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Samantha Murphy

Beautiful tank set ups! Great place to go and get ideas for your own tank. Staff is very knowledgeable.

Fatima Thompson

The only reason this shop receives a "1 star" rating from me is because they don't have a "zero star". If you are a new / beginning aquarium enthusiast, DO NOT go to this store. They are not interested in helping you set up your tank or any other "customer service" - they are incompetent in that area. I visited the store for the second time, today, While my first visit was less than stellar, it was today's visit that prompts me to write a review on Yelp. On my first visit, I spent $130 in cash (not credit card) on fish, live plants, and supplies to get my 10 gallon tank started. The thermometer I ourchased there did not function properly and so I picked one up at another fish store. When I returned to Aquarium Zen I indicated that the thermometer was not functioning and that I'd like to exchange it for credit towards the purchase of more fish (the beta I bought there had expired one week from putchase). The owner agreed initially but got all weird and refused to help with selection of fish and ultimately refused to offer any sort of refund on the thermometer. The clincher: I spent $130 cash in his store and he refused to refund or credit $4 for a non-functioning thermometer. So, this man 'saved' $4 but ultimately lost what could easily have been hundreds of dollars, from just one customer, over the next 6-12 months. If you are a new / beginning aquarium enthusiast, DO NOT go to this store. They are not interested in helping you set up your tank or any other "customer service" - they are incompetent in that area.

Nick Foster

10 Reasons why to go to Aquarium zen! 1 Aquarium zen is the cleanest fresh water fish store that I have ever been to! 2 Aquarium zen’s fish are very healthy in fact the most healthy that I have ever seen in a fish store! 3 it is easy to park 4 Aquarium zen’s employees are so knowledgeable. 5 Prices are reasonable at Aquarium zen. 6 Beautiful fish. 7 not crowded and very calm. 8 good service. 9 good selection of fish! 10 good email updates!

Anandan Shankaran

Bought our first aquarium here.

Daisy Muradyan

Loved visiting this freshwater aquarium! They have gorgeous setups to take inspiration from and a wide variety of fish/aquatic plants to purchase from. If you're a fan of Takashi Amano's aquascaping work, then this is the place for you :)

Stephen Reinking

Great fish store with a great selection. Really well laid out fish tanks

Malcolm Findley

Brandi M

This aquarium store is wonderful! So many plants and unique tank options! Helpful staff that don't assume you don't know what you are doing. It's clean and bright and beautiful. It's definitely my favorite store for fish and aquarium plants in all of Seattle.

Bryna Haspiel

Nice store alot of plants I picked up some plants and some cool little green fish, they are a little slow so don't be in a hurry. Loved the store makes me want to make a giant aquascape aquarium with a million plants, but my apt is too small. Plus they had fish I've never seen before.

jeremy lache

Apollo Pham

Lots of cool rare fish, inverts and plants and one of the few places that sells lots of rimless tanks

enrique rodriguez

very nice place with very knowledgeable employees, the female that works there could use some people skills though, her "know it all" attitude is what almost made me not want to comeback!

Donavon Tee

Highly overpriced, Not friendly attitude at all. Doesn’t matter if you spent 1000s of dollars, you’re just a customer every time.

Jessica McKercher

Tired of having my time wasted by their weird hours. They have nice stuff, but whether they're actually going to open during their posted hours is anyone's guess. Today I was on a tight schedule so I showed up early to get in when the door opened - paid for parking and killed time in the area. Five min after opening time no sign of activity. Multiple customers come and leave, so I approach the door to see what's going on. Apparently there's just a sign on the door saying they won't be open today at all and "sorry for the inconvenience". Great. That helps a lot. Thanks. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Honestly it would waste less of my time for me to just drive to the other ADA dealer in Bellevue. They have more reasonable hours and are more reliable thus far.

Tony T

Neat little aquarium and plant store.

Chris Helland

A different experience than any other lfs in Seattle. Aquarium Zen is more like a well kept public aquarium or an art gallery than a pet shop. Steve knows his stuff, and only keeps the most interesting fish and plants.

Shane Null

Zen hits you in the face when you walk in the door.

Bryan V

Based upon 5 pet stores I've been to in the area, Zen offers the highest quality fish and plants. Very pleased with everything I have bought and Steve and Leslie are very knowledgeable with everything the store sells.

