellent, but surprisingly the cheeseburger was a real sleeper on the menu--very good.

David Irvine

Good food, great service

Jason Rowe

The food here was delicious and the staff very friendly. This is located right on the market place which makes it an ideal spot to relax and grab a bite. Check it out.

Andres Ibarra

It's a well keept quiet friendly place of good food where security guards are round the clock maintaining good order

Ryan David Kennedy

i love this spot - you can see the water, the food is delicious and the staff are incredible. the pie is worth a trip.

Phyllis Moore-Shelby

Great for breakfast or lunch. Good views of Elliott Bay

Daniel Mattheis

Cool but the illegal that think ever free but it not

Phani Kiran Mullapudi

The food is decent - not blown away. But the service and courtesy they have towards customers great. I forgot my mug and they searched for me and called me and returned it back to me. My friend tried fish mongers broth told its pretty amazing

Frank Secretario

Wendy, was Excellent , great Service, & Wonderful Smile! Very Nice!

Mario Alexander Gonzalez

Good food, great presentation.

Sirius Hertz

A solid salmon burger and salad, good beer, good service. There is a 20% service charge added to all checks in lieu of tipping.

Russell Grigsby

Friendly staff. Great food. Fun ambience.

Guy Wilcox

Great first time visit not to be our last

Katie Johnson

not a pleasant experience. we get there a little after 8, they r cleaning off the patio trying not to make eye contact (hoping they can just finish closing, Sunday night obviously trying to get out of there) ask if they are open, they say "yes till 9" ok website says 930? go in sit down, take our order, immediately switch off the "open" sign (8:20) we order get a drink it's actually good. wait for our order while the staff are only focused on closing..... get out food, steak is a joke for 35$ with 2, yes 2 SLICES of potato and 6 green beans LOL and its cold and tough and pretty greasy with a hamburger taste...... crab cocktail is also absurdly small, more cocktail sauce than crab, not quite sure who came up with the menu here but sometimes you just need to make a cocktail like a cocktail, this was more like a crab coleslaw salad and for 20$ not impressed with the portion of crab meat, maybe enough from 1 leg. then to top it off they expect 20% tip added on automatically which explains the poor customer service, they know they are getting a tip so why would they exert the effort to earn one. sadly this was not the first time we have been here, but luckily it will be the last. 81$ for a drink and app and an entree, had a better lunch at the westgait mall chain (and much better service) seriously eat ANYWHERE but here, WORST place in Washington state. portions small, prices high, customer service equivalent to McDonald's. this place is a joke if you actually want seafood.

Jessica Denison

Great place to grab a beer and rest your feet!

Tom O'Brien

Had a delicious chowder and a beer on the patio. The service team were very helpful and nice.

Lauren Brummitt

This restaurant has a great salmon burgers and lovely outdoor seating.

Chris McQuillan

We have eaten here a few times now. The woman behind the bar is always nice and attentive. She was again today, but it sort of went downhill from there. Waiter was okay at first and took our order quickly. The food arrived not terribly long after. We ordered a crab club and a salmon burger which we shared. The crab sandwich was okay, but a 1/4 of it was more or less empty. The salmon burger really was bad. We ate it because the taste was okay and we were hungry, but the patty was almost like paste. It was literally oozing out of the sandwich by the end. The waiter never came by again, after dropping the food.. I was finished with my beer not long after the food arrived, but he didnt ask if I'd like another or how our lunch was. Guess we're done there.

Lauren Wagner

Not bad, but not that good either. I got a mediocre bowl of soup and a fairly good beer that ended up costing me $24. If I could do it again I would choose to spend money elsewhere.

Nani Palmer

We loved the breakfast here, as a matter of fact we came back the next day for round two. I highly recommend the fresh English muffin bacon and egg sandwich. The bacon thick-cut and has a nice smokey flavor . The outdoor paito offers views to the ocean and for the cooler days it has heaters. While the staff and service is friendly and did a good job, personally I am not a fan of places that require a 20% tip. Just a heads up this will be added to your bill. The general manager was kind and listen to my concerns about their tipping policy

Pattie Galaz

Wonderful food....great waitress. Gave my husband and I such a great experience in Seattle....thank you so much for a perfect ending of our seattle experience

Ken Schulz

Best Crab Benedict ever!

