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REVIEWS OF Pure Food Fish Market IN Washington

Ryan McGinley

Great little market place to get the best seafood!

Jerry Kirkpatrick

Bill Khang Nguyen

Friendly sales people and attentive service. They have the best smoked scallops, mussles, and salmon. You can't go wrong with the salmon jerky!

Matthew Fahy

Great smoked salmon!

Haven A

Robert Stewart

I bought a whole king salmon there yesterday. They filleted it and wrapped it with a frozen cold pack to keep it cold on my way home. The best part was the price. It was more than 50% less than any of the other seafood vendors at the market. I will be back!

Scott Dvorak

Other fish markets in Pike Place Market might be more famous. This is the real deal.

Nicole Hardy

עפר ויקסלבאום

Casey Finch

Roland Rick

Quality Fresh Fish , worth stopping in if at the Market

Laura Jensen

I spent almost $2000.00 on seafood from pure food fish market in Seattle on Sept 2019, I wasn't so happy with them, first they shorted me 2 salmon, so I called them and they told me to call FedEx and give me the tracking number, I then called FedEx and they told me they don't have anything for me, so I called the fish market back and they said they forgot to send them out, I was ok with it, I ordered 15 lbs of prawns and I counted it, there's 30 prawns, I didn't think those prawns weighed half a lb a piece, I then went and bought a scale and weight 3 of the prawns it's only come out to 14oz, so I called pure food fish market and told this guy name Neil, he said he couldn't do anything about it, all I have to say is I will never order my seafood from pure food fish market in Seattle again, these people are a crook

Michelle Leyva

This is probably the best Smoked Salmon I have ever tasted. The fresh salmon too is a delight to have - I'm so grateful to have access to this incredible seafood.

Daniela Onderka Magistro

Steve Rinaldi

I have bought fish from this market many times in the past. I purchased 1 1/2 pounds of fresh mussels this morning. After a 30 minute ride home I took the mussels out of their wrapping to put them on ice in preparation for tonight's dinner. When I opened the wrapping I noticed a rather foul smell. As I was cleaning the mussels I noticed some were open and actually wreaked of rotten fish. I have the mussels in a bag in my freezer and they will be tossed with the garbage this week. The only saving grace was that I phoned to let them know of my situation Neal the manager showed sincere concern and was going to immediately investigate. He said he would make good on my $7 purchase next time I was in. The $7 is not that big of a deal but it was a nice gesture on his part.

Meryl Ko


I accompany my nerd husband to the ECCC convention every year just so I can buy smoked salmon from these folks. It is otherworldly delicious!


Tasty food


Fresh seafood!!


It's never cheap (and maybe the prices should be posted), but always tasty and high quality.The salmon candy is exactly what it says on the tin; smokey salmon with a sweet and salty glaze. Grocery store salmon just doesn't measure up to what this place sells, and it's a must have for a trip to the Market. If you can, get some berries from the stall next door, some smoked salmon from here, and a roll from Three Sisters. Pair with a stiff cup of drip coffee from Starbucks or any one of the dozen other places nearby and munch at one of the spots where you can watch the ferry come in.


Great fish market.

S Hayashi

J Springy

The guys were eager to help (sell?) and friendly. I got mostly oysters and clams, which I thought had a reasonable price, especially compared to how much they are at a restaurant. They did a quick check as they packed to get rid of dead ones, and it all lasted for a good 8 hours before I got home.

Yolanda Hong

This is THE place in Pike Place Market to get your smoked salmon. Best quality and they leave the touristy gimmicks to the guys down the way. Try the smoked scallops, too!

Margarita Dieguez Labrada

(Translated by Google) A whole show of colors, flavors and more (Original) Todo un espectáculo de la colores , sabores y más

Lisa Jakubowski

Bought 3 king crab legs on Nov 8th 2013. The season opened Oct 15th. The price was $36 a pound. At this price I believed I was purchasing 2013 crab. I spoke to the salesman about when the season opened and how it was delayed due to the government shutdown. I was surprised crab was available so quickly. But Seattle is the closest to the AK fishing grounds and it only takes one plane to bring fresh (though frozen just a few days ago) crab to WA. The salesman did nothing to inform me that it was actually last years crab. As soon as I ate some of the body meat I knew my mistake. Dry and lacking in flavor. The only part of the leg that tasted like king crab should was the middle leg section. I lost all respect for Pike Place Market and Pure Food Fish Market. Has Pike Place become such a tourist trap that it will not communicate with the buyer. More disappointing than my bad $60 investment is the fact that my belief that the Market is the best place to purchase fresh fish in the lower 48 is no longer true.

Angie Crawford

Excellent Dungeness crab and the smoked scallops are delicious. Friendly staff.