Krista MacDougall

Most amazing truly natural aquatic store for lives plants, vast variety of fish, snails and supplies. Dani is super knowledgeable about what is best to start your adventure with caring for aquariums and healthy habitats.

gatita amores los loros

Excellent livestock and plants with exceptionally knowledgeable unpretentious staff.

Warren Williams

Auarium zen has some beautiful tanks with a large selection of freshwater community fish and plants.

Chike Egwuatu

Cool place, very friendly and care about my questions.

Robert White

All of the fish look very healthy. They have some unique species not found in your chain stores. You will find a selection of strikingly beautiful bettas as well. NO plastic plants here. It's all live plants. All of the equipment and accessories for your aquarium is quality product. You will still be using it years down the road.

David Deresh

Milton Lewis

Tiny hard to spot from the street.

Reed Bishop

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium

The best fish shop in the metro area. Beautifully inspiring, great prices and great selections for an urban fishkeeper. ADA and slimline sleek hardware is a bit pricey- as a whole, not just here- but plants, tissue cultures Galore and fish are a great price. Worth visiting even If you don't have any pet is a beautiful indoor garden and tiny ecosystems made with skill and care.

Robin Snyder

Craig Daubert

Great fish store with planted tanks and ADA supplies. Quality fish and plants.

Jennifer Winter

Rowena Clima

Chase Black

Tim S.

A real natural setting for aquatic life! This is how it is done if you want this world to be part of yours. It is a true ecosystem where all living things are happy and for us to be in awe of their beauty and natural art form.

Shelby Robinson

Kiymbah Tytania

I love this place! My aquarium is looking so healthy since I've been going here. The owner is super knowledgeable and helpful. I'll keep coming back.

Alyssa Bentley

If you like planted aquariums, ever drooled over the tanks Takashi Amano set up during his life, or actually want to find rare(r) plants and small fish? Natural decor, gravel, etc? This place will make your heart sing. I almost cried. I am close to tears right now writing this, the store made me so dang happy. Seriously, beautiful shop. Only 3 years old and soooooooo nice!

Casey Cook-Pruett

Knowledgeable staff, great set up. I always enjoy my visit!

Reilly Perovich

I really loved the ascetic of the store. The warm lighting and light wood accents against the abundance of plants made it feel very 'zen'. They had a great selection of ada style tanks which are hard to come by where i live (canada) all fish were in good health and fairly priced. Overall i would recommend this store for anyone looking into planted tanks or continuing an established tank.

Benjamin Bentler

Owner is fabulous and very lovely to talk with and knowledgeable. Seattle is lucky to have this quality of a store.

Chris Rosenthal

Arlene Wagner

Such a lovely store dedicated to the nature aquarium style of Amano. A huge selection of if stemmed and tissue cultured plants. Amazing selection of fish especially nano fish. I wish there were more stores like this across the US.

Ken Post

Owner helped us properly set up our freshwater aquarium with beautiful live plants and excellent tips. Even offered to contact him directly with questions. Highly recommend!

Alison Bliven

archie escobido

This place is awesome. Get ready to wait if you need to talk/get advice. The employees are awesome and know their stuff, but it’s (purposely) short staffed. Watch their YouTube videos for advice too! All in all amazing.

Alex Van Sickle

Great guys. Helped me pick out a tank and everything I needed to start in on the hobby!

Motor Head

Always fun

Samuel Patterson

Beautiful store! Nature aquariums and supplies were plentiful and well priced. Employee I met was knowledgeable and super friendly. Livestock was perfect for freshwater planted tanks. This will be my new regular LFS!

Ben Morgan

Amazing selection of all things aquarium and aquascaping. Can't wait to go back!

Robert Fabiano

This place is more about the plants than the fish, but whatever you go with is going to beat the average big box pet store on quality.

James Evans


Chad G

Inspirational aquatic pet store. Beautiful display tanks to inspire new hobbiests, kind staff that's knowledgeable and willing to share information. And everything needed to set up an advanced planted tank. The only store that carries ADA products and displays them. This store stocks easy to grow plants and has plants found no where else. Rocks and woods the same. If you wish to set up your 1st or 20th planted tank, and or wish to set up something unique this is the pace to go because here will be found stuff no other store carries.

Marissa Bruno

Great little store with a diverse supply of fish and fish-related equipment!