Kade Boehme

One of my all time favorite places to eat on a spring/summer day. Service is great, locations is fab, and the food is always wonderful.

Martha Garcia

Crowded and busy, flowers, my favorite, fun to sea fish flying,

Judy D - travel and be inspired

Food was amazing. Outstanding customer service. Wendy gave us awesome recommendations, and I'm glad we listened. We will definitely stop here again next time we're in the city.

Kevin Condit

I guess it was good I don't remember being here

Nick Tubbs

Nice place right down by the market. It actually shares a kitchen with the neighboring "Love Rub Shack" restaurant and is owned by the same owner (Also owns Ettas as well). Prices are decent for the location which does have some views of the water. Free piece of taffy at the register! The coconut pie was also delicious.

Douglas Babcock

Friendly staff, delicious food. The "market scramble" was amazing, just a little too runny for my taste.

nja934 .

Staff (Nicole) was friendly, food was great. COCONUT CREME PIE is the stuff that dreams are made of. I had a the salmon burger, one oyster, and the pie. Would definitely go again.

Nicole Granucci

Had breakfast here. The food was good. I had two poached eggs with English muffin toast. It was ok. Nothing super special but good. The French toast was super tasty. I liked the crusty outside and soft middle. The hashbrowns were ok. Everything was good. It wasn't show stopping but good place to get breakfast food near pikes place.

Armand Arce

Great food and friendly staff.

Sue Reynolds

Super friendly staff and great food. I accidentally left my stainless steel drinking straw there and when I went back hours later the wait staff had set it aside for me. Highly recommend.

Gunmetal Alloys

Are standards so low here that a place like this gets >4 stars?? Good but not great service, awful, just awful food especially for the price. Better food at Costco, for real....

Shawna'de Smith

Great food, excellent service, even made a custom drink for me!!!

Melissa McCandless

The only thing that could have made this place better is the portions could be a little larger, and for the appetizer clams we would have loved to have more than 6 clams!

Bradley Mountford

The salmon burger was delicious. My son kept on asking for bites of mine, he liked it so much. The mussels and clams with chorizo were incredible! I think I could have drunk the sauce from a mug it was so good. We sat outside and the seating was comfortable and not too tightly packed. They also had heaters and umbrellas in case the weather turns foul.

Li Davis

Fresh oysters from Washington. Then cocktails are refreshing too. You won't feel strong alcohol taste but I got a little light hearted while walking back to hotel by the piers.

Marc Sexton

Clam chowder was ok not great. Fish and chips were very good.

Mike Grim

Great food and friendly service. The salmon burger was awesome!

Chip Hasty

Great drinks and oysters

Nikki Hart

The service was wonderful, but the food was lacking.

Yasmin Clinton

The breakfast here was great. We had the Biscuits and Gravy, Muffin Sandwich, and the eggs and sausage. Put this place on the list for breakfast one morning.

Monique Maynor

Delicious Tom Douglas restaurant seems a redundant thing to say. I had the crab cocktail and a cup of chowder, which made for a delectable lunch without breaking the bank. Nice view, great staff, lovely time.

Jacob Schmitt

Yum! We loved this place. What better than to sit outside, within earshot and smell of the ocean, eating beautifully prepares sea food and watching the sea birds glide? We were glad to escape from the bustle of Pike Place Market and relax over a leisurely meal and something appropriate to drink. Wait staff were friendly and helpful. Food was nicely prepared. The price was a little higher than we usually spend but the meal was a perfect memory on reaching the ocean.

Darin Lewandowski

Wow...I had some of the BEST Tasting BACON at this Waterfront Restaurant!! Food is portioned perfectly, great atmosphere, and friendly wait staff. Next time I will try Dinner!!