Tim Quigley

Yum...1lb king crab..1/2lb smoked salmon...

Angie Tsiganova

Gods Will

Isabel Molina

Linda Santos

Went there yesterday. Bought a red snapper, jumbo shrimp and halibut cheeks. They packed it for us. Put it in the refrigerator and today my husband cooked the red snapper and cheeks in tin foil on the grill. 45 minutes later we were fighting over the bathroom. Not feeling good

Paul Huang

They made a mistake shipping my order and would not cover the return shipping costs. Unpleasant.

Rose Gomez

Always friendly!

Matt Uhlman

If smoked salmon was currency, this place would be Fort Knox! Far and away the best spot to come get your smoked salmon! Radness abounds as they'll let you sample the stuff they've got. Hands down the best in the market - they carry many a flavor (Alderwood smoked - hot and cold smoked, Terikayi, Jerky, and Garlic-pepper) and it is straight up to die for! The first time we came here, I found myself chewing longer, just because the flavor was so good. Today, the trend continues! The Alderwood smoked salmon has become our favorite. It keeps for around 3 days outside of a fridge (good for travelers) and for 2-4 weeks in your fridge at home. I can't overstate how good this stuff is. It gets to your mouth and a fiesta (or however fish celebrate) starts up. It melts in your mouth, has no fishy taste and is just marvelous. It runs around $27.99 a pound, but is worth every penny as you simply can't get it this good anywhere else! TIP - Grab a tail piece as it doesn't have much in the way of small bones. The fish and seafood selection outside of the smoked variety is legit. The scallops are the size of the Giant Jawbreakers you bought as a kid and some of the lobster tails rival the size of small children! The copper river salmon here is magnificent and overall, you really can't go wrong. Not as showy as the guys out front throwing the fish, but seriously, you're in Seattle - shouldn't you go with the less flashy spot? If you get nothing else from this review - BUY SMOKED SALMON HERE!. It's the best we've ever found (and we looked all over Seattle for the 6 years we lived there). The guys that work here are fantastic at helping you find what you're looking for, whatever your seafood needs be!

geo mac

Bought some mussel . Before that I ask the guy if I could check it if it's open cuz they are dead and inedible. He looked at me at this blank face with no reaction. I find him rude not coming to that overly priced seafood place.

Shari Scudder

I have used PFFM once a year for the last 3 years to ship items to Florida. This year was smoked salmon and whole Dungeness crab. Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. Both items were absolutely delicious.

Carol Sandoval

Bought 10 pounds of crab legs for a family celebration in New Mexico and had them shipped to my sister. We had a wonderful dinner for 12 people with lots of leftovers. Everyone commented that it was the best crab they had ever had. I've also purchased salmon and halibut from this business. Never had a problem with accuracy or delivery. The seafood is expensive but wonderful for special occasions.

Frank Walton

This my go to for fresh seafood in Seattle

Kristin Doan

Syed Ali

Very professional fish market.

Ajinkya Patil

Fresh and spectacular seafood.

Dena Cantu

Diana Javakhishvili

We bought smoked salmon here, Oh so goood, rarely you taste one this perfect and fresh. We thought $43 for one piece was expensive, but after tasting it was actually a low price. Thank you

Maria Herzanova

They overcharged me big time! The crab leg and scallop was good, not wonderful. Definitely not worth the money. I put the crab leg on scale at home, it was 8 oz. and not 12. Will never shop at pike place market again..

Ray S

Not the guys who throw the fish around. They are guys the restaurants buy from.

Todd Gray

Best fish market in the city

Dwayne Valeau

Always friendly and knowledgeable guys. Great selection!!!


The smoke salmon is amazing

Whitnie Wendel

love thier smoked salmon! recently sent my dad some salmon filets and smoked salmon( I know nothing about meat quality etc) and he was very impressed with the quality which was a relief!

Adam Clements

Came to the market early to get fish before my flight. I stood by a different vendor for a long while unacknowledged. As I left I saw these guys and was immediately greeted and helped. Fish was great too.

Thatcher Downing

Customer service is not a strong point for these guys. Very rude and seem like they could care less if you have an issue with your order. Pretty disorganized. Recommend taking your business to Pikes Place. At least if they mess up they will act like they care. Very disappointing!!

Ian Randall

Awful. They are yelling at each other and the customers. Just a bunch of ratchety amateurs.

Toni Page

Of the three fish purveyors at Pike Place, this (the one in the middle of the three) is the best. I send my family in the Midwest shipments a few times a year and the quality is unrivalled.

Sean Barrett

Try the alderwood smoked salmon belly strips....