Suzanne Picard

I adore Aquarium Zen. The care and carefully curated nature of this brick and mortar establishment is worth it. The owner was able to help me remedy an algae problem I'd been battling for many months in only one quick trip. True quality in supplies, livestock, plants, and the knowledge base to back it up. If there were a way to rate them 6 stars, I would.

Bryan Yoshinaga

Greta local store with high quality products and knowledgeable staff

Sarah Cooley

Healthy, clean, well kept fish and plants. Their tanks are nothing short of inspirational.

Valient Gough

Steve Waldron

Aquarium Zen focuses on aquascaping, the art of the freshwater planted aquarium and provides its customers with the advice, products, service and inspiration to get them excited about keeping aquariums again. The owner has over 35 years of experience with freshwater aquariums and wants to see his customers succeed in creating beautiful aquariums of their own. The focus here is on planted freshwater aquariums and you will find a great selection of aquascaping supplies, plants as well as the small, peaceful fish that do well in the planted aquarium. Even if you are not in the market for an aquarium or aquarium products, you will find a trip to Aquarium Zen is an experience in itself and you will walk away with a new appreciation for the beauty of aquatic life.

Beatriz Espinoza

Told owner I felt he was racist towards me and I wanted to discuss and work things out but he immediately said no and became very defensive. He then proceeded to use the infamous "i'm not racist line but, clearly I am" which he said out of his own mouth and I couldn't believe it. "I'm not racist I have black friends" he then pointed to a worker of his. At that point I wasn't angry just sad that he would use having a POC to justify and defend his biased ways. I continued to smile and carefully select my words to encourage a new start with him. He then told me I was no longer allowed to return since "things are awkward between us." We're not some sort of split couple we're customer and owner and yes things can be awkward since its human communication. I went in with high resolution hopes and came out with ignorant words and actions spit on me.

J.J Goodman

Amazing. Nice and clean with healthy fish and plants! Pricey but you get what you pay for. I can't wait to come back!

Courtney Schoenfelder

Incredibly helpful! A beautiful little space, everything I could dream of.

Ron Skylstad

Aquarium Zen is one of the most inspiring fish shops I've ever visited. This place isn't your typical fish store: the ambiance and environment of the place is almost magical with its old wooden beams and brick walls, the verdant growth of plants and glow of wonderfully maintained Nature Aquariums full of darting fish. Not only is the space interesting to walk through and explore, but the owner (Steve) is easily approachable and always happy to talk about aquascaping, fishkeeping and how you can successfully maintain similar setups at home. He has a definite passion for crafting whole ecosystems and slices of nature and has an amazing knowledge of the fish and plant species he offers. Even when I just stop in to visit and don't intend to purchase anything, I usually end up leaving with something new. This store is a definite gem in the Seattle aquarium scene.

Cody Baker

Very bright and modern atmosphere. Staff are helpful and the displays are all very nice. Most impressive of all though is that the tanks and fish seem to be very well cared for, the tanks are clean and water quality looks fantastic.

Jacob Makeup

Cool little aquarium store with some good thought into the setup of the tanks. Pleasant customer service when I asked for help otherwise the employees were not overly engaging. Not a huge selection, mostly smaller fish but I got a few good finds for a small tank.

Hannah Green

Erik Hazelton

Very knowledgeable staff fantastic selection with great clean tanks.

Bill A

Great place for plants

Alissa Hickerson

A great place to go for inspiration or just to surround yourself in the beauty of nature. This shop is always well stocked and the staff are very knowledgable and friendly

Leslie Graves

One of the best specialty aquarium shops I've been to.

Matt Bush

David Raab

Shawn Woods

The best planted aquarium shop I have ever been to. End of story.


This is easily the best fish and aquatic store I have been to in Seattle. I love Betta's and aquascaping and this store has a wonderful selection of well kept fish and plants unlike bigger chain stores. I was thrilled to see the variety and set up of tanks which were were very inspiring.

Morgan Haughn

This is by far the cleanest and most refreshing fish store in the area and it was a real treat to visit for the first time. The tanks are sparkling clean with copious amount of healthy plants and unique fish to choose from. Highly recommended.

Preston Shearer

To call this store an "aquarium store" is just untrue. This is a natural aquarium showroom! Loved the visit. Lives up to the ADA standards.

Sara San Antonio

Thomas Figura

Best aquatic plant store I've been to.