Nicholas Riske

Awesome food and some awesome root beer

Zach Hope

Wonderful experience! Decent prices and their salmon burger was phenomenal! Well staffed and everyone we encountered was great. Looking forward to coming back soon

keyboard hitter

It's fine. Nothing bad really. But nothing striking that leaves a mark to me. Decorations are made to placate tourists and they do put their own nautical twist on some food and drink; but the latter seems to fall short in execution. Nonetheless the breakfast was very tasty, and a modest portion. They do also include 20% service charge in lieu of tips which I love! I would do four stars, but their dill bloody mary was terrible, lol. I would suggest more peppers, garlic, and vegetables mixed in so it's not just v8 with ground up dill. Anyways, I would take my grandparents here but not my friends in their early 20s, if you get my drift.

Kathryn Eaton

I did not care for the smoked flavor of the food.

Sacheen Platten

Excellent food and service! The clam chowder was amazing and the sockeye salmon was the best I've ever had. Our family shared the 50/50 plate of mussels and clams and everyone loved them. Very yummy dinner. Highly recommend!

Jasmine Carter

This place was GREAT! The service was excellent. I had outdoor seating on a beautiful day! The host sat is quickly. Now...the food... AMAZING! I had the Bubbles for Brunch and I ordered the Salmon Burger. It comes with a toasted bun, lettuce and pickled green tomatoes. It was delicious. I opted for the side salad (instead of chips). It was so good. House vinaigrette, yellow beets, sunflower seeds and crumbled white cheddar. You have to go!!!

Michelle Huntley

Food and service were both very good. Recommend making a reservation to sit outside. Wonderful place for people-watching brunch.

Kimo Hudson

Good food and friendly service...

Maran Hancock

I left this restaurant without being seated at approximately 6 p.m. My friend and I attempted to visit this restaurant with our children, and we were told that they “weren’t currently seating,” nor were they accepting names for a wait list. They had open tables both inside and on the patio. I’ve been here before, and honestly, the food is good, but young children clearly aren’t welcome here. If you have a family, it’s probably best to avoid this place and take your business somewhere that is more family friendly.

Karol Marshall

4pm Fri. Bathroom floor is already a mess with an empty seat cover dispenser. 18$ crab cocktail with 1/3 cup of crab. Cucumber g and t with a blackened mint leaf and no sign of cucumber. All that with built in 20%service fee. Great location but...

Troy Johnson

Really good food and basic atmosphere but excellent service

Elisabeth Olivieri

Food is really good. Very pricey. Service needs work. There is a automatic surcharge added to every ticket that is used as the gratuity for the servers. I don't know about the other wait staff, but my server wasn't rude, but seemed like he could care less.


The food is great here, And service is great here

Tommy Simmons

Great atmosphere and food. Our service was first class. All 6 of us had different meals and all of us were happy.

James June

Good food. Good booze. Good views. Good vibes. Friendly staff.

Mrs. M

Food was okay but nothing to get excited about. The english muffin was really good. Literally the first thing they told us before we even sat down was GRATUITY IS INCLUDED in your bill. Which is fine - however I think our server took that as I don't really need to provide you service because I am already getting paid. Had to flag him down for literally everything. Two cups of soup and two breakfast items came to $82.

Kevin Maher

Good for kids and the service was great.

Linda Chang

Smoked salmon sliders were served free during a public speaking event to raise awareness of keeping wild salmon sustainable and discourage pebble mining. I would be back ag as in to sample other menu options knowing sustainability is in this restaurant's core.

Paul Agne

Nice little seafood place, right off of Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington. Good food, drinks. Moderately priced, outdoor seating, great service. Friendly staff. 5 Stars. Highly recommended. Great spot for people watching.

Max Pietsch

I enjoyed my salmon egg benedict with fruit. The salmon burger was not good. The side salad that came with the burger had amazing vinaigrette and beets and nuts.

Carlos Ramirez

Great food n view

Ben Olds

Very sub-par. Service was pretty good but the food was just average. As far as the burger there goes, I've seen better patties at McDonald's. Paper thin. The clam chowder was good. However the price for all of this food was insane. Overall very basic for an unreasonable price...