Nathan Brown

Jacob Miner

Pure Food Fish Market has incredible, fresh seafood. We often buy big tuna steaks, enormous crab legs or lobster tails. All the guys are friendly and helpful. We also love their huge fillets of smoked salmon. This area is always super packed with tourists, and I can't blame them; they have such a gorgeous display of whole fish and seafood. You won't want to miss it!

Ryan Clear

Evan V

Lobster tails were very impressive..Very busy but good PM choice..

nathan keys

Steve Roller

margaret roy

Mary Ann Hackney

I live in Southern Ca and order fish on line to be delivered via air mail. It is always perfectly fresh and delicious, as though I purchased it at the market that day. No one sells fish that tastes this good where I live.....thank heavens they ship!!!

Luke Clum

This place is great. Fish is fresh. People are really nice. Portions are

Jonathan Schwartz

Laura Allen

Arko Dasgupta

Okay first thing is first, I have usually got good fish from this place, especially salmon. Their salmon jerky and smoked salmon is phenomenal (and still is). I went to get salmon at 7:30 AM today (8/18/2018) for a family that is visiting from abroad and who dig this place. The guy giving out the salmon fillet handed me a piece that did not have the typical reddish hue. And it did not smell fresh at home and when I baked it , it actually did not taste of anything (especially not salmon). Also, I feel cheated at times because they do not provide you receipts automatically (weight x price per weight dollar value). My total today with 2 pounds of salmon jerky, 1 pound smoked salmon and 2.5 pounds of Salmon fillet was $128. But I have no clue how the price was distributed. They should definitely provide a sticker on the package that says the value and weight of the product (this should be a rule!?!) Unfortunately, I feel today I also got scammed and sold an older less fresh product and will not buy salmon from here again. This is unfortunate as I am not a tourist just taking photographs at 7:30 AM, I was there to actually buy food.

John Kelley

dudley l

Willy and the crew always top notch. Fresh seafood, and sometimes unique finds

ashley wilson

The quality of fish at the market is excellent! However, I do not recommend getting their fish overnighted to you. My husband and I live in Charlotte, and fresh seafood is hard to come by, so we were so excited when they let us pick out our fish, and told us they would overnight it to us! We chose Halibut, Trout, Mussels, Scallops, and Shrimp, and we were so excited for our delivery. When we received the box, we almost threw up from the smell. They put a few ice packs on the fish instead of dry ice. I called and spoke to the manager, who told me that smell was normal. When I opened the pack of mussels, I saw that they were all open, which means they are "Dead" and would give us food poison if we had tried to cook it. I couldn't believe they showed no concern that we had $315 of bad fish because they didn't take the time to pack it properly! And, then they tried to tell us that it was fine. I am so glad my husband and I had enough sense to throw it away. A very expensive, $315 lesson to learn, but this place could care less if their food is contaminated, or if their customers are happy.

Rita Moore

Great fish. Best smoked salmon in the market!

Deia Patrick

G. Herman Boyd

WoW!!! Good Stuff Right Cheer

Amy Wang

A bit on the pricey side but I absolutely love their smoked salmon and smoked salmon jerky.

Evan King


William Cargile

Brian Barnes

Best smoked salmon I have had anywhere!!!!

skip miller

Fun times

PJ Connoisseur


Nicolas Ruiz

(Translated by Google) Good attention to the public (Original) Buena atencion al publico

Jack Hemion

Nick Vallely

Iconic, didn't buy or taste the fish but caught the classic tossing on video!

Kristopher Wasserman

Leslie Wilson

As a landlubber living in the heart of the midwest, I am delighted to have found Pure Food Fish Market online. I have actually given fresh fish as birthday presents. There is no salmon better than their buttery king copper river in the world...I am sure of it. When an order got mixed up in shipping they "made it right." So glad to have found them.

Shaun Bloodaxe19

Local spot for fresh seafood I try and go in the mornings and evenings and do my best to avoid the tourists sorry tourists. I have been coming here for over 18 years. They have good service and fresh seafood.

Heidi Megginson

Visited today. As we were looking at all the options one man comes forward by the crowd that had gathered & says “is anyone actually buying ? We need real customers. Everyone must’ve thought the same as us. The attitude wasn’t worth it. We bought elsewhere

Carl Fry

Rick Lacher

Incompetent. Charged my credit card for full amount and told me they shipped the order of nova lox when they had not. Had to call back numerous times to get it shipped and then hours before our party started, received a package of fresh salmon, not lox. Would highly advise do not ever use them to ship fish.

Gad Rosenthal

Heather Sprenger

Elizabeth Hernandez

My husband loved the quality of fish he bought there!

Дэйвид Песин

Serina Gee

Fun to visit and probably delicious. Decent prices for a tourist attraction


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