JD Gardiner

I have visited this store several times and every time was a great experience. The owner is the only person that works there so he can get a little busy, so have patience. He is very knowledgeable about aquascapeing and his fish, and willing to give advice if you ask. If you want a fish that he doesn't have, he will order it for you. Every time I go in he is cleaning his tanks or tending to the fish. His tanks are very clean and fish and plants are healthy. The store is well organized and never over cluttered. This is the only aquarium store I will shop at.

Jason Bendickson

Great scaped tanks, decent prices despite being in Seattle. As per Seattle norm, parking nearby is paid. I'd love to see them in a bigger location outside of Seattle and or King county.

Yoong Kim

Bradley Chamness

This is a very nice aquarium store; honestly the type of place I had always looked for in the Midwest but was unable to find. I have been interested in aquascaping and vivaria for over a decade and am finally at a point in my life where I'm ready to dive into the hobby. I feel like this place can provide exactly what I need for a great setup. Having said that, I have to echo what some other reviewers mentioned regarding staff interaction. When I entered the store there were no other customers and two employees inside, but it didn't seem that anyone realized I had come in. I wandered around for a a few minutes looking at products and tanks, at one point standing directly next to the employee cleaning tanks, and still went unacknowledged. When I took it upon myself to interrupt and ask a few newbie questions about planting, the employee was friendly but by that time I'd already been in the store about 10 minutes. The selection and quality of this shop easily beats the local competition so I'll definitely be going back, however after my experience and reading the owner's reply to a previous review regarding employee interactions, I felt compelled to comment: You seemed to express frustration about having to re-answer the same questions to multiple customers, perhaps this explains the lack of interaction I experienced? Regardless, this is a central part of customer service, especially if you're running a brick-and-mortar. People are going to wander in and ask dumb questions, without knowing (or being expected to know) that you field that question all day every day. As the business owner and subject matter expert, your business depends on your ability to handle that in a way that doesn't alienate your customer base. I'm not suggesting a Best Buy level of customer interaction (because who isn't annoyed by that?) but I think that welcoming people to your shop and/or asking at least once if they had any question would do wonders for the perceived friendliness of the store. Otherwise keep doing what you do, you're doing it right; just say hello now and then :)

Ricky Jurey

Love this place! Great aquarium setups, fish and other things.

Will Vargas

This is hands down the most beautifully maintained shop for freshwater aquarium plants and supplies in the city! The displays are inspiring, the owner and staff are very knowledgeable and approachable, and the products, plants and live fish are all top notch. You'll want to buy everything!

Darin McGuire

I love this place! Steve is awesome and so helpful, he really does love what he does.

Matthew Mirabello

It is great to see a store like this. It is a fusion of the "old school" dedication and expertise of the tropical fish hobby combined with a stylish new look. Beautiful natural setups with healthy fish & live plants. I haven't kept fish in decades but I am re-inspired! I spent a lot of time admiring the large tank and greenwall combination at the front window of the store.

Allison Brizburk

Love this shop! Knowledgeable about the rare fish I keep and helped with breeding tips!

Mike Rockwood

Beautiful shop. Tons of ADA equipment for sale. Steve is awesome.

Leif Marshall


I have been in the aquarium (reef/fresh water) hobby for 15 years now and no other store has compared to this one. Great store and awesome owner (Steve). Come here if you want to experience a aquarium store like no other and a fun place to chill and learn about the hobby. Be patient and be reasonable with your build/expectations and buy all the necessary things.

Harry Heersema

Nice little aquatic store. Found some plants.

Ryan Tanino

ירמיהו Williamson

Wonderful place to get supplies and healthy fish!!! Plants selection is good. The staff lady really really helped me! I had to wait for her to give excellent service to other customer and I totally didn’t mind waiting that’s great service there!

Mary Chase

Great aquatic plant store. Easily the best aquarium store that I have ever been to. Reasonably priced and very informative.

Jenny R

Beautiful displays of tanks. Lots of live plants to choose from, and knowledgable people.


Great selection and advice. High prices, but happy to pay for quality products and to stay with a local small business. Always answers questions, and knows what they're talking about. 4 stars because while I'm sure it's not intentional, and the advice is helpful, it's not in a very warm or encouraging manner. Friendly, but not inviting. I'd probably spend more money they're if it was, as I'm an aspiring amateur aquascaper, but I always feel like I'm asking stupid questions that may be stupid for someone with experience, but are important for someone who is trying to learn.