Diane Moretz

Nice location in Pikes Market. Great if you can seat outside. Food was okay. Took a while for our appetizer to arrive. Not that busy. 20% gratuity added to bill. Service was not worth 20% Don't like to be forced into what gratuity I decide to leave. Many other restaurants to choose from in Seattle. Would choose one of those next time.

Richard Royds

Great food and friendly service, locate close to Pikes Market

Alex Rodriguez

Euro style sit-down café by Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington. We went there for lunch. We had their clam chowder, Albacore Tuna Melt. Both were exceptional. The best clam chowder I've had, and Albacore Tuna Melt was wonderful as well. Highly recommend. We also had Basil Pesto Turkey sandwich it was also very delicious and highly recommend.

Michael Dennis

Amazing staff, superb food!

Pamela Popovich

First time I have ever walked out of a restaurant. Our server was so rude we walked out before even ordering our drinks. Waited at the hostess stand a good while before we were acknowledged, then when we finally were seated, the hostess informed us there was a 20% automatic gratuity regardless of the size of the party. Maybe that's why our server found it acceptable to be so awful?! Our server was chatting at other tables for quite awhile before finally coming to us. Asked for our drink order, I said I would like to try a local wine, she gave no recs, just brusquely said "I have to put other orders in." And hurriedly left. My spouse and I were so insulted, especially considering the would expect impeccable service. Walked out and found a cute off the beaten path restaurant called Emmetts and had great seafood with great service and much less expensive. Good riddance Seatown.

Sasha S

Friendly staff. But not quaint or relaxing at all. Food is meh. Not bad not great. Not cheap for seafood. Tuna melt was typical American. Slop and not much flavour.

Gabriel Pratt

Great seafood. I had the what was recommended that day and it came out fantastically. Nice staff and great view. Word of warning. I was seated quickly, but apparently this place is popular with tourists, and can get very busy. Probably best to call ahead to see if there a wait.

Caleb Holt

Food was delicious. Their homemade ketchup was great!

Sarah Burdick

Great place for small bites. Had the freshest tuna poke ever! Right by Pike Place, outdoor seating with a great view of the Seattle waterfront.

Michael Chang

I enjoyed scenery, and outdoor seating of this place. Out of 5 dishes, 2 of them were too salty for my taste. I would skip breakfast with sausage... and linguini.


Was quite good. The atmosphere was great as well

Amanda Root

I had a client in town on business and we had some time before our first meeting. Being from out of town she wanted to check out Pike Place and after strolling through the market right at opening, we stumbled upon this Tom Douglas gem. We decided to sit outside which was a really great choice as the dining area is very cute and fantastic for people watching. We didn’t see lattes on the menu, so we kindly asked the server and he said he would “absolutely” make us a couple of lattes. Delicious!! I ordered the breakfast sandwich with smoked salmon. Ugh. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since! Homemade muffin from Dahlia bakery, perfectly cooked egg, avocado, cheese (I think), and super flavorful smoked salmon, accompanied by really fresh fruit! Overall, my colleague and I had an awesome breakfast experience at Seatown Seabar, and would totally recommend you giving it a go!

Mariella Tzoncheva

I want to start by saying service was nice, people were friendly and food came fast enough. The food - special salmon sandwich tasted like a trader joe's salmon burger that someone didn't really thaw well and just threw on a grill but it kinda burned fast so the inside was still raw where the outside was burnt. The sauce was lousy, some kind of mayonnaise with nothing tangy in it. Salad on the side was also extremely fresh and crispy. We left and drove away before I could try it otherwise I would have returned it, my dog didn't mind it at all.

Dan Deranleau

I’ve eaten at Seatown in the past and was really looking forward to some really good seafood.... The service staff was really friendly and the location is beyond great. We started with an order of mussels which we delicious. My wife had a salmon burger that was well made. I order a fresh crab BLT on a baguette. Unfortunately my crab was not fresh and was inedible. The wait staff offered to remake it for me but I’m a big baby so I opted out. I’m sure this is a one off experience but I won’t eat there again.

Taylor Bolar

Staff was nice, however the food was not the best

Keanu Oliva

I came here in between layovers - (I had 9 hours to explore Seattle). My iPhone had died and I was lost. I asked the friendly staff if I could plug-in and charge up. They said yes, they were super nice, and the food was great! Nice vibe in the restaurant.