Ron P

Amazing store! Quality fish and amazing plant life. They have the largest fresh water shrimp selection I have seen in Seattle. The tanks are all in great clean condition, no black algae covered and snail egg infested plants here. We got some awsome orange shrimp last vist for my daughters tank. I got Inspired by that vist and made a fish bowl for my office. It's been cycling it for 3 weeks and I can't waite to add new friends this weekend. Do yourself a favor and skip the International district and head here.

Monto Levenski

Hands down the best aqurium store on the west coast the greatest customer suport, and by far the best plant selection highley recemend!

Scott Kilts

Best fish store in Seattle

Justin K

A favorite place to stop when in Seattle.

Darcy Barry

Aquarium Zen is a uniquely beautiful aquarium store that will inspire you and open your mind to the creative possibilities that lie within a freshwater aquarium. The owner has curated the most attractive aquariums, aquarium lights, and aquascaping supplies. He has single-handedly created multiple display tanks in a variety of sizes to provide examples of what you can design for your home or office. He carries freshwater fish and shrimp that are both stunning and appropriate for a planted aquarium. Most importantly, the owner is present during store hours to provide advice and share the knowledge that he’s acquired from decades of experience. I have had aquariums since childhood and have shopped at the majority of fish stores in the region. I have compared fish, dry goods, prices, and service. Aquarium Zen offers the highest quality and the most aesthetically pleasing products at comparable prices as well as offering expert advice and inspiration from the beautiful store environment. I am thankful that we have this wonderful, independent store in our community. I urge you to check it out and show your support of it.

Ben Gutenberg

Aquarium Zen is one of the best aquarium stores in Washington. Steve curates a very diverse selection of fishes and I frequently discover new and beautiful species in his store. In 3 years of shopping at Aquarium Zen, too, I've never received sick fish or plants; Steve's stock is healthy and high quality. As far as customer service goes, Steve and Leslie both have an incredible amount of knowledge to offer and are happy to share it. Steve's experience in the field is expansive and I've never found a question he could not answer, even if it was about a fish he wasn't carrying. I appreciate the low-pressure style of customer service that they provide, allowing me time to look around and take in all the different fish and plants available. I like that they don't act as salesmen, just more of a friendly face and a resource. Overall, I could not be happier to have Aquarium Zen close by.

Edsel Koscielniak

Rachael King

This store is incredibly overpriced and does not carry healthy products. I bought a fish here who hid for three days and then died. I let that go, until I bought a plant here that gave my tank a terrible algae that I will probably never fully get rid of and soon after purchasing the plant a few fish, some of my more established fish got ick and died. DO NOT buy products from this place unless you do not care about the health of your aquarium.

Kyle Moore

Amazing fresh water fish store, huge plant variety and absolutely stunning betas. All tanks kept very clean.

Aliselyn Daen

Cory and his employees are some of the best people in the business. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, and not afraid to admit when they don't know an answer. They are able to point you in a direction that can help answer your question even if they themselves don't know. They have great prices and great quality, and even when they are more expensive than other places, you know that your money goes to knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Emily Senchyna

Great selection, healthy fish, and knowledgeable staff. A little on the pricey side but not outrageous, and you're getting excellent quality for the price. Very fun to look around the store even if you're not a fish nut. The owner is amazing and very honest. He'll let you know if a certain fish isn't in tip top shape rather than just keeping quiet to make a sale. That sort of integrity is hard to find nowadays and is really telling that this place is great.

J.B. Abraham

My husband and myself love to shop here when we make it over to the Seattle area.

Greg Raab

Reivyn Apigo

Awesome store for anyone venturing into the world of freshwater aquariums. Steve always has new plants and fish coming in and constantly scapes his show tanks. Great place for just looking around or chatting with other members of the hobby.

Rachel MacNaughton

Amazing aquarium supply store. High quality supplies. Awesome selection of fish and shrimps that all appeared healthy. Huge selection of plants. Knowledgeable customer service. Beautiful male bettas in their own gallon jars, even had a sorority tank or two for the ladies and juveniles.

Evan Liang

Evan Maynard

This shop does have beautiful tanks and good prices on life fish as other reviews have noted. The beauty of the tanks in this store inspired me to get into adding live plants to the aquarium and for that I am ever grateful. Unfortunately, the store is lacking in one of the most important aspects of an aquarium store: product information and advice. Multiple experiences in this store have ended with me taking a product home or looking a product up to find information was demonstrably false. It seems that advice centers around making the sale rather than accuracy which nearly nullifies all positives of this store. Examples: - Failure to appropriately sex of pairs of fish - Stating pea puffers are compatible with all other fish in the store - All plants easy to care for - Much better advice and information to be had at the Aquarium Co-op. I only go to this store if I know what I'm looking for and have done the background beforehand. Prices are generally good but branchwood is very expensive compared to other local stores and online.

Todd Jackson

Good selection, knowledgeable staff, and nice hardware

Logan Smith

Awesome place with lots of knowledge of making and keeping beautiful auquascapes.

kyle sproul

Always have had 100% confidence buying from here. Sure things might cost a little more here but that's that price of shopping and living in Seattle. The extra $ is fine considering the quality products this store carries. Spending a little more for a shop that's a mile from my house is better than going clear down to Renton or Redmond.

Colin Wolff

My partner and I love this place!

Thirteen Bastards

Former customer. Wrote an email asking about post-sales product support for a Shiruba XB-303 power filter I bought from Aquarium Zen. Received a reply that if I contacted them again they would "consider it harassment" and "pursue every avenue required to ensure an end to it". If you are looking to spend TOP DOLLAR for this kind of treatment, then this place is for you. Save yourself the trouble of a trip to Aquarium Zen -- simulate the experience. Take $100 out of your wallet, burn it, then punch yourself in the face. Done.

Gavin Conlon

One of the best fish stores I've been to very clean and organized. And best looking tanks I've seen in a fish store.

Mikey Ceis

Great place. Love the staff. The owner is great and very involved in the aquarium community in the area. I’ve spent at least $250 here and would do it again. Their plant selection is unmatched and they are also the only place I’ve found that caters to both beginners and aquascape artists. Planning on stopping by there this week for a wabi Kusa tank I’m planning on building.

Tom W

Great store, great selection, great products and great advice!! This store is a hidden gem. Come inside and take a look at the beautiful tanks Steve has set up. I could stay in this store for hours! He has everything you could need to get a complete tank going, from large to tiny! He is also extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and willing to take time to help anyone. Love this place!!!

Kim Tran

Dream of Sun C.

Scott Stedman

This place is rad. Owner is quiet and lets you do your own thing but provides good help and advice if asked. Knows his stuff. The plants I bought for my tank were healthy and free of disease and are growing in beautifully. He had a tank for a bit more expensive than I found it for online, and he took off as much as he could to get close to it without losing money so I'm happy to buy here. Highly recommend you check it out. Super cool little store. Crowded on Saturdays, with good reason.

Christopher Wise

Jeff Otjen

Small but beautiful store. Fantastic setups with high end equipment. Best plant and rock selection in town. Very knowledgeable proprietor.

Jake Watson

Absolutely wonderful shop. The owner is skilled and knowledgeable and most of all willing to help a newbie like myself to the planted tank hobby. He spent a good amount of time giving me suggestions and ways that I could get results without going for the most expensive thing. His tanks look better than anything I've seen at an aquarium. A must see shop!

Nikki Novakovich

Absolutely fantastic store. If you are looking for a complete aquarium solution, don't miss visiting this store.

Robb Poier

One of the best places to get aquarium supplies in seattle. Cannot recommend enough. Fish are a little pricey, but INCREDIBLY healthy, worth it. Specializes in planted tanks, so lots of neat plants. Closed monday and tuesday.

CJ Dayringer

This is my favorite place for aquarium supplies and hard to find fish. He has a great, well tended stocked supply of highly ornamental Bettas, tons of freshwater shrimp of various kinds, plants and rocks and driftwood, chemicals etc. He also has a lot of fantastic knowledge on fish keeping. Love coming here.

Anjani Millet

Beautiful store with great expertise in aquascaping and planted aquariums. Friendly staff. Lots of great plants and cool fish as well as equipment, including C02.

Kaelee Schoenneman

Exactly the store I have been looking for

Sydney B

Aquarium zen is the place to go for fish and plants. Steve has the widest selection of plants that you won't be able to find at any other LFS's around here. He also has a great assortment of tissue cultured plants. All of his fish are healthy and you never see any diseases in his tanks. I'm happy every time I leave Aquarium Zen because Steve provides me with the knowledge on how to keep my fish and plants happy. Not to mention, going to this store is like going to an art gallery, his tanks are beautifully set up. Highly recommend!!!