Marisha Humphries

Breakfast there was very good. My kids loved the french toast. I really like the fried egg sandwich with salmon. Note a 20% service charge is included which I really liked. Well compensated wait staff is always a plus for me.

Sunny Yang

Can't say I loved it. Service was great but maybe cause it was empty. Definitely on the pricey side. Didn't feel like a great seafood place but they have their selections. Food was mediocre at best. Feels like a place I'd try and never go back again. 20% automatic service charge for first timer.

Gordy Bell

Excellent choices for lical northwest favorite seafoods like wild salmon, with fresh crisp vegetables, in sides and salads. Right across from the Pike Stteet Market.

Kirsten VanderWaal

Had a great breakfast here! Menu had about 6 or 7 breakfast options which is nice sometimes not to have 4 pages of options. The biscuits and gravy were yummy!

mykl gardner

Small menu not much to choose from.

J.eliott L.K.

Great oysters! Friendly service. Kind of slow. Not very good specialty cocktails and no liquor selection. Great atmosphere though.

Golchehr Noshirvani

The location is nice at the heart of down town and close to market and port, there could be a longer waiting time.The staff are friendly. But food was salty for me. The salmon burger was OK.

Cecelia Blewett

Great food.

Nina Koller

Everything tasted good, but the portions left me still hungry after brunch.

Life in Korea and Places to Go

great food, friendly staff at reasonable price..

Deidre Burke

Pricey, but good. I'd go back. Not a lot of variety on the menu, but certainly things to my liking.

Rezwan Azad

Ordered seafood stew and wild salmon burger. Stew was great but burger was nothing extra ordinary. Good that they include 20% gratuity in the bill so you don't have to think twice.

Bridget Emmerson

They were lovely and the service was great... but for the price of the Salmon Caesar Salad I expected a lot more. The piece of salmon was tiny... then there were just lettuce leaves and grated cheese next to it. $20 was a bit rich. My husband had one of the sandwiches which he liked and seemed pretty substantial. Don't mind paying good money for a good meal... so I would go back for a drink. But not food.

Lei Cheng

old fashion way here,food not bad,watermelon margarita is pretty good

Hammies Hamman

Easy going Restaurant. Good food.

David Self

Extremely overpriced food was less than average. Never again

Noah Klein

Had one of the best bowls of clam chowder there. Great service with a beautiful view of the bay. I can't recommend this place enough.

David Garnica

Good chowder, and absolutely great service. Decent selection of beer on tab, and a verknowledgable bar tender.

Elaine Willis

Wonderful service! Our server, Dan, was friendly and helped me decide which foods I would like since I am a picky eater. They use spices on their potatoes which were different, but delicious.

Sami Jackson

Had breakfast here. It was really good and the service was great

Kathleen Pletta

Real taste of Seattle! Great food. A little pricey than normal breakfast/ lunch spots but very much worth it as a treat. Meal below was amazing (Salmon burger with tots and Crab BLT with salad-higly recommend both) and the Pike Place Mule. With the 20% service tax, takes care of tip, our lunch came to $60. It was well worth though as we enjoyed the views of the market and Sound.

Kelsey McGrath

The perfect spot! Breakfast is great!

David Forland

Visiting from out of town. Good drinks. Nice atmosphere.

jack krupski

Thanks Mike for your generous hospitality on a snowy night. Food was great. Crab fresh and tasty. Seafood stew was excellent. Your company exceptional.

Jeannette Lopez

Chicken pot pie, hold the chicken! The crust was delicious the gravy was delicious and that was all there was. Maybe one cube of chicken and a couple cubes of crunchy potatoes and nothing else. We both were ordered it and it was the same for both of us. There is also a 20% gratuity tip added onto your total bill regardless of the quality of service. The service was good so no problems there, I just am old-school about tipping and think it should be dependent on the service.

John Arwine

Small, casual, limited menu. This place is delicious and the servers are friendly. Outdoor seating is available when the weather is nice, I'm glad I discovered this place.

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