Carlos Alvarez

Great staff, very knowledgeable and great selection of plants and aquatic animals for Fresh Water planted tanks!

john tseng

There's no where else in the NW where you can purchase ADA products except for right here. I'm slowly switching all my tanks to ADA soil and have even tried the cheaper version and I paid dearly for it. This quaint "boutique" environment is beautiful stage with amazing show tanks which is simply inspiring. The owner is very friendly and a wealth of knowledge about setting up the proper nature aquarium.

Karin Collinsworth

Beautiful and inspiring.

Miss Ninja Girl

Pretty aquarium tanks. It's so pretty to look at.

Andre Mendez

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can really tell they take really good care of all their tanks and know what they are doing! Definitely come here for all my tank needs!

Taylor Cays

Aquarium Zen is by far the best aquarium shop I have ever been to. Steve has done a wonderful job supplying the highest quality fish, plants, and products. He is extremely knowledgeable on everything he sells and has an abundance of experience. Since my boyfriend and I started coming here it has been hard shopping anywhere else for our aquariums. Thank you Steve for creating such a beautiful store that we can always count on!

Rachel Lee

Really great store for your plants and hard scape needs - they also carry a lot of different colors of shrimp if you are looking to make a shrimp tank. They are also packed with ADA supplies and equipment to set up CO2. The staff seem a little shy, but they are always great with any questions regarding the fish hobby.

Earlence Fernandes

Quick and professional


Beautiful place with wide collection of tropical fish.

Penny J. Whitt

Great place for just looking around or chatting with other members of the hobby.

Max Dang

The store is clean, selection is great, staff is knowledgeable, and prices are not bad especially for amano shrimp. The thing is, these guys have no customer service skills. I've come in here thrice, each time no one said hello to me or asked me if I needed help (on two of those occasions I was the only customer in the store). I called once to ask if they carried something I was looking for. The guy on the phone said yes and went into detail how to use said product effectively. Satisfied, I said "thank you, I'll see you soon then". He hung up on me, no "you're welcome", no "ok", not even a grunt of acknowledgement, just straight up hung up on me. Suffice it to say I did not visit later that day. I can appreciate their expertise, but I dont like being treated like a beggar when I spend money inside of a store. I bought eight fish, some substrate, and water treatment from this place because I believe in giving people a chance, but no more. Now I'm gonna come in here to price check with online stores. If Zen is cheaper, I'll buy it, but otherwise I won't support them. Don't believe me? Go to Aquarium Co-Op, The Fish Store, Sierra Fish and Pets, or heck even PetCo. There, I get treated like a customer, and so I have no problem buying supplies from them, at a premium over Amazon, in order to support those local fish stores (not PetCo) and keep them open.

nikodemus case

Great range of products for planted tanks and one of the few places you can get ada products. Would recommend to anyone who loves planted tanks

Michael U

What a fantastic store! The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, the aquarium displays are beautiful, and they have the selection of not only aquatic creatures, but also plants and other organic necessities for creating the seascape of your dreams.

Gavin Carew

Great nano fish and the best plant selection in WA. Not cheap, buy very quality and a great place to visit.

Paul Vellucci

Great for plants

Michelle Antioquia

Absolutely beautiful

allie hepp

This aquarium store is beautiful. I've been keeping fish and planted tanks for years, and I still see something novel every time I come in. They have a great collection of fish and plants, especially if you have a small tank. The prices are pretty close to larger name brand stores, and the fish are much healthier... plus you can get advice from the very knowledgeable owner, and inspiration from the amazing store tanks! Highly recommend checking it out.

B Grimm

I came here for my first time several days ago almost knowing nothing but wanted to jump into aquascaping. The staff were great and very helpful in answering my questions and getting me setup to start my planted tank that day. I will definitely be a returning customer. A+

Demian Minjarez

Best place to be inspired with aquarium plantings

Elena Holbrook

Morgan Taylor

The people are very helpful, the fish and plants are very healthy, and I love the selection.

Alexandra Clement

Nicholas Bross

Best natural aquarium shop in Seattle.

Leif Norcott

Laura Amman

An amazing aquarium store

David P

Beautiful place. Found a nice selection of moss for my aquarium.

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